CIOFDEMIRENO, &&&&& City of Detroit, Michigan Street Railway Revenue Note - 1937&&&&&
BOOFENDECEFR, &&&&& Czarnikow-Rionda Company unique complete book of certificates signed by Sugar Baron Manuel Rionda 3 times, Manuel E. Rionda 18 times, B. Braga Rionda 4 times - 1936&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP4, &&&&& Pack of 100 Certificates - Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc. (Became Federated Department Stores) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP5, &&&&& Pack of 100 Note Certificates - Commercial Credit Company (Became Citigroup) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PRIVACYPOLICY2, &&&&& Privacy Policy&&&&&
ANBIGBASCALP, &&&&&"Animal Tree", Big Basin, Calif. Postcard&&&&&
ATLAWAMACOPE, &&&&&"At Last" Washing Machine Company - Perry, Iowa 1911&&&&&
BMAPRFREXTOS, &&&&&"Bare Market" Print Framed - Exclusive to
BOYPACWORGLO, &&&&&"Boy, did I get the Wrong Number" Package - Worldcom, Global Crossing and XO Communications&&&&&
CMECHLOCASTC, &&&&&"Chase Me Charlie" Lobby Card Starring Charlie Chaplin - 1959&&&&&
FORCALREDPOS, &&&&&"Forest Primeval", California Redwoods Postcard&&&&&
GENBIGTREESP, &&&&&"General Fremont", Big Trees Park Santa Cruz County Calif. Postcard&&&&&
GNESALOCASTJ, &&&&&"Good Neighbor, Sam." Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Romy Schneider - 1964&&&&&
NONAME14, &&&&&"How the West Was Won" Discount Certificate Package&&&&&
NECBIGTREESP, &&&&&"Neck Breaker", Big Trees Park, Santa Cruz County, Calif. Postcard&&&&&
NFEWETOPRMEW, &&&&&"Never Feel Too Weary To Pray" Meredith Wilson (Music Man Composer) Signed Sheet Music - 1941&&&&&
THERALISSANF, &&&&&"The Rock" Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California&&&&&
WNEWPULOCAST1, &&&&&"What's New Pussycat?" Lobby Card starring Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole - 1965&&&&&
WNEWPULOCAST2, &&&&&"What's New Pussycat?" Lobby Card Starring Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole - 1965&&&&&
WNEWPULOCAST, &&&&&"What's New Pussycat?" Lobby Card starring Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole - 1965&&&&&
WISPOSCAR, &&&&&"Wishing you a Glorious 4th of July" Post Card&&&&&
WIT, &&&&&"With Freedom's Soil Beneath Our Feet, And Freedom Banner Streaming O'er Us."&&&&&
1SICEUNSTOFA1, &&&&&$1 Silver Certificate - United States of America - 1935&&&&&
1SICEUNSTOFA, &&&&&$1 Silver Certificate - United States of America - 1957&&&&&
1SICEUNMIUNS, &&&&&$1 Silver Certificate Uncirculated Mint - United States of America - 1957&&&&&
10WARSABOSEE, &&&&&$10 War Savings Bond Series E Schwan 231&&&&&
1DESABO19, &&&&&$100 Defense Savings Bond 1942&&&&&
1UTRUNBEBOEX, &&&&&$1000 U.S. Treasury Uncancelled 30 Year Bearer Bond - 1977 - ***SOLD***&&&&&
LILOBOOF19, &&&&&$50 Liberty Loan Bond of 1917 - Full Set of 60 Coupons - RARE&&&&&
5UNSTWARSABO, &&&&&$500 United States War Savings Bond - WWll 1945&&&&&
BOSIBY19CO, &&&&&' Over 350 Congressional Autographs - Unique Book Signed by 1921 Congress (House and Senate) for Representative, Joseph Swagar Sherley&&&&&
STOILTRLSENU19, &&&&&' Standard Oil Trust Stock Certificate #280 signed by John. D. Rockefeller (Twice), Henry M. Flagler, William G. Warden and Jabez Abel Bostwick - 1882&&&&&
WORWARIICER1, &&&&&' World War II Original Military Service Certificate - 1945 - Brilliant Colors&&&&&
MORJUDBRANTO, &&&&&'Mornin Judge' Brand Tomatoes Label&&&&&
STOILTR1851, &&&&&'Standard Oil Trust (low serial number #125) signed by John. D. Rockefeller, Charles Pratt (twice), Charles Millard Pratt, Henry M. Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick - 1882 - SOLD&&&&&
1SICEUNMIUNS1, &&&&&* SCARCE Star Note - $1 Silver Certificate Uncirculated Mint - United States of America - 1957&&&&&
ZISCDESDEREG, &&&&&1,000,000,000 Mark Treasury Bond - One Billion Mark Bond - Berlin, Germany 1924 - Available only in high resolution scan&&&&&
1CODE19, &&&&&1-800 Contacts, Inc. - Delaware 1997&&&&&
1800ATINC, &&&&&1-800-Attorney, Inc. Stock Certificate - Stock suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission &&&&&
MININGPACKAGE, &&&&&10 Certificates - Gold Mining VALUE PACKAGE includes signature of Nevada legend, George Wingfield&&&&&
10CERMINDISP, &&&&&10 Mining Certificates - Discount Package&&&&&
NONAME2, &&&&&10 Oil and Gas Certificates - Discount Package&&&&&
100DINOWISAH, &&&&&100 Dinar Mint Note with Saddam Hussein - 1993&&&&&
100REIC, &&&&&100 Reichsbanfnote 1908&&&&&
KOGE19, &&&&&1000 Reichsmark Kommunalobligation- Deutchen Vohnstätten-Hypothekenbank (Municipal Bond) WWII Era - Berlin, Germany 1943 &&&&&
10CERSTARSPE, &&&&&11 Certificate Package - Different Industries&&&&&
10HISRAILCER, &&&&&11 Historic Railroad Certificates 100 Years of Railroads - 1880's to 1980's includes signed Vanderbilt BONUS!&&&&&
1565SHERAVBU, &&&&&1561 - 65 Sherman Avenue Building Evanston, Illinois - Gold Bond&&&&&
16CONEWYODOL, &&&&&1692 Colonial New York Document Land Transfer&&&&&
17THIS, &&&&&1776 "This is a day of Memory 'Tis Freedom's Jubilee!"&&&&&
1STNABAOFNEW, &&&&&1st National Bank of New Jersey - Totowa, New Jersey &&&&&
20HISTCAIMOF, &&&&&2009 Historic Stock Calendar - 28 Color Pages - Images include Lehman Brothers, Countrywide Mortgage, Playboy, Standard Oil signed by John D. Rockefeller and Much, More!&&&&&
WASTSCCA, &&&&&2011 Historic Stock Calendar&&&&&
20HISTCAJUAR, &&&&&2012 Historic Stock Calendar&&&&&
20HISTCACOSO, &&&&&2013 Historic Stock Calendar - Our Best Calendar Yet&&&&&
20CENPAC10CE, &&&&&20th Century Package - 10 Certificates representing each decade&&&&&
261FIAVCO, &&&&&261 Fifth Avenue Corporation - Manhattan, New York City 1942&&&&&
29YEARRECGOL, &&&&&29th Year Reconstruction $5 and $10 Gold Loan of the Republic of China WWII - VF Uncancelled Coupons - 1940&&&&&
2OTHCENTURYFOX, &&&&&2Oth Century Fox Films Corporation Prop Money&&&&&
NONAME34, &&&&&2Oth Century Fox Studios Prop Money&&&&&
3RICILOCASTD, &&&&&3 Ring Circus Lobby Card Starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - 1954&&&&&
300ADBUILINC, &&&&&300 Adams Building, Inc. - Illinois&&&&&
360COCODE19, &&&&&360 Communications Company - Delaware 1996&&&&&
360NETWORKSINC, &&&&&360networks Inc - Stock did a 180 into bankruptcy&&&&&
3COM, &&&&&3Com&&&&&
3DOCOMPANY, &&&&&3DO Video Game Company - Early Video Game Pioneer in Bankruptcy&&&&&
4THOFJULPOSC1, &&&&&4th of July Post Card&&&&&
5CERSTARSET, &&&&&5 Certificate Starter Set&&&&&
7ELEVENINC, &&&&&7 - Eleven, Inc&&&&&
72VINVIEWRAI, &&&&&72 Card Set of Vintage Steam and Diesel Railroad Postcards&&&&&
MAAVCONEWYO, &&&&&79 Madison Avenue Corporation ( Home of Pranna restaurant/lounge ) - New York 1925&&&&&
7UPCOOFCUING, &&&&&7up Company of Cuba, Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia 1940&&&&&
91LACOCA19, &&&&&91 Land Company - San Francisco, California 1960&&&&&
999INCDELAWARE, &&&&&999 Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CHINGENSANFR, &&&&&A Chinatown Gentleman, San Francisco Bay, California&&&&&
GLIMOFSTATCA, &&&&&A Glimpse of the State Capitol from the Park - Sacramento, California&&&&&
GUYNAJOELOCA, &&&&&A Guy Named Joe Lobby Card Starring Irene Dunne and Van Johnson - 1955&&&&&
MANANDWOLOCA, &&&&&A Man and a Woman Lobby Card Starring Anouk Aimee, Jean-Louis Trintignant, and Pierre Barough - 1966&&&&&
RESSPOTONBAN, &&&&&A restful spot on the banks of the River - Sacramento, California&&&&&
VIEWOFSTATCA, &&&&&A View of the State Capitol Thru the Palms - Sacramento, California&&&&&
WILBUCANDDOE, &&&&&A Wild Buck and Doe, Santa Cruz Mountains Postcard&&&&&
A1WARPOS1, &&&&&A-10A Warthog postcard&&&&&
A1WARPOS, &&&&&A-10A Warthog postcard&&&&&
AHHEISEYOHIO, &&&&&A. H. Heisey & Company - ( Famous Glassware Maker ) - Newark, Ohio&&&&&
AHHEANDCONEO, &&&&&A. H. Heisey and Company ( Famous Glassware Maker ) - Newark, Ohio&&&&&
AMROAUNEWYOT, &&&&&A. M. Rosenthal Autograph - New York Times&&&&&
ACNIELCOM, &&&&&A.C. Nielsen Company ( Famous Marketing Research Company )&&&&&
AEDINSP19, &&&&&A.G. Edwards, Inc. Convertible Bond Specimen - 1981&&&&&
AHEANDCOOH19, &&&&&A.H. Heisey and Company (manufactured world famous glassware ) - Newark, Ohio 1919&&&&&
APRCOINNEWYO, &&&&&A.P.W. Products Company, Inc. (Formally Allied Albany Paper Company) - New York 1954&&&&&
A7DCORIIFIGP, &&&&&A7D Corsair II Fighter postcard&&&&&
ABLAIL, &&&&&Abbott Laboratories - Illinois 1976&&&&&
ABLAIL19, &&&&&Abbott Laboratories - Illinois 1977&&&&&
ABCPRREONOSS, &&&&&ABC Press Release on Oscar Show ( first time in color) - 1966&&&&&
ABFITCOM, &&&&&Abercrombie & Fitch Company&&&&&
ABFITCOM19, &&&&&Abercrombie & Fitch Company - 1914 ***SOLD***&&&&&
ABFICONEWYO11, &&&&&Abercrombie & Fitch Company - New York 1937&&&&&
ABFISIBYEZFI, &&&&&Abercrombie & Fitch signed by cofounder Ezra Fitch 1924 ***SOLD***&&&&&
ABDACOPE18, &&&&&Abington Dairy Company - Scranton, Pennsylvania 1899&&&&&
ABININC, &&&&&ABKCO Record Company Stock Certificate - Allen Klein as President - Beatles Business Manager 1978&&&&&
ABDESHAST, &&&&&Ablösungsanleihe des Hamburgischen Staates (Uncancelled) Bond of the Hamburg State) Germany 1927&&&&&
ABOUTUS, &&&&&About Us&&&&&
ABBELSONCOMC, &&&&&Abraham Bell & Son Shipping Company Sight Exchange Check issued in 1846&&&&&
ACNICODE19, &&&&&AC Nielsen Corporation - Delaware 1996&&&&&
ACHOCOCO19, &&&&&Acacia Hotel Corporation - Colorado Springs, Colorado - 1920&&&&&
ACOFMUSOFBAL, &&&&&Academy of Music of Baltimore City - 1873&&&&&
AC, &&&&&
ACANDTACONEW, &&&&&Accounting and Tabulating Corporation - New York 1917&&&&&
ACFBRILMOTCO, &&&&&ACF Brill Motors Company - Famous Bus Manufacturer 1955&&&&&
ACMOTCOM, &&&&&ACF-Brill Motors Company ( Famous Bus Maker )&&&&&
ACCOFL, &&&&&Ackeeox Corporation (Ox in logo) - Florida 2000&&&&&
ACHAMACOPEIL, &&&&&Acme Harvesting Machine Company, Peoria, Illinois - 1908&&&&&
ACCONEWYO19, &&&&&Acony Corporation - New York - October 29, 1931&&&&&
ACPRCO19, &&&&&Acoustic Products Company - 1929&&&&&
ACASINNEWYO1, &&&&&Acoustica Associates, Inc. - New York 1963&&&&&
ACHOCONO3LY1, &&&&&Active Hose Company, No. 3 - Lyons, Wayne County, New York - 1906 &&&&&
ACCODE19, &&&&&Acton Corporation (Cable TV) - Massachusetts, 1981&&&&&
ADCO19, &&&&&Ad-Photo-Scope Company (image on the verso of a Ad-Photo-Scope machine) - 1921&&&&&
ADMCTRCOCA19, &&&&&Adams & McKee Trading Company - Los Angeles, California 1924&&&&&
ADMICOGONE19, &&&&&Adams - Goldfield Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1907&&&&&
ADEXCONEWYO1, &&&&&Adams Express Company - New York&&&&&
ADPRCOOFCO18, &&&&&Adams Prospecting Company of Colorado signed by W. B. Dickerman, cofounder of Dominick & Dominick - 1880&&&&&
ADCOOFDE19, &&&&&Addressograph - Multigraph Corporation, Delaware, 1977&&&&&
ADPRPRCOCA, &&&&&Adel Precision Products Corporation - Burbank, California&&&&&
ADCOMCOR, &&&&&Adelphia Communications Corporation - Huge Fraud with John J. Rigas as President&&&&&
ADROLOCONEWY, &&&&&Adgate Rotary Loom Company (Weft-Thread Knitting Loom) - New York 1886&&&&&
ADAIRCORNEWY, &&&&&Adirondack Aircraft Corporation - New York 1931&&&&&
ADAIRCOR, &&&&&Adirondack Aircraft Corporation 1931 signed by Anthony Brady Farrell - New York&&&&&
ADCODE1, &&&&&Admiral Corporation Specimen ( Famous Radio and TV Manfacturer) - Delaware &&&&&
ADSIRCHNA, &&&&&Admiral Sir Charles Napier&&&&&
ADCOCOCO19, &&&&&Adolph Coors Company IPO Shares - Colorado 1975&&&&&
ADINCOMI18, &&&&&Adrian Insurance Company - Obsolete Currency - Michigan 1853&&&&&
ADCHDEAIN, &&&&&Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD) Inc.&&&&&
ADCOCOCOMI18, &&&&&Adventure Consolidated Copper Company - Michigan 1899&&&&&
ADCLOFNEWYOI, &&&&&Advertising Club of New York, Inc. - New York 1924&&&&&
AEOLCOM19, &&&&&Aeolian Company 1922 - Famous Piano, Organ, and Record Company&&&&&
AEASINDE, &&&&&Aerial Assault Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
AERVIEWOFBUS, &&&&&Aerial View of Business District - San Jose, California&&&&&
AECOKE18, &&&&&Aeriatron Company - Kentucky 1891&&&&&
AESYENINCMI1, &&&&&Aero Systems Engineering, Inc - Minnesota 1998&&&&&
AECODE, &&&&&Aeroceanic Corporation (Acquired by Evans Industries) - Delaware &&&&&
AECOCA19, &&&&&Aerogram Corporation - Los Angeles, California 1937 &&&&&
AESTBUCONEWY, &&&&&Aeroil Stove Burner Corporation - New York 1919&&&&&
AEREDECOMA, &&&&&Aeronautical Research & Development Corporation - Massachusetts&&&&&
AEAICOOH191, &&&&&Aeronca Aircraft Corporation - Ohio 1941&&&&&
AEMACOOH19, &&&&&Aeronca Manufacturing Corporation - Ohio 1951&&&&&
AEINOH19, &&&&&Aeronca, Inc. (aerospace components) - Ohio 1971&&&&&
EARAVAERBON1, &&&&&Aeropostale Bond - 1920's&&&&&
AECOMI, &&&&&Aeroquip Corporation - Michigan &&&&&
AETBONMORCOI, &&&&&Aetna Bond Mortgage Co., Inc.&&&&&
AFCOSYINTE19, &&&&&Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. - Texas 1971&&&&&
AFPUIN19, &&&&&Affiliated Publications, Inc. (Boston Globe Owner) - 1988&&&&&
AFRICA, &&&&&Africa&&&&&
SISETCARAFDI, &&&&&African Distilleries Africaines 1928&&&&&
AFCOMA1919, &&&&&Afton Company - Baltimore City, Maryland 1930's&&&&&
AGWACONEWYO1, &&&&&Agata Water Company - New York 1908&&&&&
AGIAMGAININD, &&&&&AGI - Americas Gaming International, Inc. - Delaware 1986&&&&&
AGHOASLIEN18, &&&&&Agricultural & Horticultural Association Limited - England 1874 &&&&&
AGHOASLIIR18, &&&&&Agricultural & Horticultural Association Limited - Ireland 1872 &&&&&
AGCHCOPE18, &&&&&Agricultural Chemical Company - Pennsylvania, 1864&&&&&
AGCOIO19, &&&&&Agritronics Corporation - Iowa 1970&&&&&
AGDEBAR, &&&&&Aguas De Barcelona - Barcelona Water Company&&&&&
AHBEARCOM, &&&&&Ahlberg Bearing Company - Illinois&&&&&
KONAH, &&&&&Ahold Supermarket Group - Dutch Scandal&&&&&
AHLEADCOM, &&&&&Ahumada Lead Company - Issued to Elisabeth Congdon who was murdered (The Ghost of Duluth's Glensheen Estate) - 1926&&&&&
AICCODE19, &&&&&AIC Corporation - Delaware 1965&&&&&
AIDINDISINC, &&&&&Aid Investment & Discount, Inc. ( Became General Acceptance Corporation )&&&&&
AINMANCOR, &&&&&Ainsworth Manufacturing Corporation 1930 - Michigan&&&&&
AIRCALOCA19, &&&&&Air Cadet Lobby Card - 1951&&&&&
AIRFLORSYSIN1, &&&&&Air Florida System, Inc. 1980&&&&&
AIRFLORSYSIN2, &&&&&Air Florida System, Incorporated 1984 - Delaware&&&&&
AIRONINCDE19, &&&&&Air One, Inc - Delaware 1984&&&&&
AIRVERNORATA, &&&&&Air Vermont North Atlantic Airlines, Inc.&&&&&
AIRELAPCOR, &&&&&Air-Way Electric Appliance Corporation&&&&&
AIRIN, &&&&&Airco Incorporated 1929&&&&&
AICOOFAMDE19, &&&&&Aircraft Corporation of America ( Makers of the Airco - Scout Monoplane) - Delaware 1928&&&&&
AIRMANCOR, &&&&&Aireon Manufacturing Corporation - 1946 ( became Jukebox maker )&&&&&
AIRLIM19, &&&&&Airgraphs, Ltd. RARE (issued to Eastman Kodak Company) 1940 - WWII V-mail &&&&&
AICOCA19, &&&&&AirTouch Communications - California 1994 &&&&&
AJRUCOIN19, &&&&&Ajax Rubber Company, Inc. - New York 1929&&&&&
AJENCOWI, &&&&&Ajay Enterprises Corporation (Became Roadmaster Industries, Inc ) - Wisconsin&&&&&
AKBARBELRAIL, &&&&&Akron & Barberton Belt Railroad Company 1956 Annual Report&&&&&
ALDOPLCO, &&&&&Al Downing Topps Player Contract (Hank Aaron's 715th home run pitcher) 1977&&&&&
ALABAMA, &&&&&Alabama Bonds&&&&&
ALGOANDCOMIC, &&&&&Alabama Gold and Copper Mining Company signed by Sheriff, Pat Garrett (killed Billy The Kid) - Jarilla, New Mexico 1899 - SOLD&&&&&
ALFICOCA, &&&&&Alameda First Corporation - California&&&&&
ALMICO19, &&&&&Alamo Mines Company - Wyoming 1914&&&&&
ALAIRGROUPIN, &&&&&Alaska Air Group, Inc&&&&&
ALCANCOALCOR, &&&&&Alaska Cannel Coal Corporation&&&&&
ALGOMICO18, &&&&&Alaska Gold Mining Company - Berners Bay, Alaska 1898&&&&&
ALMINSECCO19, &&&&&Alaska Mines Securities Co. 1909&&&&&
ALSTCOAL18, &&&&&Alaska Steamship Company -England 1884 ***SOLD***&&&&&
BAOFALNEWYO1, &&&&&Albany & Schenectady Turnpike Check sign by Benj. Tibbits - Bank of Albany - New York 1850&&&&&
BAOFALNEWYO11, &&&&&Albany & Schenectady Turnpike Company Check - Albany, New York - 1859&&&&&
ALSCTUCOSTRE, &&&&&Albany & Schenectady Turnpike Company Stock Dividend Assignment signed by Leonard Gansevoort Jr - New York 1826&&&&&
ALRFEBOCLLI, &&&&&Albany (Rock Ferry) Bowling Club Limited - Cheshire UK 1931&&&&&
BAOFALNEWYO13, &&&&&Albany and Schenectady Turnpike Company Check - Bank of Albany - New York 1854&&&&&
BAOFALNEWYO12, &&&&&Albany and Schenectady Turnpike Company Dividend Check - Bank of Albany - New York 1854&&&&&
ALCIBANEWYO1, &&&&&Albany City Bank (Civil War Era IRS Stamp ) - New York 1865&&&&&
ALBLTEPRINDE, &&&&&Albert Black Television Productions, Inc. - Delaware 1953&&&&&
ALFRECOOH, &&&&&Albert F. Remy Company (Early policeman vignette) - Ohio&&&&&
ALGOTECOCA19, &&&&&Alberta Government Telephones Commission (Specimen Bond) - Canada 1967&&&&&
ALCOM1, &&&&&Alberto - Culver Company (Now Unilever)&&&&&
ALCULCOM, &&&&&Alberto - Culver Company - Alberto VO 5 Product in Vignette&&&&&
ALCO192, &&&&&Alberto-Culver Company-Delaware 1965&&&&&
ALALLICA, &&&&&Alcan Aluminum Limited - Canada&&&&&
ALCOM, &&&&&Alcatraz Company 1899 $1,000 Gold Bond - San Francisco, California&&&&&
ALCIGLAB, &&&&&Alcazar Race Horse Cigar Label&&&&&
ALPRODIN, &&&&&Alco Products Incorporated&&&&&
ALCONEWJE19, &&&&&Alcres Corporation ( Cuba Sugar Rionda Family ) - New Jersey 1953&&&&&
ALPAHOANDBAC, &&&&&Alden Park Hotel and Bath Co. - Alden, New York 1909 &&&&&
ALTYPSETDISM, &&&&&Alden Type Setting & Distributing Machine Company 1860's&&&&&
ALINNEWYO19, &&&&&Alden's, Inc. ( Famous Chicago Catalog Retailer) - Chicago, Illinois 1959&&&&&
ALWEINSTEAMC, &&&&&Alder - Weinberger Steamship Company of New Orleans - 1902&&&&&
ALLANCOM, &&&&&Alegrias Land Company&&&&&
ALHACOMI, &&&&&Alexander Hamilton Corporation - Plymouth, Michigan&&&&&
ALHAINNEWJE1, &&&&&Alexander Hamilton Institute - New Jersey 1927&&&&&
ALMIANDSMCOD, &&&&&Alexandria Mining and Smelting Company - Detroit, Michigan 1883&&&&&
ALCOM18, &&&&&Algonquin Company 1881 - Montana Territory&&&&&
BLWIINCA19, &&&&&Alice Cooper's Black Widow, Inc. - California 1974 &&&&&
ALLINNIWOLOC, &&&&&All in a Night's Work Lobby Card Starring Dean Martin and Shirely MacLaine - 1960&&&&&
MANUFACTURING, &&&&&All Other Industries&&&&&
ALLOTINSEBYP, &&&&&All Other Industries Search by Price Range&&&&&
ALCOR, &&&&&Alleghany Corporation - Maryland&&&&&
ALMINCOM18, &&&&&Alleghany Mining Company 1888 - Leadville, Colorado&&&&&
ALANDWERACOP, &&&&&Allegheny and Western Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1936&&&&&
ALIMCOM, &&&&&Allegheny Improvement Company 1906 signed by John Scullin&&&&&
ALININPE19, &&&&&Allegheny International, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1983&&&&&
ALTEL, &&&&&Allegiance Telecom ( )&&&&&
ALLENGROUPINC, &&&&&Allen Group Inc. ( Now Allen Telecom Inc. )&&&&&
ALAIR, &&&&&Allentown-Bethlehem Airport Post Card - Pennsylvania 1940's&&&&&
ALASCOEN19, &&&&&Alliance Assurance Company - England 1905&&&&&
ALCAMA, &&&&&Alliance Capital Management - 1988&&&&&
ALAMCOOFLOSA, &&&&&Allied Amusement Company of Los Angeles- California 1923&&&&&
ALARININDE19, &&&&&Allied Artists Industries, Inc.(formerly Monogram Pictures Corporation) - Delaware, 1978&&&&&
ALEQCONE19, &&&&&Allied Equities Corporation - Nevada 1968&&&&&
ALOILCOR, &&&&&Allied Oil Corporation&&&&&
ALPRCODE19, &&&&&Allied Products Corporation - Delaware 1970&&&&&
ALPRODINC, &&&&&Allied Products, Inc. - New York&&&&&
ALPRCA19, &&&&&Allied Properties - California 1968&&&&&
ALVANLININC, &&&&&Allied Van Lines, Inc.&&&&&
NONAME76, &&&&&Alligator Company - Main Plant was located in St. Louis, Missouri&&&&&
ALCHMACOFATR, &&&&&Allis - Chalmers Manufacturing Company ( Farm Tractors and Equipment) RARE Specimen - Delaware 1912&&&&&
ALCECOTOFICI, &&&&&Allotment Certificate, Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes - United States 1904&&&&&
ALBRANFANRED, &&&&&Ally Brand Fancy Red Cutlets Salmon Label&&&&&
ALCOCONEWJE1, &&&&&Alma Coal Company (Signed by Charles Ketterer Davis) - Wellston, Ohio - New Jersey 1905&&&&&
ALLINMINCOM, &&&&&Alma Lincoln Mining Company - Park County, Colorado 1933&&&&&
ALVIWILTCA19, &&&&&Almaden Vineyard Wines, Ltd. - California 1941&&&&&
ALSTCODE191, &&&&&Almar Grocery Stores Company - Delaware 1929&&&&&
ALSTCO19, &&&&&Almar Stores Company (grocery store chain) - 1930&&&&&
ALAIHA19, &&&&&Aloha Airlines, Inc. (Operations ceased on March 31, 2008) - Hawaii 1973&&&&&
ALSMFR19, &&&&&Alph. Smeets - France 1944&&&&&
ALFUINMA19, &&&&&Alpha Fund, Inc. - Maryland 1968&&&&&
ALPORCEMCOM, &&&&&Alpha Portland Cement Company 1925 - New Jersey&&&&&
ALINCA, &&&&&Alpharel, Inc. - California ( Became Altris Software )&&&&&
ALBGOMI19, &&&&&Alpine ( Barberton ) Gold Mine - England 1950&&&&&
ALMOAKHGOLIG, &&&&&Alpine Montan Aktiengesellschaft "Hermann Göring" Linz (Named after Nazi commander of the Luftwaffe) - Linz, Austria 1939&&&&&
ALINDE192, &&&&&Alsco, Inc. - Delaware 1963&&&&&
ALYUKPACEX19, &&&&&Alska Yukon Pacific Exposition 1909 Post Card&&&&&
ALANDBECRTER, &&&&&Altoona and Beech Creek Terminal Railroad Company - Pennsylvania 1901&&&&&
ALSENMINCO18, &&&&&Alturas - Senate Mining Co. 1887 - Alturas County, Idaho&&&&&
ALCOOFAMASPB, &&&&&Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) Specimen Bond - 1957&&&&&
ALCOMOFCANAL, &&&&&Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan) 1957&&&&&
ALGOODMANCOM1, &&&&&Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company&&&&&
ALGOODMANCOM, &&&&&Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company ( Early Mirro Aluminum Company )&&&&&
ALSPCOWI19, &&&&&Aluminum Specialty Company (Made First Aluminum Christmas Tree) - Manitowoc, Wisconsin 1967&&&&&
AMASCOCA19, &&&&&Amalgamated Asbestos Corporation (Native American Vignette) - 1911&&&&&
AMASOFSTREET, &&&&&Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America 1918 - Seattle&&&&&
AMINLTNE19, &&&&&Amalgamated Industries Ltd. - Nevada 1929 &&&&&
AMMOTCOR, &&&&&Amalgamated Motors Corporation 1924&&&&&
AMPNTYCOUNKI, &&&&&Amalgamated Pneumatic Tyre Company - United Kingdom, 1898&&&&&
AMGOASOFAMIN, &&&&&Amateur Golfers' Association of America, Inc. - Delaware 1985 &&&&&
AMGOASOFAMIN1, &&&&&Amateur Golfers' Association of America, Inc. - Delaware 1985 &&&&&
AMGOLCOM19, &&&&&Amazon Gold Company 1903 - Silver City, New Mexico&&&&&
AMWOMCORCOM1, &&&&&Amazon Woven Cordage Company 1890&&&&&
AMECBRPE19, &&&&&Ambridge Economy Brewing - Pennsylvania 1911&&&&&
AMECBRCOPE19, &&&&&Ambridge Economy Brewing Company - Ambridge, Pennsylvania 1911&&&&&
AMININIL19, &&&&&AMCO Industries, Inc. - Illinois 1967&&&&&
AMCOR1, &&&&&Amerada Corporation 1927 ( Early Amerada Hess Corporation)&&&&&
AMONAOLLATAM, &&&&&America Online - AOL Latin America - SCARCE&&&&&
AMONINDE19, &&&&&America Online Incorporated (IPO Specimen Certificate ) - Deleware 1992 &&&&&
AMONLAAMINDE, &&&&&America Online Latin America, Inc. - Filed for Bankruptcy in 2005 (Rare Specimen) - Delaware &&&&&
AMONIN, &&&&&America Online, Incorporated (AOL) with Steve Case as Chairman ( Pre Time Warner Merger )&&&&&
AMVEINHA19, &&&&&American - Hawaii Ventures, Inc. - Hawaii 1973&&&&&
AMFOPOCOINMA, &&&&&American & Foreign Power Company Inc. - Maine - Gold Debenture&&&&&
AMFOPOCOINMA1, &&&&&American & Foreign Power Company Inc. - Option Warrant - Maine 1947&&&&&
AMFORPOWGOLD, &&&&&American & Foreign Power Gold Debenture - Due 2030&&&&&
AMLAFRFIENCO1, &&&&&American - La France Fire Engine Company - New York 1915&&&&&
AMLAFRFIENCO, &&&&&American - La France Fire Engine Company Bond - New York, 1904&&&&&
AMAGCOOH19, &&&&&American Aggregates Corporation ( Acquired by Martin Marietta Materials) - Ohio 1970&&&&&
AMAIRFICOIND, &&&&&American Air Filter Company, Inc. - Louisville, Kentucky 1969&&&&&
AMAICO, &&&&&American Airports Corporation issued to Stedman Shumway Hank - 1929&&&&&
AMALCONEWJE11, &&&&&American Alkali Company (Indian Warrior) - New Jersey 1899&&&&&
AMALCONEWJE1, &&&&&American Alkali Company - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
AMALCOM19, &&&&&American Alkali Company 1900&&&&&
AMAMLIINCOAL, &&&&&American Amicable Life Insurance Company (ALICO) Specimen - Alabama &&&&&
AMBRMACONEWY, &&&&&American and British Manufacturing Corporation (Corliss Steam Engine Company ) - New York 1910&&&&&
AMANDDOUNREL, &&&&&American and Dominions Unbreakable Records Limited - England 1929&&&&&
AMANDEUCREGG, &&&&&American and European Crystalized Egg Company - New York 1874&&&&&
AMANCO18, &&&&&American Anti-Incrustation Company - Pennsylvania 1879&&&&&
AMASANDFIRCO, &&&&&American Asbestos and Fireproofing Company - Virginia 1906&&&&&
AMAULICONEWJ, &&&&&American Automatic Lighting Company - Bayonne, New Jersey 1891&&&&&
AMAURECO18, &&&&&American Automatic Refrigerating Company - 1890&&&&&
AMAUMACOTEOF, &&&&&American Automobile Manufacturing Company (Beautiful images of old cars) - Territory of Arizona 1910 &&&&&
AMAUCOWA, &&&&&American Autoplane Company - Seattle, Washington 1920&&&&&
AMBAGLOANCOM, &&&&&American Bag Loaning Company 1884&&&&&
AMBACODE, &&&&&American Bakeries Company (Now Interstate Bakeries ) - Delaware &&&&&
AMBANOCOLENE, &&&&&American Bank Note Company Letter - New York 1914 &&&&&
AMBANNOTHOLI3, &&&&&American Bank Note Holographics, Inc (Holograph vignette)&&&&&
AMBANNOTHOLI, &&&&&American Bank Note Holographics, Inc. - Holograph SPECIMEN&&&&&
AMERBANKNOTE, &&&&&American Banknote Company (Famous Stock, Bond, Old Paper Money and Stamp Printer)&&&&&
AMERBANKNOTEO, &&&&&American Banknote Company - Famous Stock Certificate and Currency Printer &&&&&
AMBACOWI19, &&&&&American Bankshares Corporation - Wisconsin 1970&&&&&
AMBAANDPACON, &&&&&American Barrel and Package Corporation - New Jersey 1903 &&&&&
AMBEEFPACINC, &&&&&American Beef Packers Inc. ( Nice vignette of woman) &&&&&
AMBEPAINIO, &&&&&American Beef Packers Inc. (Great gift for someone packing beef) &&&&&
AMBESUCOBAMC, &&&&&American Beet Sugar Company (Became American Crystal Sugar Company) Signed by Henry T. Oxnard (Oxnard California Founder) - 1904&&&&&
AMBECODE, &&&&&American Beverage Corporation 1934 - Delaware &&&&&
AMBICOTE, &&&&&American Biomedical Corporation - Texas &&&&&
AMBOOFCOFORF4, &&&&&American Board of Commisioners for Foreign Missions - Boston, Massachusetts 1904&&&&&
AMBOAROFCOMF1, &&&&&American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Morning Star 1884&&&&&
AMBOOFCOFORF, &&&&&American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions - 1856&&&&&
AMBOCONEWYO, &&&&&American Book Company - New York &&&&&
AMBOARCONEWY, &&&&&American Bosch Arma Corporation - New York 1969&&&&&
AMBOMANEWYO1, &&&&&American Bosch Magneto ( Now Robert Bosch GmbH - Bosch Group ) - New York 1921 &&&&&
AMBRANFORBRA, &&&&&American Brands (Fortune Brands) Stock Certificate - Indian Vignette&&&&&
AMBRINDE, &&&&&American Brands, Inc. (Specimen) - Delaware 1989&&&&&
AMBRITCANMOT, &&&&&American British Canadian Motors Limited Proof&&&&&
AMBROADCOMIN, &&&&&American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ( ABC in now owned by Disney )&&&&&
AMBUTHOLOVAN1, &&&&&American Button Hole Overseaming and Sewing Machine Company - Pennsylvania 1897&&&&&
AMCACONEWYO1, &&&&&American Cable Company (Samuel F. B. Morse Vignette) - New York 1877&&&&&
AMCANCONEWJE, &&&&&American Can Company - New Jersey 1913 - Gold Bond&&&&&
AMERCANRED, &&&&&American Can Company - New Jersey 1969&&&&&
AMCANGOLMINC, &&&&&American Canadian Gold Mining Company of Superior, Wisconsin - "Alice A" Mine- 1899&&&&&
AMCAMACODE19, &&&&&American Candy Manufacturing Company - Delaware 1915&&&&&
AMCARWHRACHM, &&&&&American Car Wheel Railway Chair Manufacturing Co. - 1865&&&&&
AMCARCOM19, &&&&&American Caramel Company 1913 - Company funded Milton Hershey's Chocolate Business&&&&&
AMCARECOMI19, &&&&&American Cash Register Company - Michigan 1925&&&&&
AMCHICCOM1, &&&&&American Chicle Company ( Famous Gum Company )&&&&&
AMCHINCOR19, &&&&&American Chinaware Corporation - 1929 Ohio&&&&&
AMCHCOOH19, &&&&&American Chinaware Corporation - Ohio 1929 &&&&&
AMCHROMCOM, &&&&&American Chrome Company&&&&&
AMCITPOWANDL1, &&&&&American Cities Power and Light Corporation 1929&&&&&
AMCOPRCONEWY, &&&&&American Coal Products Company ( Became AlliedSignal) - New York 1913&&&&&
AMCOCONEWJE11, &&&&&American Collectors Company ( Scott Stamp Company ) - Jersey City, New Jersey - 1899&&&&&
AMCOCONEWJE1, &&&&&American Collectors Company 1898 ( Scott Stamp Company ) - Jersey City, New Jersey 1902&&&&&
AMCOMALCORSP, &&&&&American Commercial Alcohol Corporation (American Distilling Company) - 1928&&&&&
AMERCOMMW, &&&&&American Commonwealths Power Corp Stock - 1930&&&&&
AMCOCOCO18, &&&&&American Conduit & Construction Coporation - Boston 1887&&&&&
AMCOMICONEWY2, &&&&&American Copper Mining Company - New York 1887 &&&&&
AMCOTCHOP19, &&&&&American Cotton Chopper Co. 1913&&&&&
AMCOFACOMA, &&&&&American Cotton Fabric Corporation - 1923 Massachusetts ( Was Passaic Cotton Mills )&&&&&
AMCRCOOH19, &&&&&American Crayon Company (Yellowstone Old Faithful Vignette) - Sandusky, Ohio &&&&&
AMCREDCARTEL, &&&&&American Credit Card Telephone Company 1987&&&&&
AMCUPCOR, &&&&&American Cuptor Corporation&&&&&
AMDEFOWITECO, &&&&&American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company - Maine 1906&&&&&
AMDESONEWYO1, &&&&&American Defense Society - New York 1918 &&&&&
AMDEFWIRTELC4, &&&&&American DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company 1907&&&&&
AMDEDFOCO18, &&&&&American Dessicated (Desiccated) Food Company - New York 1897&&&&&
AMDISTELCOM, &&&&&American District Telegraph Company ( ADT Security Systems) - 1972&&&&&
AMDREDCOM, &&&&&American Dredging Company 1901&&&&&
AMDUALVESWPG, &&&&&American Dual Vest WPG (WEISS, PECK & GREER) Mutual Fund Stock&&&&&
AMEANEMICONE, &&&&&American Eagle Nevada Mining Company - Nevada 1910&&&&&
AMEAAICODE19, &&&&&American Eagle-Lincoln Aircraft Corporation signed by Victor Roos ( Cessna - Roos Aircraft Company ) - Delaware 1932&&&&&
AMEAAICODE191, &&&&&American Eagle-Lincoln Aircraft Corporation signed by Victor Roos ( Cessna - Roos Aircraft Company ) - Delaware 1932&&&&&
AMECGASCOM, &&&&&American Economic Gas Company - New York 1866&&&&&
AMELHEATCOR, &&&&&American Electric Heating Corporation 1898&&&&&
AMELLIGCOM18, &&&&&American Electric Light Company - 1899&&&&&
AMELMACONEWY1, &&&&&American Electric Manufacturing Company (Statue of Liberty Lights) - New York 1886&&&&&
AMELMACONEWY, &&&&&American Electric Manufacturing Company (Statue of Liberty Lights) - New York 1885&&&&&
AMELMANCOM18, &&&&&American Electric Manufacturing Company 1886 - Statue of Liberty Light Designer and Builder&&&&&
AMELTECO, &&&&&American Electric Telephone Company&&&&&
AMELRANEWJE1, &&&&&American Elevated Railroad (Stock fell from $45 to $1) - New Jersey 1903&&&&&
AMEQFUINDE, &&&&&American Equity Fund, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
AMEXIRTRUSST, &&&&&American Exchange Irving Trust Company (Became Bank of New York) - 1929&&&&&
AMEXAGCONEWJ, &&&&&American Exhibitors' Agency Company (World's Fair In Paris ) - New Jersey 1898&&&&&
AMEXSY19, &&&&&American Exploration Syndicate - Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
AMEXININC, &&&&&American Export Industries, Inc.&&&&&
AMEXCOM2, &&&&&American Express Company&&&&&
AMEXCONEWYO16, &&&&&American Express Company - New York 1989&&&&&
AMEXCOTO, &&&&&American Express Company - New York 1989&&&&&
AMEXCOMSIGBY, &&&&&American Express Company hand signed by Henry Wells and James Fargo 1866 - Excellent condition scarce blue border SOLD&&&&&
AMEXCONEWYO1, &&&&&American Express Company signed by Wells and Fargo - New York 1858 ***SOLD***&&&&&
AMEXCOSIBYAL, &&&&&American Express Company signed by William Fargo, John Butterfield and Alex Holland - 1856 ***SOLD***&&&&&
AMEXTRCH, &&&&&American Express Travelers Cheque - SPECIMEN&&&&&
AMFASFOODINC, &&&&&American Fast Foods, Inc. - 1972&&&&&
AMFIRDETCO18, &&&&&American Fire Detector Co. 1867 - New York&&&&&
AMFLCO, &&&&&American Fletcher Corporation - (Became Banc One Indiana Corporation) &&&&&
AMFOSECODE, &&&&&American Foreign Securities Company - Delaware 1916&&&&&
AMFOUNCOR1, &&&&&American Founders Corporation (George Washington Vignette) - 1932&&&&&
AMGASREFINC, &&&&&American Gasohol Refiners, Inc. ( High Plains Corporation )&&&&&
AMGASCOR, &&&&&American Gasoline Corporation 1919&&&&&
AMGENINCOM1, &&&&&American General Insurance Company (Now AIG American General) - Owned by American International Group, Inc. (AIG)&&&&&
AMGENINCOM, &&&&&American General Insurance Company (Now AIG American General) - Owned by American International Group, Inc. (AIG) - 1965&&&&&
AMGEINCOSPNA, &&&&&American General Insurance Company Specimen (Now AIG American General) - Owned by American International Group, Inc. (AIG) - 1969&&&&&
AMGOLDEPCOR, &&&&&American Gold Depository Corporation&&&&&
AMGOSTMICOCO, &&&&&American Gold Standard Mining Company - Jackson District. Colorado 1909&&&&&
AMGRCOWEVI19, &&&&&American Graphophone Company - 1900&&&&&
AMGRSONEWJE1, &&&&&American Grocers Society - New Jersey, 1917&&&&&
AMGUCOOR, &&&&&American Guaranty Corporation - Oregon &&&&&
AMGUNIMCONEW, &&&&&American Gun Implement Company - New Haven, Connecticut - 1886&&&&&
AMHAPACOSTCO, &&&&&American Hare Packing & Cold Storage Company - Echo, Oregon 1903&&&&&
AMHATWEARCOM, &&&&&American Hat Weaving Company 1867 - Milford, Connecticut&&&&&
AMHASTSHCONE2, &&&&&American Hawaiian Steam Ship Company - New Jersey 1909&&&&&
AMHOLEMA, &&&&&American House Registration and Blotter - Greenwich, New York 1900&&&&&
AMINTECODE19, &&&&&American Information Technologies Corporation - Ameritech - Delaware&&&&&
AMINGRINAIN, &&&&&American International Group, Inc. - AIG Insurance - Largest Quarterly Loss in Corporate History&&&&&
AMISPAPMILLI, &&&&&American Israeli Paper Mills Limited&&&&&
AMJAINCO19, &&&&&American Japanese Investment Company - 1929 - Territory of Hawaii&&&&&
AMKERMANCOM, &&&&&American Kerosene Manifold Company 1918&&&&&
AMKNITMACCOM, &&&&&American Knitting Machine Company 1898 - Gold Debenture&&&&&
INFIENCOBAML, &&&&&American LaFrance Fire Engine Company, Inc. - 1926&&&&&
AMLANTRUSCOM, &&&&&American Land & Trust Company 1887 - San Francisco&&&&&
AMLIAIRCONEW, &&&&&American Liquid Air Company - New York 1900&&&&&
AMLIAIRCO18, &&&&&American Liquid Air Company Motor Vehicle Rebate Certificate - 1899&&&&&
AMLIFICO19, &&&&&American Liquid Fire - Proofing Company ( Pyrolin ) - Delaware 1911&&&&&
AMERLOCKER, &&&&&American Locker Company&&&&&
AMMAWRCODECO, &&&&&American Machine Wrench Company - Denver, Colorado 1903&&&&&
AMMAIZCOM, &&&&&American Maize-Products Company&&&&&
AMMATYCO19, &&&&&American Manicopy Typewriter Company - 1923&&&&&
AMMARCOLANDS, &&&&&American Marine College and Steam Yacht Co. 1866&&&&&
AMMECCASCOM1, &&&&&American Mechanical Cashier Company 1902&&&&&
AMMEDININC, &&&&&American Medical International, Inc. (AMI )&&&&&
AMMEININDE19, &&&&&American Medical International, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
AMMEPUCOJE19, &&&&&American Medicine Publishing Company signed by George M. Gould - New Jersey 1901 &&&&&
AMMESO19, &&&&&American Meteorological Society - Board of Radio and Television Weathercasting&&&&&
AMMETCOM, &&&&&American Meter Company - 1950's&&&&&
AMMICOWY19, &&&&&American Mines Company - Wyoming 1915&&&&&
AMMOSYINNEWJ, &&&&&American Mobile Systems Incorporated - New Jersey &&&&&
AMMONCOM19, &&&&&American Monorail Company - South Dakota 1911&&&&&
AMMOCOVI19, &&&&&American Mortgage Corporation - Richmond, Virginia 1933&&&&&
AMMOTRCO, &&&&&American Motor Truck Company - Detroit, Michigan 1916&&&&&
AMMOTWHEELCO, &&&&&American Motor Wheel Company 1917&&&&&
AMMOCOMA19, &&&&&American Motors Corporation (George Romney as president - Mitt Romney's Father) - 1960&&&&&
AMMOCOGROASP, &&&&&American Motors Corporation - Specimen (George Romney as President) - 1962 Maryland&&&&&
AMNEWCOM, &&&&&American News Company ( Specimen )&&&&&
AMNEWCOM1, &&&&&American News Company (one of the last surviving trusts of the 20th century)&&&&&
AMNEWCOMSTOC, &&&&&American News Company Stock Certificate - Early Paperboy Vignette&&&&&
AMNOVCOMINC, &&&&&American Novelty Company, Inc. - Massachusetts 1920&&&&&
AMOINCOM, &&&&&American Ointment Company - 1937&&&&&
AMOPCOM, &&&&&American Optical Company&&&&&
AMOPCOM1, &&&&&American Optical Company&&&&&
AMPACARCOOFN, &&&&&American Palace Car Company of New Jersey - 1898&&&&&
AMPETIN, &&&&&American Petrofina, Incorporated ( FINA )&&&&&
AMPEINDE19, &&&&&American Petrofina, Incorporated - Delaware 1967 &&&&&
AMPHOTEQCOM, &&&&&American Photocopy Equipment Company - APECO ( Comforce Corporation)&&&&&
AMPICONEWJE1, &&&&&American Piano Company - New Jersey 1930&&&&&
AMPLCOWEVI19, &&&&&American Planograph Company signed by Chas. T. Moore as President - West Virginia 1903&&&&&
AMPNEUMSER1, &&&&&American Pneumatic Service 1930's&&&&&
AMPOPLIFINCO, &&&&&American Popular Life Insurance Company - New York 1873&&&&&
AMPOTECOOFNE, &&&&&American Portable Telephone Company of New York (Great Vignette) - 1889&&&&&
AMPROGBURINC, &&&&&American Program Bureau, Inc. - Speaker's Bureau 1987&&&&&
AMPUBSERCOM, &&&&&American Public Service Company&&&&&
AMRACPIGUN, &&&&&American Racing Pigeon Union - 1944&&&&&
AMRADANDSTAN, &&&&&American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Company ( Now American Standard )&&&&&
AMRAILCOM19, &&&&&American Railway Company 1900&&&&&
AMRAILMAILDE1, &&&&&American Railway Mail Device Co. 1912&&&&&
AMRAPUCO18, &&&&&American Railway Publishing Company - Pennsylvania 1892&&&&&
AMRECO, &&&&&American RE Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
AMRECOINNEWY, &&&&&American Reclamation Company, Inc. - New York 1914&&&&&
AMRECODE, &&&&&American Reprographics Company - Delaware &&&&&
AMREBI1719, &&&&&American Revolution Bicentennial 1776 - 1976&&&&&
LIOFCONO41WA, &&&&&American Rights to Opera "Don Carlos" - Library of Congress - Washington D.C. 1877&&&&&
AMRIBACA, &&&&&American Riviera Bank - California &&&&&
AMROSONEWYO, &&&&&American Rocket Society signed by Herbert R. J. Grosch and A.C. Slade - New York 1951&&&&&
AMROYCOM, &&&&&American Royalty Company 1929 - California&&&&&
AMRUPRCODE19, &&&&&American Rubber Products Company - Delaware 1917&&&&&
AMSACONEWYO1, &&&&&American Salvage Company - Organized just after Lusitania Sinking - New York 1917&&&&&
AMSECELUNCOM, &&&&&American Sectional Electric Underground Company 1883 New Jersey&&&&&
AMSEBAFL, &&&&&American Security Bank ( Became Ellis Security Bank ) - New Port Richey, Florida 1968 &&&&&
AMSECOWAD, &&&&&American Security Corporation - Washington D.C. 1975&&&&&
AMSHANDCOCOD, &&&&&American Ship and Commerce Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
AMSKIINCOM, &&&&&American Skiing Company&&&&&
AMSNCONEWJE, &&&&&American Snuff Company Specimen Stock Certificate - New Jersey&&&&&
AMSOAFINCOLI, &&&&&American South African Investment Company Limited (Became ASA Limited) - Republic of South Africa 1971&&&&&
AMSTANINC, &&&&&American Standard Inc.&&&&&
AMSTPUSECOGO, &&&&&American States Public Service Company (Now Southern California Water Company - American States Water Company ) Gold Bond - Illinois 1928 &&&&&
AMSTATPUBSER, &&&&&American States Public Service Company 1931&&&&&
AMSTCACOJECI, &&&&&American Steel Casting Company (Became American Steel Foundries.) - Jersey City, New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
AMSTERCOM, &&&&&American Sterilizer Company&&&&&
AMSTCOIL18, &&&&&American Stethophone Company - Illinois 1893&&&&&
AMSUBCOM18, &&&&&American Submarine Company 1860's&&&&&
AMSUBCOM181, &&&&&American Submarine Company 1871&&&&&
AMERSUGAR1, &&&&&American Sugar Company Stock ( Original Dow Average Company )&&&&&
AMSUTOCOGE, &&&&&American Sumatra Tobacco Company - Decatur County, Georgia&&&&&
AMTACONEWYO1, &&&&&American Taxameter Company (Early Taxi Cab Meter Maker) - New York 1903&&&&&
AMTELTYPCOM1, &&&&&American Telegraph - Typewriter Company 1916&&&&&
ATT, &&&&&American Telegraph and Telephone Company AT&T 1940's - 1950s&&&&&
AMTECODE191, &&&&&American Telegraph-Typewriter Company - Delaware 1915&&&&&
AMTECODE19, &&&&&American Telegraph-Typewriter Company signed by George A. Cardwell - Delaware 1910 &&&&&
AMTELTELCOM1, &&&&&American Telephone & Telegraph Company ( AT&T ) - 1940's&&&&&
AT-T, &&&&&American Telephone and Telegraph - Alexander Graham Bell&&&&&
AMTEANDTECO, &&&&&American Telephone and Telegraph Company - Specimen&&&&&
AMTEANDTECON3, &&&&&American Telephone and Telegraph Company - New York 1957 &&&&&
NONAME80, &&&&&American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1918 - Convertible Gold Bond ***SOLD***&&&&&
COFIREOFAMTE, &&&&&American Telephone and Telegraph Company Report - New York 1923&&&&&
AMTECOEFATE1, &&&&&American Televue Company RARE (Seeing Telephone - Early Facetime) - 1906&&&&&
AMTHERPRODCO, &&&&&American Thermos Products Company&&&&&
AMTHCONEWJE1, &&&&&American Thread Company - New Jersey 1925&&&&&
AMTINTUCODE1, &&&&&American Tin & Tungsten Company - Delaware 1919&&&&&
AMTOCOWIINCH, &&&&&American Tobacco Company Specimen Stock Certificate with Image of Indian Chief, Powhattan (father of Pocahontas)&&&&&
AMTOBCOMINCH, &&&&&American Tobacco Company with Indian Chief&&&&&
AMTRPLCODE18, &&&&&American Tropical Planting Company Plantation Bond (Colon, Honduras) - Delaware 1899&&&&&
AMTUBPIPBENC, &&&&&American Tube & Pipe Bending Company 1925 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
AMTYBARMACON, &&&&&American Type - Bar Machine Company ( Early Typewriter Company) - New York 1903 &&&&&
AMUNDIOFCO19, &&&&&American University Revenue Bond (Marion Barry as Mayor) - District of Columbia 1988&&&&&
AMVITECONEWJ, &&&&&American Visual Telegraph Company - New Jersey 1893&&&&&
AMVOTMACCOM, &&&&&American Voting Machine Company 1913&&&&&
AMVOTMACCOM2, &&&&&American Voting Machine Company 1914&&&&&
AMVOTMACCOM1, &&&&&American Voting Machine Company 1924&&&&&
AMWATWORANDE, &&&&&American Water Works and Electric Company, Incorporated&&&&&
AMWORECO19, &&&&&American Woman's Realty Corporation (Henry Hudson Hotel Vignette) - New York 1927&&&&&
AMWOCO191, &&&&&American Woolen Company - 1921&&&&&
AMBRITCONCOR, &&&&&American, British & Continental Corporation&&&&&
AMBRCOCOBOMA, &&&&&American, British & Continental Corporation - Boston, Massachusetts 1920s&&&&&
AMANDSUCOHOA, &&&&&Americus and Sumter County Hospital Authority - Georgia 1991&&&&&
AMMICOMI18, &&&&&Americus Mining Company - Kansas City, Missouri 1894&&&&&
AMDE19, &&&&&Ameritech Corporation (Part of ATT Break up) - Delaware 1994&&&&&
AMCO19, &&&&&Ameritech Corporation - 1994 ( Now SBC Communications Inc )&&&&&
AMANDNETECOA, &&&&&Ames and Nevada Telephone Co. - Ames, Iowa 1881&&&&&
AMFCOMPANY, &&&&&AMF (Bowling) Company - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
AMSTEAMMILCO, &&&&&Amherst Steam Mill Company 1848 - New Hampshire&&&&&
AMCOR2, &&&&&Amiesite Corporation 1930&&&&&
AMCOMA19, &&&&&Amphitheater Company (issued to Edward Congdon of Glensheen mansion ) - Duluth, Minnesota 1924&&&&&
AMBAN, &&&&&AmSouth Bancorporation&&&&&
AMELLIGHEATA, &&&&&Amsterdam Electric, Light, Heat and Power Company 1890s - New York&&&&&
AMCOR, &&&&&Amuranium Corporation 1950's&&&&&
ANACONDACOMP, &&&&&Anaconda Mining Company (Famous Mining Company) - Montana&&&&&
ANCOMO191, &&&&&Anaconda Mining Company - Montana 1976 &&&&&
ANACOSTIABANK, &&&&&Anacostia Bank 1944&&&&&
CIOFANCSTIN1, &&&&&Anaheim Stadium - Los Angeles Rams and California Angels Logos - RARE - 1990&&&&&
ANDEINMA, &&&&&Analog Devices, Inc. ( Co-founder Ray Stata, as President) - Norwood, Massachusetts 1988&&&&&
ANCAPCODE19, &&&&&Anchor Cap Corporation - Delaware 1936 &&&&&
ANCHEMCOM19, &&&&&Anchor Chemical Company - England&&&&&
ANHOGLCODE19, &&&&&Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation - Delaware 1940&&&&&
ANHOMINC, &&&&&Anchorage Homes, Inc. 1945&&&&&
ANAL5GEOBBOA, &&&&&Anchorage, Alaska $5000 General Obligation Bond - Alaska 1980&&&&&
ANSILECOMIMI, &&&&&Ancram Silver Lead Company (RARE) - Columbia County, New York - 1853&&&&&
ANENANDFOUNC, &&&&&Anderson Engine and Foundry Company 1925&&&&&
ANENANDFOUNC1, &&&&&Anderson Engine and Foundry Company 1925 - Indiana&&&&&
ANGOMICOGOPL, &&&&&Andes Gold Mining Company (Indian vignette) - Gold placer Mine Near El Valle, U.S. Columbia - New York 1880&&&&&
ANPETCOR, &&&&&Andes Petroleum Corporation 1920's&&&&&
ANDOVERNETINC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
ANCOR2, &&&&&Andresen Corporation&&&&&
ANMANCOM, &&&&&Andrograph Manufacturing Company 1919&&&&&
ANSALAGLIM, &&&&&Andrograph Sales Agency, Limited&&&&&
ANMIMA18, &&&&&Androscoggin Mills - Maine 1871 ( Made cotton goods )&&&&&
ANDYRAZAF, &&&&&Andy Razaf autographed letter dated 1954&&&&&
ANAMINSYN19, &&&&&Anglo - American Inventions Syndicate 1917&&&&&
ANCALTRUSCOM, &&&&&Anglo California Trust Company - San Francisco, California 1911&&&&&
ANINC, &&&&&Anheuser-Busch, Inc. $29,000 Bond&&&&&
ANINNEWYO19, &&&&&Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated - New York, 1986&&&&&
ANNSTINNEWYO, &&&&&Ann Stevens, Inc. - New York 1969&&&&&
ANGETYOGUNLO, &&&&&Annie Get Your Gun Lobby Card Starring Betty Hutton (Movie of life of Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show)&&&&&
ANNUALREPORTS1, &&&&&Annual Reports&&&&&
XPRIZLIN75AN, &&&&&Ansari X Prize ( Private Competition to Space ) - SpaceshipOne Wins X Prize on October 4, 2004 &&&&&
ANCLCOCO19, &&&&&Ansonia Clock Company - Connecticut 1920's&&&&&
ANBEERCOMSTO, &&&&&Anthracite Beer Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
ANCOANDIRCON, &&&&&Anthracite Coal and Iron Company signed by Grinnell Burt (Warwick Valley Railroad founder) - New York 1880&&&&&
ANWAGCOM18, &&&&&Anthracite Wagon Company (Coal and business wagons) - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1897&&&&&
ANWAGCOM19, &&&&&Anthracite Wagon Company 1900 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
ANDAZSCREENC, &&&&&Anti - Dazzle Screens Canada 1929&&&&&
ANCARTRUCCOM, &&&&&Antifriction Car Truck Company 1883&&&&&
ANCOMCOM18, &&&&&Antifriction Composition Company 1860's&&&&&
ANGOLCOPMINC, &&&&&Antigua Gold Copper Mining Company 1907 - Rare New Orleans Mining Stock&&&&&
ANCOMSTOCCER, &&&&&Antox Inc. (Antioxidant) -1968&&&&&
AOLTIWADE20, &&&&&AOL Time Warner (Rare Specimen) with Gerald Levin and Steve Case as Officers - (Time Warner shareholders lost $200 Billion in value) - Delaware 2001&&&&&
AOLTIMEWARNER2, &&&&&AOL Time Warner with Gerald Levin and Steve Case as Officers - ( Pre Time Warner AT&T Deal ) &&&&&
APDRLOCA19, &&&&&Apache Drums Lobby Card - 1951&&&&&
APGOMICOCO18, &&&&&Apache Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek , Colorado 1896&&&&&
APOILCODE19, &&&&&APCO Oil Corporation - Delaware 1974&&&&&
AP11MANONMOL2, &&&&&Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Landing First Day of Issue stamped envelope - 1969&&&&&
AP11MANONMOL6, &&&&&Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Landing First Day of Issue stamped envelope - 1969&&&&&
APACAWWAD19, &&&&&Apollo Achievement Award commemorating Man's landing on the Moon - Washington D.C. 1969&&&&&
APCOINDE19, &&&&&Apollo Computer inc. ( Acquired by Hewlett Packard) - Delaware 1988&&&&&
APVIMANFIRFL, &&&&&Apollo VIII - Man's first flight around the moon 1968&&&&&
APXIJUL19BUT, &&&&&Apollo XI July 1969 Button and Ribbon (Picture of Neil Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin)&&&&&
APXIAMSALFIR, &&&&&Apollo XI Original Pinback Button (Picture of Neil Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin) - America Salutes First Men on the Moon 1969&&&&&
APELPOWCOM, &&&&&Appalachian Electric Power Company 1940's - 1970's&&&&&
APOILCODE191, &&&&&Appalachian Oil Company - Delaware 1918&&&&&
APCOIN, &&&&&Apple Computer, Inc. (First Certificate Type with Apple II) with John Scully as President- California 1987 - Sold&&&&&
APCOINCA192, &&&&&Apple Computer, Inc. (Rare Specimen) with John Sculley as CEO - California 1988&&&&&
APVALBANTRUS, &&&&&Apple Valley Bank & Trust Company&&&&&
APVABATRCOCO, &&&&&Apple Valley Bank & Trust Company - Connecticut 1999&&&&&
APTECSER, &&&&&Applied Technical Services&&&&&
APVOREINUT, &&&&&Applied Voice Recognition, Inc. - Utah&&&&&
APVOTEINWA, &&&&&Applied Voice Technology, Inc. - Kirkland, Washington&&&&&
APLOLOCASTPA, &&&&&April Love Lobby Card Starring Pat Boone and Shirely Jones - 1957&&&&&
AQELHECOCO19, &&&&&Aqua Electric Heater Company - Connecticut 1922&&&&&
ARPALACOROTE, &&&&&Aransas Pass Land Company - Rockport, Texas 1888 - Hurricane Harvey &&&&&
ARBITRONINC, &&&&&Arbitron Inc. ( media and marketing research)&&&&&
ARNATGASCOMI, &&&&&Arcade Natural Gas Company, Inc.&&&&&
ARCOMICOMI, &&&&&Arcadian Consolidated Mining Company - Michigan&&&&&
ARCONCOMINC, &&&&&Arch Construction Company, Inc. 1929 - New Orleans&&&&&
ARPILICODE19, &&&&&ARCO Oil Pipe Line Company - Delaware 1975&&&&&
ARKIRECOPE18, &&&&&Arctic King Refrigerator Company - Linfield, Montegomery County, Pennsylvania 1891 &&&&&
ARMINDEVCO, &&&&&Arctic Mining & Development Co. 1899&&&&&
AREMLAB, &&&&&Arenas Emperors Label&&&&&
ARWATANDLIGC, &&&&&Argentine Water and Light Company 1896 - Maine&&&&&
ARMILIONCA19, &&&&&Argentum Mines, Limited - Ontario, Canada 1909&&&&&
ARNEWCOM18, &&&&&Argyle News Company 1898&&&&&
ARBAAR, &&&&&Arizona Bank - Arizona &&&&&
ARCOMICOMA, &&&&&Arizona Commercial Mining Company - Maine&&&&&
AREARACOAR, &&&&&Arizona Eastern Railroad Company - Arizona 1945&&&&&
ARGACOAR191, &&&&&Arizona Gazette Company ( Now Arizona Republic Newspaper) - Arizona 1926&&&&&
ARTEANDTECOA, &&&&&Arizona Telephone and Telegraph company -Tucson, Arizona 1911&&&&&
ARWACOMA, &&&&&Arizona Water Company - 1899&&&&&
ARWATCOM18, &&&&&Arizona Water Company 1899 - $1,000 Gold Bond&&&&&
ARANDARCOPCO, &&&&&Arkansas and Arizona Copper Company&&&&&
ARANDARCOPCO1, &&&&&Arkansas and Arizona Copper Company 1916&&&&&
ARNATGASCOR1, &&&&&Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation&&&&&
ARNATGASCOR, &&&&&Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation ( Early Arkansas Louisiana Natural Gas Company )&&&&&
ARVALELCOM18, &&&&&Arkansas Valley Elevator Company - 1878&&&&&
ARCOCOHOBOVI, &&&&&Arlington County Court House Bond - Virginia 1956&&&&&
ARCOINBOARVI, &&&&&Arlington County Incinerator Bond - Arlington, Virginia 1955&&&&&
ARCOSCBOVI19, &&&&&Arlington County School Bond - Arlington, Virginia 1953&&&&&
ARCOWABOVI19, &&&&&Arlington County Water Bond-Arlington, Virginia 1955&&&&&
ARRACO1BORU1, &&&&&Armavir-Touapse Railway Company £100 Bond - St Petersburg , Russia 1909&&&&&
ARINOH19, &&&&&Armco Inc. - Ohio 1982 &&&&&
ARSTEELCOR, &&&&&Armco Steel Corporation (AK Steel) - Ohio 1976&&&&&
ARPOVECONEWJ, &&&&&Armored Police Vest Corp. - New Jersey 1936&&&&&
ARTAASOFMAIN, &&&&&Armored Tank Association of Madison, Inc. - Wisconsin&&&&&
ARCODE, &&&&&Armour & Company - Delaware &&&&&
ARANDCOIL191, &&&&&Armour and Company - Illinois 1955&&&&&
ARMOURDIALINC, &&&&&Armour-Dial, Inc.&&&&&
ARCOINSELENE, &&&&&Armstrong & Company Investment Securities Letter regarding Crescent Aircraft and Airvia - New York 1929 &&&&&
ARRUBCOM1, &&&&&Armstrong Tire Company - (Famous Grip the Road Ad Company) - Now Pirelli Tires&&&&&
ARNACOCONEWY, &&&&&Army & Navy Co-Operative Company - New York 1917&&&&&
ARANDNAJOINW, &&&&&Army and Navy Journal, Incorporated - Washington, D.C. 1925&&&&&
FILE286, &&&&&Army Document No. 286 "Colored Persons in the Army" - 1842&&&&&
ARHARCOM19, &&&&&Arnold Hardware Company&&&&&
ARSARACOSODA, &&&&&Arnold Safety Razor Company - South Dakota 1907 &&&&&
ARSEGA, &&&&&Arnold Seligmann, Rey & Co. RARE Stock Certificate issued to and signed by Jean A. Seligmann, famous Jewish art dealer, who was shot by the Nazis during WWII to steal his art inventory - 1935&&&&&
ARINCA19, &&&&&Arpeja-California, Inc. - California 1973&&&&&
ARGOLFIELLTD, &&&&&Arriba Gold Fields, Ltd. Colorado 1929&&&&&
ARRECODE, &&&&&Arrowhead Research Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
AROILCOCA18, &&&&&Arroyo Oil Company - Bakersfield, California 1899&&&&&
ARTEXINC, &&&&&Art Explosion, Inc.&&&&&
ARTMETCONCOM, &&&&&Art Metal Construction Company - Massachusettes&&&&&
ARTMECOCO, &&&&&Art Metal Construction Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
ARTSTUDENTSINN, &&&&&Art Students Inn - New York&&&&&
ARSPECCIG, &&&&&Art's Special Cigar Label&&&&&
ARHOBPRODINC, &&&&&Artex Hobby Products Inc ( Now Colgate Palmolive )&&&&&
ARJSTRAUSPAR, &&&&&Arthur J. Straus Participations, Inc. Milwaukee - Best Western Inn Towne Vignette&&&&&
AROCSUJRAUNE, &&&&&Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. Autograph - New York Times Publisher&&&&&
ARRUBCOM2, &&&&&Artificial Rubber Company 1892 - New Jersey&&&&&
ARSOCOAL18, &&&&&Artificial Stone Company (Made fake stones for jewelry) - Birmingham, Alabama 1888&&&&&
ARFIINCA19, &&&&&Artographic Films, Inc (Certificate #1).- California, 1920&&&&&
COCOCO1, &&&&&Asahi/America, Inc. 1996&&&&&
ASCOCO18, &&&&&Ashburton Coal Company - Luzerne and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania 1866&&&&&
ASBALTNEWYO1, &&&&&Ashikaga Bank, LTD. ( World Trade Center Address) $1,000,000 Bond Certificate - New York 1990&&&&&
ASOILIN, &&&&&Ashland Oil Incorporated 1977&&&&&
ASOIINKE1, &&&&&Ashland Oil, Inc. - Kentucky &&&&&
ASBRANDARSPC, &&&&&Ashley's Bromine and Arsenic Spring Company - Bristol, Tennessee 1884&&&&&
ASKJEEVSEARE, &&&&&Ask Jeeves Inc - Famous Search Engine Company&&&&&
ASANDGLSPTEA, &&&&&Aspen and Glenwood Springs Telegraph and Telephone Company - Colorado 1886&&&&&
ASANDMARACOA, &&&&&Aspen and Maroon Railway Company - Aspen, Colorado 1890s&&&&&
ASSKIINCOR, &&&&&Aspen Skiing Corporation (Darcy Brown as President) - Colorado&&&&&
ASBACOIO, &&&&&Associated Bank Corporation - Des Moines, Iowa &&&&&
ASBASEINWI, &&&&&Associated Bank Services, Inc. - Wisconsin &&&&&
ASBRCOMI19, &&&&&Associated Brewing Company - Michigan 1970&&&&&
ASBUCOMI19, &&&&&Associated Builders Company - Michigan 1919&&&&&
ASDRYGOCOVI1, &&&&&Associated Dry Goods Corporation ( Zero Coupon $1000000 Bond) - Virginia 1982&&&&&
ASELANDMOGAS, &&&&&Associated Electricity and Monoxide Gas Corporation, Limited - London, England 1929&&&&&
ASFICOEN19, &&&&&Associated Financial Corporation - England 1903&&&&&
ASGASANDELCO1, &&&&&Associated Gas and Electric Company&&&&&
ASGASANDELCO, &&&&&Associated Gas and Electric Company 1930's (GPU Energy) - Terrific Vignette&&&&&
ASHOINCA, &&&&&Associated Hosts, Inc. - California &&&&&
ASLIINCOIL19, &&&&&Associated Life Insurance Company - Illinois 1969&&&&&
ASPHINASMEOR, &&&&&Associated Members Organization affiliated with the Associated Pharmacists, Inc. - Certificate of Membership - 1918&&&&&
ASMOCOINMA19, &&&&&Associated Mortgage Companies, Inc. - Maryland 1933&&&&&
ASMOTTERCOM, &&&&&Associated Motor Terminals Company 1929 - Missouri&&&&&
ASSECININC, &&&&&Associated Security Investors, Inc.&&&&&
ASSEININDE19, &&&&&Associated Security Investors, Inc.- Delaware 1929&&&&&
ASTECO, &&&&&Associated Telephone Company $1000 Bond 1935 - California ( Now Verizon )&&&&&
ASTELCOMLTD, &&&&&Associated Telephone Company 1940's ( Early Verizon Company )&&&&&
ASTRPRLIEN19, &&&&&Associated Trade Press Limited - England 1931 &&&&&
ASVICOSANFRC, &&&&&Associated Vineyard Company (California Wine) - San Francisco, California 1926&&&&&
ASVICOSIBYCR, &&&&&Associated Vineyard Company signed by Isadore Zellerbach, San Francisco, California 1925 - 2 Certificates and Letter&&&&&
ASINCOM, &&&&&Associates Investment Company (The Associates) - Citigroup&&&&&
ASOFFRANMEDS, &&&&&Association of Franklin Medal Scholars 1857 - Signed by Hon. Edward Everett&&&&&
ASOILSTORCOM, &&&&&Assonet Oil Storage Company - Massachusettes&&&&&
ASHOMCOM18, &&&&&Astoria Homestead Company 1893 Gold Bond - Long Island, New York&&&&&
ASCOCA19, &&&&&Astro-Science Corporation ( Now CEC Vibration Products ) - California 1967&&&&&
ASRECOCA19, &&&&&Astrophysics Research Corporation - California 1969 &&&&&
ASINCODE19, &&&&&Astrotech International Coporation (Willard F. Rockwell Jr as chairman) - Delaware 1986&&&&&
ATWARWIARLOC, &&&&&At War with the Army Lobby Card Starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - 1951&&&&&
ATCONEWYO20, &&&&&AT&T Corporation (Michael Armstrong as Chairman) - LAST CERTIFICATE ISSUED - Specimen&&&&&
ATTLODICEWID, &&&&&AT&T Long Distance Certificate with Desert Storm Logo &&&&&
ATTWIRSERINC, &&&&&AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. - Formally McCaw Cellular now Cingular Wireless &&&&&
ATCORFAMPION, &&&&&Atari Corporation - Famous pioneer video game (Pong) Company&&&&&
ATCORFRAM, &&&&&Atari Corporation - Framed&&&&&
ATCOWICA, &&&&&Atari Corporation stock certificate with original game catalog - 1991&&&&&
ATPIKPEAKRAI, &&&&&Atchison & Pike's Peak Railroad Company - Central Branch Union Pacific 1860's&&&&&
ATPIPERACOKA, &&&&&Atchison & Pike's Peak Railroad Company - Kansas&&&&&
ATTOPANDSANF5, &&&&&Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company 1889 - $5,000 Gold Bond&&&&&
ATTOANDSAFER10, &&&&&Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company - 1937&&&&&
ATELIERSC, &&&&&Ateliers & Chantiers De Nicolaieff - Paris, France 1911&&&&&
ATATAUTAVINM, &&&&&Ateliers Atlas - Automobile - Aviation - Industrie - Motoculture 1917&&&&&
ATSTMACONEWY, &&&&&Atkins Stover Manufacturing Company - New York 1889&&&&&
ATMEGRCHIL19, &&&&&Atkinson, Mentzer & Grober ( Book Publishers ) - Chicago, Illinois 1907&&&&&
ATBRAVCHEC, &&&&&Atlanta Braves Check 1969&&&&&
ATMICO19, &&&&&Atlanta Mines Company - Turtle Vignettes - Goldfield, Nevada 1916&&&&&
ATMINCOM, &&&&&Atlanta Mining Company of San Francisco - California 1879&&&&&
ATMOTLODINC, &&&&&Atlanta Motor Lodges, Inc.&&&&&
ATTESANDMINC, &&&&&Atlanta Testing and Mining Company 1877&&&&&
ATPARACO19, &&&&&Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company (Western Division) - 1880&&&&&
ATAIRSEINDE1, &&&&&Atlantic Air Service, Inc. - Delaware 1929 &&&&&
ATANDPAGUCO1, &&&&&Atlantic and Pacific Guano Company (Owned Swan Islands ) - 1858 - SOLD&&&&&
ATANDPARACO1, &&&&&Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company $1000 Gold Bond - New York 1887 &&&&&
ATANDPARACON1, &&&&&Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company (Western Division) Gold Bond - New York 1880 &&&&&
ATANDPACRAIL, &&&&&Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company 1880&&&&&
ATANDPASTCOM1, &&&&&Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Company Gold Bond -Specimen - Maine 1913&&&&&
ATANDPASTCOM, &&&&&Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Company signed by Joseph. P. Grace of W. R. Grace and Co. - Maine 1916&&&&&
ATBAFL, &&&&&Atlantic Bancorporation - Jacksonville, Florida &&&&&
ATCICAANDSTN, &&&&&Atlantic City Casino and Steamboat Company - New Jersey 1891 &&&&&
ATCIELCOBO19, &&&&&Atlantic City Electric Company - New Jersey 1966&&&&&
ATCIRAASNEWJ1, &&&&&Atlantic City Racing Association $5000 Bond signed by John B. Kelly, father of the late Princess Grace of Monaco - New Jersey 1944&&&&&
ATCOAIDE19, &&&&&Atlantic Coast Airways Corporation of Delaware (Offered Talkie Movies on its Seaplane Flights) - 1929&&&&&
ATCOELRANEWJ, &&&&&Atlantic Coast Electric Railroad - Asbury Park, New Jersey 1897&&&&&
ATCOASFISCOM, &&&&&Atlantic Coast Fisheries Company 1929&&&&&
ATDESTINNEWY, &&&&&Atlantic Department Stores, Inc. - New York 1971&&&&&
ATHOCOMA18, &&&&&Atlantic Hotel Company - Ocean City, Maryland 1868 &&&&&
ATICCOM, &&&&&Atlantic Ice Manufacturing Company 1928&&&&&
ATLOBOILCOM1, &&&&&Atlantic Lobos Oil Company 1921&&&&&
ATLOCOINCA, &&&&&Atlantic Lottery Corporation Inc., Canada&&&&&
ATMEPUCOMA18, &&&&&Atlantic Medical Publishing Company - Maine 1896&&&&&
ATMIANDOHRAR1, &&&&&Atlantic Mississippi and Ohio Rail Road Co $1,000 Gold Bond signed by General William Mahone - 1871&&&&&
ATMOCO, &&&&&Atlantic Monthly Company ( Famous "The Atlantic" Magazine ) - Massachusetts&&&&&
ATNABAOFWEPA, &&&&&Atlantic National Bank of West Palm Beach&&&&&
ATOILINCOR, &&&&&Atlantic Oil Investment Corporation ( Atlantic Oil Corporation )&&&&&
ATREFCOM1, &&&&&Atlantic Refining Company ( Atlantic Richfield Company ARCO ) 1966&&&&&
ATREFCOM, &&&&&Atlantic Refining Company - Old Logo in Vignette&&&&&
ATLARICH, &&&&&Atlantic Richfield Oil Corporation - ARCO&&&&&
ATSECONEWYO1, &&&&&Atlantic Securities Company - New York 1905&&&&&
ATTERCOTCOM, &&&&&Atlantic Terra Cotta Company 1912&&&&&
ATMIOHRASTSI, &&&&&Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad Stock Signed By Confederate General William Mahone - Virginia 1883&&&&&
ATQUEBANDWES1, &&&&&Atlantic, Quebec and Western Railway Company - Quebec, Canada 1909&&&&&
ATQUEBANDWES, &&&&&Atlantic, Quebec, and Western Railway Company 1910&&&&&
ATRATUCOCO, &&&&&Atlantic-Pacific Railway Tunnel Company - Colorado 1885&&&&&
ATCHINCOM, &&&&&Atlas - Globe China Company 1927 - Niles, Ohio signed by A O C Ahrendts&&&&&
ATHOINDE, &&&&&Atlas Hotels, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
ATLIINCOOK, &&&&&Atlas Life Insurance Company - Tulsa, Oklahoma &&&&&
ATPRCOMI19, &&&&&Atlas Press Company - Kalamazoo, Michigan 1966&&&&&
ATPRODNOT195, &&&&&Atlas Productions - Note 195_&&&&&
ATWHCO19, &&&&&Atlas Wheel Company - 1920 - Vignette of early car wheel with spokes&&&&&
ATBOLE19, &&&&&Atomic Bomb Letter regarding Bikini Island Nuclear Test dated July 23, 1946 (Written 2 days before test)&&&&&
ATPHSCFUINDE, &&&&&Atomics, Physics & Science Fund, Inc. - Delaware 1964&&&&&
AUSABHOLCOM, &&&&&Au Sable Holding Company 1929 - Au Sable Club - Michigan&&&&&
STORE-LOGO, &&&&&Auction Credit Card Orders entered here&&&&&
AUFIREINNEWY, &&&&&Audio Fidelity Records, Inc.(Made first stereo two-channel records) - New York&&&&&
AUCOCA19, &&&&&Audiotronics Corporation - California 1967&&&&&
AUCOOFNEWYO1, &&&&&Audit Company of New York (Became part of Price Waterhouse) - 1928&&&&&
AUPARAIN19, &&&&&Audubon Park Raceway, Inc. - 1957&&&&&
AUBA18, &&&&&Augusta Bank 1825 - Maine&&&&&
AUPEBULOCOVI, &&&&&Augusta Perpetual Building & Loan Co. - Staunton, Virginia 1890 &&&&&
AUAUMACODE19, &&&&&Aurora Automatic Machinery Company (Thor Motorcycle Maker) - Delaware 1917&&&&&
AURCONMINCOM, &&&&&Aurora Consolidated Mining Company - Arizona 1902&&&&&
AUCHCOINNEWY, &&&&&Austinol Chemical Co., Inc. - New York 1920&&&&&
AUHOANDLACO1, &&&&&Austral Hotel and Land Company - New York 1890&&&&&
AUSOILCOMIN, &&&&&Austral Oil Company Incorporated&&&&&
AUSTRALLIA, &&&&&Australia&&&&&
GE4BOGE19, &&&&&Austrian WWI Reconstruction Bond - Austria 1918&&&&&
AUCOBAOFSICE, &&&&&Authentic Commercial Bank of Siberia Certificate from St. Petersburg, Russia issued 1912 with Donald Trump Artwork added with caption "No Russian Collusion"&&&&&
AUCOKIINSTCE, &&&&&Authentic Cookie Kitchen, Inc. Stock Certificate with Original Drawing of Girl Holding Pot Cookies by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " I Dare You " Handsigned by artist, Robert Byrne.&&&&&
AUTMOVMON, &&&&&Authentic Hollywood Movie Money&&&&&
AUTUSMOVMONW, &&&&&Authentic Hollywood Prop Movie Money 10 Piece Package&&&&&
ORIMGOOFRUBO, &&&&&Authentic Imperial Government of Russia Bond with image of Trump and Putin and the words "No Russian Collusion" dated 1896&&&&&
ONEDOLMOVPRO, &&&&&Authentic Movie Prop Paper Money - 25 Pieces&&&&&
AUOYBALTDSTC, &&&&&Authentic Oyster Bar, Ltd Stock Certificate with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " I Feel Sick"&&&&&
AUPANAMSTCEW, &&&&&Authentic Pan American Stock Certificate with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " Wall Street, I think we have a problem"&&&&&
AUPANAMWOAIS, &&&&&Authentic Pan American World Airways Stock Certificate with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " Fasten Your Seatbelts, It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride " Handsigned by artist, Robert Byrne.&&&&&
AURUBOWIDOTR, &&&&&Authentic Russian Bond with Donald Trump Artwork added and caption "No Russian Collusion" - 1914&&&&&
AUVA19, &&&&&Auto - Vallduxense - Valencia, Spain 1922&&&&&
AUBOCOMI19, &&&&&Auto Body Company - Lansing, Michigan - 1916&&&&&
AUTRCOPE19, &&&&&Auto Transit Company - Wyalusing, Pennsylvania 1909 &&&&&
AUCODE, &&&&&Auto-By-Tel Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
AUTOBUS, &&&&&Autobus Bond - Graphic Old Bus Vignette - Belgium 1924&&&&&
AUTIN, &&&&& Incorporated&&&&&
AUCOOH19, &&&&&Autocall Company (Fire Alarm Systems) - Shelby, Ohio 1968 &&&&&
AUVESYSODA191, &&&&&Autoforce Ventilating System - South Dakota 1908&&&&&
FAMAUT, &&&&&Autographs&&&&&
AUOPCOOFNEWY, &&&&&Autokoin Operating Company of New York (Operator of nickel-in-the-slot electric pianos) - 1908&&&&&
AUTMICINC, &&&&&Automated Microsystems, Inc. (AMS ) 1980's&&&&&
AUBORECODE19, &&&&&Automatic Bookkeeping Register Company - Delaware 1917&&&&&
AUCACOOFAMDE, &&&&&Automatic Canteen Company of America - Delaware 1961&&&&&
AUCASAMACONE, &&&&&Automatic Cash Sales Machine Co. - New York 1907 &&&&&
AUCOMACOCACI, &&&&&Automatic Computer Manufacturing Company - Canon City, Colorado 1912&&&&&
AUDAPRINDE, &&&&&Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) - Delaware 1970&&&&&
AUDAPRIN, &&&&&Automatic Data Processing, Inc. ADP - Also provides ADP Jobs Report - 1992&&&&&
AUTENSEALAND, &&&&&Automatic Envelope Sealing and Stamping Machine Company 1910 - Rhode Island&&&&&
AUGASMACOMA1, &&&&&Automatic Gas Machine Co. (Illuminating Device Maker) - Boston, Massachusetts 1864&&&&&
AUGUINDE191, &&&&&Automatic Guns, Inc. - Delaware 1935&&&&&
AUHETRANDBUM, &&&&&Automatic Heel Trimming and Burnishing Machine Company - 1904&&&&&
AUMASYADE, &&&&&Automatic Marketing Systems,Inc. (AMS) - Delaware &&&&&
AUMIDOCOIN18, &&&&&Automatic Mine Door Company - Indiana 1896 &&&&&
AUMUINCO19, &&&&&Automatic Musical Instrument Company - 1928&&&&&
AUMUINCOMO19, &&&&&Automatic Musical Instrument Company AMI - (Early Jukebox Maker ) - Montreal, Canada 1931&&&&&
AUPALIEN19, &&&&&Automatic Pari-Mutuel Limited - England 1929 &&&&&
AUTPRODCOR, &&&&&Automatic Products Corporation&&&&&
AUTREGCOM, &&&&&Automatic Register Company 1914 - 1915&&&&&
AURECOIN19, &&&&&Automatic Register Company, Incorporated - Delaware 1914&&&&&
AUREOFAMINDE, &&&&&Automatic Retailers of America, Inc. (ARA Services evolved into ARAMARK - Delaware &&&&&
AUSECONOCA, &&&&&Automatic Service Company - North Carolina &&&&&
AUTSHOPOLCOM, &&&&&Automatic Shoe Polishing Company 1920 - Delaware&&&&&
AUTECOOFKEYW, &&&&&Automatic Telephone Company of Key West Florida - 1915&&&&&
AUTEEXCOLWEV, &&&&&Automatic Telephone Exchange Company (Limited) of Washington and London - West Virginia 1897&&&&&
AUTTIRMACCOR, &&&&&Automatic Tire Machine Corporation 1920&&&&&
AUTWASCOM, &&&&&Automatic Washer Company&&&&&
AUINCA, &&&&&Automation Industries, Inc. - California &&&&&
AUSCINNEWYO1, &&&&&Automation Sciences, Inc.- New York 1971&&&&&
AUINDE19, &&&&&Automatique Incorporated (Vending machines) - Delaware 1968 &&&&&
AUCLOFGRBRAN, &&&&&Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland - Piccadilly, London 1907 &&&&&
AUTOAJ, &&&&&Automobiles / Farm /Coaches A-C&&&&&
AUTFARCOACKP, &&&&&Automobiles / Farm /Coaches D- J&&&&&
AUTFARCOACQZ, &&&&&Automobiles / Farm /Coaches K- Z&&&&&
AUTCOMOFAM19, &&&&&Automobilia Company of America 1909 - New Jersey&&&&&
AUFICO19, &&&&&Automotive Finance Company (Early Auto Finance ) - Delaware 1923&&&&&
AUTSUPCOM, &&&&&Automotive Supply Company - 1940's&&&&&
AUTMANCORDEL, &&&&&Autophone Manufacturing Corporation - Delaware 1919&&&&&
AUCOSPGOBO19, &&&&&Autopress Company Specimen Gold Bond - 1911&&&&&
AUAENUCEINDE, &&&&&Autumn Aegis Nursing Centers, Inc. - Delaware 1969&&&&&
AVELINC, &&&&&AV Electronics, Inc.&&&&&
AVCAVEINCA, &&&&&Avalanche Capital Venture Inc., Canada&&&&&
AVAYA, &&&&&Avaya - Formerly Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies&&&&&
AVDELCOR, &&&&&Avco Delta Corporation&&&&&
AVMANCOR, &&&&&AVCO Manufacturing Corporation&&&&&
AVDENCOR, &&&&&Avery Dennison Corporation&&&&&
AIRLINES, &&&&&Aviation&&&&&
ANNUALREPORTS, &&&&&Aviation Annual Reports&&&&&
AVCOR19STOCC, &&&&&Aviation Corporation 1940's - Early Textron Company&&&&&
AVCOR, &&&&&Aviation Corporation 1941 ( Early Textron Company)&&&&&
AVCOROFAM191, &&&&&Aviation Corporation of America 1929 - 1930 (Early Pan American Airlines)&&&&&
SUASOFAVPIWI, &&&&&Aviation Corporation of the Americas signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and Juan Trippe - Delaware 1928&&&&&
AVTRCOOH19, &&&&&Aviation Trades Corporation - Ohio 1969&&&&&
AVSCDI19, &&&&&Avondale School District - Michigan 1989&&&&&
AXESCCOMA, &&&&&Axe Science Corporation - Maryland&&&&&
AXFUAINDE, &&&&&Axe-Houghton Fund A, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
AXOFEVPAMOPA, &&&&&Axis of Evil paper money package - Iran, Iraq and North Korea featuring Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Kim Il Sung&&&&&
AZMICOOFLASU, &&&&&Aztec Mining Company of Lake Superior (Only 5 known per Lee De Good Book) - Michigan 1864 &&&&&
BALCOFANEWYO, &&&&&B. Altman & Co. - Famous New York Department Store 1920&&&&&
BGOCOSPSTCEN, &&&&&B.F. Goodrich Company Specimen Stock Certificate - New York&&&&&
BFGOODCOM1, &&&&&B.F. Goodrich Company Specimen Stock Certificate - New York&&&&&
BGOIRSIR19, &&&&&B.F. Goodrich Iran, S.A .(Pre Islamic Revolution Terror Regime ) - 1959&&&&&
BFGOODRICH, &&&&&B.F. Goodrich Tire Company Bond Certificate&&&&&
BPLCNEWYO19, &&&&&B.T.R. PLC - New York 1984 &&&&&
BABACO12COBR, &&&&&BA Banknote Company - 125th Commemorative Brochure &&&&&
BAINPLCNEWYO, &&&&&Babcock International plc - New York 1986&&&&&
BACWELCOM, &&&&&Backstay Welt Company 1948 - Indiana&&&&&
BACOLENEWYO, &&&&&Bacorn Company Letterhead - New York&&&&&
BAIRCOR, &&&&&Baird-Gatzmer Corporation&&&&&
BAKCOR, &&&&&Baker Corporation - Texas&&&&&
BAKEROILTOOL, &&&&&Baker Oil Tools 1970s (Baker Hughes)&&&&&
BAPEINNEWYO1, &&&&&Baker Perkins Inc. - New York 1968&&&&&
BASTMOCARAND, &&&&&Baker Steam Motor Car and Manufacturing Company (Stanley Steamer) signed Har tley O. Baker - Arizona 1921&&&&&
BASYINMA19, &&&&&Balco Syndicate, Inc. - Massachusetts 1922&&&&&
BAMOCOCA18, &&&&&Bald Mountain Company - Oakland, California 1896&&&&&
BACOSCDIGE, &&&&&Baldwin County School District - Georgia 1992&&&&&
DHBALPIANCOM, &&&&&Baldwin Piano Company&&&&&
BALSECCOR19, &&&&&Baldwin Securities Corporation - 1966&&&&&
BABRCOIN19, &&&&&Ball Brothers Company (Famous Glass Container Company) - Muncie, Indiana 1969&&&&&
BABRCOININ, &&&&&Ball Brothers Company Incorporated - Indiana &&&&&
BALCOR, &&&&&Ball Corporation&&&&&
BALROOMFAIRH, &&&&&Ball Room Fairmont Hotel - San Francisco, California&&&&&
BALSPORSHOES, &&&&&Ball-Band Sport Shoes Ink Blotter - Old High Top Tennis Shoes 1920's&&&&&
PBASONEWJEUN, &&&&&Ballantine & Sons (Famous Beer Brewery) - Newark, New Jersey&&&&&
PBASONEWJE192, &&&&&Ballantine & Sons (Famous Beer Company) Issued Pre Prohibition - Newark, New Jersey 1922&&&&&
BALGARINC, &&&&&Ballantine Gardens, Inc. - New York World's Fair 1939&&&&&
BALAMLINMONO, &&&&&Baltic - America Line Money Order Receipt&&&&&
BAEASHRCOMA1, &&&&&Baltimore & Eastern Shore Railroad - Maryland 1892&&&&&
BABACLINMI1, &&&&&Baltimore (Orioles) Baseball Club, Inc. - Missouri 1965&&&&&
BALAMINCOM, &&&&&Baltimore American Insurance Company 1935&&&&&
BAANDEASHFEL, &&&&&Baltimore and Eastern Shore Ferry Line ( Pre Bay Bridge ) - Baltimore Maryland 1920&&&&&
BALANDOHRAIL3, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company 1930 - Subscription Warrant&&&&&
BO, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company - Old Tom Thumb Train Vignette&&&&&
BALANDOHRAIL7, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company - 1899&&&&&
BALANDOHRAIL4, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company - 1950's&&&&&
BALANDOHRAIL8, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company signed by Union Brigadier General - 1894&&&&&
BALANDOHRAIL5, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Stock 1950's and Picture Postcard&&&&&
BAANDOHSORAC, &&&&&Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad Company - New York 1891&&&&&
BAANPHSTCOPE, &&&&&Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat Company (Ericsson Line) - Pennsylvania 1921&&&&&
BABACLINMI, &&&&&Baltimore Baseball Club, Inc. (Baltimore Orioles) - Missouri 1965&&&&&
BALBELRAIL18, &&&&&Baltimore Belt Railroad 1890 - $1,000 Gold Bond&&&&&
BABERACOMA18, &&&&&Baltimore Belt Railroad Company - Maryland 1890&&&&&
BACIJABAMA18, &&&&&Baltimore City Jail Check signed by the Warden - Baltimore, Maryland 1887&&&&&
BALCITREFAND, &&&&&Baltimore City Refrigerating and Heating Company 1902 Gold Bond&&&&&
BALGRAINCLEA2, &&&&&Baltimore Grain Clearing House - Gold Bond 1909 - Maryland&&&&&
BAINCOMA17, &&&&&Baltimore Insurance Company RARE - Maryland 1797&&&&&
BAREANDHECOO, &&&&&Baltimore Refrigerating and Heating Company of Baltimore City - Maryland 1904&&&&&
BASHDRYDOCO1, &&&&&Baltimore Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. 1st Mortgage Bond Scrip - Maryland 1902&&&&&
BASHANDDRYDO, &&&&&Baltimore Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company (certificate #2) - 1902&&&&&
BATRRAINMA19, &&&&&Baltimore Trotting Races, Inc. - Maryland 1950&&&&&
BAELRACOSEBG, &&&&&Bamberger Electric Railroad Company- Series B. Gold Bond - Utah 1927&&&&&
AMDEFWIRTELC5, &&&&&Bambergers Limited&&&&&
LABADED, &&&&&Banca D'America e d'Italia (Bank of America and Italy), Rome, 1923 Share Certificate - SOLD&&&&&
BATRCO, &&&&&BanCal Tri-State Corporation - San Francisco, California 1972&&&&&
BACONEWYO191, &&&&&Bancamerica-Blair Corporation - New York 1937&&&&&
BANCENMEX19, &&&&&Banco Central Mexicano "Blueberry" – uncancelled, with coupons - Mexico 1905 &&&&&
BANADEBOBO18, &&&&&Banco Nacional De Boliva - Boliva 1876&&&&&
BANADECUPAMO, &&&&&Banco Nacional De Cuba Paper Money - Pre Castro - 1949&&&&&
BACODE191, &&&&&BancoKentucky Company - Delaware 1930&&&&&
BAPE, &&&&&Bandini Petroleum Company - California&&&&&
BABEMICOCO18, &&&&&Bangkok-Cora Bell Mining Company - Leadville, Colorado 1896 &&&&&
BANPACCOR, &&&&&Bangor Packing Corporation&&&&&
BACHSIBYRORU, &&&&&Bank Check hand signed by Rosalind Russell - California 1946&&&&&
BAFORAGANDIN, &&&&&Bank for Agriculture and Industry "Bnei Brak", Ltd. - Tel Aviv, Palestine 1930&&&&&
NEDONE18, &&&&&Bank of America Dutch Issued Stock - Amsterdam 1845&&&&&
BAOFAM18, &&&&&Bank of America - New York 1858&&&&&
BAOFAMNEWYO12, &&&&&Bank of Amsterdam (Vignette of a family of Native Americans in a canoe) - New York, 1865&&&&&
BAOFBEIN19, &&&&&Bank of Bengal, India 1911&&&&&
BAOFCANAASCA, &&&&&Bank of California National Association - California &&&&&
BANOFCHARSTO, &&&&&Bank of Charleston National Banking Association 1890's - South Carolina&&&&&
BAOFGOFOCHDA, &&&&&Bank of Good Fortune - Christmas Day December 25, 1905&&&&&
BAOFMOCA19, &&&&&Bank of Montreal - Canada 1954&&&&&
ANBASANFRCA1, &&&&&Bank of Napa / Anglo-California Bank - Payable in Gold Check - Napa City, California 1877&&&&&
BAOFNANACICA2, &&&&&Bank of Napa signed by Hon. Chancellor Hartson - Napa City, California 1878&&&&&
BAOFNEWYOCOI1, &&&&&Bank of New York Company , Inc. ( 14.1% Australian Dollar Note) - 1988&&&&&
BAOFNEWYONEW, &&&&&Bank of New York Deposit Note - New York 1987&&&&&
BAOFNOAMCHPE, &&&&&Bank of North America Check - Pennsylvania 1865&&&&&
BAOFNOSCSPWA1, &&&&&Bank of Nova Scotia Specimen Warrant - Canada 1958&&&&&
BAOFNOSCSPWA, &&&&&Bank of Nova Scotia Specimen Warrant - Canada 1970&&&&&
BAOFPE18, &&&&&Bank of Pennsylvania (First State Bank) - 1857&&&&&
BAOFSCSC19, &&&&&Bank of Scotland - Scotland 1973 &&&&&
BAOFUNSTOFAM1, &&&&&Bank of the United States of America - Pennsylvania 1840&&&&&
BAOFVAINVIRI, &&&&&Bank of the Valley in Virginia - Richmond, Virginia 1868&&&&&
BAOFVAINVIWI, &&&&&Bank of the Valley in Virginia - Winchester, Virginia 1853&&&&&
BAOFVIRIVI18, &&&&&Bank of Virginia - Richmond, Virginia 1853 &&&&&
BANOFWESHOL, &&&&&Bank of West Hollywood 1930&&&&&
BANOFZAMFIFK, &&&&&Bank of Zambia Fifty Kwacha - 50 Pieces - Great Party Favor&&&&&
BACODE, &&&&&BankAmerica Corporation - Delaware 1988&&&&&
BAANDMETECO1, &&&&&Bankers and Merchants Telegraph Company - 1884&&&&&
BABUCOMA, &&&&&Bankers Building Corporation - Boston, Massachusetts&&&&&
BAOILCO19, &&&&&Bankers Oil Company - Minnesota 1918&&&&&
BATRNEWYOCO1, &&&&&Bankers Trust New York Corporation - 1968 ( Now Deutsche Bank )&&&&&
50FRBAMAIR, &&&&&Banknote for 50 Rials from Iran featuring Shah of Iran and the Tomb of Cyrus the Great&&&&&
BANFRENPANCA, &&&&&Bankrupt French Panama Canal Liquidation Bond dated 1889 - 19th Century Scandal&&&&&
BANKSENGLEMAN, &&&&&Banks & Engleman 1920's&&&&&
BANKS, &&&&&Banks and Insurance&&&&&
FISESEBYPRRA, &&&&&Banks and Insurance Section Search by Price Range&&&&&
B, &&&&&Banks, Brokers, Exchanges A - D &&&&&
EJ, &&&&&Banks, Brokers, Exchanges E - J&&&&&
KN1, &&&&&Banks, Brokers, Exchanges K - N&&&&&
OT, &&&&&Banks, Brokers, Exchanges O - T&&&&&
UZ, &&&&&Banks, Brokers, Exchanges T - Z &&&&&
BACOOFMAMA19, &&&&&Bankstocks Corporation of Maryland - Maryland 1937&&&&&
BACONEWYO19, &&&&&Bankus Corporation - New York 1930&&&&&
BADECORENE19, &&&&&Banner Development Company - Reno, Nevada 1940&&&&&
NONAME25, &&&&&Banque Commercialle & Viticole - 1922 (Commercial Bank and Vineyard)&&&&&
BANDELUNINFR, &&&&&Banque de L'Union Industrielle Francaise 1928&&&&&
GREEKBOND1922, &&&&&Banque de Thessalie - Greek Bank 1922&&&&&
FRBACOLATH19, &&&&&Banque Foncière de la Noblesse Russian Bond Document - France 1920&&&&&
BANINDECHINC, &&&&&Banque Industrielle de Chine - China Industrial Bank 1919&&&&&
BAINDECHFRCH, &&&&&Banque Industrielle de Chine Framed - China Industrial Bank 1913&&&&&
BAWASUCOLIBA, &&&&&Barbados Water Supply Company, Limited - Barbados 1891 &&&&&
BAPHLA18EA19, &&&&&Barbershop Photo - Circa 1890's&&&&&
BARMINANDMIL, &&&&&Bard Mining and Milling Company 1920's - Washington State&&&&&
BARPRINBYFRE, &&&&&Bare Market Print hand signed by WWII War Hero and Artist, Fredric Arnold On May 26, 2019, New Orleans National World War II Museum unveiled new sculptures made by Fredric Arnold honoring fallen airmen &&&&&
BAOILCODE19, &&&&&Bareco Oil Company - Delaware 1945&&&&&
BABLCOLOSANC, &&&&&Barker Block Company ( Early L.A. Real Estate Developer - Philip D. Rowan ) - Los Angeles, California 1911&&&&&
BARBROSCOR, &&&&&Barker Bros. Corporation 1928 - Famous Department Store&&&&&
BABRINDE19, &&&&&Barker Bros. Inc. signed by Lawrence Barker - Famous Los Angeles Furniture Store 1924&&&&&
BABRIN19, &&&&&Barker Bros. Incorporated - Los Angeles Furniture Store 1924&&&&&
BACOCOVE18, &&&&&Barnard Copper Company - Vermont 1855&&&&&
BARINC, &&&&& Inc.&&&&&
BARBANOFFLOR, &&&&&Barnett Banks of Florida, Inc.&&&&&
BARBANOFFLOR1, &&&&&Barnett Banks of Florida, Inc.&&&&&
BARANDVANAMM, &&&&&Barnum and Van Amburgh Museum and Menagerie Company 1867 signed by P.T. Barnum - Connecticut ***SOLD***&&&&&
BAPUENCO18, &&&&&Barr Pumping Engine Company - Pennsylvania 1889&&&&&
BARUNCOCOPE1, &&&&&Barrett Run Coal Company - Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
BABRCOCO18, &&&&&Barrington Brick Company - Connecticut 1888&&&&&
BAASFOCLLIEN, &&&&&Barrow-in-Furness Association Football Club, Limited - England 1965 &&&&&
BAMIMICOCA19, &&&&&Barstow Mining & Milling Company - California &&&&&
BARINCOR, &&&&&Barton Instrument Corporation - Rocket Vignette - 1960's&&&&&
BARCORSTOCCE, &&&&&Baruch-Foster Corporation (Oil exploration and production company) - 1969&&&&&
BACODE19, &&&&&Baruch-Foster Corporation - Oil Exploration and Production - Delaware 1965&&&&&
BAOFCHINCOH, &&&&&Baseball of Charleston, Inc - Charleston Senators - Charleston, West Virginia 1954&&&&&
BATIST, &&&&&Baseball Ticket Stubs (11) from Clark Griffin Stadium, Polo Grounds and Fenway Park 1938 to 1944&&&&&
BACICHROANDI, &&&&&Basic City Chilled Roll and Iron Works - Basic City / Waynesboro, Virginia 1895&&&&&
BACIMIMALACO, &&&&&Basic City Mining Manufacturing and Land Co. - Waynesboro, Virginia 1890 &&&&&
BACIMIMALACO3, &&&&&Basic City Mining Manufacturing Land Co. - Basic City / Waynesboro, Virginia 1890&&&&&
BACIMIMALACO2, &&&&&Basic City Mining, Manufacturing Land Company Prospectus - Waynesboro, Virginia 1890&&&&&
BACO19, &&&&&Basic Company (issued to Stilson Hutchins, Washington Post founder) - Maine 1906&&&&&
BAEASCSYIN, &&&&&Basic Earth Science Systems, Inc. &&&&&
BASMONTUNCOM1, &&&&&Basin Montana Tunnel Company (Original Comet Mine) - Jefferson County, Montana 1937&&&&&
BASMONTUNCOM, &&&&&Basin Montana Tunnel Company 1934 - Comet&&&&&
BACOIL19, &&&&&Bastian-Blessing Company - Illinois 1967&&&&&
BAPAGOSIMICO, &&&&&Batavia & Pacific Gold & Silver Mining Company - Batavia, New York - Nevada -1873&&&&&
BAININDE19, &&&&&Bath Industries, Inc. (Was Bath Iron Works) - Delaware 1969&&&&&
BAIRWOLIVOFE, &&&&&Bath Iron Works Corporation (Vignette of a destroyer) - Maine&&&&&
BACRSASIBYJO, &&&&&Battle Creek Sanitarium (First U.S. Fat Farm) signed by John Harvey Kellogg (Co-Inventor of Corn Flakes)- Michigan 1928 &&&&&
BASOCO19, &&&&&Baugh & Sons Company - Raw Bone Manures - 1931&&&&&
BAUSLOMOPCOM, &&&&&Bausch & Lomb Optical Company 1927 - Gold Bond&&&&&
METED, &&&&&Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Inc. (Now Baxter International)&&&&&
BAYARBACA19, &&&&&Bay Area Bancshares - Redwood City, California 1990&&&&&
BAYARGHINCA2, &&&&&Bay Area Ghosts, Inc. - California 2002&&&&&
BAYNETINCDEL, &&&&&Bay Networks, Inc. - 1998 ( Now Nortel )&&&&&
BAYRIDCOM, &&&&&Bay Ridge Company - Annapolis, Maryland 1886&&&&&
BAYSTATGASCO, &&&&&Bay State Gas Company Stock 1911&&&&&
BAYVISAINFAA, &&&&&Bay View Sanatorium , Inc.- Fairhope, Alabama 1928&&&&&
BARILUCOMA19, &&&&&Bayano River Lumber Company - Maine 1909 &&&&&
BATECOSHWA19, &&&&&Bayshore Telephone Company - Shelton, Washington 1926&&&&&
BBCRACIME19, &&&&&BBC Radio Circle Membership - 1933&&&&&
BEINDE20, &&&&&Be Incorporated - Delaware 2001&&&&&
BEACDRIVSANC, &&&&&Beach Drive, Santa Cruz, California Postcard&&&&&
BEHOCO19, &&&&&Beach Hotel Company - Illinois 1930&&&&&
BESTCORACOPE, &&&&&Beach Street Connecting Railway Company - Pennsylvania &&&&&
BEHICOMICOCO, &&&&&Beacon-Gold Hill Consolidated Mining Company - Colorado Springs, Colorado 1897 &&&&&
BECODE19, &&&&&Beaconfield Corporation - Delaware 1970&&&&&
BELUCONOCA19, &&&&&Beam Lumber Company - North Carolina 1924&&&&&
BEVAIRCOCA18, &&&&&Bear Valley Irrigation Company - Redlands, California 1891&&&&&
BEVASMCOSANF, &&&&&Bear Valley Smelting Company - San Francisco, California 1906&&&&&
BEELCOBENE18, &&&&&Beatrice Electric Company - Beatrice, Nebraska 1882&&&&&
BEATRICE, &&&&&Beatrice Foods Bond Reddi-Wip Whipped Cream&&&&&
BEMIINNEWYO1, &&&&&Beaunit Mills, Inc. (Acquired by Burlington Northern) - New York 1960&&&&&
BEAVBOARCOMS, &&&&&Beaver Board Companies (Certain Teed Products)&&&&&
BEAVCREEKDIS, &&&&&Beaver Creek Distillery, Inc Stock Certificate&&&&&
BEVAOILCOCLC, &&&&&Beaver Valley Oil Company ( Beaver Vignette) - Clarion County, Pennsylvania - 1867&&&&&
BECINSTOCCER, &&&&&Beck Industries Stock Certificate 1969 -1970 (Judy's clothing stores and W. J. Sloan)&&&&&
BECBEERCER, &&&&&Beck's Beer Certificate&&&&&
BEDANDSTOYTU, &&&&&Bedford and Stoystown Turnpike Road Company 1854 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
BECILAANDIMC, &&&&&Bedford City Land and Improvement Company - Virginia 1890&&&&&
BEDELCOM18, &&&&&Bedford Electric Company 1890 - Virginia&&&&&
BEAICODE19, &&&&&Beech Aircraft Corporation (convertible bond ) RARE Specimen - Delaware 1974&&&&&
BEECCREEKRAI1, &&&&&Beech Creek Railroad Company&&&&&
BEECCREEKRAI, &&&&&Beech Creek Railroad Company 1886&&&&&
BELISAIN, &&&&&Beech-Nut Life Savers, Inc. &&&&&
BEINNEWJE, &&&&&Beecham Inc. (Became GlaxoSmithKline) - New Jersey&&&&&
BEPILIEN19, &&&&&Beechams Pills Limited (Became GlaxoSmithKline) - England 1938 &&&&&
BESCANDCONEW, &&&&&Beecher Schenck and Company (Indicted for Gross Fraud) - New Jersey 1893&&&&&
BEFAHOREMELO, &&&&&Bel-Air Farm House Restaurant Menu - Los Angeles, California - 1940's&&&&&
BELEXDIVMINC, &&&&&Belcher Extension Divide Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada&&&&&
BELCOR, &&&&&Belden Corporation&&&&&
BELHEMCOMINC, &&&&&Belding Heminway Company, Inc. - Cat Vignette - (Carlyle Industries)&&&&&
BEHAANDMAKE, &&&&&Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing (Specimen) - Kentucky 1967&&&&&
BEHAANDMACOK, &&&&&Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company - Kentucky 1930's&&&&&
BELHOWCOM, &&&&&Bell & Howell Company&&&&&
BEHOCOIL19, &&&&&Bell & Howell Company - Illinois &&&&&
BELAIRCOR, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation ( Now Textron ) - P-39 Aircobra in Vignette - Lawrence Bell as president 1949&&&&&
BELAIRCOR2, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation - IPO Specimen Certificate 1939&&&&&
BEAICOANRE193, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1939&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR4, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1941&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR5, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1942 - Squardron of Aircobras on Cover&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1943 - First American Jet (WWII Censored) on Cover&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR6, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1945&&&&&
BEAICOANRE19, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1947&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR3, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1948 - Bell X-1 FIRST Supersonic Aircraft (Chuck Yeager was Pilot ) on Cover&&&&&
BEAICOANRE191, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1949&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR2, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1950 - Cover shows Bell H-13D Helicopter in Korea&&&&&
BEAICOANRE195, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1951&&&&&
BEAICOANRE192, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1952&&&&&
BELAIRCORANR1, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1953&&&&&
BEAICOANRE194, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1954&&&&&
NONAME84, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation Annual Report 1956&&&&&
BEAICOBAIPRG, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation B-29 Airplane Program Report (RARE) - Georgia 1943&&&&&
BEAICODOSIBY, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corporation document handsigned by Founder, Lawrence Bell on March 27, 1945&&&&&
BEAIPR19, &&&&&Bell Aircraft Corportion IPO Prospectus - 1939&&&&&
BELATCOR, &&&&&Bell Atlantic Corporation (AT&T Break Up Company) - Now Verizon&&&&&
BETECOOFPE19, &&&&&Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania (Great vignette) - 1925&&&&&
BEANDSNRAROC, &&&&&Bellefonte and Snow-Shoe Rail Road Company - Pennsylvania 1864&&&&&
BELTRANINC, &&&&&Bellinger Transportation Inc. 1940's&&&&&
BEMTBASPRACO, &&&&&Bellingham, Mt. Baker & Spokane Railway Co. - Washington 1913&&&&&
BECOGE19, &&&&&BellSouth Corporation - Georgia 1995 &&&&&
BEEATURO18, &&&&&Belmont & Easton Turnpike Road - Pennsylvania 1820&&&&&
BECOSEPEROBO, &&&&&Belmont County Road Bond - Ohio 1871&&&&&
BECOROBOOH18, &&&&&Belmont County Road Bond - Ohio 1871&&&&&
BEPAAS18, &&&&&Belmont Park Association (Belmont Driving Park) - Merion, Pennsylvania - 1878&&&&&
BEREINDE19, &&&&&Belscot Retailers, Inc.(Became Albert Lechter, Inc) - Delaware 1970&&&&&
BELRAILROADS, &&&&&Belt Rail Road & Stock Yard Co. 1936 - Indiana&&&&&
BELELANDGASL, &&&&&Belvidere Electric and Gas Lighting Company 1887 - New Jersey&&&&&
BEWACONEWJE1, &&&&&Belvidere Water Company signed by DeWitt Clinton Blair - New Jersey 1904&&&&&
BENJEHOINVE1, &&&&&Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - Vermont 1988&&&&&
BEMOCODE19, &&&&&Ben-Hur Motor Company - Delaware 1916&&&&&
BENAVCOR, &&&&&Bendix Aviation Corporation&&&&&
BENCOR, &&&&&Bendix Corporation&&&&&
BENCOR1, &&&&&Bendix Corporation (Now Honeywell) &&&&&
BECOCOLIEN18, &&&&&Benhar Coal Company, Limited - Scotland, 1872&&&&&
BENNATCOR, &&&&&Benihana Japanese Restaurants&&&&&
BETECONE19, &&&&&Bennet Telephone Co. (Certificate #1) - Nebraska 1903&&&&&
BEGOSIPH, &&&&&Benny Goodman signed photograph&&&&&
BENAIRCOMRAR, &&&&&Benoist Aircraft Company -1912 /Signed by Thomas Wesley Benoist Aviation Pioneer&&&&&
BENMINCO19, &&&&&Benson - Fuller Mining Co. 1903 - Wyoming&&&&&
BENOFCHICINC, &&&&&Benson of Chicago, Inc.&&&&&
BENSPORGOODM, &&&&&Benson Sporting Goods Manufacturing Company, Inc.&&&&&
BECORECOCO19, &&&&&Bent Country Reservoir Company - Colorado 1910&&&&&
BECOTRCONEWJ, &&&&&Bergen County Traction Company - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
BENERACONEWJ, &&&&&Bergen Neck Railway Company - New Jersey 1885&&&&&
BEATASLINEWY, &&&&&Berkeley Athletic Association (Berkeley School of New York) - New York 1891&&&&&
BECAMACOSOCA, &&&&&Berkeley Canning & Manufacturing Company ( Fort Sumter Vignettte ) - Charleston, South Carolina 1891&&&&&
BECOLASTCO18, &&&&&Berkeley County Land & Stock Company - Charleston, South Carolina 1888&&&&&
BEDECOCA18, &&&&&Berkeley Development Co. - California 1890's&&&&&
BERCALPOS, &&&&&Berkeley, California Postcards&&&&&
BEHAINDE191, &&&&&Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 10% Specimen Bond (Warren Buffet as Chairman) - Delaware 1987 ***SOLD***&&&&&
BERHILBAN, &&&&&Berkshire Hills Bancorp&&&&&
BERACOMA19, &&&&&Berkshire Railroad Company - Massachusetts 1906&&&&&
BECIELCOGE19, &&&&&Berlin City Electric Company Gold Bond - Germany 1930&&&&&
BEBAAKGE19, &&&&&Berliner Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Brandenburg Gate Vignette) - Germany 1990&&&&&
BEININNEWYO1, &&&&&Berlitz International, Inc. (Now Berlitz Corporation) - New York 1989&&&&&
BEBAYMECOLIN, &&&&&Bernhards Bay Mercantile Co., Limited - New York 1890&&&&&
BEBAYMECOLIN1, &&&&&Bernhards Bay Mercantile Co., Limited - New York 1890's&&&&&
BERHEIMMOTCO1, &&&&&Bernie Heiman Motor Corporation 1940's - New York&&&&&
BERSEPCOM, &&&&&Berrigan Separator Company 1890's&&&&&
BEEDGOMICONE, &&&&&Bertha & Edith Gold Mining Company - Virginia 1878&&&&&
BESTCOINC, &&&&&Best & Co. Inc. ( Beco Industries ) - New York&&&&&
BETEMACOWEVI, &&&&&Best Telephone Manufacturing Company - West Virginia 1896&&&&&
BETHOINDE, &&&&&BET Holdings, Inc. - Delaware ( Black Entertainment Television )&&&&&
BETPULICOCA, &&&&&BET Public Limited Company - England 1987&&&&&
BETPULICONEW, &&&&&BET Public Limited Company Depository Shares - United Kingdom&&&&&
BETMOTCOR, &&&&&Bethlehem Motors Corporation 1920&&&&&
BETSTEELCOR, &&&&&Bethlehem Steel Corporation&&&&&
BETPAPOSCAR, &&&&&Bethlehem Steel Office Building Postcard - Bethlehem, Pa. 1940's&&&&&
BEVIN, &&&&&Beverages Incorporated 1932&&&&&
BEVHILBANCAL, &&&&&Beverly Hills Bancorp - California&&&&&
BEVHILBANCAL1, &&&&&Beverly Hills Bancorp - California 1972&&&&&
BEVCOR, &&&&&Beverly-Senz Corporation 1929&&&&&
BIINNE20, &&&&&, Inc. (Sued by eBay) - Nevada 2000&&&&&
BIDANDSACCOU, &&&&&Biddeford and Saco Country Club 1921 - Maine&&&&&
BIG5SPGOCODE, &&&&&Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
BIGBASREDSTA, &&&&&Big Basin Redwood State Park California Postcard&&&&&
BIGBASCALPOS, &&&&&Big Basin, California Postcard&&&&&
BIGBASCALPOS1, &&&&&Big Basin, California Postcard&&&&&
BIGBASCALPOS2, &&&&&Big Basin, California Postcard&&&&&
BIGBASCALPOS3, &&&&&Big Basin, California Postcard&&&&&
BIGBEARMAROF, &&&&&Big Bear Markets - Bear Vignette - Michigan 1955&&&&&
BIGCIBAINNEW, &&&&&Big City Bagels, Inc. - New York 1997&&&&&
BIGELKGOMICO, &&&&&Big Elk Gold Mines Company - Arizona 1907&&&&&
BIGFOGOANDCO, &&&&&Big Four Gold and Copper Mining (Rare find signed by early car maker John W. Henney and Remick Music Corporation Founder, Jerome H. Remick) - Leadville, Colorado 1899&&&&&
BIGHOTECOMO1, &&&&&Big Horn Telephone Company - Montana 1912&&&&&
BIGINOILANDG, &&&&&Big Indian Oil and Gas Company - Wyoming 1922&&&&&
BIGINROPOOK1, &&&&&Big Indian Royalty Pool - Oklahoma 1930&&&&&
BIGLECOCOAR1, &&&&&Big Ledge Copper Company - Arizona 1916&&&&&
BIGLOMICONEW, &&&&&Big Lode Mining Company - Incorporated in Jersey, City, New Jersey 1883&&&&&
BIGMIGOMICOC, &&&&&Big Mike Gold Mining Company - Teller. Cripple Creek, Colorado 1900&&&&&
BIGREGOBUMIC, &&&&&Big Revenue Gold Bullion Mining Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
BIGTHREININC, &&&&&Big Three Industries, Inc.&&&&&
BIGTREESCALP, &&&&&Big Trees California Postcard&&&&&
BIGTREESPARS, &&&&&Big Trees Park, Santa Cruz County, Calif. Postcard&&&&&
BILIN, &&&&&Billheads, Letterheads and Other&&&&&
BINNATCASREG, &&&&&Bindery, National Cash Register Works, Dayton, Ohio Post Card 1910&&&&&
BIANDMORITEA, &&&&&Bingham and Moose River Telephone and Telegraph Company - Maine 1885&&&&&
BINCENRAILCO, &&&&&Bingham Central Railway Company Utah 1909&&&&&
BINMINCOM, &&&&&Bingham-Tintic Mines Company - Utah&&&&&
BIKICOCO19, &&&&&Bingo King Company - Colorado 1981&&&&&
BINGOCOMINC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
BIGRETEINNE1, &&&&&Bio Recovery Technology, Inc. - (Now Electronic Clearing House) - Nevada 1981 &&&&&
BIHPLCNEWYO1, &&&&&Bio-Isolates (Holdings) PLC - New York 1983&&&&&
BIINDE, &&&&&Biomatrix, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
BISOINMA1, &&&&&Bird & Son, Inc. (Bird Neponset Products) - Massachusetts&&&&&
BIRDFINDERCORP, &&&&&Birdfinder Corp. ( Non Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc )&&&&&
BICHOFENCECO, &&&&&Birmingham Church of England Cemetery Company - England 1848&&&&&
BIRMOTANDCOU, &&&&&Birmingham Motor and Country Club 1913&&&&&
BIBACLINCAR, &&&&&Bisbee Baseball Club, Inc - Arizona&&&&&
BIROTECOMO19, &&&&&Bitter Root Telephone Company - Hamilton, Montana 1908&&&&&
MAISHHSECAIN, &&&&&Bitter Secrestat -BORDEAUX 1918&&&&&
NONAME22, &&&&&Black Angus Franchise System, Inc 1969 - Cowboy Vignette&&&&&
BLBEEAGOMIWA, &&&&&Black Bear-War Eagle Gold Mines - Washington 1934 &&&&&
BLACBUTEXMIN, &&&&&Black Butte Extension Mining Company - Esmeralda. Goldfield Tonopah, Nevada 1907&&&&&
BLBUEXMICONE, &&&&&Black Butte Extension Mining Company signed by George Wingfield - Esmeralda. Goldfield Tonopah, Nevada 1906&&&&&
BLENCOOFAMIS, &&&&&Black Entertainment Corporation of America issued to Kenneth Rifkind and signed by Al Sharpton (Reverend Alford Sharpton Jr. ) as President - Delaware 1981&&&&&
BLHAGOMICO181, &&&&&Black Hawk Gold Mining Company - Black Hawk, Colorado Territory - 1872&&&&&
BLACMOUNMINC, &&&&&Black Mountain Mining Company - Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
BLACMOUNMINC1, &&&&&Black Mountain Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
BLRISTLARACO, &&&&&Black River & St. Lawrence Railway Co. - New York 1870&&&&&
BLACROCGOLMI1, &&&&&Black Rock Goldfield Mining and Milling Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona - Goldfield, Nevada&&&&&
NONAME64, &&&&&Blackburn "SKUS" Fighter Dive Bomber WW ll&&&&&
BLPHFIARCO18, &&&&&Blackburn Photographic and Fine Arts Company - England 1865&&&&&
BLCONEWYO18, &&&&&Blackinton Company -Blackinton, Massachusetts - 1893&&&&&
BLSACOSIFUGO, &&&&&Blacklick Sand Company (Sinking Fund Gold Bond) - Ebenburg, Pennsylvania 1923&&&&&
BLCOMICOAR19, &&&&&Blanca Copper Mining Company - New Mexico. Grant. Bear Mountain - 1906&&&&&
BLMUMIANDMIC, &&&&&Blanca Mutual Mining and Milling Company - Hooper, Colorado 1901&&&&&
BLEXGRPLCEN, &&&&&Blenheim Exhibitions Group PLC - England 1990&&&&&
BLERMONLITPO, &&&&&Bleriot Monoplane Litho postcard&&&&&
BLININNEWJE, &&&&&Blimpie International, Inc. - New Jersey&&&&&
BLENCOFIPRPR, &&&&&Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation - Final Printer's Proof for Vignette - Unique and RARE - 1989&&&&&
BLENCO, &&&&&Blockbuster Inc. (Pre Netflix) - Blockbuster Older Design Specimen Stock Certificate - 1992&&&&&
BLINSPSTCE, &&&&&Blockbuster Inc. - Pre Bankruptcy - Pre Netflix&&&&&
BLOOMGROVBEL, &&&&&Blooming Grove Bell Telephone Company 1915&&&&&
BLOOMBROSINC, &&&&&Bloomingdale Bros. Inc. (Bloomingdale's Department Stores) 1930's&&&&&
BLBRINFDESTF, &&&&&Bloomingdale Bros. Inc. (Famous Bloomingdale's Department Store) handsigned by Samuel and Irving Bloomingdale - 1926&&&&&
BLOOMCOLAS18, &&&&&Bloomington Coliseum Association 1898 - Illinois&&&&&
BLOSANDCALPO, &&&&&Blossoms and California Poppies, Santa Clara Valley Postcard&&&&&
BLBIMOCO1LIC, &&&&&Blue Bird Motor Company (1924) Limited - London&&&&&
BLBIOILCODE1, &&&&&Blue Bird Oil Corporation (Unique Bluebird Border) - Delaware 1922&&&&&
BLCHSTINCA19, &&&&&Blue Chip Stamps, Inc. (Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway) - California &&&&&
BLCIINPLCEN, &&&&&Blue Circle Industries PLC - England &&&&&
BLFICLINPE, &&&&&Blue Fish Clothing, Inc. - Pennsylvania&&&&&
BLUHILRANCOM, &&&&&Blue Hills Ranch Company - Texas&&&&&
BLLITRCOCA19, &&&&&Blue Line Trucking Company - San Francisco, California 1927&&&&&
BLURIDHOTCOM, &&&&&Blue Ridge Hotel Company (Blue Mountain House ) - Maryland 1895&&&&&
BLURIDMICCOM, &&&&&Blue Ridge Mica Company 1929&&&&&
BLRIRACO18, &&&&&Blue Ridge Railroad Company Gold Bond - Guaranteed by the State of South Carolina and signed by Henry Clews -1869 &&&&&
BOOFCHEDOFPR, &&&&&Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. - Pennsylvania&&&&&
BOAROFCOMOFD, &&&&&Board of Commissioners of the District of Kensington - 1847 - Phildelphia&&&&&
BOAROFEDOFCI, &&&&&Board of Education City of Chicago signed by Mayor Edward J. Kelly 1935&&&&&
BOOFEDOFCIOF1, &&&&&Board of Education of the City of Chicago - Handsigned by Mayor Richard J. Daley 1973 - Illinois&&&&&
BOOFSUOFLOSA, &&&&&Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles&&&&&
BOOFTRBUTRMA, &&&&&Board of Trade Building Trust - Boston, Massachusetts 1929&&&&&
BOOFTROFPOOR, &&&&&Board of Trade of Portland, Oregon -1908&&&&&
BOOFTROFWIVI, &&&&&Board of Trade of Winchester - Virginia 1900&&&&&
BOOFUNANDEMN, &&&&&Board of Undertakers and Embalmers - New Jersey 1916&&&&&
BOOFWAANDSEC1, &&&&&Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners of the City of Mobile - Alabama 1964&&&&&
BOBRINNEWYO1, &&&&&Bobbie Brooks, Incorporated - New York 1969&&&&&
BODANDBENRAI, &&&&&Bodie and Benton Railway and Commercial Company signed by Henry Marvin Yerington (Bodie is now a Ghost Town), California 1886&&&&&
BOANDBERAAND, &&&&&Bodie and Benton Railway and Commercial Company signed by Henry Marvin Yerington as President, California 1886 - Framed&&&&&
BOANDHATEAND, &&&&&Bodie and Hawthorne Telephone and Telegraph Company - California 1892&&&&&
BOKIPLCOAR19, &&&&&Boise King Placers Company - Property in Idaho - Organized in Arizona 1914&&&&&
BORACOCO19, &&&&&Boliva Railway Company - Connecticut 1927 &&&&&
BOGOEXCOCO19, &&&&&Bolivia Gold Exploration Company - Colorado 1929&&&&&
BOLPETCOM, &&&&&Bolivian Petroleum Company 1927&&&&&
BOOVCHPO1UNS, &&&&&Bombs Over China Lobby Card starring Ronald Reagan - 1961&&&&&
BOOVCHPO3UNS, &&&&&Bombs Over China Lobby Card starring Ronald Reagan - 1961&&&&&
BONAIRLININC, &&&&&Bonanza Air Lines, Inc.- Las Vegas, Nevada 1964&&&&&
BOCHGOMICOMO, &&&&&Bonanza Chief Gold Mining Company - Montana Territory 1881 &&&&&
BONGOLMIN, &&&&&Bonanza Gold Mines - Utah&&&&&
BOOFREOFME11, &&&&&Bond of the Republic of Mexico, $1000, 1865 Signed by General Ocha- Sold Out - We are buying these bonds&&&&&
COSTOFAMMO18, &&&&&Bond Receipt - Confederate States of America - Richmond, Virginia 1864&&&&&
BONSTORSTOCC, &&&&&Bond Stores , Incorporated&&&&&
GERBONUSINBE, &&&&&Bond used in Beverly Hills Cop Movie 1984&&&&&
BOPHANDCHCO1, &&&&&Bone, Phosphate and Chemical Company - England 1902&&&&&
BODELTEDELGO2, &&&&&Bono Del Tesoro Del Gobierno Federal De Los Estados Unidos Mexicano (United States of Mexico) Gold Bond ( Series C - 100 Pounds Sterling ) Mexico 1913 - We want to Buy&&&&&
BODELTEDELGO, &&&&&Bono Del Tesoro Del Gobierno Federal De Los Estados Unidos Mexicano (United States of Mexico) Gold Bond - Mexico 1913&&&&&
BORUCONEWYO1, &&&&&Bontempi Rust-Proofing Company - New York 1913&&&&&
BOFOCOPASYST, &&&&&Bonwick Foreign & Colonial Patent Syphon Stopper Syndicate, Limited, 1890&&&&&
BOGOTOCOLOCA, &&&&&Bonzo Goes to College Lobby Card Starring Maureen O'Sullivan and Edmund Gwenn - 1952&&&&&
BOOKCADPROPI, &&&&&Book - Cadillac Properties, Inc. - Famous Hotel - Michigan 1932&&&&&
BOLEOFAMINNE, &&&&&Book League of America, Inc. - New York 1929&&&&&
BOOILCODE19, &&&&&Boone Oil Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
BOFICO19, &&&&&Booth Fisheries Company ( Acquired by Sara Lee Corporation ) - Fishermen Vignette 1919&&&&&
BOINNEWJE19, &&&&&Borden, Inc. - New Jersey 1994 &&&&&
BOBACONEWJE1, &&&&&Bordentown Banking Company - New Jersey 1874&&&&&
BOPICOISTOFR, &&&&&Borderline Pictures Corporation issued to Fred MacMurray (For Movie Borderline) - California 1949&&&&&
BORAIRCOM19, &&&&&Borel Aircraft Company - 1918&&&&&
BOWACOSPSTCE, &&&&&Borg Warner Corporation Specimen Stock Certificate - Illinois 1966&&&&&
BORECODE19, &&&&&Bosco Resources Corporation (Now International Realty Geoup) - Delaware 1970 &&&&&
BOSMANCOM, &&&&&Boss Manufacturing Company - Illinois&&&&&
BONECHLACOBO, &&&&&Boston & New York Chickasaw Land Company (Uncancelled) - Boston, Massachusetts 1836&&&&&
BOANDALRAROC, &&&&&Boston and Albany Rail Road Company - &&&&&
BOSANDALRAIL3, &&&&&Boston and Albany Rail Road Company 1927&&&&&
BOANDELYCOMI, &&&&&Boston and Ely Consolidated Mining Company - Delaware&&&&&
BOSANDPROVRA, &&&&&Boston and Providence Railroad - 1860's&&&&&
BOSANDPROVRA1, &&&&&Boston and Providence Railroad Corporation 1849&&&&&
BOSANDTINMIN, &&&&&Boston and Tintic Mining 1901 - Silver City, Juab County, Utah&&&&&
BOANDWOELCOB, &&&&&Boston and Worcester Electric Company, Boston 1914&&&&&
BOAUGACOMA19, &&&&&Boston Auto Gage Company - Pittsfield, Massachusetts 1933&&&&&
BOBABAAS18, &&&&&Boston Base Ball Association ( Boston Red Stockings + Boston Braves ) 1872 - SOLD&&&&&
BOBABAASMA18, &&&&&Boston Base Ball Association - Massachusetts 1871signed by founder Ivers W. Adams &&&&&
BOBONOCOMA, &&&&&Boston Bond & Note Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
BOCHOFCORETR, &&&&&Boston Chamber of Commerce Realty Trust - Massachusetts 1925&&&&&
BOROCHDE19, &&&&&Boston Chicken, Inc. - Delaware 1997&&&&&
BOCLMIANDINC, &&&&&Boston Climax - Copper Mining and Investment Co. - Washington 1902 &&&&&
BODAADCOMA18, &&&&&Boston Daily Advertiser Corporation signed by Henry Cabot Lodge as President - Massachusetts 1886&&&&&
BOSDIGCOR, &&&&&Boston Digital Corporation&&&&&
BODIBOMA18, &&&&&Boston Directory for the Year 1857 - Boston, Massachusetts&&&&&
BOSELEC1, &&&&&Boston Electric Light and Power circa 1894&&&&&
BOELRACORSPS, &&&&&Boston Elevated Railway Company (Rare Specimen Stock Certificate) - 1920&&&&&
BOSTONEL, &&&&&Boston Elevated Railway Company - Massachusetts 1915&&&&&
BOFECOMA18, &&&&&Boston Ferrule Company - Maine 1888&&&&&
BOFIMACOMA19, &&&&&Boston Fish Market Corporation - Massachusetts 1927 ( Fish Market Pier Vignette )&&&&&
BOFUINMA, &&&&&Boston Fund, Inc. - Massachusetts &&&&&
BOGACOMA19, &&&&&Boston Garden-Arena Corporation (Became Boston Celtics) - Massachusetts 1970&&&&&
GLOBNEWIN, &&&&&Boston Globe Newspaper Invoice 1914&&&&&
BOSGOLCLUBCO, &&&&&Boston Golf Club Company, Limited&&&&&
BOHETRCOMA19, &&&&&Boston Herald Traveler Corporation - Massachusetts 1941 &&&&&
BOHETRCOMA191, &&&&&Boston Herald Traveler Corporation - Massachusetts 1955&&&&&
BOLIMA18, &&&&&Boston Library (Boston Library Society) - Massachusetts 1853&&&&&
BOSMARSOC, &&&&&Boston Marine Society 1929&&&&&
BOMEPE19, &&&&&Boston Mexican Petroleum - 1920&&&&&
BOMEPEMA, &&&&&Boston Mexican Petroleum - Massachusetts - 1920&&&&&
BOPAFOCLINMA, &&&&&Boston Patriots Football Club (Became New England Patriots) - William H. Sullivan, Jr. as President 1972 ***SOLD***&&&&&
BOQUMICOWY18, &&&&&Boston Quicksilver Mining Company - Napa County, California 1899&&&&&
BORUCOMA, &&&&&Boston Rubber Company - Massachusetts 1890's&&&&&
BOWAMECOCO18, &&&&&Boston Water Meter Company - Connecticut 1884&&&&&
BOSWATSCRIP1, &&&&&Boston Water Scrip 1847 signed by Josiah Quincy Jr. as Mayor&&&&&
BOWHCOMA18, &&&&&Boston Wheel Company - Bangor, Maine 1885&&&&&
BOBAANDGARAC, &&&&&Boston, Barre and Gardner Railroad Company (Orgiinal Stock Subscription with Signatures) - Massachusetts 1869&&&&&
BOSCLINANDFI, &&&&&Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad Company 1867&&&&&
BOCLFIANDNEW, &&&&&Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad Company - Massachusetts 1876&&&&&
BOSHARERRAIL1, &&&&&Boston, Hartford & Erie Railroad Company 1866 - Imprinted Tax Stamps&&&&&
BOGOMICO19, &&&&&Bostwick Gold Mining Company - Wyoming 1901&&&&&
BOTININC, &&&&&Botany Industries, Inc. ( Botany 500 Clothing )&&&&&
BOCOGOANDSIM1, &&&&&Boulder Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company - New York 1880&&&&&
BOCOGOANDSIM, &&&&&Boulder Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company of Colorado - 1881&&&&&
BOCOGOSIMIOF, &&&&&Boulder Consolidated Gold Silver Mining of Colorado - 1880&&&&&
BOCOMICOMA19, &&&&&Bovard Consolidated Mines Company - Bovard District, Esmeralda County, Nevada 1909&&&&&
BONEPUANDPAM, &&&&&Bowater's Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Mills Limited - Newfoundland, Canada&&&&&
BOWCOR, &&&&&Bowline Corporation - New York&&&&&
BOWBILHOTCOR, &&&&&Bowman - Biltmore Hotels Corporation 1936&&&&&
BOWHOTCOR, &&&&&Bowman-Biltmore Hotels Corporation - New York 1940's&&&&&
BOTONE192, &&&&&Boy's Town - Nebraska 1960 &&&&&
BOYGAMCOR, &&&&&Boyd Gaming Corporation&&&&&
BOCOLTMA20, &&&&&Boyd's Collection, Ltd. - Maryland&&&&&
BOSTCOMA19, &&&&&Boyden Steel Corporation - Maryland 1921&&&&&
BURCASCOMSTO, &&&&&Boyertown Burial Casket Company ( product to die for) - Boyertown 1917&&&&&
BOYMARAS18, &&&&&Boylston Market Association - Boston, Massachusetts 1867&&&&&
BOYBICELRAIL, &&&&&Boynton Bicycle Electric Railway Companies 1907 - Boston - SCARCE&&&&&
BOBIELRACOWE, &&&&&Boynton Bicycle Electric Railway Company signed by Eben Moody Boynton - Incorporated in West Virginia 1891&&&&&
BRCOCA, &&&&&Bracknell Corporation, Canada&&&&&
BRFIPRCOINNE, &&&&&Bradley Fireproofing Products Co ., Inc. - New Jersey 1926&&&&&
BRRECOSANFRC, &&&&&Bradshaw Realty Company ( signed by John R. Cahill ) - San Francisco, California 1931&&&&&
BRTECONE19, &&&&&Bradshaw Telephone Company - Certificate #1 - Nebraska 1901&&&&&
BRADGUISINC, &&&&&Bradway & Guise, Inc. - Old Radio Station Vignette&&&&&
BRGRIL18, &&&&&Brahm & Greene Check - Illinois 1875 &&&&&
BRNOMIRACOST, &&&&&Brainerd & Northern Minnesota Railway Co. Stock Signed By John S. Pillsbury (Pillsbury Company) As President&&&&&
BRAININCSPEC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
BRCO, &&&&&Bran-De-Nog Corporation (Famous Tonic Maker) - 1937&&&&&
BRTAAU19, &&&&&Brandon Tartikoff Autograph Note - 1987&&&&&
BRANRACASINC, &&&&&Brandywine Raceway Association, Inc. ( NASCAR Dover Downs )&&&&&
BRANSPORINC1, &&&&&Brandywine Sports, Inc 1970's - Dover Downs - Old Harness Racing Vignette&&&&&
BRSPINDE, &&&&&Brandywine Sports, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
BRYACLINCBUC, &&&&&Branford Yacht Club, Inc Note - Connecticut 1946&&&&&
BRAIINCSSTIN, &&&&&Braniff Airways, Incorporated (Concorde SST in Vignette) Harding Lawrence as President - 1966&&&&&
BRANAIRIN, &&&&&Braniff Airways, Incorporated (Concorde SST in Vignette) Harding Lawrence as President - 1972&&&&&
BREXMINLTD, &&&&&Bre-X Minerals Ltd. Scarce Stock Certificate for 500 shares - Huge Canadian Gold Mining Fraud - 1997 - SOLD $175&&&&&
BREADBASINCO, &&&&&Bread Basket International Corp.&&&&&
BREAKCLUBVIA, &&&&&Breakfast Club via Amateur Radio 1962&&&&&
BRMICO19, &&&&&Breece Mining Company - Leadvllle. Colorado 1936&&&&&
BRFICO, &&&&&Brentwood Financial Corporation (Brentwood Savings and Loan Association) - Los Angeles&&&&&
BRMISMCOOFCH, &&&&&Bressler Mining & Smelting Company of Chicago - Illinois 1883&&&&&
BREWDISEQCOR, &&&&&Brewery & Distillery Equipment Corporation 1911&&&&&
BRIDHEADINC, &&&&&Bridge Headquarters, Inc.&&&&&
BRIDGASCOM, &&&&&Bridgeport Gas Company&&&&&
BRIDGASLIG, &&&&&Bridgeport Gas Light 1910 - 1916 (Early Southern Connecticut Energy Company )&&&&&
BRCATECOBOMO, &&&&&Bridger Canyon Telephone Company - Bozeman, Montana 1908&&&&&
BRIDSANFRANG1, &&&&&Bridging San Francisco's Golden Gate, California&&&&&
BRIDSANFRANG, &&&&&Bridging San Francisco's Golden Gate, San Francisco, California&&&&&
BRIGSTRATCOR1, &&&&&Briggs & Stratton Corporation&&&&&
BRIGSTRATCOR, &&&&&Briggs & Stratton Corporation&&&&&
BRBERAASNEWY, &&&&&Brighton Beach Racing Association signed by William Engeman, Brighton Beach Founder - New York 1897&&&&&
BRIGHTPOINTINC, &&&&&Brightpoint, Inc&&&&&
BRILMANCOM, &&&&&Brillo Manufacturing Company signed by Creator of Brillo Pad, Milton B. Loeb&&&&&
BREXCOCA, &&&&&Brink's Express Company (Western branch of the Brink's armored car company)- California 1912&&&&&
BRISCOM, &&&&&Bristol - Myers Company - 1968&&&&&
BRATASBRVI19, &&&&&Bristol Athletic Association (Minor League Baseball ) - Bristol, Virginia 1911&&&&&
BRCOSPCE, &&&&&Bristol Company Stock Certificate (Audiophone radio equipment) - Waterbury, Connecticut&&&&&
BRIRANDSTCOV, &&&&&Bristol Iron and Steel Company - Virginia, 1891&&&&&
BRSHCOMI19, &&&&&Bristol Shoe Company ( Became The United States Shoe Corporation ) - Rolla, Missouri 1930 &&&&&
BRCODE191, &&&&&Bristol-Myers Company - Delaware 1971&&&&&
BRCODE1, &&&&&Bristol-Myers Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
BRAEFIINOFDE, &&&&&British Aerospace Finance, Inc.&&&&&
BRAEFIIN, &&&&&British Aerospace Finance, Inc. 1991&&&&&
NONAME60, &&&&&British Airship R38 Engine Photo Postcard&&&&&
BRALCOPLCNEW, &&&&&British Aluminum Company PLC - New York 1983&&&&&
BRITAUTCOM, &&&&&British Automatic Company 1930&&&&&
NONAME61, &&&&&British Blimp at Royal Airship Works in Cardington&&&&&
BRITCANLUMCO, &&&&&British Canadian Lumber Corporation 1911 signed by Robert Mackay as President&&&&&
BRCOBRLICA191, &&&&&British Columbia Breweries Limited - Canada 1913&&&&&
BRCOBRLICA19, &&&&&British Columbia Breweries Limited - Canada 1913&&&&&
BRCOPOCOBRCO, &&&&&British Columbia Power Commission - Canada 1954 &&&&&
BRCOPOCOCA19, &&&&&British Columbia Power Corporation uncancelled stock certificate - Canada 1963&&&&&
BRCOTHASLIBR, &&&&&British Columbia Thoroughbred Association, Limited - Vancouver, British Columbia 1914&&&&&
BRELCOLICOAC, &&&&&British Electrozone Corporation, Limited - 1896&&&&&
BRITGUIANEXC, &&&&&British Guiana Exploration Company 1909 - Arizona Territory&&&&&
BRLIEN19, &&&&&British Lion Film Corporation - England 1951 &&&&&
BRITLIONFILC, &&&&&British Lion Film Corporation 1946&&&&&
BRMAINLILOEN, &&&&&British Marine Industries, Limited. - London, England 1930 &&&&&
BRITMOTTRADC, &&&&&British Motor Trading Corporation 1919&&&&&
BRITNATOPCOM, &&&&&British National Opera Company 1921&&&&&
BRITNORAMTRA, &&&&&British North American Trading & Exploration Co. (Alaska - Yukon - Klondike Related Stock) 1898 - New York&&&&&
TRRENEWYO18, &&&&&British North American Trading and Exploration Company - New York 1898 &&&&&
BRITOILLIGAN, &&&&&British Oil Lighting and Heating Limited 1929&&&&&
BRPECOBPRASP, &&&&&British Petroleum Company ( BP ) Rare Specimen - Pre Gulf Oil Spill - 1954&&&&&
BRPECOPCOCAC, &&&&&British Petroleum Company p.l.c. - 1987&&&&&
BROADBANDCOM, &&&&& (Dot Com High Flyer) shows image of airplane designed by Burt Rutan (designer of Spaceship One)&&&&&
BROADINCOR, &&&&&Broadcast Industries Corporation&&&&&
BROADRELSER1, &&&&&Broadcast Relay Service - 1949 England&&&&&
BROADIN19DEL, &&&&&, Incorporated 1998 - Delaware ( Now Yahoo ) - Mark Cuban as president&&&&&
RADIOANDTV, &&&&&Broadcasting - Radio and TV&&&&&
BROADCOM, &&&&&Broadcom, Inc (Henry T. Nicholas III as President) &&&&&
BROADVISION, &&&&&Broadvision&&&&&
NONAME29, &&&&&Broadway Bank New York Treasury Check 1863 signed by Draft Riot Mayor - Civil War Era&&&&&
BRDESTINDE19, &&&&&Broadway Department Store, Inc. - $1000 Gold Bond - Delaware 1926&&&&&
BRGAINOH19, &&&&&Broadway Garage, Incorporated - Cincinnati, Ohio 1933&&&&&
BROADWAYJOES1, &&&&&Broadway Joe Namath (unissued)- New York Jets&&&&&
BROADWAYJOES, &&&&&Broadway Joe's - Joe Namath 1969 - New York Jets Super Bowl Hero&&&&&
BRSURACONEWY, &&&&&Broadway Surface Railroad Company - New York 1884&&&&&
BROADWINGINC, &&&&&Broadwing Inc. ( formerly Cincinnati Bell ) - Name changed back to Cincinnati Bell on May 27, 2003&&&&&
BROMLITCHEMC, &&&&&Bromo - Lithia Chemical Company 1906&&&&&
BROILGASCOCO, &&&&&Bronco Oil & Gas Company - Colorado 1981&&&&&
BRONCOUNHISS, &&&&&Bronx County Historical Society&&&&&
BRHONEWPUCO1, &&&&&Bronx Home News Publishing Company - New York 1907&&&&&
BRRECONEWYOC, &&&&&Bronx Refrigerating Company - New York 1917&&&&&
BRAUHA, &&&&&Brookes Automobile Handbook -1911&&&&&
BROOKOILANDM, &&&&&Brookline Oil and Mineral Company 1908 - Terrotory of Arizona&&&&&
BRACOFMUNEWY, &&&&&Brooklyn Academy of Music - New York 1921&&&&&
BROOKANDBRIG, &&&&&Brooklyn and Brighton Beach Railroad Company 1895&&&&&
BROOKANDQUEE, &&&&&Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corporation &&&&&
BRBR10ANDONE, &&&&&Brooklyn Bridge 100th Anniversary Certificate (World Trade Center Buildings in the background) - New York 1983&&&&&
MABRCIHALINE, &&&&&Brooklyn City Hall Lithograph - New York - circa 1850&&&&&
KNTRCONEWYO1, &&&&&Brooklyn Ferry Company of New York 1906&&&&&
BRMICOGICOCO, &&&&&Brooklyn Mining Company - Gilpin County, Colorado - New York 1890&&&&&
BROOKRAPTRAN, &&&&&Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company 1914 - New York&&&&&
BRSTEMCONEWY, &&&&&Brooklyn Steamship & Emigration Co. - New York 1867 &&&&&
BRUNGASCONEW, &&&&&Brooklyn Union Gas Company (Now KEYSPAN Energy Corporation) - New York 1944&&&&&
BROOKUNGASCO1, &&&&&Brooklyn Union Gas Company (KEYSPAN Energy Corporation)&&&&&
BRVITIWONEWY, &&&&&Brooklyn Vitrified Tile Works - New York 1915&&&&&
BRDACACOLIEN, &&&&&Brooks-Watson Daylight Camera Company Limited - England 1903&&&&&
BROTCHEMCOM, &&&&&Brothers Chemical Company&&&&&
BRGOCOINDE19, &&&&&Brothers Gourmet Coffees, Inc. (Now Procter & Gamble Company )- Delaware 1994&&&&&
BRBOCO19, &&&&&Brown Body Corporation - 1919&&&&&
BRCOMA19, &&&&&Brown Company - Maine 1941&&&&&
BRDEREBRMELO, &&&&&Brown Derby Restaurant Breakfast Menu - Los Angeles, California 1940's&&&&&
BRJOLUCONEWY, &&&&&Brown Journal Lubricator Company (railway car lubricator invention)- New York 1903&&&&&
BROWSHOCOMIN, &&&&&Brown Shoe Company, Inc. ( Famous Buster Brown Shoe Maker )&&&&&
BRUNPR18, &&&&&Brown University Certificate signed by Francis Wayland issued to Adin Ballou Underwood (Famous Civil War General) - Providence 1848&&&&&
BRWIGUNCOMA1, &&&&&Brown Wire Gun Company - Maine 1903&&&&&
BRUKDALINC, &&&&&Bruker Daltonics Inc.&&&&&
BRSAANDLOCOO, &&&&&Brunson Savings and Loan Company - Columbus, Ohio 1956&&&&&
BRCOVISANFRC, &&&&&Brunswick Consolidated Virginia Mining Company (Signed by Chas H. Fish and A. W. Havens - Comstock Fame) - Virginia City, Nevada - 1904&&&&&
BRCODE, &&&&&Brunswick Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
BRCODE2, &&&&&Brunswick Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
BRUNGOLMINCO, &&&&&Brunswick Gold Mining Company - Kentucky 1889&&&&&
BRHOCOMA19, &&&&&Brunswick Hotel Co. - Massachusetts 1923&&&&&
BRELCODE, &&&&&Brush Electric Company - Delaware 1912&&&&&
BRUSELLIGPOW, &&&&&Brush Electric Light & Power Company - Montana Territory 1880's - Early General Electric Company&&&&&
BRUSELLIGPOW1, &&&&&Brush Electric Light & Power Company - RARE Issued Certificate - Early G.E. Company - Montana, Territory 1882&&&&&
BTCOAL19, &&&&&BTNB Corporation (Now SouthTrust Corporation ) - Birmingham, Alabama 1971&&&&&
BUUPDEINDE19, &&&&&Bubble Up Soft Drink Company - Delaware 1969&&&&&
BUCLFORACOVI, &&&&&Buchanan & Clifton Forge Railway Company - Virginia 1877&&&&&
BUGOANDSIMIC1, &&&&&Buckeye Gold and Silver Mining Company - Montana 1894&&&&&
BUMIANDTUCOO, &&&&&Buckeye Mining and Tunneling Co. of Colorado - Custer. Silver Cliff, Colorado 1880 &&&&&
BUCSTEELCASC, &&&&&Buckeye Steel Castings Company ( Jeb Bush Family Company) - Ohio 1929&&&&&
BUCSTEELCASC4, &&&&&Buckeye Steel Castings Company founded by Great Grandfather of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush - 1930's&&&&&
BUCSTEELCASC1, &&&&&Buckeye Steel hand signed by George Bush's Grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush 1927&&&&&
BUUNOILCO, &&&&&Buckeye Union Oil Company - California&&&&&
BULITABU, &&&&&Budapest Liptotvarosi Takarekpenztar Reszvenytarsasag - Budapest, Hungary 1918&&&&&
CHBEBSICH, &&&&&Buddy Ebsen handsigned check - 1938&&&&&
BUFIPLCA, &&&&&Budget Finance Plan - California ( Became Safeco Insurance Corporation )&&&&&
BUDGETGROUPINC, &&&&&Budget Group, Inc -Budget Rental Car - (Pre Cendent, Pre Avis, Post Bankruptcy) - 2002&&&&&
BUENGOLMINCO, &&&&&Buena Gold Mining Co of Colorado 1880&&&&&
BUVIGOSIMICO, &&&&&Buena Vista Gold & Silver Mining Co. - Fort Pitt Ledge - Prince Roya. District. Humboldt County, Nevada Territory 1863&&&&&
BUVIGOMICOGO, &&&&&Buena Vista Gold Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1908&&&&&
BEAICA19, &&&&&Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires) Membership Card - 1908 &&&&&
BUFBILWILWES, &&&&&Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Great Far East Combined 1912 - Sold&&&&&
BUBIWIWEANDP, &&&&&Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Great Far East Show Check signed by Pawnee Bill (Annie Get Your Gun musical is based on this company) - 1912&&&&&
BUBIBACLINNE, &&&&&Buffalo Bisons Baseball Club, Inc. - New York 1955&&&&&
BUBOOFTR, &&&&&Buffalo Board of Trade - Erie County, New York 1887&&&&&
BUCOSTCONEWY, &&&&&Buffalo Cold Storage Company - New York 1896 &&&&&
BUCOMACO18, &&&&&Buffalo Cotton Manufacturing Company - New York 1845&&&&&
BUDRYDOCOWEV, &&&&&Buffalo Dry Dock Company - Buffalo, New York 1911&&&&&
BUGEELNEWYO1, &&&&&Buffalo General Electric Company - $1000 Gold Bond Certificate - New York 1909 &&&&&
BUGEEL19, &&&&&Buffalo General Electric Company Gold Bond - New York 1926&&&&&
BUGEELCOGOBO, &&&&&Buffalo General Electric Company Gold Bond - New York 1926&&&&&
BUHUSY19, &&&&&Buffalo Hump Syndicate signed by Charles Sweeney - Buffalo Hump Mining District Elk City, Idaho 1902&&&&&
BUINTREXUNNE, &&&&&Buffalo International Trade Exchange - New York &&&&&
BUINTREXISNE, &&&&&Buffalo International Trade Exchange Issued - New York 1932&&&&&
BUFMARCONCOR, &&&&&Buffalo Marine Construction Corporation&&&&&
BUNIELCONEWY, &&&&&Buffalo Niagara Electric Corporation - New York 1937&&&&&
BUPLMIANDMIC, &&&&&Buffalo Placer Mining and Milling Company Gold Bond - Breckenridge, Colorado 1913&&&&&
BUSTPUCOUN, &&&&&Buffalo Steam Pump Company - 1880's&&&&&
BUFCLEVCHICR1, &&&&&Buffalo, Cleveland & Chicago Railway Company 1880 ( Early Nickel Plate )&&&&&
BUGCREKSTEAK, &&&&&Bugaboo Creek Steak House, Inc.&&&&&
BUININ, &&&&&Buhler Industries Inc. ( Farm equipment maker ) - Canada&&&&&
BUWOIN, &&&&&Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. &&&&&
BUWODE, &&&&&Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
BUREANDINCOM, &&&&&Builder's Realty and Investment Company - Kansas City, Missouri 1911&&&&&
BUEXOFDIOFCO, &&&&&Builders Exchange of the District of Columbia - Washington, D.C. 1890's&&&&&
BUILIFSIXREG, &&&&&Building of Sixteenth Regiment Association 1888&&&&&
BULGENEXCOM, &&&&&Bulawayo & General Exploration Company 1904&&&&&
RUBO191, &&&&&Bulgarian City Vratsa Vines Cooperative Bank Savings Union Stock Certificate - 1944&&&&&
BUBEFINECOFU, &&&&&Bull & Bear Financial News Composite Fund, Inc. - Maryland 1989&&&&&
BUBEGRINNEWY, &&&&&Bull & Bear Group, Inc. - New York 1982&&&&&
BUCROILCOISD, &&&&&Bull Creek Oil Company issued during Civil War after West Virginia became a state - Pleasants County, West Virginia 1864&&&&&
BULDOGMOTTRU, &&&&&Bull Dog Motor Truck Company&&&&&
BUFUBYBUBEIN, &&&&&Bull Fund by Bull & Bear Inc. - Maryland 1977&&&&&
BULRUNCOR, &&&&&Bull Run Corporation - Bull Underprint&&&&&
BULOFLATNEWC, &&&&&Bulletin of latest news, Chinatown - San Francisco, California&&&&&
BUCOMICOAR19, &&&&&Bullfrog Colorado Mining Company - Bullfrog District, Nevada, and Pine Creek District Gilpin County, Colorado - Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
BUJUMICOAR19, &&&&&Bullfrog Jumper Mining Company - Territory of Arizona 1905 &&&&&
BUPIEXMICOAR, &&&&&Bullfrog Pioneer Extension Mines Company - Arizona 1916&&&&&
BUSEMIANDMIC, &&&&&Bullfrog Searchlight Mining and Milling Company - Arizona 1912&&&&&
BUWALIANDPOC, &&&&&Bullfrog Water, Light and Power Company Uncancelled Gold Bond signed by W. F.. Patrick - Nevada 1905&&&&&
BUANDEXBA, &&&&&Bullion and Exchange Bank of Carson City, Nevada 1899&&&&&
BUCOMIUT19, &&&&&Bullion Coalition Mines - Utah 1910&&&&&
BULWATCOM, &&&&&Bulova Watch Company - Wonderful Vignette&&&&&
BULWATCOMINC, &&&&&Bulova Watch Company, Inc&&&&&
BUWACOINNEWY, &&&&&Bulova Watch Company, Inc. - New York &&&&&
BUHIANDSUMIA, &&&&&Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Company - Idaho 1945&&&&&
BUNRAMCOR, &&&&&Bunker Ramo Corporation&&&&&
BUOFCRVI18, &&&&&Bureau of Credits - Virginia 1891&&&&&
BUOFLAANDGAS, &&&&&Bureau of Lamps and Gas Payroll Document Payroll for City of New York Signed by William "Boss" Tweed 1867 - Major Scandal - New York 1868&&&&&
BUKIHOIN, &&&&&Burger King Holdings, Inc. - No longer issuing stock certificates&&&&&
BURBATCOMSIG, &&&&&Burgess Battery Company signed by Founder Dr. Burgess 1920&&&&&
BUPRDOFANEWY, &&&&&Burglar Proof Door Fastener Broadside - New York &&&&&
BURSANNEARSA, &&&&&Burke's Sanatorium, near Santa Rosa, California Postcard&&&&&
BUAUSHPOMACO, &&&&&Burkhart Automatic Shoe Polishing Machine Company - Buffalo, New York - 1910&&&&&
BUKEOILANDMI, &&&&&Burksville Kentucky Oil and Mining Company - New York 1865&&&&&
BURTELANDTYP, &&&&&Burlingame Telegraphing and Typewriter Company 1908&&&&&
BURTELANDTYP1, &&&&&Burlingame Telegraphing and Typewriter Company May 1908&&&&&
BUTETYCOWOMA, &&&&&Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Company signed by Elmer Burlingame - Wollaston Massachusetts 1910&&&&&
BURININ, &&&&&Burlington Industries Incorporated - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
BUWI19, &&&&&Burndept Wireless - 1925&&&&&
BUWILIEN19, &&&&&Burndept Wireless Limited, - England 1925&&&&&
BUMITUCOWEVI, &&&&&Burns-Moore Mining & Tunnel Co. - Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, Colorado - 1906&&&&&
BURCOALCOM, &&&&&Burnwell Coal Company 1909 - Birmingham, Alabama&&&&&
JPECOIN19, &&&&&Burroughs Computer Corporation Specimen Stock Certificate ( Became Unisys )&&&&&
BURTRAINCONC, &&&&&Burrows Train Control Company 1927&&&&&
BURBREWCOM19, &&&&&Burtonwood Brewery Company - 1980 - UK&&&&&
BUSDISSACCAL, &&&&&Business District - Sacramento, California&&&&&
BULEAU, &&&&&Business Leaders' Autographs&&&&&
BUINDE20, &&&&&, Inc. (Dot Com Scam) - Delaware 2001&&&&&
BUTAVINSTOCC, &&&&&Butler Aviation International Stock Certificate&&&&&
BUTBROT19, &&&&&Butler Brothers ( Famous Department Store - New York & Chicago ) - 1919&&&&&
BUTININC, &&&&&Butler International, Inc.&&&&&
BUTLONCOPDEV, &&&&&Butte & London Copper Development Co. 1920&&&&&
BUNEWYOCOCOS, &&&&&Butte - New York Copper Company - South Dakota 1910&&&&&
BUTNEWYORCOP, &&&&&Butte - New York Copper Company 1914&&&&&
BUTTONMINCOM, &&&&&Butte - Tonopah Mining Company 1902 - Tonopah Mining District, Nevada&&&&&
BUTANDWESMIN, &&&&&Butte and Western Mining Company 1926&&&&&
BU8LOCASTELT, &&&&&Butterfield 8 Lobby Card Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey - 1960&&&&&
BUMILI19, &&&&&Butts Mills Limited - 1920&&&&&
BUYCOM, &&&&& - Bought the Farm......Back!&&&&&
BUCO19, &&&&&Buzza Company - 1933&&&&&
BYPPAPCOM, &&&&&By = Products Paper Company&&&&&
BYPRODSTEELC, &&&&&By Products Steel Corporation&&&&&
BYCOCONEWYO, &&&&&By-Products Coke Corporation ( Now Interlake Corporation ) - Solvay, New York 1920&&&&&
BYJA19, &&&&&Byron Jackson - Delaware 1930&&&&&
BYJACOBECA19, &&&&&Byron Jackson Company - Berkeley, California 1936&&&&&
BYJACODE19, &&&&&Byron Jackson Company - Delaware 1935&&&&&
BYINLIOTCA, &&&&&Bytown Inn, Limited - Ottawa, Canada - Famous Canadian Landmark&&&&&
CBHEBRINNEWY, &&&&&C. B. Hewitt & Bros., Inc. - New York 1926&&&&&
CKDACOCONEWY, &&&&&C. K. Davis Coal Company ( located in Wellston, Ohio) - New York 1910&&&&&
CRHEJECOMI19, &&&&&C. R. Heitel Jewelry Co. - Watches and Clocks -St. Louis, Missouri 1900&&&&&
CFICODE19, &&&&&C.I.T. Financial Corporation (CIT Group - TARP Bailout) - Delaware 1978&&&&&
CABANDTACOOF, &&&&&Cab and Taxi Company of New York (Pre Uber) - 1910&&&&&
CAMECODE19, &&&&&Cable Media Corporation - Delaware 1972&&&&&
CABRADTUBCOR, &&&&&Cable Radio Tube Corporation 1939&&&&&
CACHEFLOW, &&&&&CacheFlow, Inc.... ( Cash Flowed in and out of their Stock Price )&&&&&
CACOCOMI19, &&&&&Cactus Copper Company - Minnesota 1911&&&&&
CAEXANDMICON, &&&&&Cactus Exploration and Mining Corporation (convertible preferred stock certificate #1) - New York 1934&&&&&
CAESWORINC1, &&&&&Caesars World, Inc.&&&&&
CASUBOCOAR19, &&&&&Cage Submarine Boat Company - Arizona 1914&&&&&
CAINGE19, &&&&&Cagle's, Inc. (Southern Fried Chicken) - Georgia 1968&&&&&
CAANDNORACO1, &&&&&Cairo and Norfolk Railroad Company Gold Bond - Kentucky 1908&&&&&
CAIRCITPROP1, &&&&&Cairo City Property at the Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers 1859 - Illinois&&&&&
CAURERFR19, &&&&&Caisse Urbaine Erurale - France 1935&&&&&
CASYINDE, &&&&&Cal-Tech Systems, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
CACEGOMICOLT, &&&&&Calaveras Central Gold Mining Company signed by Famous American Magician and Illusionist, Harry Sears - Calaveras. Angels Camp 1933&&&&&
CASECODE19, &&&&&Calaveras Securities Company - Delaware 1922&&&&&
CAWAANDMICON, &&&&&Calaveras Water and Mining Company (Known for Mark Twain famous jumping frog contest) - New York 1881&&&&&
CACEMICOANCA, &&&&&Calavers Central Mining Corporation- Angles Camp, California 1930&&&&&
CALCOMSYSINC, &&&&&Cali Computer Systems, Inc.&&&&&
CACOAR19, &&&&&Caliark Corporation - Sulphur Springs, Arkansas 1932&&&&&
CAOILCOCA19, &&&&&Califill Oil Company - California 1923&&&&&
CALWESSTATLI, &&&&&California - Western States Life Insurance Company&&&&&
CALAUTANDTAX, &&&&&California Auto and Taxicab Livery 1915-1917&&&&&
CAAUTECOSANF, &&&&&California Automatic Telephone Company - San Francisco, California 1900&&&&&
CABA18, &&&&&California Bank - Los Angeles, California 1897 &&&&&
CABO, &&&&&California Bonds&&&&&
CACALACOCA19, &&&&&California Cattle & Land Co. - California 1903&&&&&
CACOPRCA19, &&&&&California Computer Products ( Now Lockheed Martin ) - California 1971&&&&&
CACOPRINCA19, &&&&&California Computer Products Incorporated ( CalComp ) - California 1958&&&&&
CACOINCOSANF, &&&&&California Cooperative Investment Company - San Francisco, California 1909&&&&&
CADAIN19, &&&&&California Dairies, Inc.(Bull and Cattle vignette) - 1927&&&&&
CAEAEXRACO18, &&&&&California Eastern Extension Railroad Company (Early California Railroad Bond) - 1859&&&&&
CALELPOWCOM, &&&&&California Electric Power Company ( Now Southern California Edison )&&&&&
DRCAELPOCODE, &&&&&California Electric Power Company - 1959&&&&&
CAFICO19, &&&&&California Financial Corporation - 1969&&&&&
CAFRUNCA18, &&&&&California Fruit Union signed by Horatio P. Livermore - San Francisco, California 1886 &&&&&
CAFRGRANDGRC, &&&&&California Fruit, Grain and Grazing Company 1890's - New Jersey&&&&&
CAGRINCA19, &&&&&California Graphic Inc. - California 1925&&&&&
CAGUCO19, &&&&&California Guaranty Corporation - 1926 - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
CAINKCOCA19, &&&&&California Ink Company (Cal/Ink) developed the nation's first magnetic inks for check imprinting - California 1920&&&&&
CAINCO19, &&&&&California Jones Investment Company - San Francisco, California 1926&&&&&
CALMEXLANCOM, &&&&&California Mexico Land Company 1888&&&&&
CAMIINCA, &&&&&California Microwave, Inc. - California&&&&&
CAMIDECO19, &&&&&California Mines Development Corporation - Nevada 1918&&&&&
CALMUTINSYN, &&&&&California Mutual Investment Syndicate - Los Angeles 1890's&&&&&
CALORPOWCOMS, &&&&&California Oregon Power Company (Early Pacific Power and Light - PacificCorp Companies)&&&&&
CAPATRCODE, &&&&&California Pacific Trading Corporation - San Francisco, California - 1936&&&&&
CAPACO, &&&&&California Packing Corporation ( Now Del Monte )&&&&&
CAPECOVI191, &&&&&California Petroleum Corporation $1000 Specimen Gold Bond - (Acquired by Texaco in 1928) - 1926&&&&&
CAPIKI, &&&&&California Pizza Kitchen&&&&&
CALPOS, &&&&&California Postcards - Old&&&&&
CAPRANDAPGRI, &&&&&California Prune and Apricot Growers, Inc. - California 1921&&&&&
CAPUFOCOSANF, &&&&&California Pure Food Company - San Francisco, California 1895&&&&&
CALSTATBAN, &&&&&California State Bank&&&&&
CASTCARACOCA, &&&&&California Street Cable Railroad Co. - California 1928&&&&&
CALSTREETCAB, &&&&&California Street Cable Railroad Company 1890's signed by J. B. Stetson&&&&&
ANCHAMOFCOMI, &&&&&California Valencia Orange Show 1923 (Anaheim)&&&&&
CAWASECOCA19, &&&&&California Water Service Corporation - California 1948&&&&&
CAMICO19, &&&&&California-Calaveras Mining Company issued to Clarence S. Darrow - California 1907&&&&&
CALLANANDPET, &&&&&California-Utah Land and Petroleum Company issued just after crash on November 1, 1929 &&&&&
CAMIANDMICOA, &&&&&Calivada Mining and Milling Company - Arizona 1905&&&&&
CAMEBWLOCAST, &&&&&Call Me Bwana Lobby Card Starring Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg - 1962&&&&&
CAMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Callaway Mining Company - Incorporated in New York, Properties in Callaway County, Missouri - 1866&&&&&
CATECOPE19, &&&&&Callensburg Telephone Company - Buffalo Vignette Pennsylvania 1953&&&&&
CATUCODE19, &&&&&Callite Tungsten Corporation - Delaware 1944 &&&&&
CALCOR, &&&&&Calpine Corporation - 2002&&&&&
CALHECIN, &&&&&Calumet & Hecla Mining Company - Indian Campfire Vignette&&&&&
CAMOCOMICOSO, &&&&&Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company - South Dakota 1913&&&&&
CALMONCONMIN1, &&&&&Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company 1915 - 1917&&&&&
CALMONCONMIN2, &&&&&Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company 1917&&&&&
CALMONCONMIN, &&&&&Calumet & Montana Consolidated Mining Company 1918 - 1919&&&&&
CAMOMICOMI19, &&&&&Calumet & Montana Mining Company - Minnesota 1915&&&&&
CAMICOAR19, &&&&&Calumet - Corbin Mining Co. Company - Arizona 1911&&&&&
CAMICOAR191, &&&&&Calumet - Corbin Mining Company - Laurium, Michigan 1910&&&&&
CAANDCOCRMIC1, &&&&&Calumet and Copper Creek Mining Company - Arizona 1912&&&&&
CAMICOMA19, &&&&&Calumet-Corbin Mines Company - Maine 1916&&&&&
CAMICOMA192, &&&&&Calumet-Corbin Mines Company - Maine 1916&&&&&
CAMICOMA191, &&&&&Calumet-Corbin Mines Company - Maine 1916&&&&&
CAWETICO19, &&&&&Calvert's Weirs Times Company - New Hampshire 1900&&&&&
COMAZVERCAMD, &&&&&Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba - Pre Castro Revolution American Sugar Company - Havana, Cuba&&&&&
CACOAGASPE18, &&&&&Cambria County Agricultural Association - Carrolltown, Pennsylvania 1887&&&&&
CASPCOLELOSA, &&&&&Cambria Spring Company Letterhead - Los Angeles&&&&&
CAGACOMA19, &&&&&Cambridge Garage Company $1,000 Bond - Massachusetts 1937&&&&&
CAMRAILCOM18, &&&&&Cambridge Railroad Company - 1859 Massachusettes&&&&&
CATRRACONEWJ, &&&&&Camden & Trenton Railway Company - New Jersey &&&&&
CATRRACONEWJ1, &&&&&Camden & Trenton Railway Company - New Jersey 1900 &&&&&
CAMBEALCALPO, &&&&&Camp Beale California Postcard&&&&&
CAAGTU19, &&&&&Campaign Against Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Bond - 1955&&&&&
CAAGTU, &&&&&Campaign Against Tuberculosis Specimen Certificate - 1950&&&&&
CAENCONEWYO1, &&&&&Campbell Engine Company (Campbell Ammonia Engine ) - New York 1888&&&&&
CAMSOUPCOMNE1, &&&&&Campbell Soup Company - 1982&&&&&
CAMCREEKCOAL, &&&&&Campbell's Creek Coal Company - Cincinnati, Ohio&&&&&
CAMEPONOTE, &&&&&Campbell's Mexia Pool No.1 - Texas&&&&&
CASTSY19, &&&&&Campbell's Oil Company - Tarrant County, Texas 1923&&&&&
CACOMACIIO19, &&&&&Campholatum Company- Mason City, Iowa 1919&&&&&
CANADA, &&&&&Canada&&&&&
CANADA1, &&&&&Canada&&&&&
FOURVICLOAN1, &&&&&Canada Fourth Victory Loan 1943&&&&&
CASORACO, &&&&&Canada Southern Railway Company&&&&&
CANSOUTRAILC, &&&&&Canada Southern Railway Company 1974 - Annual Report&&&&&
CAENCONEWYO12, &&&&&Canadaigua Enterprises Corporation (Now Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack) - New York 1970&&&&&
CANALSTOCNOV, &&&&&Canadian Alumina Stock - Nova Scotia Underprint&&&&&
CANBRAKSHOLI, &&&&&Canadian Brake Shoe Limited 1910&&&&&
CANADIANCLUB, &&&&&Canadian Club Cigars - Cigar Box Label&&&&&
CAHUOILLTCA1, &&&&&Canadian Husky Oil Ltd. - Canada 1958&&&&&
CAINGASOILLT, &&&&&Canadian Industrial Gas & Oil Ltd.- Alberta, Canada 1965&&&&&
CANNATRAILCO, &&&&&Canadian National Railway Corp $1000 Bond&&&&&
CANOPAFIVOFW, &&&&&Canadian North Pacific Fisheries (Vignette of Whale) - Canada 1912&&&&&
CADEBLAT18, &&&&&Canal de Blaton a Ath & de la Dendre canalisée - Belgium 1864&&&&&
CAMADECO18, &&&&&Canal Maritime De Corinthe - 1888&&&&&
CAENCONEWYO11, &&&&&Canandaigua Enterprises Corporation (Now Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack) - New York 1982&&&&&
CANINCOR, &&&&&Canaveral International Corp. ( Madison Group Associates )&&&&&
CAINCODE, &&&&&Canaveral International Corp. - Delaware&&&&&
CALAANDLOTCO, &&&&&Canby Land and Lot Company - Canby, Minnesota 1937&&&&&
CAINDE20, &&&&&Candie's, Inc. - Delaware 2003&&&&&
CANPRODCOR, &&&&&Candy Products Corporation - 1924&&&&&
CAMOANDMICOC, &&&&&Canion Motor and Mining Company - Colorado 1927&&&&&
CAGRINDE, &&&&&Cannon Group, Inc. - ( Famous Hollywood Scandal) &&&&&
CAMICONOCA19, &&&&&Cannon Mills Company - North Carolina 1970&&&&&
CAPIINCA19, &&&&&Cannon Pictures, Inc. - California 1991&&&&&
CANSHOCOM, &&&&&Cannon Shoe Company&&&&&
CASHCOMA19, &&&&&Cannon Shoe Company - Maryland 1943&&&&&
CAININBRCO, &&&&&Cansorb Industries Inc. - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
CAMICOLECO19, &&&&&Canterbury Mining Co. (Canterbury Cathedral Vignette) - Leadville Colorado 1902&&&&&
CANSHOSTORCO, &&&&&Cantilever Shoe Stores Co., Inc.&&&&&
CAIRANDSTWOM, &&&&&Canton Iron and Steel Works - Maryland &&&&&
CANWOMCLUBCO, &&&&&Canton Woman's Club Company 1920 - Ohio&&&&&
CANPRESOFSAN, &&&&&Cantonment Presidio of San francisco, California&&&&&
CAHOLTOFCA, &&&&&CanUtilities Holdings Ltd. of Canada&&&&&
CAANNBRCONEG, &&&&&Cape Ann Breeze Company Newspaper - Gloucester, Massachusetts 1901&&&&&
CAANNBUCO19, &&&&&Cape Ann Building Co. - Gloucester, Massachusetts 1902&&&&&
CAANNFICORHI, &&&&&Cape Ann Fish Company - Rhode Island 1914&&&&&
CAANNNABAOFG1, &&&&&Cape Ann National Bank of Gloucester - Massachusetts&&&&&
CAPBRENELCOM, &&&&&Cape Breton Electric Company - Nova Scotia 1910&&&&&
CAPCODBANAND, &&&&&Cape Cod Bank and Trust Company - Hyannis, Massachusettes&&&&&
CAPCODCENRAI, &&&&&Cape Cod Central Railroad Company 1865&&&&&
CAPCODMINAND1, &&&&&Cape Cod Mining and Reduction Company 188X - Golden, Colorado&&&&&
CACODRACO18, &&&&&Cape Cod Railroad Company - Massachusetts 1871&&&&&
CAPMAYMILRAI, &&&&&Cape May & Millville Rail Road Company 1871&&&&&
CAMAYCOTRBRA, &&&&&Cape May County Trotting and Breeding Association - New Jersey&&&&&
CAOFGOHODIMI, &&&&&Cape of Good Hope Diamond Mining Company, Limited Founders Share - England 1881&&&&&
CAPENRECODE1, &&&&&Capillary Pen Reservoir Company - Delaware 1915&&&&&
CACIINNEWYO, &&&&&Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. - New York &&&&&
CAPGARCOM, &&&&&Capital Garage Company 1925&&&&&
CAPMINANDMIL, &&&&&Capital Mining and Milling Company 1923&&&&&
CASOCOTE, &&&&&Capital Southwest Corporation - Texas &&&&&
CAPTRACCOMDI, &&&&&Capital Traction Company Electric Railway - District of Columbia&&&&&
CATRCOWAD19, &&&&&Capital Transit Company - Washington, D.C. 1944&&&&&
CAPBANANDTRU, &&&&&Capitol Bank and Trust Company Stock&&&&&
CAPITOLCITY, &&&&&Capitol City Roller Rink Co. (over 111 years old)- Delaware 1906&&&&&
CAPTITGUARCO, &&&&&Capitol Title & Guarantee Company, Inc. 1928&&&&&
CAPCOR1, &&&&&Caplan Corporation&&&&&
CAKIANDSLGIL, &&&&&Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl Lobby Card Starring Tony Dexter and Eva Gabor - 1954&&&&&
CACLINDE19, &&&&&Captains Club, Inc. - Delaware 1960&&&&&
CAINCA191, &&&&&CapTech Inc. (Issued to and signed by Academy Award actor Sally Field) - California 1973&&&&&
CAPMINCOM19, &&&&&Capuzaya Mining Company 1909 - Republic of Mexico Gold Bond&&&&&
CARAXOICOPE, &&&&&Car Axle Oiler Company - Pennsylvania 1884&&&&&
CARLIGANDPOW1, &&&&&Car Lighting and Power Company 1915&&&&&
CAHATCOMI19, &&&&&Caradine Hat Company (First Maritz national sales incentive prize book) - Missouri 1940&&&&&
CAINON20, &&&&&Carbiz, Inc. - Ontario, Canada - 2004&&&&&
CACOCA19, &&&&&Carbon Company signed by J. Cal Ewing Baseball PCL Founder - Oakland, California 1924&&&&&
CAKIMICOAR19, &&&&&Carbonate King Mining Co. - Park County, Guffey, Colorado - 1910&&&&&
CACOSYINDE19, &&&&&Cardiac Control Systems, Inc. - Delaware 1996 &&&&&
CARMINCOM, &&&&&Cardinal Mining Company 1908 - Arizona&&&&&
CARPETCOR19, &&&&&Cardinal Petroleum Corporation 1920's&&&&&
CARSTAGLINCO1, &&&&&Cardinal Stage Lines Company (Santa Fe Trail Transportation )&&&&&
CARSTAGLINCO, &&&&&Cardinal Stage Lines Company - Topeka, Kansas - Beautiful Cardinal Vignette&&&&&
CASTLICOKA, &&&&&Cardinal Stage Lines Company, Kansas 1934&&&&&
CANE19, &&&&&Cardiodynamics (Vignette of a Heart) - Nevada 1973 &&&&&
CATRCOCOSOAM, &&&&&Carib Trading Company - Columbia, South America 1920 &&&&&
CARANDFULRAI, &&&&&Cario and Fulton Railroad Company 1859&&&&&
CAGOMILILO18, &&&&&Carisa Gold Mines Limited - Utah. Juab. Marysvale. London Corporation - 1889&&&&&
CAROILAS, &&&&&Carlyle Oil Association - Clinton County, Illinois 1918&&&&&
CARCALPOS, &&&&&Carmel California Postcard&&&&&
CAININCA19, &&&&&Carmel Hawaii Investors Inc. - California 1970&&&&&
CAMICOASCO, &&&&&Carmer Mining Company - Aspen, Colorado 1890s&&&&&
CARFRELIBEUR, &&&&&Carnegie Free Library, Eureka, California Postcard&&&&&
CACOFCRLI, &&&&&Carnival Corporation (Cruise Lines) - Specimen&&&&&
CARCRUISLINI, &&&&&Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc.&&&&&
CABUCONEWYO1, &&&&&Carol Burnett Contract - New York 1959&&&&&
RAMCARMOTPIC, &&&&&Carolco Motion Pictures Company 14% Bond - RAMBO / Terminator Movie Company&&&&&
CAPIINDE, &&&&&Carolco Motion Pictures Company Specimen Stock Certificate - RAMBO / Terminator Movie Company&&&&&
CATEOILGASCO, &&&&&Carolina Texas Oil & Gas Company, Inc. - Wilmington, North Carolina 1926&&&&&
CAALMACOVI18, &&&&&Carroll Aluminum Manufacturing Company (Makers of Aluminum Dental Plates and Bridges) - Virginia 1890&&&&&
CARS, &&&&&Cars, Railroads, Ships&&&&&
CARBLANCOR2, &&&&&Carte Blanche Corporation (Now Citicorp) - Credit Card Company&&&&&
CABLCODE191, &&&&&Carte Blanche Credit Card Corporation - Delaware 1968&&&&&
CARHAWHALSTO, &&&&&Carter Hawley Hale Stores Incorporated - Famous Bankuptcy&&&&&
CAHAHASTIN, &&&&&Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc.&&&&&
CARFUELCOM19, &&&&&Carthage Fuel Company 1906 Gold Bond - Territory of New Mexico&&&&&
CAFOINNEWYO1, &&&&&Caruso Foods, Inc. (Photograph vignette of Enrico Caruso and facsimile signature) - 1971 New York 1971&&&&&
CACOGINCOMA, &&&&&Carver Cotton Gin Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
CAGRMIANDSMC, &&&&&Casa Grande Mining and Smelting Company (Antlered Deer Vignette) - Pinal Co., Arizona 1902&&&&&
CASMARONCOM11, &&&&&Cascade Marble & Onyx Company 1903 - Washington&&&&&
CASMARONCOM1, &&&&&Cascade Marble & Onyx Company 1903 - Washington State&&&&&
CASNATGASCOR, &&&&&Cascade Natural Gas Corporation&&&&&
CASNATGASCOR1, &&&&&Cascade Natural Gas Corporation - Washington&&&&&
CABOYCOMICON, &&&&&Cash Boy Consolidated Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1915&&&&&
CASBUYUN19, &&&&&Cash Buyers Union 1905 - Early Catalog Company&&&&&
CAENMICOAR19, &&&&&Cash Entry Mining Company - Mohave County, Oatman, Arizona 1916 &&&&&
CAMIANDMICOC, &&&&&Cashier Mining and Milling Company - Colorado 1905&&&&&
CAOFBAOFAMSI, &&&&&Cashier of the Bank of America signed as Receivers of American Fire Insurance Company - Signed by James Roosevelt - 1837&&&&&
CAOFSOOFNOAM, &&&&&Cashier of the Bank of North America - 1818&&&&&
CACOINREOFHA, &&&&&Castle & Cooke, Inc. - Hawaii 1971&&&&&
CACOINHA19, &&&&&Castle & Cooke, Inc. - Hawaii 1997 &&&&&
CACOINHA192, &&&&&Castle & Cooke, Inc.(Dole Food Company) - Hawaii 1978&&&&&
CASCRAGSTATP, &&&&&Castle Crags State Park Sacramento Canyon, California Postcard&&&&&
CACRGOMICOTE, &&&&&Castle Creek Gold Mining Company (Hydraulic mining vignette) - Territory of Idaho - 1884&&&&&
CACRGOMICOTE1, &&&&&Castle Creek Gold Mining Company - Territory of Idaho 1888&&&&&
CATONHOTTINR2, &&&&&Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Lobby Card Starring Burt Ives and Paul Newman - 1958&&&&&
CATONHOTTINR, &&&&&Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Lobby Card Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman - 1958&&&&&
CATONHOTTINR1, &&&&&Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Lobby Card Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman - 1958&&&&&
CADECODE19, &&&&&Catellus Development Corporation - Delaware 1990&&&&&
CATRCOCA19, &&&&&Caterpillar Tractor Co. - California 1978&&&&&
CATRCODE20, &&&&&Caterpillar Tractor Co.(Convertible Debenture) - Delaware 1974&&&&&
CATCHURSTOCC, &&&&&Catholic Church, Stockton, California Postcard&&&&&
CATOILCOR19, &&&&&Catlett-Davis Oil Corporation 1918&&&&&
CAANDALSTBOC, &&&&&Catskill and Albany Steam Boat Company, Limited - New York 1885&&&&&
CAMOIMCONEWY, &&&&&Catskill Mountain Improvement Company - New York 1913&&&&&
CADOINCO19, &&&&&Cavanagh - Dobbs, Incorporated - Connecticut 1929&&&&&
CASOINMA19, &&&&&Caxton Society, Incorporated (co-operative publishing society) - Pittsfield, Massachusetts 1911&&&&&
CALAORNEWYO1, &&&&&Cayuga Lake Orchard - New York 1906&&&&&
CBS, &&&&&CBS Columbia Broadcasting System (Pre David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks) - 1960's&&&&&
CBSR, &&&&&CBS Columbia Broadcasting System (Now Viacom)&&&&&
CDNOWINC, &&&&&CDnow, Inc.&&&&&
CDINPE19, &&&&&CDnow, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1999&&&&&
PHOFTEOP, &&&&&CDV Photo of a Woman Telegraph Operator&&&&&
CECENINKA19, &&&&&CEC Entertainment, Inc. - Chuck E. Cheese - Kansas, 1998&&&&&
CEDARFAIRLP, &&&&&Cedar Fair ( Knott’s Berry Farm , Cedar Point, Camp Snoopy )&&&&&
CEDFALMANCOM1, &&&&&Cedar Falls Manufacturing Company 1896 - North Carolina - signed by John Milton Worth&&&&&
CEHOLICOPH18, &&&&&Cedar Hollow Lime Company - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1856&&&&&
CEROTORERONO, &&&&&Cedar Rock Township Refunding Road - North Carolina 1946&&&&&
CELHOECCORST, &&&&&Celanese (Hoechst) Corporation Stock&&&&&
CELLIM, &&&&&Celebritone, Limited 1929&&&&&
CESEINDE19, &&&&&Celestial Seasonings, Inc. - Delaware 1994&&&&&
CEGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Celestine Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek Mining District, Colorado 1900 &&&&&
CELCOMIN, &&&&&Cellular Communications Incorporated CCI 1988 - Air Touch&&&&&
CELINSYSINC, &&&&&Cellular Information Systems, Inc. ( Price Cellular )&&&&&
CEANDSACO, &&&&&Cellular, Satellite and Wireless&&&&&
CECODE19, &&&&&Celotex Corporation (Asbestos roofing and building products) - Delaware 1945&&&&&
CEEXARCOCOAR, &&&&&Celtic Extension Arizona Copper Co. - Arizona 1917&&&&&
CENIN, &&&&&Cenco Incorporared - Major Accounting Fraud&&&&&
CENIN1, &&&&&Cenco Incorporated&&&&&
CEMICOAR19, &&&&&Centennial - Goldfield Mining Company - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona - Operations in Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield 1905 &&&&&
CEANDMEASOFV, &&&&&Centennial and Memorial Association of Valley Forge - Pennsylvania&&&&&
CEOFHOLAWUNS, &&&&&Centennial of the Homestead Law signed by Stewart Udall and Karl Landstrom - United States 1962&&&&&
CENTRAC, &&&&&Centrac Associates&&&&&
CENAGIN, &&&&&Central Agency Incorporated - 1930&&&&&
CEAGSOOFNEWJ, &&&&&Central Agricultural Society of New Jersey - Trenton, New Jersey 1867&&&&&
CEAGASMA, &&&&&Central Aguirre Associates - Massachusetts / Puerto Rico - 1928&&&&&
CEAIINOK19, &&&&&Central Airlines, Inc. ( Award for one million miles flown without an accident) - Oklahoma 1950 &&&&&
CEANDPAIMCOC, &&&&&Central and Pacific Improvement Corporation - California 1927&&&&&
CENANDSOUTWE1, &&&&&Central and South West Corporation&&&&&
CENANDSOUTWE, &&&&&Central and South West Utilities Company&&&&&
CEAPCOKE18, &&&&&Central Appalachian Company - Bell County, Kentucky 1892&&&&&
CENARTRANLIN, &&&&&Central Arizona Transportation Lines, Inc. 1930's&&&&&
CEBAANDTRCON, &&&&&Central Bank and Trust Company - Great Neck, New York 1958&&&&&
CEELCONEWJE1, &&&&&Central Electric Company - New Jersey 1903&&&&&
CEFIPRBUCOLO, &&&&&Central Fire Proof Building Company (Became Lofts at the Security Building ) - Los Angeles, California 1912&&&&&
CENFUNCOMOFH, &&&&&Central Funding Company of Hollywood 1930&&&&&
CENGASLIGWAT, &&&&&Central Gas, Light & Water Co. 1892 - San Francisco, California&&&&&
CENHUDGASELC, &&&&&Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation Specimen 1937&&&&&
CENILLIGCOM1, &&&&&Central Illinois Light Company&&&&&
CENILLIGCOM, &&&&&Central Illinois Light Company&&&&&
CENMECHURSTO, &&&&&Central M.E. Church, Stockton, California Postcard&&&&&
CEMASHTETECO, &&&&&Central Maine Shaver Telephone & Telegraph Company - 1891&&&&&
CEMEOILCODE1, &&&&&Central Mexican Oil Company - Delaware 1921&&&&&
CENMINANDDEV, &&&&&Central Mining and Development Company 1907 - Arizona - Mining Scam&&&&&
CENNATBANOFW, &&&&&Central National Bank of Washington City, District of Columbia 1890's&&&&&
CEOHFUMACO19, &&&&&Central Ohio Furniture Manufacturing Company - 1910&&&&&
CEPARA19, &&&&&Central Pacific Railway - Gold Bond - 1904&&&&&
CENPETCOM, &&&&&Central Petroleum Company&&&&&
CEPUSECOMA19, &&&&&Central Public Service Corporation - Maryland 1929&&&&&
CENPUBSERCOR, &&&&&Central Public Service Corporation - Maryland, 1930&&&&&
CESCDISESCBO, &&&&&Central School District Serial School Bond - Ontario, Walworth, Maceldon, and Marion - New York 1951&&&&&
CENSECCOM, &&&&&Central Securities Company 1930 - Payable in Gold Coin&&&&&
CENSTATELCOR2, &&&&&Central States Electric Corporation&&&&&
CESTELCOVI19, &&&&&Central States Electric Corporation - Virginia 1935&&&&&
CENSTATELCOR3, &&&&&Central States Electric Corporation 1929 - 1930&&&&&
CENSTATELCOR1, &&&&&Central States Electric Corporation 1930's&&&&&
CENSTATELCOR, &&&&&Central States Electric Corporation 1936&&&&&
CESTUTCODE19, &&&&&Central States Utilities Corporation Gold Bond - Delaware 1928 &&&&&
CENTELUTCOR, &&&&&Central Telephone & Utilities Corporation ( Early Centel )&&&&&
CETECOOFILIL, &&&&&Central Telephone Company of Illinois ( Became Ameritech and later AT&T) - Illinois&&&&&
CETRCOPE181, &&&&&Central Transportation Company - Pennslyvania 1859 &&&&&
CETRCOPE18, &&&&&Central Transportation Company - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1884&&&&&
CENTRANCOM18, &&&&&Central Transportation Company 1875 - 1885&&&&&
CEWYTECOLUWY, &&&&&Central Wyoming Telephone Company - Lusk, Wyoming 1903&&&&&
CETUROSTCEPE, &&&&&Centre Turnpike Road Stock Certificate- Pennsylvania 1809&&&&&
CENBANINC, &&&&&Centura Banks, Inc.&&&&&
CEBUIO19, &&&&&Century Building (S.E. Cormer of Third Avenue and Second St. ) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1928&&&&&
CENDISCOM, &&&&&Century Distilling Company&&&&&
CENAGASANDOI, &&&&&Century Natural Gas and Oil Corporation - Delaware 1949&&&&&
HUCOOF19CHCE, &&&&&Century of Progress Chicago World's Fair 1933 - Rare Orignial Image Collection of 163 Hand Colored Magic Lantern Colored Glass Slides&&&&&
CECODE, &&&&&Cerner Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
CEHO, &&&&&Certificate Holders&&&&&
CEOFAPBRAIIN, &&&&&Certificate of Apprenticeship from Braniff International Airways handsigned by Tom E. Braniff - 1950&&&&&
CEOFDIFRBRME, &&&&&Certificate of Discharge from Ship S.S. Majestic handsigned by Titanic Captain Edward John Smith - England 1895 - SOLD&&&&&
CEROFELSTATO, &&&&&Certificate of Election State of Colorado 1880&&&&&
CEOFPRINTYCA, &&&&&Certificate of Proficiency in Typewriting - Toronto, Canada 1924&&&&&
STCEPR, &&&&&Certificate Quantities for Business Promotions / Dealers / Educators &&&&&
CEMIDRCOSODA, &&&&&Certigue Mining & Dredging Company - South Dakota 1912&&&&&
CEAICO19, &&&&&Cessna Aircraft Company - 1967&&&&&
CEAICOKA, &&&&&Cessna Aircraft Company - Kansas &&&&&
CHCOMACOCE91, &&&&&Chadborn & Coldwell Manufacturing Co. - RARE - Amazing vignette of boy mowing lawn - Early U.S. lawn motor company became Toro Company - New York 1887&&&&&
CHGIPRLICA, &&&&&Chai-Na-Ta Ginseng Products Limited - Canada &&&&&
CHAMOFCOMOFP, &&&&&Chamber of Commerce of Portland, Oregon 1890&&&&&
CHHOCO18, &&&&&Chamberlin Hotel Company - Washington DC / West Virginia1894&&&&&
CHMACOPE18, &&&&&Chambersburg Manufacturing Company - Pennsylvania 1882&&&&&
CHWOMACOPE18, &&&&&Chambersburg Woolen Manufacturing Company - Pennsylvania 1868 &&&&&
CHFIINCA19, &&&&&Champion - Five, Inc. was co producer of original Broadway Show of Hello, Dolly! with Carol Channing - handsigned by Broadway famous choreographer Gower Champion RARE - California - 1961&&&&&
CHGOMICOWA19, &&&&&Champion Gold Mining Co. - Washington 1901 &&&&&
CHAMMINCOM, &&&&&Champion Mines Company - Cripple Creek&&&&&
CHSPPLCO19, &&&&&Champion Spark Plug Company - 1970&&&&&
CHAURATEINC, &&&&&Championship Auto Racing Teams, Inc&&&&&
CHAURATEINDE, &&&&&Championship Auto Racing Teams, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CHBUNEWYO19, &&&&&Chanin Building signed by Irwin Chanin - New York 1945&&&&&
CHANINC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
CHVAMACOMA19, &&&&&Chapman Valve Manufacturing Company - ( Fire Hydrant Maker ) Springfield, Massachusetts 1911&&&&&
CHARREUNUNSH, &&&&&Chargeurs Reunis (United Shippers) 1939 (now known as Chargeurs) - Steam Navigation Company&&&&&
CHARGIT, &&&&&Chargit, Inc&&&&&
CHRIEMCOMA18, &&&&&Charles River Embankment Company - Massachusetts 1890 &&&&&
CHARRIVSTREE, &&&&&Charles River Street Railway Company 1886 - Massachusettes&&&&&
CHSCCODE20, &&&&&Charles Schwab Corporation (Rare specimen certificate) - Delaware - SOLD&&&&&
CHMIMAANDIMC1, &&&&&Charles Town Mining, Manufacturing and Improvement Company signed by Confederate Colonel Roger Preston Chew - West Virginia 1891&&&&&
CHWECODE19, &&&&&Charles Weeghman Corporation signed by Chicago Cubs Owner Charles Weeghman (In 1926, Weeghman Park was renamed Wrigley Field ) - Delaware 1921&&&&&
CHBRCOSOCA192, &&&&&Charleston Broadcasting Company (WHAM & WOKE Radio Station ) - Charleston, South Carolina 1955&&&&&
CHARCITRAILC, &&&&&Charleston CIty Railway Company - 1866 Civil War Reconstruction Period&&&&&
CHHOCOCH, &&&&&Charleston Hotel Company - South Carolina - 1898&&&&&
CHLECOSOCH18, &&&&&Charleston Lead Company (lead shot maker) - South Carolina 1891&&&&&
CHMIMAANDIMC, &&&&&Charlestown Mining, Manufacturing and Improvement Company signed by Confederate Colonel Roger Preston Chew - West Virginia 1891&&&&&
CHARBANANDTR, &&&&&Charlotte Bank and Trust Company 1920's&&&&&
CHMOSPINCSIB, &&&&&Charlotte Motor Speedway, Inc. hand signed by NASCAR Legend, Curtis Turner- 1959&&&&&
CHCOAURARO12, &&&&&Charlotte, Columbia, Augusta Rail Road $1, $2, $5, and $10 Fare Ticket Uncut Sheet - 1873&&&&&
CHANDUNGASLI, &&&&&Charlottesville and University Gas Light Company - Virginia 1861&&&&&
CHCLPE19, &&&&&Charmas Club - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1922&&&&&
CHHOENIN, &&&&&Chart House Enterprises, Inc. - Famous Seafood Restaurant - 1989&&&&&
CHARHOUSENIN, &&&&&Chart House Restaurant&&&&&
CHARCOMINC, &&&&&Charter Communications, Inc. - Paul Allen Company&&&&&
CHCOFL19, &&&&&Charter Company - Florida 1984 ( Became Speiing Entertainment Group )&&&&&
CHCOSPSTCE19, &&&&&Charter Company( Became Spelling Entertainment Group Inc) Specimen stock certificate - Florida 1979&&&&&
CHARNEWYORCO, &&&&&Charter New York Corporation (Bank of New York)&&&&&
CHOAKMUCOCO1, &&&&&Charter Oak Mutual Coal Company 1865&&&&&
CHASPFIZCOIN1, &&&&&Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. ( Now Pfizer Inc - Viagra Maker )&&&&&
CHASPFIZCOIN2, &&&&&Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. ( Now Pfizer Inc - Viagra Maker ) - Specimen&&&&&
CHAMPBALIEN, &&&&&Chase Amp Bank Limited - Australia&&&&&
CHMABANEWYO11, &&&&&Chase Manhattan Bank (Convertible Note Bond) - New York 1970&&&&&
CHASEMAN, &&&&&Chase Manhattan Bank Corporation Stock - David Rockefeller as Chairman&&&&&
CHNABATRDELE, &&&&&Chase National Bank Bond Destruction Affidavit - New York 1935&&&&&
CHASMA19, &&&&&Chatsworth Associates - Massachusetts 1910&&&&&
ERLIBAMA18, &&&&&Check issued to Ericsson Line signed by Mayor - Baltimore, Maryland 1875&&&&&
CHSIBYGEMCON, &&&&&Check signed by Broadway Star, George M. Cohan - New York 1921&&&&&
COOFPATOSTAL, &&&&&Check signed by Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence (first popularly elected Mayor of New York) for New York City Stock Purchased - 1835&&&&&
WILLETMARINUS, &&&&&Check signed by Marinus Willett as New York City Mayor in 1807&&&&&
CHECCABMANCO, &&&&&Checker Cab Manufacturing Corporation 1931&&&&&
CHMOCONEWJE11, &&&&&Checker Motors Corporation - New Jersey ( Checker Cab ) - Pre Uber&&&&&
CIGANDFRUITL, &&&&&Checks, Paper Money, Billheads, Letterheads&&&&&
CHFA, &&&&&Cheesecake Factory, Inc. &&&&&
CHELCOR, &&&&&Chelten Corporation ( PNC Bank Corp )&&&&&
CHELCORTRADB, &&&&&Chelten Corporation - Tradesmens Bank and PNC Bank Corp - 1940's&&&&&
CHFUINDE19, &&&&&Chemical Fund, Inc. - Delaware 1962&&&&&
CHEMNATBANOF2, &&&&&Chemical National Bank of New York - 1895 signed by Actress Fanny Davenport&&&&&
CHRECOMA18, &&&&&Chemical Refrigerating Company - Maine 1895&&&&&
CHLAANDLUCOC, &&&&&Cheniere Land and Lumber Company - Denver, Colorado 1903&&&&&
CHCOCOOFSTOF, &&&&&Cherokee Construction Company of the State of Illinois - Illinois 1887 &&&&&
CHGOMICOCA18, &&&&&Cherokee Gold Mining Company (Vignette of Stamp Mill) - Greenville, Plumas County, California 1882&&&&&
CHDECACO18, &&&&&Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Company - 1884&&&&&
CHANDDECACOS, &&&&&Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company Stock Certificate - 1850&&&&&
CHANDOHGRELC, &&&&&Chesapeake and Ohio Grain Elevator Company - Newport News, Virginia 1888&&&&&
CHESANDOHRAI2, &&&&&Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company - 1972&&&&&
CHBAYBRANDTU, &&&&&Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District (Lucius J. Kellam as Chairman) - Virginia 1960&&&&&
CHESOHANDSOU, &&&&&Chesapeake Ohio and Southwestern Railroad Company signed by Collis P. Huntington 1880's&&&&&
CHOHANDSORAC, &&&&&Chesapeake, Ohio, and Southwestern Railroad Company 1884 signed by Collis P. Huntington&&&&&
CHCOAGASPE19, &&&&&Chester County Agricultural Association - Pennsylvania 1906&&&&&
CHCOAGSO18, &&&&&Chester County Agricultural Society (vignette of a woman with cattle) - 1867&&&&&
CHSTRACOPE19, &&&&&Chester Street Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1904&&&&&
CHESCOPCOM19, &&&&&Chesterfield Copper Company 1907&&&&&
CHESCOPCOM192, &&&&&Chesterfield Copper Company 1912 - Arizona&&&&&
CHESCOPCOM191, &&&&&Chesterfield Copper Company 1912 - Bond&&&&&
CHESSTREETRE, &&&&&Chestnut Street Realty Company - 1958&&&&&
CHBABACLCOOH, &&&&&Cheviot Base Ball Club Co. - Ohio 1923&&&&&
CHOVFICODE19, &&&&&Chevron Overseas Finance Company - Delaware 1967&&&&&
CHEVRONTEXACO, &&&&&ChevronTexaco Corporation&&&&&
CHEVCHASTOGR, &&&&&Chevy Chase to Great Falls Land Corporation 1915 signed by Jackson H. Ralston&&&&&
CHTETRRACO19, &&&&&Chicage Terminal Transfer Railroad Company signed by Robber Baron, E.H. Harriman - 1901&&&&&
CHICGREATEAS, &&&&&Chicago & Great Eastern Railway Company 1867&&&&&
CHICAURMINCO, &&&&&Chicago - Aurora Mining Company 1903&&&&&
CHARTHCODE19, &&&&&Chicago - United Artists Theatre Corporation - Gold Bond - Delaware 1928&&&&&
CHARTHDE19, &&&&&Chicago - United Artists Theatre- Delaware 1928&&&&&
CHANDEAILRAC, &&&&&Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Company - Indiana&&&&&
CHANDILRIRAC, &&&&&Chicago and Illinois River Railroad Company - $1000 7% Uncancelled Bond. - Chicago, Illinois. 60 coupons attached - 1875&&&&&
CHANDSOAIRLI, &&&&&Chicago and Southern Air Lines, Inc. - Merged with Delta Airlines - 1935&&&&&
CHANDSOAIRLI3, &&&&&Chicago and Southern Air Lines, Inc. - Merged with Delta Airlines - 1940's&&&&&
CHANDSOAIRLI1, &&&&&Chicago and Southern Air Lines, Inc. - Delaware 1940&&&&&
CHANDWEINRAC, &&&&&Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad Company - Illinois 1902&&&&&
CHANDWEINRAC2, &&&&&Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad Company - Illinois 1925&&&&&
CHANDWEINRAC1, &&&&&Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad Company - Illinois 1952&&&&&
CHBEHOINIL19, &&&&&Chicago Beach Hotel, Inc. - Illinois 1943 &&&&&
CHBRLIEN, &&&&&Chicago Breweries Limited - England 1889&&&&&
CHICCOTMANCO, &&&&&Chicago Cotton Manufacturing Company - Illinois 1870&&&&&
CHICNATLEAGB, &&&&&Chicago Cubs - Chicago National League Ball Club - SPECIMEN&&&&&
CHDANEINIL, &&&&&Chicago Daily News, Inc. (Frank Knox as President) - Illinois 1935&&&&&
CHDANEINIL19, &&&&&Chicago Daily News, Inc. - Illinois 1926&&&&&
CHDRGRMICOIL, &&&&&Chicago Drift Gravel Mining Company - Illinois 1896 &&&&&
CHICGOLCOM18, &&&&&Chicago Gold Company 1860's - Illinois&&&&&
CHICGOLMINCO, &&&&&Chicago Goldfields Mining Co. 1908 - Nye. Esmeralda Territory of Arizona&&&&&
CHICGREATWES, &&&&&Chicago Great Western Railway Company&&&&&
CHICINANDSOU, &&&&&Chicago Indiana and Southern Railroad Company 1906&&&&&
CHLAWINIL18, &&&&&Chicago Law Institute - Illinois 1885&&&&&
CHLUANDCOCOD, &&&&&Chicago Lumber and Coal Company 1900&&&&&
CHICMEREXHOL1, &&&&&Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc.&&&&&
CHICMEREXHOL, &&&&&Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc. (CME GROUP INC ) - Low Serial # &&&&&
CHMEEXINCOCE, &&&&&Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. Commemorative Certificate (Handed out on the trading floor the day of the CME’s IPO) - November 13, 2000&&&&&
CHMIEXCEOFME, &&&&&Chicago Mining Exchange Certificate of Membership - 1883&&&&&
CHPNTOCONEWJ, &&&&&Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company - New Jersey 1939&&&&&
CHICREALSHAR, &&&&&Chicago Realty Shares, Inc. ( Chicago City and River Vignette )&&&&&
CHICRIVMACCO, &&&&&Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.&&&&&
CHICSOUTSHOR, &&&&&Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad 1929 - Samuel Insull&&&&&
CHSOSHANDSOB, &&&&&Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad Specimen Stock Certificate - 1920's&&&&&
CHTETRRACOIL, &&&&&Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Company (Gold Bond) - Illinois 1897&&&&&
CHTETRRACOIL1, &&&&&Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Company signed by E. H. Harriman- Illinois 1901&&&&&
CHPEANDSTLOU, &&&&&Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Railroad Company uncancelled Gold Bond - 1913&&&&&
CHPOANDSURAC, &&&&&Chicago, Portage and Superior Railway Company Gold Bond - Illinois and Wisconsin 1881&&&&&
CHROISANDGUR, &&&&&Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway Company $50000 Bond - Amarillo Division - United States 1904&&&&&
CHICROCISAND3, &&&&&Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company 1902 - 100 Year Gold Bond&&&&&
CHSACARACO, &&&&&Chicago, Saginaw & Canada Railroad Co. uncancelled Gold Bond - 1873&&&&&
CHSAPAMIOMRA, &&&&&Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railway Company Preferred Stock Certificate - 1947&&&&&
CHICSTLOUISA, &&&&&Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh Rail Road Company 1883&&&&&
CHSTLOANDPIR, &&&&&Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh Railroad Company 1883 - Indiana&&&&&
CHOILSHCOMO1, &&&&&Chicago-Dillon Oil Shale Company - Montana 1922&&&&&
CHARTHIL19, &&&&&Chicago-United Artists Theatre - Illinois 1928 &&&&&
CHARTHCODE191, &&&&&Chicago-United Artists Theatre Corporation - Delaware 1928 &&&&&
CHCOMICOLIBR, &&&&&Chickamonstone Copper Mining Company, Limited. - British Columbia, Canada 1890's&&&&&
CHICCALPOS, &&&&&Chico California Postcard&&&&&
CHIEFMOTCOM1, &&&&&Chief Motors Company 1919 Stock Certificate&&&&&
CHMOCODE19, &&&&&Chief Motors Corporation - Delaware 1920&&&&&
CHEFDEVCOLTD, &&&&&Chieftain Development Co. Ltd.&&&&&
CH30YEARSUBO, &&&&&China 6% Army Supply Bond, 10 Dollars (52 coupons attached) - 1941&&&&&
BLANCER1, &&&&&China Clipper Airplane Vignette - Promissory Note&&&&&
ASIA, &&&&&China, Japan, Asia&&&&&
CHINCOR1, &&&&&
CHINGOV5BON1, &&&&&Chinese Government 5% Bond Reorganisation Gold Loan (written in four languages) - 1913 SOLD&&&&&
CHGO19, &&&&&Chinese Imperial Government 5% Reorganisation Gold Loan - 1913&&&&&
CHLIBOUNWICO, &&&&&Chinese Liberty Bond ($5) - Uncancelled with coupons - Pass-Co Authenticated - 1937&&&&&
CHBO20, &&&&&Chinese Liberty Gold Loan Bond ($10) uncancelled with 58 unused coupons - Pass-Co Certified - 1938 &&&&&
CHINSCHOOLCH, &&&&&Chinese School, Chinatown, San Francisco, California Postcard&&&&&
CHINTELEXCHI, &&&&&Chinese Telephone Exchange, Chinatown - San Francisco, California Postcard&&&&&
CHBRININNEWJ, &&&&&Chiquita Brands International, Inc. (Pre Bankruptcy) - New Jersey 2002&&&&&
CHFUONUCONEW, &&&&&Chock Full O' Nuts Corporation (William Black as Chairman) - New York 1974&&&&&
CHFUONUCONEW1, &&&&&Chock Full O' Nuts Corporation - New York 1989&&&&&
CHBICOETPRAL, &&&&&Chocolats, Biscuits, Confiseries (WW II era) - Elisabethville, Belgian Congo - 1944&&&&&
CHOCOKANDGUL3, &&&&&Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company&&&&&
CHOCOKANDGUL4, &&&&&Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company 1890's&&&&&
CHOCOKANDGUL1, &&&&&Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company 1899 - Men with bales of cotton vignette&&&&&
CHONECOINDE2, &&&&&Choice One Communications, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
CHCOGODEMI19, &&&&&Christen Corporation Gold Debenture - Detroit, Michigan 1931&&&&&
CHRONOFAMPIC, &&&&&Chronicles of America Picture Corporation 1923&&&&&
CHRYSCOR, &&&&&Chrysler Corporation - Lee Iacocca as Chairman&&&&&
CHRYRFINBLU, &&&&&Chrysler Financial Corporation Bond Certificate - 1982&&&&&
CHUNKILILO19, &&&&&Chrysler United Kingdom Limited - London 1972 &&&&&
CHSCCOLI18, &&&&&Church Schools Company Limited - 1884&&&&&
CHFRCHINTE, &&&&&Church's Fried Chicken, Inc. (IPO Certificate) - Texas&&&&&
CHFRCHINTE19, &&&&&Church's Fried Chicken, Inc. (Specimen Stock Certificate) - Texas 1983&&&&&
CIAMINCONSUR, &&&&&Cia Minera Continuacion Sur del Al Acaran, S.A. - Mexico 1919&&&&&
CIENCOR, &&&&&Ciena Corporation&&&&&
CIANDFRLA, &&&&&Cigar and Fruit Labels&&&&&
CIGMACCOR, &&&&&Cigar Machine Corporation 1913&&&&&
CIMACOOFAMDE, &&&&&Cigar Machine Corporation of America - Delaware 1917&&&&&
CIMAMACO18, &&&&&Cigar Making Machine Company Limited - England 1895&&&&&
CIMPORDESESO, &&&&&Ciments Portland De Sestao - October 30, 1929&&&&&
CIPUCONEWYO1, &&&&&Cimetar Publishing Company signed by Leander Richardson - New York 1904&&&&&
CIEARACOOH18, &&&&&Cincinnati & Eastern Railway Company (Uncancelled Gold Bond) - Ohio 1886&&&&&
CIANDAVTUCOO, &&&&&Cincinnati and Avondale Turnpike Company - Ohio 1882&&&&&
CINANDSPRINR, &&&&&Cincinnati and Springfield Railway Company (imprinted revenue stamp) - 1871&&&&&
CINNBELL, &&&&&Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company (Cincinnati Bell - Broadwing Inc)&&&&&
CIANDSUBETEC, &&&&&Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company - Ohio 1969&&&&&
CINBELOH20, &&&&&Cincinnati Bell - Ohio&&&&&
CICHOFCOMEEX, &&&&&Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Exchange - Ohio 1882&&&&&
CINNORRAILCO, &&&&&Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company 1902&&&&&
CIINSTLOCHRA, &&&&&Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway Gold Bond signed by Melville Ezra Ingalls - Indiana 1888&&&&&
CIINSTLOANDC, &&&&&Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Chicago Railway Company signed by Melville Ezra Ingalls - Ohio 1887&&&&&
CIPECHRACO18, &&&&&Cincinnati, Peru & Chicago Railway Company (Famous Supreme Court Case) - 1855&&&&&
CIWAANDBARAC, &&&&&Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore Railroad Company signed by Orland Smith, Civil War Brigade General - 1887&&&&&
CIWAANDBARAC1, &&&&&Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore Railroad Company signed by Orland Smith, Civil War Brigade General - Ohio 1884&&&&&
CINHALSTOCCE, &&&&&Cinema Halls Stock Certificate 1907&&&&&
CITELI19, &&&&&Cinema Television Limited RARE Copper Die Proof Plate - Became Cintel International Limited - 1929&&&&&
CICOON19, &&&&&Cinequity Corporation - Ontario, Canada 1982 - ( Motion Picture Production Company )&&&&&
CINARAMA, &&&&&Cinerama, Inc 1960's - Early Hollywood Wide Screen Movie Maker (Pre Imax & Pre HD & Pre 3D)&&&&&
CIINSTCEWIOR, &&&&&Cinerama, Inc. Stock Certificate with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille" hand signed by Robert Byrne.&&&&&
CIPOFLCLEN19, &&&&&Cinque Ports Flying Club - England 1928 &&&&&
CIOILCODE19, &&&&&Circle Oil Company - Delaware 1919&&&&&
CICISTINVI19, &&&&&Circuit City Stores, Inc. - Virginia 1996 - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
CICISTINCAGR, &&&&&Circuit City Stores, Inc.- CarMax Group (Circuit City was liquidated in 2009) - 2001&&&&&
CICOOFUNSTOF, &&&&&Circuit Court sentence of John Southack to hard labor for committing Insurance Fraud by Sinking Ship - 1803 &&&&&
CICIENINNE19, &&&&&Circus Circus Enterprises, Inc. - Nevada ( Famous Las Vegas Hotel )&&&&&
CILOINCA19, &&&&&Cirrus Logic, Inc. - California 1989&&&&&
CISYINCCA19, &&&&&Cisco Systems, Inc - ( Rare IPO Specimen Certificate ) - John Morgridge as President - California 1990 &&&&&
CITGRINCDE20, &&&&&CIT Group Inc (CIT filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection TARP Bsilout) - Delaware&&&&&
CIDE191, &&&&&Citicorp $1,000,000 Variable Coupon Renewable Note - Delaware 1990&&&&&
CIDE19, &&&&&Citicorp (Pre Subprime Problems) - Delaware 1985&&&&&
CIDE, &&&&&Citicorp - Delaware &&&&&
CIYENNODE19, &&&&&Citicorp 10,000,000 Yen Note - 1990 &&&&&
CIBODE19, &&&&&Citicorp Bond Specimen - Delaware 1989 &&&&&
CIPEINDE19, &&&&&Citicorp Person-To-Person, Inc. $5,000,000 Note - Delaware 1989&&&&&
CINEWYONEWYO, &&&&&CitiCorp Specimen $100 Traveler's Check - New York&&&&&
CIDE1, &&&&&Citicorp Specimen Floating Rate Note Certificate - Delaware 1983&&&&&
CITSERCOMZER, &&&&&Cities Service Company - Citgo - 1983&&&&&
CITSERPOWLIG1, &&&&&Cities Service Power & Light Company ( Now CITGO ) 1925&&&&&
CITIGROUPINC, &&&&&Citigroup Inc. (TARP bailout by U.S. Government) &&&&&
CIDEDO19, &&&&&Citizen's Defense Documents from WWII - Chicago 1943 - 1944&&&&&
CIBACA18, &&&&&Citizens Bank - Nevada City, California 1876&&&&&
CIBAOFREPE18, &&&&&Citizens Bank of Reading - Pennsylvania 1888&&&&&
CITBANINC, &&&&&Citizens Bankshares, Inc. - New Mexico&&&&&
CIELLIASORHE, &&&&&Citizens Electric Light Association - Orion, Henry County, Illinois 1908&&&&&
CILOSACOLO18, &&&&&Citizens Loan & Savings Company (Now The Citizens Bank of London) - London, Ohio 1895&&&&&
CINABAOFFRMA, &&&&&Citizens National Bank of Frostburg Maryland - 1927 &&&&&
CINABAOFMOPE, &&&&&Citizens National Bank of Monessen - Pennsylvania 1929 &&&&&
CITNATBANOFS, &&&&&Citizens National Bank of South Bend, Ind. signed by Clement Studebaker 1923&&&&&
CINATRSABALO, &&&&&Citizens National Trust & Savings Bank- Los Angeles, California&&&&&
CITRANDDECOO, &&&&&Citizens Trust and Deposit Company of Baltimore (dog guarding a safe ) - Maryland 1899&&&&&
CITTRUSCOMOF1, &&&&&Citizens Trust Company of Allentown, Pa 1927&&&&&
CITTRUSCOMOF, &&&&&Citizens Trust Company of Allentown, Pennsylvania 1920's&&&&&
CITELCOM, &&&&&Citizens' Electrical Company&&&&&
CITREALESINC, &&&&&Citizens' Real Estate and Investment Company of Portland, Oregon 1893&&&&&
CITCOUNLANBU, &&&&&Citrus County Land Bureau, Inc. - Florida&&&&&
CISOCOOFCA19, &&&&&Citrus Soap Company of California - San Diego 1920&&&&&
CICOOFSANFRG, &&&&&City & County of San Francisco Golden Gate Park and Presidio Extension Gold Bond signed by Mayor - 1904&&&&&
CIANDCOOFSAN1, &&&&&City and County of San Francisco Exposition Bond (Panama-Pacific International Exposition ) - Certificate #1 - California 1912&&&&&
CITBANTRUSCO1, &&&&&City Bank & Trust Company 1929 - Hartford, Connecticut&&&&&
CITYBANK, &&&&&City Bank 1861&&&&&
CITBANBUFNYC, &&&&&City Bank, Buffalo, N.Y. Check&&&&&
CITINCOM, &&&&&City Investing Company&&&&&
CIINCO, &&&&&City Investing Company &&&&&
CIINCO19, &&&&&City Investing Company - 1985&&&&&
CITINCOR, &&&&&City Investment Corporation 1922 - Maryland&&&&&
CITINCOR1, &&&&&City Investment Corporation 1922 - Maryland Gold Bond&&&&&
CIMUTECONE19, &&&&&City Mutual Telephone Company (certificate #1) - Humboldt, Nebraska 1904&&&&&
CITNATBAN19, &&&&&City National Bank - New Britain, Connecticut&&&&&
CITNATBANOFH, &&&&&City National Bank of Huntington Park, California&&&&&
CIOFAL19, &&&&&City of Alexandria, Virginia - Public Improvement Bond 1953&&&&&
CITOFBOS18, &&&&&City of Boston 1849 signed by Mayor John Prescott Bigelow&&&&&
CIOFBOMA181, &&&&&City of Boston, Civil War - Massachusetts 1861&&&&&
CIOFBUWABONO, &&&&&City of Burlington Water Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
CIOFCHREBONO, &&&&&City of Charlotte Redevelopment Bond - North Carolina 1968&&&&&
CIOFCHSEIMBO, &&&&&City of Charlotte Select Improvement Bond - North Carolina 1955&&&&&
CIOFCHTE, &&&&&City of Chattanooga - Tennessee 1990&&&&&
CIOFCHBRMACO, &&&&&City of Chicago Brewing & Malting Company - England 1892 &&&&&
UNSTOFAMSTOF2, &&&&&City of Cleveland Funded Debt Bond handsigned by Mayor (George Senter)and issued during Civil War - Ohio, 1864&&&&&
CIOFCOREOFGE, &&&&&City of Cologne $1000 Gold Bond - Republic of Germany 1925 &&&&&
CIOFCONOCA19, &&&&&City of Concord - North Carolina 1949&&&&&
CIOFDE1MUBOP, &&&&&City of Detroit $1000 Municipal Bond (Pre Bankruptcy) - Michigan, 1956&&&&&
CIOFFASASEBO, &&&&&City of Fayetteville Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1957 &&&&&
CIOFFOLAGERE, &&&&&City of Fort Lauderdale General Refunding Bond - Florida 1936&&&&&
CIOFGLLIASCO, &&&&&City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co. - Scotland, United Kingdom - 1875&&&&&
CITOFGREATFA, &&&&&City of Great Falls Bond - Water Fall Vignette - 1917&&&&&
CIOFGRFAMO19, &&&&&City of Great Falls Check signed by the Mayor - Montana 1914 &&&&&
CITOFGREATFA1, &&&&&City of Great Falls Municipal Airport Bond 1938&&&&&
TREASOFCITOF1, &&&&&City of Great Falls, Montana signed by Mayor - 1928&&&&&
CIOFGRSASEBO, &&&&&City of Greensboro Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
CIOFGRSTIMBO, &&&&&City of Greensboro Street Improvement Bond - North Carolina 1924&&&&&
CIOFGRWAWOBO, &&&&&City of Greensboro Water Works $500 Bond - North Carolina 1901&&&&&
CIOFGUBRFL, &&&&&City of Gulf Breeze, Florida 1989&&&&&
CIOFHOGE19, &&&&&City of Hogansville - Georgia 1993&&&&&
CIOFJAGE, &&&&&City of Jackson - Georgia 1993&&&&&
CITOFJERCITG2, &&&&&City of Jersey City $1,000 Gold School Bond 1915 signed by Mayor Mark M. Fagan&&&&&
CITOFJERCITG, &&&&&City of Jersey City General Improvement Bond - 1925 Signed by Mayor Frank Hague&&&&&
CITOFJERCITT, &&&&&City of Jersey City Tax Revenue Bond 1926 - Signed by Mayor Frank "I am the Law" Hague&&&&&
CIOFJECIWABO, &&&&&City of Jersey City Water Bond Signed by Mayor Frank Hague ("I am the law.") - New Jersey 1920&&&&&
CITOFJERCITG1, &&&&&City of Jersey City Water Gold Bond 1911 - Signed by Mayor&&&&&
CIOFKNPEIMBO, &&&&&City of Knoxville - Permanent Improvement Bond $1,000 - County of Knox, Tennessee 1934&&&&&
CIOFKNKNTE19, &&&&&City of Knoxville - Tennessee 1935&&&&&
CIOFMOAL19, &&&&&City of Mobile - Alabama 1940&&&&&
CIOFMOSEBOAL, &&&&&City of Mobile Sewer Bond - Alabama 1942&&&&&
CIOFMOAL191, &&&&&City of Mobile, Alabama - 1940&&&&&
CITOFMONTHRE, &&&&&City of Montreal 3% Permanent Debenture Stock 1935&&&&&
CIOFNEWORGUR, &&&&&City of New Orleans Guest Ribbon - 1881&&&&&
CIOFNEWORPRB, &&&&&City of New Orleans Premium Bond - Louisiana 1875&&&&&
CITOFNEWYOR5, &&&&&City of New York $5000 Serial Bond - Indian Chief Vignette&&&&&
DEWCLINSIGCH, &&&&&City of New York Check signed by DeWitt Clinton as Mayor - 1814&&&&&
CIOFNEWYOCHT3, &&&&&City of New York Check signed by Mayor Stephen Allen - City of New York 1821&&&&&
CIOFNEWYOCHT1, &&&&&City of New York Check signed by Mayor, Jacob Radcliff (Jersey City Founder) - 1816&&&&&
CIOFNEWYOCHT2, &&&&&City of New York check signed by Mayor, William Paulding, Jr. - New York, New York 1825&&&&&
CIOFNEWYOPAT1, &&&&&City of New York check to Jacob P. Roome signed by Mayor, Cadwallader D. Colden - New York 1818&&&&&
GANBLNEWYOST, &&&&&City of New York Draft signed by G. N. Bleecker, Co founder of New York Stock Exchange - 1827&&&&&
CITOFNEWYORI, &&&&&City of New York Insurance Company 1929 - 1930 City Skyline Vignette&&&&&
CITOFNEWYORS, &&&&&City of New York Municipal $5,000 Bond - Indian Chief vignette&&&&&
CIOFNEWYOSEB1, &&&&&City of New York, Serial Bond $5000 (Specimen) - 1974&&&&&
CIOFNOSEGEIM, &&&&&City of Norfolk Serial General Improvement Bond - Virginia 1971 &&&&&
CIOFOSNO19, &&&&&City of Oslo - Norway 1964&&&&&
CIOFOSNOBO19, &&&&&City of Oslo, Norway Bond 1977&&&&&
CIOFOXWABONO, &&&&&City of Oxford Water Bond - North Carolina 1953&&&&&
CIOFPEGE19, &&&&&City of Perry - Georgia 1992&&&&&
PHILY, &&&&&City of Philadelphia Loan - Early Tax Free Bond 1887&&&&&
CIOFPHAR19, &&&&&City of Phoenix Water Revenue Bond - County of Maricopa, Arizona 1947&&&&&
CIOFPOORMUST, &&&&&City of Portland, Oregon Multnomah Stadium Bond - 1967&&&&&
CITOFPROVPOI, &&&&&City of Providence Point Street Bridge Draw Loan 1929 - Gold Bond&&&&&
CIOFSAORSPBO, &&&&&City of Salem, Oregon - Specimen Bond 1983&&&&&
CIOFSAARWASA, &&&&&City of Savannah Arrest Warrant signed by Mayor, John J. McDonough - Savannah, Georgia 1892&&&&&
CIOFSTJONECA, &&&&&City of St. John's, Newfoundland - Canada 1987&&&&&
CIOFSTWAANDS, &&&&&City of Statesville Water and Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
CIOFSYHISCBO, &&&&&City of Syracuse High School $10,000 Bond - New York 1900&&&&&
CIOFTA1SPOBB, &&&&&City of Tampa $1,000 Special Obligation Bond - Florida 1964&&&&&
CIOFTA19, &&&&&City of Tampa - Florida 1961&&&&&
CIOFTASEREBO, &&&&&City of Tampa Sewer Revenue Bond - Florida 1949 &&&&&
CIOFTAWAREBO, &&&&&City of Tampa Water Revenue Bond - Florida 1952 &&&&&
CITYOF2, &&&&&City of Tokyo Bond (Ville of Tokyo) - Japan 1912&&&&&
CITOFTOPLOCI, &&&&&City of Toppenish Local Improvement Bond 1912 - Washington State&&&&&
CIOFVI192, &&&&&City of Vilna, Russia (now Lithuania) - 1912&&&&&
CIOFWIFISTBO, &&&&&City of Wilmington Fire Station Bond - North Carolina 1964&&&&&
CIOFWIPUIMAN, &&&&&City of Wilmington Public Improvement and Equipment Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
CIOFWISASEBO, &&&&&City of Wilmington Sanitary Sewer Bond, Series A - North Carolina 1964&&&&&
CIOFWISTSEBO2, &&&&&City of Wilmington Storm Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1964&&&&&
CIOFWISTSEBO1, &&&&&City of Wilmington Storm Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1964&&&&&
CIOFWIWABONO3, &&&&&City of Wilmington Water Bond - North Carolina 1964&&&&&
CIOFWIELLIAN, &&&&&City of Wilson Electric Light and Power Bond - North Carolina 1972&&&&&
CIOFWIPOHEBU, &&&&&City of Wilson Police Headquarters Building Bond - North Carolina 1972&&&&&
CIOFWISTSEBO, &&&&&City of Wilson Storm Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1951 &&&&&
CITRAILCOM18, &&&&&City Railway Company 1893 - Dayton, Ohio - Electric Railway Vignette&&&&&
CIRACOOFPA18, &&&&&City Railway Company of Pasadena, California 1889&&&&&
CIRACODAOH18, &&&&&City Railway of Dayton, Ohio - 1893&&&&&
CISEUTCO18, &&&&&City Sewage Utilization Company - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1871&&&&&
CITRCOPE, &&&&&City Trust Company - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1900&&&&&
CIVAUDSANJOS, &&&&&Civic Auditorium - San Jose, California&&&&&
CONBON, &&&&&Civil War / Confederate&&&&&
CIWAREN, &&&&&Civil War Envelope&&&&&
JOHNHARTRANFT, &&&&&Civil War related Check signed by John Hartranft 1865 - Civil War Medal of Honor Winner&&&&&
CHECFROMCLAF, &&&&&Claflin Ward and Company Check 1853 - Ship Vignette&&&&&
CLLOZIMICOMI, &&&&&Clara Louise Zinc Mining Company - Kansas City, Missouri 1900&&&&&
CLCODE, &&&&&Clarent Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
CLINDE, &&&&&Clarify, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CLTEINDE, &&&&&Clarion Technologies, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CLARBROTLAMB, &&&&&Clark Brothers' Lamp, Brass and Copper Company 1890's&&&&&
CLCONEINDERE, &&&&&Clark County, Nevada ( Las Vegas ) - Industrial Development Revenue Bond 1990&&&&&
CLMETIEANDRA, &&&&&Clark Metal Tie and Rail Co. (Photo vignette of the company's metal tie) - Utah 1913&&&&&
CLARCOUNHORC, &&&&&Clarke County Horse & Colt Show Association 1902 - Berryville, Virginia&&&&&
CLARGASCO, &&&&&Clarksville Gas Co. 1911 - Tennessee&&&&&
CLCOCA19, &&&&&Clary Corporation - California 1978 &&&&&
COLFRAMA6MAX, &&&&&Classic Frame - One Certificate (Frame Size 14" x 18")&&&&&
CLASFRAMTWOC, &&&&&Classic Frame - Two Certificates&&&&&
PROFFRAMCOLF1, &&&&&Classic Frame – One Certificate (Frame size 13” x 16”)&&&&&
CLOILCO19, &&&&&Clayton Oil Corporation - 1923&&&&&
CLCRANDGIMIM, &&&&&Clear Creek and Gilpin Mining, Milling, Power, Tunnel, Drainange and Transportation Company - 1903&&&&&
CLANDMARACON, &&&&&Clearfield and Mahoning Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1893&&&&&
CLEMMINCOR, &&&&&Clemenceau Mining Corporation 1940's&&&&&
CLEVTOLRAILR, &&&&&Cleveland & Toledo Rail Road Company 1854&&&&&
CLEVTOLRAILC, &&&&&Cleveland & Toledo Rail-Road Company 1862&&&&&
CLEVTOLRAIL1, &&&&&Cleveland & Toledo Railroad - 1862 - Civil War Era&&&&&
CLEVANDPITRA, &&&&&Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company&&&&&
CLANDSABRCOO, &&&&&Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing Company - Ohio 1902&&&&&
CLEVANDSANBR, &&&&&Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing Company 1890's&&&&&
NONAME3, &&&&&Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Team - 1970&&&&&
CLEVDISCOM, &&&&&Cleveland Discount Company 1923&&&&&
CLELILCOOH, &&&&&Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (Now FirstEnergy) - Ohio &&&&&
CLELILCO18, &&&&&Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company $1000 Gold Bond - Ohio 1898&&&&&
CLELILCONEWY1, &&&&&Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (Now FirstEnergy) - New York 1947&&&&&
CLEVGASLIGAN, &&&&&Cleveland Gas Light and Coke Company 1878&&&&&
CLEVGRAPBRON, &&&&&Cleveland Graphite Bronze Company&&&&&
CLHOCLINOH191, &&&&&Cleveland Hockey Club, Inc. One Dollar Bill - Ohio 1949&&&&&
CLEVIN, &&&&&Cleveland Indians Baseball Company, Inc (Richard Jacobs as Chairman of the Board and CEO) Name changed to Guardians - 1999&&&&&
CLEVNOVCOM18, &&&&&Cleveland Novelty Company 1892 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
CLPRBACOOH19, &&&&&Cleveland Professional Basketball Company (Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Team) - Ohio - 1981&&&&&
CLPRFUCOOH18, &&&&&Cleveland Protective Fuel Company - Ohio 1866&&&&&
CLEVPUNANDSH, &&&&&Cleveland Punch and Shear Works Company 1904 - Great Vignette&&&&&
CLTECLCOOH19, &&&&&Cleveland Tennis Club Company - Ohio 1915&&&&&
CLWECOOH19, &&&&&Cleveland Welding Company (Famous Bicycle Maker) - Ohio 1930&&&&&
CLEVCINCHICA1, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company&&&&&
CLCICHANDSTL1, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company $50,000 Gold Bond with Stamp - 1919&&&&&
CLEVCINCHICA2, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company 1890 - Gold Bond&&&&&
CLEVCINCHICA, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company Bond 1927&&&&&
CLEVCINCHICR, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago Railway Company - Reaper Sisters Vignette - 1893&&&&&
CLEVCINCHICS, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis Railway Company 100 Year Gold Bond - 1890&&&&&
ROBINCLEARRBROWN, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis Railway Company Gold Bond 1891&&&&&
ROBINCLEAVGREEN, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Gold Bond 1893&&&&&
CLEVCINCHICW, &&&&&Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis WALBASH Gold Bond 1891&&&&&
CLEVCOLANDCI, &&&&&Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati Railroad Company 1860's&&&&&
CLEVCOLCINAN, &&&&&Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis Railway Company (Signed by John Henry Devereux) - 1875&&&&&
CLEVCOR, &&&&&Clevite Corporation&&&&&
CLIFHOUSANDS, &&&&&Cliff House and Seal Rock, San Francisco, California&&&&&
CLIFNEARSANB, &&&&&Cliffs near Santa Barbara, Cal. Postcard&&&&&
CLFOBAANDCOC, &&&&&Clifton Forge Banking and Construction Co. - Virginia 1899&&&&&
CLFOBAANDCOC1, &&&&&Clifton Forge Banking and Construction Co. signed by Confederate General, Edward Echols - Virginia 1891 &&&&&
CLMACOSOCA19, &&&&&Clifton Manufacturing Company - South Carolina 1903&&&&&
CLINTFORD, &&&&&Clint Ford Cigar Box Label&&&&&
CLINCOALIRCO, &&&&&Clinton Coal & Iron Company - Pennsylvania 1864&&&&&
CLCOCODE19, &&&&&Clinton Coal Company - Kentucky 1922&&&&&
CLCOMICOAR19, &&&&&Clinton Consolidated Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado - 1902&&&&&
CLINNATBANCH, &&&&&Clinton National Bank Check 1889 - Clinton, New Jersey&&&&&
CLTRCONEWYOC, &&&&&Clinton Trust Company (Now JPMorgan Chase Bank) - Great Gift for Hillary Supporter&&&&&
CLNIINCO19, &&&&&Cloud Nine, Inc. (Formally Dean's Pride, Inc) - Colorado 1960&&&&&
CLMIINFL19, &&&&&Clover Mini-Marts, Inc. - Florida 1983&&&&&
CLNEINFL, &&&&&Club -Theatre Network, Inc. - Florida&&&&&
CLUBATINC, &&&&&Club Atlantic, Inc. (Club Atlantic on the Sea) - Brigantine, New Jersey 1927&&&&&
CLUBHOTCOROF, &&&&&Club Hotel Corporation of New York 1929&&&&&
CLMEINSP, &&&&&Club Med, Inc. Stock Certificate- 1984&&&&&
CLUBTERLANCO, &&&&&Club Terrace Land Company 1910 - Alabama&&&&&
CMCOINDE, &&&&&CM Communications, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CMLGROUPINC, &&&&&CML Group, Inc. ( NordicTrack Maker )&&&&&
CMCOFL, &&&&&CMS/Data Corporation - Florida&&&&&
CMCOOFFL, &&&&&CMS/DATA Corporation, Florida&&&&&
CNAFINCOR, &&&&&CNA Financial Corporation (CNA Insurance)&&&&&
CNETNETINC, &&&&&CNET Networks, Inc.&&&&&
CODRAS18, &&&&&Co-operative Dress Association signed by Kate Field - New York 1881&&&&&
COOPDRUGCOM, &&&&&Co-Operative Drug Company 1921&&&&&
COOPENCOM19, &&&&&Co-operative Enterprise Company 1912 - Washington State&&&&&
COOPGLASCOM, &&&&&Co-Operative Glass Company 1920 - Los Angeles&&&&&
COMILAANDPRC, &&&&&Co-Operative Mineral Land and Prospecting Company - Arizona 1913&&&&&
COIN, &&&&&Coachmen Industries, Inc&&&&&
COACININC, &&&&&Coachmen Industries, Inc. ( Famous RV Maker )&&&&&
COFEOILCOAR1, &&&&&Coalinga Federal Oil Company - Arizona 1909 &&&&&
COPARAPE19, &&&&&Coalville Passenger Railroad - Wilkes-Barre , Pennsylvania &&&&&
COSAFIINDE19, &&&&&Coast Savings Financial, Inc.- Delaware 1988&&&&&
COAIINSEVI19, &&&&&Coastal Airways, Inc. ( Seaplane Vignette) - 1929&&&&&
COASINLTD, &&&&&Coastal International, Ltd. ( Now Intelect Communications )&&&&&
COASSTATGASP, &&&&&Coastal States Gas Producing Company ( Now El Paso Energy Corporation )&&&&&
COATBOILWOR, &&&&&Coatesville Boiler Works 1925 - Boiler Orbiting Earth Vignette&&&&&
COCOSIMICOLI, &&&&&Cobalt Contact Silver Mines Company, Limited - Canada 1907&&&&&
COLGOLMINCOM, &&&&&Cobalt Gold Mining Company 1931 - Colorado&&&&&
COCLOH19, &&&&&Cobweb Club - Columbus, Ohio 1928 &&&&&
COCCOLCOM1, &&&&&Coca - Cola Company Specimen&&&&&
COCOBOCOTE19, &&&&&Coca Cola Bottling Company - Tennessee 19__&&&&&
COCCOLBOTCOM1, &&&&&Coca Cola Bottling Company Check 1940's - Winston Salem, North Carolina, Reidsville, North Carolina orJackson, Tennessee - Nice Coke Bottle Vignette&&&&&
COCCOLBOTCOM2, &&&&&Coca Cola Bottling Company Check 1950's - Piqua, Ohio&&&&&
COCOCORASP19, &&&&&Coca Cola Company - RARE Specimen&&&&&
COC19SCARCHE, &&&&&Coca-Cola 1940s SCARCE Check & Advertisement Framed&&&&&
COCANCHECADF, &&&&&Coca-Cola Antique Check & Advertisement Framed 1951&&&&&
COBOCOINMI19, &&&&&Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Incorporated - Minnesota 1942&&&&&
COCODE196, &&&&&Coca-Cola Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
COCODE19, &&&&&Coca-Cola Company - Delaware 1956&&&&&
COENINDE, &&&&&Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
COFOSACODE19, &&&&&Coca-Cola Fountain Sales Corporation- Delaware 1923&&&&&
COCDEVCOM, &&&&&Cochise Development Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
COCGOLMINCOM, &&&&&Cochiti Gold Mining Company 1900&&&&&
COAISYCA19, &&&&&Cochran Airport Systems - California 1979&&&&&
COCLANCOM, &&&&&Cocoa - Rockledge Land Company 1926 - Florida&&&&&
COCPLANCOM19, &&&&&Coconut Plantations Company 1917&&&&&
COWYCOCOW19, &&&&&Cody's Wyoming Coal Company signed twice by Buffalo Bill Cody - 1904 Colt Gun and Carriage Company, Ltd. 1906 - Sold&&&&&
COEURDALMINC, &&&&&Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation&&&&&
COCODE192, &&&&&Cognizant Corporation - Delaware 1996&&&&&
COINPHONINCS, &&&&&Coin Phones, Inc. Stock Certificate (Pre Smart Phone) - New York, 1987&&&&&
COINDE, &&&&&Coinstar, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
COLDWHITELIGHT, &&&&&Cold White Light 1933 - Seattle ( Kold Wite Lite )&&&&&
COLCOR, &&&&&Coldak Corporation 1927 - Refrigerators and Refrigerating&&&&&
COPOTISPA16S, &&&&&Cole Porter, Joan Fontaine, Gene Tierney,William S. Paley and more - 19 Original Signatures on Guestbook Page From 1950 &&&&&
COLININC, &&&&&Coleco Industries, Inc. ( Inventors of ColecoVision and Cabbage Patch doll's)&&&&&
COININNEWYOC, &&&&&Coleco Industries, Inc. - ( Inventors of ColecoVision and Cabbage Patch doll's) &&&&&
COLLAMANDSTO, &&&&&Coleman Lamp and Stove Company - Specimen&&&&&
COLAANDSTCOW, &&&&&Coleman Lamp and Stove Company - Wichita, Kansas 1929&&&&&
PEETBROSMANC1, &&&&&Colgate - Palmolive - Peet Company (Peet Conceived the Idea of a White Soap and later merged with Colgate) signed by Founder William Peet - 1913&&&&&
COCOAM2, &&&&&Colgate - Palmolive Company - Amsterdam &&&&&
COMOSECOOWBY, &&&&&Collateralized Mortgage Securities Corporation owned by Credit Suisse First Boston Management - (Sub Prime CMO's were at the center of the collapse of the housing market and the financial system in 2008) - 1988&&&&&
UNSTSABO, &&&&&Collectible United States Savings Bonds and Liberty Loan Bonds&&&&&
COLVSREDSEC, &&&&&Collectible vs. Redeemable Security&&&&&
COOFBAREBAMA, &&&&&Collection Receipt, Baltimore - R. Purviance - Baltimore, Maryland 1798 &&&&&
ROPUDOBA17, &&&&&Collection Receipt, Baltimore - Robert Purviance - Baltimore, Maryland 1798 &&&&&
COLUNINC, &&&&&Collectors Universe, Inc.&&&&&
COHOASCA18, &&&&&College Homestead Association - Berkeley, California 1865&&&&&
COCOIN, &&&&&College/University Corporation - Indiana &&&&&
COLSHOCOM, &&&&&Collins - Morris Shoe Company&&&&&
COLLIVCOM, &&&&&Collins Livestock Company - Helena, Montana&&&&&
COLLINS, &&&&&Collins Radio - Early Ham Radio Manufacturer&&&&&
CORACORSPEAH, &&&&&Collins Radio Company (Rare Specimen) - Early Ham Radio Manufacturer&&&&&
COGOMICOCO191, &&&&&Colomont Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado - 1900&&&&&
COLAIRCOR, &&&&&Colonial Aircraft Corporation Stock 1969 - New York ( Became Flying Boat maker Lake Aircraft )&&&&&
EAUANDCO, &&&&&Colonial and Early U.S.&&&&&
COCOCOPE19, &&&&&Colonial Colliery Company ( Coal Mining)- Pennsylvania 1924&&&&&
COFISTINMA19, &&&&&Colonial Filling Stations, Inc. (Colonial Beacon Oil Company / Standard Oil Company ) - Massachusetts 1923&&&&&
COLFINCOR, &&&&&Colonial Finance Corporation (Minuteman Solider Vignette) - Delaware 1927&&&&&
COLMOTPICCOR, &&&&&Colonial Motion Picture Corporation (Silent Movies) - New York 1916&&&&&
JABONEWYO17, &&&&&Colonial Note Payable for $580 - Catskill, New York 1798&&&&&
COLTIMANDCOA, &&&&&Colonial Timber and Coal Corporation - 1919&&&&&
COTRCOAR, &&&&&Colonial Trust Company (Now GoldStar Trust Company) - Arizona 1989&&&&&
COLORADO, &&&&&Colorado&&&&&
COCOMICOUT19, &&&&&Colorado Consolidated Mines Company - Tintic District, Utah 1929&&&&&
COCOMICONEWM, &&&&&Colorado Copper Mining Company - Mine office: Copperfield, Fremont Co. 1899&&&&&
COLGOLMINCOM1, &&&&&Colorado Gold Mining Company of Philadelphia 1870&&&&&
COLINCOR, &&&&&Colorado Interstate (Gas) Corporation&&&&&
COLINGASCOM, &&&&&Colorado Interstate Gas Company&&&&&
COINCO181, &&&&&Colorado Investment Company ( Owned the Sovereign Mining Company in Colorado) - Inc. in New York 1885&&&&&
COINCOCO182, &&&&&Colorado Investment Company - Colorado 1880's&&&&&
COINCOCO181, &&&&&Colorado Investment Company - Colorado 1884&&&&&
COINCOCO18, &&&&&Colorado Investment Company - Colorado 1885&&&&&
COLMINLEASCO, &&&&&Colorado Mining & Leasing Company 1922&&&&&
COROHARODRCO, &&&&&Colorado Rotary Hand Rock Drill Company - 18__&&&&&
COLGUNANDCAR, &&&&&Colt Gun and Carriage Company, Ltd. 1906&&&&&
COGUNANDCACO, &&&&&Colt Gun and Carriage Company, Ltd. 1906 ***SOLD***&&&&&
COLMANCOM, &&&&&Colt's Manufacturing Company - Famous Firearm Company&&&&&
COLPATFIRARM1, &&&&&Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company 1949&&&&&
COPAFIARMACO1, &&&&&Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company hand signed by President, Samuel M. Stone, - Connecticut 1940&&&&&
COLPATFIRARM2, &&&&&Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company hand signed by Samuel M. Stone as President - 1939&&&&&
COCAYCH19, &&&&&Columba Cafes Y Chocolates (Albino Escribano S.A.) - Madrid, Spain 1943&&&&&
COLAIRBALMAR, &&&&&Columbia Airlines - Baltimore, Maryland 1920's&&&&&
COAIMA19, &&&&&Columbia Airlines - Baltimore, Maryland 1946&&&&&
COANDLATECOP, &&&&&Columbia and Lancaster Telegraph Company - Pennsylvania 1854&&&&&
METRANDDECOO, &&&&&Columbia and Maryland Railway - Maryland 1897&&&&&
COBRSYIN19, &&&&&Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. ( Uncancelled Stock ) - 1970&&&&&
COBRSYINNEWY, &&&&&Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. (CBS) - New York&&&&&
COBRSYIN191, &&&&&Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. CBS (uncancelled) - 1966&&&&&
COLBROADSYSI, &&&&&Columbia Broadcasting Systems, Inc. Letter signed by Bob Trout 1939&&&&&
TROFCOCOGOBO, &&&&&Columbia College Trustees (Columbia University) - Gold Bond - New York 1909&&&&&
COLGASSYSINC1, &&&&&Columbia Gas System, Inc.&&&&&
COLGASSYSINC, &&&&&Columbia Gas System, Inc.&&&&&
COGRMACO19, &&&&&Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company (Became EMI Music Company) - 1923&&&&&
COLGRAPMANCO1, &&&&&Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company - 1921&&&&&
COLGRAPMANCO, &&&&&Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company 1920's - Early Crank ( Grammy ) Phonograph&&&&&
GRAPHOPHONE, &&&&&Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company circa 1920's&&&&&
COINLACOSTLO, &&&&&Columbia Incadescent Lamp Co. - St. Louis, Missouri 1910&&&&&
COLPICCOR, &&&&&Columbia Motion Pictures - Now Sony Pictures: Producers of the movie "The Interview" - 1965&&&&&
COLMOTCO, &&&&&Columbia Motors Co. 1924 - Michigan&&&&&
COMOCOMI19, &&&&&Columbia Motors Company - Michigan 1920&&&&&
COPICOWITHST, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Corporation with Three Stooges Image and Nuk Yuk Yuk on Certificate - 1965&&&&&
COPIENDE, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Entertainment - Delaware 1998&&&&&
COPIENINDE191, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
COPIENINDE, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
COPIENINDE19, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
COPIININDE19, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Convertible Debt Specimen - Delaware 1967&&&&&
COPIININDE, &&&&&Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.(Scarce Specimen) - Delaware 1979&&&&&
COPLCLOFFOXL1, &&&&&Columbia Pleasure Club of Fox Lake- Chicago, Illinois 1886&&&&&
COLRIVGOLDRE, &&&&&Columbia River Gold Dredging - Concentration Co. 1904&&&&&
COLRIVGOLMIN, &&&&&Columbia River Gold Mining Company 1899 - 1907&&&&&
COSAANDLOASN, &&&&&Columbia Savings and Loan Association (Famous Junk bond Bankruptcy) - Beverly Hills 1983 &&&&&
COLSTARMANCO, &&&&&Columbia Star Manufacturing Company 1901 - Washington&&&&&
COSTCARCOCHI, &&&&&Columbia Steel Car Company- Chicago Illinois 1891&&&&&
COSTPOEXWA19, &&&&&Columbia Storage Power Exchange - Washington 1964&&&&&
COSTPOEXWA191, &&&&&Columbia Storage Power Exchange - Washington 1964&&&&&
COSTPOEXWA, &&&&&Columbia Storage Power Exchange - Washington 1972&&&&&
COLTECH, &&&&&Columbia Technical CTC Stock Certificate&&&&&
COTEMACOWEVI, &&&&&Columbia Telephone Manufacturing Company - West Virginia 1902&&&&&
COLTHEATCOM, &&&&&Columbia Theatre Company 1908&&&&&
COTRCO18, &&&&&Columbia Transportation Company - Vancouver, Washington Territory - 1863 ***SOLD***&&&&&
COLTRUSCOM19, &&&&&Columbia Trust Company 1920's ( Bank of New York )&&&&&
COLADMACCOM1, &&&&&Columbian Adding Machine Company 1897&&&&&
COBANOCOIL19, &&&&&Columbian Bank Note Company - Illinois 1908&&&&&
COLCONOFMUS1, &&&&&Columbian Conservatory of Music 1930&&&&&
COGOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Columbian Gold Mining and Milling Co. - Great Falls, Montana 1901&&&&&
COMAPUCODE19, &&&&&Columbian Magazine Publishing Company - Delaware 1910&&&&&
COOIASANDREC, &&&&&Columbian Oil, Asphalt and Refining Company - Territory of Arizona 1903&&&&&
COPUCODE191, &&&&&Columbian-Sterling Publishing Company ( Columbian Magazine Publisher)- Delaware 1911&&&&&
COPUCODE19, &&&&&Columbian-Sterling Publishing Company - Delaware 1911 ( Famous Columbian Magazine )&&&&&
COLOILCOM, &&&&&Columbine Oil Company 1921&&&&&
COLINRAILCOM1, &&&&&Columbus & Indianapolis Railroad Company 1864&&&&&
COLSOUTOHELB, &&&&&Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Bond&&&&&
COCOGOMICOBL, &&&&&Columbus Consolidated Gold Mining Company signed by William Sauntry - Black Hills, South Dakota - 1907&&&&&
COLFLYINSERI, &&&&&Columbus Flying Service Inc. 1930's&&&&&
COFLSEINCIN1, &&&&&Columbus Flying Service, Inc (Norton Field) - Ohio 1936 &&&&&
COZOCOCOOH19, &&&&&Columbus Zoological Company - Columbus, Ohio 1903&&&&&
COLCHICANDIN, &&&&&Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railway Company 1883&&&&&
COCHANDINCER, &&&&&Columbus, Chicago, And Indiana Central Railway - Issued to and signed by James Alfred Roosevelt, Ohio 1869&&&&&
COMHOSCOR, &&&&&Combine Hosiery Corporation&&&&&
COMEQASINC, &&&&&Combustion Equipment Associates, Inc. 1970's&&&&&
COMCOR2, &&&&&Comcast Corporation - Brian L. Roberts as President&&&&&
COINDE191, &&&&&Comdisco, Inc. - Delaware 1981&&&&&
COINDE19, &&&&&Comdisco, Inc. - Delaware 1983&&&&&
COBLYOHOLOCA1, &&&&&Come Blow Your Horn Lobby Card Starring Frank Sinatra - 1963&&&&&
COBLYOHOLOCA, &&&&&Come Blow Your Horn Lobby Card Starring Frank Sinatra - 1963&&&&&
COMMINCOMOFU, &&&&&Comet Mining Company of Utah - 1883&&&&&
COINOL19, &&&&&Comite International Olympique (International Olympic Committee ) signed by Avery Brundage - 1959 &&&&&
COMGEARCOM, &&&&&Comly Gear Company 1876&&&&&
COMAIRINC, &&&&&Command Airways, Inc. ( Acqured by American Eagle )&&&&&
COST, &&&&&Commemorative Stamps ( Kenya, Ghana, Sudan ) - Specimens from Thomas De La Rue and Company&&&&&
COMCLEARHOUS, &&&&&Commerce Clearing House Inc.(CCH) - Delaware&&&&&
COONEDE20, &&&&&Commerce One, Inc. - Delaware 2002&&&&&
COAISYKACIMI, &&&&&Commercial Airship Syndicate - Kansas City, Missouri 1920&&&&&
COANDSABAOFG, &&&&&Commercial and Savings Bank of Griffin, Georgia 1931&&&&&
COBAOFSCLISC, &&&&&Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited Letter of Credit Specimen - Scotland &&&&&
BANDECOMDESI, &&&&&Commercial Bank of Siberia - 1907&&&&&
COBAOFSI250R, &&&&&Commercial Bank of Siberia 250 Roubles - St. Petersburg, Russia 1912&&&&&
COBAOFSI500R, &&&&&Commercial Bank of Siberia 500 Roubles - St. Petersburg, Russia 1907&&&&&
COBAOFSICEPR, &&&&&Commercial Bank of Siberia Certificate (Vignette of a miner, trapper, merchant ) - Professionally Framed - 1907&&&&&
COMBUILSANJO, &&&&&Commercial building - San Jose, California&&&&&
COCACONEWYO1, &&&&&Commercial Cable Company (Mackay Bennett Transatlantic Cable System)- New York 1897&&&&&
COCACO400YES, &&&&&Commercial Cable Company 400 Year Specimen Gold Bond (Mackay Bennett Transatlantic Cable System)- New York 1897&&&&&
COCARECOIL19, &&&&&Commercial Cash Register Co. - Illinois 1902&&&&&
COCLIN18, &&&&&Commercial Club of Indianapolis hand signed by Eli Lilly (RARE) - Indiana 1891 Colt Gun and Carriage Company, Ltd. 1906 - Sold&&&&&
COMCREDCOM, &&&&&Commercial Credit Company (Primerica, Travelers, Citigroup)&&&&&
COMINCOR, &&&&&Commercial Instrument Corporation 1930&&&&&
COMOILANDLEA, &&&&&Commercial Oil and Lease Company 1920 - Dallas, Texas&&&&&
COTECO18, &&&&&Commercial Telegram Company (Acquired by the New York Stock Exchange) - Stock Ticker Vignette - New York, 1888&&&&&
COMTELCOM19, &&&&&Commercial Telephone Company Gold Bond 1901 - Texas&&&&&
COMTRUSCOM19, &&&&&Commercial Trust Company 1930 - New Britain, Connecticut&&&&&
COWACOUT19, &&&&&Commercial Warehouse Co. - Utah 1925&&&&&
COMWHARCO18B, &&&&&Commercial Wharf Co. 1873 Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
COEXBUCA191, &&&&&Commerical Exchange Building (Southeast Corner of Eighth and Olive) - Los Angeles, California 1928 &&&&&
COMWARCOMINC, &&&&&Commodity Warehouse Company, Inc.&&&&&
COAVCA19, &&&&&Commodore Aviation - California 1957&&&&&
COMCOR3, &&&&&Commodore Corporation&&&&&
COMFUNCOMLTD, &&&&&Common Fund Company, Ltd. - London 1869&&&&&
COSOCODE191, &&&&&Commonwealth & Southern Corporation - Option Warrant - Delaware 1947&&&&&
COMSOUTCOR, &&&&&Commonwealth & Southern Corporation 1934 (Southern Company )&&&&&
COEDCOCHIL19, &&&&&Commonwealth Edison Company - Chicago, Illinois - 1982&&&&&
COENSYMA19, &&&&&Commonwealth Energy System (Now NSTAR) - Massachusetts 1996&&&&&
COMINFUN, &&&&&Commonwealth Income Fund&&&&&
COOFAU1SPBO1, &&&&&Commonwealth of Australia $1000 Specimen Bond - 1959&&&&&
COOFKEBRREBO, &&&&&Commonwealth of Kentucky - Bridge Revenue Bond 1935&&&&&
COOFKE19, &&&&&Commonwealth of Kentucky - Bridge Revenue Bond 1939&&&&&
COOFKEBRRERE, &&&&&Commonwealth of Kentucky Bridge Revenue Refunding Bond - Kentucky 1936&&&&&
COMOFMASATBA1, &&&&&Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1857 Dunning Collection Notice&&&&&
COMOFMASATBA, &&&&&Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attleborough Bank 1850's - Dunning Notice&&&&&
COOFPELEPE18, &&&&&Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Summons - Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1832&&&&&
COOFPURIPURI, &&&&&Commonwealth of Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico 1969&&&&&
COOFPURIPUIM3, &&&&&Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Public Improvement Bond - Puerto Rico 1967 &&&&&
COOFPURIPUIM1, &&&&&Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Public Improvement Bond - Puerto Rico 1971&&&&&
COOFPURIPUIM2, &&&&&Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Public Improvment Bond - Puerto Rico 1954&&&&&
COOFVILELOCO, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia 10 Page Legal Document - Loudon County, Virginia 1843 &&&&&
COOFVI182, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia Appointment signed by Governor Thomas Walker Gilmer 1840&&&&&
COOFVI19, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia Appointment signed by Governor, Claude A. Swanson - 1906&&&&&
COOFVI183, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia Appointment signed by Governor, Philip W. McKinney - 1890 &&&&&
COOFVIHIEDIN, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bonds - Virginia 1973&&&&&
COOFVI191, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia signed by James Hoge Tyler - 1900&&&&&
COOFVI2, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia signed by Virginia Governor, William Evelyn Cameron - 1880's&&&&&
COOFVI185, &&&&&Commonwealth of Virginia Specimen Bond Certificate (Statue of Stonewall Jackson) - Bond Certificate - 1891 &&&&&
COOILCOPE18, &&&&&Commonwealth Oil Company - Lawrence County, Pennsylvania 1864&&&&&
COSOLTIS19, &&&&&CommTouch Software, Ltd. - Israel 1999&&&&&
COURDEMOMOCA, &&&&&Communaute Urbaine De Montreal- Montreal, Canada&&&&&
COPRINDE19, &&&&&Communications Properties, Inc. - Delaware 1977 &&&&&
COSACO19C, &&&&&Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT) - 1974&&&&&
COSESEBYPRRA, &&&&&Communications Section Search by Price Range&&&&&
COBAOFBA, &&&&&Community Bank of the Bay - California &&&&&
COMCOMCOR, &&&&&Community Computer Corporation (TBC Industries)&&&&&
COCOOILCOINA, &&&&&Community Cooperative Oil Company, Inc. - Amherst, Wisconsin 1942&&&&&
COHOCOWA19, &&&&&Community Hotel Corporation ( Olympic Hotel ) - Seattle, Washington 1924&&&&&
COTRCOAR19, &&&&&Como Trust Company - Hot Springs, Arkansas 1916&&&&&
CODESMIDDELA, &&&&&Compagnie Des Mines D'or De La Guyane Francaise (French Guiana - Guiana Space Center ) - France 1926&&&&&
CODUKA19, &&&&&Compagnie du Kasai - Bruxelles, 1955&&&&&
COMDULUB, &&&&&Compagnie Du Lubilash , Congo 1944&&&&&
COMGENBOULET, &&&&&Compagnie Generale Boulets Et Agglomerants 1912&&&&&
COMGENSANLIK, &&&&&Compagnie Generale Sangha - Likouala 1930 - Woman with Spear&&&&&
COINDEBE, &&&&&Compagnie Industrielle de Belgique-1898&&&&&
COMMINDUHAUT, &&&&&Compagnie Miniere du Haut - Mekong ( Mining Company of Mekong )&&&&&
CONAFIFR18, &&&&&Compagnie Nationale Financiere - Belgium 1901&&&&&
CIENODUCADEP, &&&&&Compagnie Nouvelle du Canal de Panama 1894 (Company purchased by U.S. to build Panama Canal) - Sold &&&&&
COUNDUCAINDE, &&&&&Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique lottery bonds with stamps - Panama Canal - 1888&&&&&
VINAELCOPO, &&&&&Companhia Nacional Viacao National Electricity Company - Portugal 1920&&&&&
COAZVAEC19, &&&&&Compania Azucarera Valdez (Ingenio Valdez - Famous Sugar Company) - Guayaquil, Ecuador (Galápagos Islands) 1922&&&&&
COCODEINEC19, &&&&&Compania Continental De Inversiones - Guayaquil, Ecuador 1955&&&&&
COMGENDECOCY, &&&&&Compania General de Coches y Automoviles 1910&&&&&
COGEDEMIYSO1, &&&&&Compania General de Minas y Sondeos ( Man, Lion, Angel Vignette)- Barcelona, Spain 1901&&&&&
COMMINDELOSA, &&&&&Compania Minera de Los Azules 1936&&&&&
COMMINELSA, &&&&&Compania Minera Elsa S.A. 1908 - Distrito de Temascalteper, Mexico&&&&&
COMMINLAREFE, &&&&&Compania Minera La Reforma, El Escorpion Y Anexas, S.A. Mexico 1919&&&&&
NAZMINCOMBON, &&&&&Compania Minera Nazareno Y Anexas En Temascaltepec Estado De Mexico - Nazareno Mining Company Bond 1910&&&&&
COSEMACONEWB, &&&&&Companion Sewing Machine Co. - New Britain, Connecticut 1884&&&&&
ABSC, &&&&&Company Overview -
COCOCODE19, &&&&&Compaq Computer Corporation (Pre Hewlett-Packard merger) - Delaware 1988&&&&&
COMCOMCOR1, &&&&&Compaq Computer Corporation - (Pre Hewlett - Packard Acquisition)&&&&&
COSYCOCO, &&&&&Comparator Systems Corporation - Colorado&&&&&
COAZCEADHA, &&&&&Compañía Azucarera Central Adela (vignette of a pair of oxen pulling a car)- Habana, Cuba &&&&&
GOSMA19, &&&&&Compañía Española de Neumáticos y Caucho Goodyear S.A. - Madrid 1926&&&&&
COBOANDSHCOM, &&&&&Composite Boot and Shoe Company - Maine 1909&&&&&
COTYBARCONEW, &&&&&Composite Type Bar Company - New Jersey 1903 &&&&&
COCAANDHIOFC, &&&&&Comprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds (in Color) - Second Edition - 2015&&&&&
CODEINPE, &&&&&Comprehensive Designers, Inc. - Pennsylvania &&&&&
COAIRPOCOMA1, &&&&&Compressed Air & Power Company - Maine 1892&&&&&
COAIRCONEWYO, &&&&&Compressed Air Company - Rome, New York 1904&&&&&
COMCOR1, &&&&&Comptometer Corporation ( Mechanical Adding Machine Company)&&&&&
COMWATLIGCOM, &&&&&Compton Water & Lighting Company 1922 - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
COMCONCOR, &&&&&Compumedic Controls Corporation&&&&&
COMCOR, &&&&&CompuSave Corporation&&&&&
COMAPSTOCCER, &&&&&Computer Applications Incorporated (CAI) Stock Certificate - 1970&&&&&
COASININDE191, &&&&&Computer Associates International, Inc. - Delaware 1989&&&&&
COCOINCDE19, &&&&&Computer Complex, Inc - Delaware 1969&&&&&
COCOINDE19, &&&&&Computer Complex, Inc. - Delaware 1969&&&&&
CODASYINMA19, &&&&&Computer Data Systems, Inc. - Maryland 1975&&&&&
COHACOSEINCP, &&&&&Computer Hardware Consultants & Services, Inc - Pennsylvania 1972&&&&&
COMHORCOR, &&&&&Computer Horizons Corporation 1986&&&&&
COLECOTE19, &&&&&Computer Leasing Company - Texas 1967&&&&&
COMISYINCDE1, &&&&&Computer Micromation Systems, Inc - Delaware 1970&&&&&
COPRINCDE19, &&&&&Computer Preparations, Inc - Delaware 1969&&&&&
COPRINFL19, &&&&&Computer Products, Inc. - Florida 1987&&&&&
COMRESINC, &&&&&Computer Research, Inc.&&&&&
COMRETSYSINC, &&&&&Computer Retrieval Systems, Inc.&&&&&
COSCCONE, &&&&&Computer Sciences Corporation - Nevada&&&&&
COSTINMA19, &&&&&Computer Store, Inc. - Massachusetts 1983&&&&&
COMTELCOMOFC, &&&&&Computer Telephone Company of Chicago 1969&&&&&
COMEPULICONE, &&&&&Computerised Medical Systems Public Limited Company - England 1987&&&&&
COMINC, &&&&&Computerology, Inc. (W.S.C. Group)&&&&&
COANDHITE, &&&&&Computers and Technology &&&&&
DOTCOMS, &&&&&Computers, Communications, Technology, Media&&&&&
COCODE1, &&&&&Computervision Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
COCODIOFCO, &&&&&Comsat Corporation - District of Columbia - 1993&&&&&
COCOMA19, &&&&&Comsec Corporation - Maryland 1937&&&&&
COMSHARE, &&&&&Comshare - Michigan&&&&&
COGOMIANDMIC1, &&&&&Comstock Gold Mining and Milling Co. - 1900&&&&&
COMTUNCOM181, &&&&&Comstock Lode Tunnel Company signed by Theodore Sutro - Virginia City, Nevada 1890&&&&&
COTUCONEWYO1, &&&&&Comstock Tunnel Company (Comstock Lode in Virginia City, Nevada) - New York 1911&&&&&
COANDMORAMA1, &&&&&Concord and Montreal Railroad - Massachusetts 1915&&&&&
COBACOGE19, &&&&&Concord Banking Company - Georgia 1907 - Silver Dollar Vignette&&&&&
CONCOMCOR1, &&&&&Concord Computing ( Now Concord EFS and First Data Corp ) - Massachusettes&&&&&
COMACOBEMA18, &&&&&Condon Manufacturing Company (Harness Dressing) - Belfast, Maine 1899&&&&&
CONBANINC, &&&&&Conestoga Bancorp, Inc.&&&&&
COOILGASCOPE, &&&&&Conewago Oil & Gas Company - York, Pennsylvania 1889&&&&&
COISHOCONEWY, &&&&&Coney Island Hotel Corporation - New York 1928&&&&&
COERCOBO2FOR, &&&&&Confederate Erlanger Cotton Bond £1000 (Scarce Denomination) , (Fr25,000 ) or 40000 lbs of cotton 1863 signed by Emil Erlanger and John Slidell - Ball #160&&&&&
COLOOFCOSTOF, &&&&&Confederate Erlanger Cotton Bond £500 , (Fr12,500 ) or 20000 lbs of cotton 1863 signed by Emil Erlanger and John Slidell - Ball #158&&&&&
COSTAMBOIL18, &&&&&Confederate States Amendment Booklet stamped "Record Division, War Department: Rebel Archives" - 1863&&&&&
COSTLOOFAMVI, &&&&&Confederate States Loan of America (Vignette of four boys carrying food) - Viriginia 1862 &&&&&
CONSTATOFAM12, &&&&&Confederate States of America $100 War Bond - Officer overlooking Rappahannock River - Ball #212 - 1863&&&&&
COSTOFAM18RA, &&&&&Confederate States of America $500 Bond signed by Robert Tyler - 1862 - Ball #46&&&&&
COBO18CLFR, &&&&&Confederate States of America $500 War Bond - Officer overlooking Rappahannock River - 1863 - Classic Frame&&&&&
CONSTATOFAM5, &&&&&Confederate States of America $500 War Bond - Soldier at Campfire Vignette - Ball # 221 - 1863&&&&&
COSTOFAMLO182, &&&&&Confederate States of America $500 War Bond - Soldier at Campfire Vignette - Issued at Shreveport, La. - Endorsed on Back - Ball #232&&&&&
COSTOFAM1LOR1, &&&&&Confederate States of America (Confederate Seal - Soldier on Horseback) - Ball # 329 dated March 1864&&&&&
COSTOFAMAP18, &&&&&Confederate States of America (CSA Executive Offices Image) - April 1863 - Ball 266&&&&&
COSTOFAMMA215, &&&&&Confederate States of America (vignette of CSA Vice president Alexander H. Stephans) - March 2, 1863 - Ball 166&&&&&
COSTOFAMJU11, &&&&&Confederate States of America - CSA Secretary of War Vignette - June 1, 1863 - Ball #280&&&&&
COSTOFAMBRBO, &&&&&Confederate States of America - British Bondholder Scrip Certificate 1885-$5000&&&&&
CSA14RIVI18, &&&&&Confederate States of America - March 2, 1863 - Ball 165&&&&&
COSTOFAMSE28, &&&&&Confederate States of America - Non Taxable $1,000 Bond Certificate with Montgomery Interest Stamp (Early Tax Exempt Bond) - September 19, 1864 - Ball 366&&&&&
COSTOFAMNONT1, &&&&&Confederate States of America - Non Taxable $5,000 Bond Certificate (SCARCE no more than 850 issued) - September 19, 1864 - Ball 369 Rare Short transfer form on back&&&&&
COSTOFAMB12N2, &&&&&Confederate States of America - RMT Hunter Vignette (Ball 125) - 1862&&&&&
COSTOFAMB49M, &&&&&Confederate States of America - Vignette of Commerce on a Bale of Cotton - May 5, 1862 Ball #49&&&&&
CSA259RIVI18, &&&&&Confederate States of America Bond - Pre Richmond Capital Montgomery Bond - 1861 - Ball # 3&&&&&
CSA11RIVI18, &&&&&Confederate States of America Bond - Vignette of four boys carrying food - January 22, 1862 Ball #47&&&&&
COSTOFAMBOCE, &&&&&Confederate States of America Bond Certificate 1862 signed by Robert Tyler- Vignette of Liberty, Confederate Flag on Shield, Ships - Ball #38 &&&&&
COSTOFAM186, &&&&&Confederate States of America Bond receipt from the Assistant Treasurer's Office of Charleston - 1864&&&&&
COSTOFAMDEFO, &&&&&Confederate States of America Deposit Form - 1883 &&&&&
COSTOFAM5, &&&&&Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis $1,000 Bond - Rare Ball #16 - Montgomery, 1861&&&&&
COSTOFAMAP30, &&&&&Confederate States of America Judah P. Benjamin ( Jewish Confederate in CSA Cabinet) - April 30, 1862 - Ball 134&&&&&
COSTOFAM184, &&&&&Confederate States of America Receipt signed by E.C. Elmore- 1864&&&&&
COSTOFAMMOBO, &&&&&Confederate States of America signed by Clitherall - Issued from Montgomery, Alabama before capital was moved to Richmond, Virginia - 1861 - Ball # 4&&&&&
COSTOFAMSTOF, &&&&&Confederate States of America State of Missouri ( Missouri Defense Bond) - 1862&&&&&
COMICOMI18, &&&&&Conglomerate Mining Company - Keweenaw District, Michigan 1884&&&&&
CONCONOFIL, &&&&&Congregational Conference of Illinois&&&&&
COCOCLMECEWA, &&&&&Congressional Country Club Membership Certificate - Washington D.C. 1933&&&&&
COCOCLWAD, &&&&&Congressional Country Club Rare Uncancelled Gold Bond - Washington D.C. 1928&&&&&
COGRINWOMA19, &&&&&Conifer Group Inc. - Worcester, Massachusetts 1981&&&&&
COINDE1, &&&&&Connect, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CONFIRINCOM11, &&&&&Connecticut Fire Insurance Company 1877&&&&&
CORAANDLICO1, &&&&&Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company - 1926 ( Electric Streetcars )&&&&&
CONRAILANDLI, &&&&&Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company 1928&&&&&
CONTELCOM, &&&&&Connecticut Telephone Company (SNET) 1882 ( Early AT&T Company ) signed by Governor Marshall Jewell&&&&&
COTECONEWHAC1, &&&&&Connecticut Telephone Company (Specimen) - New Haven, Connecticut 1880's&&&&&
CONTELCOM18, &&&&&Connecticut Telephone Company 1881 - Early AT&T Company&&&&&
COYAATPOCORA, &&&&&Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company - Rare Specimen Bond - 1977&&&&&
CONRAILCOM, &&&&&Connecting Railway Company 1951 - Electric Railway Vignette&&&&&
COMICOOFIR181, &&&&&Connemara Mining Company of Ireland - 1852&&&&&
CONSECOINC, &&&&&Conseco, Inc.&&&&&
COALCO19, &&&&&Consolidated Alaskan Company - Alaska 1906&&&&&
COARSMCO19AR, &&&&&Consolidated Arizona Smelting Company - 1908 - Humboldt, Arizona 1908&&&&&
COCAANDVIMIC, &&&&&Consolidated California and Virginia Mining Company - 1897&&&&&
CONCOMININC, &&&&&Consolidated Computer Industries, Inc. 1970&&&&&
COCOCO, &&&&&Consolidated Concessions Company - Panama Pacific International Exposition California 1915&&&&&
CONCOPCREEKM1, &&&&&Consolidated Copper Creek Mining Co.1910 - Yavapai. Mayer, Arizona&&&&&
COSCOPMINCOM, &&&&&Consolidated Copper Mines Company 1919&&&&&
CONCOPCOR, &&&&&Consolidated Coppermines Corporation - Ely, Nevada&&&&&
CONDEARCOR, &&&&&Consolidated Dearborn Corporation&&&&&
CONEDCOMOFNE, &&&&&Consolidated Edison Company of New York - Manhattan Skyline Vignette 1970's&&&&&
CONEDOFNEWYO, &&&&&Consolidated Edison of New York $1,000 Bond - 1947&&&&&
COELCONEWBR1, &&&&&Consolidated Electric Company ( Electric Railway) - Saint John , New Brunswick - Canada 1892 &&&&&
CONFOODCOR1, &&&&&Consolidated Foods Corporation ( Now Sara Lee Corporation )&&&&&
COFOCOMA, &&&&&Consolidated Foods Corporation (Now Sara Lee Corporation ) - Maryland&&&&&
CONFREIGCOR, &&&&&Consolidated Freightways Corporation&&&&&
CONFREIGINC, &&&&&Consolidated Freightways, Inc.&&&&&
COGEWEINLTBR, &&&&&Consolidated General Western Industries Ltd. - British Columbia&&&&&
CONKANCITSME, &&&&&Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Refining Company (Early United We Stand Vignette) - Missouri 1890's&&&&&
CONLAKSUPCOM, &&&&&Consolidated Lake Superior Company 1904&&&&&
COLACOOFFR181, &&&&&Consolidated Land Company of France - 1867&&&&&
COLACOOFFR18, &&&&&Consolidated Land Company of France - England 1867&&&&&
COLIAIRCONEW, &&&&&Consolidated Liquid Air Company - New York 1903 &&&&&
COLOPACODE19, &&&&&Consolidated Lobe Parachute Corporation - Delaware 1941 &&&&&
CONMACTOOLCO, &&&&&Consolidated Machine Tool Corporation of America&&&&&
CONMIDCHIEFO1, &&&&&Consolidated Midway Chief Oil Co. 1910 - Arizona - Indian Chief Underprint&&&&&
COMICODE19, &&&&&Consolidated Mills Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
COMIANDRECON, &&&&&Consolidated Mining and Refining Company - Nevada 1922&&&&&
NONAME67, &&&&&Consolidated Model 28.5A Catalina Photo Postcard&&&&&
COMUCOUT, &&&&&Consolidated Music Company signed by Royal W. Daynes - Utah 1910&&&&&
CONASECONE19, &&&&&Consolidated National Securities Company - Nevada 1930&&&&&
CONNEVUTCOR, &&&&&Consolidated Nevada - Utah Corporation 1913 - Gold Bond Scrip&&&&&
COOILCONEWYO, &&&&&Consolidated Oil Corporation (Sinclair Oil Corporation ) - New York 1932&&&&&
COOILCONEWYO1, &&&&&Consolidated Oil Corporation with Vice President, E. Sinclair ( Became Sinclair Oil) - New York 1941&&&&&
COPAAMRUCODE1, &&&&&Consolidated Palo Amarillo Rubber Company - Delaware 1910&&&&&
COPAAMRUCODE, &&&&&Consolidated Palo Amarillo Rubber Company - Delaware 1911&&&&&
COPNTOCONEWY, &&&&&Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co.- New York City, New York 1897&&&&&
COROSTCOCO19, &&&&&Consolidated Rolling Stock Company - Connecticut 1904&&&&&
COSOINDE, &&&&&Consolidated Software Inc. - Delaware - 1970&&&&&
COSTGOGOMICO, &&&&&Consolidated St. Gothard Gold Mining Company - San Fransico, California 1906&&&&&
COSTLIMA19, &&&&&Consolidated Steamship Lines - Maine 1907&&&&&
CONSTEELCOR, &&&&&Consolidated Steel Corporation ( Major Shipbuilder )&&&&&
COSTCOLTLOSA, &&&&&Consolidated Steel Corportation, Ltd.- Los Angeles, California&&&&&
CONTELCOMOFP, &&&&&Consolidated Telephone Companies of Pennsylvania 1908 - Gold Note&&&&&
COTECODE19, &&&&&Consolidated Textile Corporation - Delaware 1927&&&&&
COURMIINNE19, &&&&&Consolidated Uranium Mines, Inc. - Nevada 1955 &&&&&
COVIMICONE19, &&&&&Consolidated Virginia Mining Co. signed by Zeb Kendall - Nevada 1949&&&&&
COVIMICO19, &&&&&Consolidated Virginia Mining Company - Nevada 1955&&&&&
CONWATCOMOFU, &&&&&Consolidated Water Company of Utica New York 1920's&&&&&
CONWILMINCO, &&&&&Consolidated Wilshire Mining Co. - Arizona&&&&&
CONINCIN19, &&&&&Consortium International Cinematographique 1928&&&&&
CONCONCOR, &&&&&Consumer Conservation Corporation&&&&&
CONBREWCOMCO, &&&&&Consumers Brewing Company 1903&&&&&
COPOCOBO, &&&&&Consumers Power Company (Now Consumers Energy) - Michigan&&&&&
COBRCOPE19, &&&&&Consumers' Brewing Company $1000 Gold Bond - Erie, Pennsylvania 1903&&&&&
COCOCOMI19, &&&&&Contact Copper Company - Rare - Michigan 1915&&&&&
COCOOFAMDE191, &&&&&Container Corporation of America - Delaware 1928&&&&&
CONFRAMONECE, &&&&&Contemporary Frame - One Certificate ( Frame Size 12 3/4" x 15 3/4" )&&&&&
COFRONECEFRS, &&&&&Contemporary Frame - One Certificate ( Frame Size 13 3/4" x 17 3/4") &&&&&
CONFRAMTWOCE, &&&&&Contemporary Frame - Two Certificates ( Frame Size 15 3/4" x 21 3/4" )&&&&&
COGOMICOAR19, &&&&&Contention Gold Mines Company - Mines in Telluride, Colorado - Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
COAIRLIINNE, &&&&&Continental Air Lines, Inc. Specimen ( President, Alvin Feldman or Robert Six) - Nevada 1980&&&&&
CONAIRINC, &&&&&Continental Airlines, Inc. (Merged with United Airlines - No longer public)&&&&&
CONASANDPETC, &&&&&Continental Asphalt and Petroleum Company 1921 signed by Houston Benge Tehee (Was U.S. Register of the Treasury)&&&&&
CONBANTRUSCO1, &&&&&Continental Bank & Trust Company 1904 - Fort Worth, Texas&&&&&
CONBANTRUSCO, &&&&&Continental Bank & Trust Company 1912 - Fort Worth, Texas&&&&&
CONBANANDTRU, &&&&&Continental Bank and Trust Company 1928 - Fort Worth,Texas&&&&&
COBAOFAMCA, &&&&&Continental Bank of America - California &&&&&
COBRCODE19, &&&&&Continental Broadcasting Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
CONCANCOR, &&&&&Continental Candy Corporation 1921&&&&&
CONCANCOM19L, &&&&&Continental Canning Company 1900 - Lady Liberty with Flag Vignette - Ohio&&&&&
COCOASINPE19, &&&&&Continental Computer Associates, Incorporated - Pennsylvania 1968&&&&&
CONCOPSTEELI1, &&&&&Continental Copper & Steel Industries, Inc. ( CCX Inc )&&&&&
CONCOPSTEELI, &&&&&Continental Copper & Steel Industries, Inc. ( Now CCX Inc )&&&&&
CONCOR1, &&&&&Continental Corporation&&&&&
CONCOR, &&&&&Continental Corporation ( CNA Financial )&&&&&
CODECONEWJE1, &&&&&Continental Development Company - New Jersey 1910&&&&&
COFOMACO19, &&&&&Continental Foundry & Machine Company - Wheeling, Pennsylvania 1952&&&&&
COGASELCODE1, &&&&&Continental Gas & Electric Corporation Gold Bond - Delaware 1928 &&&&&
COGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Continental Gold Mining Company - Colorado 1905&&&&&
COILCO, &&&&&Continental Illinois Corporation - Largest U.S. Bank Failure in the 20th Century&&&&&
COILCODE19, &&&&&Continental Illinois Corporation - Largest U.S. Bank Failure in the 20th Century 1984&&&&&
COMOCOVI19, &&&&&Continental Motors Corportation ( Specimen bond certificate ) - Virginia 1969&&&&&
COMOREMACOGR, &&&&&Continental Mower & Reaper and Manufacturing Co. - Greenwich, Connecticut 1866&&&&&
CONOPCORSPEC, &&&&&Continental Optical Corporation&&&&&
CONPASRAILCO, &&&&&Continental Passenger Railway Company of Philadelphia - 1880's&&&&&
COROSTFOCO19, &&&&&Continental Roll & Steel Foundry Company - 1941&&&&&
COROSTFOCODE, &&&&&Continental Roll & Steel Foundry Company Gold Bond - Delaware 1930&&&&&
COSAOFAM, &&&&&Continental Savings of America - California 1993&&&&&
COSAOFAMSP, &&&&&Continental Savings of America - Specimen - San Francisco, California 1988&&&&&
CONTOBCOM, &&&&&Continental Tobacco Company&&&&&
COTRCOMA19, &&&&&Continental Trust Company signed by Solomon Davies Warfield - Maryland 1908&&&&&
COTRSECO19, &&&&&Continuous Transit Securities Company (equip street railroads with continuus moving platforms ) - 1904&&&&&
CONCOMOFAM, &&&&&Controls Company of America ( Acquired by Singer Company )&&&&&
COCOOFAMDE, &&&&&Controls Company of America - Delaware &&&&&
CORUSHCOMA19, &&&&&Converse Rubber Shoe Company signed by Marquis M. Converse - Massachusetts 1922&&&&&
SHHASTINSWEA, &&&&&Conversion of Spanish Debt - London 1868&&&&&
COOFFORGEFOD1, &&&&&Conversion Office for German Foreign Debts $100 Bond (Nazi Government sold in the United States) - New York 1936&&&&&
COCOCOCLOH, &&&&&Cook Coffee Company - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
COAMTOMEINCA, &&&&&Cook's American Tours (Thomas Cook and Son) - Membership in the California Party - 1888&&&&&
COOLSAVINGSINC, &&&&&CoolSavings, Inc. - UnCool Returns - Swine With Sun Glasses - 2002&&&&&
COLAIN19, &&&&&Cooper Laboratories, Inc. - 1971&&&&&
COTIRUCO, &&&&&Cooper Tire & Rubber Company - Specimen 1981&&&&&
COREININCA19, &&&&&Cooperative Research Institute, Inc.- California 1959&&&&&
COOPTUBER, &&&&&Cooperative Tuberculosis Eradication 1930&&&&&
COPPRODINCSP, &&&&&Copeland Products, Inc. (Copeland Corporation)&&&&&
COPCONCOPCOM, &&&&&Copete Consolidated Copper Company 191X&&&&&
COCHMICONEWM, &&&&&Copper Chief Mining Company - Territory of New Mexico 1903&&&&&
COCRMICOMI19, &&&&&Copper Crown Mining Company ("There's Millions in it") - Michigan 1910 - SOLD&&&&&
COPCROWMINCO, &&&&&Copper Crown Mining Company - RARE Beautiful Michigan Mining - 1910&&&&&
COGLMICOAR19, &&&&&Copper Glance Mining Company - Bisbee, Territory of Arizona - 1902&&&&&
COPKINMINAND1, &&&&&Copper King Mining and Smelting Company 1910&&&&&
COPPERMOUNTAIN, &&&&&Copper Mountain - Broadband Company with stock decline over 99%&&&&&
COPRANCOM19, &&&&&Copper Range Company - 1960's&&&&&
COPDATSYSSTO, &&&&&Copy Data Systems Stock Certificate&&&&&
COSYINBOMA, &&&&&Coral Systems, Inc Specimen Stock Certificate (Acquired by Lightbridge )&&&&&
CODILICA, &&&&&Corby Distilleries Limited - Canada&&&&&
COCOCOAR19, &&&&&Cordova Copper Company - Arizona 1909&&&&&
CORCOR, &&&&&Corel Corporation Graphic Computer Software - 2002&&&&&
COSYCOCA, &&&&&Corel Systems Corporation - Canada&&&&&
COCOCOVE18, &&&&&Corinth Copper Company - Vermont 1868&&&&&
COEXBACHIST1, &&&&&Corn Exchange Bank Check with IRS Stamp - (Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad) - New York, 1885&&&&&
COEXCOLI18, &&&&&Corn Exchange Company Limited (Market Harborough) - England 1859&&&&&
CORPRODCOM, &&&&&Corn Products Company (Corn Products International)&&&&&
CORPRODREFCO, &&&&&Corn Products Refining Company - Corn Woman Vignette&&&&&
COPRRECO, &&&&&Corn Products Refining Company 1910 - New Jersey - Indian Corn Woman Vignette&&&&&
COELCODE1, &&&&&Cornell - Dubilier Electric Corporation Specimen (Electrolytic capacitor developer) - Delaware 1944&&&&&
CODUELCODE19, &&&&&Cornell - Dublier Electric Corporation (Developed the electrolytic capacitor ) - Delaware 1942&&&&&
COELCODE, &&&&&Cornell-Dubilier Electric Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
COINCGLCOGLB, &&&&&Corning Glass Works - Glass Blower Vignette - Specimen Stock Certificate - New York - 1947&&&&&
COINNEWYO, &&&&&Corning Incorporated (Corning Glass Company) Glass Blower Vignette - Specimen Stock Certificate - New York&&&&&
COINCODE19, &&&&&Corning International Corporation (Fiber Optics) - Glass Blower Vignette - Delaware 1971&&&&&
COPICO191, &&&&&Corning Pickle Company - Corning, Arkansas 1959&&&&&
COPRCOINDE19, &&&&&Cornstock Products Company, Inc. - Delaware 1930&&&&&
COANDSAFERAC, &&&&&Corona and Santa Fe Railway Company - California 1929&&&&&
CORTYPCOM, &&&&&Corona Typewriter Company&&&&&
COTYCOINNEWY, &&&&&Corona Typewriter Company, Inc. - New York 1920&&&&&
CORMINCOMSTO, &&&&&Coronation Mining Company Stock&&&&&
COROFCITOFBA, &&&&&Corporation of the City of Baltimore 1888&&&&&
CORSECCOMOFC, &&&&&Corporation Securites Company of Chicago 1930&&&&&
COSECOOFCHIL, &&&&&Corporation Securities Co. of Chicago (Samuel Insull Holding Company)- Illinois 1931&&&&&
CORSECCOMOFC1, &&&&&Corporation Securities Company of Chicago 1938&&&&&
COCHSHCHCONE, &&&&&Corpus Christi Ship Channel Company - New York / Texas 1859&&&&&
COCHSHCHCONE1, &&&&&Corpus Christi Ship Channel Company - New York 1859&&&&&
COCOINCA19, &&&&&Corrigan Communications, Inc. - California 1962&&&&&
COAIRBRCO19, &&&&&Corrington Air Brake Company - 1903&&&&&
CORREYCOR2, &&&&&Corroon & Reynolds Insurance - 1937 (Now Willis Group Limited )&&&&&
COSIPH, &&&&&Corsair Photo Hand Signed by Corsair production line workers during WWII&&&&&
COPOCONEWJE, &&&&&Cosmopolitan Power Company - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
COTEANDTECO1, &&&&&Cosmopolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company - 1917 Delaware&&&&&
COGOMICOCOSP, &&&&&Cosmos Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1899&&&&&
COSRICRAILCO, &&&&&Costa Rica Railway Company Limited 1889&&&&&
COWA19, &&&&&Costco Wholesale Corporation - Washington 1991&&&&&
COTANDHOTSON, &&&&&Cottage and Hotel Sonoma California Postcard&&&&&
COTGROVLAKIC, &&&&&Cottage Grove Lake Ice Company 1891 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
COGAMACODE19, &&&&&Cotton Gathering Machine Company - Delaware 1912&&&&&
COPICO19, &&&&&Cotton Picker Company - Maine 1906&&&&&
COTINCSTOCFA, &&&&&Coty Perfume Company 1930's&&&&&
CODELADEPURE, &&&&&Council of the National Debt Distributed of the Old Empire Ottoman - Paris, 1933&&&&&
COMOOBIN19, &&&&&Countrywide Collateralized Mortgage Obligations CMOs - (Sub Prime CMO's were at the center of the collapse of the housing market and the financial system in 2008) - 1986&&&&&
COFICODE, &&&&&Countrywide Financial Corporation (Major Scandal acquired by Bank of America )- Delaware&&&&&
COOFBUSCBUBO, &&&&&County of Burke School Building Bond - North Carolina 1955&&&&&
COOFCLROANDB, &&&&&County of Clay Road and Bridge Funding Bond - North Carolina 1940&&&&&
COOFCLSASEBO, &&&&&County of Cleveland Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
COOFCUSCBUBO, &&&&&County of Cumberland School Building Bond - North Carolina 1952&&&&&
COOFDASEREBO, &&&&&County of Dade - Seaport Revenue Bond for Cruise Ships and Cargo Ships - Miami, Florida 1964 &&&&&
COOFDASPOBRE, &&&&&County of Dade - Special Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bond - Florida 1964 &&&&&
COOFDATRSYRE, &&&&&County of Dade -Transit System Revenue Bond - Florida 1961 &&&&&
COOFDAAUBOFL, &&&&&County of Dade Auditorium (Miami-Dade County Auditorium) $1000 Bond - Miami, Florida 1949&&&&&
COOFDACHHOBO, &&&&&County of Dade Children's Home Bond - Florida 1946 &&&&&
COOFDACOHOBO1, &&&&&County of Dade County Home Bond - Florida 1946&&&&&
COOFDAHIBOFL1, &&&&&County of Dade Highway Bond - Florida 1960&&&&&
COOFDAHIBOFL, &&&&&County of Dade Highway Bond - Florida 1960 &&&&&
COOFDAPAIMBO, &&&&&County of Dade Park Improvement Bond - Florida 1949&&&&&
COOFDAPOAUBO, &&&&&County of Dade Port Authority Bond - Florida 1959&&&&&
COOFDAFL19, &&&&&County of Dade Port Authority Revenue Bond - Florida 1972&&&&&
COOFDAPOAUSP, &&&&&County of Dade Port Authority Special Revenue Bond - Florida 1962&&&&&
COOFDASPOBRE1, &&&&&County of Dade Special Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bond - Florida 1964&&&&&
COOFDATUHOBO, &&&&&County of Dade Tuberculosis Hospital Bond - Florida 1946 &&&&&
COOFDABRBOFL, &&&&&County of Dade, Bridge Bond - Miami, Florida 1949&&&&&
COOFDACAREBO, &&&&&County of Dade, Causeway Revenue $1000 Bond (Rickenbacker Causeway) - Miami, Florida 1947&&&&&
COOFDATUHOBO1, &&&&&County of Dade, Tuberculosis Hospital Bond - Miami, Florida 1946 &&&&&
COOFDAWACOAN, &&&&&County of Dade-Waste Collection and Disposal Revenue Bond - Florida 1967&&&&&
COOFDACOCOAN, &&&&&County of Davidson County Courthouse and Building Bond - North Carolina 1957&&&&&
COOFDACOHOBO, &&&&&County of Davie County Hospital Bond - North Carolina 1954 &&&&&
COOFDURESCBO, &&&&&County of Duplin Refunding School Bond - North Carolina 1955&&&&&
COOFDUSCBUBO, &&&&&County of Durham School Building Bond - North Carolina 1957&&&&&
COOFGUREROAN, &&&&&County of Guilford Refunding Road and Bridge Bond - North Carolina 1935&&&&&
COOFGUSCBONO, &&&&&County of Guilford School Bond - North Carolina 1936&&&&&
COOFFRRESCBO, &&&&&County of Iredell Refunding School Board - North Carolina 1951&&&&&
COOFJEKE19, &&&&&County of Jefferson, Kentucky - 1989&&&&&
COUNOFLAWFUN, &&&&&County of Lawrence Funding Bond 1928 - South Dakota&&&&&
COOFMCSCBUBO, &&&&&County of McDowell School Building Bond - North Carolina 1950&&&&&
COOFMESCBUBO, &&&&&County of Mecklenburg School Building Bond - North Carolina 1953&&&&&
COOFNEWHACOC, &&&&&County of New Hanover Community College Bond - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
COOFOSROANDB, &&&&&County of Osceola Road and Bridge Refunding Bond - Florida 1936&&&&&
COOFPANEWJE1, &&&&&County of Passiac $1000 Bond - New Jersey 1934 &&&&&
COOFPICOHOBO, &&&&&County of Pitt County Hospital Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
COOFROSCBUBO1, &&&&&County of Rockingham School Building Bond - North Carolina 1934&&&&&
COOFROSCBUBO, &&&&&County of Rockingham School Building Bond - North Carolina 1934&&&&&
COOFSOCASPRE, &&&&&County of Solano, California - Specimen Revenue Note 1981&&&&&
COOFVASCBUBO, &&&&&County of Vance School Building Bond - North Carolina 1952&&&&&
COOFWACOBUBO, &&&&&County of Wayne County Building Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
COOFWAHOBONO, &&&&&County of Wayne Hospital Bond - North Carolina 1952&&&&&
COOFWARESCBO, &&&&&County of Wayne Refunding School Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
COOFWAROBRAN, &&&&&County of Wayne Road, Bridge and General Refunding Bond - North Carolina 1952&&&&&
COOFWAROBRAN1, &&&&&County of Wayne Road, Bridge and General Refunding Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
COOFWASCBUBO, &&&&&County of Wayne School Building Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
COOFWAROBRAN2, &&&&&County of Wayne, North Carolina - Road, Bridge and General Refunding Bond -1957&&&&&
COOFYACOHOBO, &&&&&County of Yadkin County Hospital Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
COOFYAWABONO, &&&&&County of Yadkinville Water Bond - North Carolina 1960&&&&&
COURPUBCO, &&&&&Courier Publishing Co. 1917 - Dallas, Texas&&&&&
SUDO, &&&&&Court Appearence Document for Rioting on Naddles Island - Boston, Suffolk County 1768&&&&&
COURHOUSMARC, &&&&&Court House, Martinez, California Postcard&&&&&
COPRINGE, &&&&&Cousins Properties Incorporated - Georgia &&&&&
COPRINOFGE, &&&&&Cousins Properties Incorporated, Georgia&&&&&
COVCOM, &&&&&Covad Communications - Dot Com Almost Gone&&&&&
COVANCEINC, &&&&&Covance Inc.&&&&&
COLAMICODEMI, &&&&&Cove Land & Mining Company - Detroit, Michigan 1874&&&&&
COBRINFL19, &&&&&Cowles Broadcasting, Inc. - Florida 1982&&&&&
COHYCOCCOVIN, &&&&&Coyaima Hydraulic Company (Christopher Columbus vignette) - New York 1876&&&&&
CPFINCOR, &&&&&CP Financial Corp. ( Now First Union )&&&&&
CPCININDE19, &&&&&CPC International Inc. ( Became Bestfoods) - Delaware 1995 &&&&&
CRBAOLDCOSTI, &&&&&Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc - Tennessee 1987&&&&&
CRACKERJACKCO, &&&&&Cracker Jack Co. - 1945&&&&&
CRJACOTIL19, &&&&&Cracker Jack Company signed by Founder, Frederick William Rueckheim - Illinois 1922&&&&&
CRADOILCOM, &&&&&Crader Oil Company 1940s&&&&&
CRCODE19, &&&&&Craig Corporation ( Made eight-track stereo players ) - Delaware 1985&&&&&
CRGOMILIONCA, &&&&&Craig Gold Mines Limited - Ontario, Canada 1934&&&&&
CRAIGOILTOOL, &&&&&Craig Oil Tool Company 1923&&&&&
CRAIKWAGWORL, &&&&&Craiks Wagon Works Limited 1876 - Engand&&&&&
CRLACOWEVI19, &&&&&Cranberry Land Company - Raliegh County, West Virginia 1906&&&&&
CRCOIL19, &&&&&Crane Company - Illinois 1932&&&&&
CRIRCO18, &&&&&Crane Iron Company - Pennsylvania, 1872&&&&&
CRANENCOM, &&&&&Crankless Engine Company 1928 - Florida&&&&&
CRARFARELCOM, &&&&&Crary Farmers Elevator Company 1940's&&&&&
CRAWFORD, &&&&&Crawford Equipment & Engineering Company - Florida&&&&&
CREDINDE19, &&&&&Crazy Eddie, Inc. ( Famous electronics chain store FRAUD ) - 1989&&&&&
CREDDE19, &&&&&Crazy Eddie, Inc. ( Famous electronics chain store FRAUD ) SPECIMEN - 1986&&&&&
CRCININNEWYO, &&&&&CRC Investors, Inc. - New York 1981&&&&&
CRCININNEWYO1, &&&&&CRC Investors, Inc.- New York 1984&&&&&
CREATCOM, &&&&&Creative Computers ( Now PC Mall )&&&&&
CRBAOFIRIR, &&&&&Credit Bank of Iraq (Letter of Credit Specimen) - Iraq &&&&&
CREDCOMDEFRA1, &&&&&Credit Communal De France 1870 - Ornate Cherub Vignette&&&&&
CREDFONDEFRA, &&&&&Credit Foncier de France - 1983&&&&&
CRFODEFREXLO, &&&&&Credit Foncier de France External Loan Bond - Specimen - 1959&&&&&
CRFOOFAMNE18, &&&&&Credit Foncier of America signed by George Francis Train - Nebraska 1867 ***SOLD***&&&&&
CREEKINALROC, &&&&&Creek in Alum Rock Park - San Jose, California&&&&&
CRSHBUCOIL19, &&&&&Crescent Shore Building Corporation - Illinois 1933&&&&&
CRESSILCOMMI, &&&&&Crescent Silver Company - Mines in Argentine District, Clear Creek County, Colorado 1870&&&&&
CRESSILCOM18, &&&&&Crescent Silver Company 1870's - Property in Colorado&&&&&
CRSTMIANDDEC, &&&&&Crestone Star Mining and Development Company - Territory of Arizona 1902&&&&&
CRESCOR, &&&&&Crestshire Corporation&&&&&
CRCACODE, &&&&&Crex Carpet Company - Delaware 1908&&&&&
CRCRSECOWY19, &&&&&Cripple Creek Sewer Company - 1909&&&&&
CRCRSIBEMICO, &&&&&Cripple Creek Silver Bell Mining Company - Colorado 1892&&&&&
CRPACA20, &&&&&Critical Path, Inc. - California 2001&&&&&
CROCCITNATBA, &&&&&Crocker - Citizens National Bank&&&&&
CROCNATCORFA, &&&&&Crocker National Corporation - Famous California Bank&&&&&
CROMKNOWLOOM, &&&&&Crompton & Knowles Loom Works - Worcester, Massachusetts 1937&&&&&
CRKNLOWOMA19, &&&&&Crompton & Knowles Loom Works signed by Co Founder George Crompton - Massachusetts 1900&&&&&
CRANDKNLOWOM1, &&&&&Crompton and Knowles Loom Works signed by Co Founder, George Crompton - Massachusetts 1897 &&&&&
CRPLCOCO18, &&&&&Cromwell Plate Company - Cromwell, Connecticut 1881&&&&&
CRSIMICOCLOH, &&&&&Cross-Cut Silver Mining Company - Cleveland, Ohio 1888&&&&&
CROSCOR, &&&&&Crosscut Corporation 1928&&&&&
CROSSWALKCOM, &&&&& - Religious Dot Com Portal never made a Prophet&&&&&
CRMOHOINDE19, &&&&&Crossway Motor Hotels, Inc. - Delaware 1968&&&&&
CROTONAQUEDUCT, &&&&&Croton Aqueduct (Croton Dam) - New York 1839&&&&&
CROWCOLPUBCO, &&&&&Crowell - Collier Publishing Company ( Collier's Weekly Magazine Publisher )&&&&&
CROILCO19, &&&&&Crown Oil Company - 1918&&&&&
CRPRMICONEWY, &&&&&Crown Prince Mining Company - New York - Location of Mines, Pennsylvania Gulch, Park County, Colorado 1880&&&&&
CRSTCOOFAMNE, &&&&&Crucible Steel Company of America - New Jersey 1910&&&&&
CRTOINCA19, &&&&&Cruisin' Toys, Inc. signed by automobile designer, Richard Dean Sawitskas (Helped design Surf Woody, the X-PAK 400, the Munster Koach, Dragula for The Munsters, cars for Beverly Hillbillies, Mannix, The Green Hornet, and Monkees). - California 1978&&&&&
CRUSAIRCOR, &&&&&Crusader Aircraft Corporation (Shelton Flying Wing) 1937&&&&&
CRBREA18, &&&&&Crutcher Bros. & Eakins - 1888 Dallas Real Estate Agents&&&&&
CRPACOEN19, &&&&&Crystal Palace Company - England 1905&&&&&
CRYSWATCOM, &&&&&Crystal Water Company 1890 - County of Richmond, New York&&&&&
CSAFOPEREBOV, &&&&&CSA Four Percent Registered Bond -- Naval Battle CSS Virginia Sinking USS Cumberland issued on July 4, 1964 - Ball #286&&&&&
CUNABAOFCUNE1, &&&&&Cuba National Bank of Cuba, New York - 1909&&&&&
CUBRAILCOM1, &&&&&Cuba Railroad Company 1950's - Siezed by Castro Government &&&&&
CUPOCECOCU, &&&&&Cuban Portland Cement Corporation - Cuba&&&&&
CUCLANANDWAT, &&&&&Cucharas Land and Water Corporation 1915&&&&&
CULWATTECINC, &&&&&Culligan Water Technologies, Inc.&&&&&
CUWETRCOMA191, &&&&&Cumberland & Westernport Transit Company - Maryland 1927&&&&&
CUBAOFALMA18, &&&&&Cumberland Bank of Alleghany - Maryland 1812&&&&&
CUDECOMA19, &&&&&Cumberland Development Company - Cumberland, Maryland 1916&&&&&
CUMGASINC, &&&&&Cumberland Gas Inc.&&&&&
CUHOCOMA19, &&&&&Cumberland Hotel Company (Owner of the Fort Cumberland Hotel) - Maryland 1955&&&&&
CUMTELANDTEL, &&&&&Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company (Became Bell South) Henderson , Kentucky, 1884&&&&&
CUMTELANDTEL1, &&&&&Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company 1903&&&&&
STATOFPENCUN, &&&&&Cunard Building Philadelphia Loan - 1927&&&&&
CUNLIN19SHIP, &&&&&Cunard Lines Historic Money Order - Ship Vignette - 1931&&&&&
CUSTSHCO19, &&&&&Cunard Steam Ship Company - 1946&&&&&
CUSTCOLTD19, &&&&&Cunard Steamship Company Ltd (RMS Lusitania vignette) 1910&&&&&
CUSTCOONHUNY, &&&&&Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd. RARE Ticket Agent Certificate with vignette of RMS Lusitania (8 years prior to sinking) - 1907&&&&&
CUPSUGCOM, &&&&&Cupey Sugar Company - Cuba Company&&&&&
CUCOMICONE19, &&&&&Cuprite Copper Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1906&&&&&
CUFLASMI19, &&&&&Curt Flood & Associates - Missouri 1970&&&&&
CUOILCO18, &&&&&Curtin Oil Company - Venango County, Pennsylvania ( The first oil boom in the U.S. ) 1865&&&&&
CUROILCOM18V, &&&&&Curtin Oil Company 1865 - From Early Oil Boom in Venango County, Pennsylvania&&&&&
CUWOAUCARCOC, &&&&&Curtis & Wood Automatic Car Coupler Company - 1885&&&&&
CURTISMILLERCO, &&&&&Curtis - Miller & Co. 1915 - Chicago, Illinois&&&&&
CUDICOEN19, &&&&&Curtis Distillery Company - England 1949&&&&&
CUMACOPE19, &&&&&Curtis Manufacturing Company - Erie, Pennsylvania 1922&&&&&
CURPUBCOM, &&&&&Curtis Publishing Company (Saturday Evening Post & Ladies Home Journal)&&&&&
CUWRCO19GCUA, &&&&&Curtis Wright Corporation (Glenn Curtiss and Wright Brothers) - Specimen&&&&&
CWRIGHT, &&&&&Curtis Wright Corporation 1983 (Glenn Curtiss and Wright Brothers) - Famous Aviation Company&&&&&
CUNEINPE19, &&&&&Curtis-Martin Newspapers, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1930&&&&&
CUWRCOSPSTCE, &&&&&Curtiss - Wright Corporation Specimen Stock Certificate - Delaware 1968&&&&&
CURCOR1, &&&&&Curtiss Wright Corporation&&&&&
CURCOR, &&&&&Curtiss-Wright Corporation 1936&&&&&
CUCODE1, &&&&&Curtiss-Wright Corporation Proofs - 1930's&&&&&
CUSLLIMACOCH, &&&&&Curved Slot Link Manufacturing Company - Chicago, Illinois 1882&&&&&
CUBABAASOK19, &&&&&Cushing Base Ball Association - Oklahoma 1923&&&&&
CUSSONINC, &&&&&Cushman's Sons, Inc.&&&&&
CUENBRPL, &&&&&Custom Engraved Brass Plaque&&&&&
CUSTOMFRAMING, &&&&&Custom Framing&&&&&
FREQASQUESCU, &&&&&Customer Care&&&&&
CUSFEED3, &&&&&Customer Feedback&&&&&
CUFE, &&&&&Customer Feedback&&&&&
CUTIMCOM, &&&&&Cutler Improvement Company 1902 - Boston, Mass&&&&&
CYBOUTINWEBS, &&&&&Cyberian Outpost - ( Dot com that left shareholders out in the cold &&&&&
CYOUINDE, &&&&&Cyberian Outpost, Inc. (Rare Specimen) - Delaware&&&&&
CYINNEWYO, &&&&&Cybermatics Inc. - New York &&&&&
CYINON, &&&&&Cybermedix Inc. - Ontario, Canada&&&&&
CYDE1, &&&&&Cyberonics, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
CYBCAFINCSPE, &&&&&Cyberweb Cafe, Inc. - Investors lost their appetite and the Company is Gonzo&&&&&
CYCLOMATICSINC, &&&&&Cyclomatics, Inc. 1960's&&&&&
CYNOCO, &&&&&Cyclone Novelty Company (World's Columbian Exposition) - Chicago, Illinois 1887&&&&&
CYINDE1, &&&&&Cygnus, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
CYPBROADCOR, &&&&&Cypress Broadcasting Corporation&&&&&
CYPECOOFCALO, &&&&&Cypress Petroleum Company of California- Los Angeles, California&&&&&
CYWFIAMFISI, &&&&&Cyrus W. Field Autograph&&&&&
CYDE, &&&&&Cytokinetics - Delaware &&&&&
CZCOCOOFAM19, &&&&&Czechoslovak Commercial Corporation of America (Statue of Liberty Vignette) - Prague, Czechoslovakia 1926&&&&&
DKHEREINDE, &&&&&D & K Healthcare Resources, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
DSTREETMARCA, &&&&&D Street, Marysville, California Postcard&&&&&
DSWFUSECOMPANY, &&&&&D&W Fuse Company (Electrical fuse used in subway cars) - Providence, Rhode Island 1906&&&&&
DOFAMGE19, &&&&&D'Lites of America (Healthy Fast Food Restaurant )- Georgia 1987&&&&&
DBMACO19, &&&&&D. B. Martin Company (vignette of a cow) - Pennsylvania 1920&&&&&
DWGRIFIN, &&&&&D.W. Griffith, Incorporated (Birth of a Nation movie maker glorifying Ku Klux Klan) - Famous Hollywood Director / Producer - 1925&&&&&
COOFDADACOPO, &&&&&Dade County Port Authority Special Revenue Bond - Miami, Florida 1961 to 1971&&&&&
DADENCOR, &&&&&Dade Engineering Corp.&&&&&
DACHCOMA, &&&&&Daggett Chocolate Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
DACOOFAM19, &&&&&Dahlberg Corporation of America - 1929&&&&&
JABOFRDAKAKA, &&&&&Daiei Kabushiki Kaisha (Daiei Motion Picture Company) - Japan 1956&&&&&
DAMISUMINEWY, &&&&&Daily Mirror Sunday Mirror signed by Financial Editor, Paul Williams - New York 1932 &&&&&
DANECONE19, &&&&&Daily News Corporation - Nevada 1926&&&&&
DATECOCA, &&&&&Daily Telegram Company - Long Beach, California 190_&&&&&
DACHNEWYO, &&&&&Daimler Chrysler ( Mercedes Benz Car Company ) - Pre Chrysler Sale and Bankruptcy&&&&&
DAAKMBERE19, &&&&&Daimler-Benz Ag - Mercedes Benz of Germany 1942 &&&&&
DAIRLEAGIN19, &&&&&Dairymen's League Incorporated 1918 - New Jersey&&&&&
DACETECOSODA, &&&&&Dakota Central Telephone Company - South Dakota 1927&&&&&
DAJARAADIN, &&&&&Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure, Inc. (NASCAR) - Florida&&&&&
DAMACOAL, &&&&&Dallas Manufacturing Company - Huntsville, Alabama &&&&&
DALELCOM, &&&&&Dalto Electronics Company&&&&&
DAMOILANDGAS, &&&&&Damitza Oil and Gas Development Company 1922&&&&&
DANJMIANDMIC, &&&&&Dan J. Mining and Milling Company - Colorado 1914&&&&&
DANCOR, &&&&&Dana Corporation&&&&&
DANPRINANDPU, &&&&&Dando Printing and Publishing Company - 1885&&&&&
DANPRINANDPU1, &&&&&Dando Printing and Publishing Company 1885&&&&&
DABOFRCHINKE, &&&&&Daniel Boone Fried Chicken, Inc. - Kentucky 1969&&&&&
DANAMPROSCO, &&&&&Danish American Prospecting Co. 1938 - Florida&&&&&
DAAMPRCOFL19, &&&&&Danish American Prospecting Co. Preferred Stock - Florida 1956&&&&&
DAMONEWJE19, &&&&&Dante's Motel, Inc. - New Jersey 1963&&&&&
DAREINC, &&&&&Darden Restaurants, Inc - 1995&&&&&
NONAME44, &&&&&Darryl Strawberry 1991 - D.A.R.E. to say no to drugs L.A.P.D. Dodger Baseball Card&&&&&
DASBEPFGE19, &&&&&Das Berliner Pfandbrief-Amt (WWII Citizens of Berlin Mortgage Bond) - Germany 1942&&&&&
DATA-EXPORT, &&&&&Data Export&&&&&
DATA-EXPORT1, &&&&&Data Export 1&&&&&
DATMANSERINC, &&&&&Data Management Services, Inc. - 1972&&&&&
DATPRODCOM, &&&&&Date-Prune Products Company 1920's - Oregon&&&&&
DAKITECODANE, &&&&&Davenport & Kiowa Telephone Company - Certificate #1 - Davenport, Nebraska 1910&&&&&
DAGACOIO18, &&&&&Davenport Gazette Company - Iowa 1882&&&&&
DABRAU, &&&&&David Brooks Autograph&&&&&
DADUBUCODE, &&&&&David Dunbar Buick Corporation handsigned by famous carmaker David Buick (RARE) - Delaware 1923 ***SOLD***&&&&&
DAVGRIMRADAN, &&&&&David Grimes Radio and Cameo Record Corporation - Gold Bond 1926&&&&&
DALILINEWYO1, &&&&&David Livingstone Lithograph (Dr. Livingstone, I presume? ) - New York 1872&&&&&
DAWAININDE19, &&&&&David Wade Industries, Inc. - Delaware 1970&&&&&
DAINCOOFWIKA, &&&&&Davidson Investment Company of Wichita Kansas - 1886&&&&&
DAVDRUGSTORC, &&&&&Davis Drug Stores Corporation - Baltimore, Maryland 1929&&&&&
DADRSTCOMA1, &&&&&Davis Drug Stores Corporation - Maryland&&&&&
DACOCOMA, &&&&&Davis-Daly Copper Company (Specimen) - Butte District, Silver Bow County, Montana&&&&&
DAAUFIESCONE, &&&&&Davy Automatic Fire Escape Co. - Syracuse, New York 1912 &&&&&
DATECONE19, &&&&&Dawson = Nemaha Telephone Company Certificate #1 - Dawson, Nebraska 1902&&&&&
DAGECOTE19, &&&&&Dawson Geophysical Company - Texas 1981&&&&&
DARUNOILCOPE, &&&&&Dawson's Run Oil Company - Harmony Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania - 1865&&&&&
DAYSHBOCOOK1, &&&&&Day Shampoo Board Company - Oklahoma 1917&&&&&
DAINDE, &&&&&Daylin, Inc. - Delaware ( Drug Company )&&&&&
DAYAIRENCOM, &&&&&Dayton Airplane Engine Company 1929 - Dayton, Ohio - Bi Plane Engine Manufacturer&&&&&
DABRCOOH19, &&&&&Dayton Breweries Company - Ohio, 1903&&&&&
DAPOANDLISTC, &&&&&Dayton Power & Light Stock Certificate - 100 Shares&&&&&
DEBECOMILINE, &&&&&De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mines (Rare Specimen Certificate ) - New York&&&&&
DECINETDEPHO, &&&&&De Cinematographie et de Photographie Stock Certificate 1928&&&&&
DEFRMIMICOTU, &&&&&De Frees Mill & Mining Company - Tuscaroa Mining District, Elko County, Nevada - 1877&&&&&
DELAMATROTDR, &&&&&De La Matyr Rotary Dry Gas Meter Company 1912&&&&&
DELARUECOMPL, &&&&&De La Rue Company p.l.c.&&&&&
DELAENGRINDE, &&&&&De Laurentiis Entertainment Group Inc - Delaware 1986&&&&&
DELOMOCOBLCH, &&&&&De Lorean Motor Company Blank Check - California&&&&&
DELOMOHOCOPR, &&&&&De Lorean Motors Holding Company Prospectus (Back to the Future Fame) - 1981&&&&&
DELUICECRCO1, &&&&&De Luxe Ice Cream Corporation - Pennsylvania, 1930&&&&&
DEADGOLMINCO, &&&&&Deadwood Gold Mining Co. - Nevada City. Willow Valley District, Nevada County, California 1878&&&&&
DEANMINCOM, &&&&&Dean Mines Company 1922 - Battlefield Mountain&&&&&
DEVACOMICO, &&&&&Death Valley-Arcalvada Consolidated Mines Company - San Bernardino. Camp Dawson. Death Valley 1910&&&&&
SEBRCA, &&&&&Deca-Disc Phonograph Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
1920S, &&&&&Decade Package 1920's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
1930S, &&&&&Decade Package 1930's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
1940S, &&&&&Decade Package 1940's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
1950S, &&&&&Decade Package 1950's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
1960S, &&&&&Decade Package 1960's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
1970S, &&&&&Decade Package 1970's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
1980S, &&&&&Decade Package 1980's - 3 Certificates&&&&&
DECADEPACKAGES, &&&&&Decade Packages&&&&&
DECOGLCACODE, &&&&&DeCamp Consolidated Glass Casket Company - Delaware 1929&&&&&
DESIMICOCO18, &&&&&Decatur Silver Mining Company - Gilpin County, Russell Mining District , Colorado 1883 &&&&&
DECSAVCIGLAB, &&&&&Dechets Savane Cigar Label&&&&&
DECGENINC, &&&&&deCODE genetics, Inc.&&&&&
DEERLODINCOM, &&&&&Deer Lodge Investment Company&&&&&
DEERLODMINAN, &&&&&Deer Lodge Mining and Smelting Company 18__&&&&&
DEERMARBRANL, &&&&&Deer Mark Brand Louisiana Porto Rican Sweet Potatoes&&&&&
SADEBO, &&&&&Defaulted Municipal and State Bonds&&&&&
DEGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Defender Gold Mining Co. - America's Cup Vignette - Cripple Creek Gold, District, Colorado 1901&&&&&
DEMICOAR19, &&&&&Defender Mining Company - Arizona 1905&&&&&
DELMONIRCOM1, &&&&&Del Monte Irrigation Company 1897-1901 - Pomona, California&&&&&
DELREYHILLS1, &&&&&Del Rey Hills ( Now Playa del Rey ) 1928 - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
DELREYIMCOCA, &&&&&Del Rey Improvement Company signed by James V. Baldwin - Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, California 1905&&&&&
DELAWAREBONDS, &&&&&Delaware Bonds&&&&&
DELECDEVAUT, &&&&&Delaware Economic Development Authority - Municipal Revenue Bond&&&&&
DERACODE191, &&&&&Delaware Railroad Company (Gold Bond) - Delaware 1932&&&&&
DELRAILCOM2, &&&&&Delaware Railroad Company Annual Report- Years 1921 & 1944&&&&&
DEBEANDSUTUC, &&&&&Delaware, Berkshire and Sunbury Turnpike Co. - Ohio 1871 &&&&&
DELLACWESRAI, &&&&&Delaware, Lackawana & Western Railroad Company&&&&&
DELLACWESRAI1, &&&&&Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company&&&&&
DELAANDWECOE, &&&&&Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Company Equipment Trust $1,000 Specimen Bond&&&&&
DELLACANDWES, &&&&&Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company 1942 - 100 Year Bond&&&&&
DELETEME, &&&&&deleteme&&&&&
DEANDSTTECO1, &&&&&Delhi and Stamford Telegraph Company - New York 1876&&&&&
DEMOCONEWJE1, &&&&&Delling Motors Company - West Collingwood, New Jersey 1923&&&&&
DEREMELOSANC, &&&&&Dells Restaurant Menu - Los Angeles, California 1940's&&&&&
DEPOLICODE19, &&&&&Delmarva Power & Light Company - Delaware 1971&&&&&
DEMIANDMICOC, &&&&&Delmas Mining and Milling Company - Colorado 1911&&&&&
DEGUMCOSI4TI, &&&&&DeLong Gum Co. (Famous Baseball Card Set Maker) - Signed 3 times by Harold DeLong - Massachusetts 1934&&&&&
DEMOCOPRPRLO, &&&&&Delorean Motor Company - Preliminary Prospectus - Louisiana 1977&&&&&
DELMOTCOM2, &&&&&DeLorean Motor Company 1982 - Logo Vignette - RARE - Signed by John Z. DeLorean - Sold&&&&&
DEMOCAOFAMDD, &&&&&DeLorean Motor Company DMC 12 Original Window Sticker - 1982&&&&&
DEMOCONE19, &&&&&Delorean Motor Company News - 1979&&&&&
DEAIINDE20, &&&&&Delta Airlines, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
DELCANCOM, &&&&&Delta Canal Company 1887 - Florida&&&&&
DELMETCOMLIM, &&&&&Delta Metal Company Limited&&&&&
DELMETCOMLIM1, &&&&&Delta Metal Company Limited&&&&&
DELTAUPHIIN, &&&&&Delta Tau Phi, Incorporated 1927 - St. Lawrence University&&&&&
DEDE20, &&&&&Deltagen, Inc. (IPO Stock Certificate) - Delaware&&&&&
DELUCHPRINMI, &&&&&Deluxe Check Printers, Incorporated - Minnesota 1987&&&&&
1715CHDECOFO, &&&&&Demand Note for a Call on Three Shares in the Berkshire & Wilts Canal - England 1798&&&&&
DELAANDWACOM, &&&&&Deming Land And Water Company - Territory of New Mexico 1892&&&&&
DENACOSANFRC, &&&&&Democratic National Convention Specimen Pass - San Francisco, California 1984&&&&&
DETIGRCLFORP, &&&&&Democratic Ticket - Grover Cleveland for President - 1884 Illinois&&&&&
DEMOROINCDE1, &&&&&Denning Mobile Robotics, Inc ( Early Robot Maker) - Delaware &&&&&
DEMACOMA19, &&&&&Dennison Manufacturing Company (Now Avery Dennison) - Massachusetts 1927&&&&&
DENBABFOODSA, &&&&&Dennos Baby Food - 1916&&&&&
DEFOCOOFPOOR, &&&&&Dennos Food Company of Portland - Oregon 1915&&&&&
DENCOR, &&&&&Denny's Restaurant Corporation&&&&&
DENRES, &&&&&Denny's Restaurants&&&&&
CEFORDEHEAC, &&&&&Dental Health Achievement Certificate - ( Ipana toothpaste ) 1947&&&&&
DERIOGRRACOD, &&&&&Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Co. - Denver, Colorado 1911&&&&&
DENCITCONSIL1, &&&&&Denver City Consolidated Silver Mining Co. 1881 - Leadville, Colorado signed by J. Whitaker Wright&&&&&
DEREIRCOMA19, &&&&&Denver Reservoir Irrigation Company -Colorado 1911&&&&&
DEWEPECOCO191, &&&&&Denver Western Petroleum Corporation - Colorado 1981&&&&&
DEWEPECOCO19, &&&&&Denver Western Petroleum Corporation - Colorado 1981&&&&&
DETEANDFOWOR1, &&&&&Denver, Texas, and Fort Worth Railroad Company hand signed by Grenville Mullen Dodge ( Dodge City was named after him)- Texas 188_&&&&&
DETEANDFOWOR, &&&&&Denver, Texas, and Fort Worth Railroad Company signed by Grenville Mullen Dodge ( Dodge City was named after him)- Texas 1880's&&&&&
DEOFINUNSTPA1, &&&&&Department of the Interior, United States Patent Office (L. A. Submarine Boat Company) - Washington, D.C. 1911&&&&&
DEOFWAANDPOO4, &&&&&Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles&&&&&
DEOFWAANDPOO1, &&&&&Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles - California 1962&&&&&
DEBAOFGLKE18, &&&&&Deposit Bank of Glasgow - Kentucky 1871&&&&&
DEPBANOFGLAS, &&&&&Deposit Bank of Glasgow 1870 - Kentucky&&&&&
DERWIENININC, &&&&&Der Wienerschnitzel International, Inc. - California ( Famous Hotdogs )&&&&&
DEFICONEWYO1, &&&&&Derby Fishing Company - Derby, Connecticut 1808&&&&&
DESMINDEPLOM, &&&&&Des Mines De Plomb & De Zinc Du Djebel Oudiba (Tunisie) 1924&&&&&
DESCHIEFMINC, &&&&&Desert Chief Mining Company 1907 - Goldfield, Nevada&&&&&
DESCHIEFMINC1, &&&&&Desert Chief Mining Company 1907 - Goldfield, Nevada&&&&&
DECOBACA1, &&&&&Desert Commercial Bank - Palm Desert, California&&&&&
DEARPRINSIBY, &&&&&Desi Arnaz Productions, Inc. handsigned by Desi Arnez (RARE) - California 1966&&&&&
DEBITCOOFAMD, &&&&&Detachable Bit Corporation of America - Delaware 1930&&&&&
DETCANTUNCOM, &&&&&Detroit & Canada Tunnel Company 1931&&&&&
DETOANDIRRAC, &&&&&Detroit , Toledo and Ironton Railway Company - Michigan 1906&&&&&
DEMISTCOMI19, &&&&&Detroit - Michigan Stove Company - Michigan 1937&&&&&
DETAIRCOR, &&&&&Detroit Aircraft Corporation - Zeppelin in Vignette - ( Signed by William Benson Mayo chief power engineer for the Ford Motor Company ) - 1943&&&&&
DETANDCLEVNA, &&&&&Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company - City of Detroit Steamer Vignette 1932&&&&&
DEBACOMI19, &&&&&Detroit Bankers Company - Michigan 1930&&&&&
DECISTRACOMI, &&&&&Detroit Citizens Street Railway Company signed by Tom L. Johnson ( Mayor of Cleveland) - Michigan 1895&&&&&
DECIGASCO1GO, &&&&&Detroit City Gas Company $1000 Gold Bond (Became DTE Energy Company) - RARE Specimen - 1903&&&&&
DEEDCONEWYO11, &&&&&Detroit Edison Company - New York 1919&&&&&
DETLEADPIPSH, &&&&&Detroit Lead Pipe & Sheet Lead Works Billhead 1888&&&&&
DERITUCOMI, &&&&&Detroit River Tunnel Company - 50 Year Gold Bond - Michigan 1906 &&&&&
DETEDECOTE, &&&&&Detroit Texas Development Company - Texas&&&&&
DETICODEMI19, &&&&&Detroit Times Company bought by William Randolph Hearst - Detroit, Michigan 1921&&&&&
DETRCODEMI19, &&&&&Detroit Transmission Company - Detroit, Michigan 1919&&&&&
DEAMALCUPORC, &&&&&Deuda Amortizable Al Cuatro Por Ciento Interior - Madrid, Spain 1908&&&&&
DEUTBANINEIN, &&&&&Deutsche Bank Inhaber-Optionsschein Eine Aktie&&&&&
DECEGE19, &&&&&Deutsche Centralbodenkredit AG - Germany 1939&&&&&
DEUTPOSWORNE, &&&&&Deutsche Post World Net&&&&&
DETERASPDESH, &&&&&Deutsche Telekom - RARE Specimen Depository Share Certificate - 1996&&&&&
DECE, &&&&&Deutschen Centralbodenkredit - Aktiengesellschaft 1942&&&&&
DEAUOFBUCOGE, &&&&&Development Authority of Bulloch County - Georgia 1992&&&&&
DEVCREEKOILG, &&&&&Devils Creek Oil & Gas Company 1917 - Abe Lincoln Vignette&&&&&
DERACOIN, &&&&&Devoe & Raynolds Company, Inc. (Paint Company) - New York&&&&&
DECOCLCA19, &&&&&Devonshire Country Club - San Carlos, California 1925&&&&&
DECONEWYO19, &&&&&DeWolfe - Stewart & Co. Investment Letter (2 months before crash) - New York - August 1929&&&&&
DEXTERCOMPANY, &&&&&Dexter Company - Iowa&&&&&
DEWOMIMA18, &&&&&Dexter Woolen Mills - Dexter, Maine 1880&&&&&
DISYMO19, &&&&&Diamond - 56 Syndicate - Lewistown, Montana 1921&&&&&
DIAMGARCOR, &&&&&Diamond Gardner Corporation&&&&&
DIMOPACOMI19, &&&&&Diamond Motor Parts Company - St. Cloud, Minnesota 1927&&&&&
DIAMSHAMRMIN, &&&&&Diamond Shamrock R & M, Inc.&&&&&
DISTSTCODE19, &&&&&Diamond State Steel Company - Delaware 1901&&&&&
DIAMSTATSTEE, &&&&&Diamond State Steel Company 1904 - Wilmington, Delaware&&&&&
DIAMBLACBUTC, &&&&&Diamondfield Black Butte Consolidated Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1905-1907&&&&&
DISTCONEWYO, &&&&&Diana Stores Corporation - New York 1968&&&&&
DICEINC, &&&&&Dice Inc.&&&&&
DICLPRINDE, &&&&&Dick Clark Productions, Inc. (IPO Specimen) - Delaware 1986&&&&&
DICCLARPRODI, &&&&&Dick Clark Productions, Incorporated ( American Bandstand )&&&&&
DIHAINCWA, &&&&&Dick's Hamburgers, Inc (Bear Logo) - Spokane, Washington 1985&&&&&
DIAUGOCOUT, &&&&&Dickerson Automatic Governor Company - Utah 1912&&&&&
DICOTICODE19, &&&&&Dickinson Cord Tire Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
DICOTICO19, &&&&&Dickinson Cord Tire Corporation - Uncancelled Note - 1929&&&&&
DICONEWYO, &&&&&Dictaphone Corporation - New York 1945&&&&&
DICONEWYO19, &&&&&Dictaphone Corporation - New York 1975 &&&&&
DICOSP, &&&&&Dictaphone Corporation - Specimen&&&&&
DIEDCOFINC, &&&&&Diedrich Coffee, Inc.&&&&&
DICOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Digesto Coffee Company - New York 1904&&&&&
DIGIN, &&&&&Digex Internet Hosting Service Stock Certificate&&&&&
DIGEQCOR, &&&&&Digital Equipment Corporation - DEC ( Pre Compaq and HP ) - 1970's - Old Computer Vignette&&&&&
DOCSCANSER, &&&&&Digital Images - High Resolution&&&&&
DIISDE19, &&&&&Digital Island ( Acquired by Cable and Wireless ) RARE Specimen Certificate - Delaware 1999&&&&&
DIGRECCOR, &&&&&Digital Recording Corporation&&&&&
DIGITALRIVER1, &&&&&Digital River - Under investigation for backdating stock options&&&&&
DIRO, &&&&&Digital - Canadian Adult Entertainment Dot Com Company&&&&&
DIGTECCOR19, &&&&&Digital Technology Corporation 1974&&&&&
DILCOR, &&&&&Dillingham Corporation&&&&&
DICLNEWYO19, &&&&&Diners' Club, Inc. (Early Credit Card Company) - New York 1963&&&&&
DICLINECRCAC, &&&&&Diners' Club, Inc. (Early Credit Card Company) RARE Specimen - New York&&&&&
DIRINCNEWYOR, &&&&&Directomat, Inc - New York Subway Direction System&&&&&
TROYCITDIRCO, &&&&&Directory Company - Early New York City Business Directory (Pre Yellow Pages) - 1883&&&&&
DIOFDICONEWY, &&&&&Directory of Directors Company - New York 1931&&&&&
DISUANDOILCO, &&&&&Dirigo Sulphur and Oil Company - Maine 1904&&&&&
PAANDOT, &&&&&Discount Packages&&&&&
DIEUDIPA19OP, &&&&&Disney Euro Disney Paris 1992 Opening 6 Pin Set Park Lands (In Original Box)&&&&&
DILACO18, &&&&&Disston Land Company signed by Hamilton Disston (Florida Land Company responsible draining the swamp and creating the towns of Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Gulfport, Tarpon Springs, and indirectly aided the rapid growth of St. Petersburg, Florida.) - 1894&&&&&
DISSODWATCOM, &&&&&Distilled Soda Water Company - 1893 - Oakland, California&&&&&
DICOPNEWYO19, &&&&&Distillers Company PLC (Now Guinness PLC) - New York 1985&&&&&
DISMERSA, &&&&&Distribuidora Merced, S.A.- Mexico&&&&&
DIFUINMA, &&&&&Diversification Fund, Inc. - Massachusetts&&&&&
DIROOFAMCA19, &&&&&Diversified Royalties of America - California 1937&&&&&
DIMIANDMICOA, &&&&&Dividend Mining and Milling Company - Territory of Arizona - 1906&&&&&
DIVSHARINC, &&&&&Dividend Shares, Inc. ( Now Alliance Growth and Income Funds )&&&&&
DICOTE19, &&&&&Dixie - Winner Company (Oil Company) - Temple,Texas 1921&&&&&
DIXCUPCOMPOS, &&&&&Dixie Cup Company Post Card - Eaton, Pennsylvania&&&&&
DISTBAU19, &&&&&Dixie Stockgrowers Bank -Utah 1926&&&&&
DOINDE20, &&&&&Docent Incorporated - Delaware 2000&&&&&
DOCPETCENINC, &&&&&Docktor Pet Centers, Inc.&&&&&
DOJAPOTMICOW, &&&&&Doctor Jack Pot Mining Company - Raven Hill, Cripple Creek Colorado 1917&&&&&
DOCANDUNIT, &&&&&Documents and Unique Items&&&&&
DOCCOR, &&&&&Docutel Corporation ( ATM Inventor )&&&&&
DOCCOR1, &&&&&Docutel Corporation ( First company to develop Automated Teller Machines ATM's )&&&&&
DOWOINFL20, &&&&&DoDah Worldwide, Inc. - Florida 2002&&&&&
DOMAMI19, &&&&&Dodge Manual (Dodge Royal V-8, and the Coronet V-8 and 6)- Michigan 1954&&&&&
INRELIFORONE, &&&&&Dog License - Inland Revenue License for One Dog - Great Britain 1875&&&&&
DOGECOKE19, &&&&&Dollar General Corporation - Kentucky 1985&&&&&
DOMAFOINMI19, &&&&&Dolly Madison Foods, Inc.. (Acquired by Hostess Brands - Twinkies maker) - Minnesota - 1966&&&&&
DOTEINDE, &&&&&Domain Technology, Incorporated - Delaware&&&&&
DOINLIBRCO, &&&&&Doman Industries Limited - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
DOMMINLIMSTO, &&&&&Dome Mines Limited Stock Certificate 1940's&&&&&
DOPELICA191, &&&&&Dome Petroleum Limited (Vignette of the Dome Winter Harbour Well, Artic Islands) - Calgary, Canada 1973&&&&&
DOPELICA19, &&&&&Dome Petroleum Limited - Canada 1981&&&&&
DOFULTCA19, &&&&&Domequity Fund Ltd. - Canada 1955&&&&&
DOMOILFIELCO, &&&&&Dominguez Oil Fields Company - Southern California&&&&&
DOCOCOLINOSC1, &&&&&Dominion Coal Company, Limited - Nova Scotia, Canada 1934&&&&&
DOCOCOLINOSC, &&&&&Dominion Coal Company, Limited - Nova Scotia, Canada 1937&&&&&
DOMESLIM, &&&&&Dominion Estates, Limited - Canada&&&&&
DOEXCOWIPROF, &&&&&Dominion Express Co.- Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba 1888&&&&&
DOMGRAMRECLI, &&&&&Dominion Gramophone Records, Limited 1929&&&&&
DOOFCA193, &&&&&Dominion of Canada - Fifth Victory Loan - 1943&&&&&
DOOFCAPACA18, &&&&&Dominion of Canada Patent for Improvements in Knitting Machine Needles- 1886&&&&&
DOOFCAPAOFAU, &&&&&Dominion of Canada Patent of Automobile Steering Tire Lock Cables - Canada 1921&&&&&
DOREBLWATRDE, &&&&&Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust - Delaware 1994&&&&&
DOMRESINC, &&&&&Dominion Resources, Inc.&&&&&
DOREIN, &&&&&Dominion Resources, Inc. (Virginia Power Company) - Specimen&&&&&
DOMSTORSTOCC, &&&&&Dominion Stores (Lion + Bi Plane Vignette) Stock Certificate 1929&&&&&
DONALMICOAR1, &&&&&Don Alfonso Mines Co. - Arizona 1906&&&&&
DONREYCIGARS, &&&&&Don Rey Cigar Label&&&&&
DOGONEWALOCA, &&&&&Don't Go Near the Water Lobby Card Starring Glenn Ford and Gia Scala - 1957&&&&&
DOLOCOANDGOM, &&&&&Dona Louisa Copper and Gold Mining Company - Delaware 1903&&&&&
DOLUJEINDLJR1, &&&&&Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. ( DLJ ) - RARE SPECIMEN&&&&&
DONLUFJENINC, &&&&&Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. ( DLJ ) - RARE SPECIMEN PROOF&&&&&
DOFOPRIN19, &&&&&Doning Food Products, Inc. - 1929&&&&&
DOPACOPRCOMA, &&&&&Dooley Patent Colored Printing Company - Maine 1885&&&&&
DODELMARHOCO, &&&&&Dorado Del Mar Hotel Corporation - Puerto Rico&&&&&
DORGASLIGCOM, &&&&&Dorchester Gas Light Company (Early Keyspan Company) signed by Nathan Carruth - Boston, Mass. 1871&&&&&
DODAYDO, &&&&&Doris Day and Martin Melcher signed Columbia Pictures Contract - 1963&&&&&
DOMOCARCODE1, &&&&&Dort Motor Car Company handsigned by Josiah Dallas Dort - Delaware 1922&&&&&
DOTCOMENGROU, &&&&&dot com Entertainment Group - Florida&&&&&
DOTCOMPACSPE, &&&&&Dot Com Package Special - 4 Companies Dr.,, and
DOTCOMS1, &&&&&Dot Coms / Internet&&&&&
DODIMIANDEXC, &&&&&Double Dividend Mining and Exploration Company - Wyoming 1905&&&&&
DOEAGOANDSIM, &&&&&Double Eagle Gold and Silver Mining Co. - Nevada Territory 1863 ***SOLD***&&&&&
DOUBINADCOM, &&&&&Doubleclick - Internet Advertising Company (Acquired by Google)&&&&&
DOUBLETWISTINC, &&&&&DoubleTwist, Inc. (genomic research company)&&&&&
DOFOINVI, &&&&&Doughtie's Foods, Inc. - Virginia &&&&&
DOUGAIRCOM, &&&&&Douglas Aircraft Company ( Became McDonnell Douglas )&&&&&
DOAICOINMA, &&&&&Douglas Aircraft Company ( Became McDonnell Douglas )&&&&&
DOAICOIN1BOS, &&&&&Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. with Donald W. Douglas, Jr. as President (Became McDonnell Douglas) $1000 Bond - 1966&&&&&
DOCONE19, &&&&&Douglas County, Nebraska - 1989&&&&&
DOFLGOMICONE, &&&&&Douglas Flat Gold Mining Company - Nevada 1934&&&&&
DOANDBRMICOC, &&&&&Dover and Brighton Mill Company - Colorado 1905&&&&&
DOLAANDSECOI, &&&&&Dovercourt Land and Securities Company, Inc. - 1920&&&&&
DOWCHCONEWYO, &&&&&Dow Chemical Company - New York 1963&&&&&
DOWCHCO8DESP, &&&&&Dow Chemical Company 8.625% Debenture Specimen - Delaware 1978&&&&&
DOWJOCOINNEW, &&&&&Dow Jones & Company, Inc. - New Jersey 1989&&&&&
DOWJOCOINNEW1, &&&&&Dow Jones & Company, Inc. - New York 1987&&&&&
DOWJOCOINSPP, &&&&&Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Specimen- Delaware 1989&&&&&
DOWIANDFRCOD, &&&&&Downey Wine and Fruit Company - Downey, California 1886&&&&&
DOGRPLCNEWYO, &&&&&Dowty Group PLC - New York 1984&&&&&
DOCOMICOAR19, &&&&&Doyle Consolidated Mines Company - Arizona 1910&&&&&
DOYCONMINCOM, &&&&&Doyle Consolidated Mines Company 1912 - Arizona&&&&&
DRPEPCOM1, &&&&&Dr. Pepper Company - RARE Specimen - Colorado 1979&&&&&
DRPECOINPRDE, &&&&&Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up Companies, Inc. Production Proof - Delaware 1992&&&&&
DRAUCOIL, &&&&&Dragon Automobile Company Brochure ( Dragon Touring Car) - 1906&&&&&
DRAPCOR, &&&&&Draper Corporation - Famous Textile Loom Maker&&&&&
DRANSKGDE, &&&&&DreamWorks Animation SKG - Delaware &&&&&
DRBULAGRINDE, &&&&&Drexel Burnham Lambert Group, Inc. (Michael Milken's Employer) - Delaware&&&&&
DREQFUINDE, &&&&&Drexel Equity Fund, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
DREXMINCOM18, &&&&&Drexel Mining Company 1896 - Cripple Creek, Colorado&&&&&
DRIPSPRINMIN, &&&&&Dripping Springs Mines Corporation - Gila County, Arizona - 1923&&&&&
KRGE19, &&&&&Dritte Funfeinhalbprozentige Osterreichische Kriegsanleihe - Austria 1915&&&&&
DRKOOPCOM, &&&&& (Dr. C. Everett Koop as Chairman) &&&&&
DRUGSTORECOM, &&&&& (Early Dot Com) &&&&&
DRDE19, &&&&& (Specimen) - Delaware 1999&&&&&
DRBEATBAOFLE, &&&&&Drum Beaten at the Battle of Lexington by William Dimond Patriotic Post Card &&&&&
DRUMMAJORBRAND, &&&&&Drum Major Brand Citrus Label&&&&&
DRURLANANDCA, &&&&&Drury Land and Canal Company 1896&&&&&
DRYDOSHRECOO, &&&&&Dry Docks & Ship Repairs Corporation of Philadelphia - Delaware 1920&&&&&
DSCCOCODE19, &&&&&DSC Communications Corporation - Delaware 1987&&&&&
DUPOOVCANDE1, &&&&&Du Pont Overseas Capital N.V. - Delaware 1982&&&&&
DUBECO18, &&&&&Dublin, Belfast & Coleraine - Old Jewry Chambers, London - 1846&&&&&
DUSICIRAROCO, &&&&&Dubuque & Sioux City Rail Road Company - Iowa 1874&&&&&
DUSICIRAROCO1, &&&&&Dubuque & Sioux City Rail Road Company - Iowa 1878&&&&&
DUMIANDTUCOC, &&&&&Dubuque Mining and Tunnel Company signed by Cripple Creek Gold Baron and Colburn Automobile Founder, Judge Ernest A. Colburn - Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, Colorado 1905&&&&&
DUCCREEKPETC, &&&&&Duck Creek Petroleum Company (Issued 2 months before the end of the Civil War) New York - February 1865&&&&&
DUEBHAMWATCO, &&&&&Dueber - Hampden Watch Company 1925 - Canton, Ohio&&&&&
DUESAUTMOTCO, &&&&&Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company, Inc. Stock Certificate - 1924&&&&&
DUCOCOCU, &&&&&Dufau Commercial Co. - Habana, Cuba&&&&&
DUPHSEUTINMA, &&&&&Duff & Phelps Selected Utilities Inc. - Maryland &&&&&
DUMIMICOOK19, &&&&&Duluth - Miami Mining Company - Oklahoma 1918&&&&&
DUNBRCODE19, &&&&&Dun & Bradstreet Corporation - Delaware 1983&&&&&
DUNBRCOVOTRC, &&&&&Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Voting Trust Certificate - Delaware 1961&&&&&
DUNBRINDE, &&&&&Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
DUPEANDLOSHC1, &&&&&Dundee Perth and London Shipping Company - England 1880&&&&&
DUNDUBBRIDCO2, &&&&&Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Company - Iowa 1874&&&&&
DUNDUBBRIDCO1, &&&&&Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Company 1873 - Train on Bridge Vignette&&&&&
DUNDUBBRIDCO, &&&&&Dunleith & Dubuque Bridge Company 1890's signed by Stuyvesant Fish&&&&&
DUNHOL19, &&&&&Dunlop Holdings - 1983&&&&&
DUHOPLCNEWYO, &&&&&Dunlop Holdings PLC - New York 1983 &&&&&
DUNRUBCOM, &&&&&Dunlop Rubber Company - Famous Tire company&&&&&
DUCOCA19, &&&&&Dunningcolor Corporation (Signed by Carroll H. Dunning and Dodge Dunning) - California 1945&&&&&
DUPADMACCOM, &&&&&Duplex Adding Machine Company 1910 - Swastika Logo&&&&&
DUCOANDRACO1, &&&&&Duplex Condenser and Radio Corporation - 1925&&&&&
DUMOPIININDE, &&&&&Duplex Motion Picture Industries, Inc. - Delaware 1925&&&&&
DUQGASCOR, &&&&&Duquesne Gas Corporation Gold Bond 1930&&&&&
DUQLIGCOMPEN, &&&&&Duquesne Light Company - Pennsylvania 1928&&&&&
DUQTRACCOM, &&&&&Duquesne Traction Company 1890's&&&&&
DURCOR, &&&&&Duralith Corporation&&&&&
DULAANDCOCOC, &&&&&Durango Land and Coal Company (RARE) - Colorado Springs, Colorado 1913&&&&&
DURAANDRECO1, &&&&&Durango Railway and Realty Company - Colorado 1930&&&&&
DURMOTCOMOFN, &&&&&Durant Motor (Star) Company of New Jersey 1929&&&&&
DUMOCOOFMIMI, &&&&&Durant Motor Company of Michigan - Michigan 1923&&&&&
DURMOTCARCOM, &&&&&Durant Motors, Incorporated&&&&&
DUMOINDE191, &&&&&Durant Motors, Incorporated - Delaware 1925&&&&&
DURMOTIN, &&&&&Durant Motors, Incorporated 1930&&&&&
DUMOIN19, &&&&&Durant Motors, Incorporated RARE Specimen Stock Certificate - 1935&&&&&
DUMIANDSMCO1, &&&&&Durham Mining and Smelting Company - Township of Durham, County of Drummond, District of Arthabaska in the Province of Canada - 1865&&&&&
DURPRODIN, &&&&&Durium Products, Incorporated - Famous Early Record Company&&&&&
JOBBATOAG, &&&&&Dusty Baker Topps Player Agreement 1981&&&&&
DUTGUIANCULC, &&&&&Dutch Guiana Culture Company 1917&&&&&
DUGUGORECOAR, &&&&&Dutch Guiana Gold Recovery Company - Arizona 1912&&&&&
DUTSILCOM18, &&&&&Dutchess Silver Company 1854 - New York&&&&&
DUZCOINNEWJE, &&&&&Duz Company, Inc. (Made Duz Soap Detergent and was acquired by Procter & Gamble Company) - New Jersey 1929&&&&&
DYNFILINC, &&&&&Dynamic Films, Inc. 1960&&&&&
DYCA19, &&&&&Dynapol - Palo Alto, California 1975&&&&&
DYNCOM, &&&&&Dynelectron Company 1904&&&&&
DYNELCOR, &&&&&Dyneto Electric Corporation 1918 - ( Early Automobile Systems Company )&&&&&
ESTREETACINC, &&&&&E Street Access, Inc.&&&&&
ECENTIVESINC, &&&&&e-centives, Inc.&&&&&
ECRUTIERCOMINC, &&&&& Inc&&&&&
ESINPOSCOM, &&&&&e-stamp The Internet Postage Company&&&&&
EINPOCODE19, &&&&&e-stamp the Internet Postage Company - Delaware 1999&&&&&
EINDE19, &&&&&E-Systems, Inc. (Now Raytheon) - Delaware 1972&&&&&
EINDE, &&&&&E-Systems, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
EZEMINC, &&&&&E-Z-EM, Inc.&&&&&
EFHUCOINEFHU, &&&&&E. F. Hutton & Company Inc. ("When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen") - 1972&&&&&
EFHUGRINEFHU, &&&&&E. F. Hutton Group Inc. ("When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen") &&&&&
EHHECOLIBRCO, &&&&&E. H. Heaps & Co. Limited - Ruskin, British Columbia, Canada 1911&&&&&
EIDUPODENEAN, &&&&&E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company - Delaware 1999&&&&&
BLANCER, &&&&&E.A. Wright Banknote Certificate&&&&&
EHUGRIN12DEE, &&&&&E.F. Hutton Group Inc. Floating Rate Note ("When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen") - 1984&&&&&
EROANDSOMA19, &&&&&E.H. Rollins and Sons ( Banking house ) - Maine 1929&&&&&
EDUPODENECOD, &&&&&E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company - Delaware &&&&&
EDUPODENECOD2, &&&&&E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company - Delaware &&&&&
EDUPODENECOD1, &&&&&E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company - Delaware 1974&&&&&
EDUPODENECOD3, &&&&&E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company - Delaware 1975&&&&&
EDUPODENUCOI, &&&&&E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company, Inc. - Amsterdam &&&&&
ECOSEINNEWYO, &&&&&E.P.G. Computer Services, Inc. - New York 1971&&&&&
EROLAINSPMA, &&&&&E.R. Rochette Laboratory, Inc. - Massachusetts&&&&&
ERAPORILICOW, &&&&&E.S. Randall Potomac River Line Company - West Virginia 1900&&&&&
ESTEXCOWEVI1, &&&&&E.S. Randall Steamboat & Excursion Company (Potomac River Steamer) - Washington DC 1900&&&&&
EBUCOMA19, &&&&&E.T. Burrowes Company (Furniture maker) - Portland, Maine 1927&&&&&
EAARCOMECEMA, &&&&&Eagle Artillery Company Member's Certificate - Maryland 1855&&&&&
EAGBANOFNEWH, &&&&&Eagle Bank of New Haven 1812&&&&&
EAGLECOMPUTER, &&&&&Eagle Computer ( Attack of the Clones )&&&&&
EAINCOEN18, &&&&&Eagle Insurance Company - England 1869 &&&&&
EAMOREMACONE, &&&&&Eagle Mowing & Reaping Machine Company - Valley Falls, New York 1875&&&&&
EAPEGOSISMCO1, &&&&&Eames Petroleum Gold & Silver Smelting Comp'y of New York - 1880&&&&&
EAPEIRCONEWY, &&&&&Eames Petroleum Iron Company - Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania 1882&&&&&
EARRADCOR, &&&&&Earl Radio Corporation - 1929&&&&&
EARSCHEIBINC, &&&&&Earl Scheib, Inc - Famous Car Paint Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
PHOTOPOSTCARDS, &&&&&Early Aviation - Photo and Litho Postcards&&&&&
EARBIPLANPHO, &&&&&Early Bi Plane Photo Postcard&&&&&
NONAME57, &&&&&Early Bi Plane Photo Postcard Flying over City&&&&&
EARBIPLANPHO1, &&&&&Early Bi Plane Photo Postcard in Formation&&&&&
NONAME66, &&&&&Early Bi Sea Plane Photo Postcard 1930's&&&&&
CARTTV, &&&&&Early Cartridge Television Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
VINGASBLAN19, &&&&&Early Champagne Company - Lady with Champagne Art Deco Style - dated 1916&&&&&
MAAULI19, &&&&&Early Drivers License and Registration for Buick Touring Car - Maine 1926&&&&&
HABETECOHA183, &&&&&EARLY Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company - Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii 1881 &&&&&
HAHEPR19, &&&&&Early Helicopter Patent Design hand drawn in pencil by Inventor Randolph Fordham Hall - 1923&&&&&
MEPA19, &&&&&Early Mexican Pilots License No. 100 dated 1934&&&&&
RAR17NEWHAMU, &&&&&Early Rare 1799 Early U.S. Stock Certficate signed by John Langdon (signer of U.S Constitution) - Sold&&&&&
NONAME69, &&&&&Early Real Photo Airplane Postcard&&&&&
EARSHIPREC, &&&&&Early Shipping Receipts&&&&&
IRS1880, &&&&&Early Tobacco Tax Certificate 1875 - 1885 - Cigar Box in Vignette&&&&&
NONAME55, &&&&&Early WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard - The Low Down Thing That Plays the Low Down Game&&&&&
EARZEPLITPOS, &&&&&Early Zeppelin Litho Postcard flying over Germany&&&&&
NONAME65, &&&&&Early Zeppelin Litho Postcard with Bi Planes&&&&&
EARTHMOUNTINC, &&&&&Earth Mount, Inc. 1960's&&&&&
EANEINDE, &&&&&EarthLink Network, Inc. - Delaware 1996&&&&&
EARTHLINKINC, &&&&&Earthlink, Inc.&&&&&
EAALMISMCOAL, &&&&&East Alabama Mining & Smelting Company - Montgomery, Alabama 1876&&&&&
EABAYMUUTDIC, &&&&&East Bay Municipal Utility District - Calfornia 1959 &&&&&
EASBOSDRYDOC, &&&&&East Boston Dry Dock Company (Became Bethlehem Shipbuilding ) - Boston, Massachusetts - 1856&&&&&
EASCHICSTONB, &&&&&East Chicago Stone and Brick Company - Illinois 1919&&&&&
EADIMICONE19, &&&&&East Divide Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada. Esmeralda. Divide. 1919&&&&&
EADUCOMI19, &&&&&East Duluth Company (signed by the Company's President Walter B. Congdon - Glensheen Estate Fame) - Minnesota 1930&&&&&
EASENDELLIGC, &&&&&East End Electric Light Company 1890's - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania&&&&&
EALOWAWOCO18, &&&&&East London Water Works Company - 1899&&&&&
EAOILCRPECON, &&&&&East Oil Creek Petroleum Company - Brooklyn, New York 1865&&&&&
EAPARUCONABO, &&&&&East Palestine Rubber Company - Nabor Tire - Ohio 1917&&&&&
EASPENRAILCO, &&&&&East Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1890's&&&&&
EATEVIANDGER1, &&&&&East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Gold Bond - 1890&&&&&
EATEVIANDGE1, &&&&&East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway Company - 1890&&&&&
EASTENVIRAND, &&&&&East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway Company 1887&&&&&
EASWESEMLAB, &&&&&East West Emperors Label&&&&&
EASAIRLIN, &&&&&Eastern Air Lines First Stock Certificate 1939 - Eddie Rickenbacker as President&&&&&
EAAIRLI19EDR, &&&&&Eastern Air Lines Stock Certificate &&&&&
EASAIR, &&&&&Eastern Air Lines with Eddie Rickenbacker as President - 1952&&&&&
EASAIRLININC, &&&&&Eastern Air Lines, Inc. High Yield Bond Certificate (Sold by Michael Milken, Junk Bond King) - NASA Astronaut Frank Borman as Chairman&&&&&
EAAIRLIINDE1, &&&&&Eastern Air Lines, Inc. with Frank Lorenzo as Chairman - Delaware 1989&&&&&
EASAIRLOCL1E, &&&&&Eastern Airlines - Lockheed L-188 Electra&&&&&
EASAIRPOSBOE, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Boeing 720&&&&&
EASAIRPOSBOE2, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
EASAIRPOSBOE1, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDC4, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard DC-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDC41, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard DC-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDC7, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard DC-7&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDC, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard DC8-21&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU6, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC 7&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC 7-B&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU5, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU3, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU1, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU2, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC-8&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU7, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC9&&&&&
EASAIRPOSDOU4, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Douglas DC9-14&&&&&
EASAIRPOSLOC, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Lockheed L-1011&&&&&
EASAIRPOSMAR, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Martin 4-0-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOSMAR1, &&&&&Eastern Airlines postcard Martin 4-0-4&&&&&
EASAIRPOS, &&&&&Eastern Airlines Postcards&&&&&
EASAIRTICVAL, &&&&&Eastern Airlines Ticket Validator Stamp for Old Airline Tickets&&&&&
EABACLINCMA, &&&&&Eastern Baseball Club, Inc - Maryland&&&&&
EASBLAUGCOM, &&&&&Eastern Blaugas Company 1912&&&&&
EACACEBABAW, &&&&&Eastern Caribbean Central Bank - Specimen - Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies&&&&&
EACOOILCOMA11, &&&&&Eastern Consolidated Oil Company - Maine 1901&&&&&
EACOOILCOMA1, &&&&&Eastern Consolidated Oil Company - Maine 1903&&&&&
EAELCOOFBACI, &&&&&Eastern Electric Company of Baltimore City - Maryland 1897&&&&&
EASTERNEUROPE, &&&&&Eastern Europe&&&&&
EASMALIRCOM, &&&&&Eastern Malleable Iron Company 1950's&&&&&
EAMOCARCONEW, &&&&&Eastern Motor Car Company - New York 1905&&&&&
EASPETCOM19, &&&&&Eastern Petroleum Company 1917&&&&&
EASHRAROCOMA, &&&&&Eastern Shore Rail Road Company - Maryland 1875&&&&&
EASTCOMA, &&&&&Eastern States Corporation (St. Regis Paper Company) - Maryland&&&&&
EASSTEAMNAVC, &&&&&Eastern Steam Navigation Company 1851 - Great Eastern Ship&&&&&
EATECOCONEWJ, &&&&&Eastern Terra Cotta Company - New Jersey 1935&&&&&
EAUNMACOCO19, &&&&&Eastern Underwear Manufacturing Company (Short Seller) - Connecticut 1912&&&&&
EACHCODE19, &&&&&Eastman Chemical Company RARE Specimen (spun off from Eastman Kodak in 1994) - Delaware 1994&&&&&
EAKOCONEWJE3, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company (Pre Bankruptcy) Specimen - New Jersey 1990&&&&&
EAKOCOPBASPN, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company (Pre Bankruptcy) Specimen - New Jersey 1983&&&&&
EAKOCOPBASPN1, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company (Pre Bankruptcy) Specimen - New Jersey 1984&&&&&
EAKOCO, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company (Pre Bankruptcy) Specimen - New Jersey 1985&&&&&
EAKOCONEWJE2, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company - New Jersey&&&&&
EAKOCOPRNEWJ, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company Production Proof - New Jersey 1992&&&&&
EAKOCOSILEBY, &&&&&Eastman Kodak Company signed letter by George Eastman - New York 1912&&&&&
BONABAMA18, &&&&&Easton National Bank - Maryland 1872&&&&&
EANABA18, &&&&&Easton National Bank - Maryland 1872&&&&&
EANABACH18, &&&&&Easton National Bank Check - 1871&&&&&
EATCOR, &&&&&Eaton Corporation $10,000 Bond&&&&&
EARECODE19, &&&&&Eatonic Remedy Company ( Medical Tablet Fraud) - Delaware 1917&&&&&
EBFINSERINCG, &&&&&ebank Financial Services ( )&&&&&
EBAYINC, &&&&&eBay Inc&&&&&
EBTRCODE19, &&&&&Ebert Tractor Company - Delaware 1918&&&&&
ECINMA20, &&&&&, Inc. (Dot Com Bomb - Sued by the SEC) - Maryland 2002&&&&&
ECDE, &&&&&Echelon Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
ECMANCOM, &&&&&Echlin Manufacturing Company - Auto Parts Company&&&&&
ECTECOWEVI18, &&&&&Echo Telephone Company (two cherubs talking on an early telephone )- 1891 &&&&&
ECHOSTAR, &&&&&Echostar - DISH Network -Satellite TV&&&&&
ECCODE1, &&&&&Eckerd Corporation - Delaware ( Now CVS Corporation )&&&&&
ECCODE19, &&&&&Eckmar Corp. - Delaware 1969&&&&&
ECMICOAR, &&&&&Ecla Mining Corporation - Arizona 1921&&&&&
ECINNE20, &&&&&, Inc. - Nevada 2001&&&&&
ECVENCORSPEC, &&&&&eCyber Ventures Corp.&&&&&
EDAGICOPE19, &&&&&Ed. A. Gibson Company - Butler, Pennsylvania 1909&&&&&
EVRISICHNEWY, &&&&&Eddie Rickenbacker signed Check - New York 1970&&&&&
EDMUAMCOLINE, &&&&&Eden Musee American Company Limited ( New York's answer to Madame Tussaud’s) - New York 1887 &&&&&
EDBERIN, &&&&&Edgar Bergan Interests Stock Certificate plus Signed Check&&&&&
EDBEANDCH, &&&&&Edgar Bergen and Charlie signed photograph&&&&&
EDGARONLINEINC, &&&&&Edgar Online, Inc. - Securities and Exchange Commission data&&&&&
EDCOREBONOCA, &&&&&Edgecombe County Refunding Bond - North Carolina 1935&&&&&
EDGEGRINMA19, &&&&&Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier, Inc. (Atomic Energy Commission Contractor) - Massachusetts 1965&&&&&
EDGEWATERSTEEL, &&&&&Edgewater Steel Company - Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
EDPARASLIM18, &&&&&Edgewood Park Association Limited 1886 - Alexandria Bay, New York&&&&&
EDSHCOLICA19, &&&&&Edgewood Shipping Company, Limited - Canada 1918&&&&&
EDINCDEL20, &&&&&
EDCOR, &&&&&Edify Corporation ( Now S1 Corporation )&&&&&
EDSERIN19, &&&&&Ediphone (Thomas Edison's Dictaphone ) Company 1920's - SCARCE&&&&&
EDSERIN, &&&&&Ediphone Company (Early dictation machine made by Thomas Edison) signed by Charles Edison - New Jersey 1928 &&&&&
EDTECOOFGLLI, &&&&&Edison Telephone Company of Glasgow Limited - Scotland 1880 &&&&&
EDCOR19, &&&&&Edison - Splitdorf Corporation 1932 - Charles Edison as President&&&&&
EDBROTSTORIN, &&&&&Edison Brothers Stores, Inc.&&&&&
EDILCOM, &&&&&Edison Illuminating Company of Detroit (Bare breasted maiden vignette)- 1905&&&&&
EDPHLTNEWJE11, &&&&&Edison Phongraphs, Ltd. - New Jersey 1917&&&&&
EDPHDICONEWJ1, &&&&&Edison Phonograph Distributing Company - New Jersey 1920's&&&&&
EDPHDICONEWJ, &&&&&Edison Phonograph Distributing Company signed by Charles Edison - New Jersey 1925&&&&&
EDPHTOYMACO1, &&&&&Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Company ( Earliest Known Talking Doll) - 1889&&&&&
EDPHONWORNEW, &&&&&Edison Phonograph Works (Pre iPod by 116 years) - New Jersey 1888&&&&&
EDPLSUFIMOGO, &&&&&Edison Place Subdivision First Mortgage Gold Bond - Madison County, Illinois 1931&&&&&
EDPOCECO19, &&&&&Edison Portland Cement Company (Vignette of a young Thomas Edison) - New Jersey 1908&&&&&
EDPOCECOISTO1, &&&&&Edison Portland Cement Company issued to Thomas A. Edison - 1906&&&&&
EDSAULELCOM, &&&&&Edison Sault Electric Company&&&&&
EDSAELCO, &&&&&Edison Sault Electric Company - Gold Bond 1905&&&&&
EDSCHOOLINC, &&&&&Edison Schools Inc. - Under Investigation by the SEC&&&&&
EDUNPHONCOM1, &&&&&Edison United Phonograph Company $1,000 Gold Bond - New Jersey 1903&&&&&
EDCOPHCO19, &&&&&Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Company - 1904&&&&&
EDCOROASCODE, &&&&&Edmonson County Rock Asphalt Co. - Delaware 1927 &&&&&
EDCUCLLTNEWB, &&&&&Edmundston Curling Club, Ltd. - New Brunswick 1945&&&&&
EDFELEPE19, &&&&&Edna Ferber signed Letter (Movie Productions based on Ferber's work: Show Boat, Giant, Saratoga Trunk, Cimarron) - 1940&&&&&
EDROSQCHNEWY, &&&&&Edward Robinson Squibb handsigned Check (Bristol-Myers Squibb ) - New York 1853 &&&&&
EDHSTINDE19, &&&&&Edwin H. Stuart, Incorporated - Pittsburgh 1971&&&&&
EFRAVPOS, &&&&&EF-111A Raven postcard&&&&&
EFCODE, &&&&&eFunds Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
EGCOCODE, &&&&&eGain Communications Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
EGINPE20, &&&&&eGames, Inc. - Pennsylvania 2001&&&&&
EGDOTCOMGOOS, &&&&& - Famous Dot Com gets scrambled in Bankruptcy&&&&&
EGYPTBOND, &&&&&Egyptian Irrigation Bond 1898 - Aswan Dam on Nile River&&&&&
EQWINSTOCCER, &&&&&Egyptian Wine Stock Certificate 1950&&&&&
ELBADECRHIGU, &&&&&El Banco De Credito Hipotecario - Guayaquil, Ecuador&&&&&
ELBADECRHIQU, &&&&&El Banco de Crédito Hipotecario - Quayaquil, Ecuador&&&&&
ELBADEDEGUGU, &&&&&El Banco De Descuento Guayaquil - Ecuador 1920&&&&&
ELBATEGU, &&&&&El Banco Territorial $1000 Bond - Guayaquil, Ecuador&&&&&
ELBATEEC, &&&&&El Banco Territorial - Guayaquil, Ecuador 1886&&&&&
ELCHCOTE19, &&&&&El Chico Corporation - Texas 1968&&&&&
ELCOMIWEVI19, &&&&&El Cobre Mines - Cuba 1903&&&&&
ELDOANDPLCOG, &&&&&El Dorado and Placer Counties Gold Mining and Power Company - American River, California - Arizona, 1910&&&&&
ELDORGUESRAN, &&&&&El Dorado Guest Ranch, Inc 1929&&&&&
ELPASCOR, &&&&&El Paso Corporation - Accused of manipulating gas supplies to drive up prices&&&&&
ELTORRESINC, &&&&&El Torito Restaurants, Inc.&&&&&
SILEBYELHEGA, &&&&&Elbert Henry Gary Typed Letter Signed as Chairman of the Board of United States Steel Corporation "E. H. Gary." ( Gary Indiana namesake) - 1923&&&&&
EBOILCOMALTE, &&&&&Elberta Oil Association, Texas - 1919&&&&&
ELCOOFAMNEWY, &&&&&Elblight Company of America ( Made Early Electric Christmas Lights) - New York 1902&&&&&
ELCODE19, &&&&&Elco Corporation - Delaware 1965&&&&&
ELDEANDCO19, &&&&&Elder Dempster and Company, England 1921&&&&&
ELDELIHOLIEN, &&&&&Elder Dempster Lines Holdings Limited - England&&&&&
ELISHEBAYYAC, &&&&&Elder Island Hempstead Bay Yacht Club - New York 1911&&&&&
ELMANCOM, &&&&&Elder Manufacturing Company - Missouri ( Apparel Maker )&&&&&
ELSTSTCOINDE1, &&&&&Elder Steel Steamship Company Inc. (Signed by George R. Elder Jr ) - Delaware 1921&&&&&
ELWIGLCOPE19, &&&&&Eldred Window Glass Co. - Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania 1924 &&&&&
COOFMAMA181, &&&&&Election Results for Senator Tappan Wentworth of Commonwealth of Massachusetts signed by Governor - 1865&&&&&
ELMUINLINEWY, &&&&&Electric & Musical Industries Limited ( EMI Records) - New York 1967&&&&&
NICEMIRECSTO, &&&&&Electric & Musical Industries Limited Company (EMI Records) issued to DLJ - 1970&&&&&
ELADCOM18, &&&&&Electric Advertising Company 1885&&&&&
ELAMCOM18, &&&&&Electric Amalgam Company 1884&&&&&
ELBOCO19EAGE, &&&&&Electric Boat Company ( Early General Dynamics ) - Submarine Vignette 1915&&&&&
ELBOATCOMNOW, &&&&&Electric Boat Company ( Now General Dynamics ) - 1915&&&&&
ELBOATCOM1, &&&&&Electric Boat Company ( Now General Dynamics ) 1951&&&&&
ELBONANDSHAR1, &&&&&Electric Bond and Share Company (General Electric Holding Company) 1939 (EBASCO )&&&&&
ELCOOFAMNEWJ, &&&&&Electric Company of America ( Now American Electric Power ) - New Jersey 1902&&&&&
ELDIGACOIL18, &&&&&Electric Dice Game Company - Illinois 1893&&&&&
ELMATCO, &&&&&Electric Materials Company - Pennsylvania&&&&&
ELRAILEXCOM1, &&&&&Electric Railroad Express Company 1896 RARE&&&&&
ELRACOMI, &&&&&Electric Railway Company - Port Huron, Michigan &&&&&
ELSADAWAPE19, &&&&&Electric Sanitary Damp Wash - Pennsylvania 1926 &&&&&
ELSELPLAYPIA, &&&&&Electric Self Playing Piano Company signed by Electric Piano Inventor - 1897 &&&&&
ELSTEAMSTERC, &&&&&Electric Steam Sterilizing Company, Inc.&&&&&
ELSTEERCOM18, &&&&&Electric Steering Company 1889 - Steamer Ship Vignette&&&&&
ELSTBACONEWJ, &&&&&Electric Storage Battery Company (Now EnerSys) - New Jersey 1945 &&&&&
PEDROGSALOM, &&&&&Electrical Lead Reduction Company signed by Pedro G. Salom co founder of the First U.S. Electric Car - 1904&&&&&
ELLERECODE18, &&&&&Electrical Lead Reduction Company signed by Pedro G. Salom co founder of the First U.S. Electric Car - Delaware 1900&&&&&
ELANDICESUPC, &&&&&Electricity and Ice Supply Company - 1906&&&&&
ELCOLIEN18, &&&&&Electro-Printing-Block Company, Limited - England 1859 &&&&&
ELCODE, &&&&&Electrolux Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
ELECTRONICARTS, &&&&&Electronic Arts RARE Specimen Stock Certificate - California 1989&&&&&
ELDATSYSCOR, &&&&&Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Corporation 1985&&&&&
ELDATSYSCORE, &&&&&Electronic Data Systems Corporation ( EDS )&&&&&
ELDATSYSCORE1, &&&&&Electronic Data Systems Corporation ( EDS )&&&&&
ELDASYCOOFTE, &&&&&Electronic Data Systems Corporation (H. Ross Perot as Chairman) - Texas&&&&&
ELDASYCODE19, &&&&&Electronic Data Systems Corporation with Roger Smith as Chairman - Delaware 1992&&&&&
ELMAILCOROFA, &&&&&Electronic Mail Corporation of America 1982 - Early Email Company&&&&&
ELTRANCOR19, &&&&&Electronic Transistors Corporation 1973&&&&&
ELCOR, &&&&&ELECTROSPACE Corporation - Rocket Vignette&&&&&
ELLIUNDKRAGB, &&&&&Elektrische Licht - und Kraftanlagen AG, Berlin 1943 - WWII Era&&&&&
ELAGCERSWISC, &&&&&Elektrowatt AG Certificate - (Swiss Company now owned by Seimens)&&&&&
ELSACOCOPE181, &&&&&Elevator Safety Controller Company ( Old Elevator Vignette) - Pennyslvania 1898 &&&&&
ELSUANDRECOI, &&&&&Elevator Supply and Repair Co. (Early Elevator Company) - Illinois 1890 &&&&&
ELFCACODE19, &&&&&Elf Candy Company - Delaware 1921&&&&&
ELMOIN19, &&&&&Elgin Motors - Indiana 1923&&&&&
ELNAWACO191, &&&&&Elgin National Watch Company 1903&&&&&
ELILIANDCOPR, &&&&&Eli Lilly and Company Production Proof - Indiana 1985&&&&&
ELANDNEHORCO, &&&&&Elizabeth and Newark Horse R.R. Company - New Jersey 1864&&&&&
ELATCLNEWJE1, &&&&&Elizabeth Athletic Club - New Jersey 1892 &&&&&
ELMICOMO18, &&&&&Elizabeth Mining Company ( Silver Dollar vignette) - Montana 1892 &&&&&
ELPLANDCEJER, &&&&&Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway Company - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
ELKCIGOMICOS, &&&&&Elk City Gold Mining Co. signed by George W. Young - South Dakota 1910&&&&&
ELKCREEKMINC, &&&&&Elk Creek Mining Company 1881 - New York&&&&&
ELKHOMICOVI, &&&&&Elk Horn Mining Corporation - Virginia 1915&&&&&
ELKNAGASCOPE, &&&&&Elk Natural Gas Company - Pennsylvania 1914&&&&&
ELSALCREEKOI, &&&&&Elkhorn Salt Creek Oil Syndicate 1923&&&&&
ELOILCOOH19, &&&&&Ellicott Oil Corporation - Nelsonville, Ohio 1936&&&&&
ELFARTELCOMS, &&&&&Ellington Farmers Telephone Company Stock 1910&&&&&
ELOILCOCO19, &&&&&Ellis Mexia Oil Company - Colorado 1923&&&&&
ELREWHCOWA19, &&&&&Ellis Resilient Wheel Corporation - Washington 1924 &&&&&
ELFESABAUNST, &&&&&Ellwood Federal Savings Bank - Ellwood City, Pennsylvania&&&&&
ELFESABAOFPE, &&&&&Ellwood Federal Savings Bank of Pennsylvania&&&&&
ELANDWIRACO1, &&&&&Elmira and Williamsport Railroad Company - 1963&&&&&
ELMUIMCONEWJ, &&&&&Elmira Municipal Improvement Company - New Jersey 1894&&&&&
ELCEMCOMOFDE, &&&&&Elmwood Cemetery Company of Delaware&&&&&
ELVIS, &&&&&Elvis Presley USA First-Day Issue Cancellation Stamps&&&&&
ELYGICOCOELN, &&&&&Ely - Giroux Copper Company - Ely, Nevada 1917 &&&&&
ELYCENCOPCOM1, &&&&&Ely Central Copper Company - Oscar A. Turner as President 1909 - White Pine. Ely, Nevada&&&&&
ELYCENCOPCOM, &&&&&Ely Central Copper Company 1910 - Ely, Nevada&&&&&
ELYCOCOCO19, &&&&&Ely Consolidated Copper Company - Properties in Ely, Nevada - 1919&&&&&
EMACHINESINC, &&&&&eMachines, Inc.&&&&&
EMACHINESINC1, &&&&&eMachines, Inc.&&&&&
EMOFPRLIPAPO, &&&&&Emancipation Statue of President Lincoln - Patriotic Post Card &&&&&
EMBAYLAKTAHP, &&&&&Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe Postcard&&&&&
EMBRAN, &&&&&Emerson Brantingham 1925 - Farm Tractor Company (J. I. Case)&&&&&
EMDRUGCOMOFB, &&&&&Emerson Drug Company of Baltimore City - Bromo Seltzer Drug Maker - Vignette of Famous Building image next to Baltimore Orioles Camden Yards - 1950's&&&&&
EMRACONEWJE1, &&&&&Emerson Radio Corp. - New Jersey 1986&&&&&
EMBRSEINMA19, &&&&&Emerson's Bromo - Seltzer ( Famous Bromo Selzer Building Vignette) - Baltimore, Maryland 1930 &&&&&
EMPNLUCOCO, &&&&&Emery Pneumatic Lubricator Company - Colorado 1914&&&&&
EMMAYLAANDIM, &&&&&Emma May Land and Improvement Company - County of Onondaga, New York 1900&&&&&
EMGOMICOCO18, &&&&&Emma-Aimee Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1899&&&&&
EMTECO, &&&&&Emmner Telephone Company - Charlestown, Jefferson county, West Virginia 1886&&&&&
STATOFMIS181, &&&&&Emmner Union Telephone Company - Missouri 1887&&&&&
EMANPOMACONE, &&&&&Empire Animal Power Manufacturing Co. - New York 1870's&&&&&
EMBETECOID19, &&&&&Empire Bell Telephone Company - Idaho 1905&&&&&
EMCIFACHCUNE, &&&&&Empire City Farms Check (Empire City Stud Farm) - Cuba, New York 1915&&&&&
EMCONQUICMIN, &&&&&Empire Consolidated Quicksilver Mining 1901&&&&&
EMCOQUMICO19, &&&&&Empire Consolidated Quicksilver Mining Company - 1901&&&&&
EMCOQUMI19, &&&&&Empire Consolidated Quicksilver Mining Company issued to and signed by Stilson Hutchins, founder of the Washington Post - New Jersey 1902&&&&&
EMDISELCOM, &&&&&Empire District Electric Company - Kansas&&&&&
EMELBRAKCOM, &&&&&Empire Electric Brake Company 1950 - New Jersey ( Chrysler and Buick Supplier )&&&&&
EMFIRANDMARI, &&&&&Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company&&&&&
EMGASCOR, &&&&&Empire Gas Corporation&&&&&
EMINOFNEWYON, &&&&&Empire Institute of New York - Jersey City, New Jersey 1893 &&&&&
EMMACONEWYO11, &&&&&Empire Manufacturing Company - New York 1867&&&&&
EMMICOOFUTUT, &&&&&Empire Mining Company of Utah - Utah Territory ( Pre Statehood) 1881&&&&&
EMMIMICOAR19, &&&&&Empire Mint Mining Company - Empire, Clear Creek County, Colorado - Arizona 1907&&&&&
EMSTCOINNEWY, &&&&&Empire State Colosseum, Inc. - New York 1958&&&&&
EMSTATDRUGCO, &&&&&Empire State Drug Company 1897&&&&&
EMSTSIMICONE, &&&&&Empire State Silver Mining Company - New York 1867&&&&&
EMSTCOOH19, &&&&&Empire Steel Corporation - Ohio 1931&&&&&
EMTIRANDROBC, &&&&&Empire Tire and Rubber Corporation - Trenton, New Jersey 1917&&&&&
EMDELFECADEG, &&&&&Empresa Del Ferro Carril De Guantanamo - Cuba 1882&&&&&
EMOILCOCA19, &&&&&Emslie Oil Company - California 1912&&&&&
ENDE, &&&&&Enableipc - Delaware &&&&&
ENAMCONEWYO1, &&&&&Encyclopedia Americana Corporation - New York 1915&&&&&
ENHOLINC, &&&&&Energizer Holdings, Inc.&&&&&
ENABSYSINC, &&&&&Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.&&&&&
ENINDE201, &&&&&Engage, Inc. - Delaware 2002&&&&&
ENINDE20, &&&&&Engage, Inc. - Delaware 2002&&&&&
ENGRAVINGS, &&&&&Engravings and Photographs&&&&&
ENPUBCOM19, &&&&&Enquirer Publishing Company signed by Governor J. Frank Hanly - Indiana 1917&&&&&
ENCOLUMISTCE, &&&&&Enron Corp. Lucite Miniature Stock Certificate Award - 1998 - NYSE&&&&&
ENRON, &&&&&Enron Corporation - Ken Lay as Chairman + crooked E logo - 2000&&&&&
ENCOR, &&&&&Enserch Corporation&&&&&
ENCOEXCONEWY, &&&&&Enterprise Coal & Exchange Company - New York 1886&&&&&
BONSHELANDCO, &&&&&Enterprise Grinder Trade Card - 1890's - Comic Image of Indians&&&&&
ENINCOOFPH18, &&&&&Enterprise Insurance Company of Philadelphia - 1868&&&&&
ENAU, &&&&&Entertainment Autographs&&&&&
ENTERTAINMENT, &&&&&Entertainment, Hotels, Motion Pictures and Sports&&&&&
ENFXINCA, &&&&&Enviro FX Inc., Canada&&&&&
ENONECOR, &&&&&Environment One Corporation&&&&&
ENSYININNEWY, &&&&&Environmental Systems International, Inc. (ESI) - California&&&&&
EQUIFAXINC, &&&&&Equifax Inc. - Credit Checking Service&&&&&
EQFINCORDEL, &&&&&Equipment Finance Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
EQSECCOM, &&&&&Equitable Securities Company 1914&&&&&
EQUITYFINDO, &&&&&Equity Funding Bond - Huge Wall Street Scandal in the 1970s&&&&&
EQFUNCOROFAM, &&&&&Equity Funding Corporation of America - RARE Fraud Specimen Certificate&&&&&
EQUITYFINDB, &&&&&Equity Funding Scandal - Billion Dollar Bubble the Auditors Missed - Enron of the 1970's&&&&&
EQFUCOOFAMDE1, &&&&&Equity Funding Scandal - Billion Dollar Bubble the Auditors Missed - Enron of the 1970's (Issued to Drexel Burnham, Bear Stearns or GoldmanSachs)&&&&&
ERAPRINCA19, &&&&&ERA Productions, Inc. - California 1956 signed by Walt Disney animator Brice Mack&&&&&
ERCININDE19, &&&&&ERC Industries, Inc.- Delaware 1986&&&&&
ERALAU, &&&&&Eric Alertman Autograph&&&&&
ERTELCOM19, &&&&&Ericsson Telephone Company - 1911&&&&&
ERRAILCOM2, &&&&&Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company Stock Certificate PLUS Postcard &&&&&
ERRAILCOM, &&&&&Erie Railroad Company&&&&&
ERYACLPE19, &&&&&Erie Yacht Club - Pennsylvania 1917&&&&&
ERCOMICONOCA, &&&&&Erwin Cotton Mills Company - Durham, North Carolina&&&&&
ESMUWACOESCA, &&&&&Escondido Mutual Water Company - Escondido, California 1937&&&&&
ESPIECODE19, &&&&&Eskimo Pie Corporation - Delaware 1999 ( Now CoolBrands )&&&&&
ESMICO19, &&&&&Espana Mining Company - England 1923&&&&&
ESCHICCALPOS, &&&&&Esplande, Chico, California Postcard&&&&&
ESQUIREINC, &&&&&Esquire, Inc. - Famous Magazine&&&&&
ESCOUNBUILAN, &&&&&Essex County Building and Loan Association 1908 - Bloomfield, New Jersey&&&&&
ESSTANPORINC, &&&&&Esso Standard Portugal, Inc.&&&&&
ESVERMAR, &&&&&Establishment Verminck, Marseille - Famous Soap Company 1909&&&&&
ESUNMEREOFME, &&&&&Estados Unidos Mexicanos - Republic of Mexico 1898&&&&&
ESGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Estella Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1900 &&&&&
ETGHCIEDEHA1, &&&&&Etablissements Ghilardi & Cie de Haren-Nord - 1944 Bruxelles&&&&&
ETINDEBER1, &&&&&Etablissements Industriels de Berdiansk 1899&&&&&
PUUTHOCOOFAM1, &&&&&Eternal Optimist Stock Certificate bought October 30, 1929 the day after Market Crash&&&&&
SIETMELEFRSA, &&&&&Ethel Merman handsigned letter from Samuel Goldwyn Inc. - California 1935&&&&&
EUMICO18, &&&&&Eureka Mining Company -Humboldt County, California 1897&&&&&
EUMOCOPE18, &&&&&Eureka Mower Company - Towanda, Bradford County Pennsylvania 1882&&&&&
EUOILCONE19, &&&&&Eureka Oil Company - Nevada 1926&&&&&
DISNEY, &&&&&Euro Disneyland Certificate (Now Disneyland Paris) - 1983&&&&&
NONAME27, &&&&&Euro Disneyland Stock Certificate - Framed&&&&&
EURAMSTEAMSH1, &&&&&European & American Steam Shipping Company 1857&&&&&
EUATENCO19, &&&&&European Atomic Energy Community - RARE $5,000 Specimen Bond Certificate - 1987&&&&&
EUELCOCA19, &&&&&European Electric Corporation - 1930 &&&&&
EUELLAMACONE, &&&&&European Ellithorp Lasting Machine Co. - New York 1888 &&&&&
EUINBA, &&&&&European Investment Bank (RARE $1000 Specimen Bond) - 1978&&&&&
EVPOPUCOCA18, &&&&&Evening Post Publishing Company - San Francisco, California 1887 &&&&&
EVPORECONEWY, &&&&&Evening Post Realty Corporation signed by J. David Stern (New York Post) - New York 1934&&&&&
EVLACOWA18, &&&&&Everett Land Company - Washington 1893 &&&&&
EVPAFIWA19, &&&&&Everett Pacific Fisheries - Washington 1918&&&&&
EVERSHARPINC, &&&&&Eversharp, Inc. ( Famous Pen Company )&&&&&
EVCHGUMCODE1, &&&&&Everybodys Chewing Gum Company - Delaware 1926&&&&&
EXININCOMINC, &&&&&Ex-Soldiers Investment Industrial Company, Inc. 1927 - Black Soldiers Investment Company&&&&&
EXCOANDHAYPR1, &&&&&Excelsior Cotton and Hay Press Company - New York 1865 &&&&&
EXGRBICOLINE, &&&&&Excelsior Grain Binder Company Limited - New York 1876&&&&&
EXOILCO19, &&&&&Excelsior Oil Company - Venango County, Pennsylvania&&&&&
EXWACONEWYO1, &&&&&Excelsior Watch Company - New York 1885&&&&&
EXFAWEBRGE19, &&&&&Excelsior-Fahrrad werke Motorcycles - Brandenburg, Germany 1923&&&&&
EXBAOFVI181, &&&&&Exchange Bank of Virginia - Norfolk, Virginia 1839&&&&&
EXBAOFVI18, &&&&&Exchange Bank of Virginia - Norfolk, Virginia 1860&&&&&
EXBUCONEWYO1, &&&&&Exchange Buffet Corporation - New York 1920&&&&&
MOBALCHEC18, &&&&&Exchange Check - Mobile Alabama 1840&&&&&
EXESLLI, &&&&&Exchange Estates (Liverpool) Limited - United Kingdom 1954&&&&&
EXNABAINMI, &&&&&Exchange National Bancshares, Incorporated - Missouri &&&&&
EXNABAOFPIPE, &&&&&Exchange National Bank of Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania 1903 &&&&&
EXCITEHOMECOM, &&&&&Excite@Home - At Home Corporation &&&&&
BARMARWALSTE, &&&&&Exclusive Scripophily Print called "Bare Market"&&&&&
EXECUTONEINC, &&&&&Executone, Inc.&&&&&
EXCOMINBAN, &&&&&Exodus Communications - Went broke during the bursting of the dot-com bubble - 2001&&&&&
EXCODE, &&&&&Exolon Company - Delaware &&&&&
EXINNE20, &&&&&, Inc. (Charged with Exotic Fraud) - Nevada 2001&&&&&
EXAUDCIVCENS, &&&&&Exposition Auditorium, Civic Center - San Francisco, California&&&&&
EXAEINSCU19, &&&&&Expreso Aereo Inter-Americano, S.A. - Cuba 1947 &&&&&
EXSHCODE19, &&&&&Exxon Shipping Company ( Owned Oil Tanker Exxon Valdez) - Delaware 1988&&&&&
F1TOMPOS, &&&&&F-14B Tomcat postcard&&&&&
F1FIGFALPOS1, &&&&&F-16C Fighting Falcon postcard&&&&&
F1CFIGFALPOS, &&&&&F-16D & C Fighting Falcons postcard&&&&&
F1FIGFALPOS2, &&&&&F-16D Fighting Falcon postcard&&&&&
F1FIGFALPOS, &&&&&F-16D Fighting Falcon postcard&&&&&
F1HORPOS, &&&&&F-18C Hornet postcard&&&&&
EANOCOPE19, &&&&&F. A. North Company ($50 Gold Bond Certificate) Lester Piano Vignette - Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 1911&&&&&
FBHAPUCONEWY, &&&&&F. B. Haviland Publishing Company (Tin Pan alley Music Publishing company) - New York 1911&&&&&
FHSAMCOM, &&&&&F. H. Sammis Company 1898 - Chicago&&&&&
FTHPADYANDCL, &&&&&F. Thomas Parisian Dyeing and Cleaning Works - San Francisco, California 1888&&&&&
FAOINC, &&&&&F.A.O., Inc. ( FAO Schwarz, Right Start and Zany Brainy brands )&&&&&
FSMCODE19, &&&&&F.H. Smith Company (Chairman received a 14 year penitentiary sentence for fraud) - Washington DC 1929 &&&&&
FMOCABCOLI, &&&&&F.I.A.T Motor Cab Company, Limited - 1909&&&&&
FWDODCOR, &&&&&F.W. Dodge Corporation - McGraw-Hill Company - 1928&&&&&
FHACOEU19, &&&&&F.W. Hasselblad & Company (Famous Camera Company) - Göteborg, Sweden 1919&&&&&
FABSTOCCER10, &&&&&Faberge Stock Certificate 100 shares&&&&&
FAIPOSTCECOS, &&&&&Facebook IPO Stock Certificate - Coming Soon &&&&&
FASTCEIPO20, &&&&&Facebook Stock Certificate - IPO 2012&&&&&
FAIRLANESINC, &&&&&Fair Lanes, Inc. - Famous Bowling Company&&&&&
FAMOCO19, &&&&&Fairbanks, Morse & Co. - 1920's&&&&&
FAMOCOIL19, &&&&&Fairbanks, Morse & Co. - Illinois 1923&&&&&
FACAANDINCOD, &&&&&Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
FAIRENAIRCOR, &&&&&Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation 1957&&&&&
FACOHEBUBO19, &&&&&Fairfax County Health Building Bond - Virginia 1953&&&&&
FACOPUPA19, &&&&&Fairfax County Pubic Park Bond - Virginia 1969&&&&&
FACOPUIMBOFA, &&&&&Fairfax County Public Improvement Bond - Fairfax County, Virginia 1972&&&&&
FACOSCBOVI19, &&&&&Fairfax County School Bond - Virginia 1966&&&&&
FACOSEBOVI, &&&&&Fairfax County Sewer Bond - Virginia 1987&&&&&
FACORE17, &&&&&Fairfax County, Virginia document dated 1747&&&&&
FAIRMINCOM, &&&&&Fairfield Mining Company, Denver Colorado 1909&&&&&
FAIRDEVAS, &&&&&Fairman Development Association - Chicago 1917&&&&&
FAIRFOODCOMD, &&&&&Fairmont Foods Company - Delaware&&&&&
FAIRFOODCOMD1, &&&&&Fairmont Foods Company - Delaware 1979&&&&&
FAIRHOTSANFR, &&&&&Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California Postcard&&&&&
FAIRPARTRANC, &&&&&Fairmount Park Transportation Company 1897&&&&&
FACOMIDECOBO, &&&&&Fairview Consolidated Mining & Development Company - Boulder County, Colorado 1881&&&&&
FALLEADMINST, &&&&&Falcon Lead Mining Stock 1929&&&&&
FALSEABINC, &&&&&Falcon Seaboard Inc.&&&&&
FATINPLCOOH1, &&&&&Falcon Tin Plate Company - Canton, Ohio 1922&&&&&
FALNICMINLIM1, &&&&&Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited&&&&&
FARILINEWYO1, &&&&&Fall River Line - New York 1894 &&&&&
FAFIWHCONEWY, &&&&&Fallesen Fifth Wheel Company - New York 1883&&&&&
FAGASCOCO19, &&&&&Fallon Gas Corporation - Colorado 1958 &&&&&
FACIINCOLOKE, &&&&&Falls City Insurance Company - Louisville, Kentucky 1890&&&&&
FALMOTCOR19V, &&&&&Falls Motor Corporation 1919 - Virginia&&&&&
FALBREWCOM19, &&&&&Falstaff Brewing Company 1960's&&&&&
FABRCOMI, &&&&&Falstaff Brewing Corporation ( Rare Uncancelled Certificate) - Missouri &&&&&
FAMUINCOPE18, &&&&&Fame Mutual Insurance Company - Pennsylvania 1857&&&&&
FADAOFAMIN, &&&&&Famous Dave's of America, Inc.&&&&&
FAPLCOOFCACA, &&&&&Famous Players - Lasky Motion Picture Company (Became Paramount Pictures ) - California 1920&&&&&
FAPLCACOLICA, &&&&&Famous Players Canadian Corporation, Limited - Canada &&&&&
STOCCERNECTI, &&&&&Fancy Wall Street Silk Stock Certificate Tie - Plus 5 matching certificates on the tie&&&&&
FADA, &&&&&Fannie Davenport Photo&&&&&
FAFACASHIN, &&&&&Fanny Farmer Candy Shops, Inc. &&&&&
FAFACASHIN19, &&&&&Fanny Farmer Candy Shops, Inc. ( Now Fannie May Chocolates ) - 1957&&&&&
FAFACASHIN1, &&&&&Fanny Farmer Candy Shops, Inc. (Founder, Frank Patrick O'Connor as President) - New York 1934&&&&&
FANMETCOR, &&&&&Fansteel Metallurgical Corporation&&&&&
FAISINNEWYO1, &&&&&Fantasy Island Amusement Park (Now Martin's Fantasy Island ) - Grand Island, New York 1963&&&&&
GENANDSHIPIN, &&&&&FAQ - Fax/Mail Ordering, Shipping, Pricing&&&&&
FAROSYINCO19, &&&&&Fared Robot Systems, Inc. - Colorado 1987&&&&&
FASYINDE19, &&&&&Fared Systems, Inc. - Delaware 1989 &&&&&
FACRADCHWIKA, &&&&&Farm Credit Administration Check from Treasurer of the United States - Wichita, Kansas 1938&&&&&
FAINDEENOFDE, &&&&&Farmer in the Dell Enterprises of Delaware, Inc. - Delaware 1972&&&&&
FAMEBASOCA19, &&&&&Farmers & Mechanics Bank - Florence, South Carolina 1921&&&&&
FARMERMUTTEL3, &&&&&Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association 1906 - Kansas&&&&&
FARMERMUTTEL2, &&&&&Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association 1909&&&&&
FARMERMUTTEL, &&&&&Farmers & Merchants' Mutual Telephone Association Norton, Kansas 1905&&&&&
FARANDMECBAN, &&&&&Farmers and Mechanics' Bank of Georgetown, D.C. 1858-1861&&&&&
FAANDMEBAOFL3, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles - 1871 signed by Isaias W. Hellman and Nelson Story&&&&&
FAANDMEBAOFL, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles - 1871 signed by Isaias W. Hellman and Prudent Beaudry&&&&&
FARANDMERBAN, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles 1872 signed by Isaias W. Hellman Business Leader and a founding father of the University of Southern California (U.S.C.)&&&&&
FARANDMERBAN1, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles 1874 signed by Civil War California Governor John G. Downey - Named City of Downey after him&&&&&
FAANDMEBACEO, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles Certificate of Deposit signed by Isaias W. Hellman Pioneer and U.S.C. Founder - 1874&&&&&
FAANDMEBAOFL6, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles with G.D. Compton (City of Compton Founder) & Downey (City of Downey Founder) Autographs - 1872&&&&&
FAANDMENABAO, &&&&&Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Los Angeles - California 1903&&&&&
FARANDTRADLI, &&&&&Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Company - New York&&&&&
FABAOFVIRIVI1, &&&&&Farmers Bank of Virginia (Slave Bank) - Richmond, Virginia 1861 - Dated in month Civil War Started&&&&&
FAMACOVI19, &&&&&Farmers Manufacturing Company - Virginia 1923&&&&&
FARSTATBANST, &&&&&Farmers State Bank - Maryland&&&&&
FARUNOFSANJO1, &&&&&Farmers Union of San Jose, California 1870's&&&&&
FARUNOFSANJO, &&&&&Farmers Union of San Jose, California 1890&&&&&
FAHOCOSODA19, &&&&&Farmingdale Hotel Company - South Dakota 1910&&&&&
FASCDISCBONO, &&&&&Farmville School District School Bond - North Carolina 1949&&&&&
FATERACODE, &&&&&Farnsworth Television & Radio Corporation (Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented Television) - Delaware 1947&&&&&
FATERACO191, &&&&&Farnsworth Television & Radio Corporation - 1943 Delaware&&&&&
FAOZKICOMI19, &&&&&Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. (Farwell Arms Company) - St. Paul, Minnesota 1949&&&&&
FACO18, &&&&&Fashion Company (Vogue Magazine) signed by founders - New York 1895 SOLD&&&&&
FASDEL20, &&&&&
FATICANTELLI, &&&&&Father I cannot tell a lie Postcard&&&&&
FAMAMEHOPHPE, &&&&&Father Martin Memorial House - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania&&&&&
FACONEWYO19, &&&&&Fatherland Corporation signed by George Sylvester Viereck - New York 1922&&&&&
FAWHSUSPCOWE, &&&&&Fauquier White Sulphur Spring Company - Warrenton , Virginia 1879&&&&&
FAGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Favorite Gold Mining Company - Teller County, Cripple Creek - Colorado 1902&&&&&
FAVEFIBUCOLI, &&&&&Fawcett Ventilated Fireproof Building Co. Limited - Pennsylvania 1896&&&&&
FAMICOLIBRCO, &&&&&Fawn Mining Company Limited - British Columbia, Canada 1937&&&&&
FAXANDMAILOR, &&&&&Fax, Mail or Telephone Ordering&&&&&
FBILETOMOATG1, &&&&&FBI Letter to Montana Attorney General signed by J. Edgar Hoover - Washington, D.C. - 1964&&&&&
CP-GOV1, &&&&&Federal and Government&&&&&
FEDBAKSHOPIN, &&&&&Federal Bake Shops, Inc.&&&&&
FEBRANDPOCOP, &&&&&Federal Bridge and Power Company - Pennsylvania 1933&&&&&
FEBRANDPOCOP1, &&&&&Federal Bridge and Power Company - Pennsylvania 1933&&&&&
FEBRANDPOCOD1, &&&&&Federal Bridge and Power Company - Delaware 1933&&&&&
FECOCO19, &&&&&Federal Communications Commission (Restricted Radio Telephone Operator's Permit) - 1940&&&&&
FECOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Federal Contracting Company $1000 Gold Bond - New York 1903&&&&&
FEDFRUITCOM1, &&&&&Federal Fruit Company Gold Bond 1909 - DC Capitol Vignette&&&&&
FENAMOAS19FA, &&&&&Federal National Mortgage Association (15.875% Australlian Dollar Debenture) - 1990 ( Fannie Mae )&&&&&
FENAMOASFMAE, &&&&&Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae ) - Washington D.C. &&&&&
FERECONE19, &&&&&Federal Resources Corporation - Nevada 1986&&&&&
FEDSECCOMINC, &&&&&Federal Securities Company, Inc. 1928&&&&&
FESTPARACOPE, &&&&&Federal Street Passenger Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1890's&&&&&
FEDTITANDTRU, &&&&&Federal Title and Trust Company - Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania&&&&&
FEELINNEWYO1, &&&&&Federated Electronics, Inc. - New York 1963&&&&&
FERFALWATWOR, &&&&&Fergus Falls Water Works Company 1903&&&&&
FEDRYGOCOMI1, &&&&&Ferguson-McKinney Dry Goods Co. - St. Louis, Missouri 1900&&&&&
FEMACONEWJE1, &&&&&Ferrell Manufacturing Company ( AfroAmerican Inventor Frank J. Ferrell) - New Jersey 1891&&&&&
FENADEMENRAO, &&&&&Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico (National Railways of Mexico) - 1910&&&&&
FISIT19, &&&&&FIAT S.p.A - Italy 1989&&&&&
FIBERMATICSINC, &&&&&Fibermatics, Inc.&&&&&
FIBPRODCOR, &&&&&Fibre Products Corporation 1925&&&&&
FIBRESCOR, &&&&&Fibrous Research Corporation 1930&&&&&
FICONEWJE, &&&&&Fidelity Company Specimen Gold Bond - New Jersey 1909 &&&&&
FILOANDTRCOV, &&&&&Fidelity Loan and Trust Company - Roanake, Virginia 1893&&&&&
FIDLOANANDTR, &&&&&Fidelity Loan and Trust Company 1890 - Sioux City, Iowa&&&&&
FIOILCONEWME, &&&&&Fidelity Oil Company - New Mexico 1901&&&&&
FIFPARROWCOR1, &&&&&Fifteen Park Row Corporation 1932&&&&&
FIAVBA18NEWY, &&&&&Fifth Avenue Bank - 1879 New York&&&&&
FIAVCOCONEWY1, &&&&&Fifth Avenue Coach Company - New York 1936&&&&&
FIAVCOLIINNE, &&&&&Fifth Avenue Coach Lines, Inc. - New York&&&&&
FIFVICLOAN1, &&&&&Fifth Victory Loan - Canada 1943&&&&&
FIASCA, &&&&&Fifty Associates - Oakland, California 1885&&&&&
FICOTECONE19, &&&&&Fillmore County Telephone Company (certificate #1) - Nebraska 1903&&&&&
FILMETPAR, &&&&&Films Metropole, Paris 1929&&&&&
FILMWAYSINC1, &&&&&Filmways, Inc. ( Martin Ransohoff as President )&&&&&
FIGEBAINVI19, &&&&&Financial General Bankshares, Inc. (Became First American Bankshares) - Virginia 1974&&&&&
FININ, &&&&&Financial Incorporated - Fort Wayne, Indiana&&&&&
FINNEWNET, &&&&&Financial News Network - FNN ( Now CNBC ) RARE - California 1987&&&&&
FITILIEN19, &&&&&Financial Times Limited - England 1962&&&&&
FIMACOPE19, &&&&&Finch Manufacturing Company - Scranton, Pennsylvania 1905 &&&&&
FIBRBOHECONE, &&&&&Finck's Bridge Bond - Finck's Basin, Herkimer County, New York 1869&&&&&
FIGOMICOCO18, &&&&&Findley Gold Mining Company - Mines located at Cripple Creek, El Paso County, Colorado. 1890's &&&&&
FINHOMINLP, &&&&&Fine Homes International, L.P. ( Merrill Lynch Mortgage Company )&&&&&
FIINWA, &&&&& International (Became About Fine Solutions, LLC) - Washington &&&&&
FICOMI, &&&&&Fingerhut Corporation - Minnesota &&&&&
FIANDLYMACOC, &&&&&Finkle and Lyon Manufacturing Company ( Became Victor Sewing Machine) - Connecticut 1872&&&&&
CIOFBOMA18, &&&&&Fire Department Appointment signed by Mayor Josiah Quincy, Boston, Massachusetts 1847&&&&&
FIRPROOFBUIL, &&&&&Fire Proof Building Company 1886 - New Jersey&&&&&
FIAPNEWYO18, &&&&&Fireman Appointment - New York City, New York - 1845&&&&&
FIRCOR18, &&&&&Fireman's Corporation 1884&&&&&
FIFUCODE19, &&&&&Fireman's Fund Corporation - Delaware 1988&&&&&
FIIN19, &&&&&Firepond, Inc. - 1999&&&&&
FIRSTORCOM19, &&&&&Fireproof Storage Company 1908&&&&&
FIOVFICODE19, &&&&&Firestone Overseas Finance Corporation $60,000,000 - Delaware 1968&&&&&
FIRTIRRUBCOM, &&&&&Firestone Tire & Rubber Company - 1963&&&&&
FIBOCO, &&&&&First Boston Corporation Investment Banker (Became Credit Suisse) - Massachusetts 1975&&&&&
FICHFICONOCA, &&&&&First Charlotte Financial Corporation - North Carolina 1993 &&&&&
FIRCHARFINCO, &&&&&First Charter Financial Corporation ( Became Financial Corporation of America )&&&&&
FICHCODE19, &&&&&First Chicago Corporation (First National Bank of Chicago ) - Delaware 1975&&&&&
FIRCITPROPIN, &&&&&First City Properties Inc. $100,000 Note&&&&&
FICOHOCOAMIS, &&&&&First Coast Holdings Corporation - Amelia Island, Florida 1989&&&&&
FIENHOCOCO, &&&&&First Entertainment Holding Corp. - Colorado &&&&&
FIRFINCOR1, &&&&&First Financial Corporation&&&&&
FIRFINCOR, &&&&&First Financial Corporation&&&&&
FIRGULBEACBA, &&&&&First Gulf Beach Bank and Trust Company - St. Petersburg, Florida 1968&&&&&
FIRMETCHURAL, &&&&&First Methodist Church, Alameda, California Postcard&&&&&
FIMOCOCA, &&&&&First Mortgage Corporation - California&&&&&
FINABAONMI19, &&&&&First National Bank - Ontonagon, Michigan 190_&&&&&
FIRNATBANHEL, &&&&&First National Bank Helena, Montana 1886 - Geyser Vignette&&&&&
FINABAOFAKOH, &&&&&First National Bank of Akron (Became first Bancorporation of Ohio) - Ohio &&&&&
FINABAOFBAOK, &&&&&First National Bank of Bartlesville - Oklahoma &&&&&
FINABAOFBEPE, &&&&&First National Bank of Berwick - Pennsylvania &&&&&
FIRNATBANOFB1, &&&&&First National Bank of Biddleford 1873 - Maine&&&&&
FINABAOFBUVE, &&&&&First National Bank of Burlington - Vermont 1870&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFC2, &&&&&First National Bank of Cooperstown Check 1916 - New York&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFC, &&&&&First National Bank of Cooperstown, N.Y. Check 1890's&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFD, &&&&&First National Bank of Dansville 1880 - New York&&&&&
FINABAOFDAOH, &&&&&First National Bank of Dayton - Ohio &&&&&
FINABAOFEUTE, &&&&&First National Bank of Euless - Texas &&&&&
FINABAOFFOWO, &&&&&First National Bank of Forth Worth - Texas &&&&&
FINABAOFLAPA, &&&&&First National Bank of Lake Park - Lake Park, Florida 1985&&&&&
FINABAOFLIOH, &&&&&First National Bank of Lima (Vignette of vignette of farmer riding a horse driven plow) - Ohio 1897&&&&&
FINABAOFLOTE, &&&&&First National Bank of Longview (Famous Bank Robbed by Dalton gang) - Texas &&&&&
FIRNATBANOFM2, &&&&&First National Bank of Marathon Check 1890's - New York signed by Edgar I. Adams&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFM, &&&&&First National Bank of Marietta 1866-1869 Pennsylvania&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFM1, &&&&&First National Bank of Marietta Check 1868 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
FINABAOFMOWI, &&&&&First National Bank of Monroe - Wisconsin &&&&&
FINABAOFNEWI, &&&&&First National Bank of Neenah - Wisconsin &&&&&
FIRNATBANOFO, &&&&&First National Bank of Owego 186X&&&&&
FINABAOFPLMI, &&&&&First National Bank of Plymouth Michigan - Michigan 1887&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFP2, &&&&&First National Bank of Putnam 1915 - Connecticut&&&&&
FINABAOFSANA, &&&&&First National Bank of San Antonio - Texas &&&&&
FIRNATBAN, &&&&&First National Bank of Santa Ana 1917 - California&&&&&
FINABAOFSEBE, &&&&&First National Bank of Seattle ( Became Seafirst Bank, now Bank of America) - Territory of Washington, 1889&&&&&
FINABAOFSEBE1, &&&&&First National Bank of Seattle (Became Seafirst Bank, now Bank of America) - Territory of Washington, 1882&&&&&
FINABAOFTORI, &&&&&First National Bank of Toms River - New Jersey &&&&&
FIRNATBANOFT, &&&&&First National Bank of Towanda, Pennsylvania 1873&&&&&
FIRNATBANOFW1, &&&&&First National Bank of Waterloo Check - New York - 1865 - Issued during Civil War and Reconstruction Era&&&&&
FINABAOFWIPE, &&&&&First National Bank of Wilkes-Barre - Pennsylvania &&&&&
FINASTINMA, &&&&&First National Stores, Inc. (Finast Supermarket) - Somerville Massachusetts 1925&&&&&
FIRPREBCHURA, &&&&&First Prebyterian Church, Alameda, California Postcard&&&&&
FIRPRESCHURU, &&&&&First Presbyterian Church - University of California, Berkeley&&&&&
FISECOCA19, &&&&&First Securities Company - Los Angeles, California 1929 ( Early Security Pacific National Bank Company )&&&&&
FISENACOTE, &&&&&First Security National Corporation - Texas &&&&&
FIRSTSOUTHBANK, &&&&&First South Bank&&&&&
FIRSTATBANOF, &&&&&First State Bank of Forestburg, Texas - Texas Star Vignette&&&&&
FIRSTATBANOF2, &&&&&First State Bank of Sarasota - Florida&&&&&
FISTNABAPE, &&&&&First Stroudsburg National Bank - Pennsylvania&&&&&
FITRDECOSYNE, &&&&&First Trust & Deposit Company - Syracuse, New York&&&&&
FIRVIRBAN, &&&&&First Virginia Banks&&&&&
FIVIBACO, &&&&&First Virginia Bankshares Corporation&&&&&
FICODE, &&&&&Firstmark Corporation (pyramid of debt scam) - Delaware &&&&&
FISCALSTAMPS, &&&&&Fiscal Stamps - Specimens&&&&&
FIPATHCODE19, &&&&&Fischers Paramount Theatres Corporation - Delaware, 1929&&&&&
FIBOOHCOOH191, &&&&&Fisher Body Ohio Company signed by founder, Fred Fisher (Acquired by General Motors) - Ohio 1923&&&&&
FIMEOILCOAR1, &&&&&Fisher Merger Oil Company - Arizona 1922&&&&&
FISCCOLI19, &&&&&Fisher Scientific Co., Limited (Now Thermo Fisher Scientific) signed by Edwin Fisher - 1938&&&&&
FIGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Fisherman Gold Mines Co. - Colorado 1904&&&&&
FISWHARSANFR, &&&&&Fisherman's Wharf - San Francisco, California&&&&&
FISFLEETATFI, &&&&&Fishing Fleet at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California&&&&&
FISRUBCOM19, &&&&&Fisk Rubber Company 1932 (Early US Rubber - Uniroyal Company) - Massachusetts&&&&&
FISCOSUSCANE, &&&&&Fiske & Co's U.S. & Canada Express Package Receipt 1886-1887&&&&&
FITWORRAILCO, &&&&&Fitchburg & Worcester Railroad Company 1874&&&&&
FIWORAROCO18, &&&&&Fitchburg & Worcestor Rail Road Co.- Massachusetts 1869&&&&&
FIRACOBOMA18, &&&&&Fitchburg Railroad Company - Boston, Massachusetts 1895&&&&&
FITSIMCONDRE, &&&&&Fitz Simons & Connell Dredge & Dock Company - Illinois&&&&&
FITSIMCONDRE1, &&&&&Fitz Simons & Connell Dredge & Dock Company - Illinois&&&&&
FKBGRPEN, &&&&&FKB Group p.l.c. - United Kingdom 1989&&&&&
FLSAAGFL191, &&&&&Flacal Sales Agency - Orlando, Florida 1924&&&&&
FLAGBONMINCO, &&&&&Flagstaff Bonanza Mining Company&&&&&
FLMUTECO19, &&&&&Flagstaff Mutual Telephone Company - Arizona 1909&&&&&
FLCAIN19, &&&&&Flair Cards, Inc. - 1962&&&&&
FLJABUBABEDE, &&&&&Flakey Jake's Burgers, Bakery & Beverages - Delaware 1987 &&&&&
FLJAINDE19, &&&&&Flakey Jake's, Inc. - Delaware 1983&&&&&
FLFRLOCASTBR, &&&&&Flaming Frontier Lobby Card Starring Bruce Bennett and Jim Davis - 1958&&&&&
FLAIRSEINDE1, &&&&&Flamingo Air Service, Inc. - Delaware 1948 &&&&&
FLENINFL191, &&&&&Flanigan's Enterprises, Inc. - Florida 1979&&&&&
FLSAAGFL19, &&&&&Flaral Sales Agency - Florida 1924&&&&&
FLASPUBCOM, &&&&&Flashlight Publishing Company of Baltimore City 1897&&&&&
FLASCOMIN, &&&&&Flashnet Communications ( Acquired by Prodigy Communications )&&&&&
FLCOINOK20, &&&&&Fleming Companies, Inc. - Oklahoma 2003&&&&&
FLCOINOK19, &&&&&Fleming Companies, Inc. - Oklahoma 2003&&&&&
FLPHCONEWJE1, &&&&&Flemish-Lynn Phonograph Company - New Jersey 1916&&&&&
FLCHCAIIIN, &&&&&Fletcher Challenge Canada II Inc.&&&&&
FLFIANDCHCOD, &&&&&Flexo Film and Chemical Company - Delaware 1922&&&&&
FLLOCASTLUHA, &&&&&Flipper Lobby Card Starring Luke Halpin - 1963&&&&&
FLCOMICOTEOF, &&&&&Floredia Copper Mining Co. - Territory of Arizona 1907&&&&&
FLCOMICOAR19, &&&&&Floredia Copper Mining Co.(Scam mining company) - Territory of Arizona 1907&&&&&
FLCOSOCA1919, &&&&&Florence County, South Carolina - 1994&&&&&
FLORSTOVCOM, &&&&&Florence Stove Company 1939&&&&&
FLWHMICONE19, &&&&&Florence Wheeler Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1908&&&&&
FLORIDABONDA, &&&&&Florida Bonds&&&&&
FLEACOORANDS, &&&&&Florida East Coast Drainage and Sugar Company - Florida 1899&&&&&
FLORHUMCOM, &&&&&Florida Humus Company&&&&&
FLINRATRRACO, &&&&&Florida Interurban Rapid Transit Railway Company - Tampa, Florida 1926&&&&&
FLINRATRRACO1, &&&&&Florida Interurban Rapid Transit Railway Company - Tampa, Florida 1926&&&&&
FLPAHOINCHOC, &&&&&Florida Panthers Holdings, Inc (Classic Graphics - panther breaking a hockey stick) - Hockey Club&&&&&
FLPAHOINFL19, &&&&&Florida Panthers Holdings, Inc. (Rare Specimen) - Florida 1997&&&&&
FLSTBOOFEDBO, &&&&&Florida State Board of Education Bond - Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida - 1969&&&&&
FLORWESAIRIN, &&&&&Florida West Airlines, Inc.&&&&&
FLWICOFL18, &&&&&Florida Wine Company - Florida 1885&&&&&
FLDRSOLOCAST1, &&&&&Flower Drum Song Lobby Card starring Nancy Kwan and James Shigeta - 1962&&&&&
FLOWGOLMINCO, &&&&&Flowery Gold Mines Company of Nevada&&&&&
FLOWMINCOM, &&&&&Flowery Mines Company&&&&&
FLMECOEN18, &&&&&Fluid Meter Company - England 1870&&&&&
FLCOSALOAS, &&&&&Flushing Co-Operative Savings & Loan Association signed by Chester Huntington - New York 1887&&&&&
FMCCORPORATION1, &&&&&FMC Corporation&&&&&
FNBFICOMI, &&&&&FNB Financial Corporation - Three Rivers, Michigan &&&&&
FOLSTEELCORS, &&&&&Follansbee Steel Corporation - Pittsburgh&&&&&
FO4LESUINDE, &&&&&Food 4 Less Supermarkets, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
FOFASTINPE19, &&&&&Food Fair Stores, Inc. $1000 Specimen Bond - Pennsylvania 1950&&&&&
FOFASTINPE191, &&&&&Food Fair Stores, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1959&&&&&
FOODANDDRINKS1, &&&&&Food, Beer and Beverage A-I&&&&&
FOODANDDRINKS2, &&&&&Food, Beer and Beverage J-P&&&&&
FOANDBEQZ, &&&&&Food, Beer and Beverage Q-Z&&&&&
FOODEVMILLAB, &&&&&Foodland Evaporated Milk Label&&&&&
FOOTCONBEL, &&&&&Foote, Cone & Belding Communications - Major Advertising Company&&&&&
FORECOMA19, &&&&&Footer Realty Corporation - Maryland 1917&&&&&
FOAKR19, &&&&&Ford - Werke AG - 1941 - Ford Motors Stock issued in Germany during WWII - Nazi Slave Labor Company&&&&&
FOHOINPRDE19, &&&&&Ford Holdings, Inc. Proof - Delaware 1992&&&&&
FORHOTCOM, &&&&&Ford Hotels Company - New York&&&&&
FOR10BONWITE, &&&&&Ford Motor Car Company - $1000 Bond with Early Car Vignette&&&&&
FOMOCODE20, &&&&&Ford Motor Company (William Clay Ford Jr. as Chairman) - Delaware&&&&&
FOMOCODE192, &&&&&Ford Motor Company - Delaware 1988&&&&&
FOMOCOLESE19, &&&&&Ford Motor Company Letter (Henry Ford as President) - Seattle 1915&&&&&
FOMOCOOFCA19, &&&&&Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited - 1931&&&&&
FOMOCOPRDE19, &&&&&Ford Motor Company Proofs - Delaware 1991&&&&&
FOMOCOCH, &&&&&Ford Motor Company Specimen Check &&&&&
FORMOTCREDCO, &&&&&Ford Motor Credit Company&&&&&
FOMOCRCO19, &&&&&Ford Motor Credit Company - 1976&&&&&
FOMOCRCODE, &&&&&Ford Motor Credit Company - Delaware &&&&&
FOMOCRCODE19, &&&&&Ford Motor Credit Company - Delaware 1970&&&&&
FOMOCRCODE1, &&&&&Ford Motor Credit Company - Delaware 1985&&&&&
FOMOCRCO93NO, &&&&&Ford Motor Credit Company 9 3/4% Note - Delaware 1979&&&&&
FORSTREETPOS, &&&&&Ford Street Ogdensburg, New York Post Card 1920's&&&&&
FORMCKESINC, &&&&&Foremost - McKesson, Inc. ( Now McKesson Corporation )&&&&&
FOINMA, &&&&&Foremost - McKesson, Inc. - Maryland &&&&&
FORDAIRINC, &&&&&Foremost Dairies Inc. ( Became Foremost-McKesson )&&&&&
FOFACODE, &&&&&Foremost Fabrics Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
FOIN, &&&&&Foremost-McKesson, Inc.- California - Specimen&&&&&
FOHIMIMACOFA, &&&&&Forest Hill Mining and Manufacturing Company - Fayette County, Virginia 1859&&&&&
FOSTMICOSODA, &&&&&Forked Stick Mining Co. - South Dakota 1906&&&&&
FORREALTRUSI, &&&&&Forman Realty Trust - Illinois 1930&&&&&
FORINGAURCOM, &&&&&Forrest Insect Gaurd Company 1903 - New Jersey&&&&&
FOGRINDE19, &&&&&Forschner Group, Inc. (SWISS ARMY BRANDS, INC) - Delaware 1997&&&&&
FOAUAIRANDST, &&&&&Forsyth Automatic Air and Steam Coupler Company - Territory of Arizona 1900&&&&&
FOLEEFECOOFN, &&&&&Fort Lee Ferry Company of New York - 1880's&&&&&
FOPACOANDIRA, &&&&&Fort Payne Coal and Iron Company - Alabama 1892 &&&&&
FODICOCODE19, &&&&&Fort Pitt Copper Company - Mesa District, New Mexico 1909 &&&&&
FOPIMIANDMIC, &&&&&Fort Pitt Mining and Milling Company - Colorado 1907&&&&&
FOPISTANDBRC, &&&&&Fort Pitt Stone and Brick Company - Carnegie, Pennsylvania 1897 &&&&&
FOSTANDELRAC1, &&&&&Fort Street and Elmwood Railway Co. - Detroit, Michigan 1860's &&&&&
FOSTANDELRAC, &&&&&Fort Street and Elmwood Railway Company - Detroit, Michigan 1868&&&&&
FORSTREETAND, &&&&&Fort Street and Elmwood Railway Company 1866 - Detroit, Michigan&&&&&
FOWARACOGEMO, &&&&&Fort Wayne = Lima Railroad Company General Mortgage Gold Bond - Indiana and Ohio 1927 &&&&&
FOWACOPACODE, &&&&&Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Company - Indiana 1948&&&&&
FOWARIASIN18, &&&&&Fort Wayne Ice Skating Rink Association - Indiana 1873&&&&&
FORWORCONBAN, &&&&&Fort Worth Continential Bank and Trust Co Stock&&&&&
FORGOLMINCOM, &&&&&Fortuna Gold Mining Company 1899 - Agua Dulce Canyon, Lower California&&&&&
FOBRINDE19, &&&&&Fortune Brands, Inc. - Delaware 1997&&&&&
FORMINANDSME, &&&&&Fortune Mining and Smelting Company - Washington State 1905&&&&&
UNSTFOBOSYOH, &&&&&Forty Bond Syndicate - Ohio 1932 &&&&&
FOGLCOSTCEFO, &&&&&Fostoria Glass Company issued Stock Certificate (Signed by W.F. Dalzell) - Fostoria, Ohio 1947&&&&&
FOSGLASCOMST, &&&&&Fostoria Glass Company Stock Certificate - Fostoria Ohio&&&&&
FOLAIMCO, &&&&&Fostoria Land & Improvement Company - Virginia 1890's&&&&&
FOINWICOLI18, &&&&&Fottrell Insulated Wire Company, Limited - 1883&&&&&
FOCONEWYO19, &&&&&Foundation Company - New York 1940 &&&&&
FOUNLABINC, &&&&&Foundation Laboratories, Inc. 1936 - Illinois&&&&&
FOUNANDGARAT, &&&&&Fountain and Garden at Rosicrucian Park - San Jose, California&&&&&
FOUNPOWININC, &&&&&Fountain Powerboat Industries, Inc.&&&&&
FOURACMINCOM, &&&&&Four Aces Mining Company 1906 - Bullfrog, Nevada - Classic Four Aces Vignette&&&&&
FOSTTECA191, &&&&&Four Star Television - California 1963&&&&&
FOSTTECA192, &&&&&Four Star Television - California 1964&&&&&
NEWSPOFCENOF, &&&&&Four Times Your Money's Worth Certificate&&&&&
FOURWESGOLMI, &&&&&Four West Gold Mining Company of Tonopah 1906 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
FOWHDRAUCOCL, &&&&&Four Wheel Drive Auto Co. (First US four wheel drive vehicle) - Clintonville , Wisconsin 1919&&&&&
FOURWHEELDRI, &&&&&Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (First 4 Wheel Drive Company) - 1948&&&&&
FOLILO41GOBO1, &&&&&Fourth Liberty Loan $1,000 4 1/4% Gold Bond of 1933-1938 - Washington, DC 1918 ***SOLD***&&&&&
FOLILO141GOB, &&&&&Fourth Liberty Loan $1,000 4 1/4% Gold Bond of 1933-1938 - Washington, DC 1918 - Sold&&&&&
FOLILORA141G, &&&&&Fourth Liberty Loan $100 4 1/4% Gold Bond of 1933-1938 - Washington, DC 1918 XF+ - SOLD&&&&&
FOLILOIL19, &&&&&Fourth Liberty Loan - Illinois, 1918&&&&&
FOLILO41GOBO, &&&&&Fourth Liberty Loan 4 1/4% Gold Bond of 1933-1938 (35 unused coupons) - Washington, DC 1918&&&&&
FOUROFJULGRE, &&&&&Fourth of July Greetings Postcard&&&&&
FOOFJUMIANDM, &&&&&Fourth of July Mining and Milling Company - Montana, Territory 1890&&&&&
FOURSTREETSA, &&&&&Fourth Street, Santa Rosa California Postcard&&&&&
FOUSDISCOM, &&&&&Foust Distilling Company&&&&&
FOENTHINDE, &&&&&Fox - New England Theatres, Inc. - Delaware 1928&&&&&
FOXENGROUPIN, &&&&&Fox Entertainment Group, Inc with Rupert Murdoch as Chairman (Home of Meygn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Bret Baier, Brit Hume)&&&&&
KEIRMERFOXAN, &&&&&Fox Farm Company - Fox Vignette 1914 - Canada&&&&&
FOXFILCOR1, &&&&&Fox Film Corporation (Became National Theatres) 1931&&&&&
FOXFICONEWYO1, &&&&&Fox Film Corporation - New York 1930&&&&&
FOXFICONEWYO, &&&&&Fox Film Corporation - New York 1930&&&&&
FOXMAINCA19, &&&&&Fox Markets, Inc. - California 1965&&&&&
FOXMEPRCOCO1, &&&&&Fox Metal Products Corporation - Colorado 1950&&&&&
FOXTESTINDE1, &&&&&Fox Television Stations, Inc. (K. Rupert Murdoch ) - Delaware 1986&&&&&
FOXTHEATCOR11, &&&&&Fox Theatres Corporation - New York 1931&&&&&
MARSTEWHASBE, &&&&&Framed Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. with Martha Stewart as Chairman&&&&&
PINCREEKRAIL1, &&&&&Framed Pine Creek Railway Company Bond hand signed by William K. Vanderbilt - 1885&&&&&
SANANAMINCOM1, &&&&&Framed Santa Ana Mining - Cochise County, Territory of Arizona 1898 - Founders Share&&&&&
FRSTOILTRSIB, &&&&&Framed Standard Oil Trust Signed by John. D. Rockefeller and Henry M. Flagler - 1886&&&&&
CLFRPA, &&&&&Framed Telephone Patent dated 1903 used for reference in the United States Patent and Trademark Office&&&&&
FRAMTENCOALI, &&&&&Framed Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company 1898 - Original Dow Jones Industrial Average Company&&&&&
FRAMIMMTITOW, &&&&&FRAMED Titanic Owner Stock with famous Signature 1915&&&&&
WESSHORRAIL, &&&&&Framed West Shore Railroad - 400 Year Junk Bond&&&&&
WORINCMCIGRO1, &&&&&Framed WorldCom, Inc. Certificate with Bernard J. Ebbers, and Scott D. Sullilvan as officers&&&&&
FRAMED-CERTIFICATES, &&&&&Framing Services&&&&&
FRLACOTE182, &&&&&Franco-Texan Land Company - Texas 1876&&&&&
FRCAAMCOBIL1, &&&&&Frank Calder Amusement Company (Burlesque) - Illinois 1916 &&&&&
SOCAMUCO, &&&&&Frank J. Hart - Southern California Music Company&&&&&
FRANSIDSOAPC1, &&&&&Frank Siddall's Soap Company - 1908&&&&&
FRANSOUTPHIL, &&&&&Frankford & Southwark Philadelphia City Passenger Railroad Company&&&&&
FRCOCOOFLYVA, &&&&&Franklin Coal Company of Lykens Valley (Issued during Civil War) - Massachusetts 1865&&&&&
FRANCOMCOR, &&&&&Franklin Computer Corporation (Franklin Publishing)&&&&&
FRANFIRINOLD, &&&&&Franklin Fire Insurance Company Authentic Stock Certificate 1839 - Ben Franklin & Early Fire Apparatus Picture&&&&&
HENRYCAREY, &&&&&Franklin Fire Insurance Company signed by Henry Carey (Famous Economist) 1836&&&&&
FRANFIRINCOM, &&&&&Franklin Fire Insurance Company signed by the first American Medical Association President Dr. Nathaniel Chapman dated 1836&&&&&
FRINCOPHPE18, &&&&&Franklin Insurance Company Philadelphia (Issued to Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company) - Pennsylvania 1837&&&&&
FRMICOMI19, &&&&&Franklin Mining Company - Upper Peninsula, Michigan 1923&&&&&
FRPRANDOFCO, &&&&&Franklin Press and Offset Company - Detroit, Michigan 1928&&&&&
FRANNATBAN, &&&&&Franklin Square National Bank - Long Island, New York - Major Bank Failure in 1974&&&&&
FRANSTORCOR, &&&&&Franklin Stores Corporation&&&&&
FRANTRACCOM, &&&&&Franklin Tractor Company 1920&&&&&
FRANTRUSCOM, &&&&&Franklin Trust Company - Franklin Flying Kite Discovering Electricity - October 1929 (Market Crash Month)&&&&&
FRANTURPIKCO, &&&&&Franklin Turn Pike Company 1849 - Tenessee&&&&&
FRCACO19, &&&&&Frantz Caramel Company - Honey Brook, Pennsylvania 1923&&&&&
FRAUDSCANDIS, &&&&&Frauds, Bankruptcies and Scandals&&&&&
FREDANDHARWV, &&&&&Fred and Harry W. Van Orman, Inc. - Illinois - Hotel Orlando Vignette - Famous Hotel Company&&&&&
FRBICLWIVIOF, &&&&&Frederick Bicycle Club with Vignette of Old Bicycle - Frederick, Maryland 1893&&&&&
FREDCOUNPROD, &&&&&Frederick County Products Incorporated 1925&&&&&
FRTHCODE, &&&&&Frederick Theatre Company - 1923&&&&&
FREDOFHOL, &&&&&Frederick's of Hollywood - Sexy Lingerie Company&&&&&
FROFHOINDE19, &&&&&Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc. - Specimen - Delaware 1989&&&&&
FRORANDCHRAV, &&&&&Fredericksburg, Orange, and Charlottesville Rail Road Company - Virginia 1872&&&&&
FRBACENEWYO1, &&&&&Free Banks, Certificate of Delivery Merchant's Exchange - Rochester, New York 1845&&&&&
FRBUCE, &&&&&Free Buick Certificate - 1929&&&&&
FRMIREOFLASV, &&&&&Free Mileage Rent-A-Car of Las Vegas, Inc. - Las Vegas, Nevada 1968&&&&&
FRPRPRCOOFCH, &&&&&Free Press Printing Company of Chicago, Illinois - 1874&&&&&
FRSTOFAN1GOB, &&&&&Free State of Anhalt $1000 Gold Bond - Germany 1926&&&&&
FRENHYDPHOTP, &&&&&French Hydroplane Photo Postcard&&&&&
FRENPHOTLIM1, &&&&&French Phototone Limited 1929&&&&&
FRASQU, &&&&&Frequently Asked Questions&&&&&
FRCONEWYO19, &&&&&Frink Corporation - New York 1927&&&&&
FRCOSIFUGOBO, &&&&&Frink Corporation Sinking Fund Gold Bond - Delaware 1927&&&&&
FRISSTANKNIT, &&&&&Frisbie & Stansfield Knitting Co.&&&&&
FRCOCOLIPE18, &&&&&Frisbie Coal Company, Limited - Pennsylvania 1890&&&&&
FRREINOH, &&&&&Frisch's Restaurants, Inc. ( Big Boy Vignette) - Ohio 1978&&&&&
FRROTUVI18, &&&&&Front Royal Turnpike - Virginia 1850&&&&&
FRTUVI18, &&&&&Front-Royal Turnpike - Virginia 1852&&&&&
FRTRCOSODA19, &&&&&Frontera Transportation Company - South Dakota 1918&&&&&
FRAIINSP, &&&&&Frontier Airlines, Inc. (Became People Express) - Specimen&&&&&
FRBACA19, &&&&&Frontier Bank - Los Angeles, California 1963&&&&&
FRENINCSPNEW, &&&&&Frontier Enterprises, Inc (Owned by Consoildated Aircraft Corp.) - New York &&&&&
FRENIN19, &&&&&Frontier Enterprises, Inc (Owned by Consoildated Aircraft Corp.) signed by Reuben H. Fleet (Aviation Pioneer) - 1929&&&&&
FRHOINNE19, &&&&&Frontier Holdings, Inc. (Frontier Airlines) - Nevada 1983&&&&&
FROSANDWOODF, &&&&&Frost and Wood Farming Equipment Company Certificate - Early 1900's&&&&&
FRNABAOFSANA, &&&&&Frost National Bank of San Antonio - Texas &&&&&
FRTRCODE, &&&&&Fruehauf Trailer Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
FRUEHTRAILCO1, &&&&&Fruehauf Trailer Corporation Stock&&&&&
FROFLOCAIS20, &&&&&Fruit of the Loom (Original Investors lost their shorts - now a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway) - 2002&&&&&
FRUITOFLOOMINC, &&&&&Fruit of the Loom, Inc. 1947&&&&&
FRCEINMA19, &&&&&Fruit-Nut Cereals, Inc. (Early Health Food Cereal Maker) - Maine 1922&&&&&
FRNUTCEINMA1, &&&&&Fruit-Nut Cereals, Inc. (Early Health Food Cereal Maker) - Maine 1922&&&&&
FTDCOMDELAWARE, &&&&&FTD.COM ( flowers and specialty gifts. ) - Delaware&&&&&
FUOILMOCODE1, &&&&&Fuel Oil Motors Company (Acquired the Schwarz Cycle Engine Company) - Delaware 1933&&&&&
FUJELCERINGE, &&&&&Fuji Electric Certificate in German&&&&&
FUHYMACOAR19, &&&&&Fulford Hydraulic & Manufacturing Company - Territory of Arizona 1909&&&&&
FULAANDTRCOS, &&&&&Fullerton Land and Trust Company signed by Henry G. Wilshire ( Wilshire Blvd) and Edward R. Ameriage - Fullerton, California 1888&&&&&
FULCOUNNATBA1, &&&&&Fulton County National Bank - Unissued 18XX&&&&&
FULCOUNNATBA, &&&&&Fulton County National Bank Stock 1930&&&&&
FULFURCOM, &&&&&Fulton Fur Company - 1926&&&&&
FULMOTTRUCCO, &&&&&Fulton Motor Truck Company 1919&&&&&
FUNABAOFLAPE, &&&&&Fulton National Bank of Lancaster - Pennsylvania &&&&&
FUMICOCO19, &&&&&Fulton-Marguerite Mining Company - Cripple Creek , Colorado 1900&&&&&
FUNOFLETIN, &&&&&Fund of Letters Incorporated&&&&&
FUSTBANE19, &&&&&Funk State Bank (Funky Bank - Unrelated to Lehman Bros and Bear Stearns) - Funk, Nebraska 1909&&&&&
FUININCBEMEI, &&&&&Fuqua Industries, Inc ( Became Metromedia International )&&&&&
FUCROXCOTEOF, &&&&&Furnace Creek Oxide Copper Company - Mine office: Greenwater, Inyo Co., Cal. - Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
FUATGUPALOCA, &&&&&Fury at Gunsight Pass Lobby Card Starring David Brian, Neville Brand, and Richard Long - 1956&&&&&
GHEILBREWCOM, &&&&&G. Heileman Brewing Company 1945 (Now Stroh Brewery Company )&&&&&
GDSEARCOM, &&&&&G.D. Searle & Company (Pharmacia Company)&&&&&
GSWOODMERCO1, &&&&&G.S. Wood Mercantile Co. 1906 - Springville, Utah&&&&&
GABUTTRUSSPE, &&&&&Gabelli Utility Trust&&&&&
GACCOPE19, &&&&&GAC Corporation - Pennsylvania 1973&&&&&
GACOCODE19, &&&&&Gadsden Copper Company - Jerome, Verde District, Black Hills (Black Hill Range), Yavapai Co., Arizona 1919&&&&&
GAFCORPORATION, &&&&&GAF Corporation - Delaware 1986&&&&&
GAGRSURABRCO, &&&&&Gagnier - Griffin Suspended Railway Bridge Company - Chicago, Illinois 1894&&&&&
GAINWATCOM, &&&&&Gainesville Water Company 1909 - Gainesville, Texas&&&&&
GALFRSEINDE1, &&&&&Gal Friday Services, Inc. (Girl Friday temporary help service) - Delaware 1969&&&&&
GALCLARSCHOO, &&&&&Galen Clarke School, Merced, California Postcard&&&&&
GALHALCOM, &&&&&Galen Hall Company - New Jersey&&&&&
GALSERCOR, &&&&&Gallatin Service Corporation&&&&&
GALTERCOM19, &&&&&Galloway Terra-Cotta Company 1918 - Famous Pottery Maker&&&&&
GAHOHERCOPA1, &&&&&Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad Co. - Texas, 1857&&&&&
GAHOHERAROCO, &&&&&Galveston, Houston & Henderson Rail Road Company - 1857&&&&&
GAHOHERACOPA, &&&&&Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad Company - Texas, 1857&&&&&
GAMSKOGINC, &&&&&Gamble - Skogmo, Inc. - Famous Retail Stores - 1979&&&&&
GAMBREEDAS19, &&&&&Game Breeders' Association 1912 - New York&&&&&
GARICOMICOCO, &&&&&Game Ridge Consolidated Mining Company - Rosita, Colorado 1882 &&&&&
GACOWEARELOT, &&&&&GameStop Corp. - We are looking to buy this company's stock certificate&&&&&
GAMTMIMI, &&&&&Gander Mountain ( Sporting Goods ) - Minnesota&&&&&
GACOINDE, &&&&&Gannett Co., Inc. (USA Today Newspaper Owner)&&&&&
GADE, &&&&& - (IPO Certificate) Delaware &&&&&
GARCITFLYINS, &&&&&Garden City Flying Service, Inc.&&&&&
GAHOCOCA19, &&&&&Garden Homes Company signed by Duncan McDuffie - California 1921&&&&&
TENNIS, &&&&&Garden Tennis Club 1919 - Early Tennis Racket Vignettte&&&&&
GARDENSTOCCE, &&&&&Gardner - Denver Company Stock Certificate 1960 - 1972&&&&&
GAMOFUOH, &&&&&Garfield Monument Fund - Ohio 1884&&&&&
GARWORMIL, &&&&&Garfield Worsted Mills&&&&&
GACOBUCOIL19, &&&&&Garland Court Building Corporation ($500 Gold Bond) - Illinois 1927 &&&&&
GASTCONEWYO, &&&&&Garland Steamship Corporation - New York &&&&&
GAGOMICONEWY, &&&&&Garner Gold Mining Company - Tuolumne County, California - 1868&&&&&
GASMPHAR, &&&&&Garretson Smelters $500 Gold Bond - Phoenix, Arizona 1908&&&&&
GARMACCOM, &&&&&Garvin Machine Company&&&&&
GAINRACOIN, &&&&&Gary & Interurban Railroad Company - Indiana &&&&&
GASLIGCOMOFW, &&&&&Gas Light Company of Waverly - Early Vignette&&&&&
GASPOFLFRTRI, &&&&&Gas Poisoning Broadside from Travelers Insurance - Connecticut 1920's&&&&&
GASREFCOR, &&&&&Gas Refrigeration Corporation 1927 signed by Stuart Otto&&&&&
GAOFOGIN191, &&&&&GASAV of OGDEN, Inc. - Utah 1931&&&&&
GAOFOGIN19, &&&&&GASAV of OGDEN, Inc. - Utah 1931&&&&&
GAWIWIIN19, &&&&&Gaston, Williams & Wigmore, Inc. - Shipping Importers and Exporters - New York 1921&&&&&
GAWIWIINNEWY, &&&&&Gaston, Williams, & Wigmore, Inc. - Shipping Importers and Exporters - New York 1916&&&&&
GASWILWIGINC, &&&&&Gaston, Williams, & Wigmore, Inc. 1919 - Shipping Importers and Exporters&&&&&
GATPATGOLMIN, &&&&&Gateway Patricia Gold Mines Limited - Canada&&&&&
GAPAGOMILION, &&&&&Gateway Patricia Gold Mining Limited - Ontario, Canada 1936&&&&&
GAUMSTOC19, &&&&&Gaumont - Franco Film - Aubert Stock 1930&&&&&
GALMINCOM19, &&&&&Gavilan Mines Company 1906 - Arizona&&&&&
GAENCOSPNEWY, &&&&&Gaylord Entertainment Company (Grand Ole Opry vignette) - New York 1992&&&&&
GAZETCARBAR, &&&&&Gazogenes et Carbonisation Barbier 1925 - Wood burning process to power an automobile&&&&&
GEFAGOCLIN19, &&&&&Gedney Farm Golf Club, Inc. (Now Ridgeway Country Club) - White Plains, New York 1929 &&&&&
GEKCOMOFRIC, &&&&&Gekco Company&&&&&
GEMGUIDININC, &&&&&Gemstar -TV Guide International, Inc.&&&&&
GEENINNEWYO, &&&&&Gemuetlichen Enzianer, Inc. - New York &&&&&
GEAMRECONEWJ, &&&&&General American Reduction Company signed by Samuel Montgomery Roosevelt- New Jersey 1897&&&&&
GEARSICODE19, &&&&&General Artificial Silk Company (Owned patents to Rayon) - Delaware 1902 &&&&&
GENAUTSCALCO, &&&&&General Automatic Scale Company - 1920&&&&&
GENBOXCOMSTO, &&&&&General Box Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
GECACOMANEWY, &&&&&General Cable Corporation Gold Bond - New Jersey 1928&&&&&
GENCELCOR, &&&&&General Cellular Corporation ( Became Western Wireless )&&&&&
GECICONEWYO1, &&&&&General Cigar Company $1000 Bond - New York 1957 &&&&&
GENCIMCOR, &&&&&General Cinema Corporation&&&&&
GECOCODE19, &&&&&General Computing Corporation - Delaware 1980&&&&&
GENCOMMACCOR, &&&&&General Computing Machines Corporation 1950's&&&&&
GEELCO1BOGE1, &&&&&General Electric Company (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) $1000 Gold Bond, Germany 1925&&&&&
GENELCOM, &&&&&General Electric Company 1956 $1,000 Bond - Ralph Cordiner&&&&&
GENELCOR, &&&&&General Electronics Corporation 1933&&&&&
GENFIRCOM, &&&&&General Fireproofing Company (GF Office Furniture)&&&&&
GENFOODSTOCC, &&&&&General Foods Stock Certificate&&&&&
GEFUCOIN19, &&&&&General Fuel Corporation Gold Bond - Indiana 1921&&&&&
GENFURCOM, &&&&&General Furnace Company 1925&&&&&
GENFUSCOM, &&&&&General Fuse Company 1962&&&&&
GENGASELCOR, &&&&&General Gas & Electric Corporation 1934 - ( SCANA )&&&&&
GENHOMCOR, &&&&&General Homes Corporation&&&&&
GEHOCOEN18, &&&&&General Horticultural Company - England 1880&&&&&
GEHUMEEN, &&&&&General Hugh Mercer Engraving &&&&&
GENINALCORSP, &&&&&General Industrial Alcohol Corporation (Oldetyme Distillers Company)&&&&&
GENINCORDEL1, &&&&&General Instrument Corporation ( Now Motorola )&&&&&
GEINCODE19, &&&&&General Instrument Corporation - Delaware 1989&&&&&
GETWELE18, &&&&&General John Dix handwritten letter regarding the new birth a grandson - 1870&&&&&
GENMILINC, &&&&&General Mills, Inc.&&&&&
GEMIINDE, &&&&&General Mills, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
GEMIINDE19, &&&&&General Mills, Inc. - Delaware 1981&&&&&
GENMOTCOM1, &&&&&General Motors Company 1916 (Pre Bankruptcy) - New Jersey&&&&&
GENMOT19, &&&&&General Motors Company 1917 (Pre Bankruptcy ) - New Jersey - Early Date + Clean Vignette&&&&&
GEMOCONEWYO, &&&&&General Motors Company Specimen Stock - New Jersey 1910&&&&&
GENMOTCOR, &&&&&General Motors Corporation (Pre Bankruptcy ) - 1955&&&&&
GEMOCO1BO19, &&&&&General Motors Corporation $100,000 Bond (Pre Bankruptcy) - 1954&&&&&
GEMOCODE19, &&&&&General Motors Corporation (Original Equity Bonus Plan) - Delaware 1920&&&&&
GEMOCODE194, &&&&&General Motors Corporation (Pre Bankruptcy) - Delaware 1983&&&&&
GEMOCODE193, &&&&&General Motors Corporation (Specimen) Pre Bankruptcy - Delaware 1972&&&&&
GEMOCOPBA, &&&&&General Motors Corporation - (Uncancelled - Last Certificate issued before Bankruptcy)&&&&&
GEMOCODE1, &&&&&General Motors Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
GEMOCODE, &&&&&General Motors Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
GEMOCOBOCENE, &&&&&General Motors Corporation Bonus Certificate - New York 1919&&&&&
GENERALMOTORS, &&&&&General Motors Corporation Framed&&&&&
GEMOCODE197, &&&&&General Motors Corporation RARE (Shows original Voting Trustees names J.N. Wallace, Frederick Strauss, J.J. Storrow, Anthony Brady and William Crapo Durant) 1910&&&&&
GEMOCOSPPRDE, &&&&&General Motors Corporation Specimen Proof - Delaware 1985&&&&&
GENPANCOR, &&&&&General Panel Corporation 1947&&&&&
GEREINDE19, &&&&&General Recreation, Inc. - Delaware 1975&&&&&
GERECOPE, &&&&&General Refractories Company - Pennsylvania&&&&&
GENSAFAPCOM, &&&&&General Safety Appliance Company 1919 - Washington State&&&&&
GENTELBON, &&&&&General Telephone and Electronics Corporation (Now Verizon) - 1960's&&&&&
GETEMACO19, &&&&&General Television Manufacturing Corporation - 1932&&&&&
GETHEQCOINST, &&&&&General Theatres Equipment Company, Inc. (Became 20th Century Fox) - 1931&&&&&
GENTHEATEQIN, &&&&&General Theatres Equipment, Inc.&&&&&
GETICODE, &&&&&General Time Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
GENUTCOM, &&&&&General Utility Company 1920&&&&&
GEVECONEWYO1, &&&&&General Vehicle Company - New York 1913&&&&&
GENVIEWOFEUR, &&&&&General View of Eureka, California Postcard&&&&&
GENVIEWSEQGA, &&&&&General View, Sequoia Gardens, Near Santa Cruz Post Card&&&&&
GEWAMICONE19, &&&&&General Washington Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Organized in South Dakota - 1907&&&&&
GENWATWORAND1, &&&&&General Water Works and Electric Corporation 1929&&&&&
GENWATWORAND, &&&&&General Water Works and Electric Corporation 1930&&&&&
GEWEAECOCA19, &&&&&General Western Aero Corporation - California 1932&&&&&
GENESCOINC, &&&&&Genesco Inc.&&&&&
GEWOAPLTVIIS, &&&&&Genesco World Apparel, Ltd. - 1968&&&&&
GECACONE19, &&&&&Genesis Capital Corporation - Nevada 1983&&&&&
GEAIRBRCOIL1, &&&&&Genett Air Brake Company - Illinois 1892&&&&&
GENMALCOM, &&&&&Geneva Malting Company 1912 - New York&&&&&
GENUITYINC, &&&&&Genuity Inc.&&&&&
GEOGEDCOR19, &&&&&Geographic Educator Corporation 1927&&&&&
GEMICOAPILTO, &&&&&Geophysical Micro Computer Applications (International) Ltd., Canada&&&&&
GEORCOM19, &&&&&Georada Company 1907&&&&&
GEADECOCA, &&&&&George A. Denison Company - California 1925&&&&&
GEBUSICH19, &&&&&George Burns signed Check 1942&&&&&
TEXREADCLUBA, &&&&&George Bush signature as Texas Governor - Invent the Future Certificate from the Texas Reading Club&&&&&
GEELEMOFWOSA, &&&&&George Elliot Emperor of the World Satirical Broadside (Period Frame) - 1853&&&&&
GEHMACEOFFLC, &&&&&George H. Mason Certificate of Flight Card - Chicago, Illinois &&&&&
GELIRICOMA19, &&&&&George Livingston Richards Company - Massachusetts 1906&&&&&
GEMCCOJANEWY, &&&&&George McCarren & Co. Cooperative Department - Jamica, New York - 1903&&&&&
GEORRMILCOM, &&&&&George R. Miller Company&&&&&
GEROLE19, &&&&&George Romney signed letter (Mitt Romney's Father) - 1962 &&&&&
GEWYOCOINNEW, &&&&&George W. Young & Company, Inc. (Wall Street Private Banking Firm) - New York 1917&&&&&
GEWAHOCOVI, &&&&&George Washington Hotel Corporation - Winchester, Virginia - 1924&&&&&
GEWAHOCOVI1, &&&&&George Washington Hotel Corporation - Winchester, Virginia 1924&&&&&
GEORWASINPRI, &&&&&George Washington in Private Life Post Card&&&&&
GEWAMEWAD191, &&&&&George Washington Memorial - Washington, D.C. 1910 &&&&&
GEWAPO, &&&&&George Washington Portrait engraved by H.B. Halls Sons, New York&&&&&
GEANDFLRA1UN, &&&&&Georgia and Florida Railway $1000 uncancelled Gold Bond signed by John Skelton Williams (Comptroller of the Currency) - 1912&&&&&
GEORGIABONDS, &&&&&Georgia Bonds&&&&&
GELUCOGE18, &&&&&Georgia Lumber Company - Montgomery County, Georgia incorporated in Portland, Maine 1835&&&&&
GEORPACCORBO, &&&&&Georgia Pacific - Statue of Liberty Vignette&&&&&
GEPARACOGOBO, &&&&&Georgia Pacific Railway Company Gold Bond - Birminham, Alabama 1882&&&&&
GEORPACSTATO, &&&&&Georgia Pacific Statue of Liberty Vignette $25,000 Bond&&&&&
GEPOCOGE19, &&&&&Georgia Power Company - Georgia 1941&&&&&
GEINANDDECOA, &&&&&Georgia-Alabama Investment and Development Company signed by Civil War General, Benjamin F. Butler. - Alabama 1891&&&&&
GEOSIN1, &&&&&Geosearch Incorporated&&&&&
GEOSIN, &&&&&Geosearch Incorporated&&&&&
GER10BON19, &&&&&German 10,000 Mark Bond - 1922&&&&&
GEAMMUWAANDS, &&&&&German American Mutual Warehousing and Security Company - New York 1875&&&&&
GERBALPOS, &&&&&German Balloon Postcard - Turn of the Century&&&&&
PREUKZEN1MIL, &&&&&German Bond - 1 Million Mark 1923&&&&&
GECOMULOGE19, &&&&&German Consolidated Municipal Loan - Germany 1928 &&&&&
GEGOINLOGE19, &&&&&German Government International Loan - Germany 1953&&&&&
PREUKSTAAT10, &&&&&German Nazi Reichsmark War Bond - 1937&&&&&
GER19412BWEI, &&&&&German Nazi Uncancelled WWII Bond - 1938&&&&&
GEPA17, &&&&&German Patent for County of Herkemer (Land Patent) - Newburgh, New York 1795 &&&&&
GECLMOBOBRNE, &&&&&Germania Club Mortgage Bond (RARE) - Brooklyn, New York 1890&&&&&
GERFIRINCOM1, &&&&&Germania Fire Insurance Company 1880 - New York&&&&&
GERPASRAILWA, &&&&&Germantown Passenger Rail Way Company 1890's - Florence Nightingale Vignette&&&&&
FRSTOFSAEN19, &&&&&Germany, Free State of Saxony, 6% Loan, £100 bond -1927&&&&&
GETMININC, &&&&&Getchell Mine ( Famous Nevada Mine ). signed by George Wingfield - Humboldt County, Nevada&&&&&
GETMININC1, &&&&&Getchell Mine, Inc. 1949 - Humboldt. Potosi signed by Noble Getchell&&&&&
GETMININC2, &&&&&Getchell Mine, Inc. issued to and signed by George Wingfield and George Hewitt Myers 1946&&&&&
GEINDE, &&&&&GetThere Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
GEOILCODE19, &&&&&Getty Oil Company (J. Paul Getty as President) - Delaware 1969&&&&&
NONAME23, &&&&&Getty Petroleum Corporation&&&&&
GERECOMA, &&&&&Getty Realty Corp. - Maryland&&&&&
GEWACOFIMOFI, &&&&&Gettysburg Water Company First Mortgage Five and One-Half Percent Gold Bond - Pennsylvania 1927&&&&&
GILOSANCA, &&&&&Giambastiani- Los Angeles, California&&&&&
GIANBARPEARP, &&&&&Giant Bartlett Pear Postcard&&&&&
GIANBELAPPOS, &&&&&Giant Belleflower Apple Postcard&&&&&
GIANBELAPONS, &&&&&Giant Belleflower Apples on Southern Pacific Railroad Postcard&&&&&
BLACPOSFROM1, &&&&&Giant Blackberries Postcard from 1910&&&&&
CABPOSFROM19, &&&&&Giant Cabbage on Train Postcard from 1910&&&&&
GIANCALGRAPP, &&&&&Giant California Grapes Postcard&&&&&
EXFRUIT, &&&&&Giant Fruit Postcards - Old&&&&&
LEMPOSFROM19, &&&&&Giant Lemon in Train Postcard from 1910&&&&&
GIANLOGPOS, &&&&&Giant Loganberries Postcard&&&&&
GIOXCOMA, &&&&&Giant Oxie Company- Augusta, Maine 1898&&&&&
GIANPEACPOS, &&&&&Giant Peach Postcard&&&&&
GIPOCOGISTCA1, &&&&&Giant Powder Company - Giant Station, California &&&&&
GIPOCOGISTCA, &&&&&Giant Powder Company - Giant Station, California 1931&&&&&
TOMPOSFROM19, &&&&&Giant Tomatoes Postcard from 1910&&&&&
GIANWHITWINP, &&&&&Giant White Winter Pearmain Postcard&&&&&
GIBBBROWNINC, &&&&&Gibb & Brown, Inc. 1924 - Gold Note Columbiana, Ohio&&&&&
GIBBALPLOWCO1, &&&&&Gibbs & Ball Plow Company 1884 - Canton, Ohio&&&&&
GIFLROCODE18, &&&&&Gibraltar & Flat Rock Company - RARE - Detroit, Michigan 1840 &&&&&
GIBELCOM18, &&&&&Gibson Electric Company 1888 - New York&&&&&
GIGOHALOCAST1, &&&&&Gidget Goes Hawaiian Lobby Card Starring James Darren, Michael Callan, and Deborah Walley - 1961&&&&&
GIGOHALOCAST, &&&&&Gidget Goes Hawaiian Lobby Card Starring James Darren, Michael Callan, and Deborah Walley - 1961&&&&&
GICAGIWR, &&&&&Gift Card & Gift Wrap&&&&&
GILSATNETLTD, &&&&&Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.&&&&&
GISIHIMICONE, &&&&&Gilbraltar Silver Hill Mining Company - Nye County, Nevada 1920 &&&&&
GILDRUGCOM, &&&&&Gilchrist Drug Company 1921&&&&&
GIHOTECOGINE, &&&&&Gilead Home Telephone Company (Certificate #1) - Gilead, Nebraska 1906&&&&&
GISARACOAM19, &&&&&Gillette Safety Razor Company - Amsterdam 1929&&&&&
GIMIANDRECOA, &&&&&Gilpin Mines and Reduction Company - Pine Creek District, Gilpin County, Cololorado - 1913&&&&&
GIMGROTINC, &&&&&Gimbel Brothers, Inc. ( Famous New York Department Store )&&&&&
GIBRINNEWYO11, &&&&&Gimbel Brothers, Inc. - Famous New York Department Store - New York 1950&&&&&
GIBRINNEWYO1, &&&&&Gimbel Brothers, Inc. - New York 1950 - Bernard F. Gimbel as President - Famous New York Department Store&&&&&
GIREINCOCA19, &&&&&Gimel Realty & Investment Corporation- California 1922&&&&&
GIRAVTITTRUS, &&&&&Girard Avenue Title & Trust Company - Pennsylvania&&&&&
GRANAVTITTRU, &&&&&Girard Avenue Title & Trust Company 1931&&&&&
GICOCOPE18, &&&&&Girard Coal Company - Pennsylvania 1890's&&&&&
GIRWATCOM, &&&&&Girard Water Company 1921 - 0hio&&&&&
GLACWATSERIN, &&&&&Glacier Water Services, Inc.&&&&&
GLASBRICCOM, &&&&&Glass Brick Company 1913 - New Jersey&&&&&
GLCACODE19, &&&&&Glass Casket Corporation - Delaware 1917 ( WWI Casket Maker )&&&&&
GLHOPEN19, &&&&&Glaxo Holdings P.L.C. - England 1987&&&&&
GLENALCOR, &&&&&Glen Alden Corporation ( Rapid American Corporation )&&&&&
GLENECRESCOM, &&&&&Glen Echo Resort Company - Maryland 1892&&&&&
GLENLOGCOR, &&&&&Glen Logan Corporation 1927&&&&&
GLMIPE18, &&&&&Glen Mills - Pennsylvania 1880&&&&&
GLENREALTRUS, &&&&&Glenborough Realty Trust Incorporated - WTC Vignette&&&&&
GLENREALTRUS1, &&&&&Glenborugh Realty Trust Incorporated - New York Skyline WTC Vignette 1996&&&&&
GLENCOTMILCH, &&&&&Glencoe Cotton Mills Check 1888 - Burlington, North Carolina&&&&&
GLENCALGLAST, &&&&&Glendale (California) Glass Tile Company&&&&&
GLFEBACA, &&&&&Glendale Federal Bank (aka Glendale Federal Savings) - California &&&&&
GLENFED, &&&&&Glendale Federal Savings - California&&&&&
GLFESABACA, &&&&&Glendale Federal Savings Bank - Californaia&&&&&
GLHOCOCA19, &&&&&Glendale Hotel Company - California 1927&&&&&
GLDICODE19, &&&&&Glenmore Distilleries Company (Old Kentucky Tavern Bourbon) - Delaware 1989&&&&&
GLLMACOBA19, &&&&&Glenn L. Martin Company - Annual Report - 1949&&&&&
GLMACONEWJE1, &&&&&Glenwood Mausoleum Company - New Jersey 1920s&&&&&
GLOBCROSLTD, &&&&&Global Crossing, Ltd. - Bankrupt and was under Investigation by the SEC and FBI&&&&&
GLHETRINNE, &&&&&Global Health Trax Inc. - Nevada &&&&&
GLOBMARINC, &&&&&Global Marine Inc. ( Howard Hughes Glomar Explorer in Vignette )&&&&&
GLWRALINFL, &&&&&Global Wrestling Alliance, Inc. - Florida 1987&&&&&
GLOBTELSATPH, &&&&&Globalstar Telecommunications - Satellite Phone Company - 2002&&&&&
GLASNEWJE19, &&&&&Globe Association (Mail order business ) - New Jersey 1905&&&&&
GLIRWOCA19, &&&&&Globe Iron Works - Sacramento, California 1913 &&&&&
GLOBMANCOM, &&&&&Globe Manufacturing Company 1920's&&&&&
GLNECONEWYO1, &&&&&Globe Newspaper Company - New York 1884&&&&&
GLOXCO19, &&&&&Globe Oxygen Company - South Dakota 1906&&&&&
GLSHANDDRYDO, &&&&&Globe Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company of Maryland (Became Maryland Drydock Company) - Baltimore, Maryland 1920&&&&&
GLTICO19, &&&&&Globe Ticket Company - Pennsylvania 1951&&&&&
GLFECONEWJE1, &&&&&Gloucester Ferry Company - New Jersey 1920&&&&&
GLFICO19, &&&&&Gloucester Fisheries Company - Massachusetts 1919&&&&&
GLOUCGASLIGC, &&&&&Gloucester Gas - Light Company 1858 - Massachsettes&&&&&
GLOUCGINMIL, &&&&&Gloucester Gingham Mills 1904&&&&&
GMHUELCODE, &&&&&GM Hughes Electronics Corporation - Delaware 1986&&&&&
GMHUELCODE19, &&&&&GM Hughes Electronics Corporation - Delaware 1989&&&&&
GMOVFICONNEW, &&&&&GMAC Overseas Finance Corporation N.V. - New York 1979&&&&&
GOCODE, &&&&&Go-Gas Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
GOLOCA19, &&&&&Godspell Lobby Card - 1973&&&&&
GOLOCA191, &&&&&Godspell Lobby Card - 1973&&&&&
GOBECOMIANDM, &&&&&Gold Beam Consolidated Mining and Milling Company - Arizona 1908&&&&&
GOLBONMINCOM, &&&&&Gold Bond Mining Company - Spokane, Washington&&&&&
GOCACOMICOCO, &&&&&Gold Calf Consolidated Mining Company - Teller County. Cripple Creek, Colorado 1899&&&&&
GOCRMICO19, &&&&&Gold Crater Mining Company - 1907&&&&&
GOCRCOMICOLI, &&&&&Gold Creek Consolidated Mining Company Limited - Cleveland, Ohio - 1900&&&&&
GODOCOMICOIN, &&&&&Gold Dollar Consolidated Mining Company, Inc. - Teller. Cripple Creek. Colorado - 1905&&&&&
GOLEXCOM, &&&&&Gold Exploration Company - Denver, Colorado 1900&&&&&
GOHAMIANDTUC, &&&&&Gold Hammer Mines and Tunnel Co. - Clear Creek, Colorado - 1911&&&&&
GOLHILDEVCOM, &&&&&Gold Hill Development Company 1929-1932&&&&&
GOHIGOMICOCO, &&&&&Gold Hill Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1899&&&&&
GOHIMICOGONE, &&&&&Gold Hill Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1907&&&&&
GOHIMIDRANDT, &&&&&Gold Hill Mining, Drainage and Tunnel Company - Territory of Arizona 1907&&&&&
GOLLABIGHAYV, &&&&&Gold Label Ignacio Haya Vintage Cigar Label&&&&&
GOMAMILEANDM, &&&&&Gold Magnet Mining, Leasing and Milling Company - Teller. Cripple Creek. Colorado 1897&&&&&
GOLPICMINAND, &&&&&Gold Pick Mining and Milling Company - Wyoming 1900&&&&&
GOQUMICOWY19, &&&&&Gold Queen Mining Company - Wyoming 1905&&&&&
GOLREEFCONGO, &&&&&Gold Reef Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Company 1905 - Tonopah, Nevada&&&&&
GOLRUNMINAND, &&&&&Gold Run Mining and Tunnel Company 1908&&&&&
GOLRUNPLACMI, &&&&&Gold Run Placer Mining Company 1902 - Washington&&&&&
GOLSEALELCOM, &&&&&Gold Seal Electrical Company, Inc. 1934&&&&&
GOSTMICOOFCA, &&&&&Gold Stripe Mining Company of California - Greenville, Plumas County -Incorporated in New York 1882&&&&&
GOLTUNMINCOM, &&&&&Gold Tunnel Mining Company - Nevada City, California - 1903&&&&&
GOLBROSINC3, &&&&&Goldblatt Bros., Inc. ( Famous Chicago department store )&&&&&
GOAGEGRMICOM, &&&&&Golden Age Group Mining Company - Saginaw - Bay City, Michigan 1882&&&&&
GOANMICOTONE, &&&&&Golden Anchor Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1906&&&&&
GOLBOOKFAMEN, &&&&&Golden Books Family Entertainment&&&&&
GOCOMIINCO19, &&&&&Golden Conqueror Mines Incorportated - Colorado 1940&&&&&
GOLCYCMINAND, &&&&&Golden Cycle Mining (Largest Cyanide Mill in the United States ) - Cripple Creek District 1918&&&&&
GOLGATBRIDAT, &&&&&Golden Gate Bridge at Night - San Francisco, California&&&&&
GOLGATBRIDEN, &&&&&Golden Gate Bridge Entrance, San Francisco&&&&&
GOLGATBRIDPO1, &&&&&Golden Gate Bridge Postcard&&&&&
GOLGATBRIDPO, &&&&&Golden Gate Bridge Postcard&&&&&
GONUINNE191, &&&&&Golden Nugget, Inc. (RARE Specimen ) Became Mirage Resorts - Steve Wynn as President - Las Vegas, Nevada 1991&&&&&
GONUIN19LASV, &&&&&Golden Nugget, Inc. (Steve Wynn as President) - 1975 Las Vegas, Nevada&&&&&
GOLRULBAKWAS, &&&&&Golden Rule Bakery - Washington State - 1920's&&&&&
GOSTMILECOCO, &&&&&Golden Stairs Mining & Leasing Co. - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1896&&&&&
GOLWESFINCOR1, &&&&&Golden West Financial Corporation - California&&&&&
GOLWESFINCOR2, &&&&&Golden West Financial Corporation - California&&&&&
GOLINC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
GOCOGOMICOWY, &&&&&Goldfield = Columbia Gold Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1906 &&&&&
GOAMMICOAR191, &&&&&Goldfield American Mining Company - Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOAMMICOAR19, &&&&&Goldfield American Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. 1905&&&&&
GOANDBUFRCOP, &&&&&Goldfield and Bull Frog Co-Operative Prospecting Mining Co. (Abraham Lincoln Vignette) Goldfield and Bullfrog districts, Nevada - Organized in Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOBAGOMICOAR, &&&&&Goldfield Banner Gold Mining Company - Located in Goldfield District, Nevada - 1905&&&&&
GOBAGOMICOTE, &&&&&Goldfield Banner Gold Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOBIGBOMIAND, &&&&&Goldfield Big Bonanza Mining and Milling Company - Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOBIGBOMIAND1, &&&&&Goldfield Big Bonanza Mining and Milling Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOCOFRMICOSO, &&&&&Goldfield Combination Fraction Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield 1910&&&&&
GOCOFRMICOSO1, &&&&&Goldfield Combination Fraction Mining Company - South Dakota 1907&&&&&
GOLCOMNATGOL1, &&&&&Goldfield Coming Nation Gold Mines Co. 1907 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
GOCONAGOMICO, &&&&&Goldfield Coming Nation Gold Mines Co.- Territory of Arizona 1907&&&&&
GOLCONMINCOM, &&&&&Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company&&&&&
GOLCONMINCOM1, &&&&&Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company - Nevada&&&&&
GOLCONMINCOM2, &&&&&Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company 1938 - Goldfield, Nevada&&&&&
GOLCONMINCOM3, &&&&&Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company handsigned by Business Kingpin, George Wingfield ("Owner and Operator of Nevada.") - 1946&&&&&
GOLCONVENCOR, &&&&&Goldfield Consolidated Venture Corporation 190X - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
GOLDEEPMINCO, &&&&&Goldfield Deep Mines Company 1920 - Esmeralda. Goldfield, Nevada&&&&&
GODOEAAR19, &&&&&Goldfield Double Eagle Gold Mines Company (Named after famous Gold Coin) - Arizona 1905 &&&&&
GOEMMICOWY19, &&&&&Goldfield Emperor Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. - Wyoming 1905&&&&&
GOGODRMICOAR, &&&&&Goldfield Golden Dream Mines Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield - Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOHUBMIANDMI, &&&&&Goldfield Hub Mining and Milling Company - Goldfield District, Esmeralda County, Nevada - Organized in Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOINGOMICO19, &&&&&Goldfield Independence Gold Mines Company - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1904&&&&&
GOJUMICOWY, &&&&&Goldfield Jupiter Mining Company - Goldfield District, Nevada 1908&&&&&
GOLEASTEOFAR, &&&&&Goldfield Leasing Association - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOLEMICONE19, &&&&&Goldfield Ledge Mining Company - Goldfield. Nevada - Organized in Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOLIGOMICONE, &&&&&Goldfield Liberty Gold Mines Company - Nye and Esmeralda, Nevada - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1904&&&&&
GOLUBOMICOSO, &&&&&Goldfield Lucky Boys Mining Co. - Goldfield Mining District, Nevada - South Dakota 1907&&&&&
GOLUSTMICONE, &&&&&Goldfield Lucky Strike Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1906&&&&&
GOMAMICO19, &&&&&Goldfield Madonna Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada - 1907&&&&&
GOMIDECOAR19, &&&&&Goldfield Miners Developing Co. - Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOMUPRANDDEC, &&&&&Goldfield Mutual Prospecting and Developing Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOLOAKGOLMIN, &&&&&Goldfield Oakes Gold Mining Company 1906 - Tonopah, Nevada&&&&&
GOPEMICOAR19, &&&&&Goldfield Peerless Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada - Organized in Arizona 1905&&&&&
GOPRGOMICOAR, &&&&&Goldfield Princeton Gold Mining Co., - Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOREMICOWY19, &&&&&Goldfield Reliance Mining Company - Wyoming 1905&&&&&
GOREXMICOTEO, &&&&&Goldfield Rex Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOSESYCOAR19, &&&&&Goldfield Securities Syndicate Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
GOSIMICOCO19, &&&&&Goldfield Sierra Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. - Incorporated in Colorado 1906&&&&&
GOLSOUVMINCO, &&&&&Goldfield Souvenir Mining Company -Goldfield, Nevada&&&&&
GOTOMICOSODA, &&&&&Goldfield Tomboy Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1909&&&&&
GOTRMICOAR19, &&&&&Goldfield Treasure Mining Company - Goldfield District, Esmeralda County, Nevada 1906&&&&&
GOLMINCOM, &&&&&Goldgulch Mining Company - West Virginia 1898&&&&&
GOSAGRINCSPL, &&&&&Goldman Sachs Group, Inc - IPO Commerative Stock Certificate & Letter from Henry "Hank" Paulson, Jr - Delaware - 1999&&&&&
GOSATRCO19, &&&&&Goldman Sachs Trading Corporation (Crashed during the Depression - No government bailout ) - 1928 - SOLD&&&&&
GOBARA, &&&&&Goldome Bank RARE Specimen - New York 1987&&&&&
GOLFBALLWORLD, &&&&&Golf Ball World, Inc.&&&&&
SAMSNSIGOHAT, &&&&&Golf hat handsigned by Sam Snead, Roberto DeVicenzo, Buck White, Chick Harbert, and others - Panama Open in 1974&&&&&
GOILLI19, &&&&&Golf Illustrated Limited - London 1933&&&&&
GOSISSNPETOG, &&&&&Golf Signatures (25 Signatures including Sam Snead, Peter Townsend, Gene Borek, Stewart Ginn) of the 1974 Panama Open&&&&&
GOTROFAM, &&&&&Golf Trust of America (Company double bogeyed in quicksand trap)&&&&&
GOINDE20, &&&&&, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
GOONCOME18, &&&&&Gonzales Onyx Company - Mexico 1880's&&&&&
GOBYEKICO, &&&&&Good Bye Kiss Exhibitors Contract - 1928&&&&&
GOROPAIL19, &&&&&Good Roads Pay Check - Mooseheart, Illinois 1914&&&&&
GOFACO, &&&&&Goodacre Farms Company - Florida 1928&&&&&
GOODRUBCOMIN, &&&&&Goodyear Rubber Company Invoice 1913&&&&&
GOTIRUCOOH1, &&&&&Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - Amsterdam 1960 &&&&&
GOTIRUCOOH19, &&&&&Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - Ohio 1978&&&&&
GOMERUSHCO18, &&&&&Goodyear's Metallic Rubber Shoe Company - 1881 ( Early U.S. Rubber Company)&&&&&
GORTELCOMOFC, &&&&&Gordon Telephone Company of Charleston Gold Bond 1902&&&&&
GONABANEWYO1, &&&&&Goshen National Bank - New York 1875 &&&&&
GOANDSORACOO, &&&&&Gotebo and Southwestern Railway Company - Oklahoma 1909 GOLD BOND&&&&&
GOGOMIANDTUC, &&&&&Gotham Gold Mining and Tunnel Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1896&&&&&
GOSIHOCODE, &&&&&Gotham Silk Hosiery Company - Delaware 1936&&&&&
GOCHPAFR19, &&&&&Gouvernement Chinois - Paris, France 1922 &&&&&
GOANDWARBOSE, &&&&&Government and War Bond Section Search by Price Range&&&&&
STATE-AND-LOCAL, &&&&&Government Bonds / Savings Bonds / Liberty Loan Bonds&&&&&
GODEBAFORPUR, &&&&&Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico 1970&&&&&
GODEBANOFORP, &&&&&Government Development Bank Note for Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico 1970&&&&&
GODEBAOFPURI, &&&&&Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico General Obligation Note - Puerto Rico 1967 &&&&&
GOOFPABO, &&&&&Government of Palestine War Loan Bearer Bond Professionally Framed 1945 - Pre Israel&&&&&
GOVOFPALBEAR, &&&&&Government of Palestine War Loan Bearer Bonds (Written in Hebrew, English and Arabic) - Pre Israel - 1945&&&&&
GOOFPALI19, &&&&&Government of Palestine Wireless Telegraph (Receiving Station) Licence written in English, Arabic and Hebrew- 1945&&&&&
GOVOFCHINREP, &&&&&Government of the Chinese Republic Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway Gold Bond - 1913&&&&&
GOOFPHIS1BO1, &&&&&Government of the Philippine Islands $1000 Bond - 1923&&&&&
GOOFPROFNOSC, &&&&&Government of the Province of Nova Scotia - 1904&&&&&
GOOFPROFNOSC1, &&&&&Government of the Province of Nova Scotia Consolidated Stock - Dominion of Canada 1927&&&&&
GOPECOLICA, &&&&&Government Petroleum Corporation, Limited - California&&&&&
LEMEDOMA18, &&&&&Governor Election Summary - Alford, Massachusetts 1812&&&&&
GOVOFMIC19, &&&&&Governor of Michigan ( Wilber M. Brucker ) 1931-1933 - Signed Photo&&&&&
GRABBAGPARFA, &&&&&Grab Bag Party Favor, Give Away, Education, Mixed Lot Package 50 Stock Certificates&&&&&
GRPRINSIMOPI, &&&&&Graf Productions, Inc. (Graf Brothers Studio) - Silent Motion Picture Company- San Mateo, California - 1921&&&&&
GRAFZEPPHOTP, &&&&&Graf Zeppelin Photo Postcard&&&&&
GRSHINMA, &&&&&Grafonola Shops Incorporated (Columbia Grafonolas) - Massachusetts&&&&&
GRPECOCOOH18, &&&&&Grafton Petroleum Company - Columbus Ohio 1867&&&&&
GRWAMA18, &&&&&Grafton Water Company - Massachusetts 1889&&&&&
GRAHHOMNEARS, &&&&&Graham Home Near Santa Barbara Postcard&&&&&
GRAROFREWAAN, &&&&&Grand Army of the Republic Washington and Alaska - Seattle, Washington 1890's&&&&&
GRCARACOTEOF, &&&&&Grand Canyon Railway Company - Territory of Arizona 1902&&&&&
GRANCASIN, &&&&&Grand Casinos, Inc. ( Now Park Place Entertainment )&&&&&
GRANCENMINCO, &&&&&Grand Central Mining Company - Colorado&&&&&
GRANCOULMIN1, &&&&&Grand Coulee Mines 1937&&&&&
GRMENEWYO19, &&&&&Grand Metropolitan (Merged with Guinness to form Diageo) - New York 1995 &&&&&
GRPRLOCASTTO, &&&&&Grand Prix Lobby Card starring Toshiro Mifune and James Garner&&&&&
GRRAMISMCO18, &&&&&Grand Rapids Mining & Smelting Company - 1880's&&&&&
GRROSKRIRSKV, &&&&&Grand Roller Skating Rink (Old 1880 Roller Skate Vignette) - Kentucky 1880's&&&&&
GRRURARU18, &&&&&Grand Russian Railway (Second Series) - St. Petersburg, Russia 1859&&&&&
RUBORU182, &&&&&Grand Russian Railway - St. Petersburg, Russia 1881&&&&&
GRTHLOEN19, &&&&&Grand Theatre, Croydon Limited - London, England 1930 &&&&&
GRANTRUNRAIL, &&&&&Grand Trunk Railway 1907 - 1916&&&&&
GRANUNCOMSTO, &&&&&Grand Union Company - Supermarket Chain&&&&&
GRVIMICO18, &&&&&Grand View Mining Company - Rico Mountains, Colorado 1880&&&&&
GRFICOLICHSA, &&&&&Grandview Film Company, Limited - Chinese - Hong Kong 1938&&&&&
GRHACO19, &&&&&Grange Hall Company - Lebanon, Connecticut - 1922&&&&&
GRBAOFMO18, &&&&&Granite Bank of Monrovia, California - 1894&&&&&
GRCISOCOMA19, &&&&&Granite City Soap Company - Portland, Maine 1903&&&&&
GRCISTCODE19, &&&&&Granite City Steel Company - Delaware 1967&&&&&
GRANSTATELWO, &&&&&Granite State Electrical Works - Lisbon, New Hampshire&&&&&
GRANLEATCOR, &&&&&Grant Leather Corporation - Virginia&&&&&
GRMOCARCO19, &&&&&Grant Motor Car Company - 1922&&&&&
GRGOCOOFNEWY, &&&&&Granville Gold Company - Incorporated in New York - Stanly and McDowell Counties, North Carolina - 1880 &&&&&
GRCODE20, &&&&&GraphOn Corporation - Delaware 2002&&&&&
GRASEXCOM, &&&&&Graskop Exploring Company 1902&&&&&
GRKNMACOMA1, &&&&&Graton & Knight Manufacturing Company - Worcester, Massachusetts&&&&&
GRAECONE19, &&&&&Gravity Aeroplane Company - FRAUD (Cyclogyro - paddle-wheel like attachments in place of the wings) - Nevada 1928&&&&&
GRAYAUTSTEAM, &&&&&Gray Automatic Steam Governor Company 1889 - Virginia&&&&&
GRBUGOMIANDM, &&&&&Gray Butte Gold Mining and Milling Company - Territory of Arizona 1912 - Located in Mono County, California&&&&&
GRAYGOOSAIRI, &&&&&Gray Goose Airways, Inc. 1936 - Airplane was suppose to flap its wings like a goose &&&&&
GRAYMANF, &&&&&Gray Telephone Company (Early 3 Coin Slot Candlestick Pay Phone Vignette)&&&&&
GRAYTELPAYST, &&&&&Gray Telephone Pay Station Company - Earliest Known Pay Phone 1936&&&&&
GRAYELCOMINC, &&&&&Graybar Electric Company, Inc.&&&&&
GRHACOWA18, &&&&&Grays Harbor Company signed by George Emerson - Washington Territory - 1890 &&&&&
GRSTINCA19, &&&&&Grayson-Robinson Stores, Inc. - California 1961 &&&&&
AANDP, &&&&&Great Atlantic and Pacific Company&&&&&
GREATATANDPA1, &&&&&Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company - First American Chain Store - handsigned by founder George Huntington Hartford - 1916&&&&&
GREATATANDPA, &&&&&Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc. 1920's signed by George L. Hartford&&&&&
GRBAPECOCO, &&&&&Great Basins Petroleum Co. - Colorado &&&&&
GRBETECONODA, &&&&&Great Bend Telephone Company - North Dakota 1907&&&&&
GRBRAIRMIPIC2, &&&&&Great Britian Air Ministry Pilot's Certificate and License (Pilot was awarded Air Force Cross during WWII - Battle of Britain) - England 1931&&&&&
GREATBUTCOPC, &&&&&Great Butte Copper Company 1916&&&&&
GRCAGOCOSODA, &&&&&Great Cariboo Gold Company - South Dakota 1906&&&&&
GRCAGOCOSODA1, &&&&&Great Cariboo Gold Company - South Dakota 1908&&&&&
GRCAGOCO19, &&&&&Great Cariboo Gold Company WOW - 1909&&&&&
GRDECOMICOUT, &&&&&Great Desert Copper Mining Company - Salt Lake City, Utah - 1914&&&&&
GREATEASGOLM, &&&&&Great Eastern Gold Mining Company of New York 1881 - Black Hills, Dakota Territory&&&&&
GREANAGASCOI, &&&&&Great Eastern Natural Gas Co. - Inc. - Delaware 1932 &&&&&
GREATECO19, &&&&&Great Eastern Telephone Company - South Dakota 1905&&&&&
GREATFALGASC1, &&&&&Great Falls Gas Company - Montana ( Now ENERGY WEST )&&&&&
WATPOWTOWCOM, &&&&&Great Falls Water Power Townsite Company - Montana-1890's&&&&&
GRNORANEWYO1, &&&&&Great Northern Railway Equipment Trust - New York 1958&&&&&
GRNOFICOINOR, &&&&&Great Nothern Film Co., Inc. - Oregon 1924&&&&&
GRREGOSIMICO, &&&&&Great Republic Gold & Silver Mining Company of Virginia ( Operated five gold and silver mines in Nevada)- 1867&&&&&
GREATTRAINST, &&&&&Great Train Store Company&&&&&
GREATVALANCO, &&&&&Great Valley Anthracite Corporation 1920's&&&&&
GRWEFICODE1, &&&&&Great Western Financial Corporation (Namesake Great Western Forum - Lakers/Kings) - Delaware&&&&&
GRWEFICODE, &&&&&Great Western Financial Corporation (Namesake Great Western Forum - Lakers/Kings) - Delaware&&&&&
GRWEFICO19, &&&&&Great Western Financial Corporation - 1959&&&&&
GREATWESMIN1, &&&&&Great Western Mines 1902 - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
GRWEMICOOFNE, &&&&&Great Western Mines Company of Nevada - Lower Rochester, Nevada 1924&&&&&
GRWERATRASMI, &&&&&Great Western Race Track Association - Missouri 1870&&&&&
GRWETHINAR19, &&&&&Great Western Theaters, Inc. - Arizona 1922 &&&&&
GRWHHOINNIL1, &&&&&Great White Horse Inn (Name mentioned in Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers ) - Illinois 1892&&&&&
GREATCORNEV1, &&&&&GreatAmerica Corporation - Nevada 1964&&&&&
GRCASECOCA19, &&&&&Greater Canada Security Corporation - Canada 1924&&&&&
GRNEWYOBAAS1, &&&&&Greater New York Baseball Association (New York Highlanders - Early Yankees ) - RARE 1903 - Sold&&&&&
GRWAICESKASP, &&&&&Greater Washington Ice Skating Association - 1958&&&&&
GRDOGR19, &&&&&Greek Airlines - Greece 1940&&&&&
GREECE, &&&&&Greek Bond (Reparations to Turkey from Greco-Turkish War 1898) with Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena and Hypocrites (guaranteed by France, Great Britain and Russia ) from the Kingdom of Greece - 1898&&&&&
GREEKBOND11920, &&&&&Greek Car Company - Athena, Greece 1920&&&&&
GRGOBO19, &&&&&Greek Government Bond (Stabilization and Refugee Loan) - 1928&&&&&
GRSQBUCONEWY, &&&&&Greeley Square Building Corporation - New York 1936&&&&&
GRBAYPABAHUO, &&&&&Green Bay Packers - Issued to Barack Hussein Obama - Address on Certificate is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue&&&&&
GRBAYPAIN19, &&&&&Green Bay Packers, Inc. (Professionally Framed) - 1997 SOLD&&&&&
GRBAYPAINWI2, &&&&&Green Bay Packers, Inc. - Wisconsin - Professionally Framed Authentic Stock Certificate ***SOLD***&&&&&
GRBAYPAINWI1, &&&&&Green Bay Packers, Inc. - Wisconsin 2011&&&&&
GRISWACONEWY1, &&&&&Green Island Water Company - Gold Bond - New York 1888&&&&&
GREENLEAFDAI, &&&&&Green Leaf Dairies Incorporated&&&&&
GRMOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Green Mountain Mining and Milling Company - Silverton, Colorado 1908&&&&&
GRMICOAR19, &&&&&Greenback Mining Company - Yavapai. Casa Grande. Arizona 1923&&&&&
GRWHSUSPCOWE, &&&&&Greenbrier Resort Hotel White Sulphur Springs Company (famous nuclear holocaust bunker) signed by Governor Henry Mason Mathews - West Virginia 1882 &&&&&
GRANDDAMACOR, &&&&&Greene and Daniels Manufacturing Company - Pawtucket, Rhode Island 1877&&&&&
GRGOSICOWEVI, &&&&&Greene Gold Silver Company - Mines in Temosachic, Chihuahua Mexico - Incorporated West Virginia 1906&&&&&
GRGOSICO19, &&&&&Greene Gold Silver Company - Temosachic, Chihuahua Mexico 1906&&&&&
GRGOCOWEVI191, &&&&&Greene Gold-Silver Company ( Owned properties in Temosachic, Chihuahua Mexico) - West Virginia 1907&&&&&
GRGOCOWEVI19, &&&&&Greene Gold-Silver Company - West Virginia 1907&&&&&
GRMACORHIS18, &&&&&Greene Manufacturing Company - Rhode Island 1882&&&&&
GRCENEWYO191, &&&&&Greenlawn Cemetery - New York 1900 &&&&&
GRMAINCO, &&&&&Greenock Marine Insurance Company - England 1841&&&&&
GRCARACO18, &&&&&Greenville and Columbia Railroad Company - South Carolina 1875&&&&&
GREENANDDEAT1, &&&&&Greenwater and Death Valley Copper Company ABN (Issued to and signed by Oswald Kirkby) - 1907&&&&&
GREETFROMMAR, &&&&&Greetings from Marysville, California Postcard&&&&&
GREETFROMSAC, &&&&&Greetings from Sacramento - Sacramento, California&&&&&
GRMICOMO18, &&&&&Gregory Mining Company - Jefferson City, Montana Territory - 1876 &&&&&
GRMAWOPE19, &&&&&Greth Machine Works - Pennsylvania 1903&&&&&
GRCO, &&&&&Greyhound Bus Corporation (Vignette image of Greyhound Dog) - 1968&&&&&
GREYCOMCOROL, &&&&&Greyhound Computer Corporation - Old Computer Vignette&&&&&
GREYCORFAMBU, &&&&&Greyhound Corporation - Famous Bus Company "Leave the driving to us"&&&&&
GUBAANDTRCO1, &&&&&Grigsby - Grunow Company - Famous Majestic Radio Maker - 1933&&&&&
GRIGCOM, &&&&&Grigsby - Grunow Company - Famous Majestic Radio Maker - 1933&&&&&
GRCOIL19, &&&&&Grigsby - Grunow Company - Illinois 1929 signed by B. J. Grigsby&&&&&
GROCPRODBAN, &&&&&Grocers & Producers Bank 1870's&&&&&
GROCSTORPROD, &&&&&Grocery Store Products, Inc.&&&&&
GROFBENCOR, &&&&&Groff - Bent Corporation 1925&&&&&
GRTCO19, &&&&&GRT Corporation (Janus Record Company) - California 1970&&&&&
GRMUGRINNEWY, &&&&&Grudge Music Group, Inc. - New York&&&&&
GRAIENCONEWY, &&&&&Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation - New York &&&&&
GRCONEWYO, &&&&&Grumman Corporation (Now Northrop Grumman Corporation)&&&&&
GRUNFINCOR, &&&&&Gruntal Financial Investment Company - WTC Vignette - Scandal and 9/11 Casualty&&&&&
GUCOMIMICOWE, &&&&&Guanajuato Consolidated Mining & Milling Company - West Virginia 1938&&&&&
GUREMI, &&&&&Guanajuato Reduction & Mines Company Gold Bond - Guanajuato District, Mexico 1904&&&&&
GUBAANDTRCO, &&&&&Guaranty Bank and Trust Company ( Became Riggs National Bank of Virginia) - Fairfax, Virginia 1985&&&&&
GUBUANDLOASC, &&&&&Guaranty Building and Loan Association - Pasadena, California &&&&&
GUBUANDLOASB, &&&&&Guaranty Building and Loan Association Specimen Bond - Beverly Hills, California 1920's&&&&&
GUSAANDTRCOO, &&&&&Guardian Savings and Trust Company - Cleveland, Ohio, 1915&&&&&
GUDWINTRADCO, &&&&&Gude Winmill Trading Corporation&&&&&
GUWECOBEPAPI, &&&&&Gulf & Western Corporation ( Became Paramount Pictures - Now Viacom ) 1959 - Michigan&&&&&
GULWESININC, &&&&&Gulf & Western Industries, Inc. (Now Paramount Communications)&&&&&
GUWEINNNEAN1, &&&&&Gulf & Western International N.V. - Netherlands Antilles 1968&&&&&
GUAECOGDE, &&&&&Gulf Aerospace Corporation (GAC) - Delaware 1972&&&&&
GUANDWEIN19, &&&&&Gulf and Western Inc. - 1988 ( Now Viacom )&&&&&
GUBRCO18, &&&&&Gulf Brewing Company - Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 1893&&&&&
GULREPFINCOR, &&&&&Gulf Republic Financial Corporation (GRFC)&&&&&
GUSTUTTE19, &&&&&Gulf States Utilities - Texas 1949&&&&&
GULSTATUTCOM, &&&&&Gulf States Utilities Company - Beaumount, Texas&&&&&
GUSTUTCOTE19, &&&&&Gulf States Utilities Company - Texas 1960&&&&&
GULSTATUTSTO, &&&&&Gulf States Utilities of Texas and Louisiana (Now Entergy Corporation) &&&&&
GULMOBANDOHR, &&&&&Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company&&&&&
GUSTGLCONEWJ, &&&&&Gustavus Storm Glass Company - New Jersey&&&&&
GUGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Guyot Gold Mining Company - Located in Cripple Creek Mining District, Colorado 1901 &&&&&
GYDE20, &&&&&Gymboree Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
GYRAIRLININC, &&&&&Gyro Air Lines, Inc. 1934 - Shelton Flying Wing&&&&&
GYRCOMOFAMIN, &&&&&Gyrodyne Helicopter Company of America, Inc. ( Formally Bendix Helicopter )&&&&&
GYRCOR, &&&&&Gyrotor Corporation 1916 - Nevada&&&&&
HRWECODE19, &&&&&H. R. Weissberg Corporation ( Owned the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago and the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York ) - Delaware 1967&&&&&
HDLEECOMINC, &&&&&H.D. Lee Company, Inc. ( Lee Jeans ) - Salina, Kansas&&&&&
HDLEEMERCOM, &&&&&H.D. Lee Mercantile Company - Famous Lee Jean Company - Kansas&&&&&
HFRMACO19, &&&&&H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company - 1930&&&&&
HJHEINCOM19C, &&&&&H.J. Heinz Company's 1955 "Cook With Ketchup Contest Certificate" Third Place Prize&&&&&
HOJACPUMCOLT, &&&&&H.O. Jackson Pump Co., Ltd. 1931 - Reno, Nevada&&&&&
HSHOLARGASFI, &&&&&H.S. Holden Artistic Gas Fixtures 1880's&&&&&
HAELCACODE19, &&&&&Habirshaw Electric Cable Company - Delaware 1925&&&&&
HABALTNEWYO1, &&&&&Hachijuni Bank, LTD. $1,000,000 CD - ( New York Branch - One World Trade Center) - New York 1989&&&&&
HANABANEWJE1, &&&&&Hackettstown National Bank - New Jersey 1887 &&&&&
HADCOR, &&&&&Hadco Corporation - Pre Sanmina Corporation Merger&&&&&
HACONEWYO19, &&&&&Hadley & Company ( Aviation Investment Letter) - New York 1929&&&&&
HACONEWYO, &&&&&Hadley & Company ( Profits made in Aviation Stocks) - New York 1929&&&&&
HAGBANCHEC18, &&&&&Hagerstown Bank Check 1871-1882&&&&&
HANAGASCOIN, &&&&&Hagerstown Natural Gas Company - Indiana 1890&&&&&
HACOMICODE19, &&&&&Haggarty-Jordan Copper Mining Company -Battle Lake Mining District, Carbon County, Wyoming 1901&&&&&
HAMOTRCOPE19, &&&&&Hahn Motor Truck Company (Fire Truck and Bus Manufacturer) - Pennsylvania 1920&&&&&
HAMOTRCOPE, &&&&&Hahn Motor Truck Company (Fire Truck and Bus Manufacturer) - Pennsylvania 1920&&&&&
HAIWPACOILCO, &&&&&Haiwee Pacific Oil Company Stock 1911&&&&&
HAINHA19, &&&&&HAL, Inc. (Hawaiian Airlines) - Hawaii 1988&&&&&
HALANDNORMIN, &&&&&Hale and Norcross Mining Company 1907 - Virginia Mining District, Nevada&&&&&
HACOMICOMA18, &&&&&Halifax Copper Mining Company - Canada, Incorporated in Massachusetts 1863 &&&&&
HAGOCLLIEN19, &&&&&Halifax Golf Club, Limited. - England 1935&&&&&
HALTONMINCOM, &&&&&Halifax Tonopah Mining Company 1926 - Tonopah, Nevada&&&&&
HAELHOINDE19, &&&&&Hall-Mark Electronics Holding, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
HALCOM, &&&&&Halliburton Company ( Dick Chaney's previous employer)&&&&&
HACOSP, &&&&&Halliburton Company - $1000 Specimen Convertible Bond - 1977&&&&&
HAMBROWSHOCO, &&&&&Hamilton Brown Shoe Company - St. Louis, Missouri&&&&&
HACACOMIDEMI, &&&&&Hamilton Carhartt Cotton Mills Signed by Founder, Hamilton Carhartt - Detroit, Michigan 1920&&&&&
HACAOVCOATGE, &&&&&Hamilton Carhartt Overall Company - Atlanta, Georgia 1931&&&&&
HAELLICOCA, &&&&&Hamilton Electric Light Company (Became Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario - better known as Ontario Hydro) - Hamilton. Ontario, Canada 1890&&&&&
HAMILTONINS, &&&&&Hamilton Fire Insurance Company&&&&&
HAMMANSOC17, &&&&&Hamilton Manufacturing Society 1797 RARE Early Stock signed by Jeremiah Van Rensselaer -Sold&&&&&
H, &&&&&Hamilton National Life Insurance Company - 1964&&&&&
HABRSHCOMI19, &&&&&Hamilton, Brown Shoe Co. - St. Louis, Missouri 1900&&&&&
HAPACOPE19, &&&&&Hammermill Paper Company - Pennsylvania 1975&&&&&
HAMPAPCOM, &&&&&Hammermill Paper Company 1920's&&&&&
HACLCOBODE19, &&&&&Hammond Clock Company Bond handsigned by Laurens Hammond ( Hammond Organ Inventor) - Delaware 1936&&&&&
HACLCODE, &&&&&Hammond Clock Company with Laurens Hammond as President - Delaware 1928&&&&&
HAMIANDDECO1, &&&&&Hampden Mining and Development Company - Carbon County, Wyoming 1895&&&&&
HAINDE, &&&&&Hampshire-Designers, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
HAROSADIVI19, &&&&&Hampton Roads Revenue Bond - Virginia 1962&&&&&
HASACOINNEWY, &&&&&Hampton Sales Company, Inc. - New York 1965&&&&&
LEFRGOOFRORE, &&&&&Handsigned Letter from Ronald Reagan as California Governor - 1971&&&&&
HANDSPRING2003, &&&&&Handspring, Inc - Acquired by Palm&&&&&
HAINDE20, &&&&&Handspring, Inc. - Delaware 2000&&&&&
TRNOSIBYHOGR, &&&&&Handwritten note by Horace Greeley - 1864&&&&&
ECORNING1861, &&&&&Handwritten note from Erastus Corning to Albert Duggett Esq. - Albany, March 1861&&&&&
ORMOINRECIOF, &&&&&Handwritten Receipt and Assignement for Orphan Monies to the Chamber of London dated 1694 (321 years old) &&&&&
HANCOCBOTCOM, &&&&&Hannibal Coca-Cola Bottling Company Stock - 1920's Plus Old Coke Check&&&&&
HANMISBOTCOM, &&&&&Hannibal, Missouri Bottling Company&&&&&
HAESINNEWJE1, &&&&&Hanover Estates, Inc. - New Jersey 1924 &&&&&
HANINCOM, &&&&&Hanover Insurance Company&&&&&
HACRVIIRCOVI, &&&&&Happy Creek Virginia Iron Company - Front Royal, Virginia 1882&&&&&
HARMEMAS, &&&&&Harding Memorial Association&&&&&
HAPUCO19, &&&&&Harding Publishing Company (Signed by Future President, Warren G. Harding) - Marion, Ohio 1907 &&&&&
HACOCOSPMA, &&&&&Hardy Coal Company SPECIMEN - Maine &&&&&
HATECONE19, &&&&&Hardy Telephone Company - Nebraska 1904&&&&&
HARANDSPUYDU, &&&&&Harlem and Spuyten Duyvil Navigation Company 1860's&&&&&
HATRCONEWYO1, &&&&&Harlem Transfer Company (Owned Terminals on the Harlem River) - New York 1898&&&&&
HARDAVMOTCO, &&&&&Harley - Davidson Motor Co. (William H. Davidson as President ) RARE Specimen - Famous Motorcycle Company&&&&&
HACOTEBOMA, &&&&&Harley Company - Massachusetts 1922&&&&&
HAPRINCA, &&&&&Harlyn Products, Inc. - California ( Retailer of Jewelry )&&&&&
HALLAU, &&&&&Harold Lloyd Autograph on Photograph addressed to The Grand Order of Water Rats - Famous Silent Film Actor&&&&&
HABRNEWYO19, &&&&&Harper & Brothers (Harper's Magazine) signed by J. Henry Harper - New York 1906&&&&&
HAROPUINDE19, &&&&&Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. - Delaware 1987 &&&&&
HABELIEN19, &&&&&Harper Bean Limited - London, England 1920 &&&&&
HANE191, &&&&&Harrah's - Nevada 1972&&&&&
HARRAHSNEVADA, &&&&&Harrah's Casino - Nevada 1976&&&&&
HANE192, &&&&&Harrah's Casino and Hotel - Nevada &&&&&
HANE19, &&&&&Harrah's Casinos and Hotels (largest gaming company in the world) - Nevada &&&&&
HASACONEWYO1, &&&&&Harris Safety Company (Built first mechanically drawn fire engine ) - New York 1905 &&&&&
HARSAFCOM, &&&&&Harris Safety Company 1902&&&&&
HATRANDSABA, &&&&&Harris Trust and Savings Bank - Illinois&&&&&
HAINDE19, &&&&&Harris-Steele, Incorporated - Delaware 1930&&&&&
HARSTEELCOR, &&&&&Harrisburg Steel Corporation&&&&&
HATECOSODA, &&&&&Harrison Telephone Company $1,000 Gold bond - Deadwood, South Dakota 1901&&&&&
HAMOSTCE, &&&&&Harroun Motors Corporation Stock Certificate (Harroun was the first driver to win the Indianapolis 500 ) - 1917&&&&&
HACODE19, &&&&&Hart-Carter Company (harvesting equipment) - Delaware 1928&&&&&
HARANDNEWYOR, &&&&&Hartford and New York Transportation Company 1887 - Steamship Company - Great Steamship Image&&&&&
HAANDNEWYOTR, &&&&&Hartford and New York Transportation Company Professionally Framed - Great Steamship Image 1887&&&&&
HANACODE19, &&&&&Hartford National Corporation - Delaware 1988&&&&&
HAORAS18, &&&&&Hartford Orphan Asylum 1854&&&&&
HARSTREAMBOI, &&&&&Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Insurance Company (subsidiary of American International Group - AIG) - Sold to reinsurer Munich Re AG&&&&&
HATIINMA, &&&&&Hartford Times, Incorporated - 1928&&&&&
HACOTAXCOPOL, &&&&&Hartford, Connecticut - Tax Collections Pocket Ledger - 1793&&&&&
HARVARD, &&&&&Harvard College Tuition $400 Bond for Benjamin Barnard Appleton - 1831&&&&&
LELIILMA, &&&&&Harvard Commencement Graduation Program dated August 28, 1833&&&&&
HALUCO19, &&&&&Harvard Lumber Company 1936 - Cleveland, Ohio signed by A. G. Sharp &&&&&
HACOENINCA, &&&&&Harvey Comics Entertainment, Inc. - California ( Casper the Friendly Ghost Vignette )&&&&&
HAINNEWJE18, &&&&&Hasbrouck Institute - Jersey City Heights, New Jersey 1899&&&&&
HATCOOFAMDE, &&&&&Hat Corporation of America - Delaware&&&&&
HATSTORBATCO, &&&&&Hatch Storage Battery Company 1899&&&&&
HAININDE, &&&&&Hathaway Industries, Inc. (Became Seaboard Allied Milling Corporation.) - Delaware &&&&&
HATPOSCAR, &&&&&Hats off all along the line When Freedom's Flag goes by! Post Card&&&&&
HAYACONOCA, &&&&&Hatteras Yacht Company (David Parker as president) - North Carolina 1965&&&&&
HAELRACOMA19, &&&&&Havana Electric Railroad Company - Cuba 1927&&&&&
HAMATELICA19, &&&&&Havana Marine Terminals Limited - 1945&&&&&
HAVSPECCIG, &&&&&Havana Specials Cigar Label&&&&&
HAWAIIBONDS, &&&&&Hawaii Bonds&&&&&
HATECOHA, &&&&&Hawaii Telephone Company - Hilo, Hawaii&&&&&
HAWAIR1, &&&&&Hawaiian Airlines&&&&&
HAWAIRINC, &&&&&Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.&&&&&
HAAIIN19, &&&&&Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. - Honolulu, Hawaii 1967&&&&&
HAAILIHOTEOF, &&&&&Hawaiian Airlines, Limited - Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii - 1956&&&&&
HABETECO, &&&&&Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company - Territory of Hawaii 1888&&&&&
HABETECOHA181, &&&&&Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company - Hawaii 1880&&&&&
HABETECOHA182, &&&&&Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company - Hawaii 1888&&&&&
HABETECOHA, &&&&&Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company - Honolulu, Hawaii - 188_&&&&&
EAHABETECOHO, &&&&&Hawaiian Bell Telephone Stock Certificate #6 - Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii 1881 &&&&&
HAINFIINHA19, &&&&&Hawaiian International Finances, Inc. - Hawaii 1965&&&&&
HASUPLTEOFHA, &&&&&Hawaiian Sumatra Plantations (Photo vignette of a female plantation worker) - Territory of Hawaii 1928&&&&&
HASUPLLIHA19, &&&&&Hawaiian Sumatra Plantations, Limited - Hawaii Territory 1951&&&&&
HATEANDTECOH1, &&&&&Hawaiian Telegraph and Telephone Co. - Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii 1909 &&&&&
HATEANDTECOH, &&&&&Hawaiian Telegraph and Telephone Company (Now Verizon )- Honolulu, Hawaii 1909&&&&&
HAWTELANDTEL, &&&&&Hawaiian Telegraph and Telephone Company 1907 - Hawaii Territory&&&&&
HACOCOPE19, &&&&&Hawthorne Coal Company $500 Gold Bond - Pennsylvania 1913&&&&&
HACIMACORIVI, &&&&&Hayden Cigarette Machine Company (Carlton McCarthy was the mayor of Richmond, Virginia) - Richmond, Virginia 1897 &&&&&
HAYHILCONMIN, &&&&&Hayden Hill Consolidated Mining Company 1940's&&&&&
HAZWHARCOM, &&&&&Hazard Wharf Company of Baltimore City 1901&&&&&
HBOHOBOXOFIN, &&&&&HBO - Home Box Office, Inc (RARE) - Gerald Levin as President before Time Warner/AOL Deal&&&&&
HESKICOINWIH, &&&&&Head Ski Company, Inc. with Howard Head as Chairman - RARE Specimen - Delaware 1970&&&&&
HEANDEDFABOO, &&&&&Health and Educational Facilities Board of the County of Anderson Tennessee -1991&&&&&
CONSUMER, &&&&&Health Care, Food, Beer, Retail, Tobacco&&&&&
HECLTENEINNE, &&&&&Health Club Television Network, Inc. - New York 1991&&&&&
HETEINDE, &&&&&Hearst - Argyle Television, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
HELAWA19, &&&&&Hebard Lateral - North Yakima, Washington 1924&&&&&
HEBFRELOANSO, &&&&&Hebrew Free Loan Society of Holyoke - Massachusetts&&&&&
HEMUASGE19, &&&&&Hebrew Mutual Association - Blackshear, Georgia 1935&&&&&
HEBNATKOSFOO, &&&&&Hebrew National Kosher Foods, Inc&&&&&
HEGICE, &&&&&Hecht's Gift Certificate Specimen - 1995&&&&&
HECKSINC, &&&&&Heck's Department Stores&&&&&
HELDIVMINCOM, &&&&&Hecla Divide Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1921&&&&&
HECOTMA19, &&&&&Heffron Company (The) - Maine 1910&&&&&
HEINWERCOR, &&&&&Hein - Werner Corporation&&&&&
HEIZCOR, &&&&&Heizer Corporation - Famous Venture Firm&&&&&
HEHAINWITRAT, &&&&&Helen Hayes and cast signed playbill in the Wister Trees at Colonial Theater - Boston 1950&&&&&
NATCITBANOFN, &&&&&Helen Hayes signed Check ( Famous Actress) - National City Bank of New York 1943&&&&&
HELELRAILCOM, &&&&&Helena Electric Railway Company&&&&&
HELGASLIGCOK, &&&&&Helena Gas Light & Coke Company - Montana Territory&&&&&
HEGOMICOAR19, &&&&&Helena Gold Mines Company - Pima. Vail. Colorado - Incorporated in Arizona 1904&&&&&
HELMOTRAILCO, &&&&&Helena Motor Railway Company - Territory of Montana - 1880's&&&&&
HELPOWANDLIG, &&&&&Helena Power and Light Company - Montana, 1890's&&&&&
HERUINSPNEWY, &&&&&Helena Rubinstein, Inc. Cosmetics - New York&&&&&
HELSTEAMPOWA, &&&&&Helena Steam Power and Lighting Co. 1884 - Montana Territory&&&&&
HELCOR, &&&&&Heli-Coil Corporation&&&&&
NONAME5, &&&&&Helicopteracion Pescara 1919 - Early Helicopter Company RARE ***SOLD***&&&&&
HELAIRCOR, &&&&&Helio Aircraft Corporation&&&&&
HELRESINC, &&&&&Helm Resources, Inc.&&&&&
HENCREAMCOM1, &&&&&Hendler Creamery (Hendler Ice Cream) - Signed by founder L. Manuel Hendler -1922&&&&&
HEDIMICONE19, &&&&&Hennessy Divide Mining Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1920&&&&&
HCLOSIPACA, &&&&&Henry Cabot Lodge Signature - Panama Canal&&&&&
HECHWIMEANDA, &&&&&Henry Charles Wilson & Co (Wilson's Brewery) Memorandum and Articles of Association - Newton Heath, Manchester, England 1894&&&&&
HECLBRCONEWY, &&&&&Henry Claus Brewing Company (Pre-prohibition ) - Brooklyn, New York 1906&&&&&
HEDISOIN, &&&&&Henry Disston & Sons, Incorporated - 1944&&&&&
HEFOSILETOED, &&&&&Henry Ford signed letter to Edison thanking him for the blue Amberol Machine (Cylinder Phonograph) - 1913 - SOLD&&&&&
HEJGAGOANDCO, &&&&&Henry J. Gardner, Governor Appointment of Henry W. Usher to Captain - Massachusetts 1855 &&&&&
HERECOCA19, &&&&&Herald Realty Company - San Francisco, California 1916&&&&&
HESQHOGURENE, &&&&&Herald Square Hotel Guest Register (Over 1000 Signatures) - New York 1942 - 1945 during WWII&&&&&
HEELCOIL18, &&&&&Hercules Electric Company - Chicago, Illinois 1891&&&&&
HEMOCOOH, &&&&&Hercules Motors Corporation - Ohio&&&&&
HERSYNMINCOM, &&&&&Hercules Syndicate Mining Company of Tonopah Nevada 1908&&&&&
HESOWAAGMAAN, &&&&&Herefordshire & South Wales Agricultural Manure, and Cattle Food Company of England, 1864&&&&&
HEANDMOSTRAC, &&&&&Herkimer and Mohawk Street Railroad Company - New York 1895&&&&&
VOBEGE19, &&&&&Hermann Goring - Berlin, Germany 1939&&&&&
HEMICOON19, &&&&&Hermina Mining Company, Limited - Offices in Calumet, Michigan 1908&&&&&
HEBEINCOCA19, &&&&&Hermosa Beach Investment Company - California 1915 &&&&&
HERLUBOILCOM, &&&&&Hersher Lubricating Oil Company 1902&&&&&
HECHCOSP, &&&&&Hershey Chocolate Company $1000 Gold Bond - Pennsylvania 1922&&&&&
HECHCO191, &&&&&Hershey Chocolate Corporation - Hershey, Pennsylvania 1920&&&&&
HERCOR1, &&&&&Hertz Corporation&&&&&
HECODE19, &&&&&Hertz Corporation - Delaware 1988 &&&&&
HERCOR, &&&&&Hertz Corporation 1970's&&&&&
HEDE20, &&&&&Heska ( Picture of Collie Dog and Cat) - Delaware 2002&&&&&
HESOILCHEMCO, &&&&&Hess Oil & Chemical Corporation - Leon Hess as Chairman 1969&&&&&
HECOKA, &&&&&Hesston Corporation - Kansas&&&&&
HEINAKNASHES, &&&&&Heublein, Inc. (also known as Heublein Spirits) - 1971&&&&&
HEINCO19, &&&&&Heublein, Inc. - Connecticut 1976&&&&&
HEWCOM, &&&&&Hewlett - Packard Company (Carly Fiorina as CEO)&&&&&
HEWCOMDEL20, &&&&&Hewlett - Packard Company (Carly Fiorina as CEO)&&&&&
HEXCOR1, &&&&&Hexcel Corporation&&&&&
HECODE1, &&&&&Hexel Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
HIPAIRCONOFA, &&&&&Hi-Press Air Conditioning of America, Inc.&&&&&
HIINNOCA19, &&&&&Hi-Toms, Inc. - Carolina League Baseball Team - High Point and Thomasville, North Carolina 1954&&&&&
HICOCLASKA19, &&&&&Hiawatha Country Club Association - Hiawatha, Kansas 1925&&&&&
HILOCASTVIED, &&&&&Hiawatha Lobby Card Starring Vincent Edwards and Yvette Dugay&&&&&
HISIBLFOXCON, &&&&&Hiawatha Silver Black Fox Corporation - Tioga County, New York - 1923&&&&&
HIBFIRINCOM1, &&&&&Hibernia Fire Insurance Company 1914&&&&&
HIHEFU19, &&&&&Hicks Helicopter Fund - 1931 &&&&&
HIHEINNEWYO1, &&&&&Hicks Helicopter Incorporated signed by Anson B. Collins - Mechanicville, Saratoga County, New York 1932&&&&&
HIDTREASMINC, &&&&&Hidden Treasure Mining Company (Over 122 years old) - Boise City, Idaho 1895&&&&&
HIDTREASMINC1, &&&&&Hidden Treasure Mining Company signed by Freemont Wood (last U. S. Attorney for the Territory of Idaho ) as Secretary 1897&&&&&
HIDTREASMINC2, &&&&&Hidden Treasure Mining Company, Limited - Idaho&&&&&
HIIBIB19, &&&&&Hidroelectrica Iberica (Spain's Electric Company) - 1964&&&&&
HIGROILCO19, &&&&&High Gravity Oil Company (Signed by Samuel A. Hole - really that was his name) FRAUD - 1917&&&&&
HINOCLPI, &&&&&High Noon Club signed by Fred H. Groves (Groves Piano Co.) - Pittsburgh 1924&&&&&
HIPOFUININNO, &&&&&High Point Furniture Industries, Inc. - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
HIPOFUININUN, &&&&&High Point Furniture Industries, Inc. Unissued - North Carolina&&&&&
HIREOFPOOF30, &&&&&High Resolution Scan of 30 Stocks of the Dow Industrials&&&&&
HIRESCSE, &&&&&High Resolution Scanning Service&&&&&
HIGRESSCANOF, &&&&&High Resolution Scanning Service from our unique inventory for Publication&&&&&
RACOOF19CHWO, &&&&&High resolution scans are available for publication from our rare collection of 1933 Chicago World's Fair - Century of Progress from hand colored glass slides&&&&&
HIGSCHOOLEUR, &&&&&High School, Eureka, California Postcard&&&&&
HIGSCHOOLSAN, &&&&&High School, Santa Barbara, California Postcard&&&&&
HISHMIANDMAC, &&&&&High Shoals Mining and Manufacturing Company - Incorporated in New York - Property located in North Carolina 1854&&&&&
HIGWAVATVUED, &&&&&High Waves at Vue de L'Eau, Santa Cruz, Calif. Postcard&&&&&
HICHCOMICOLE, &&&&&Highland Chief Consolidated Mining Company - Leadville, Colorado - 1879&&&&&
HIGPARANDFRU, &&&&&Highland Park and Fruit Vale Railroad ( Double decker car ) Fruitvale Station Movie Namesake - Oakland, California 1891&&&&&
HIGINCALMOUN, &&&&&Highway in the California Mountains Postcard&&&&&
HIILS, &&&&&Hiladora Illicitana S.A. - Spain 1925&&&&&
HILPIEROILRE, &&&&&Hill Pierce Oil & Refining Stock 1919 - 1923&&&&&
HILNEVMINCOM, &&&&&Hilltop - Nevada Mining Company -Marble City, Nevada - 1925&&&&&
HIANDHATEAND, &&&&&Hilo and Hawaii Telephone and Telegraph Company - Hilo, Territory of Hawaii 1912 &&&&&
HIHOCODE1, &&&&&Hilton Hotels Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
WJHILSHOCOM1, &&&&&Hilton Shoe Company 1906 - Brooklyn, New York&&&&&
HIININDE19, &&&&&Hinderliter Industries, Inc. - Delaware 1982&&&&&
HINABAMA18, &&&&&Hingham National Bank (Cashier, John O. Lovett embezzled $40,000) - Massachusetts 1865&&&&&
HIRISOMA19, &&&&&Hiram Ricker & Sons - Poland, Maine 1942 ( Poland Springs Water and Resort )&&&&&
HIWAWOLIANDH, &&&&&Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts Limited and Hiram Walker & Sons, Inc. - Michigan 1946&&&&&
BOSTWEEDSCAN, &&&&&Historic "Boss" Tweed Scandal Gang New York City signed check - 1870&&&&&
HIS5CERPACOF, &&&&&Historic 5 Stock Certificate Package of New York Skyline and World Trade Center Vignettes&&&&&
HISEURCOMMAR, &&&&&Historic Europe Common Market Stock 1960's&&&&&
STOCKCALENDAR, &&&&&Historic Stock Calendar&&&&&
HIREPUCONEWJ1, &&&&&Historical Register Publishing Company - New Jersey 1894&&&&&
HIREPUCONEWJ, &&&&&Historical Register Publishing Company - New Jersey 1895&&&&&
HDELOCASTJAP, &&&&&Hit the Deck Lobby Card Starring Jane Powell, Tony Martin, and Debbie Reynolds - 1955&&&&&
HORAPRCOCA19, &&&&&Hoag Rapid Press Comoany - California 1904&&&&&
HOMACOOH19, &&&&&Hobart Manufacturing Company - Troy, Ohio 1927&&&&&
HOLAINCELSTB, &&&&&Hobbs Laboratories, Inc - Electric Storage Batteries&&&&&
HOANDHURITUC, &&&&&Hoboken and Hudson River Turnpike Company - New Jersey 1858&&&&&
HOANDJECIHOC, &&&&&Hoboken and Jersey City Horse Car Rail Road Company - New Jersey 1860's&&&&&
HOBOKEN, &&&&&Hoboken Ferry Company hand signed by Lehman Brothers Co-Founder (Emanuel Lehman) - New Jersey 1897&&&&&
HOBLANAS, &&&&&Hoboken Land Association 1852 - RARE&&&&&
HOPLCOGOMICO, &&&&&Hoffman - Place Consolidated Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
HOSYINCA19, &&&&&Hogan Systems, Inc. - California 1982 &&&&&
HOMICOUT19, &&&&&Hoketika Mining Company - Utah 1905&&&&&
HOSCDE, &&&&&Hoku Scientific - Delaware &&&&&
HOLGROCCOIN, &&&&&Holbrook Grocery Company (Jobbers of Pork and Lard) - New Hampshire 1915&&&&&
HOATASOK, &&&&&Holdenville Athletic Association - Holdenville, Oklahoma - 1914&&&&&
HOCOMO19, &&&&&Holding Corporation - Montana 1929&&&&&
HOLHEATCOM, &&&&&Holding Heater Company 1905 - Toledo, Ohio&&&&&
HOINTE191, &&&&&Holiday Industries, Inc. - Texas 1979&&&&&
HOSOOFNEWYON, &&&&&Holland Society of New York - New York 1885&&&&&
STHOCA19, &&&&&Hollenbeck Hotel signed by Albert Clay Bilicke (Lost on Lusitania) - Los Angeles, California 1904&&&&&
HOGRCOPOMA18, &&&&&Hollis Granite Company - Portland, Maine 1833&&&&&
HOLTRACCOM, &&&&&Hollis Tractor Company 1919&&&&&
HOLOILCOM, &&&&&Holly Oil Company - Colorado&&&&&
HOBUAIAUCA19, &&&&&Hollywood - Burbank Airport Authority (Now Bob Hope Airport) - California 1978&&&&&
HOCACO19, &&&&&Hollywood Casket Company - California 1925&&&&&
HOLACOCA19, &&&&&Hollywood Land Company - California 1911&&&&&
HOLMOVPACWOW, &&&&&Hollywood Movies 8 Piece Special Package&&&&&
HOPAREENINDE, &&&&&Hollywood Park Realty Enterprises, Inc. (New Site of the Los Angeles Entertainment Center, the home of the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League) - Delaware 1989 &&&&&
HOPAINDE, &&&&&Hollywood Park, Inc. - Famous Los Angeles Racetrack (New Site of the Los Angeles Entertainment Center, the home of the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League) - Delaware 1989 &&&&&
HOLPLAYREALC, &&&&&Hollywood Playhouse Realty Corporation - Hollywood, California&&&&&
HOPRINCON19, &&&&&Hollywood Property, Inc. - 1943&&&&&
HOLSOCCLUBLI, &&&&&Hollywood Social Club Limited 1930&&&&&
HOLDURMOTINC, &&&&&Hollywood-Durant Star Motors, inc signed by Milton Prell (Prell built Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas) - 1928&&&&&
HOLLOCSPEEDT1, &&&&&Holman Locomotive Speeding Truck Company (Holman Locomotive SCAM) 1896 - Sioux City, Iowa&&&&&
HOLFRIESASOF1, &&&&&Holstein Friesian Association of America 1924&&&&&
HOMICONEWYO11, &&&&&Holyoke Mining Company - American Banknote Company - New York 1886&&&&&
HOMCORSCHOOL, &&&&&Home Correspondence School - 1920's - Massachusettes&&&&&
HOMELCOM18, &&&&&Home Electric Company 1894 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
HOMFIRSECCOR, &&&&&Home Fire Security Corporation - New York 1929&&&&&
HOGRIN19, &&&&&Home Group, Inc. - 1985 - Home Insurance&&&&&
HOHOCOST18, &&&&&Home Hotel Company - St. Louis 1870's&&&&&
HOMINCOM2, &&&&&Home Insurance Company - Early Fireman Vignette&&&&&
HOMINCOM1, &&&&&Home Insurance Company - Early Fireman Vignette&&&&&
HOLACOOFRUPA, &&&&&Home Land Company of Rutherfurd Park (Now Rutherford, Bergen County) - New Jersey 1869&&&&&
HOMOFTRUTALC, &&&&&Home of Truth, Alameda, California Postcard&&&&&
HOMORCOR19, &&&&&Home Orchards Corporation 1918&&&&&
HOPECOCO19, &&&&&Home Petroleum Corporation - Colorado 1920 &&&&&
HOSHNEINSPCO, &&&&&Home Shopping Network, Inc. ( Roy Speer as Chairman) - RARE Specimen Stock Certificate - 1990&&&&&
HOSHNEIN19, &&&&&Home Shopping Network, Inc. - Specimen Convertible Debt - 1987&&&&&
HOMSTAKGOLMI, &&&&&Home Stake Gold Mining Company - Montana Terrotory&&&&&
HOTEANDTECOI, &&&&&Home Telephone and Telegraph Company - Indiana&&&&&
HOMTELCOM1, &&&&&Home Telephone Company&&&&&
HOCOVI19, &&&&&Homes Corporation - Virginia 1920 &&&&&
HOMMINSTOCCE, &&&&&Homestake Mining Company - Indian vignette&&&&&
HOMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Homestake Mining Company - New York 1906 &&&&&
HOMICOCA, &&&&&Homestake Mining Company SPECIMEN - Delaware 1983&&&&&
HOMMONCRISGO, &&&&&Homestake Monte Cristo Gold Corporation - Esmeralda County, Nevada 1926&&&&&
HOMOCRGOCONE, &&&&&Homestake Monte Cristo Gold Corporation -Tonopah, Nevada 1926&&&&&
HODE20, &&&&& with Stuart Wolff as president ( Wolff got 15-Year Sentence for fraud)&&&&&
HONJOHMINMIL, &&&&&Honest John Mining, Milling and Tunnel Co 1903 - Clear Creek County, Colorado&&&&&
HOBUNENAM19, &&&&&Honeywell Bull Nederland N.V. - Amsterdam 1976&&&&&
HOHESPCOIN19, &&&&&Honeywell Heating Specialties Company ( Honeywell, Inc - Dow Average Component ) signed by Founder, Mark C. Honeywell - Wabash, Indiana 1924 &&&&&
HOKOTELIHOKO, &&&&&Hong Kong Telecommunications Limited - Hong Kong 1996&&&&&
HOKOANDSH, &&&&&Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation with watermark &&&&&
HOBAHOKO19, &&&&&Hongkong Bank (HSBC) Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation with watermark - Hong Kong&&&&&
HONMINCOM, &&&&&Honolulu Mining Company 1924&&&&&
HOOILCOSPSTC, &&&&&Honolulu Oil Company Specimen Stock Certificate&&&&&
HONSTADLIM, &&&&&Honolulu Stadium, Limited - Hawaii 1967&&&&&
HOTILIHA19, &&&&&Honolulu Times, Limited - Hawaii 1925&&&&&
HOCIOFBOTONE, &&&&&Honorary Citizen of Boys Town by Father Edward Flanagan - Nebraska 1948 &&&&&
HOFIARCOCO18, &&&&&Hood Fire Arms Company - Norwich, Connecticut 1875 &&&&&
HOOKELCOM, &&&&&Hooker Electrochemical Company&&&&&
HOOKOAKCHICC, &&&&&Hooker Oak, Chico, California Postcard&&&&&
HOOSAIRFREIG, &&&&&Hoosier Air Freight Corporation ( Airborne Cargo Lines ) 1947&&&&&
HOBOYMIANDTU, &&&&&Hoosier Boy Mining and Tunnel Company - Cripple Creek Properties, Business Office Colorado Springs, Colorado 1894&&&&&
HOMECOVI19, &&&&&Hooven Mercantile Company - Virginia 1903&&&&&
HOCOIL19, &&&&&Hoover Company - Illinois 1922&&&&&
HOSCDETE19, &&&&&Hoover Scientific Development - Texas 1929&&&&&
HOINNE20, &&&&&Hop-On.Com, Inc. (Another Dot Com) - Nevada 2001&&&&&
HOTEINNE, &&&&&Hope Technologies, Inc. ( Now Lithium Technology Corporation ) - Nevada &&&&&
HOALARCOMA19, &&&&&Hopkins & Allen Arms Company - Massachusetts 1915&&&&&
HOBAINAR, &&&&&Horizon Bancorp, Inc. (Horizon Community Bank) - Lake Havasu, Arizona &&&&&
HORHEALCOR, &&&&&Horizon Healthcare Corporation&&&&&
HOORHOCOCOWV, &&&&&Horizon Organic Holding Corporation (RARE Specimen) - Cow Vignette - Delaware&&&&&
HORRAILCOM, &&&&&Hornby Railway Company - Liverpool 1947&&&&&
HOAIINNEWYO, &&&&&Hornell Airways, Inc. - New York&&&&&
HOPUROCOLIEN, &&&&&Hornsea Public Rooms Company, Limited - England 1869&&&&&
HORMINANDMIL, &&&&&Hornsilver Mining and Miling Company&&&&&
HOAICONE19, &&&&&Horton Aircraft Corporation ( Securities Fraud Action by SEC) - Nevada 1953&&&&&
HOAUOFCOGE19, &&&&&Hospital Authority of Columbus, Georgia - 1993&&&&&
HOSPCORP, &&&&&Hospital Corporation of America&&&&&
HOSCOROFAM, &&&&&Hospital Corporation of America&&&&&
HOCOOFAMTE, &&&&&Hospital Corporation of America (High Yield 15 3/4% Bond) - Tennessee 1989&&&&&
HOSININC, &&&&&Host International, Inc.&&&&&
MAHOTSHNOWHO, &&&&&Host Marriott Corporation&&&&&
HOTELBARBIZON, &&&&&Hotel Barbizon, Inc. - Famous New York Hotel (Became Melrose Hotel) - 1945&&&&&
HOCLINCA, &&&&&Hotel Claremont - Berkeley Hills, California 1915&&&&&
HOTELCLAREMONT, &&&&&Hotel Claremont, Incorporated - Berkeley, California 1915&&&&&
HOCLSTWILENE, &&&&&Hotel Claridge Letterhead - New York &&&&&
HOTCOROFAM, &&&&&Hotel Corporation of America 1958 (Sonesta International Hotels )&&&&&
HOTDELMONDEL, &&&&&Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California Postcard&&&&&
HOGICOCIOH19, &&&&&Hotel Gibson Company - Cincinnati, Ohio 1919&&&&&
HOGICOCIOH, &&&&&Hotel Gibson Corporation - Cincinnati, Ohio &&&&&
HOGOCLINYO19, &&&&&Hotel Governor Clinton, Inc. ( Now Southgate Tower ) - New York 1928&&&&&
HOTLUCCOR, &&&&&Hotel Lucerne Corporation 1929&&&&&
HOPIINSIBYFO, &&&&&Hotel Pierre, Inc. signed by founder, Charles Pierre - New York 1929&&&&&
TACOMAINN1925, &&&&&Hotel Register from Tacoma Inn - Lewiston, Maine 1925&&&&&
HOTSAINCLAIR, &&&&&Hotel Sainte Claire - San Jose, California&&&&&
HOTRCONEWJE, &&&&&Hotel Traymore Company - Atlantic City, New Jersey 1925&&&&&
HOWACO19, &&&&&Hotel Warren Corporation - 1919 - Offices located in Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
HOSTCOINCRAN, &&&&&Hotels Statler Company, Inc. Credit Card signed by George Dealey (Dealey Plaza was the location of the assassination of John F. Kennedy) - Dallas, Texas 1936&&&&&
HOTANDREC, &&&&&Hotels, Gambling and Recreation&&&&&
HOMACOIL18, &&&&&Houma Manufacturing Co. - Illinois 1885&&&&&
HOUSEOFFABRICS, &&&&&House of Fabrics&&&&&
HOOFTAJENE, &&&&&House of Taylor Jewelry (Actress Elizabeth Taylor ) - Nevada &&&&&
HOOFTANE, &&&&&House of Taylor Jewelry, Inc (Elizabeth Taylor's Company) - Nevada &&&&&
HOONSTINNEWY, &&&&&Houseboat on the Styx, Inc. - New York 1928&&&&&
HOUSFINCOR, &&&&&Household Finance Corporation (HFC) - 1972&&&&&
HOFICODE19, &&&&&Household Finance Corporation - Delaware 1962&&&&&
HOANDGRNORAC, &&&&&Houston and Great Northern Railroad Company - Texas 1872&&&&&
HOWERECOTE19, &&&&&Houston Westend Realty Company signed by Tennessee Governor, Ben Walter Hooper - Texas 1914&&&&&
HOVERMARINE, &&&&&Hovermarine Corporation&&&&&
HOWTOMUYOWIL2, &&&&&How To Murder Your Wife Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi - 1965&&&&&
HOWTOMUYOWIL3, &&&&&How To Murder Your Wife Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi - 1965&&&&&
HOWTOMUYOWIL, &&&&&How To Murder Your Wife Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi - 1965&&&&&
HOWTOMUYOWIL4, &&&&&How To Murder Your Wife Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi - 1965&&&&&
HOWTOMUYOWIL1, &&&&&How To Murder Your Wife Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi - 1965&&&&&
HOWTOMUYOWIL5, &&&&&How To Murder Your Wife Lobby Card starring Jack Lemmon and Virna Lisi - 1965&&&&&
HOWDRUGCODRU, &&&&&Howard Drug Company - Druggists Invoice 1910 - 1913&&&&&
HOJO, &&&&&Howard Johnson Company&&&&&
HORUCODE19, &&&&&Howe Rubber Corporation - Delaware 1919&&&&&
HOSCCOVE18, &&&&&Howe Scale Company signed by John Boardman Page, Vermont Governor - Rutland, Vermont 1879 &&&&&
HSHOPLC, &&&&&HSBC Holdings plc - Hong Kong Overseas Branch Register - 1991&&&&&
HUBAIRINFORW, &&&&&Hub Airlines, Incorporated Fort Wayne, Indiana 1970&&&&&
HUBEXINC, &&&&&Hubco Exploration Inc.&&&&&
HUBMANCOM, &&&&&Huber Manufacturing Company - Marion, Ohio&&&&&
HUBERACONEWY, &&&&&Hudson & Berkshire Rail-Road Co. signed by future U. S. President Millard Fillmore as Comptroller - New York 1848 &&&&&
HUDMANRAILCO, &&&&&Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company - Hudson River cross sectional vignette&&&&&
HUANDBETRCON, &&&&&Hudson and Bergen Traction Company - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
HUDBAYMINAND1, &&&&&Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited - 1956&&&&&
HUDFOODCOR, &&&&&Hudson Food Corporation 1928&&&&&
HUTRCONEWJE, &&&&&Hudson Trust Company - New Jersey &&&&&
HUGELDIR, &&&&&Hughes Electronics - DIRECTV&&&&&
HUTOCODE19, &&&&&Hughes Tool Company IPO Certificate (Howard Hughes, Jr., sold Hughes Tool Company in an IPO ) - Delaware 1972&&&&&
HUGMANCOM1, &&&&&Hugro Manufacturing Company 1920 - Indiana&&&&&
HUGMANCOM, &&&&&Hugro Manufacturing Company 1920's&&&&&
HUBOGACOLIEN, &&&&&Hull Botanic Garden Company Limited - England 1881&&&&&
HUPOCOSIBYJH, &&&&&Hull Pottery Company signed by J.B. Hull - Crooksville, Ohio 1952&&&&&
HULIPUCOBOMA, &&&&&Human Life Publishing Company - Boston, Massachusetts 1917&&&&&
HUMANAINC, &&&&&Humana, Inc.- Louisville, Kentucky&&&&&
HUCOWANE192, &&&&&Humboldt County Warrant - Nevada 1919&&&&&
HUCOWANE19, &&&&&Humboldt County Warrant - Nevada 1929&&&&&
HUCOWANE191, &&&&&Humboldt County Warrant from the General County Fund - Nevada 1935&&&&&
HUMSMELANDRE, &&&&&Humboldt Smelting and Reduction Company&&&&&
HUBO19, &&&&&Hungarian Bond - 1903&&&&&
HUNGARIANFUND, &&&&&Hungarian Fund 1852 - Independent Hungarian Government&&&&&
HUNGRYTIGERINC, &&&&&Hungry Tiger Inc. - Famous California Restaurant&&&&&
HUDOLIQUCA19, &&&&&Hunter Douglas Limited - Quebec, Canada 1969&&&&&
HUCOINCA19, &&&&&Huntington Community, Incorporated - San Francisco, California 1932&&&&&
HUHOCO19, &&&&&Huntington Hotel Company ( Now Langham Hotels International) - Pasadena, California 1936&&&&&
HUNPARMERFIN, &&&&&Huntington Park Mercantile Finance Corporation 1938 - Located South of Los Angeles&&&&&
HUNTSMAN, &&&&&Huntsman Citrus Label - Man Shooting Arrow&&&&&
HUNNEWORANDW, &&&&&Huntsville, New Orleans and Western Texas Railway Company 1882&&&&&
HUHOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Huron Holding Corporation - New York 1937&&&&&
HURAUTSWITAN, &&&&&Hurst Automatic Switch and Signal Company 1906&&&&&
HUOILRELTSAC, &&&&&Husky Oil & Refining Ltd. - Saskatchewan, Canada 1955&&&&&
HUSREFCOMSTO, &&&&&Husky Refining Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
HUCONEWYO19, &&&&&Hutches & Co. - New York 1902 &&&&&
HUHOCOTE181, &&&&&Hutchins House Company (Famous Houston Hotel) - Texas 1877&&&&&
HUHOCOTE18, &&&&&Hutchins House Company signed by William J. Hutchins - Houston, Texas 1877&&&&&
HUBRCOOFBACI, &&&&&Hutzler Brothers Company of Baltimore City signed by Edwin B. Hutzler and Henry Oppenheimer - Baltimore, Maryland 1916&&&&&
HYATINCOR, &&&&&Hyatt International Corporation&&&&&
HYPASUCLIL18, &&&&&Hyde Park Suburban Club signed by Van H. Higgins - Illinois 1890&&&&&
HYDSTEELCOM, &&&&&Hydraulic Steel Company&&&&&
HYDSTEELCOMS, &&&&&Hydraulic Steel Company Stock 1920's&&&&&
HYDELCOM, &&&&&Hydro - Electric Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
HYELCONEWJE1, &&&&&Hydro Electric Company (Gold Note Certificate ) - New Jersey 1926&&&&&
HYELCONEINNO, &&&&&Hydro Electric Company Negotiable Gold Coupon Interim Note - Pennsylvania 1923&&&&&
HYELCONEINBO, &&&&&Hydro Electric Company Negotiable Interim Gold Bond - Delaware 1923&&&&&
HYCODE191, &&&&&Hydro-Electric Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
HYDRO, &&&&&HydroCarbon Chemical Incorporated&&&&&
HYDROMETALSINC1, &&&&&Hydrometals, Inc.&&&&&
HYDROMETALSINC, &&&&&Hydrometals, Inc.&&&&&
HYDSERIN2, &&&&&Hydrospace Services, Incorporated ( Acquired by United States Underseas Cable )&&&&&
HYHEFOCOCA19, &&&&&Hygienic Health Food Company - Oakland California 1919&&&&&
IAMLAWLOCAST, &&&&&I Am The Law Lobby Card Starring Edward G. Robinson - 1955&&&&&
IININC, &&&&&, Inc. (Early Dot Com Bomb) - 2002&&&&&
IODEVICES, &&&&&I/O Devices&&&&&
IBBRDE20, &&&&&iBeam Broadcasting - Delaware 2001&&&&&
IBMWOTRCODE1, &&&&&IBM World Trade Corporation - $5000 Note -1981&&&&&
ICEANDCOSTCO, &&&&&Ice and Cold Storage Company (Horse driven ice wagon vignette) - Maryland 1915&&&&&
TAKOMA, &&&&&Ice Cream Company Bond - Washington DC 1928&&&&&
IPOGLCOHLIDE, &&&&&ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Limited - Delaware 2001&&&&&
IDAHOBONDS, &&&&&Idaho Bonds&&&&&
IDDEMIINID19, &&&&&Idaho Democrat Mine, Inc. - Mineral Hill District, Blaine Co., Idaho - 1925&&&&&
IDIRCOID19, &&&&&Idaho Irrigation Company Gold bond - Idaho 1913&&&&&
IDBASININC, &&&&&Ideal Basic Industries, Inc. - Colorado&&&&&
IDDEMWHEELCO, &&&&&Ideal Demountable Wheel Co, Ltd. 1924 - Quebec, Canada&&&&&
IDINANDELMAN, &&&&&Ideal Insulator and Electrical Manufacturing Co. 1909&&&&&
IDTIRUCO19CL, &&&&&Ideal Tire & Rubber Company 1917 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
IDTIRANDRUBC, &&&&&Ideal Tire and Rubber Company 1922 - Ohio&&&&&
IDTOYCODE19, &&&&&Ideal Toy Corporation- Delaware 1976&&&&&
IDINCSTOCCER, &&&&&Identcorporation, Inc Stock Certificate - Fingerprint Vignette&&&&&
IDOILEXPR19, &&&&&IDS / McCulloch Oil Exploration Program - Los Angeles, California 1972&&&&&
IGTINGATENE1, &&&&&IGT International Game Technology - Nevada 1991&&&&&
ILASOFCHOFPO, &&&&&Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police - Illinois 1953 &&&&&
ILBETECOIL19, &&&&&Illinois Bell Telephone Company - Illinois 1960&&&&&
ILLINOISBONDS, &&&&&Illinois Bonds&&&&&
ILCENRAILCOM, &&&&&Illinois Central Rail-Road Company Construction Bond 1851&&&&&
ILCERACOIL19, &&&&&Illinois Central Railroad Company - 1954&&&&&
ILCETRCODE, &&&&&Illinois Central Transportation Company - Delaware 1988&&&&&
ILPOCO19, &&&&&Illinois Power Company - 1952&&&&&
ILPUALCOIL19, &&&&&Illinois Pure Aluminum Company (Early Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company) - Lemont, Illinois 1917&&&&&
ILPUALCOGOBO, &&&&&Illinois Pure Aluminum Company Gold Bond (Early Aluminum Cookware maker) - Illinois 1909&&&&&
STOFILSIXPER, &&&&&Illinois Six Per Cent Liquidation Bond signed by Governor William Harrison Bissell - 1858&&&&&
IMCOR, &&&&&Imax Corporation ( Large Screen Motion Picture Company )&&&&&
IMPACOLILO19, &&&&&IMCO Participating Company Limited (International Match Corporation of Delaware) - London 1936&&&&&
IMBIBEPE19, &&&&&Imperial Birch Beer - Dickson City, Pennsylvania 1911&&&&&
IMBOTCAPANDM, &&&&&Imperial Bottle Cap and Machine Company - Baltimore City 1901&&&&&
IMFECOSOCA18, &&&&&Imperial Fertilizer Company signed by Andrew Simonds - South Carolina 1890&&&&&
REGE, &&&&&Imperial German Reichsbanknote 100 Marks - Germany 1910 &&&&&
GERE10GE19, &&&&&Imperial Germany 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote - 1910&&&&&
IMGOOFJA19, &&&&&Imperial Government of Japan - 1919&&&&&
IMGOVOFRUS18, &&&&&Imperial Government of Russia 1896&&&&&
IMGOVOFRUS191, &&&&&Imperial Government of Russia 1912 - Peasants' Land Bank&&&&&
RORUBO19, &&&&&Imperial Government of Russia 5.5% Short-Term State War Bond (Romanov seal vignette) with elaborate watermark - 1916&&&&&
RUBORU18, &&&&&Imperial Govt of Russia, Russian 4% Gold Loan - Russia 1890&&&&&
IMMECRASLI18, &&&&&Imperial Mercantile Credit Association, Limited - London, England 1864 &&&&&
IMOILLIM, &&&&&Imperial Oil Limited&&&&&
IMROCO19, &&&&&Imperial Royalties Company - Kansas City, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma Express Trust - 1930&&&&&
IMRUGO1THYEC, &&&&&Imperial Russian Government $10,000 Three Year Credit - 1916&&&&&
IMRUGONEWYO1, &&&&&Imperial Russian Government - New York 1936&&&&&
RUSBON19, &&&&&Imperial Russian Government Bond ( Romanov seal) - 5% State Loan (Pre Revolution and Putin) - 1906 &&&&&
IMRUGO1GOBOP, &&&&&Imperial Russian Government Dollar Denominated $1,000 Gold Bond (Pre Revolution) - Russia, 1916&&&&&
IMSTINCCA19, &&&&&Impossible Stables, Inc signed by horse racing pioneer Michael Morphy - California 1969&&&&&
IMPUTESECOMA, &&&&&Improved Pulsion Telephone Co. - Maine 1893 &&&&&
IMSCFOCOAR19, &&&&&Improved Scale & Foundry Company - Harrisonville, Missouri - 1907&&&&&
IMINHILIWICO, &&&&&Improvement in High Lift Wing Construction & Control Blueprint (hand signed by inventor Radolph Fordham Hall) - 1933&&&&&
INOFABLIPAPO, &&&&&Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln Patriotic Post Card &&&&&
ININFUNMAS, &&&&&Incorporated Income Fund - Massachusetts&&&&&
INRASOOFGRBR, &&&&&Incorporated Radio Society of Great Britain - 1936&&&&&
JAKECOLETORO, &&&&&Incredible letter from Jack Kent Cooke letter to his Attorney regarding outrage with Los Angeles Laker, Jamaal Wilkes and his agent - 1978&&&&&
LAWIDO, &&&&&Indenture signed by Jeremiah Van Rensselaer regarding Glen Van Rensselaer; Catharine G. Visscher, Cornelius G Van Rensselaer - 1834 &&&&&
INEXCOKA, &&&&&Independence Baseball Exhibition Company (Independence Producers) - Independence, Kansas&&&&&
ININCOM, &&&&&Independence Indemnity Company&&&&&
INBRANCRATLA, &&&&&Independent Brand Crate Label - Liberty Bell Image&&&&&
INOROFOOOFEM, &&&&&Independent Order of ODD Fellows - Baltimore, Maryland 190_&&&&&
INFUINMA, &&&&&India Fund, Inc. - Maryland &&&&&
INMUTINCOM18, &&&&&India Mutual Insurance Company - Boston 1911&&&&&
INLACLKE19, &&&&&Indian Lake Club - Owensboro, Kentucky 1937 &&&&&
INLANANDTRUS, &&&&&Indian Land and Trust Company 1904 - Indian Territory&&&&&
INRECOBETEMA, &&&&&Indian Refining Company ( Became Texaco, now Chevron ) RARE Specimen - Maine&&&&&
INRIDCOALCOK, &&&&&Indian Ridge Coal & Coke Company 18XX - Indian Vignette&&&&&
GENSTOCCER, &&&&&Indian Stock Certificate 1890's&&&&&
INTERMINANDM, &&&&&Indian Territory Mineral and Mining Company 1898 - Bentonville (Birthpalce of Walmart), Arkansas&&&&&
INBETECOIN191, &&&&&Indiana Bell Telephone Company - 1970 Specimen&&&&&
INBELTELCOMI, &&&&&Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Inc. (Ameritech)&&&&&
INBETECOIN, &&&&&Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Incorporated - Specimen&&&&&
INDIANABONDS, &&&&&Indiana Bonds&&&&&
INDECLIN19, &&&&&Indiana Democratic Club - Indiana 1914&&&&&
INFEDCOR, &&&&&Indiana Federal Corporation&&&&&
UNOFNODAMUBO, &&&&&Indiana Pacers Conseco Fieldhouse Municipal Bond - Marion, Indiana&&&&&
INSOUTRAILCO, &&&&&Indiana Southern Railway signed By Samuel Tilden 1866 - Disputed 1876 Presidential Election&&&&&
INVIRA, &&&&&Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad signed by Civil War General Ambrose E. Burnside 1867&&&&&
INDIANAPOLIS, &&&&&Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad signed by Thomas A. Scott (Assistant Secretary of War during Civil War) - 1876&&&&&
NONAME41, &&&&&Indianapolis Union Railway Company&&&&&
INUNRAILCOM1, &&&&&Indianapolis Union Railway Company 1932&&&&&
INUNRAILCOMA, &&&&&Indianapolis Union Railway Company Annual Report&&&&&
INHAINCCA19, &&&&&Indio Hacienda Inc. ( Same owner as the Las Vegas, Hacienda Hotel) - California 1956&&&&&
INHAINCA19, &&&&&Indio Hacienda Inc. ( Same owner as the Las Vegas, Hacienda Hotel) - California 1957&&&&&
INDEVAUTOFCI, &&&&&Industrial Development Authority of the City of Kansas City, Missouri - Muni Bond&&&&&
INININCSPEC, &&&&&Industrial Instruments, Inc. (Beckman Instruments)&&&&&
INOILSYNO3LO, &&&&&Industrial Oil Syndicate No. 3 - Los Angeles 1922&&&&&
INDELAHOUILB, &&&&&Industrielle De La Houille Bleue 1927 - ( Blue Coal Power Plant )&&&&&
INCODE19, &&&&&InFerGene Company - Delaware 1988&&&&&
INBRCO19, &&&&&Infinity Broadcasting Corporation (Now CBS Radio) - 1986&&&&&
INBRCONCBSRA, &&&&&Infinity Broadcasting Corporation with Mel Karmazin as President (Vignette of Lincoln with Headphones) - 1995&&&&&
NONAME24, &&&&&Inflight Motion Pictures 1970&&&&&
INSERINC, &&&&&Inflight Services, Inc. - Early Airline Reel to Reel Entertainment System&&&&&
INDAINDE191, &&&&&Info-Med Datasoft, Inc. - Delaware 1985&&&&&
INDAINDE19, &&&&&INFO-MED Datasoft, Inc. - Delaware 1985 &&&&&
INHIINFL20, &&&&&Information, Inc. - Florida 2001&&&&&
INPRINFUINPA, &&&&&Information Processing Industry Fund, Inc. (Image of old computer and tape drive) - 1969&&&&&
INSYLECOPE, &&&&&Information Systems Leasing Corporation - Pennsylvania 1970&&&&&
INFOSPACEINC, &&&&&InfoSpace, Inc&&&&&
INCOR, &&&&&Inktomi Corporation ( Acquired by Yahoo )&&&&&
INEINBM, &&&&&Inmuebles e Inversiones B.M.&&&&&
INOFNEWENINC, &&&&&Inns of New England, Inc. 1923&&&&&
ININNE20, &&&&&, Inc. (Dot Com ) - Nevada 2002&&&&&
INPHARINC, &&&&&Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.&&&&&
INPHARINC1, &&&&&Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.&&&&&
INHOASOR18, &&&&&Installment Homestead Association signed twice by David Solis Cohen - Portland, Oregon 1887 &&&&&
INLOTI, &&&&&Instant Lottery Tickets - Specimens&&&&&
INGROUPIN, &&&&&Instinet Group Incorporated ( institutional, agency-only securities broker ) - 2002&&&&&
INGRINDE, &&&&&Instinet Group Incorporated (No longer Public) Specimen - Delaware &&&&&
INOFBRARTLIE, &&&&&Institute of British Art Limited - England 1906&&&&&
INFORENOFIRW1, &&&&&Institution for Encouragement of Irrigation Works and Development of Agriculture (United States of Mexico) - Gold Bond - 1908&&&&&
INOFAENEWYO1, &&&&&Institution of Aeronautics - New York 1930 &&&&&
INUTININC2, &&&&&Insull Utility Investment, Inc. 1930's ( Founded by Sam Insull, the Ken Lay of the 1930's )&&&&&
INSURANCE, &&&&&Insurance Companies&&&&&
INCOOFNOAM19, &&&&&Insurance Company of North America - 1920's&&&&&
ININDE1, &&&&&INSYNQ, Incorporated - Delaware&&&&&
INQUMICOALCI, &&&&&Integral Quicksilver Mining Company - Altoona, Cinnabar Mining District, Trinty County, California - 1891&&&&&
INSISOINDE, &&&&&Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. ( ISSI ) - Delaware&&&&&
INTIINTRANDS, &&&&&Integrity Title Insurance Trust and Safe Deposit Co. Check - Philadelphia 1899&&&&&
INCOCA19, &&&&&Intel (Computer Chip Maker) - No longer issuing Stock Certificates - Specimen - California 1989&&&&&
INGROUPINC, &&&&&IntelCom Group, Inc. (ICG Communications)&&&&&
INMOMIANDINA, &&&&&Inter - Mountain Mining and Industrial Association - Territory of Arizona 1910&&&&&
INOCMICOOFSA, &&&&&Inter Ocean Mining Company - Eureka District in San Juan, Colorado - 1870's&&&&&
INOCMINCOMEU, &&&&&Inter Ocean Mining Company- Eureka District, Colorado 1870's&&&&&
INDEBA19, &&&&&Inter-American Development Bank - 1,000,000 Yen Bond - 1984&&&&&
INTEANDSICON, &&&&&Inter-Communicating Telephone and Signal Corporation - New York&&&&&
INRELTHA192, &&&&&Inter-Island Resorts, Ltd. - Hawaii 1968&&&&&
INRELTHA191, &&&&&Inter-Island Resorts, Ltd. - Hawaii 1973&&&&&
INRASTSTCOCO, &&&&&Inter-Locking Railroad Structural Steel Co. - Colorado 1914&&&&&
INMIANDINASA, &&&&&Inter-Mountain Mining and Industrial Association - Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
INMINANDINAS, &&&&&Inter-Mountain Mining and Industrial Association 1908 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
INCONEWJE19, &&&&&Inter-Seal Company - New Jersey 1904&&&&&
INPECODE19, &&&&&Inter-State Petroleum Co. - Delaware 1903 &&&&&
INROMASTPACO, &&&&&Intercolonial Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, Limited - England 1861&&&&&
INPETSTOCCER, &&&&&Intercontinent Petroleum Stock Certificate - 1931&&&&&
INPOWCOM, &&&&&Intercontinents Power Company 1936&&&&&
INDEBEASPE19, &&&&&Intercourse Death Benefit Assessment Notification (Really) - Pennsylvania 1935&&&&&
INMINANDTRUS, &&&&&Interior Mining and Trust Company Arizona Territory 1907&&&&&
INIRCONEWYO1, &&&&&Interlake Iron Corporation - New York 1937&&&&&
INCOSCINDE, &&&&&Interlink Computer Sciences, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
INCORTIRANDB, &&&&&Interlocking Cord Tire and Belt Company, Ltd. 1921&&&&&
INTERMARKINC, &&&&&Intermark, Inc.&&&&&
INCOMOFFLORI, &&&&&Intermedia Communications of Florida, Inc. - RARE Pre IPO Shares (Now WorldCom Company)&&&&&
INCOBOCODE19, &&&&&Internal Combustion Boiler Corporation - Delaware 1928 &&&&&
INTERNATIONAL, &&&&&International&&&&&
INABCOMA19, &&&&&International Abrasive Corporation - Massachusetts 1920&&&&&
INAIINCO19, &&&&&International Airlines Inc. - Colorado 1971&&&&&
INAPSCLAINNE, &&&&&International Applied Science Laboratory, Inc. - New York 1970&&&&&
INBAFORREAND3, &&&&&International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 1988&&&&&
INBAFORREAND, &&&&&International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 1989 ( World Bank )&&&&&
INBRCODC19, &&&&&International Broom Company - Washington DC 1903&&&&&
INBURIMCOM19, &&&&&International Burglar Immunity Company 1903&&&&&
INBUSMACCORI1, &&&&&International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)&&&&&
INBUMACONEWY7, &&&&&International Business Machines Corporation IBM (Thomas J. Watson as President) - New York 1941&&&&&
INBUMACOIBMT, &&&&&International Business Machines Corporation IBM (Thomas J. Watson, Jr. as President) - New York 1957&&&&&
INCLMOINNEWY, &&&&&International Classic Motorcars, Inc. - New York 1985 &&&&&
INCLLAINDE19, &&&&&International Clinical Laboratories, Inc. - Delaware 1980&&&&&
INCMTEINCA, &&&&&International CMOS Technology, Inc. - California&&&&&
INCOENCODE19, &&&&&International Combustion Engineering Corporation - Delaware 1933&&&&&
INCOANDTALI1, &&&&&International Computers and Tabulators Limited - 1961&&&&&
INCOTEINBRCO, &&&&&International Contour Technology Inc. - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
INEDPUCONEWJ, &&&&&International Educational Publishing Company - New Jersey 1911&&&&&
INEXCOM18, &&&&&International Exhibition Company (Centennial Exhibition) - Pennsylvania 1881&&&&&
INGOLPRODINC, &&&&&International Gold Producers, Inc. - Colorado&&&&&
INGORBENRACC, &&&&&International Gordon Bennett Race Certificate - 1912&&&&&
INGRADELCOM1, &&&&&International Gradolph Electric Company 1914 - Arizona&&&&&
INHACOIO19, &&&&&International Handle Company (Old Photo Vignette) - Fort Madison, Iowa 1919&&&&&
INHECONEWYO1, &&&&&International Heater Company - Utica, New York 1898&&&&&
INHOUSUNOFCA, &&&&&International House University of California, Berkeley&&&&&
INLAMCOR, &&&&&International Lamp Corporation - Chicago&&&&&
INLACRCOLICF, &&&&&International Land Credit Company, Limited (Credit Foncier) - England 1864&&&&&
INLOANDTRCOO, &&&&&International Loan and Trust Company of Kansas City, Missouri - 1889&&&&&
INMACOCOVI18, &&&&&International Machinery & Construction Company - Virginia 1880's&&&&&
INMANCOR1, &&&&&International Manufacturing Corporation 1913&&&&&
INMEMASIBYFR, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine (White Star Lines - Titanic Owner) hand signed by Philip Albright Small Franklin - 1915&&&&&
IMMGREEN, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine 1920's - White Star Titanic Ship Owners&&&&&
INMEMACO191, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine Company (IMM) Scarce Version pre sinking - Titanic Owner - (Names on certificate are J. P. Morgan, W. J. Pirrie, J. Bruce Ismay, Peter A. B. Widener and Charles Steele) - New York 1905&&&&&
INMEMACONEWY, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine Company (Scarce Titanic Owner Pre Sinking Certificate) - 1908 - SOLD&&&&&
INMEMANEWJE1, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine Company - White Star Titanic Ship Owners&&&&&
INMEMACO19, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine Company stock certificate #18 - Owned RMS Titanic (Issued to Edward Charles Grenfell) - 1905&&&&&
INMEMAFRTIOW, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine Framed - Titanic Owners and Operators when ship sunk&&&&&
ROBINIMM, &&&&&International Mercantile Marine Stock Titanic Owners&&&&&
INMIANDLACOA, &&&&&International Mines and Land Company - Territory of Arizona - 1911&&&&&
INMONMACCOM, &&&&&International Money Machine Company - Terre Haute, Indiana 1917&&&&&
INMONMACCOM1, &&&&&International Money Machine Company 1920&&&&&
INMORANDINCO, &&&&&International Mortgage and Investment Corporation 1928 - Amsterdam, Holland - 500 Guilders&&&&&
INMORINCOR, &&&&&International Mortgage Investment Corporation 1926&&&&&
INNETICONEWJ, &&&&&International News Ticker Company - New Jersey 1893&&&&&
INPHCOAR19, &&&&&International Pharmaceutical Company - Offices in Chicago 1916&&&&&
INPLASINC, &&&&&International Plastics, Inc.&&&&&
INPLPRDIESTE, &&&&&International Plate Printers Die Stampers & Engravers (RARE Specimen Certificate) &&&&&
INPNTUCOMA191, &&&&&International Pneumatic Tube Company (Pneumatic Tube Vignette) - Mechanical email System - Maine 1915&&&&&
INPNUEMTUBCO, &&&&&International Pneumatic Tube Company (Pneumatic Tube Vignette) - Pmail - 1920&&&&&
INPRESBUR, &&&&&International Press Bureau 1917&&&&&
INPRTECONEWJ, &&&&&International Printing Telegraph Company signed by Jacob Hays Linville - New Jersey 1886&&&&&
INPRODCOM, &&&&&International Products Company&&&&&
INPRODCOM1, &&&&&International Products Company&&&&&
INPROPIN, &&&&&International Proprietaries, Incorporated - Early Medicine Company&&&&&
INPULCOM18AS, &&&&&International Pulp Company (Beautiful Mother and Children Vignette) - Gouverneur, New York 1893&&&&&
INPULCOM18, &&&&&International Pulp Company 1890's (Early Asbestos Company)&&&&&
INRAILTIECOM, &&&&&International Railway Tie Company 1885&&&&&
INRESLABINC, &&&&&International Research Labratory, Inc. ( Now Dianostic Health Services )&&&&&
INRESCOMSTOC, &&&&&International Resistance Company Stock 1963 (TRW Inc. )&&&&&
INROB, &&&&&International Robomation / Intelligence&&&&&
INROTMOTCOM1, &&&&&International Rotary Motors Company 1910&&&&&
INSAFRAZCOR, &&&&&International Safety Razor Corporation&&&&&
INSARACONEWJ, &&&&&International Safety Razor Corporation - New Jersey 1949&&&&&
INSEWDISCOM1, &&&&&International Sewage Disposal Company 1901&&&&&
INSHELINC, &&&&&International Shelters, Inc. - Texas Star Logo&&&&&
INTLSILVERBLUE, &&&&&International Silver Company&&&&&
INSTTIMACOMA, &&&&&International Stamp & Ticket Machine Company - Maine 1912&&&&&
INSTANELBON, &&&&&International Standard Electric Bond&&&&&
INTELANDTELC, &&&&&International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation 1970's&&&&&
INTELANDTELS, &&&&&International Telephone and Telegraph Stock &&&&&
INTELANDTELS1, &&&&&International Telephone and Telegraph Stock 1940's&&&&&
INTECOSCPE19, &&&&&International Textbook Company - Scranton, Pennsylvania 1932&&&&&
INTHBRINDE, &&&&&International Thoroughbred Breeders, Inc. (Horse vignette) - Delaware 1985&&&&&
INTYMACONEWY, &&&&&International Typesetting Machine Company signed by Herman Ridder and Joseph E. Ridder (Knight Ridder Publications) - New York 1912&&&&&
IUSICANADA, &&&&&International Utility Structures Inc. ( iusi ), Canada &&&&&
NONAME45, &&&&&International Video Corporation 1974 - Classic TV Cameraman Vignette&&&&&
INVIINCOCA19, &&&&&International Vineyards Incorporated Contract - California 1909&&&&&
INWITECONEWJ1, &&&&&International Wireless Telegraph Company - New Jersey 1903&&&&&
INCAPGROUP, &&&&&Internet Capital Group&&&&&
ININDE191, &&&&&InterNorth, Inc. (Became Enron) Ken Lay as Chairman RARE SPECIMEN - Delaware 1986&&&&&
INDIRCOR19, &&&&&Interocean Dirigible Corporation ( Blimp Manafacturer ) - 1938&&&&&
INBUANDLOAS1, &&&&&Interstate Building and Loan Associaion - Bristol, Virginia 1926&&&&&
INCELTELIN, &&&&&Interstate Cellular Telecommunications Incorporated&&&&&
INFITRCOBIGS, &&&&&Interstate Finance & Trust Company - Big Stone Gap, Virginia 190_&&&&&
INTERTHERMINC, &&&&&Intertherm, Inc.&&&&&
INLASECOFL19, &&&&&Interurban Land & Securities Corporation - Tampa, Florida - 1926&&&&&
INCOMCOR, &&&&&Intranet Computing Corporation&&&&&
ININDE, &&&&&Intraware, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
INDE20, &&&&&Intuit (specimen) - Delaware 2000&&&&&
INTUIT, &&&&&Intuit, Inc ( Makers of Quicken, Quick Books and Turbo Tax )&&&&&
INANCOMOFFLO, &&&&&Investment and Securities Company of Florida&&&&&
INCLHOOFAM19, &&&&&Investment Clearing House of America - 1910 &&&&&
INCOROFWIL, &&&&&Investment Corporation of Williamsburg&&&&&
INTRCO18, &&&&&Investment Trust Company - Topeka, Kansas - Colorado 1895&&&&&
INCACODE19, &&&&&Investors Capital Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
INOVSERIOS, &&&&&Investors Overseas Services (I.O.S.) - Huge 1960's Fraud - Bernie Cornfeld and Robert Vesco&&&&&
INOVSERMANLI, &&&&&Investors Overseas Services Management Limited - Large International Fraud&&&&&
INGOMICOAR191, &&&&&Invincible Gold Mines Company - Teller. Cripple Creek. Colorado - Organized in Arizona 1906&&&&&
INMANCOR, &&&&&Invisible Man Corporation&&&&&
INTEINDE, &&&&&Invision Technologies, Inc. (airport security screening devices ) - Delaware&&&&&
INOFGOBYSACO, &&&&&Invoice of Goods shipped by Sloop Merrimack signed twice by Samuel Coates - Philadelphia 1791 &&&&&
INPICE18, &&&&&Inward Pilotage Certificate (Sailboat vignette) - Liverpool, England 1861&&&&&
IOCODE191, &&&&&Iomega Corporation - Delaware 1998&&&&&
IOGOMICOMA19, &&&&&Iona Gold Mining Company - Smuggler, Colorado 1912&&&&&
IOSINPRCE19, &&&&&IOS Investment Program Certificate ( Bernie Cornfeld as Chairman) - 1968&&&&&
IOSINPROGCER, &&&&&IOS Investment Program Certificate ( Bernie Cornfeld as Chairman) - 1970&&&&&
IOFIBACOIO, &&&&&Iowa First Bancshares Corp. - Iowa &&&&&
IOUNTECOIO18, &&&&&Iowa Union Telephone Company - Iowa 1887&&&&&
IOOILCOMACII, &&&&&Iowa-Texas Oil Company - Mason City. Iowa 1921&&&&&
IRAGECHFRAMP, &&&&&Ira Gershwin handsigned check from American Play Company - New York 1957&&&&&
IRPAMO20RIIM, &&&&&Iran Paper Money - RIALS - Images of Khomeini and Mecca. Watermark: Khomeini.&&&&&
SADDAMHUSSEIN, &&&&&Iraq Ba'ath Party Membership Certificate with Saddam Hussein Vignette&&&&&
IRAQBOND, &&&&&Iraq Bond 100 dinar 1985 - Saddam Hussein Vignette&&&&&
IRAQBOND1, &&&&&Iraq Bond 100 dinar 1986 - Saddam Hussein Vignette&&&&&
IRAQPRISONPASS, &&&&&Iraqi Prison Pass from Abu Ghraib prior to the downfall of Saddam&&&&&
IRAMADCO19, &&&&&Irish - American Advocate Co. - 1905&&&&&
IRAMADCO191, &&&&&Irish - American Advocate Co. - New York - 1901&&&&&
IRFRSTHOSWTI, &&&&&Irish Free State Hospitals' Sweepstake Ticket - Ireland 1937&&&&&
IRLADOLOCAST2, &&&&&Irma La Douce Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Shirely MacLaine - 1963&&&&&
IRLADOLOCAST1, &&&&&Irma la Douce Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Shirely MacLaine - 1963&&&&&
IRLADOLOCAST3, &&&&&Irma La Douce Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine - 1963&&&&&
IRLADOLOCAST, &&&&&Irma la Douce Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine - 1963&&&&&
IRCLCOMI18, &&&&&Iron Cliffs Company - Michigan 1875 &&&&&
IRFLCOGLSC19, &&&&&Irrawaddy Flotilla Company - Glasgow, Scotland 1932&&&&&
IRSCOYOPE, &&&&&Irvin S. Cobb - York, Pennsylvania-Cigar Label&&&&&
IRCIAS19, &&&&&Irvine Citrus Association - California, 1937&&&&&
IRBANCOLTRUS, &&&&&Irving Bank Columbia Trust Company 1923&&&&&
BANOFNEWYORI, &&&&&Irving Trust Company (Became Bank of New York Mellon) - 1930's&&&&&
IRFUANDUNCOP, &&&&&Irwin Furniture and Undertaking Company - Irwin, Pennsylvania 1907 &&&&&
ISHAGOCONOSC, &&&&&Isaac's Harbor Gold Co. of Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia 1864 &&&&&
ISGOLMINCOM1, &&&&&Isabella Gold Mining of Cripple Creek, Colorado - 1901&&&&&
ISMICOWY19, &&&&&Isabella Mines Company -Teller. Cripple Creek. Incorporated in Wyoming 1916&&&&&
ISCININ19, &&&&&ISC Industries, Inc. - 1970&&&&&
ISHOCOLIHA19, &&&&&Island Hotel Company, Limited - Territory of Hawaii - 1944&&&&&
ISOILANDTRAN, &&&&&Island Oil and Transport Corporation&&&&&
ISDELGUADSA1, &&&&&Islas Del Guadalquivir S.A. 1926 - Southern Spain&&&&&
ISCO19, &&&&&Isometry, Incorporated - Colorado 1988&&&&&
ISLICO19, &&&&&Ispaco, Limited -British Columbia, Canada - 1931&&&&&
ISPUINJE19, &&&&&Israeli Publishing Institute - Jerusalem 1968&&&&&
ISCOPA, &&&&&Isthmus Corporation - Panama 1931&&&&&
ITONMOLOCAST, &&&&&It's Only Money Lobby Card Starring Jerry Lewis - 1962&&&&&
ITONMOLOCAST1, &&&&&It's Only Money Lobby Card Starring Jerry Lewis - 1962&&&&&
ITCESIBYKIVI, &&&&&Italian document signed by King Victor Emanuele III and Benito Mussolini - 1927&&&&&
ITLABPUBCOM, &&&&&Italian Labor Publishing Company 1913&&&&&
ITALIANOVEN, &&&&&Italian Oven Restaurant&&&&&
ITCOR, &&&&&Itel Corporation&&&&&
ITWEWATOBUY, &&&&&Items we want to Buy&&&&&
ITWEWATOBUY1, &&&&&Items We Want to Buy&&&&&
ITWEWATOAC, &&&&&Items We Want to Buy&&&&&
ITWEWATOBUYC, &&&&&Items we want to Buy - Call 703-787-3552&&&&&
CEYOUHAFORSA, &&&&&Items you have for Sale or Trade&&&&&
ITLACONEWYO1, &&&&&Ithaca Land Company Shareholder's Certificate (Cayuga Lake and Cornell University) - New York 1897&&&&&
IVIS, &&&&& - Issued&&&&&
IVYMICCOR19, &&&&&Ivy Microcomputer Corporation 1984&&&&&
JCPEFICO19, &&&&&J. C. Penney Financial Corporation - 1982&&&&&
JDEDANDCO20, &&&&&J. D. Edwards and Company ( Acquired by People Soft then Oracle )&&&&&
JETHAYANDBRO, &&&&&J. E. Thayer and Bro. (Pre Kidder Peabody) 1864 with Civil War Era Tax Stamp - Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad - Issued During Civil War&&&&&
JJNECOSPDE, &&&&&J. J. Newberry Co. Specimen - Delaware &&&&&
JOGAOILINFOW, &&&&&J. O. Galloway Oil Interests - Fort Worth Texas 1923&&&&&
JOGARSI19, &&&&&J. Ogden Armour signed document - 1913&&&&&
JPMOCODE192, &&&&&J. P. Morgan & Co. ( Floating Rate Australian Dollar Note) - Delaware 1982&&&&&
JPMOCOINFLRA, &&&&&J. P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated Floating Rate Australian Dollar Note Specimen - Delaware&&&&&
GETTY, &&&&&J. Paul Getty Handsigned Check - 1945&&&&&
MISDEVCOM, &&&&&J. Paul Getty's Oil Company with J. Paul Getty printed signature as President - 1956&&&&&
JCPECO, &&&&&J.C. Penney Company, Inc. - 1991 &&&&&
JFACOTE19, &&&&&J.E. Farrell Company - Dallas, Texas 1924&&&&&
JFACOTE191, &&&&&J.E. Farrell Company - Texas 1923&&&&&
JCACOWI1, &&&&&J.I. Case Company - Wisconsin&&&&&
JCATHMACOWI, &&&&&J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company (Famous "Old Abe" Vignette) - Wisconsin &&&&&
JICASTHRESMA, &&&&&J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company 1912&&&&&
JITHMACOWI19, &&&&&J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company with famous "Old Abe" Vignette (Became International Harvester ) hand signed by Frank Bull - Wisconsin 1907 &&&&&
JWHCOMA19, &&&&&J.R. Whipple Corporation ( Owned Hotels Young, Touraine and the Parker House) - Boston, Massachusetts 1926&&&&&
JSLCONEWYO, &&&&&J.V. Sloan & Company - New York&&&&&
J2COCA1, &&&&&J2 Communications - (Now National Lampoon) - California &&&&&
JAHEINOH19, &&&&&Jack & Heintz, Inc. (WWII Aviation Parts Manufacturer) - Ohio 1944&&&&&
JAHEINDE19, &&&&&Jack & Heintz, Inc. - Delaware 1957 &&&&&
JABBAINNEWYO, &&&&&Jack B. Backer, Inc.(Market makers in investment diamonds) - New York &&&&&
JAHASICHLASI, &&&&&Jack Haley Signed Check ( Tin Man in Wizard of Oz) - Beverly Hills, California&&&&&
JACINBOXINCD, &&&&&Jack in the Box Inc - Drive Through Restaurant - Original Logo - ( Famous Bonus Jack Burger) - 2003&&&&&
JAKECOSICHCA1, &&&&&Jack Kent Cooke handsigned check - Inglewood, California 1974&&&&&
JAKECOLETORO1, &&&&&Jack Kent Cooke signed Letter regarding L. A. Lakers', Jamal Wilkes - California 1978 &&&&&
JACINC, &&&&&Jack-In-The-Box, Inc.&&&&&
JABUMIANDMIC2, &&&&&Jackson Butte Mining and Milling Company - Solono County, Suisun City, California 1899&&&&&
JABUMIANDMIC1, &&&&&Jackson Butte Mining and Milling Company - Suisun City, California 1899&&&&&
JAFIBRCOTE19, &&&&&Jackson Fire Brick Company Gold Bond - Tennessee 1921&&&&&
ROCANDSYRRAI, &&&&&Jacob Little signed Certificate - Original Great Bear of Wall Street - 1838&&&&&
JAINNE20, &&&&&, Inc. - Nevada 2001&&&&&
JAGBRANLOUIS, &&&&&Jaguar Brand Louisiana Porto Rican Yams&&&&&
COUNOFCAMJAI, &&&&&Jail House Bond 1871 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
JACOCOLI18, &&&&&Jamaica Cotton Company Limited - 1862&&&&&
JAWASUCONEWY, &&&&&Jamaica Water Supply Company - New York 1925&&&&&
JABIMCEN, &&&&&James Birdseye McPherson Engraving&&&&&
JAROSIINOFME, &&&&&James J. Roosevelt Signed Inventory of Merchandise - New York 1802&&&&&
JALAWACOWY, &&&&&James Lake Water Company - Wyoming &&&&&
JARIANDKACO11, &&&&&James River and Kanawha Company $1000 Bond (James River and Kanawha Canal was a project first proposed by George Washington) 1877&&&&&
JARIANDKACO1, &&&&&James River and Kanawha Company (James River and Kanawha Canal was a project first proposed by George Washington) - Richmond, Virginia 1870&&&&&
JARUWIAUON3C, &&&&&James Russell Wiggins Autograph on 3 Cent Stamp&&&&&
JAWAAUMA18, &&&&&James Walker Autograph - Harvard University, President - Massachusetts 1856&&&&&
JACOMA, &&&&&Jamesbury Corp. - Massachusetts&&&&&
JAMFRANANDCL, &&&&&Jamestown, Franklin, and Clearfield Railroad Company 1909&&&&&
JAANDWARALUC, &&&&&Jamesville and Washington Railroad Lumber Company - North Carolina 1873&&&&&
JANBELMARINC, &&&&&Jan Bell Marketing, Inc. (Now Mayor's Jewelers Inc)&&&&&
JANTZENINC, &&&&&Jantzen Inc. - Famous Swimsuit Company&&&&&
JAFLMIANDTUC, &&&&&Japan - Flora Mines and Tunnel Company - Telluride, Colorado 1903&&&&&
JAPSYNRUBCOM, &&&&&Japan Synthetic Rubber Company (JSR)&&&&&
JAPANESEBOND9, &&&&&Japanese Bond written in Japanese&&&&&
JAMUWACOCA19, &&&&&Jarvis Mutual Water Co.- California 1973&&&&&
JACOSCDIGE, &&&&&Jasper County School District - Georgia 1991&&&&&
JDSUNCOR, &&&&&JDS Uniphase Corporation&&&&&
JEDAMIANDMIC, &&&&&Jeff Davis Mining and Milling Co. - Washington 1897 &&&&&
JEFANDWARTEL, &&&&&Jefferson and Warren Telephone Company 1901 - Ohio&&&&&
JEFBANINC, &&&&&Jefferson Bancorp, Inc.&&&&&
JECOMICOCO19, &&&&&Jefferson Copper Mining Co. - Colorado 1900&&&&&
JECODOVI18, &&&&&Jefferson County Bond Document - Virginia ( Pre West Virginia) 1809 &&&&&
JEDASICH, &&&&&Jefferson Davis Signed Check (Margaret Howell Davis Hayes Signature) - 1871&&&&&
JEELCOIL, &&&&&Jefferson Electric Company ( Makers of the famous Golden Hour Clock ) - Illinois &&&&&
JEFMERCOM, &&&&&Jefferson Mercantile Company - Early Marketing Piece&&&&&
JEFRAILROADC, &&&&&Jeffersonville Railroad Company 1850's - Indiana&&&&&
JEFFREYKORNLTD, &&&&&Jeffrey Korn, LTD.&&&&&
JETECO19, &&&&&Jenkins Television Corporation (Early TV Pioneer) - 1929&&&&&
JEELRACOPE18, &&&&&Jenkintown Electric Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1890's &&&&&
JEWRSTINDE19, &&&&&Jenny Wren Stores Inc. - Delaware 1922 &&&&&
JERVERDEVCOM, &&&&&Jerome Verde Development Company - Arizona 1922&&&&&
JEVIEXCOCO, &&&&&Jerome Victor Extension Copper Company - Jerome, Arizona 1916&&&&&
JEROMINC, &&&&&Jerry O'Mahony Inc. - Famous Diner Maker 1950's&&&&&
JECIHOANDPAN, &&&&&Jersey City, Hoboken and Paterson - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
JECIHOANDRUE, &&&&&Jersey City, Hoboken and Rutherford Electric Railway Company - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
JEPIPOFANEWJ, &&&&&Jersey Pines Poultry Farm - New Jersey 1909 &&&&&
JELEEMALEPH1, &&&&&Jesse Lee Manuscript Ledger with lots of signatures - Philadelphia 1853 - 1876&&&&&
JEVONEWYO, &&&&&Jessie Vokes ( Actress) - New York&&&&&
JETEACOINSPN, &&&&&Jewel Tea Co. Inc. Specimen - New York &&&&&
JETEACOINNEW, &&&&&Jewel Tea Co., Inc. - New York 1916&&&&&
JETEACOINCNE, &&&&&Jewel Tea Company, Inc - New York &&&&&
JELOFUASNOAT, &&&&&Jewelers Loan Fund Association - North Attleborough, Massachusetts 1857&&&&&
JERETHFUINMA, &&&&&Jewett Repertory Theatre Fund, Inc. ( Now Huntington Theatre ) - Massachusetts 1924&&&&&
JEWNATWORALO, &&&&&Jewish National Workers' Alliance of America 1934 - New York&&&&&
JETRNEWYO19, &&&&&Jewish Tribune - New York 1929&&&&&
JETRCODE19, &&&&&Jewish Tribune Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
JIBCOMICO19, &&&&&Jib Consolidated Mining Company - Basin Mining District, Montana 1925&&&&&
JIMDURAKGO, &&&&&Jim Dungbar - Radio KGO - Radio Hall of Fame (Class 2006)&&&&&
JIDULE19, &&&&&Jimmy Durante handwritten letter - 1938&&&&&
JIWACOAL19, &&&&&Jiu-Jitsu Water Company - Biringham, Alabama 1905&&&&&
JOEBOPUINNEW, &&&&&Joe Bonomo Publications, Inc. - New York 1940 ( Famous Bodybuilder )&&&&&
JOEDANMINCOM, &&&&&Joe Dandy Mining Company&&&&&
JOEEBRPI, &&&&&Joe E. Brown Autographed Photo&&&&&
JOERUPLAG, &&&&&Joe Rudi Player Contract with Topps Chewing Gum Company - 1966&&&&&
JOHBSTETFAMH, &&&&&John B. Stetson Company ( Stetson Cowboy Hat ) - 1922&&&&&
JOBSTCOPE19, &&&&&John B. Stetson Company (Famous Hat Company) - Pennsylvania 1913&&&&&
JOHBLAIRCOM, &&&&&John Blair & Company&&&&&
JOCHFICO19, &&&&&John Chisholm Fisheries Company - Gloucester, Massachusetts 1925&&&&&
JOGRWISIPH, &&&&&John Greenleaf Whittier Old Photo with Hand Signed Note &&&&&
JOHHACOSTCE1, &&&&&John H, Harland Company Stock Certificate- 1981&&&&&
JOHOAUBRJO, &&&&&John Hockenberry Autograph - Broadcast Journalist&&&&&
JOHJCISSONBA1, &&&&&John J. Cisco & Son, Bankers hand signed by Edwards Pierrepont (33rd United States Attorney General ) 1880&&&&&
JOLTHSOCONEW, &&&&&John L. Thompson, Sons & Co. ( Wholesale Drugs ) - Troy, New York 1945&&&&&
JOHLABLIM, &&&&&John Labatt Limited - Famous Beer Company&&&&&
JOHNMORRELLCO, &&&&&John Morrell & Co. - Famous Food Company&&&&&
JOTCLMEINTIC1, &&&&&John T. Clark Mechanically Inflated Tire Company - Utah 1913&&&&&
JOHWARWATCOM, &&&&&John Warren Watson Company ( Makers of the Watson Stabilator in Old Cars )&&&&&
JOHWILSONINC, &&&&&John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - Famous Publisher&&&&&
JOCACBSTEFE1, &&&&&Johnny Carson Show CBS Television Feature original press release - 1955&&&&&
JOUNQUCLINDE, &&&&&Johnny Unitas Quarterback Clubs, Inc. - Delaware 1974&&&&&
JOCOHOTECONE, &&&&&Johnson County Home Telephone Company Certificate #1 - Nebraska 1906&&&&&
JOINCO, &&&&&Johnson International Corporation - Michigan 1987&&&&&
JOHTIRANDRUB, &&&&&Johnstone Tire and Rubber Company 1919 - 1921&&&&&
JOANDNOINRAC, &&&&&Joliet and Northern Indiana Railroad Company signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt - United States 1892&&&&&
JOLROGCRATLA, &&&&&Jolly Roger Crate Label&&&&&
JOGECOCLOH19, &&&&&Jones Gear Company - Cleveland, Ohio 1919&&&&&
JONOILENCOR1, &&&&&Jones Oil Engine Corporation - 1921&&&&&
JONBRANMACLA, &&&&&Jonesport Brand Mackerel Label&&&&&
JORCARCOM, &&&&&Jordan Carburetor Company 1919&&&&&
SEDO18, &&&&&Jose L. Sepulveda signed document (Owned Palos Verdes) - San Pedro, California 1866&&&&&
JOSDIXCRUCCO2, &&&&&Joseph Dixon Crucible Co. 1890 - Famous Pencil Maker&&&&&
JOSDIXCRUCCO1, &&&&&Joseph Dixon Crucible Company - 1880's&&&&&
JOSDIXCRUCCO, &&&&&Joseph Dixon Crucible Company 1958 ( Now Dixon Ticonderoga Company )&&&&&
JOESESOININ11, &&&&&Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. $1000 Bond - Indiana 1945&&&&&
JOESESOININ, &&&&&Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. - Indiana &&&&&
JOESESOININ1, &&&&&Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. - Indiana 1946&&&&&
JOESESOINSP, &&&&&Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. - Indiana 1949&&&&&
JOMACOINCA19, &&&&&Joseph Magnin Company, Inc. - California 1966 ( Famous Department Store )&&&&&
JOSBROSCOM, &&&&&Joske Bros. Company 1927 - Texas ( Famous Retail Stores )&&&&&
JOINMI19, &&&&&Jostens, Inc. - Minnesota 1997 &&&&&
JOULETINC, &&&&&Jouet, Inc. - Woman and Lion Vignette&&&&&
JOURPUBCOM18, &&&&&Journal Publishing Company 1898&&&&&
JOURPUBCOM, &&&&&Journal Publishing Company 1930 - Florida&&&&&
JOAU, &&&&&Journalists and Media Autographs&&&&&
JUATPACA, &&&&&Juarez Athletic Park - Napa, California 1921&&&&&
JUDCOMCOR, &&&&&Judge Computer Corporation&&&&&
JUPUCOINNEWY, &&&&&Judge Publisihing Company, Inc. - New York 1928&&&&&
JUATNULOCAST, &&&&&Judgement at Nuremberg Lobby Card Starring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, and Richard Widmark - 1961&&&&&
JUDENULOCAST, &&&&&Judgement de Nuremberg Lobby Card Starring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, and Richard Widmark - 1961&&&&&
JUOFHEHEPH18, &&&&&Judgements of Henry Herberger or Harper from 1795 to 1803 - Philadelphia 1803&&&&&
JUDMANCOM18, &&&&&Judson Manufacturing Company 1887 - Oakland, California - Rare San Francisco Bay (pre bridge) Vignette - Signed by dynamite inventor Egbert Judson &&&&&
JUGACBSTEBI1, &&&&&Judy Garland Show Original CBS Press Release - 1963&&&&&
JULKAYCOSPEC, &&&&&Julius Kayser & Co. (Early Gulf & Western Company)&&&&&
JULY4POSTCARD, &&&&&July 4 Postcard&&&&&
JUL4THPOS, &&&&&July 4th Postcard&&&&&
JUMCOLPOSFRO, &&&&&Jumbo Color Postcards From California 1949 - Old&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMAL, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMCH, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Chinatown, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMCI, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from CIty Hall, Los Angeles, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMEM, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMGR, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Griffith Observatory and Planetarium, Los Angeles, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMHO, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Hollywood Boulevard - Chinese Theatre&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMLO, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Los Angeles County Hospital, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMMA, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from MacArthur Park and Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMMA1, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Market Street, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMOL, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Olivera Street, Los Angeles, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMPA1, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Pasadena, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMBI, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMGO, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMHA, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMHO1, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMLO1, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Los Angeles Union Station, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMMI1, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMNO, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the North Windmill, Golden Gate Park, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMOA, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMPA, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMPO, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from the Portals of the Past, Golden Gate Park, California&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMYO, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard from Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California&&&&&
JUMPOSOFCALS, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of a California Street Cable Car&&&&&
JUMPOSOFHEAV, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of the Heavily Laden Orange Trees and Lofty Snow Covered Mountains, Los Angeles County, California&&&&&
JUMPOSOFPOWS, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of the Powell Street Cable Car and Turntable, California&&&&&
JUMPOSOFSANF, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of the San Francisco Skyline, California&&&&&
JUMPOSOFSEAL, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of the Seal Rocks, San Francisco, California&&&&&
JUMPOSOFWAWT, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of the Wawona Tunnel Tree, Yosemite National Park, California&&&&&
JUMPOSOFWESS, &&&&&Jumbo Postcard of West Seventh Street, Los Angeles, California&&&&&
JUMCALGOLMIN, &&&&&Jumper Californian Gold Mines 1910&&&&&
MAANDLEHIFUL, &&&&&Jumping Jacks - A Martin and Lewis Hilarious Fun-Fest - Lobby Card Starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis&&&&&
JUSTINUT19, &&&&&Jungle Street, Inc.- Utah 1990&&&&&
JUCOCO18, &&&&&Juniata Coal Company - Bedford, Pennsylvania 1809&&&&&
CIOFPHDOC18, &&&&&Juniata Coal Company Transfer Agreement signed by Joseph Reed Ingersoll - Cambria County, Pennsylvania 1828&&&&&
JUNAMMECBULA, &&&&&Junior American Mechanics Building Association - 1890's&&&&&
JUAUOFJEHOFO, &&&&&Junior Auxiliary of the Jewish Home for the Aged signed by Mary Pickford - 1939&&&&&
JUNCOLMODCAL, &&&&&Junior College, Modesto, California Postcard&&&&&
JUGOMIINCA191, &&&&&Juntion Gold Mines, Inc. - California 1941&&&&&
JUININTE19, &&&&&Justin Industries, Inc. (Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc) - Texas 1994&&&&&
JUNE20, &&&&& ( - Nevada 2002&&&&&
KMELCOMA19, &&&&&K & M Electronics Company - Baltimore, Maryland 1969&&&&&
KSWINDE19, &&&&&K Swiss Inc. ( Tennis Sporting Goods ) - Delaware 1990&&&&&
KARACORU19, &&&&&Kahetian Railway Company ( Bond became worthless because of the Russian Revolution )- Russia 1912 &&&&&
KAKIDKO19, &&&&&Kahn Kid Komedies - 1920s&&&&&
KAKIDKO191, &&&&&Kahn Kid Komedies - 1924&&&&&
KAISFRAIZWIT, &&&&&Kaiser Frazer Corporation with 1949 Overprint&&&&&
KAISLIM, &&&&&Kaisertech Limited&&&&&
KAMSCHELBREW, &&&&&Kamm & Schellinger Brewing Company of Mishawaka, Indiana&&&&&
KAMANDSCHELB, &&&&&Kamm and Schellinger Brewing Company 1927 - Signed by Adolph Kamm &&&&&
KAGEFULION, &&&&&Kanata Genesis Fund Limited - Ontario, Canada&&&&&
KACOCOBOCOIL, &&&&&Kankakee Coca Cola Bottling Co. - Illinois &&&&&
KANDAILJOURC, &&&&&Kankakee Daily Journal Company&&&&&
KACIAECLMI19, &&&&&Kansas City Aero Club ( Hot Air Baloons) - Missouri 1910&&&&&
KACIBABAASKA, &&&&&Kansas City Base Ball Association (National League Team) - Kansas City, MO 1886 - SOLD&&&&&
KACIBOANDNUT, &&&&&Kansas City Bolt and Nut Co. - Kansas City, Missouri &&&&&
KACIGOMICOAR, &&&&&Kansas City Goldfield Mining Company - Arizona 1908&&&&&
KACIRACODE, &&&&&Kansas City Railways Company - Delaware&&&&&
KANELPOWCOM1, &&&&&Kansas Electric Power Company&&&&&
KANELPOWCOM, &&&&&Kansas Electric Power Company ( Early Western Resouces Inc Company )&&&&&
KANELPOWCOM2, &&&&&Kansas Electric Power Company 1935&&&&&
KANROLMILCOM, &&&&&Kansas Rolling Mill Company - Signed by Dan Parmelee Eells - Rosedale, Kansas 1879&&&&&
DONKARININ, &&&&&Karan - Donna Karan International&&&&&
KARCANOILLIM, &&&&&Kardar Canadian Oils Limited&&&&&
KAMTOCOSTLOM, &&&&&Katie M. Towing Company (Riverboat Vignette) - St. Louis, Missouri 1879&&&&&
KAANDBRINMA, &&&&&Kaufman and Broad, Inc. (Eli Broad as Chairman) - Maryland &&&&&
KAYCODE, &&&&&Kay Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
KAYCODE19, &&&&&Kay Corporation - Delaware 1973&&&&&
KBHODE19, &&&&&KB Home - Delaware&&&&&
KEIRMERFOXAN1, &&&&&Keirstead & Mersereau Fox and Fur Company - Saint John N.B.&&&&&
KEIRANDMERFO, &&&&&Keirstead and Mersereau Fox and Fur Company of Canada&&&&&
KECODE, &&&&&Keith-Albee-Orpheum Corporation (Became RKO) - Delaware 1928&&&&&
KEININSPFL19, &&&&&Keller Industries, Inc. SPECIMEN - Florida 1978&&&&&
KELCINSTOC19, &&&&&Keller-Dorian Cinematography - Societe Francaise De Cinematographie et de Photographie 1928 - 1929&&&&&
KELCOM, &&&&&Kelley - Mills Company - Massachusettes&&&&&
KECOCOINNEWY, &&&&&Kelley, Converse & Company, Inc. - New York 1932 - Wall Street Bond Dealers&&&&&
KELLOGGCOMPANY, &&&&&Kellogg Company ( Froot Loops, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Special K, Cocoa Krispies, Keebler, Pringles, Pop-Tarts, Kashi, Cheez-It, Eggo, Nutri-Grain, Morningstar Farms, and many more) - 1971&&&&&
KEPRPRFORVI, &&&&&Kellogg Company - Printer's Proof for Vignette - 1982&&&&&
KEGISEINDE, &&&&&Kelly Girl Services, Inc. (William Kelly as President) - Delaware &&&&&
KESEINDE, &&&&&Kelly Services, Inc. - Delaware ( The Kelly Girl )&&&&&
KEMICOPE, &&&&&Kelly-Lester Milk Company - Pennsylvania &&&&&
KECOCOAR19, &&&&&Kelvin Sultana Copper Company - Arizona 1911 - Pinal. Riverside.&&&&&
KECONEWYO191, &&&&&Kenaf Corporation - Manati, Cuba 1952&&&&&
KENDALLCOMPANY, &&&&&Kendall Company (Now Colgate-Palmolive Company) &&&&&
KEELCOCLIN19, &&&&&Kendallville Elks Country Club - Kendallville, Indiana 1913 &&&&&
KEINDE, &&&&&Kenfil, Inc. - Delaware ( Now Ameriquest Technologies )&&&&&
KESCOFDRCRSE, &&&&&Kenmore School of Dress Creation - Sears, Robuck & Company 1939&&&&&
KENCOHINC, &&&&&Kennedy & Cohen Inc. - Famous Bankruptcy Case&&&&&
KEHASCREME, &&&&&Kenneth Hansen's Scandia Restaurant Menu - Hollywood&&&&&
KENTUCKYBONDS, &&&&&Kentucky Bonds&&&&&
KENBOURCOM18, &&&&&Kentucky Bourbon Company 1865 - New York&&&&&
KENFUELCOM18, &&&&&Kentucky Fuel Company 1890 - Classic Little Girl Vignette&&&&&
KENHARRACASI, &&&&&Kentucky Harness Racing Association, Inc 1959&&&&&
KEMIANDTICON, &&&&&Kentucky Mineral and Timber Company signed by Thomas Fortune Ryan and Union General Brayton Ives - New Jersey 1892 &&&&&
KEPRCL, &&&&&Kentucky Press Club - Louisville, Kentucky - 1920's&&&&&
KENRACANDBRE, &&&&&Kentucky Racing and Breeding Association 1903&&&&&
KENUTCOM4, &&&&&Kentucky Utilities Company&&&&&
KENUTCOM3, &&&&&Kentucky Utilities Company&&&&&
KENUTCOM2, &&&&&Kentucky Utilities Company&&&&&
KENUTCOM1, &&&&&Kentucky Utilities Company (LG&E Energy )&&&&&
KENWAGMANCOM, &&&&&Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company ( Old Hickory Wagon Vignette ) - Louisville, Kentucky 1914&&&&&
KEGALACOMI19, &&&&&Kenwood Gardens Land Co. - Detroit, Michigan 1925&&&&&
KEPRCODE19, &&&&&Kercheval Production Company - Delaware 1927&&&&&
KERMCGECOR, &&&&&Kerr - McGee Corporation&&&&&
KEWH1919IN50, &&&&&Kessler Whiskey 1911 - 1980 Indianapolis 500 Winners Advertising Banner&&&&&
KETFOHU18, &&&&&Ket Forint (Hungarian Fund) - Hungary 1852&&&&&
KEDIMICONE19, &&&&&Keystone Divide Mining Company - Nevada 1935 &&&&&
KEGOMICONEWJ, &&&&&Keystone Gold Mining Company - Miquel County, Colorado 1888&&&&&
KEYHOTCOM18, &&&&&Keystone Hotel Company 1908&&&&&
KEININTE19, &&&&&Keystone International, Inc. (No Longer Publicly Traded) - Texas 1997&&&&&
KERAASMA18, &&&&&Keystone Racing Association - Maryland 1896&&&&&
KEUTCODE19, &&&&&Keystone Utilities Corporation - Delaware 1934&&&&&
KICOCOCO18, &&&&&Kidder Coal-Gas Company - Connecticut 1878&&&&&
KIDPEABCOTRA, &&&&&Kidder, Peabody, & Co (Civil War Era Tax Stamp of George Washington) 1870&&&&&
RUBO18, &&&&&Kief Tramway - Russia - 1890&&&&&
KILOMOTO1, &&&&&Kilomoto Mines - Congo 1940&&&&&
KIMLOCASTERF, &&&&&Kim Lobby Card Starring Errol Flynn with Dean Stockwell - 1950&&&&&
KILIPOWACOWE, &&&&&Kimball Light, Power & Water Company Gold Bond - West Virginia 1912 &&&&&
KIOILGASCOCO, &&&&&Kimbark Oil & Gas Company - Colorado 1982&&&&&
KIMCLARCOR, &&&&&Kimberly - Clark Corporation&&&&&
KIMENSERCOR, &&&&&Kimmins Environmental Service Corp.&&&&&
KICOKIMA18, &&&&&Kineo Company (RARE Issued) - Kineo, Maine - 1902 - Moosehead Lake and Mt. Kineo in Vignette&&&&&
KING, &&&&&King Brand Sweet Potatoes Label&&&&&
KIDAMICOUT19, &&&&&King David Mining Company - Beaver County, Utah 1937&&&&&
KIDAMICOFRBE, &&&&&King David Mining Company Framed - Beaver County, Utah 1937&&&&&
KIEDSIMIMA19, &&&&&King Edward Silver Mines (Vignette of King Edward VII of England) - Maine 1909 &&&&&
KINEDSILMIN, &&&&&King Edward Silver Mines 1907&&&&&
KIGOMICOCO19, &&&&&King Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1902 &&&&&
KIMIMICO19, &&&&&King Midas Mines Company - Utah 1909&&&&&
KINMINCOM, &&&&&King Mining Company&&&&&
KIOFRO20LOCA, &&&&&King of the Roaring 20's Lobby Card starring David Janssen and Dianne Foster - 1961&&&&&
KINPETCOR, &&&&&King Petroleum Corporation&&&&&
KIDESTINDE19, &&&&&King's Department Stores, Inc. - Delaware 1962&&&&&
KIOFBEBOEXLO, &&&&&Kingdom of Belgium Bond External Loan Bond - 1959&&&&&
BUBOBU, &&&&&Kingdom of Hungary Bond 100 Crowns - WWI Bond - Budapest, Hungary 1915&&&&&
KIOFHUSTBO19, &&&&&Kingdom of Hungary State Bond 1916 - Budapest, Hungary&&&&&
KIOFHUSTBO191, &&&&&Kingdom of Hungary State Bond 1917&&&&&
FRBUBOCEWICO, &&&&&Kingdom of Hungary State Bond Professionally Framed - Budapest, Hungary 1916&&&&&
KIOFSECRANDS, &&&&&Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes - 1922&&&&&
KIBRCRCOVI18, &&&&&Kingsley Brothers Creamery Co. - Virginia 1888&&&&&
KINGASCOM, &&&&&Kingston Gas Company - Oklahoma 1930's&&&&&
KIAIANDMOCOC2, &&&&&Kinner Airplane and Motor Corporation (Vignette of an biplane and handsigned by Winfield Bertrum "Bert" Kinner) - California 1920&&&&&
KIAIANDMOCOC, &&&&&Kinner Airplane and Motor Corporation - California 1936&&&&&
KIAIANDMOCOC1, &&&&&Kinner Airplane and Motor Corporation - California 1936 &&&&&
KIAIANDMOCOL, &&&&&Kinner Airplane and Motor Corporation, Ltd. - 1936&&&&&
KINDISCOM1, &&&&&Kinsey (Whiskey) Distilling Company 1930's&&&&&
KIRBYSLIMITED, &&&&&Kirby's Limited&&&&&
KIMICONE19, &&&&&Kirkpatrick Mines Company - Reno, Nevada 1942&&&&&
KIENCODONKIA, &&&&&Kirshner Entertainment Corporation - Don Kirshner as president&&&&&
KIMICOOFWYWY, &&&&&Kittimac Mines Company of Wyoming - Wyoming 1914&&&&&
KLDRYGOCOPE1, &&&&&Kleckner Dry Goods Company - Pennsylvania 1920&&&&&
KLINMERCOM, &&&&&Kline-Drummond Mercantile Company 1903 - Missouri&&&&&
KLONBIGINLAN, &&&&&Klondike Big Inch Land Company (Quaker Harvest Oats campaign for one square inch of Yukon land) - Klondike 1954&&&&&
KLYUANDCORIC, &&&&&Klondike, Yukon, and Copper River Company - RARE Printer's Proof / Specimen Chicago, Illinois &&&&&
KLCRANDGAMIC, &&&&&Klondyke - Cripple Creek and Galena Mining Company - Kansas 1900&&&&&
KMARCOR, &&&&&Kmart Corporation ( Now Sears Holdings Corporation)&&&&&
KMCOSP, &&&&&Kmart Corporation Stock Certificate - Michigan 1980&&&&&
KMMI19, &&&&&Kmart Corporation Unique Production File with Artwork - Michigan 1977&&&&&
KNCH4LESIBYF, &&&&&KNBC Channel 4 letter signed by Francis D. (Chick) Hearn (Los Angeles Lakers) - California 1965&&&&&
KNINFL1, &&&&&Knight - Ridder, Inc. - Florida 1989&&&&&
KNENSACOLOSA, &&&&&Knight Engineering & Sales Co. - Los Angeles, California &&&&&
KNINCFL, &&&&&Knight Ridder, Inc - Florida &&&&&
KNINFL, &&&&&Knight-Ridder, Inc.(newspaper publisher) - Florida &&&&&
KNOWLOOMWOR, &&&&&Knowles Loom Works - Worcester, Massachusettes - 1884&&&&&
KNDIMICONE19, &&&&&Knox Divide Mining Company - Esmeralda, Nevada 1920 &&&&&
KNDIMICONE191, &&&&&Knox Divide Mining Company - Esmeralda, Nevada 1921&&&&&
KNBAASTE19, &&&&&Knoxville Baseball Association - Tennessee 1925&&&&&
KNMOCO, &&&&&Knudsen Motor Corporation (Invented 1000-horsepower Diesel Locomotive for Baldwin Locomotive Works) - 1923&&&&&
KOLRADCOR, &&&&&Kolster Radio Corporation 1920's&&&&&
KOGRDE, &&&&&Kona Grill - Delaware &&&&&
KOTEANDTECOH1, &&&&&Kona-Kau Telephone and Telegraph Company - Hawaii, 1890's&&&&&
KOTEANDTECOH2, &&&&&Kona-Kau Telephone and Telegraph Company - Holualoa, Territory of Hawaii 1902&&&&&
KONTELANDTEL1, &&&&&Kona-Kau Telephone and Telegraph Company 1907 - Holualoa, Hawaii&&&&&
KONTELANDTEL, &&&&&Kona-Kau Telephone and Telegraph Company of Holualoa, Hawaii 1890's&&&&&
KONCHOWTEMCH, &&&&&Kong Chow Temple, Chinatown - San Francisco, California&&&&&
KOLOCASTMIGO, &&&&&Konga Lobby Card Starring Michael Gough and Margo Johns - 1961&&&&&
KOAHNVNE, &&&&&Koninklijke Ahold nv Specimen - Netherlands &&&&&
KOLUMANVNE19, &&&&&Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N. V. (KLM Airlines) - Netherlands 1967&&&&&
ETKONSBERGCO, &&&&&Konsberg - E.T. Konsberg & Co.&&&&&
KOBOCOINCOFO, &&&&&Kool - Aid Bottling Co Inc of Ohio - Ohio 1948&&&&&
KOHYMIPOCOWA, &&&&&Kootenai Hydraulic Mining & Power Co. - Washington 1917&&&&&
KOPSOAPCOM, &&&&&Kopitzsch Soap Company 1892 - Schulykill, Pennsylvania&&&&&
KOMIANDDE19T, &&&&&Kornkob Mining and Development 1912 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
KPCODE, &&&&&KPMG Consulting, Inc (Now BearingPoint Inc.) - Delaware &&&&&
KRTOCO19, &&&&&Kreuger & Toll Company - Ivar Kreuger the Match King ( Famous Fraud)- Sweden - 1932&&&&&
KRTOCOSW19, &&&&&Kreuger & Toll Company - Ivar Kreuger the Match King - Sweden 1930&&&&&
KRTOCOSTSW19, &&&&&Kreuger & Toll Company - Stockholm, Sweden 1930 - Famous Fraud Issued to Duluth Congdon Family and Trust&&&&&
KROGERCO, &&&&&Kroger Co. ( Large Retail Grocery Chains)&&&&&
KRFOCOIL19, &&&&&Kropp Forge Company - Illinois 1946 &&&&&
KUASJE, &&&&&Kupat Ashrai Share Certificates - Credit Bank (Jerusalem) Eretz Israel 1930's &&&&&
KUPUCO, &&&&&Kuryer Publishing Company (First Polish Newspaper in U.S.) signed by Michael Kruszka - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1913&&&&&
KUAPININDE19, &&&&&Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc. ( Acquired by Lernout & Hauspie) - Delaware 1996 &&&&&
KUTIMCOM, &&&&&Kutztown Improvement Company - 1890's (Pennsylvania)&&&&&
KUTIMCOM1, &&&&&Kutztown Improvement Company 1890's&&&&&
LNOILCODATE1, &&&&&L & N Oil Company- Dallas, Texas 1920&&&&&
LHIPPODROME, &&&&&L'Hippodrome 1898&&&&&
LCBACONEWHAC, &&&&&L. C. Bates Company - New Haven, Connecticut 1894&&&&&
LHHERANDBROT, &&&&&L. H. Hershfield and Brother Banking House Check 1880 - Imprinted revenue stamp - Helena, Montana Territory&&&&&
LSUBOCOCA19, &&&&&L.A. Submarine Boat Company - California 1912&&&&&
LLESONFIARTP, &&&&&L.H. Lefevre & Son Fine Art Publishers - London 1910&&&&&
LWMARKS, &&&&&L.W. Marks Company - New York&&&&&
LABLANMINCOM, &&&&&La Blanca Mining Company, Mexico 1922&&&&&
LACIUDDEMEX, &&&&&La Ciudad de Mexico - F. Manual Sucs&&&&&
LACODECOLAQU, &&&&&La Compagnie de Construction Lafontaine - Quebec, Canada 1907&&&&&
LACODELOSPUD, &&&&&La Compania De Los Puertos De Cuba (The Cuban Ports Company ) Rare Specimen - Havana, Cuba &&&&&
LACROSGOLMIN, &&&&&La Crosse Gold Mining Company 1896 - Colorado&&&&&
LACRNEPUCOWI, &&&&&La Crosse News Publishing Company - Wisconsin 1890&&&&&
LACROPHOCO19, &&&&&La Crosse Opera House Company - Kansas 1910&&&&&
LAFORSOCDECR, &&&&&La Fortuna Sociedad de Credito Territorial Mining Company - Montevideo, Uruguay - 1868&&&&&
LALYFOINAMCO, &&&&&La Lysine Fornari International American Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
LALYFOINAMCO1, &&&&&La Lysine Fornari International American Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
LAMAQMARSPAI, &&&&&La Maquinista Maritima Spain 1948&&&&&
LAPRBANADECR, &&&&&La Previsora Banco Nacional De Credito - Guayaquil, Ecuador&&&&&
LAQUININCDE, &&&&&La Quinta Inns, Inc - Dallas, Texas ( Pre merger)&&&&&
LASALWINANDC, &&&&&La Salle Wines and Champagne, Inc.&&&&&
LASAWIANDCHI, &&&&&La Salle Wines and Champagne, Inc. - 1940&&&&&
LASABUCOMA19, &&&&&La Salle-Monroe Building Corporation - Illinois 1939&&&&&
LASODECOMSIL, &&&&&La Soie de Compiegne (Silk Company) 1927&&&&&
LASUISCIN19, &&&&&La Suisse Cinema - 1919&&&&&
LAUNBAGU, &&&&&La Union Bancaria - Guayaquil, Ecuador&&&&&
LACHCOMI19, &&&&&La-Z-Boy Chair Company - Michigan 1978&&&&&
LAINDE, &&&&&LaBarge, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
LABMANCOM, &&&&&Labbe Manufacturing Company 1930's - Colorado&&&&&
LACLABEGOCLW, &&&&&Lac La Belle Golf Club - Wisconsin 1992 &&&&&
LASTCO19, &&&&&Lackawana Steel Company (Became Bethlehem Steel) - New York 1912&&&&&
LACOANDLUCOW, &&&&&Lackawanna Coal and Lumber Company - West Virginia 1912&&&&&
LASECO, &&&&&Lackawanna Securities Company&&&&&
LACGASCOM, &&&&&Laclede Gas Company&&&&&
LACGASLIGCOM, &&&&&Laclede Gas Light Company - Original Dow Average Company - 1909&&&&&
LACCLAYPRODC1, &&&&&Laclede-Christy Clay Products Company&&&&&
LACCLAYPRODC, &&&&&Laclede-Christy Clay Products Company&&&&&
INFORSAOFMEN, &&&&&Ladies Commonwealth Union No. 1, New York 1900&&&&&
LAFARGE, &&&&&Lafarge&&&&&
LACOMA, &&&&&Lafarge Corporation - Maryland&&&&&
LACOMI19, &&&&&LaFrance - Republic Corporation - Michigan 1929 &&&&&
LAGPLANCOM, &&&&&Lagoon Plantation Company 1913&&&&&
LAGUNACOMPANY, &&&&&Laguna Company&&&&&
LAGHONHOMSAN, &&&&&Laguna Honda Home, San Francisco, California&&&&&
LAHMINCOM, &&&&&Lahontan Mines Company - Nevada&&&&&
LAAIMI19, &&&&&Laister - Kauffmann Aircraft Corporation - Missouri 1948 &&&&&
LAKECOP, &&&&&Lake Copper Company signed William Paine (Paine Webber founder) 1926&&&&&
LAKEREVANDSO, &&&&&Lake Erie, Evansville and South Western 1872 - Gold Bond&&&&&
LAKMERWILSAN, &&&&&Lake Merritt Wildfowl Sanctuary - Oakland, California&&&&&
LAONSHRAROCO, &&&&&Lake Ontario Shore Rail Road Co. - Wolcott, New York 1882&&&&&
LAPLCOSIBYME, &&&&&Lake Placid Company (1932 Olympics) signed by Melvin Dewey (Dewey Decimal System Originator) - Essex County, New York 1922&&&&&
LAKPLACCOM, &&&&&Lake Placid Company - Essex County, New York 1920&&&&&
LAKEPLACIDCO, &&&&&Lake Placid Company Ten Year Note - Lake Placid Club, Essex County, New York 1968&&&&&
LAKPLACHOTCO, &&&&&Lake Placid Hotel Company - Essex County, New York - 1880's&&&&&
LAKSHORANDMI, &&&&&Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company Gold Bond 1903&&&&&
LASHATCLIL19, &&&&&Lake Shore Athletic Club - Chicago, Illinois 1925 &&&&&
LASUARMISMCO, &&&&&Lake Superior & Arizona Mining & Smelting Company - 1909&&&&&
LAKTAHPOS, &&&&&Lake Tahoe Postcard&&&&&
LATEAPIL19, &&&&&Lake Terrace Apartments $100 Gold Bond - Chicago, Illinois 1929&&&&&
LATOBOCOBRCO, &&&&&Lake Torpedo Boat Company - Bridgeport, Connecticut 1916&&&&&
LAKTORBOATCO, &&&&&Lake Torpedo Boat Company 1915&&&&&
LAGOCLOFHOCA, &&&&&Lakeside Golf Club of Hollywood - California 1957&&&&&
LABAANDTRCOT, &&&&&Lakewood Bank and Trust Company - Texas 1981 &&&&&
LAVAMOSTJOES, &&&&&Lamoille Valley, Montpelier & St. Johnsbury and Essex County Railroad Companies of Vermont (RARE RN-R1 Revenue Stamp) - 1907&&&&&
LANCOLCOR, &&&&&Lancaster Colony Corporation&&&&&
LAMIMA, &&&&&Lancaster Mills - Massachusetts&&&&&
LAZICONEWYO1, &&&&&Lancaster Zinc Company - New York - Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1854&&&&&
ASIN18, &&&&&Land agreement signed by John Jacob Astor III and Chancey Depew - West Farms, New York 1887&&&&&
LANANDLUMCOM, &&&&&Land and Lumber Company of North Carolina - 1873&&&&&
THMISIDO, &&&&&Land Grant signed by Governor Thomas Mifflin (Signer of the Constitution) and James Trimble - Pennsylvania 1792&&&&&
LASACOOFECCO, &&&&&Land Sales Contract relating to the West Troy Company signed by George Tibbits, Nathan Warren, Richard P. Hart and Phillip Schuyler - Watervliet, West Troy, New York 1826&&&&&
LADRSTINCH19, &&&&&Lane Drug Stores, Inc. - Chicago 1929&&&&&
LANUNBAK, &&&&&Langendorf United Bakeries&&&&&
LAUNBAINDE, &&&&&Langendorf United Bakeries, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
LAQUOR, &&&&&Large Quantity Order&&&&&
LAMOGUCRSYNO, &&&&&Larry Morris Guaranteed Crusher Syndicate No. 3 - Arkansas&&&&&
LAMIFICOOFWA, &&&&&Lars Mikkelsen Fisheries Company, Washington 1916&&&&&
LAININMI19, &&&&&Larson Industries, Inc. - Minnesota 1975 ( Larson Boat Works and Glasspar Boat Company )&&&&&
LARCOR, &&&&&Larvex Corporation&&&&&
LASVEHOTSPEL, &&&&&Las Vegas & Hot Springs Electric Railway Light & Power Co. $500 Gold Bond Certificate - Las Vegas, Territory of New Mexico 1903&&&&&
LASVEHIENWIE1, &&&&&Las Vegas Hilton Envelope with Elvis Stamp signed by Colonel Tom Parker - Las Vegas, Nevada 1993&&&&&
LASVEICECOTE, &&&&&Las Vegas Ice Company - Territory of New Mexico 1883&&&&&
LASVEJOCLNE1, &&&&&Las Vegas Jockey Club ( Became Las Vegas Hilton) - Nevada 1953 &&&&&
LAEXUN19, &&&&&LaSalle Extension University signed by Founder Jesse Grant Chapline as President - 1925&&&&&
LAHORECOIN19, &&&&&Lasalle Hotel Realty Company - Southbend, Indiana 1921&&&&&
LAVICEINDE, &&&&&Laser Vision Centers, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
LASELCOM, &&&&&Lassen Electric Company ( California ) 1921 - Abe Lincoln Vignette&&&&&
LAGRADSTJULO, &&&&&Lassie's Great Adventure Starring June Lockhart, Hugh Reilly, and Jon Provost - 1963&&&&&
LAAMAI19, &&&&&Latin American Airways - 1946&&&&&
LAAMOILDECOD, &&&&&Latin American Oil Development Corporation - Delaware 1925 &&&&&
LASECODE, &&&&&Lattice Semiconductor Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
LASCINCDE19, &&&&&Laura Scudder's, Inc (Potato chips )- Delaware 1983&&&&&
LAWDECOEN19, &&&&&Law Debenture Corporation - England 1954&&&&&
LAESOFENEN18, &&&&&Lawrence -Townley Estate of England (Fraud) - Washington DC 1869&&&&&
LACOMICONOSC, &&&&&Lawrence Coal Mining Company - Nova Scotia, Canada - 1864&&&&&
LAGASANDELCO, &&&&&Lawrence Gas and Electric Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
LAMACO181, &&&&&Lawrence Manufacturing Company signed by Thomas Jefferson Coolidge - 1863&&&&&
LAWSTERANDCO1, &&&&&Lawrence Stern and Company&&&&&
LAWSTERANDCO, &&&&&Lawrence Stern and Company&&&&&
LACA18, &&&&&Lawrence-Chase-Townley Association (Fraud) - Toronto, Canada 1886&&&&&
LAWINRAILCOM, &&&&&Lawrenceburgh & Indianapolis Rail-Road Company- Early Stagecoach Train Vignette - 1830's&&&&&
LCSMITCORTYP, &&&&&LC Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc.&&&&&
LCCININC, &&&&&LCC International, Inc.&&&&&
LDCOINGE19, &&&&&LDDS Communications, Inc. (Bernard Ebbers as President) - Georgia 1995&&&&&
LECONAFRBO18, &&&&&Le Combat Naval - Brussells, Belgium 1899&&&&&
LEMOTLAV19, &&&&&Le Moteur Laviator 1911 - Early Airplane Vignettes&&&&&
LENOMOFR, &&&&&Le Nouveau Monde - California Gold Mining Stock 1851&&&&&
LEPETITTROYEN1, &&&&&Le Petit Troyen 1907 (The Little Trojan)&&&&&
LEMIINWA19, &&&&&Leadhill Mines, Incorporated - Washington 1931&&&&&
LECOMICONEWY, &&&&&Leadville Consolidated Mining Company - Incorporated in New York dated 1895&&&&&
LEANDSTRACOO, &&&&&Leamington and St.Clair Railway Company - Ontario, Canada 1895 &&&&&
LEAPWIRININC, &&&&&Leap Wireless International, Inc.&&&&&
LEJETCONEWYO, &&&&&Lear Jet Corporation (William Lear as President) - New York 1978&&&&&
LEASLTD, &&&&&Leaseholders, Ltd. 1929 - Las Vegas, Nevada&&&&&
CHECFROMLEAT, &&&&&Leather Manufacturer's Bank 1850's - Slave Insurance Bank w/Dog Vignette&&&&&
CHECFROMLEAT1, &&&&&Leather Manufacturers' Bank Check 1851 (Slave Insurance Bank)&&&&&
LEBSPRINRAIL1, &&&&&Lebanon Springs Railroad Company 1881 - New York&&&&&
LEBFOUNPENCO, &&&&&LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company 1929&&&&&
LECINGASLIGC, &&&&&Lecomte Intensified Gas Light Corporation - 1901&&&&&
LECCOMLEASST, &&&&&Lectro Computer Leasing Corporation - Abacus Vignette&&&&&
ABVIGLECMANS, &&&&&Lectro Management Stock - Abacus Vignette&&&&&
LEEDLIPCOM, &&&&&Leeds & Lippincott Company 1921&&&&&
LEANDWAGOROA, &&&&&Leesburg and Washington Good Roads Association, Inc. - Virginia 1912 &&&&&
LEOFNILOCAST, &&&&&Legions of the Nile Lobby Card Starring Linda Cristal, Ettore Manni, and Georges Marchal - 1960&&&&&
LEHANDLAKERR, &&&&&Lehigh and Lake Erie Railroad Company Gold Bond - 1907&&&&&
LEHCOALANDNA, &&&&&Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company&&&&&
LECOANDNACO1, &&&&&Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company - 1865&&&&&
LEHCOALANDNA1, &&&&&Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company - 1868&&&&&
LEHVALHARTER1, &&&&&Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Company 5% Gold bond - 1924&&&&&
LEHVALRAILCO1, &&&&&Lehigh Valley Railway Company 1890 - $1,000 Gold Bond&&&&&
LEHVALTERRAI, &&&&&Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway Company 1891&&&&&
LEHVALTRANCO, &&&&&Lehigh Valley Transit Company 1914&&&&&
LEZICO18, &&&&&Lehigh Zinc Company - Pennsylvania 1874&&&&&
LEBRHOIN, &&&&&Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. ( Pre Bankruptcy) issued to Fred Fuld - 2008&&&&&
LEBRLAAMGRFU, &&&&&Lehman Brothers Latin America Growth Fund, Inc. - Massachusetts 1994&&&&&
LEBRONEWISTF, &&&&&Lehman Brothers One William Street Fund (Vignette of Lehman Brothers Headquarters ) &&&&&
LEICA, &&&&&Leica Camera AG ( Famous Camera Maker )&&&&&
LEIGCOM19, &&&&&Leight & Company 1928 - Gold Note&&&&&
SCSCDERSTLE1, &&&&&Leipzig, Stadt Leipzig Schuldschein 1000 Mark 1922 uncancelled Bond Loan - Germany&&&&&
LECONE19, &&&&&Lemorax Company - Nevada 1927 - Toothpaste maker&&&&&
LECOCODE19, &&&&&Lemore Company Gold Bond - Delaware 1929&&&&&
LENEINNEWYO1, &&&&&Lennen & Newell, Inc. ( Famous National Adverstiing Agency ) - New York 1952 &&&&&
LEGLCO18, &&&&&Lenox Glass Company - Lenox, Massachusetts1871&&&&&
LEOCATCIKISI, &&&&&Leo Carrillo "The Cisco Kid" signed radio contract - New York 1946&&&&&
LEMICOSANFR1, &&&&&Leopard Mining Company - San Francisco 1877&&&&&
LEPGRPLCEN, &&&&&LEP Group PLC - England 1988&&&&&
LESMESFLUV, &&&&&Les Messageries Fluviales 1927 - France River Vignette&&&&&
LEAPIL19, &&&&&Leslie Apartments $500 Gold Bond ( Located at 7122 to 7136 Ridgeland Avenue) - Chicago, Illinois 1918&&&&&
LESLIESALTCO, &&&&&Leslie Salt Company (now the Cargill Company)&&&&&
LETWRITBYWIL, &&&&&Letter by William F. Koelsch - President, New Netherland Bank (Chase ) 1921&&&&&
SOSEACO171, &&&&&Letter from 1799 - Barnes Terrace - London, England&&&&&
LEFRHA19, &&&&&Letter from Hargersheimer - 1948&&&&&
18BRBAREGEBO, &&&&&Letter from the London Banker offering to help Governor Charles Jenkins of Georgia on Bond Offering- 1867&&&&&
LESIBYCHEDNE, &&&&&Letter signed by Charles Edison - New Jersey 1918&&&&&
LETSIGBYEDRI, &&&&&Letter signed by Eddie Rickenbacker as President of Eastern Air Lines 1944&&&&&
LETSIGBYPRES1, &&&&&Letter signed by the President of Princeton University&&&&&
CHCOLE18, &&&&&Letter to Directors of Cohoes Company signed by John Van Rensselaer and others dated 1848&&&&&
LEWRBYEBE, &&&&&Letter written by E.L. Bulwer -1842&&&&&
LETTERHEADS, &&&&&Letterhead&&&&&
LEV3COM, &&&&&Level 3 Communications&&&&&
LESTCODE191, &&&&&Levi Strauss & Company - Delaware 1986&&&&&
LECOCONEWJE1, &&&&&Levin-Townsend Computer Corporation - New Jersey 1971&&&&&
LEFUCOFL, &&&&&Levitz Furniture Corporation - 12 7/8% High Yield Debt - Florida 1987&&&&&
LEWAMAIRINC, &&&&&Lewis American Airways, Inc. 1935&&&&&
LEWPUBCOM19, &&&&&Lewis Publishing Company 1906&&&&&
LEWGASLIGCOM, &&&&&Lewiston Gas Light Company (Northern Utilities)&&&&&
LEWTURCOM, &&&&&Lewiston Turnpike Company 1870's California&&&&&
LEANDTUBRCOL, &&&&&Lewistown and Tuscarora Bridge Company - Lewistown, Pennsylvania 1875&&&&&
LEDRYGOCOKE1, &&&&&Lexington Dry Goods Company - Kentucky 1922&&&&&
LESHCOLTEN18, &&&&&Leyland Shipping Company Ltd.. - England 1896 &&&&&
LFROUNTOHOIN, &&&&&LF Rothchild, Unterberg Towbin Holdings Inc. (Collapsed following the 1987 stock market crash) - 1986&&&&&
LIBINCDEL19, &&&&&Libbey Inc. - Delaware 1997 ( Famous Glassware Company )&&&&&
LIBSECCORSPE, &&&&&Libbey-Owens Securities Corporation&&&&&
LIPHWISI, &&&&&Liberace photograph with hand written message, signature and piano picture - 1955&&&&&
LIBERALNEWSCO, &&&&&Liberal News Co. 1910 - Watertown, New York&&&&&
LIBPERBUILIN, &&&&&Liberator Permanent Building & Investment Society 1885&&&&&
LIMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Libertad Mining Corporation - New York 1889&&&&&
LIDISABAPE19, &&&&&Liberty Discount & Savings Bank signed by Andrew J. Casey (Hotel Casey Fame) - Carbondale, Pennsylvania 1903&&&&&
LILOBOOF19FU, &&&&&Liberty Loan Bond of 1917 - 24 Unused Coupons&&&&&
LIBLOANCOR, &&&&&Liberty Loan Corporation&&&&&
LIBLOANCOR1, &&&&&Liberty Loan Corporation&&&&&
LIBMEDCOR, &&&&&Liberty Media Corporation&&&&&
LIMICOVI, &&&&&Liberty Mining Company - Bedford County, State of Virginia, 1852 &&&&&
LINABAANDTRC, &&&&&Liberty National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City - Oklahoma&&&&&
LINACODE19, &&&&&Liberty National Corporation - Delaware 1982 &&&&&
LIBPACMUTHOM1, &&&&&Liberty Park Mutual Homestead Association 1885 - New Jersey&&&&&
LIBRADCHAINS, &&&&&Liberty Radio Chain Stores Stock Certificate&&&&&
LIBSTARCOR19, &&&&&Liberty Starters Corporation 1919 - Made Starters for Ford (famous law case)&&&&&
LIBSTEELCOR, &&&&&Liberty Steel Corporation 1919 - New Jersey&&&&&
LIWISPINNEWY, &&&&&Liberty Winter Sports, Inc. -Walnut Mountain Ski Area - Liberty, New York 1938 &&&&&
LITOOPRAREEQ, &&&&&License to Operate a Radio Receiving Equipment - Victoria, British Columbia - Canada 1924&&&&&
LIGOMIANDREC, &&&&&Lida Gold Mining and Reduction Company - Lida District, Nevada - Organized in Colorado 1905&&&&&
LIFENTECHOLI, &&&&&Life Energy & Technology Holdings Inc.&&&&&
LIHABUEXGOMI, &&&&&Lige Harris Bullfrog Extension Gold Mines Company - Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog - Organized in Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
LIHABUGOMICO, &&&&&Lige Harris Bullfrog Gold Mining Company - Mines Bullfrog Mining District Nevada - Organized in Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
LIGMYERTOBCO, &&&&&Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company&&&&&
LIGANDMEYLMC, &&&&&Liggett and Meyers (L&M) Cigarette Company&&&&&
CHECFROMAARC, &&&&&Lighthouse Check Vignette - 1858&&&&&
LIPO, &&&&&Lighthouse Postcards&&&&&
LIOFFILOCAST, &&&&&Lilies of the Field Lobby Card Starring Sidney Poitier - 1963&&&&&
LIMCORSOLAND, &&&&&Lima Cord Sole and Heel Company ( Gro-Cord Rubber Company )&&&&&
LIBRINCDE20, &&&&&Limited Brands, Inc ( Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel ) Vignette of sexy woman next to a menacing ogre - Delaware &&&&&
LINBRCODE19, &&&&&Lin Broadcasting Corporation ( Acquired by McCaw Cellular ) - Delaware 1976&&&&&
LINBRCO19, &&&&&LIN Broadcasting Corporation - 1975 ( Acquired by McCaw Cellular )&&&&&
LINBROADCOR, &&&&&LIN Broadcasting Corporation - Purchased by McCaw Cellular&&&&&
LIGOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Lincoln - Grouse Gold Mining and Milling Co. - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1897 &&&&&
LIAICO19, &&&&&Lincoln Aircraft Company 1929 signed by Victor Roos ( Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company )- Nebraska&&&&&
LINAMCOR, &&&&&Lincoln American Corporation 1972 - 1980 (American General )&&&&&
LINGRAMSCHOO, &&&&&Lincoln Grammar School, Madera, California Postcard&&&&&
ORLILOLTNEWY, &&&&&Lincoln Logs Ltd. - New York 1987 &&&&&
LINMOTCOM, &&&&&Lincoln Motor Car Company signed by Wilfred Leland and William T. Nash - 1921&&&&&
LINPRINCOM19, &&&&&Lincoln Printing Company 1949 - Delaware ( Now Elpeeko )&&&&&
LISABAFSBUNS, &&&&&Lincoln Savings Bank, FSB - United States 1989&&&&&
LITECONE19, &&&&&Lincoln Telecommunications Company (Became Aliant Communications ) - Nebraska 1994 &&&&&
LITEANDTECO, &&&&&Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company 1979 ( Became Aliant Communications )&&&&&
LITEANDTECOD, &&&&&Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company - Delaware 1968&&&&&
LIADATGEPAPO, &&&&&Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg Patriotic Post Card &&&&&
LICEFRORPASC, &&&&&Lindbergh Perfect Attendance Certificate from Orleans Parish School Board - 1936&&&&&
LIVICOCOVI18, &&&&&Linden Virginia Copper Company - Virginia 1882&&&&&
LIRECOINNEWY, &&&&&Lindenwood Realty Company, Inc. - New York 1915&&&&&
LINNEWINC, &&&&&Lindsay Newspapers, Inc. ( Sarasota Herald-Tribune ) - Florida&&&&&
LINTHINDE19, &&&&&Linen's N Things, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
LIINDE19, &&&&&Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc. (LTV owned Chance Vought Aerospace ) - Delaware 1970&&&&&
LINOILCOR, &&&&&Link Oil Corporation&&&&&
LINBUILLOANA1, &&&&&Linwood Building Loan Association&&&&&
LIINCOMI19, &&&&&Linwood Investment Company - Missouri 1914&&&&&
LICOSHINNEWY, &&&&&Lion Collars & Shirts, Inc. - New York 1922&&&&&
LICOSAINDE1, &&&&&Lion Country Safari, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
LIONCOUNSAFI, &&&&&Lion Country Safari, Inc. - Uncancelled 1980&&&&&
NICLIONMATCO, &&&&&Lion Match Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
LIOILRECODE, &&&&&Lion Oil Refining Company - Delaware &&&&&
LIONCENCLUB, &&&&&Lionel Century Club&&&&&
LIONCOR, &&&&&Lionel Corporation ( Old Boy Vignette ) - Early Certificate 1951&&&&&
LICONEWYO19, &&&&&Lionel Corporation - New York&&&&&
LIQAIRREFAND, &&&&&Liquid Air Refrigeration and Power Company (green underprint of a train) - 1899&&&&&
LIAIPOANDAUC, &&&&&Liquid Air, Power and Automobile Company - Boston, Massachusetts 1899&&&&&
LISVALOFCOLU, &&&&&Lisbon Valley of Colorado Uranium Co ( Uranium companies were popular investments in the 1950s after Russia developed the nuclear bomb) - 1957&&&&&
RAILROADS, &&&&&List of Railroads in the United States&&&&&
LISANDRESCOM, &&&&&Lister Antiseptics & Dressings Company 1944 - Listerine&&&&&
LITBROTHERS, &&&&&Lit Brothers - Famous Philadelphia Department Store signed by Samuel and Jacob Lit 1926&&&&&
LIBUEXMICOCA, &&&&&Little Butte Extension Mining Co. - California 1897&&&&&
LIFAANDHESTR, &&&&&Little Falls and Herkimer Street Railway Company - New York&&&&&
LIFAAQAS18, &&&&&Little Falls Aqueduct Association - New York 1837&&&&&
LITJOEGOLMIN, &&&&&Little Joe Gold Mining Company of Manhattan - Arizona 1906&&&&&
LITMIAMRAIL1, &&&&&Little Miami Railroad 1941 - 1948&&&&&
LIMIRACOCIOH, &&&&&Little Miami Railroad Co. - Cinncinnati, Ohio 1855&&&&&
LITTLEMIAMI, &&&&&Little Miami Railroad Company 1870's- Civil War / Reconstruction Era&&&&&
LITMOTKARCOM, &&&&&Little Motor Kar Company (Texmobile) - Grand Prairie, Texas 1919&&&&&
LINEGAANDMOS, &&&&&Little Neck Garage and Motor Service Inc. - Long Island, New York 1924&&&&&
LIPICOMICONE1, &&&&&Little Pittsburgh Consolidated Mining Company - Leadville, Colorado 1880&&&&&
LISWDE, &&&&&Little Switzerland, Inc. (Tourist Stores located on five Caribbean islands and in Florida and Alaska)&&&&&
LITAINDE191, &&&&&Little Tavern, Inc famous Washington DC Area Restaraunt signed by founder Harry F. Duncan 1961 &&&&&
LITIMICO19, &&&&&Little Tiger Mining Company - Yreka, Siskiyou County, California - 1900&&&&&
LIWACOCA19, &&&&&Little Wagon Corporation hand signed twice by John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival ) - California 1986&&&&&
LIVPINCONMIN, &&&&&Live Pine Consolidated Mining Company 1894 - Utah Territory&&&&&
LIOVRACO18, &&&&&Liverpool England Overhead Railway Company 1890's&&&&&
LICAFOPERCEG, &&&&&Livingston Castle Gold Bond - Pennsylvania 1922&&&&&
LIOILCODE, &&&&&Livingston Oil Company - Delaware&&&&&
LLLAIN19, &&&&&Llewellyn Laboratories, Inc. - 1941&&&&&
LLBALIEN, &&&&&Lloyd's Bank Limited - World Letter of Credit Specimen - England&&&&&
CIOFVI191, &&&&&Loan of the City of Vienna, Capital of the Federation in Kronen - Austria 1921&&&&&
LOOFTOOFHAUN, &&&&&Loan of the Town of Hagen uncancelled 5% Bond 100000 Marks - Westphalia, Germany 1923&&&&&
TROFSTOFNEWY, &&&&&Loan Office of Oneida County, New York - 1837&&&&&
LOINCOMA, &&&&&Locke Insulator Corporation - Maryland 1921&&&&&
LOSTCHCOCO, &&&&&Locke Steel Chain Company - Bridgeport, Connecticut &&&&&
LOAICONE19, &&&&&Lockheed Aircraft Company 1929 - signed by founder Allan Loughead - Sold&&&&&
LOAICOCA, &&&&&Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (Nude Woman Vignette) - California 1968&&&&&
LOAICOCA2, &&&&&Lockheed Aircraft Corporation - California &&&&&
LOCANDNIAGFA, &&&&&Lockport and Niagara Falls Railroad Company RARE signed by Washington Hunt - Earliest U.S. Railroad Bond 1838&&&&&
LOGRCOINCMA1, &&&&&Lockwood, Greene & Co., Inc Gold Bond- Massachusetts 1923&&&&&
LOEWBOSTHEAT1, &&&&&Loew's Boston Theatres Co. 1930&&&&&
LOEWBOSTHEAT2, &&&&&Loew's Boston Theatres Co. signed by David L. Loew - 1927&&&&&
LOMEMOLICA, &&&&&Loew's Metropolitan Montreal Limited - Dominion of Canada 1920&&&&&
LOWITHLICA19, &&&&&Loew's Windsor Theatres, Limited - Ontario, Canada 1920&&&&&
LOCODE1, &&&&&Loews Corporation (Lawrence Tisch as Chairman) - Delaware 1985&&&&&
LOEWCOR, &&&&&Loews Corporation 1973&&&&&
LOEWS, &&&&&Loews Theatres Stock Certificate - L. Tisch&&&&&
LOFCANCOR, &&&&&Loft Candy Corporation - ( Loft became Pepsi Cola )&&&&&
LOSQBUANDLOA, &&&&&Logan Square Building and Loan Association - Pennsylvania 1880&&&&&
LODEINCA19, &&&&&Logic Devices Incorporated - California 1988&&&&&
LOCOSYIN, &&&&&Logos Computer Systems, Inc. - 1983&&&&&
LOMPRIETMINC, &&&&&Loma Prieta Mines Company Stock 1917&&&&&
LONCOUNBANCO, &&&&&London & County Banking Company - Hanover Square Branch 1912&&&&&
LOGLFICOEN19, &&&&&London & Globe Finance Corporation - England 1901&&&&&
LOGLFICOLISI, &&&&&London & Globe Finance Corporation, Limited - Signed J. Whitaker Wright 1899&&&&&
LOGLFICO18, &&&&&London & Globe Finance Corproation - J.Whitaker Wright as Director- 1899&&&&&
LONOEARACOUN, &&&&&London & North Eastern Railway Company ( Issued during WWII) - United Kingdom 1941 &&&&&
LOWEBALIEN19, &&&&&London & Westminster Bank Limited - England 1908&&&&&
LOJOSTBALI18, &&&&&London Joint Stock Bank Limited - 1898&&&&&
LONICOLIEN, &&&&&London Nitrate Company Limited - 1889 England&&&&&
LOSTBOCOLILO, &&&&&London Steam Boat Company Limited - London 1876&&&&&
LOSTPHCOLOEN, &&&&&London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. - London, England 1874&&&&&
CLMO19, &&&&&Lone Ranger Photograph - Signed by Clayton Moore - 1987&&&&&
COPIMACOIL18, &&&&&Lone Star Cotton Picking Machine Company - Illinois 1892&&&&&
LOSTGASCOTE, &&&&&Lone Star Gas Company - Texas ( Now Enserch Corporation )&&&&&
LOSTGASCODE, &&&&&Lone Star Gas Corporation - 1937 Texas ( Now Enserch Corporation )&&&&&
LONSTARININC, &&&&&Lone Star Industries, Inc.&&&&&
LOSTPICO19, &&&&&Lone Star Pictures Corporation - 1920&&&&&
LOANDDEHIMIC, &&&&&Long and Derry Hill Mining Company - Lake. Leadville. Colorado - 1882&&&&&
LOANDDEHIMIC1, &&&&&Long and Derry Hill Mining Company - New York. Leadville, Colorado 1881&&&&&
LOBEBAHOANDA, &&&&&Long Beach Bath House and Amusement Company ( Nu Pike ) signed by Samuel Knight Rindge ( Malibu Family Founders) - California 1942&&&&&
LOBEPLPICOCA, &&&&&Long Beach Pleasure Pier Company (Operated Nu Pike) - California 1916&&&&&
LOBEWACOBONE, &&&&&Long Beach Water Company Bond - New York 1909&&&&&
LOBRPICOLOBR, &&&&&Long Branch Pier Company - Long Branch, New Jersey 1894&&&&&
LONHOROILCOM, &&&&&Long Horn Oil Company - Colorado 1920&&&&&
LOHOOILCOCO1, &&&&&Long Horn Oil Company - Colorado 1920&&&&&
LOISAIINOFNE, &&&&&Long Island Airlines, Inc. of New York, 1946&&&&&
LOISCOHOBRNE, &&&&&Long Island College Hospital - Brooklyn, New York&&&&&
LOISLACOOFBO, &&&&&Long Island Land Company (Owned property in Jamaica, Queens County, Long Island, New York) signed by George W. Ballou - Boston, Massachusetts 1874&&&&&
LONISLIGCOM, &&&&&Long Island Lighting Company $5,000 Bond ( Now Long Island Power Authority ) - New York&&&&&
LONISLIGCOMB, &&&&&Long Island Lighting Company Bond 1953&&&&&
LONISRAILROA, &&&&&Long Island Rail Road Company Annual Report - 1945&&&&&
LONISRAILROA1, &&&&&Long Island Rail Road Company Annual Report 1936&&&&&
LONISUNTELCO, &&&&&Long Island Underground Telegraph Co. 1888 - Brooklyn, New York&&&&&
LOSTINGE, &&&&&Longhorn Steaks, Inc. - Georgia&&&&&
LOCOFAVI19, &&&&&Longwood College - Farmville, Virginia 1958&&&&&
LONPLANPURSY, &&&&&Longwood Plantation's Pure Syrup Label&&&&&
LOOMCOR, &&&&&Loomis Corporation - Security Company 1968&&&&&
LORSPACCOMLT, &&&&&Loral Space & Communications&&&&&
LODRYDOCODE1, &&&&&Lord Dry Dock Corporation - Delaware 1920 &&&&&
LORSIMHOTLIM, &&&&&Lord Simcoe Hotel - Toronto&&&&&
LORAMANDREAL, &&&&&Lorelei Amusement and Realty Company 1914&&&&&
LOARWECOVI, &&&&&Lorraine Artesian Well Corporation - Richmond, Virginia &&&&&
LOSANFINATRS, &&&&&Los Angeles - First National Trust & Savings Bank signed by Famous Pitcher Charlie Henry "Chinski" Root dated October 29, 1929 (Stock market Crash)&&&&&
LOSANAIINCCA, &&&&&Los Angeles Airways, Inc - California 1969&&&&&
LOSANANDSANG, &&&&&Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Rail Road Company - California 18__&&&&&
LOSANANDVEST, &&&&&Los Angeles and Vernon Street Railway Company- Los Angeles, California 1887&&&&&
LOSANBOOFTRA, &&&&&Los Angeles Board of Trade and Produce Exchange Building - California 1889&&&&&
LOSANBUCOCA1, &&&&&Los Angeles Building Company - California 1913&&&&&
LOSANCOELRAC, &&&&&Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway Company $1000 Gold Bond ( Signed by Moses Sherman - Sherman Oaks named after him) - California 1892&&&&&
ALCALEFRLOSA, &&&&&Los Angeles Dodgers Letter regarding Jerry Grote signed by Al Campanis - 1978 &&&&&
LOSANDOTEPH11, &&&&&Los Angeles Dodgers Team Photo - 1970&&&&&
LOSANDOTEPH1, &&&&&Los Angeles Dodgers Team Photo - 1974 &&&&&
LOSANIMCO, &&&&&Los Angeles Improvement Co. 1880's&&&&&
LOSANIMCO18, &&&&&Los Angeles Improvement Company (Second Street Cable R.R. Co) signed by Jesse Yarnell (Founded Weekly Mirror which became Los Angeles Times) - 1886&&&&&
REAIIMCOCA19, &&&&&Los Angeles International Airport - California 1989&&&&&
LOSANLIREME, &&&&&Los Angeles Limited Restaurant Menu (Union Pacific Railroad) - Sold&&&&&
LOSANMASTBLA, &&&&&Los Angeles Main Street Black and White Photograph Magic Lantern Slide circa 1885&&&&&
LOSANMIANDSM, &&&&&Los Angeles Mining and Smelting Company - Death Valley 1888&&&&&
LOSANSHANDDR, &&&&&Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation&&&&&
LOSANSTCOCA1, &&&&&Los Angeles Steamship Company (Provided passenger service to Hawaii) - California 1924&&&&&
LOSANSTEXMEC, &&&&&Los Angeles Stock Exchange Membership Certificate for Morgan & Co. - RARE &&&&&
LOSBANDELMAR, &&&&&Los Bandos Del Mar, Santa Barbara Cal. Postcard&&&&&
LOSROINFL19, &&&&&Los Robles Incorporated - Tallahassee, Florida 1926&&&&&
LOSRIVMINCOR, &&&&&Lost River Mining Corporation, Limited - Ontario, Canada&&&&&
LOTOF10UNPAC, &&&&&Lot of 10 - Union Pacific Corporation&&&&&
LOTOF5PANAMW, &&&&&Lot of 5 - Pan American World Airways circa 1950's - ps/ Juan Trippe&&&&&
LOTI17, &&&&&Lottery Ticket from England issued in 1795 &&&&&
LOTGRUNGRAMS, &&&&&Lottie Grunsky Grammar School, Stockton, California Postcard&&&&&
LODECODE191, &&&&&Lotus Development Corporation (Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet ) - Delaware 1983&&&&&
LODECODE19, &&&&&Lotus Development Corporation - Delaware 1987&&&&&
BOAROFCOMFOR, &&&&&Louisiana Levee System Bond Certificate - 1913&&&&&
LOCODE, &&&&&Louisiana - Pacific Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
LOUISBABBON, &&&&&Louisiana Baby Bond 1874&&&&&
LOUISIANABONDS, &&&&&Louisiana Bonds&&&&&
LOUISELLIGCO, &&&&&Louisiana Electric Light Company (Image of old arc light bulb on certificate) Payable in Gold - 1892&&&&&
LOUISLANOFEX, &&&&&Louisiana Land Offshore Exploration Company - Convertible Debenture&&&&&
LOOILRECONEW, &&&&&Louisiana Oil Refining Corporation - New York 1930&&&&&
LOPACO19, &&&&&Louisiana Pacific Corporation - 1974&&&&&
LOANDNORAAND, &&&&&Louisville and Northern Railway and Lighting Company (signed By Samuel Insull As President) - Indiana 1907&&&&&
LOANDSOINTRN, &&&&&Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction signed by Samuel Insull - New Albany, Indiana 1908&&&&&
LOUISBRIDCOM, &&&&&Louisville Bridge Company 1906 - Bridge Vignette&&&&&
LOUISGASANDE1, &&&&&Louisville Gas and Electric Company&&&&&
LOUISGASANDE, &&&&&Louisville Gas and Electric Company&&&&&
LOSORACOKE18, &&&&&Louisville Southern Railroad Company - Kentucky 1889&&&&&
LOCICHRAROUN, &&&&&Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Rail Road ( Certificate #1) - Charleston, South Carolina 1838&&&&&
LOLAATANHALO, &&&&&Love Laughs at Andy Hardy Lobby Card Starring Mickey Rooney and Lewis Stone - 1946&&&&&
LCOBALOCASTR, &&&&&Lover Come Back Lobby Card Starring Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall - 1962&&&&&
LOWCOMINC, &&&&&Lowe's Companies, Inc.&&&&&
LOYTELCOM1, &&&&&Loyalsock Telephone Company&&&&&
LOYTELCOM, &&&&&Loyalsock Telephone Company 1912&&&&&
LSAINC, &&&&&LSA, Inc. - Benton Harbor, Michigan 1973&&&&&
LSILOCODE, &&&&&LSI Logic Corporation - Delaware 1990&&&&&
LININC, &&&&<V Corporation (Ling-Temco-Vought) - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
LUBMAS, &&&&&Lubrifiants Massilia-Avion 1927 - Bi Plane Underprint&&&&&
LUCOOH191, &&&&&Lubrizol Corporation ( Now owned by Berkshire Hathaway - David Sokol, Scandal ) - Ohio 1971&&&&&
LUCOOH19, &&&&&Lubrizol Corporation - Ohio 1973&&&&&
LUCONOWOWBYB, &&&&&Lubrizol Corporation Specimen Stock Certificate ( Now owned by Berkshire Hathaway) - Ohio 1971&&&&&
LUSAINCOAR18, &&&&&Luce Monroe Savings & Investment Company - Fort Smith, Arkansas 1893&&&&&
LUCTECINC, &&&&&Lucent Technologies Inc.&&&&&
LUMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Lucerne Mining Company - Mines in Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties, Colorado - New York 1881&&&&&
LUPIININNEWY, &&&&&Lucien Piccard Industries, Inc. (Luxury Watch Company) - New York&&&&&
LUBAANDGAMOS, &&&&&Lucille Ball and Gary Morton Stock Certificates - 1968&&&&&
LU13COTE19, &&&&&Lucky 13 Corporation - Texas 1955&&&&&
LUCHENINWILE, &&&&&Lucky Charms Entertainment, Inc. Certificate #1 signed twice by Rosie O'Donnell - 1992&&&&&
LUCOGOMICOLI, &&&&&Lucky Coon Gold Mining Company, Limited - Ontario, Canada 1899&&&&&
LUCKYSTORES, &&&&&Lucky Stores&&&&&
LUCKYSTORESINC, &&&&&Lucky Stores, Inc. - Famous California Super Market Chain&&&&&
LUSTMICONE19, &&&&&Lucky Strike Mining Company - Nevada 1929&&&&&
LUMUCOBOOFDI, &&&&&Lucy Music Company - Board of Directors Notice signed by Lucille Ball and Gary Morton - 1969&&&&&
LUMSINC, &&&&&Lum's, Inc. ( Company Name Changed to Caesars World )&&&&&
LUPADELYFR19, &&&&&Luna Park De Lyon - France 1921 &&&&&
LUINGASLICOW, &&&&&Lungren Incandescent Gas Light Co. - Wheeling, West Virginia 1889&&&&&
LUBUSICAFRSA, &&&&&Luther Burbank signed card from Santa Rosa California - 1924&&&&&
LUXMILMINCOM, &&&&&Luxembourg Mill & Mining Company 188_&&&&&
LYINDE, &&&&&Lycos, Inc. (Early internet search engine company) RARE - Delaware 1998&&&&&
LYRUCEAS18, &&&&&Lyons Rural Cemetery Association - Lyons, Wayne County, New York 1847&&&&&
MANDYREDCOM, &&&&&M and Y Reduction Company 1914 - Arizona&&&&&
MCMALTPRSHTR, &&&&&M C A Management, LTD. Profit Sharing Trust (Music Corporation of America) - New York 1945&&&&&
MVALLWEATTRA, &&&&&M-V All - Weather Train Controller Company 1922&&&&&
MPAULINHIGFL, &&&&&M. Paulhan in High Flight - Early Bi Plane&&&&&
MACOINMA, &&&&&M/A - Com, Inc. (Now Tyco Electronics) - Massachusetts &&&&&
MACOINMA19, &&&&&M/A - Com, Inc. - Massachusetts 1981&&&&&
MINMA, &&&&&M/A-COM, Inc. - Massachusetts&&&&&
MINSP912COBO, &&&&&M/A-Com, Inc. Specimen 9 1/2 % Convertible Bond (Microwave Associates)- Massachusetts 1981&&&&&
MACNAMMINMIL, &&&&&Mac Namara Mining & Milling Company - Nye. Tonopah&&&&&
MALOCASTMAEV, &&&&&Macbeth Lobby Card Starring Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson&&&&&
MAENHACOKE19, &&&&&Maccabee Entertainment Hall Company - Cave City, Kentucky 1904&&&&&
MACBREWANDWI, &&&&&Macclesfield Brewery and Wine Company - 1867&&&&&
MANECOSIBYBE, &&&&&Macfadden Newspapers Corporation signed by Bernarr Macfadden (Predecessor of Charles Atlas and Jack LaLanne) - RARE 1930&&&&&
MACIN19DEL, &&&&&MacFrugal's, Incorporated 1992 - Delaware ( Became Consolidated Stores )&&&&&
MATRINDE, &&&&&Mack Trucks, Inc. Specimen ( Mack Truck Vignette) - Delaware 1972&&&&&
MACCOM, &&&&&Mackay Companies (Early Telephone and Telegraph Company founded by John William Mackay ) - 1922&&&&&
54MAANDLASUC, &&&&&Mackinac and Lake Superior Copper Co. issued stock certificate - RARE - Michigan 1845&&&&&
MACOPE, &&&&&Mackintosh-Hemphill Company - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 1920&&&&&
MAMUCO, &&&&&MacLeod Multiplane Company - New York 1911&&&&&
MAINDE, &&&&&Macromedia, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
MADRILAERRAR, &&&&&Mad River & Lake Erie Rail Road - 1834&&&&&
MADRIVASANDT, &&&&&Mad River Asbestos and Talc Company 1904&&&&&
MAINNAINCA19, &&&&&Made in Nature, Inc. - California 1992&&&&&
MADKEDSTATBA, &&&&&Madison & Kedzie State Bank 1922 - Illinois&&&&&
MACLBUIL19, &&&&&Madison Clark Building - Gold Bond - Chicago, Illinois 1927&&&&&
MACOCOBOCOWI, &&&&&Madison Coca Cola Bottling Company signed by Thomas Cartter Lupton as President - Madison, Wisconsin 1939&&&&&
MADFARELCOM, &&&&&Madison Farmers' Elevator Company 1934&&&&&
MAGOANDCOCLC, &&&&&Madison Golf and Country Club Co. - Ohio 1928&&&&&
MAMUFOCLINWI, &&&&&Madison Mustangs Football Club, Inc. (Central States League) - Madison, Wisconsin 1970&&&&&
MASQGACOOFNE, &&&&&Madison Square Garden Corporation (Irving Mitchell Felt as President) - New York&&&&&
MASQGACONEWY, &&&&&Madison Square Garden Corporation (Listed Trustees George L. Rickard, John Ringling, John P. Maguire, Richard F. Hoyt and George W. Walker) - New York 1925&&&&&
MADSQUAREGARD, &&&&&Madison Square Garden Corporation - New York&&&&&
MASQGACOMI, &&&&&Madison Square Garden Corporation - Specimen&&&&&
MAEWELEWIHAS, &&&&&Mae West hand signed Letter to Gary Cooper regarding San Quentin Prison - California 1941&&&&&
MACOMI19, &&&&&Mag-tronics Corporation - Minnesota 1961&&&&&
MAGREPRAZCOM, &&&&&Magazine Repeating Razor Company - Early Schick Razors - Now Warner-Lambert / Pfizer&&&&&
MACHIN19, &&&&&Magic Chef, Inc. - 1969&&&&&
MACIENCOOK19, &&&&&Magic Circle Energy Corporation - Oklahoma 1982 &&&&&
MACILACOW19, &&&&&Magic City Land Company - Cheyenne, Wyoming 1909&&&&&
MAFIINDE20, &&&&&Magic Fingers, Inc. - (Vibrating Bed) Delaware 2001&&&&&
MAVAFOINID, &&&&&Magic Valley Foods, Inc. - Idaho&&&&&
MACOCOMA19, &&&&&Magma Copper Company - Maine 1929&&&&&
MAMICO19, &&&&&Magmatic Minerals Corporation signed by Victor Lougheed - Delaware 1941&&&&&
MAPILICOLIBR, &&&&&Magna Pipe Line Company Limited - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
MACOPE19, &&&&&Magnefax Corporation - Pennsylvania 1963&&&&&
MASPWACOIL, &&&&&Magnesia Spring Water Co. - Illinois 1890's&&&&&
MAGCONIRCOM1, &&&&&Magnetic Consolidated Iron Company 1882 - New Jersey&&&&&
MAGOMICOCO, &&&&&Magnolia Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek , Colorado - 1899&&&&&
MAPALO19, &&&&&Magnolia Park, Inc - Louisiana 1954&&&&&
MAGCOMCOR, &&&&&Magnum Communications Corporation 1970&&&&&
MASHCOMA18, &&&&&Magruder Shoe Company - Baltimore City, Maryland 1898&&&&&
MAAICO19, &&&&&Mahoney - Ryan Aircraft Corporation - 1929 &&&&&
MAANDSHRAAND, &&&&&Mahoning and Shenango Railway and Light Company - Pennsylvania 1918&&&&&
MALACO18, &&&&&Mahopac Land Company - Putnam County, New York 1877 &&&&&
MAIBMOTCOM, &&&&&Maibohm Motors Company 1920&&&&&
MAIDOFOROILC, &&&&&Maid of Orleans, Oil, Chemical, Mine and Developing Company 1901 - New Orleans&&&&&
MAEXCONEWYO1, &&&&&Mail and Express Company - New York 1911&&&&&
MANEWHAGRCOM, &&&&&Maine & New Hampshire GRANITE Co. - Maine 1891 &&&&&
MACERAMA19, &&&&&Maine Central Railroad $500 Bond - 1935&&&&&
MAINCENRAILC, &&&&&Maine Central Railroad Company 1915&&&&&
MACERACOMA19, &&&&&Maine Central Railroad Company Agreement to purchase the Ricker Hotel Company - Maine 1911&&&&&
MAFRPRINMA19, &&&&&Maine Fruit Producers, Inc. - Kezar Falls, Maine 1949&&&&&
MANABAMA, &&&&&Maine National Bank - Portland, Maine &&&&&
MAISOUILOUIS, &&&&&Mais Oui (May We) Louisiana Brand Yams Label&&&&&
MACOMIANDSMC, &&&&&Majestic Copper Mining and Smelting Company - Utah / Colorado 1904&&&&&
MAOICOANDGAS, &&&&&Majestic Oil, Coal and Gas Company - Arizona 1905&&&&&
MAJRADTELCOR, &&&&&Majestic Radio & Television Corporation 1947&&&&&
MAJREALCOR, &&&&&Major Realty Corporation&&&&&
MAGRPRCODE19, &&&&&Malibu Grand Prix Corporation (Acquired by Warner Communications Inc.) - Delaware 1977&&&&&
MAHATCO, &&&&&Mallory Hat Company ( Acquired by Stetson )&&&&&
MAHATCO19, &&&&&Mallory Hat Company - 1946 Danbury, Connecticut&&&&&
MOCOMICOMA18, &&&&&Mammoth Copper Mining Company - Douglass Pond, Blue Hill, Maine 1889&&&&&
MAMAINMA, &&&&&Mammoth Mart, Inc. (Elephant vignette) - Maine 1959&&&&&
PEARPOSFROM1, &&&&&Mammoth Pear Postcard from 1910&&&&&
MAVECOCOCO18, &&&&&Mammoth Vein Consolidated Coal Company of Pennsylvania - 1864&&&&&
MANMINCOM, &&&&&Manassas Mining Company 1853 - Virginia ( Famous Civil War Battle Location )&&&&&
MABOANDHOSO1, &&&&&Manchester Botanical and Horticultural Society - England 1875 &&&&&
MACACO18, &&&&&Manchester Carriage Company, England 1877&&&&&
MACAANDCOLIE, &&&&&Manchester Carriage Company, Limited - England 1873 &&&&&
MASHCACO, &&&&&Manchester Ship Canal Company - England&&&&&
MATOMUUTAUNE1, &&&&&Manchester Township Municipal Utilites Authority - New Jersey &&&&&
MATOMUUTAUNE, &&&&&Manchester Township Municipal Utilities Authority - New Jersey 1990&&&&&
MANCANGOLINC, &&&&&Mancos Canyon Gold Inc - Colorado&&&&&
MANGOLMINCOM, &&&&&Mancos Gold Mining Company -Colorado&&&&&
MASTCODE19, &&&&&Mangel Stores Corporation - Delaware 1936&&&&&
MACO19, &&&&&Manhasset Company ( Manhasset Hotel ) Seaside Heights/Park, New Jersey 1912&&&&&
MANCARMINMIL, &&&&&Manhattan - Carson Mining & Milling Company 1906 - Carson City, Nevada&&&&&
MAAUMECONEWY, &&&&&Manhattan Automatic Merchandising Company - New York 1907&&&&&
MABOCOCOSODA, &&&&&Manhattan Bonanza Copper Company - Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada 1906&&&&&
MANBULEYEMIN, &&&&&Manhattan Bull's Eye Mining Company 1906&&&&&
MACOLI19, &&&&&Manhattan Cobalt, Limited - 1907&&&&&
MACOEXMICOGO, &&&&&Manhattan Consolidated Extension Mining Co. - Goldfield, Nevada signed by Gurney Gordon and Richard Colburn- 1907&&&&&
MANCONPETCOM, &&&&&Manhattan Consolidated Petroleum Company 1921 - Texas&&&&&
MANCOWMINCOM, &&&&&Manhattan Cowboy Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
MANGIANMINCO, &&&&&Manhattan Giant Mining Company of Tonopah, Nevada 1906&&&&&
MANGOLKINMIN, &&&&&Manhattan Gold King Mining Company 1906 - Nevada&&&&&
MAGOMICONE19, &&&&&Manhattan Gold Mines Company - Tonopah, Nevada 1927 &&&&&
MAMACO, &&&&&Manhattan Market Company (Land became Javits Convention Center) - New York 1871&&&&&
MAMUMICOAR19, &&&&&Manhattan Mutual Mining Company - Manhattan District, Nevada - Territory of Arizona 1907&&&&&
MAPOCOTEOFAR, &&&&&Manhattan Pool Company - Nevada. Nye. Manhattan - Incorporation in Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
MANRUSMINCOM, &&&&&Manhattan Russ Mining Company 1906 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
MASIMICOOFNE, &&&&&Manhattan Silver Mining Company of Nevada (IRS Revenue Stamp) - Lander. Austin. Nevada 1881 &&&&&
MASOGOMICOAR, &&&&&Manhattan Southern Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
MASTGOMICOAR, &&&&&Manhattan Standard Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1906 - Goldfield, Esmeralda Co., NV &&&&&
MASTCO, &&&&&Manhattan Steamship Company - 1900&&&&&
MASUMICOAR19, &&&&&Manhattan Surprise Mining Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
MATONEWYO19, &&&&&Manhattan Towers Hotel (Broadway at 76th Street) $500 Gold Bond- New York 1928&&&&&
MACOMACONEWJ, &&&&&Manifold Copying Machine Company - Jersey City, New Jersey 1891 &&&&&
MANISCHEWITZ, &&&&&Manischewitz Company signed by Bernard Manischewitz (kosher food and wine products)&&&&&
MACOCOLICA, &&&&&Manitoba Copper Company Limited - Canada&&&&&
MANHOLARGASF, &&&&&Mannegold & Holden Artistic Gas Fixture 1888&&&&&
MAANDFRRAROC, &&&&&Mansfield and Framingham Rail Road Co. - Massachusetts 1871 &&&&&
MAMEBACOMAOH, &&&&&Mantua Merchants Baking Company - Mantua, Ohio 1929&&&&&
POMAOFRAOBO17, &&&&&Manual of the Railroads of the United States - Henry V. Poor (original book ) - 1871-72&&&&&
MANDETABETCI, &&&&&Manufacture de Tabacs et Cigarettes Camcongo - (Cigarette Maker during WWII) - Belgian ,Congo 1944 &&&&&
MANRUBCOM, &&&&&Manufactured Rubber Company 1933&&&&&
MARAROCO, &&&&&Manufacturer's Rail Road Company - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania&&&&&
MANINCOM, &&&&&Manufacturers Investment Company&&&&&
MANNATBAN18, &&&&&Manufacturers National Bank 1877&&&&&
MANNATBAN181, &&&&&Manufacturers National Bank 1893&&&&&
MANNATBAN18M, &&&&&Manufacturers National Bank 1893 - Massachusetts&&&&&
MANNATBANOFN, &&&&&Manufacturers National Bank of Newark 1878&&&&&
MAOILCODE, &&&&&Manufacturers' Oil Company - Delaware 190_&&&&&
MAGRLACONEWY, &&&&&Maple Grove Land Co. - Buffalo, New York 1892 &&&&&
MAPLEAFGARLI, &&&&&Maple Leaf Gardens, Limited - Ontario, Canada 1991 &&&&&
MARENINC, &&&&&Marathon Enterprises, Inc. - House O' Weenies Vignette (Sabrett Hot Dogs)&&&&&
MARESSA, &&&&&Marcas Especiales, S.A.&&&&&
MARCHGOLDINC, &&&&&March Gold, Inc.&&&&&
MACAMACOCA19, &&&&&Marchant Calculating Machine Co. (Became Smith Corona ) - Oakland, California 1919&&&&&
MAWITECOLI, &&&&&Marconi Radio Telegraph Company of Egypt - 1926&&&&&
MARCONI, &&&&&Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company 1914&&&&&
MAWITECOFR19, &&&&&Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company Framed - 1914&&&&&
MAWITECOOFCA1, &&&&&Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada - 1905&&&&&
MAWITECOFR191, &&&&&Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company plus wireless codegraph brass plate dated August 13, 1912 Framed - 1914&&&&&
MAWITECOLI191, &&&&&Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company, Limited - 1907&&&&&
MACODE3, &&&&&Marcus Corporation (Marcus Theatres and Marcus Hotels ) - Delaware &&&&&
MARCOR1, &&&&&Maremont Corporation&&&&&
MACIRAROCOOH, &&&&&Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road Company - Ohio 1866&&&&&
MARCINRAILRO, &&&&&Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road Company 1879&&&&&
MARCINRAILRA, &&&&&Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road Company 1879 ( Acquired by the B & O Railroad )&&&&&
MAANDNOGERAC, &&&&&Marietta and North Georgia Railway Company - Georgia 1887&&&&&
MARMINANDMIL, &&&&&Marietta Mining and Milling Company 1936 - Washington State&&&&&
MAMACOCONEWY, &&&&&Marine Magnetic Control Company - New York 1905&&&&&
MAMIBAIN19, &&&&&Marine Midland Banks, Inc. - 1973&&&&&
MANABANEWYO1, &&&&&Marine National Bank (Bank's failure left Ulysses S. Grant Penniless) - New York 1865 &&&&&
MAPACOVI19, &&&&&Marine Paint Corporation issued to and signed by Stilson Hutchins, founder of the Washington Post - Norfolk, Virginia 1906&&&&&
MARCENBAN, &&&&&Marion Central Bank 1920's&&&&&
MACOMISOCA18, &&&&&Marion Cotton Mills - Marion , South Carolina 1890 &&&&&
MARFORPRODCO, &&&&&Marion Forged Products Company 1924 - Marion, Indiana&&&&&
MARLUMCOM, &&&&&Marion Lumber Company 1908 - 1911&&&&&
MALAANDMICO1, &&&&&Mariposa Land and Mining Company $1,000 Bond signed by Solomon Heydenfeldt - San Francisco, California 1875&&&&&
COMMARDELASE, &&&&&Maritime Company of the Seine River - France 1899&&&&&
MARFRUITCARC, &&&&&Maritime Fruit Carriers Company Limited 1972 - Incorporated in Israel&&&&&
MARMOTCARCOM, &&&&&Maritime Motor Car Company 1931 - British Columbia&&&&&
MARCOMSYSINC, &&&&&Mark Computer Systems, Inc.&&&&&
MAFIPLCO, &&&&&Mark Fidrych Player Contract with Topps Chewing Gum Company - 1980&&&&&
MARHOPHOTCO, &&&&&Mark Hopkins Hotel 1930 - San Francisco, California signed by founder George D. Smith as President&&&&&
MAHOINCA19, &&&&&Mark Hopkins Incorporated - California 1937&&&&&
MAIVHOINDE19, &&&&&Mark IV Homes, Inc. - Delaware 1971&&&&&
MARFIRINCOM1, &&&&&Market Fire Insurance Company 1868-1871 - New York&&&&&
MASTSECOSANF, &&&&&Market Street Securities Company. - San Francisco, California 1908&&&&&
MARASINC, &&&&&Marketing Associates, Inc.&&&&&
MARKETWATCHCOM, &&&&& - CBS Affiliate&&&&&
MARARCOR, &&&&&Marlin Arms Corporation&&&&&
MAMOCARCOIN1, &&&&&Marmon Motor Car Company - Indiana 1931&&&&&
MAOILCOMA19, &&&&&Marr Oil Corporation - Maryland 1928&&&&&
MAAECO18SANF, &&&&&Marriott's Aero - Plane Company 1881 - San Francisco, California -Sold&&&&&
MACOGOMICOCO, &&&&&Mars Consolidated Gold Mining Company (female deity with hair blowing from behind) - Cripple Creek, Colorado - 1899&&&&&
MARMCLENCOMI, &&&&&Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.&&&&&
MARMINCON, &&&&&Marsh Mines Consolidated 1916 - Washington&&&&&
MAMECONEWJE1, &&&&&Marshall - Wells Company (Duluth, Minnesota) - New Jersey 1923&&&&&
MAANDIOPLROC, &&&&&Marshall and Ionia Plank Road Company - Michigan 1853&&&&&
MARFIELCOM, &&&&&Marshall Field & Company (Marshall Field Name Changed to Macy's)&&&&&
MAFICOIL191, &&&&&Marshall Field & Company - Illinois 1925&&&&&
MAFICOIL19, &&&&&Marshall Field & Company Gold Bond - Illinois 1925 &&&&&
MASTLIOMINDE, &&&&&Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
MARSTEWLIVOM, &&&&&Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. - Martha Stewart as Chairman&&&&&
MARJOHAFEXCO, &&&&&Martin Johnson African Expedition (Famous Husband & Wife Africa Explorers / Movie Producers) - 1924&&&&&
MARTINMAR, &&&&&Martin Marietta Corporation (Lockheed Martin)&&&&&
MAMACOMA, &&&&&Martin Marietta Corporation (Now Lockheed Martin) - Maryland &&&&&
MAMACOMA19, &&&&&Martin Marietta Corporation - Maryland 1981&&&&&
MAANDWITUCOV, &&&&&Martinsburg and Winchester Turnpike Company - Virginia 1855&&&&&
MAENIN20, &&&&&Marvel Enterprises, Inc. ( Famous Comic Book Publisher including Spiderman )&&&&&
MAENGRINPRDE, &&&&&Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. Specimen Proof (Marvel Comics) - Delaware 1991&&&&&
MACAMICOCO19, &&&&&Mary Cashen Mining Company - Cripple Creek Mining District - Battle Mountain, Colorado 1902&&&&&
MALICACOINDE, &&&&&Mary Lincoln Candy Company , Inc. - Delaware 1921&&&&&
MAMALOCASTDE, &&&&&Mary Mary Lobby Card Starring Debbie Reynolds - 1963&&&&&
MAANDNEWYOIR, &&&&&Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company - Maryland 1852&&&&&
MARYLANDBONDS, &&&&&Maryland Bonds&&&&&
MACERACOUNST, &&&&&Maryland Central Railway Company - United States 1889&&&&&
MAFRMIANDMAC, &&&&&Maryland Freestone Mining and Manufacturing Company (Seneca Sandstone Company) - Maryland 1870&&&&&
MAMECOMA19, &&&&&Maryland Medical College - Maryland 1904 &&&&&
MAMOCARCOMA1, &&&&&Maryland Motor Car Company - Maryland 1917&&&&&
MASHDRCOMA19, &&&&&Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock Company - Maryland 1957 &&&&&
MASHCOMA19, &&&&&Maryland Shoe Company - Cumberland, Maryland 1913&&&&&
MASMCOCOWEVI, &&&&&Maryland Smokeless Coal Company - West Virginia 1903&&&&&
MATAANDSPCOM, &&&&&Maryland Tack and Specialty Company - Maryland 1911&&&&&
MARTELINC, &&&&&Maryland Telecommunications, Inc.&&&&&
MAGOMICOPACO, &&&&&Mascotte Gold Mining Company (Uncancelled) - Park County, Colorado 1901&&&&&
MACIHOCODE19, &&&&&Mason City Hotel Company - Delaware 1922&&&&&
MASCITHOTCOM, &&&&&Mason City Hotel Company 1922&&&&&
MACISAGRANDS, &&&&&Mason City Sand, Gravel and Stone Company - Iowa 1920&&&&&
MASMULPLATWA, &&&&&Mason Multiple Plate Washer Company 1908&&&&&
MAANDNEWMECO, &&&&&Massachusetts and New Mexico Consolidated Mining Company (Purchase Money Bond) - Mines at Eureka, Grand County, New Mexico -1882&&&&&
MASANDNEWMEX1, &&&&&Massachusetts and New Mexico Consolidated Mining Company 1881&&&&&
MABO, &&&&&Massachusetts Bonds&&&&&
MACRSOMA18, &&&&&Massachusetts Cremation Society signed by James Read Chadwick MD - Boston, Massachusetts 1897 &&&&&
MAGASCOMA18, &&&&&Massachusetts Gas Company - Massachusetts 1866 &&&&&
MASHEALANDED, &&&&&Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority - Municipal Bond&&&&&
MASINFINAG, &&&&&Massachusetts Industrial Finance Agency - Municipal Revenue Bond&&&&&
MASPOWANDLIG1, &&&&&Massachusetts Power and Light Associates&&&&&
MASPOWANDLIG, &&&&&Massachusetts Power and Light Associates ( Early New England Electric System Company )&&&&&
MASMANDRECO, &&&&&Massachusetts Smelting and Refining Company - Denver, Colorado 1884&&&&&
COOFMAMA17, &&&&&Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture - 1793 &&&&&
MASEY, &&&&&Massey Ferguson Farm Equipment Company&&&&&
MABACOOPSUCO, &&&&&Master Barbers Co- Operative Supply Co. - Michigan, 1921&&&&&
MAINMESECE18, &&&&&Master in the Merchant Service Certificate ( Merchant Shipping) - Board of Trade, Port of Liverpool, England 1873&&&&&
MAPAANDDECON, &&&&&Master Painters' and Decorators' Company - New Jersey 1913&&&&&
MASESEINWA19, &&&&&Master Security Services, Inc. - Washington 1981&&&&&
MASSCHOOLALC, &&&&&Mastick School, Alameda, California Postcard&&&&&
MATFIELSACCA, &&&&&Mather Field - Sacramento, California&&&&&
MAALWOVI19, &&&&&Mathieson Alkali Works (Became Olin Industries )- Saltville, Virginia 1941&&&&&
MANACO19, &&&&&Matson Navigation Company signed by Founder, William Matson and Castle and Cooke's President, Edward Davies Tenney - 1916&&&&&
MANACO19SIBY, &&&&&Matson Navigation Company signed twice by Founder, William Matson - California &&&&&
LEFRMAMACO18, &&&&&Matteawan Machine Company Stock Subscription Agreement with 28 Signatures - New York, 1852 &&&&&
MATOYCO, &&&&&Mattel Toy Company&&&&&
MATIN, &&&&&Mattel Toy Company&&&&&
MATTELINC, &&&&&Mattel Toy Company (Color Picture and Barbie Vignette) - Specimen&&&&&
MATTOYCOMCOL, &&&&&Mattel Toy Company - Colorful Vignette&&&&&
MATOVI, &&&&&Mattel Toys Vignette&&&&&
MATINCTOYCOM, &&&&&Mattel. Inc. Toy Company Stock Certificate (Ruth Handler as President)&&&&&
MABRPH, &&&&&Maud Branscombe Photograph&&&&&
MALAPICOINHA, &&&&&Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc. - Hawaii&&&&&
MATELCOM1, &&&&&Maui Telephone Company 190_&&&&&
MATELCOM2, &&&&&Maui Telephone Company 1910 - Issued&&&&&
MAULTECCOR, &&&&&Maul Technology Corporation (L-G-M Corp) 1980&&&&&
MAULININC, &&&&&Maule Industries Inc.&&&&&
MARIMOCAAUPU, &&&&&Maurice Richard Montreal Canadiens Autographed Puck&&&&&
MAVPRODCOMST, &&&&&Maverick Production Company Stock Certificate (Unrelated to Sarah Palin)&&&&&
STNABAVE19, &&&&&Maxfield Parrish handsigned Check issued in 1932&&&&&
MACODE1, &&&&&Maxtor Corporation, Delaware ( hard disk drive manafacturer )&&&&&
MACOCO, &&&&&Maxwell Communication Corporation, PLC ( Famous Fraud founded by Robert Maxwell) - UK&&&&&
MAYCOMDEPSTO, &&&&&May Company Department Store - Founder Morton May as President&&&&&
MAYDAYMINMIL, &&&&&May Day Mining & Milling Co. - Tintic Mining District, Utah 1910&&&&&
MAYMAPACOINM, &&&&&May Manton Pattern Company, Inc. - Massachusetts 1916&&&&&
MAYHOTWASDC1, &&&&&Mayflower Hotel (Famous Washington DC Hotel) 1920's&&&&&
JWMAYSINC, &&&&&Mays ( J. W. ), Inc. ( Famous New York Department Store )&&&&&
MAYMINCOM19, &&&&&Mays Mining Company 1905 - Incorporated in the Territory of Arizona&&&&&
MAYTAG, &&&&&Maytag Corporation ( Famous Household Appliance Company - Maytag Man )&&&&&
MACODE, &&&&&Maytag Corporation (Famous Household Appliance Company) - Delaware 1992&&&&&
MACODE19, &&&&&Maytag Corporation - Delaware 1932&&&&&
MAYAP, &&&&&Maytag Guarantee Bond 1924&&&&&
MAVECOCOAR19, &&&&&Mazatzal Verde Copper Company - Arizona 1917&&&&&
MBCACPRDE, &&&&&MBNA Captial C Proof - Delaware&&&&&
MCAINCSPECIMEN, &&&&&MCA Inc. (Music Corporation of America) Universal Studios with Lew Wasserman as Chairman - 1988 &&&&&
MCCAWCELCOMI, &&&&&McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc.&&&&&
MCCECOINDE19, &&&&&McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc. ( Craig McCaw's Early Cellular Company )- Delaware 1987&&&&&
MCLACOMI19, &&&&&McClure Land Company signed by James G. Pierce as President - Michigan 1924&&&&&
MCFROILCOLIC, &&&&&McColl Frontenac Oil Company Limited - Canada 1958&&&&&
MCCOMICOOWMI, &&&&&McCracken Consolidated Mining Company - Owen Mining District. Mohave Co, Arizona 1877&&&&&
NONAME79, &&&&&McCrory Stores Corporation&&&&&
MCOILCOOFCAD, &&&&&McCulloch Oil Corporation of California - Delaware 1968&&&&&
MCPRCRCONE19, &&&&&McCulloch Properties Credit Corporation (Lake Havasu Founder) - Nevada 1975&&&&&
MCCOSCDIGE19, &&&&&McDuffie County School District - Georgia 1993&&&&&
MCGRAWHILPUB1, &&&&&McGraw - Hill Publishing Company&&&&&
MCGRAWHILPUB, &&&&&McGraw - Hill Publishing Company, Inc.&&&&&
MCHIINBOPU19, &&&&&McGraw - Hill, Inc. - ( Standard & Poor's Financial Services and Book Publishing) - 1973&&&&&
MCGRAWHILLINC, &&&&&McGraw-Hill, Inc.&&&&&
MCSTCODE, &&&&&McGrory Stores Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
MCICOCODE19, &&&&&MCI Communications Corporation ( RARE Specimen Bond) Pre Worldcom Merger - Delaware&&&&&
MCI, &&&&&MCI Communications Corporation Bond ( Pre Worldcom Merger )&&&&&
MCMIANDLUCO1, &&&&&McIntire Mining and Lumbering Company - Placer County, California 1886&&&&&
MCEICOTE19, &&&&&McKean, Eilers & Co. Dry Goods and Dress Goods - Austin, Texas 1900&&&&&
MCKESROBIN, &&&&&McKesson & Robbins Incorporated&&&&&
MCANDBEMACO1, &&&&&McLean and Bennor Machine Company of Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Treadle sewing machine vignette - 1876&&&&&
MCMILGOLMINL, &&&&&McMillan Gold Mines, Limited 1936 - Sudbury Mining Division, Ontario Canada&&&&&
MCTYSEMACONE, &&&&&McMillan Type - Setting Machine Company - Glens Falls, New York 1890&&&&&
MCNOMACONEWY, &&&&&McNutt Non-Explosive Manufacturing Company - New York 1908&&&&&
MCOILCO19, &&&&&McPhail Oil Company - Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas 1922&&&&&
MCTERRUBCO, &&&&&McTernen Rubber Co. 1909 - Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
MEADCOR, &&&&&Mead Corporation&&&&&
MEADCOR1, &&&&&Mead Corporation&&&&&
MEENCOOH, &&&&&Mead Engine Company (Speedwell Motor Car ), Dayton, Ohio 1911&&&&&
MEINGRINMI, &&&&&Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. - Michigan&&&&&
MECRUBCOM, &&&&&Mechanical Rubber Company 1890s - New Jersey&&&&&
MEBAOFBUVE18, &&&&&Mechanics Bank of Burlington - New Jersey 1880 &&&&&
MENABAOFWOMA, &&&&&Mechanics National Bank of Worchester - Massachusetts 1964&&&&&
MEINDE19, &&&&&Medcom, Inc. - Delaware 1972&&&&&
MEDCARINCSTO, &&&&&Medi Card Inc Stock Certificate&&&&&
MEDGENINC, &&&&&Media General Inc. - Virginia&&&&&
MEGEINVI19, &&&&&Media General Inc. - Virginia 1969&&&&&
MEDIAONEGROUP, &&&&&Media One Group ( Became ATT now Comcast )&&&&&
MEDIA, &&&&&Media, Newspapers, Publishing, Cable TV&&&&&
MEHAOFTRUNCE, &&&&&Medical Hall of Transylvania University Stock Certificate - Lexington, Kentucky 1827&&&&&
MEMAINSTCEMA, &&&&&Medical Marijuana Inc. Stock Certificate printed on hemp paper&&&&&
METIPUCOCO19, &&&&&Medical Times Publishing Company - Colorado 1906&&&&&
MEDICAL, &&&&&Medical, Health Care, Drugs&&&&&
MECOPE19, &&&&&Medisan Corporation - Pennsylvania 1946 &&&&&
MEDTECCOR, &&&&&Mediscience Technology Corp.&&&&&
MEDELTELCOM1, &&&&&Mediterranean Electric Telegraph Company - 1853&&&&&
MEINDE, &&&&&Medivation, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
MEEKBAYANDRU, &&&&&Meek's Bay and Rubicon Peaks, Lake Tahoe Postcard&&&&&
MEBREN19, &&&&&Meiggs Brothers issued to Charles Van Raalte - England 1902&&&&&
JAPANESEBOND11, &&&&&Meiji Cement Company - Japan 1908&&&&&
MESURACO18, &&&&&Melbourne & Suburban Railway Company - Australia 1859&&&&&
METWBACLINMI, &&&&&Melbourne Twins Baseball Club, Inc. (Minnesota Twins Farm Club) - Minnesota 1964&&&&&
MEBACOPE, &&&&&Mellon Bank Corporation (Became Bank of New York Mellon) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania&&&&&
MELAHOCA, &&&&&Melody Lane Restaurant - Hollywood, Wilshire, Downtown - California 1940's&&&&&
MESTGOSICOMI, &&&&&Melones & Stanislaus Gold, Silver, & Copper Mining Co. (Rare)- San Francisco, California 1864&&&&&
MEMICOWEVI18, &&&&&Melones Mining Company - Melones, California 1899&&&&&
MESHCONEWYO, &&&&&Melville Shoe Corporation (Now CVS) - New York&&&&&
MECEOFAMNARE, &&&&&Membership Certificate of The American National Red Cross - Woodrow Wilson as President - 1917&&&&&
MEMCERTOTELP, &&&&&Membership Certificate to the Telephone Pioneers of America 1938&&&&&
MEMPROSAMBAS, &&&&&Memphis American Basketball Association (Pre Memphis Grizzlies) - Tennessee 1971&&&&&
MEMANDGULRAI, &&&&&Memphis and Gulf Railroad Company 1907 Gold Bond&&&&&
MESEANDBRRAR, &&&&&Memphis, Selma, and Brunswick Rail Road - Tennessee 1882&&&&&
MEGOMICOIL18, &&&&&Mendenhall Gold Mining Co. - Illinois 1894&&&&&
MENTRUSCOMAR, &&&&&Menotomy Trust Company - Arlington, Mass 1940 - Indian Vignette&&&&&
MENPRODCOM19, &&&&&Menthol Products Company 1920&&&&&
MEBAOFNAFL19, &&&&&Mercantile Bank of Naples - Florida 1986&&&&&
MERLIBCOM183, &&&&&Mercantile Library Company 1858 - Philadelphia&&&&&
MERLIBCOM181, &&&&&Mercantile Library Company 1898 - Philadelphia&&&&&
MERLIBCOM19, &&&&&Mercantile Library Company 1912 - Philadelphia&&&&&
MELICOOFPH18, &&&&&Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia 1863 signed by Thomas Morris Perot&&&&&
MERLIBCOMOFP, &&&&&Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia 1890 signed by Morris Perot&&&&&
MERSECCOM19D, &&&&&Mercantile Security Company 1912 - Delaware&&&&&
METRFOLTCA19, &&&&&Mercantile Transport & Forwarding, Ltd. - Canada 1938 &&&&&
MEATPAASNEWJ, &&&&&Mercer Athletic Park Association - New Jersey 1870&&&&&
MEMIANDMACO1, &&&&&Mercer Mining and Manufacturing Company - Mercer, Pennsylvania 1869&&&&&
MEHOCOME19, &&&&&Merchant's Hotel Company of Baltimore City - Maryland 1904&&&&&
MENABABUVE18, &&&&&Merchant's National Bank ( Civil War Widow Pension Payments) Burlington - Vermont 1872&&&&&
MENABARIVA19, &&&&&Merchant's National Bank - Richmond, VA 1901&&&&&
MEMABAOFNENE, &&&&&Merchants & Manufacturers Bank of Newark (RN-U1 imprinted revenue stamp Internal Revenue tax ) - New Jersey 1872&&&&&
MEANDFABAROM, &&&&&Merchants and Farmers Bank - Rolla, Missouri 1927 &&&&&
MEANDMITRCON, &&&&&Merchants and Miners Transportation Company - New York &&&&&
MERANDPLANBA, &&&&&Merchants and Planters Bank 1909 - South Carolina&&&&&
MERDISTRANCO, &&&&&Merchants Despatch Transportation Company - New York 1871&&&&&
MEDICOIN19, &&&&&Merchants Distilling Company ( Made Whiskey) - Indiana 1955&&&&&
MERDISCOR1, &&&&&Merchants Distilling Corporation 1936 - Terre Haute, Indiana&&&&&
MEEXBABRTE18, &&&&&Merchants Exchange Bank - Bristol, Tenn. 1890&&&&&
MEREXOFSTLOU1, &&&&&Merchants Exchange of St. Louis - Early Commodity market - Eads Bridge Vignette&&&&&
MELOANDTRCOI, &&&&&Merchants Loan and Trust Company - Chicago, Illinois 1899&&&&&
MENABANEWYO1, &&&&&Merchants National Bank - Poughkeepsie, New York - 1874&&&&&
MERNATBAN, &&&&&Merchants National Bank 1866 signed by famous publisher Joel Munsell&&&&&
MERNATBANCHE, &&&&&Merchants National Bank Check 1874 - East Saginaw&&&&&
MENABACHSIBY, &&&&&Merchants National Bank check signed by Famous Whaler, Andrew Hicks - New Bedford, Connecticut 1860&&&&&
MENABAOFBUVE1, &&&&&Merchants National Bank of Burlington, Vermont signed by Hickok - 1872&&&&&
MENABAOFPLNE, &&&&&Merchants National Bank of Plattsburgh - New York 1921&&&&&
MENABAOFPLNE1, &&&&&Merchants National Bank of Plattsburgh - New York 1926&&&&&
MESTCOONCA19, &&&&&Merchants Steamship Company, Limited $500 Gold Bond - Ontario, Canada 1908&&&&&
MERSTORANDWA, &&&&&Merchants Storage and Warehouse Company 1885 - New York&&&&&
MERUNEXCO18, &&&&&Merchants Union Express Co. ( Early American Express Company) - 1867&&&&&
MEUNTEMACOPO, &&&&&Merchants Union Telegraph Machine Company - Portland, Maine 1882&&&&&
MEANDCOINNEW1, &&&&&Merck and Company, Inc.(Specimen) - New Jersey 1968&&&&&
MERHUNDHAHAG, &&&&&Mercur Rhederei- und Handels-AG - Hamburg, Germany 1923&&&&&
MERCHEMCOR, &&&&&Mercury & Chemicals Corporation 1956&&&&&
MEREXCOR, &&&&&Mercury Export Corporation ( Cecil B. DeMille Productions ) 1922&&&&&
MERCOR, &&&&&Meredith Corporation&&&&&
METECONEWYO12, &&&&&Meredith Telephone Company - New York 1900&&&&&
MERHORBASMAC, &&&&&Mergenthaler - Horton Basket Machine Company 1905 - Fraud&&&&&
MERLINCOM18, &&&&&Mergenthaler Linotype Company (Vignette of a linotype machine) - New York 1896&&&&&
MELICONEWYO1, &&&&&Mergenthaler Linotype Company - New York 1962&&&&&
MECIGASCONEW, &&&&&Merida City Gas Company - Merica, Yucatan, Mexico - Inc in New York 1896 &&&&&
MEPACOHVIMEC, &&&&&Meriden Park Co. (Horse Vignette) signed by Nathaniel Lyman Bradley - Meriden, Connecticut 1884 &&&&&
MEMECOOH19, &&&&&Merit Medicine Company (Blood Tablet) - Cincinnati, Ohio 1910&&&&&
MELYCORSPMAS, &&&&&Merrill Lynch & Co. (Rare Specimen) - Manhattan Skyline Vignette including WTC (Acquired by Bank of America)&&&&&
MERLYNCO19, &&&&&Merrill Lynch & Co. - Manhattan Skyline Vignette including WTC (Acquired by Bank of America)&&&&&
MERLYNPIERFE, &&&&&Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Stock Certificate - Old Quotron Vignette -Donald Regan as Chairman&&&&&
MELYPIFESMST, &&&&&Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Stock Certificate handsigned by Donald Regan as Executive Vice President - 1966&&&&&
MEMOINUT191, &&&&&Merrill Mortuaries, Inc. - Utah 1931&&&&&
MERISTBOCOLI, &&&&&Mersey River Steam Boat Company Limited - England 1864&&&&&
MEINTE19, &&&&&Mesa Petroleum - T. Boone Pickens as President - Texas 1992 &&&&&
MEPICOMI19, &&&&&Mesco Pictures Corporation (Movie about Jesse James) issued to Mrs. Frank James - Missouri 1920&&&&&
MEGOANDCOMIC, &&&&&Mesquite Gold and Copper Mining Company - Territory of Arizona, 1903&&&&&
METBOXCOMLIM, &&&&&Metal Box Company Limited&&&&&
MEEXANDRECOC, &&&&&Metal Extracting and Refining Company - Los Angeles, California 1907&&&&&
MEINCDE19, &&&&&Metalloys, Inc - Delaware 1933&&&&&
MEGASCOTE19, &&&&&Methane Gas Company - Texas 1982&&&&&
METEPCHURPAC, &&&&&Methodist Episcopal Church, Pacific Grove, California Postcard&&&&&
METCOR, &&&&&Metro-Tel Corporation&&&&&
METROCALLINC, &&&&&Metrocall Paging Company&&&&&
METIN, &&&&&MetroGolf Incorporated&&&&&
METFIBNET, &&&&&Metromedia Fiber Network - Metromedia under Investigation by SEC&&&&&
MEINDE192, &&&&&Metromedia, Inc. (Became Fox Television Network) John Kluge as President - Delaware 1976&&&&&
MEINDE194, &&&&&Metromedia, Inc. (Became Fox Television Network) John Kluge as President - Delaware 1983 &&&&&
MEINDE193, &&&&&Metromedia, Inc. (Became Fox Television Network) John Kluge as President - Delaware 1984&&&&&
MEINCDE191, &&&&&Metromedia, Inc. (Became Fox Television Network) John Kluge as President - Delaware 1984&&&&&
ME5TO50CESTI, &&&&&Metropolitan 5 to 50 cent Stores, Inc. - Delaware 1922&&&&&
CHECFROMMETB1, &&&&&Metropolitan Bank Check 1850's - New York&&&&&
CHECFROMMETB, &&&&&Metropolitan Bank Check 1863 - Washington Civil War Era Tax Stamp&&&&&
METCHAINSTOR, &&&&&Metropolitan Chain Stores, Inc.&&&&&
METCREDCOR, &&&&&Metropolitan Credit Corporation 1919 - 1922&&&&&
MECRRACONEWY, &&&&&Metropolitan Cross -Town Railway Company - New York 1890&&&&&
METED1, &&&&&Metropolitan Edison (Three Mile Island Owner)&&&&&
METEDCOM, &&&&&Metropolitan Edison Company ( Early GPU Company )- Pennsylvania&&&&&
MEERCAEXCO10, &&&&&Metropolitan Errand & Carrier Express Co. - 100 Shares Stock Certificate - New York 1856&&&&&
METRAILCOM, &&&&&Metropolitan Horse Railroad Company - 1880's - Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
MEIMCONEWJE1, &&&&&Metropolitan Improvement Company - New Jersey 1893 &&&&&
MEMIANDMACOO, &&&&&Metropolitan Mining and Manufacturing Company of the District of Columbia - United States 1882&&&&&
METPAVCOM, &&&&&Metropolitan Paving Company - Illinois&&&&&
MEREESCONEWJ, &&&&&Metropolitan Real Estate Company - New Jersey 1888&&&&&
METSOUNSTUDI, &&&&&Metropolitan Sound Studios, Inc.&&&&&
METTEL, &&&&&Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph ( 6% Gold Bonds)- 1912&&&&&
METEANDTECO1, &&&&&Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company - 1912 Gold Bond&&&&&
METTRUSCOM, &&&&&Metropolitan Trust Company 1924&&&&&
METTRUSCOMOF, &&&&&Metropolitan Trust Company of California 1931&&&&&
MEWESIELRACO, &&&&&Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railway Company - Chicago "L" 1898&&&&&
METWHARANDST, &&&&&Metropolitan Wharf and Storage Company 1914 - Massachusettes&&&&&
MECOTRANDPLC, &&&&&Mexican Coffee Trading and Planting Company of New York - St. Louis, Missouri 1896 &&&&&
MEXCRUDRUBCO, &&&&&Mexican Crude Rubber Company 1927&&&&&
MEEAAG1BOME1, &&&&&Mexican Eagle $100 Bond - Republic of Mexico 1859&&&&&
MEXEXANDDEVC, &&&&&Mexican Exploration and Development Company 1903 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
MEGUHOCOPACH, &&&&&Mexican Gulf Hotel Company - Pass Christian, Mississippi - 1882&&&&&
MEXGULSULCOM, &&&&&Mexican Gulf Sulphur Company&&&&&
MEINPECODE19, &&&&&Mexican International Petroleum Corporation - Delaware 1921&&&&&
MEINSTCO, &&&&&Mexican International Steamship Company - 1890's&&&&&
MEMICOCOAR19, &&&&&Mexican Mines Control Company - Arizona 1908 &&&&&
LADURYAMDELA, &&&&&Mexican Mining Company 1912 - Mexico&&&&&
MEXNORPOWCOM1, &&&&&Mexican Northern Power Company 1911&&&&&
MEXNORPOWCOM, &&&&&Mexican Northern Power Company, Limited 1911&&&&&
MEPLASIN19, &&&&&Mexican Plantation Association Incorporated - 1909&&&&&
MEPLCONEWJE1, &&&&&Mexican Plantation Company - New Jersey 1909&&&&&
MEXSEABOILCO, &&&&&Mexican Seaboard Oil Company ( Early Seaboard Oil and Texico Company )&&&&&
METECONEWYO, &&&&&Mexican Telegraph Company - New York &&&&&
METECO18, &&&&&Mexican Telephone Company - 1882 signed by Franklin Delano - New York&&&&&
MEXTEL, &&&&&Mexican Telephone Company Stock Certificate - 1890's&&&&&
MEXTIMFIELCO, &&&&&Mexican Timber Field Company 1906&&&&&
MECO19, &&&&&Mexico Company - Delaware 1919&&&&&
MEXSILMINCOM, &&&&&Mexico Silver Mines Company - Arizona&&&&&
MEWACO19MA, &&&&&Mexico Water Company - 1928&&&&&
LATINAMERICA, &&&&&Mexico, Panama Canal, Latin America, Cuba and Caribbean&&&&&
MEXMINCOR, &&&&&Mexico-American Mining Corporation - Arizona&&&&&
MEYCOMSTLOUI, &&&&&Meyer-Blanke Company - St. Louis, Missouri&&&&&
MFGLHOLTJONC, &&&&&MF Global Holdings Ltd. (Greek Tragedy) - Jon Corzine as CEO - Major scandal&&&&&
MFGLHOLTITOG, &&&&&MF Global Holdings Ltd. (Issued to Greek Tragedy, Inc.) - Jon Corzine as CEO - Major scandal&&&&&
MFSCOMCOMINC, &&&&&MFS Communications Company Inc.&&&&&
MFSCOMCOMINC1, &&&&&MFS Communications Company Inc. ( Acquired by WorldCom )&&&&&
MGFOILCODE19, &&&&&MGF Oil Corporation - Delaware 1982&&&&&
MGINCODE19, &&&&&MGIC Investment Corporation (Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation ) - Delaware 1969&&&&&
METINC, &&&&&MGM - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.&&&&&
MGMMEINDE, &&&&&MGM Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. - Delaware 1976&&&&&
MGMMIHOLASVE, &&&&&MGM Mirage Hotel (Owners of Mandalay Bay Hotel) - Las Vegas, Nevada&&&&&
MI2HINATHELP, &&&&&Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter postcard&&&&&
MI2HINATHELP1, &&&&&Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter postcard&&&&&
MIAMBONANDMO, &&&&&Miami Bond and Mortgage Company 1926 - Gold Bond&&&&&
MWICACOMI18, &&&&&Miami Canal - Miami , Ohio - 1826&&&&&
MICOMICOAR19, &&&&&Miami Consolidated Mines Company ( Mining Scam) - Gila. Miami. Arizona 1916&&&&&
MIDICOOFHAOO, &&&&&Miami Distilling Company of Hamilton, Ohio - 1875&&&&&
MIAMSHORESIN, &&&&&Miami Shores Estates, Inc.&&&&&
GEHECOFORWOO, &&&&&Michigan Bell - General Health Course for Women of the Bell System - 1931 &&&&&
MIBETECOMI19, &&&&&Michigan Bell Telephone Company - Michigan 1959&&&&&
MICHIGAN, &&&&&Michigan Bonds&&&&&
MICH, &&&&&Michigan Central Railroad Bond circa 1854&&&&&
MICCENRAILCO1, &&&&&Michigan Central Railroad Company&&&&&
MICCENRAILCO3, &&&&&Michigan Central Railroad Company 1907&&&&&
MICOMICOSLEE, &&&&&Michigan Copper Mining Company (Scarce - Lee Degood's Michigan Mining book indicates only 11 to 25 known for unissued certificate but this one is issued)- Michigan 1907 &&&&&
MICOMICOSDBO, &&&&&Michigan Copper Mining Company (Scarce - Lee Degood's Michigan Mining book indicates only 11 to 25 known) 1915 &&&&&
MIPUSECOMI, &&&&&Michigan Public Service Company $1000 Gold Bond- Michigan &&&&&
MIUTMICO19, &&&&&Michigan Utah Mining Company - Utah 1912&&&&&
MIGOMICO19, &&&&&Micmac Gold Mining Company - Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia, Canada - 1909&&&&&
MIFOEN, &&&&&Micro Focus Group Public Limited Company - England 1990&&&&&
MICCOR, &&&&&Micro-Metals Corporation&&&&&
MIWA, &&&&&Microsoft Corporation - Bill Gates as Chairman (Rare Specimen) - Sold&&&&&
MICIN, &&&&&MicroStrategy Incorporated (Major Bitcoin Owner) - 2001&&&&&
MICROTERRAINC1, &&&&&Microterra, Inc.&&&&&
MICROTERRAINC, &&&&&Microterra, Inc.&&&&&
MIASINMA19, &&&&&Microwave Associates, Inc. (Became M/A Com) - Massachusetts 1978&&&&&
MIDOILANDDEV, &&&&&Mid-Colombia Oil and Development Company&&&&&
MIDUTCOR, &&&&&Mid-Continent Utilities Corporation 1931&&&&&
MIDBRIDCOMIN, &&&&&Mid-Continental Bridge Company, Inc. 1931&&&&&
MISIMICONE18, &&&&&Midas Silver Mining Co. - Lander Hill Reese River District - Nevada 1867 &&&&&
MIDCOR, &&&&&Midas-Lode Corporation - Nevada&&&&&
MIDDLEEAST, &&&&&Middle East&&&&&
MIDSTATCOALI, &&&&&Middle States Coal and Iron Mines Company 1906 - Gold Bond&&&&&
MISTOILCODE1, &&&&&Middle States Oil Corporation - Delaware 1923&&&&&
MIDSTATPETCO, &&&&&Middle States Petroleum Corporation (Tennessee Gas Transmission Company )&&&&&
MIDSTATPETCO1, &&&&&Middle States Petroleum Corporation 1930 ( Now El Paso Natural Gas )&&&&&
MIANDSOTRCON, &&&&&Middlesex and Somerset Traction Company - Brunswick, New Jersey 1900&&&&&
MIDELLIGCOM1, &&&&&Middlesex Electric Light Company 1883&&&&&
MIDTONCOTMIL, &&&&&Middleton & Tonge Cotton Mill Company, Ltd. 1871&&&&&
MIDNYCHEC18, &&&&&Middletown NY Check 1867&&&&&
MIDSILLEADMI, &&&&&Middletown Silver & Lead Mining & Manufacturing Company - Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut 1855&&&&&
MISTRACOSP, &&&&&Middletown Street Railway Company - Connecticut 1890's&&&&&
MIOILCOCA19, &&&&&Midfield Oil Company - California 1940&&&&&
MIDMILTRANCO, &&&&&Midlan-Mining, Milling & Transportation Company 1923 - Colorado&&&&&
MIMIANDMICOC1, &&&&&Midland Mining and Milling Co. - Gunnison, Saguache County, Colorado 1892&&&&&
MIMIANDMICOC, &&&&&Midland Mining and Milling Co. - Gunnison, Saguache County, Colorado 1892&&&&&
MIDMORINTRUS, &&&&&Midland Mortgage Investors Trust ( Now Centennial Group, Inc. )&&&&&
MIDMARINTRUS, &&&&&Midland Mortgage Investors Trust - Massachusettes&&&&&
MIDNATGASCOM1, &&&&&Midland Natural Gas Company 1930&&&&&
MIDNATGASCOM, &&&&&Midland Natural Gas Company 1930&&&&&
MIDOPCOM, &&&&&Midland Operating Company 1909 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
MIPERACOPE19, &&&&&Midland Pennsylvania Railroad Company - Pennsylvania 1910&&&&&
MIDUNCOM, &&&&&Midland United Company 1931&&&&&
MIFRLOCASTSU, &&&&&Midnite Frolics Lobby Card Starring Sunny Knight and Mickey Ginger Jones&&&&&
MIFRLOCASTSU1, &&&&&Midnite Frolics Lobby Card starring Sunny Knight and Mickey Ginger Jones&&&&&
MIBAOFNEWYON, &&&&&Midtown Bank of New York ( Became JPMorgan Chase ) - New York 1928 &&&&&
MIAMPAFL19, &&&&&Midway Amusement Park - Florida 1925&&&&&
MIHOCOIL19, &&&&&Midway Hotel Company signed by Levin Faust - Rockford, Illinois 1929&&&&&
MIDANDGULOIL, &&&&&Midwest and Gulf Oil Corporation&&&&&
MIASCOAR19, &&&&&Midwest Asbestos Company - Incorporated in Arizona 1915&&&&&
MIEXINOK19, &&&&&Midwest Exploration, Inc. - Oklahoma 1981 &&&&&
MIDEXHOLINCW, &&&&&Midwest Express Holdings, Inc. - Wisconsin&&&&&
MIREINIO, &&&&&Midwest Resources Inc. - Iowa ( MidAmerican Energy )&&&&&
MIDOILREFCOM, &&&&&Midwestern Oil Refining Company - Prop used in Movies at Christie Film Company&&&&&
MIKHENOILCOM, &&&&&Mike Henry Oil Company 1920's&&&&&
MISCCO, &&&&&Mike Scioscia Contract (Los Angeles Dodgers & Los Angeles Angeles) - 1976&&&&&
MILCONMINCOM, &&&&&Mildred Consolidated Mining Company 1924 - Arizona&&&&&
MIROLICA, &&&&&Mile Rocks Lighthouse, California&&&&&
STCE, &&&&&Miles Laboratories, Inc. - Indiana - 1968&&&&&
MILPETEXCOM, &&&&&Miley Petroleum Exploration Company&&&&&
MITHINCPE19, &&&&&Milford Theater, Inc - Pennsylvania 1962&&&&&
MILAV, &&&&&Military Aviation Postcards&&&&&
MIPOSTRACO18, &&&&&Military Post Street Railway Bond Certificate - Burlington, Vermont - 1895&&&&&
MIHISTINTRON, &&&&&Mill Hill Store, Obsolete Currency - Trenton, New Jersey - 1837&&&&&
MILTONMINCOM, &&&&&Millbrae Tonopah Mining Company 1900&&&&&
MILTRAINCONC, &&&&&Miller Train Control Corporation 1911 - 1913&&&&&
MILCOM, &&&&&Miller=Closman Company&&&&&
MICONEWYO19, &&&&&Millergraph Company - New York 1911 &&&&&
MILCOM1, &&&&&Milliken Company&&&&&
MIDOSANE, &&&&&Million Dollar Saloon (Oh My) - Famous Strip Club in Texas&&&&&
MINE20, &&&&& ( Dot Com Bomb - Stock should have been renamed to Pennyaire) - Nevada 2001&&&&&
MINE, &&&&& - Nevada&&&&&
MIGIGODENEWJ, &&&&&Mills & Gibb Gold Debenture - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
MILCOLOAKCAL, &&&&&Mills College - Oakland, California Postcard&&&&&
MILBUTATCOMN, &&&&&Mills' Button Hole Attachment Company - Trendle sewing machine vignette - New Jersey 1886&&&&&
MIEXGOMICOAR, &&&&&Milltown Extension Gold Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield - Arizona 1916&&&&&
MIFRMICOAR19, &&&&&Milltown Fraction Mining Company - Goldfleld Mining. District, County of Esmeralda, Nevada - Incorporated in Arizona 1907&&&&&
MIIRWOSHGRDO, &&&&&Millwall Iron Works Shipbuilding & Graving Docks Company - England 1864&&&&&
MILBRADCOM, &&&&&Milton Bradley Company&&&&&
MIANDCRCRGOM1, &&&&&Milwaukee and Cripple Creek Gold Mining and Leasing Company (Mines in the Golden Circle, Cripple Creek District) - Colorado 1896&&&&&
MIANDCRCRGOM, &&&&&Milwaukee and Cripple Creek Gold Mining and Leasing Company - Colorado 1896 &&&&&
MIBRINDE1, &&&&&Milwaukee Braves, Inc. (Pre Atlanta Braves) - Delaware&&&&&
MIDELTAME19, &&&&&Minas del Tajo - Mexico 1936&&&&&
MIPRMICONEWY, &&&&&Minas Prietas Mining Company - Mines in Sonora, Mexico Incorporated in New York 1881&&&&&
MISECOMA19, &&&&&Mine Securities Corporation - Properties in the Ketchlkan mining district, Alaska - 1907 &&&&&
DEOFINUNSTPA, &&&&&Mine Trap Door - Department of the Interior United States Patent Office - 1907&&&&&
MIPITIDEACME, &&&&&Minera Pillzhum (La Compania) - Guayaquil, Equador - 1892 &&&&&
MICRMICONEWY, &&&&&Mineral Creek Mining Co. Pinal County, Arizona Territory - New York 1888&&&&&
MINDEVCOM, &&&&&Mineral Development Company 1906 - 1909&&&&&
MIRAMICOUT, &&&&&Mineral Range Mines Company - Utah 1923&&&&&
MINSPRINMANA, &&&&&Mineral Springs Manufacturing and Investment Company - Denver Colorado - 1880's&&&&&
MINEQCOM, &&&&&Minerals Equipment Company 1928&&&&&
MIANDMESAAND, &&&&&Miners and Merchants Savings and Trust Company - Ohio &&&&&
MIDECOSODA19, &&&&&Miners Development Corporation - South Dakota 1905&&&&&
MIMOFR, &&&&&Minerva Motors 1929 - France&&&&&
MIININMI, &&&&&Miniature Instruments, Inc. - Minnesota &&&&&
MINING-STOCKS, &&&&&Mining&&&&&
MININGPACKAGE1, &&&&&Mining and Oil Packages&&&&&
MINSTOCCOMBE, &&&&&Mining Companies beginning with the letters A - B&&&&&
MINSTOCCOMBE1, &&&&&Mining Companies beginning with the letters C - D&&&&&
MINSTOCCOMBE2, &&&&&Mining Companies beginning with the letters E - I&&&&&
MINCOMBEGWIT, &&&&&Mining Companies beginning with the letters N - R&&&&&
MINCOMBEGWIT1, &&&&&Mining Companies beginning with the letters S - Z&&&&&
MISEBYPRRA, &&&&&Mining Search by Price Range&&&&&
MINSTOCCOMBE3, &&&&&Mining Stock Companies beginning with the letters J - M&&&&&
MINGASCOM, &&&&&Minneapolis Gas Company ( Now Reliant Energy Minnegasco )&&&&&
MINTHEATCOM, &&&&&Minneapolis Theatre Company 1936&&&&&
MIWAPAPAANDT, &&&&&Minneapolis Wall Paper Pasting and Trimming Machine Company - Kansas 1917&&&&&
MISTPAROANDD, &&&&&Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction ( Dan Patch Air Line) - 1913&&&&&
MIRECODE19, &&&&&Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company - Delaware 1961&&&&&
MINGASCOM1, &&&&&Minnesota Gas Company&&&&&
MINMINMANCOM, &&&&&Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company (3M) 1903 - Signed by 3M Company Founders&&&&&
MINSOAPCOM18, &&&&&Minnesota Soap Company 188X&&&&&
MILAIRCOAR19, &&&&&Minnesota Texas Land & Irrigation Company - Minneapolis 1901&&&&&
MINMOORMINDE1, &&&&&Minnie Moore Mine Development Company - Wood River, Idaho&&&&&
MINHOMCOM19, &&&&&Minter Homes Company 1920&&&&&
MIBASSOAM19, &&&&&Miquel & Bacardi, S.A. signed by E. Bacardi - Cuba 1956&&&&&
MIHOSAFL19, &&&&&Mira-Mar Hotel - Sarasota, Florida 1923&&&&&
MIRRESINC, &&&&&Mirage Resorts, Inc. - Las Vegas Hotel Company - Stephen Wynn as Chairman&&&&&
MISCPOSTCARDS, &&&&&Misc Postcards - Old&&&&&
MIPA, &&&&&Miscellaneous Packages&&&&&
MISPWHCOID19, &&&&&Miskin Spring Wheel Company - Idaho 1912&&&&&
MICADERAEFOC, &&&&&Miss California Deanna Rae Fogarty - California 1979-1980&&&&&
MICALUBUCA19, &&&&&Miss California Lucianne Buchanan - California 1974&&&&&
MICAPACA19, &&&&&Miss California Pageant - California 1974&&&&&
MICAPACEOFAP, &&&&&Miss California Pageant Certificate of Appreciation - California 1978&&&&&
MICAPACEOFAP2, &&&&&Miss California Pageant Certificate of Appreciation - California 1981&&&&&
MICAPACEOFAP1, &&&&&Miss California Pageant Certificate of Appreciation - California 1983&&&&&
MICAROJEBRCA, &&&&&Miss California Robin Jelene Brooks - California 1980-1981&&&&&
NORAMUTSECCO1, &&&&&Mission Orange Inc. 1932- Nevada&&&&&
MISSANCARDEL, &&&&&Mission San Carlos Del Carmelo, California Postcard&&&&&
MISSANJUANBA, &&&&&Mission San Juan Bautista, California Postcard&&&&&
MISSANMIGCAL, &&&&&Mission San Miguel, California Postcard&&&&&
MISMISRAILRO, &&&&&Mississippi & Missouri Rail Road Company signed by General and Governor John Dix&&&&&
MIBO, &&&&&Mississippi Bonds&&&&&
MISRIVCOR, &&&&&Mississippi River Corporation ( Now Union Pacific )&&&&&
MISRIVFUELCO, &&&&&Mississippi River Fuel Corporation&&&&&
MISVALSOUTAM, &&&&&Mississippi Valley, South America and Orient Steamship Company 1911&&&&&
MISSOURI, &&&&&Missouri Bonds&&&&&
MISPACCOR, &&&&&Missouri Pacific Railroad Corporation (Became Union Pacific) &&&&&
MISKANANDTEX, &&&&&Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company (MKT) - 1892&&&&&
MIKAANDTERAC3, &&&&&Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company - Preferred Stock - New York 1899&&&&&
MISKANANDTEX4, &&&&&Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1886&&&&&
MISKANANDTEX6, &&&&&Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1887 signed by George Jay Gould&&&&&
MISKANANDTEX8, &&&&&Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 1898&&&&&
MIKAANDTERAC7, &&&&&Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company signed by Robber Barron Jay Gould as President - New York 1880&&&&&
MIELCO19, &&&&&Misubishi Electric Corporation - 1970&&&&&
MITELCERINGE, &&&&&Mitsubishi Electric Certificate in German&&&&&
MICOJA19, &&&&&Mitsui & Company - Japan 1969&&&&&
MITBANSECCOR, &&&&&Mitten Bank Securities Corporation 1927-1938&&&&&
MOCOLIMI19, &&&&&Mo-Ark Coach Lines - Missouri 1943&&&&&
MOALPICO, &&&&&Mobil Alaska Pipeline Company - 1978&&&&&
MOCOSP19, &&&&&Mobil Corporation Specimen - 1981&&&&&
MOCOPREEXME, &&&&&Mobil Corporation Specimen - Pre Exxon Merger - 1982&&&&&
MOOILCONEWYO, &&&&&Mobil Oil Corporation - Pre Exxon Merger - New York -1966&&&&&
MOBALAEXCHEC, &&&&&Mobile Alabama Exchange Check 1845&&&&&
MOBANDBIRRAI, &&&&&Mobile and Birmingham Railroad Company 1899&&&&&
MOANDGIRAROC, &&&&&Mobile and Girard Rail Road Company - Alabama 1866&&&&&
MOBANDOHRAIL1, &&&&&Mobile and Ohio Rail Road Company 1868 - 1870&&&&&
MOFIDEINCOAL, &&&&&Mobile Fire Department Insurance Company - Mobile, Alabama 1876&&&&&
MOBLIGANDRAI, &&&&&Mobile Light and Railroad Company 1902 - Alabama&&&&&
MOOILCOAL19, &&&&&Mobile-Beaumont Oil Company - Mobile, Alabama 1901&&&&&
MODBURANDFIR, &&&&&Modern Burglar and Fire Alarm Company 1905&&&&&
MODDATTECINC, &&&&&Modern Data Techniques, Inc. - Old Punch Card Vignette&&&&&
MOOUADCO, &&&&&Modern Outdoor Advertising Co. - Michigan 1939&&&&&
MODREFCOM, &&&&&Modern Refrigerator Company 1920's&&&&&
MOSTANDSCPA, &&&&&Modern Stocks and Scandal Packages&&&&&
MODWOODOFAM, &&&&&Modern Woodmen of America 1920's - Jack Nicholson Played Woodmen Actuary in About Schmidt&&&&&
MODHIGSCHOOL, &&&&&Modesto High School, Modesto, California Postcard&&&&&
MODMANCOM, &&&&&Modine Manufacturing Company&&&&&
MODMANCOM1, &&&&&Modine Manufacturing Company - Wisconsin&&&&&
MODAKOMEPRCO, &&&&&Mogen David Kosher Meat Products Corp. - New York &&&&&
MOMICOWEVI19, &&&&&Mogul Mining Company - 1906 &&&&&
MOGOMICOOFCA, &&&&&Mohave Gold Mining Company of California - 1904&&&&&
MOHHUDRAIL18, &&&&&Mohawk & Hudson Railroad 1839&&&&&
MOHANMINCOM, &&&&&Mohawk Annex Mining Company - Goldfield Nevada - 1907&&&&&
MODASCCONEWY, &&&&&Mohawk Data Sciences Corp. - New York 1970's &&&&&
MOHEXMINCOM, &&&&&Mohawk Extension Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1907&&&&&
MOMICO, &&&&&Mohawk Mining Company (Lee DeGood's Michigan mining book states only 6 to 10 known) - Michigan 1920&&&&&
MOMICO1, &&&&&Mohawk Mining Company (Native American Indian Chief) - Michigan 1929&&&&&
MOMICOMI19, &&&&&Mohawk Mining Company (Rare very few known according to Lee Degood's book) - Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan 1907&&&&&
MORUCOUNANDS, &&&&&Mohawk Rubber Company (Indians in canoe vignette) - Akron, Ohio 1922&&&&&
MORUCOUNOH, &&&&&Mohawk Rubber Company - Akron, Ohio &&&&&
MOHVALBAN, &&&&&Mohawk Valley Bank Check in 1848 signed by Francis E. Spinner (Treasurer of the United States during Civil War)&&&&&
MOHICANCLUB, &&&&&Mohican Club 1907 - Vermont&&&&&
MOHCOPCOM, &&&&&Mohican Copper Company 1918 - Plomosa District, Yuma County, Arizona&&&&&
MOHPULANDPAP, &&&&&Mohican Pulp and Paper Company 1911&&&&&
MOSTINNEWYO1, &&&&&Mohican Stores, Inc. (Early Grocery Store Chain) - New York 1936 &&&&&
MOJTUNCOM1, &&&&&Mojave Tungsten Company 1917 - San Bernardino, Califonnia&&&&&
MOCAANDMICOC, &&&&&Mokelumne Hill Canal and Mining Company - Calaveras. Mokelumne - California 1852&&&&&
MOKSTEELCERC, &&&&&MoKo Company Check and Letterhead - Nice Vignettes&&&&&
MODED, &&&&&Molecular Devices -Delaware &&&&&
MOLTYPCOM19, &&&&&Molle Typewriter Company 1920 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin&&&&&
MOCOBRCO, &&&&&Molson Coors Brewing Company&&&&&
MOGOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Monadnock Gold Mining and Milling Company of Cripple Creek - Colorado 1896&&&&&
MONININC, &&&&&Monarch Industries, Inc.&&&&&
MOLIINCOSPMA, &&&&&Monarch Life Insurance Company - Springfield, Massachusetts&&&&&
MONEYSTOREINC, &&&&&Money Store Inc.&&&&&
MONPARJOCCLU1, &&&&&Monmouth Park Jockey Club&&&&&
MONPARJOCCLU, &&&&&Monmouth Park Jockey Club - Issued to David A. Werblin&&&&&
MONPARJOCCLU2, &&&&&Monmouth Park Jockey Club issued to Leon Hess - New York Jets / Amerada Hess Oil&&&&&
MOMIANDSMCO1, &&&&&Mono - Baltic Mining and Smelting Company - Colorado 1909&&&&&
MOPOCECONE191, &&&&&Monolith Portland Cement Company - Nevada 1923 &&&&&
MOPOCECONE19, &&&&&Monolith Portland Cement Company - Nevada 1937&&&&&
MONONRAILROAD, &&&&&Monon Railroad Specimen Stock Certificate - Indiana&&&&&
MONGASCOALCO, &&&&&Monongahela Gas Coal Company 1874&&&&&
MONRAILSET4C, &&&&&Monopoly Railroad Set - 4 Certificates from the Monopoly Game&&&&&
MOCOSCDIGE, &&&&&Monroe County School District - Georgia 1993&&&&&
MONCOM, &&&&&Monsanto Company&&&&&
TMPWORLDWIDE, &&&&& with Famous Logo as Vignette&&&&&
MONWORDEL20, &&&&& Worldwide ( Low serial # )&&&&&
MONELBEAUTBR, &&&&&Mont' Elisa Beauty Brand Grapes Label&&&&&
MOBOANDSHCOM, &&&&&Montague Boot and Shoe Company - Massachusetts 1856&&&&&
MOCIRODCO, &&&&&Montague City Fishing Rod Company Stock Certificate (Became Ocean City Rod and Reel) - Massachusetts 1926&&&&&
MONPAPCOM19, &&&&&Montague Paper Company 1903 - Turners Falls, Massachusettes&&&&&
MONTANA, &&&&&Montana Bonds&&&&&
MOBUFRMICOAR, &&&&&Montana Bull Frog Mining Company - Bull Frog Mining District, Nevada - 1906 &&&&&
MOBUFRMICOAR1, &&&&&Montana Bull Frog Mining Company - Bull Frog Mining District, Nevada - Incorporated in Arizona 1904&&&&&
MOCLCOCOLAMI, &&&&&Montana Clinton Copper Company - Laurium, Michigan 1910&&&&&
MONFIRCLAYCO, &&&&&Montana Fire Clay Company 1880's&&&&&
MOPHCOMO, &&&&&Montana Phonograph Company - Montana 1889&&&&&
MONSILQUEENM, &&&&&Montana Silver Queen Mining Company - Washington State&&&&&
MOSTTRSCBOMO, &&&&&Montana State Training School Bond - Montana 1955&&&&&
MOSTUNREBOSE, &&&&&Montana State University Revenue Bond Series - Missoula, Montana 1956&&&&&
MONTONCOMREO, &&&&&Montana Tonopah Company Reorganized&&&&&
MOCLSEMOBONE, &&&&&Montauk Club - New York 1935&&&&&
MONABAANDTRC, &&&&&Montclair National Bank and Trust Company Specimen - New Jersey &&&&&
MORIDRANDAUC, &&&&&Montclair Riding, Driving and Automoblie Club - New Jersey 1909&&&&&
MOCHCOWA19, &&&&&Monte Christo Corporation - Washington 1926&&&&&
MOCRGOSICOUT, &&&&&Monte Christo Gold Silver Company - Utah 1937&&&&&
MONCRISGOLCO, &&&&&Monte Cristo Gold & Copper Company 1904&&&&&
MOCRMIMICO1, &&&&&Monte Cristo Mining & Milling Company - Colorado 1889&&&&&
MONCRISMINCO1, &&&&&Monte Cristo Mining Co. 1878 - Sierra County, California&&&&&
MOCRMICOID19, &&&&&Monte Cristo Mining Company - Idaho 1931 &&&&&
MONCHEMMANCO, &&&&&Monterey Chemical Manufacturing Company - 1897&&&&&
MONVIDTELCOM, &&&&&Montevideo Telephone Company - Uruguay 1917&&&&&
MONANDERRAIL, &&&&&Montgomery and Erie Railway Company 1867-1881&&&&&
MOBRCO19MA, &&&&&Montgomery Brooks Company 1919 - Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
MOSHCOSODA19, &&&&&Montgomery Shoshone Consolidated Mining Company (Uncancelled) - Nye County. Bullfrog, Nevada 1911&&&&&
MOWACO19, &&&&&Montgomery Ward & Co. ( stagecoach, monoplane and train in vignette) - Issued in the same year of Stock Market Crash - 1929&&&&&
MOWACOIL19, &&&&&Montgomery Ward & Co.- Illinois 1927&&&&&
MONWARCREDCO, &&&&&Montgomery Ward Credit Corporation&&&&&
MOWACRCODE19, &&&&&Montgomery Ward Credit Corporation - Delaware 1977&&&&&
MOTECO18, &&&&&Montreal Telegraph Company - 1864&&&&&
MOGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Montrose Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek District, Colorado 1905&&&&&
MOMOIN19, &&&&&Mony Mortgage Investors - 1972&&&&&
MOGOANDMU19, &&&&&Moody's Industrials - 1937&&&&&
MOINSENEWJE1, &&&&&Moody's Investors Service - New Jersey&&&&&
MOIN19, &&&&&Moody's Steam Railroads Manual (American and Foreign) - 1940&&&&&
MOONMOTCARCO, &&&&&Moon Motor Car Company - Delaware 1930&&&&&
MOCOMICOWY19, &&&&&Moon-Anchor Copper Mining Company - Encampment, Carbon Co., Wyoming 1902&&&&&
MONABANEWJE1, &&&&&Moorestown National Bank - New Jersey 1885 - Harvester Vignette&&&&&
MOTRCONEWJE1, &&&&&Moorestown Trust Company - New Jersey 1929 &&&&&
MOSMANDRECOC1, &&&&&Moose Smelting and Refining Company - Convertible Gold Bond - Dudley, Park County, Colorado,, 1911&&&&&
MOLAYACLMA19, &&&&&Moosehead Lake Yacht Club issued to Jay Cooke Jr. - Kineo, Maine 1908&&&&&
MORANCOMPANY, &&&&&Moran Company - State of Washington&&&&&
MORMOTTRUCCO, &&&&&Moreland Motor Truck Company 1935 ( Fire and Hauling Truck Manufacturer )&&&&&
MOAETRPE19, &&&&&Morgan Aeronautical Trust - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1926 &&&&&
MORGREATVALC, &&&&&Morgan Great Valley Corporation&&&&&
MOLOCASTMABR, &&&&&Morituri Lobby Card Starring Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner - 1965&&&&&
MOSEMACOMA18, &&&&&Morley Sewing Machine Company - Maine 1890&&&&&
MOCOSOINNEWY1, &&&&&Morningside Cooperative Society, Inc. - New York 1947 &&&&&
MOCOSOINNEWY, &&&&&Morningside Cooperative Society, Inc. - New York 1948 &&&&&
MORMANCOM19, &&&&&Morrhistinol Manufacturing Company 1903&&&&&
MORANDESRAIL, &&&&&Morris and Essex Rail Road Company&&&&&
MOCAANDBACOO1, &&&&&Morris Canal and Banking Company of 1844 - dated 1868&&&&&
MOCAANDBACOO, &&&&&Morris Canal and Banking Company of 1844 - New York &&&&&
MOININDE19, &&&&&Morris Industries, Inc. - Omaha, Nebraska 1972&&&&&
MORHOTCOR, &&&&&Morrison Hotel Corporation - Famous Chicago Hotel&&&&&
MOBAYOILCOCA, &&&&&Morro Bay Oil Company - San Luis Obispo, California, California 1908&&&&&
MORBAYCALSAN, &&&&&Morro Bay, California, San luis Obispo County Postcard&&&&&
MODOTWOCYENC, &&&&&Morrow Double Two Cycle Engine Company - San Francisco, California 1907&&&&&
MOCOOFNEWYOC, &&&&&Mortbon Corporation of New York - New York 1935&&&&&
MORSECCOM, &&&&&Mortgage Securities Company - December 1929&&&&&
MORSECBUILAN, &&&&&Mortgage Security Building and Loan Association 1935 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
MOPRIN19, &&&&&Morton - Norwich Products, Inc. - 1973 ( Now Procter & Gamble )&&&&&
MOWICONEWYO1, &&&&&Moselle Wine Company - New York 1896&&&&&
MOLAGRWES18, &&&&&Mosquito Land Grants signed by Captain Bedford Pim - Westminster, S.W. Great Britain 1868 &&&&&
MOSILICLBUCO, &&&&&Moss Side Liberal Club Building Company Limited - England 1877&&&&&
MO6LIPARSPDE, &&&&&Motel 6, Limited Partnership (Rare Specimen) - Delaware 1989&&&&&
MOMATRSCINDE, &&&&&Motel Managers Training School Inc. - Delaware 1969&&&&&
MOCHCOPE18, &&&&&Moth-Proof Chest Company - Pennsylvania 1872 &&&&&
MOGOGOGOLOCA, &&&&&Mother Goose A Go Go Lobby Card Starring Tom Kirk, Jacques Bergerac, and Anne Helm - 1966&&&&&
MOTLODCOALMI, &&&&&Mother Lode Coalition Mines Company 1920's&&&&&
MOT, &&&&& (Mother Nature went out of Business) &&&&&
MODE, &&&&& - Delaware 1999&&&&&
MOTCORSATCOM, &&&&&Motient Corporation - Satellite / Terrestrial Communications ( Was American Mobile Satellite )&&&&&
MOPIPRCOOFAM, &&&&&Motion Picture Producing Company of America - 1920&&&&&
CP-GAMBLE, &&&&&Motion Pictures and Other Entertainment&&&&&
MOTCOR, &&&&&Moto - Vita Corporation 1931&&&&&
MOTPRODCOM, &&&&&Motobile Products Company 1925 - Ohio&&&&&
MOCLOFAMNEWJ, &&&&&Motor Club of America - New Jersey 1988 &&&&&
MOTMILCOR, &&&&&Motor Mileage Corporation 1929&&&&&
MORATRLILOEN, &&&&&Motor Racing Track Limited - London, England 1909&&&&&
MOVEDO, &&&&&Motor Vehicle Registration Specimen Documents&&&&&
MOWEDO, &&&&&Motor Vehicle Specimen Documents&&&&&
MOVEDO1, &&&&&Motor Vehicle Specimen Documents - Cameroon&&&&&
MOTVEHSPEEDA, &&&&&Motor Vehicle Speed Alarm Company&&&&&
MOMICOWA19, &&&&&Moulton Mining Company - Washington 1927&&&&&
MOULMINCOM19, &&&&&Moulton Mining Company 1905 - Washington State&&&&&
MOULMINCOMOF, &&&&&Moulton Mining Company of Montana signed by Senator Clark - Montana Territory 1902&&&&&
MOUNCARGASLI, &&&&&Mount Carmel Gas Light Company 1910 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
MOUNELCONMIN, &&&&&Mount Elliot Consolidated Mines Company Territory of Arizona 1909&&&&&
MOEVCODE19, &&&&&Mount Everest Corporation - Delaware 1972&&&&&
MOGRBALL, &&&&&Mount Greenwood Bank - Chicago, lllinois&&&&&
MOUNHOODRAIL, &&&&&Mount Hood Railroad Company (Mathew S. Browning as trustee) - Oregon / Utah 1907&&&&&
MOHORACOUT19, &&&&&Mount Hood Railroad Company - Utah 1903 &&&&&
GOSHENDEED1823, &&&&&Mount Hope and Lumberland Turnpike Road Company 1823 - Goshen, New York&&&&&
MOKICIATASIN, &&&&&Mount Kisco Civic & Athletic Association, Inc. - New York 1914&&&&&
MOUNOLCOALCO, &&&&&Mount Olive Coal Company 1889 Washington Vignette&&&&&
MOPECOMICOLI, &&&&&Mount Perry Copper Mining Company Limited - Sydney, Australlia 1873&&&&&
MORUMEINCO, &&&&&Mount Rushmore Memorial Inscription Competition (William Randolf Hearst's printed signature) Albany Times Union, New York&&&&&
MOSIMEPANEWY, &&&&&Mount Sinai Memorial Park - New York 1934&&&&&
MOVEWOCODUCO, &&&&&Mount Vernon Woodberry Cotton Duck Company 1890s&&&&&
MODECL19, &&&&&Mountain Dell Club - Salt Lake City, Utah - 1911&&&&&
MOUNFUELSUPC, &&&&&Mountain Fuel Supply Company - Utah&&&&&
MOUNSTATRESC, &&&&&Mountain States Resources Corporation ( Became Micro-Media Solutions )&&&&&
LOBBYCARDS, &&&&&Movie Lobby Cards&&&&&
MOVMONFIVDOL, &&&&&Movie Prop Money - Five Dollars&&&&&
MOVMONFIVDOL1, &&&&&Movie Prop Money - Lincoln Five Dollars&&&&&
MOVMONTWENDO, &&&&&Movie Prop Money - Twenty Dollars&&&&&
MOVMONONEHUN, &&&&&Movie Prop Money One Hundred Dollars&&&&&
MP3COM1, &&&&& ( Internet music company )&&&&&
MPININDE, &&&&&MPath Interactive, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
MRWATALOCAST, &&&&&Mr. Walkie Talkie Lobby Card Starring William Tracy and Joe Sawyer&&&&&
MTPLELLICOTE, &&&&&Mt. Pleasant Electric Light Company - Territory of Utah 1895&&&&&
MTSANANOLCAL, &&&&&Mt. San Antonio, "Old Baldy," California Postcard&&&&&
MTSHASCALPOS, &&&&&Mt. Shasta, California Postcard&&&&&
MTVIGROUPINC, &&&&&MTVi Group, Inc. (Certificate was for IPO that never happened) - MTV&&&&&
MUEHSPRINCOR, &&&&&Muehlhausen Spring Corporation - Indiana&&&&&
MUBOCONEWYO, &&&&&Mullins Body Corporation ( Manufactured Car Bodies, Small Steel Boats and Trailers )&&&&&
MUFICOMA19, &&&&&Multibank Financial Corporation - Massachusetts 1974&&&&&
MUINDE, &&&&&Multimedia, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
MUSPTRCOIL19, &&&&&Multiple Speed Traction Company - Illinois 1919&&&&&
MUZOSP, &&&&&Multiple Zones - - Washington 1988&&&&&
MUVAPEANDMIC, &&&&&Muncey Valley Petroleum and Mining Company (Uncancelled IRS Tax Stamp ) - Pennsylvania 1865&&&&&
MUCE18, &&&&&Muncy Cemetery - Muncy, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania1860&&&&&
CLCONE19, &&&&&Municipal Bond - Clark County, Nevada - 1990&&&&&
MUNSWIMPOOLP, &&&&&Municipal Swimming Pool - Pacific Grove, California&&&&&
MUNTELANDUTC, &&&&&Municipal Telephone and Utilities Company 1930 - 6% Convertible Gold bond&&&&&
MUNUTCOM, &&&&&Municipal Utilities Company - 1914&&&&&
MUOFBAPUIMBO, &&&&&Municipality of Bayamon Public Improvement Bond - Puerto Rico 1960&&&&&
MUOFCAPUIMBO, &&&&&Municipality of Catano Public Improvement Bond - Puerto Rico 1960&&&&&
MUOFLUWEGE19, &&&&&Municipality of Luenen, Westphalia, Germany 1930 - German Gold Bond&&&&&
MUOFMAPURI19, &&&&&Municipality of Manati - Puerto Rico 1960&&&&&
MUOFPEPUIMBO, &&&&&Municipality of Penuelas Public Improvement Bond - Puerto Rico 1958 &&&&&
MUOFYAPUIMBO, &&&&&Municipality of Yauco Public Improvement Bond - Puerto Rico 1959 &&&&&
MUBASIMIASNE, &&&&&Munroe Basin Silver Mining Association - Nevada 1870&&&&&
MUNTZTV, &&&&&Muntz TV - Founded by the Famous Earl "Madman" Muntz (inventor of the 4 track tape player system)&&&&&
MUHOHORECOPE, &&&&&Munyon's Homoeopathic Home Remedy Company - Pennsylvania 1880's&&&&&
MURLANCOLTD, &&&&&Muraoka Land Co., Ltd. Hawaii&&&&&
MUCOCOIO20, &&&&&Murdock Communications Corporation - Iowa 2001 &&&&&
MUTECONE19, &&&&&Murdock Telephone Company - Nebraska 1910&&&&&
MUTRCOMA19, &&&&&Murray & Tregurtha Corporation - Massachusetts 1920&&&&&
MUBOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Murray Body Corporation - Michigan 1924 &&&&&
MUOHMACOBMAS, &&&&&Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company (bicycle maker) Specimen Stock Certificate - 1981&&&&&
MULECONE19, &&&&&Mushett Lease Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1908&&&&&
REANDRE, &&&&&Music and Recording&&&&&
MUSMASCOR, &&&&&Music Master Corporation - 1926&&&&&
MUREINNEWYO1, &&&&&Musicraft Records Inc. - New York 1947&&&&&
MUSCRATLAB, &&&&&Mustang Crate Label&&&&&
MURAINSPNE19, &&&&&Mustang Ranch, Inc. (Brothel ) - Nevada 1990&&&&&
MURAINBNE19, &&&&&Mustang Ranch, Inc. (Famous Nevada Brothel) RARE - Nevada 1990&&&&&
MURAIN19, &&&&&Mustang Ranch, Inc. - 1989 ( IPO Prospectus)&&&&&
MUTBANANDTRU, &&&&&Mutual Bank and Trust Company 1920 - Hartford, Connecticut&&&&&
MUBEASOFNEWY, &&&&&Mutual Benefit Association of New York (Class A) - New York 1878&&&&&
MUBEASOFNEWY1, &&&&&Mutual Benefit Association of New York (Class B) - New York 1880&&&&&
MUTBENFIRINC, &&&&&Mutual Benefit Fire Insurance Company 1869 - Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
MUCOSABAINNO, &&&&&Mutual Community Savings Bank, Inc. - North Carolina&&&&&
MULEANDMICOC, &&&&&Mutual Leasing and Mining Company - Colorado 1896 &&&&&
LOEN19, &&&&&Mutual Life and Accident Insurance Association - Locomotive Engineers - 1910&&&&&
MUTOILCOM, &&&&&Mutual Oil Company&&&&&
MUPHCONEWYO1, &&&&&Mutual Pharmacal Company - New York 1920 &&&&&
MUTECOHOHA19, &&&&&Mutual Telephone Company (Uncancelled) - Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii 1904 &&&&&
MUTTELCOM, &&&&&Mutual Telephone Company - Honolulu, Hawaii 1880's&&&&&
MUTECOHA18, &&&&&Mutual Telephone Company - Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands - 1889 &&&&&
MUTTELCOM2, &&&&&Mutual Telephone Company 1890's - Honolulu, Hawaii&&&&&
MUTECOOFBUNE, &&&&&Mutual Terminal Company of Buffalo $1000 Gold Bond - New York 1904&&&&&
MYGELOCASTSH, &&&&&My Geisha Lobby Card Starring Shirely MacLaine, Yves Montand, and Edward G. Robinson - 1962&&&&&
MYGOCOCO19, &&&&&Mytus Gold Corporation - Cripple Creek, Leadville, Colorado 1939&&&&&
NACOMICO19, &&&&&Nabob Consolidated Mining Company - Utah 1907&&&&&
NAOILCOTEOFA, &&&&&Nabob Oil Company - Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
NANOMETRICSINC, &&&&&Nanometrics, Inc.&&&&&
NARAROCOPE18, &&&&&Nanticoke Rail Road Company - Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 1863 &&&&&
NAANDSOCA18, &&&&&Napa and Sonoma Wine Company - California 1872 - ( Now Charles Krug and Peter Mondavi Family Winery)&&&&&
NAANDSOWICO11, &&&&&Napa and Sonoma Wine Company signed by Charles Krug and John C. Weinberger - Napa, California 1875&&&&&
NASOCO19CA, &&&&&Napa Soda Company 1916 - California&&&&&
NAVABRCOCA19, &&&&&Napa Valley Brewing Company - San Francisco, California 1909&&&&&
NAPSTERINC, &&&&&Napster, Inc. (Original pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing Internet service)&&&&&
NAOFDATE, &&&&&Nardis of Dallas, Texas&&&&&
NARMIL, &&&&&Narragansett Mills Fall River, Massachusettes 1920's&&&&&
NARRACASINC, &&&&&Narragansett Racing Association, Inc. ( Narragansett Park) - Rhode Island&&&&&
NAKECOMA19, &&&&&Nash Kelvinator Corporation SPECIMEN stock certificate - Maryland 1949&&&&&
NADRPAAS18EA, &&&&&Nashua Driving Park Association 1890 - Early Horse Race Track - New Hampshire &&&&&
NASELINC, &&&&&Nashville Electronics, Inc.&&&&&
NAGASESTINNE, &&&&&Nassau Gasolene Service Stations, Inc. (Gasoline is spelled Gasolene) - New York 1925&&&&&
NALIANDPOCON, &&&&&Nassau Light and Power Company - New York&&&&&
NAPACOAR19, &&&&&Nate Parris Company - El Dorado, Arkansas 1923&&&&&
NATFAMINC, &&&&&Nathan's Famous , Inc. - Famous Coney Island Hot Dog Maker&&&&&
NATAIRPAGINC, &&&&&National Air Pageant, Inc. - New York&&&&&
NATAIRPOSBOE2, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
NATAIRPOSBOE1, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
NATAIRPOSBOE3, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
NATAIRPOSBOE, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Boeing 747&&&&&
NATAIRPOSCOM, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Commander 1121&&&&&
NATAIRPOSDOU, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-10&&&&&
NATAIRPOSDOU3, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-7&&&&&
NATAIRPOSDOU1, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-8&&&&&
NATAIRPOSDOU2, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Douglas DC-8&&&&&
NATAIRPOSLOC, &&&&&National Airlines postcard Lockheed L-188&&&&&
NATAIR, &&&&&National Airlines Postcards&&&&&
NATAIRSTOCCE, &&&&&National Airlines Stock Certificate&&&&&
NATAIRSTOCCE1, &&&&&National Airlines Stock Certificate - 1960's&&&&&
NAAIINFL19, &&&&&National Airlines, Inc - George Baker -SCARCE - Jacksonville , Florida 1944&&&&&
NATAIRINC19G, &&&&&National Airlines, Inc 1945 - George Baker -SCARCE&&&&&
NAAICOAR, &&&&&National Airplane Corporation -Home Office Arizona, Sales Office Ft. Worth, Texas - 1919&&&&&
NAALCOUT19, &&&&&National Alloys Corporation - Utah 1918 &&&&&
NATANCHEMCOM, &&&&&National Aniline & Chemical Company, Inc. 1918&&&&&
NAASOFWOMAMA, &&&&&National Association of Wool Manufacturers - Massachusetts 1880&&&&&
NATAUTFIRALC, &&&&&National Automatic Fire Alarm Company - New Orleans 1892&&&&&
NAAUNECONEWY, &&&&&National Automatic Needle Company - New York 1902 &&&&&
NATAVCOR, &&&&&National Aviation Corporation&&&&&
NABATRCOOFCE, &&&&&National Bank & Trust Company of Central Pennsylvania - York, Pennsylvania &&&&&
NABAANDTRCOO, &&&&&National Bank and Trust Company of Norwich - Connecticut&&&&&
NABAOFAUIL, &&&&&National Bank of Austin - Illinois &&&&&
BANOFCAT, &&&&&National Bank of Catasauqua - 1868 Civil War Tax Stamp&&&&&
NABAOFCHCOAN, &&&&&National Bank of Chester County and Trust Company - West Chester, Pennsylvania&&&&&
NABAOFCOOFDA, &&&&&National Bank of Commerce of Dallas - Texas &&&&&
NATBANOFCOOP, &&&&&National Bank of Cooperstown, New York 1880's - Baseball Hall of Fame&&&&&
NABAOFMAVI191, &&&&&National Bank of Manassas - Virginia 1900&&&&&
NATBANOFOXST, &&&&&National Bank of Oxford Stock Certificate&&&&&
NATBANOFWASD, &&&&&National Bank of Washington DC Stock&&&&&
NABEHECOINNY, &&&&&National Bellas Hess Co. Inc. (Famous Mail Order House) - New York 1932&&&&&
NABISOIN19, &&&&&National Biographical Society, Inc. (Published "Who's Who in American Sports) - 1929&&&&&
NATBISCOM, &&&&&National Biscuit Company ( Early Nabisco with NBC and Uneeda in Vignette) - New Jersey 1930&&&&&
NABICONPRERR, &&&&&National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) Specimen - New Jersey &&&&&
NATBRUSCOM, &&&&&National Brush Company&&&&&
NABULOANDPRA, &&&&&National Building Loan and Provident Association - Pennsylvania 1899&&&&&
NABUDRBACHNE, &&&&&National Butchers & Drovers Bank Check - New York 1908 &&&&&
NATCANCOR19D, &&&&&National Can Corporation 1942 - Delaware&&&&&
NATCARRENSYS, &&&&&National Car Rental System, Inc.&&&&&
NACARRESYINN, &&&&&National Car Rental System, Inc. - Nevada&&&&&
NATCASCREDAS, &&&&&National Cash Credit Association 1930&&&&&
NATCASREGCOM, &&&&&National Cash Register Company - NCR Computers&&&&&
NACAVOCODE19, &&&&&National Cash Voucher Corporation - Delaware 1916 &&&&&
NACACOUNST, &&&&&National Casket Company - United States&&&&&
NACACOINNEWY1, &&&&&National Casket Company, Incorporated - New York&&&&&
NACECODE19, &&&&&National Cereal Corporation - Delaware 1922&&&&&
NATCHEWGUMCO, &&&&&National Chewing Gum Company 1915&&&&&
NACIBA18, &&&&&National City Bank (Signed by Edwards Pierrepont ) - 1887&&&&&
NATCLAYCOM, &&&&&National Clay Company 1912&&&&&
NACOSONEWJE1, &&&&&National Co-Operative Society - Chicago, Illinois 1909&&&&&
NATCOMANINC, &&&&&National Computer Analysts, Inc. (M Tech New England Corp) 1974&&&&&
NATCONCABCOM, &&&&&National Conduit Cable Company, Inc. 1920 - New York&&&&&
NATCONOILCOM, &&&&&National Consolidated Oil Company - West Virginia 1902&&&&&
NATCONWIRAND, &&&&&National Consolidated Wire and Cable 1906&&&&&
NACOWIANDCAC, &&&&&National Consolidated Wire and Cable Company - Maine &&&&&
NACOSCOFRAIL, &&&&&National Correspondence School of Railroading School of Railroading - Illinois 1908&&&&&
NATDEPSECCOM, &&&&&National Deposit & Security Company - 1930's Washington -Statue of Liberty Vignette&&&&&
NADIBRGRINDE, &&&&&National Discount Brokers Group, Inc. (Pre Ameritrade Merger) - Delaware 1998 &&&&&
NATDISANDCHE, &&&&&National Distillers and Chemical Corp Bond&&&&&
NADOANDWACOM, &&&&&National Dock and Warehouse Company - Massachusetts 1869 &&&&&
NATDYEANDPRI, &&&&&National Dye and Printing Company&&&&&
NATDYEINANDP, &&&&&National Dyeing and Printing Company&&&&&
NATEGGCARCOM, &&&&&National Egg Carrier Company 1903&&&&&
NATELPOWCOM, &&&&&National Electric Power Company 1928 - Maine&&&&&
NAEXHOCOCA18, &&&&&National Exchange Hotel Company - Nevada City, California 1864 &&&&&
NATFAMSTORST, &&&&&National Family Stores Stock - Depression Era&&&&&
NAFECOMA18, &&&&&National Ferrule Company - Maine 1894&&&&&
NATFILCOR19, &&&&&National Film Corporation 1917&&&&&
NAFI, &&&&&National Fireproofing Corporation - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania&&&&&
NAFIAIDASOFA, &&&&&National First Aid Association of America handsigned by Clara Barton (Red Cross Founder) - Washington, D.C. 1908&&&&&
NATFLYINSERL, &&&&&National Flying Services Limited 1929&&&&&
NATFUELGASCO, &&&&&National Fuel Gas Company&&&&&
NATFUNCOR, &&&&&National Funding Corporation - California&&&&&
NATGASELCOR, &&&&&National Gas & Electric Corporation&&&&&
NAHOGRACOMA1, &&&&&National Hog Raising Corporation - Delaware 1918&&&&&
NAHOSHFIPRRI, &&&&&National Horse Show First Prize Ribbon, Del Mar, Californa 1961&&&&&
NATHYDMINCOM, &&&&&National Hydraulic Mining Company 1901 - Cariboo District, British Columbia&&&&&
NAINGRCA, &&&&&National Information Group - California&&&&&
J2COCA, &&&&&National Lampoon, Inc - California &&&&&
NALAINNEWYO, &&&&&National Lampoon, Inc. (Matty Simmons as Chairman) - New York 1983&&&&&
NALAANDIMCOC, &&&&&National Land and Improvement Company (Cattle and Sheep Vignettes) - Colorado Springs, Colorado 1928&&&&&
NALEBABACLOF, &&&&&National League Base Ball Club of Boston, Inc. signed by Bob Quinn - 1939&&&&&
NALIASIL18, &&&&&National Library Association - Illinois 1888&&&&&
NATLIFACINCO, &&&&&National Life & Accident Insurance Company (American General)&&&&&
TWSOLABUCO19, &&&&&National Life Building, Twenty-Nine South LaSalle Building Corporation - Chicago, Illinois 1927&&&&&
NALIPRCOWY19, &&&&&National Life Preserver Company (Originally sold during WWI to protect from U Boat Sinkings) - 1921&&&&&
NATLIGANDSTO, &&&&&National Light and Storage Battery Company 1899&&&&&
NALICOWEVI19, &&&&&National Limestone Company - Martinsburg, West Virginia 1910&&&&&
NALIOICHIL18, &&&&&National Linseed Oil- Chicago, Illinois 1896&&&&&
NAMABAOFBA18, &&&&&National Marine Bank of Baltimore - 1884&&&&&
NAMALA19, &&&&&National Mazda Lamps (General Electric) - 1929&&&&&
MEMIANDMACOM, &&&&&National Mercantile Corporation - New Jersey 1957&&&&&
NATMETBAN18, &&&&&National Metropolitan Bank 1877 - District of Columbia&&&&&
NATMINSERCOM, &&&&&National Mine Service Company&&&&&
NAMIANDSTEXC, &&&&&National Mining and Stock Exchange Co. - Illinois 1891&&&&&
NAMIEXCOMA19, &&&&&National Mining Exploration Company - Maine 1910&&&&&
NAMIEXCOMA191, &&&&&National Mining Exploration Company - Pinal County, Arizona - 1907&&&&&
NAMOTOFOPL18, &&&&&National Monument to the Forefathers - Plymouth, Massachusetts 1856&&&&&
NATMARCOM, &&&&&National Mortgage Company - Ohio&&&&&
NATMOTCABCOM, &&&&&National Motor Cab Company 1910 - Great Old Cab Vignette - England&&&&&
NANEESBANEWJ, &&&&&National Newark & Essex Bank - New Jersey&&&&&
NANEESBANEWJ1, &&&&&National Newark & Essex Bank - Newark, New Jersey &&&&&
NAOILPRCONEW, &&&&&National Oil Products Company - New York 1940&&&&&
NATOILPRODCO, &&&&&National Oil Products Company 1944&&&&&
NAOILPRCODE1, &&&&&National Oil Projects Co. - Delaware 1919&&&&&
NATPATDEVCOR, &&&&&National Patent Development Corporation&&&&&
NAPEGUMCOCA1, &&&&&National Pepsin Gum Company - San Francisco, California 1923 &&&&&
NAPHAS, &&&&&National Photographic Association of the United States - 1874&&&&&
NAPOEGGCOKA, &&&&&National Poultry & Egg Company - Kansas &&&&&
NAPRBUCO, &&&&&National Press Building Corporation(National Press Club) - Washington DC 1928&&&&&
NAPRAS, &&&&&National Protective Association issued to and signed by Stilson Hutchins (Washington Post Founder) - 1903&&&&&
NATPROVBAN19, &&&&&National Provincial Bank - 1961&&&&&
NATPROVBANLI, &&&&&National Provincial Bank Limited&&&&&
NAPUSECOVI19, &&&&&National Public Service Corporation - Virginia 1930 &&&&&
NATRADCOR, &&&&&National Radiator Corporation 1929&&&&&
FERNACDEMEX, &&&&&National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales De Mexico) - $100 Gold Bond 1907&&&&&
FENADEMEME19, &&&&&National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales De Mexico) with vignette of Mexico's controversial president, Porfirio Díaz - 1923 &&&&&
NARAOFMEFRST, &&&&&National Railways of Mexico Framed Certificate - 1909&&&&&
NARETRSCANDC, &&&&&National Religious Training School and Chautauqua for the Colored Race - North Caroline 1911&&&&&
NARESTTR19, &&&&&National Republic Stockholders' Trust - 1931&&&&&
NATRUBCOM, &&&&&National Rubber Company 1917 - 1918&&&&&
NATSAFLOCCOM, &&&&&National Safe & Lock Company 1928 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
ECNATDAV19, &&&&&National School of Aviation 1911 - France - Early Airplane Images&&&&&
NATSECCOROFC, &&&&&National Securities Corporation of California&&&&&
NASEBAOFCHIL, &&&&&National Security Bank of Chicago - Illinois &&&&&
NATSEMCOR19D, &&&&&National Semiconductor Corporation - Charlie Sporck as president 1970&&&&&
NASECODE, &&&&&National Semiconductor Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
NASHCOPLSAMW, &&&&&National Ship Copper Plating Company - 1902&&&&&
NATSOAPANDCH, &&&&&National Soap and Chemical Company, Inc. - 1930&&&&&
NATSOCOFDAUG, &&&&&National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Membership Certificate&&&&&
NASPCLLI18, &&&&&National Sporting Club, Limited - 1892&&&&&
NASTCODE18, &&&&&National Steamship Company - Delaware 1860's&&&&&
NASTCOLILIEN, &&&&&National Steamship Company, Limited - Liverpool, England 1867&&&&&
NATSTEELCOR, &&&&&National Steel Corporation&&&&&
NASTYACOPE18, &&&&&National Stock Yards Co. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1876&&&&&
NASTYACOOFPH1, &&&&&National Stock Yards Co. of Philadelphia - Pennsylvania 1876 &&&&&
NASTYACOOFPH, &&&&&National Stock Yards Company of Philadelphia - 1876&&&&&
NATSTREETINA, &&&&&National Street Indicator and Advertising Company, Inc. 1912 - Arizona&&&&&
NASTSWMACONE, &&&&&National Street Sweeping Machinery Company - New Jersey 1888 ***SOLD***&&&&&
NASWCO19, &&&&&National Sweets Company - Pittsburgh 1921&&&&&
NATTANCARCOM, &&&&&National Tank Car Company 1922 - $1,000 Gold Debenture - Illinois&&&&&
NATIONALTEACO, &&&&&National Tea Co.&&&&&
NATTEACOM, &&&&&National Tea Company&&&&&
NATTEA, &&&&&National Tea Company Stock Certificate 1935&&&&&
NATTELCOM, &&&&&National Telegraphone Company 1903 - Distrtict of Columbia&&&&&
NATECO19, &&&&&National Telephone Company - England 1906&&&&&
NATTELCOMLIM, &&&&&National Telephone Company, Limited 1897&&&&&
NATECOWAD19, &&&&&National Teletype Company - Washington, D.C. 1916&&&&&
NATTERCOR, &&&&&National Terminals Corporation - Chicago North Pier Terminal Owner&&&&&
NATTEXCOM19, &&&&&National Text-Book Company 1910&&&&&
NATTIMSAVBAN, &&&&&National Times Savings Bank 1884 - Father Time Vignette&&&&&
NATOCOOH19, &&&&&National Tool Company - Ohio 1950's&&&&&
NATRJOINDE19, &&&&&National Trade Journals, Inc. - Delaware 1929&&&&&
NATRCODE19, &&&&&National Tribune Corporation ( Became Stars and Stripes ) - Delaware 1928&&&&&
NATRINON, &&&&&National Trustco Inc. - Ontario, Canada&&&&&
NATUWOCOIL18, &&&&&National Tube Works Company (acquired and merged in U.S. Steel ) - Illinois 1889&&&&&
CROFDOBACRCH, &&&&&National Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association ( Now American Lung Association) - Christmas Seal Bond Certificate 1970&&&&&
NATUANDREDIA, &&&&&National Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association ( Now American Lung Association) - Christmas Seal Certificate 1969&&&&&
NATYCO19RAEA, &&&&&National Typewriter Company 1900 - Rare Early Typewriter Vignette &&&&&
NATUNELCOM18, &&&&&National Underground Electric Company 1886 - Camden, New Jersey&&&&&
NAUNBAOFBOMA1, &&&&&National Union Bank of Boston - Massachusetts 1893&&&&&
NAVACIINCNEW, &&&&&National Vaudeville Circuit, Inc - New Jersey&&&&&
NAVIANDGRTRL, &&&&&National Victoria and Grey Trustco Limited - Ontario, Canada 1988 ( Now Bank of Nova Scotia )&&&&&
NATWATWORCOM2, &&&&&National Water Works Company (Became American Water Works) - New York 1889&&&&&
SECNATGOVLOT, &&&&&Nationalist Government Lottery Loan of China 1926 - Dr. Sun Yat-sen&&&&&
NATBANCOR, &&&&&Nations Bank Corporation (Became Bank of America) - North Carolina 1991&&&&&
NAGUCOLIEN18, &&&&&Native Guano Company, Limited (Manure Monopoly ) - England 1872&&&&&
NATSONHALASO1, &&&&&Native Sons Hall Association of Sacramento - Sutter Creek&&&&&
NATSONHALASO, &&&&&Native Sons Hall Association of Sacramento - Sutter Creek&&&&&
NATSONMONSAN, &&&&&Native Sons' Monument, San Francisco, California Postcard&&&&&
NAINDE, &&&&&Naturade, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
NABRFOCOVI18, &&&&&Natural Bridge Forest Company - Virginia 1888&&&&&
NARACOSPCO19, &&&&&Naugatuck Railroad Company - Connecticut 1883&&&&&
NARACOCO191, &&&&&Naugatuck Railroad Company $1000 Specimen Gold Bond - Connecticut 1904&&&&&
NAUGWATCOM18, &&&&&Naugatuck Water Company 1889 - Gold gilded printing - Connecticut&&&&&
NAGOMICOMA19, &&&&&Navaho Gold Mining Company - Maine 1900&&&&&
NAVCONMINCOM, &&&&&Navajo Consolidated Mining Company 1901 - Cripple Creek Mining District&&&&&
GRBRDO18, &&&&&Naval Appointment signed by Sir John Barrow (Named Point Barrow Alaska after him ) - 1831&&&&&
NAHOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Navarre Hotel Company - New York 1909&&&&&
ROMNAVIGATION, &&&&&Navigation on Danube Stock 1921&&&&&
NADONO282CPE, &&&&&Navy Document No. 282 "Colored Persons in teh Navy of the U.S." - 1842&&&&&
NBCININDE, &&&&&NBC Internet, Inc. (NBCI) - Delaware &&&&&
NCRCONCARECO, &&&&&NCR Corporation (National Cash Register Company and NCR Computers) Specimen Stock Certificate - Maryland 1976&&&&&
NCRCOAM, &&&&&NCR Corporation - Amsterdam &&&&&
NDEENCODE, &&&&&NDE Environmental Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
NEALBIPANDSU, &&&&&Neale Biplane and Submarine Flotilla Litho postcard&&&&&
NETOCOWEVI, &&&&&Nealy-Hare Torpedo Company (unique torpedo vignette) - West Virginia 18__&&&&&
NEBAMCO19, &&&&&Nebraska Amusement Co. 1914&&&&&
NEBRASKABONDS, &&&&&Nebraska Bonds&&&&&
NEPIANDORCOB, &&&&&Needham Piano and Organ Company Bond - New Jersey 1906&&&&&
NEBOCONOCA19, &&&&&Nehi Bottling Company - Bryson City, North Carolina 1927&&&&&
NEHCOR, &&&&&Nehi Corporation 1946&&&&&
NEIWEINUNST, &&&&&NEI Webworld, Inc. - United States&&&&&
NEGOMICOMI18, &&&&&Nellie Gold Mining Company - St. Louis, Missouri 1891&&&&&
NEGOMICONEWY, &&&&&Nellie Gold Mining Company of Colorado - New York 1884&&&&&
NEPRINAUTILO, &&&&&Nelson & Price Inc. Automoblie Tires- Los Angeles, California&&&&&
NELIRWORINC, &&&&&Nelson Iron Works, Inc. - Seattle, Washington&&&&&
NEPECOAR, &&&&&Nelson Petroleum Company - El Dorado, Arkansas 1923&&&&&
NERECOAR19, &&&&&Nelson Refining Company - Arkansas 1923&&&&&
NEOTCOR, &&&&&Neotec Corporation (NIRSystems )&&&&&
NESTCORONEWY, &&&&&Nes-Silicon Steel Company - Rome, New York 1874&&&&&
NEINGE, &&&&&Net.B@nk, Inc. - Georgia 1996&&&&&
NETCENTIVES, &&&&&Netcentives - Dot Com Bankruptcy --- RARE Date Issued on September 11, 2001&&&&&
NEINDE, &&&&&Netcentives, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
NEIRAIPOSPST, &&&&&NetFlix Inc. - RARE IPO Specimen Stock Certificate - Reed Hastings as President - Delaware 2002&&&&&
NEDE1, &&&&& (NetFlix) Pre IPO - Delaware 2000&&&&&
NETGRAVITY, &&&&&NetGravity ( Now DoubleClick )&&&&&
NELAENCONE18, &&&&&Netherlands Land Enclosure Company (Reclaiming Lands in the East Scheldt) - Netherlands 1854&&&&&
NETMEDINCOHIO, &&&&&NetMed, Inc. - Ohio &&&&&
NEDE, &&&&&Netscape Communications Corporation - Historic Browser Company - 1997&&&&&
NEAPINCA, &&&&&Network Appliance, Inc. - California&&&&&
NEAPINCA1, &&&&&Network Appliance, Inc. - California&&&&&
NETASINC, &&&&&Network Associates, Inc.&&&&&
NESODE19, &&&&&Network Solutions (original domain name registrar ) - Delaware 1999&&&&&
NESOINDE, &&&&&Network Solutions, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
NEMACONOCA19, &&&&&Neuse Manufacturing Company - North Carolina 1912&&&&&
NEBECOINNE19, &&&&&Neva-Zona Beverage Co., Inc. - Nevada 1948&&&&&
NEVMOUNLAKIC, &&&&&Nevada & Mountain Lakes Ice Company - 1870&&&&&
NEVLASVEGPOW, &&&&&Nevada ( Las Vegas) Power Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
NEVUTMINANDS, &&&&&Nevada - Utah Mines and Smelters Corporation&&&&&
NEVADA, &&&&&Nevada Bonds&&&&&
NECACOMICOAR, &&&&&Nevada Calumet Copper Mining Company - Buckskin, Nevada. Yerrington District - Territory of Arizona 1908 &&&&&
NEVGOLREDCOM, &&&&&Nevada Goldfield Reduction Company 1910&&&&&
NEGRWOMICONE, &&&&&Nevada Greenback Wonder Mining Company - Nevada 1907&&&&&
NELECOSODA19, &&&&&Nevada Leasing Company - Goldfield, Nevada - 1906&&&&&
NEMICOAR19, &&&&&Nevada Mines Company - Goldfield, Nevada - Organized in Territory of Arizona 1908&&&&&
NEVMOTPICCOR, &&&&&Nevada Motion Picture Corporation 1916&&&&&
NENEWMICONE1, &&&&&Nevada New Mines Company - Nevada. Mineral. Rawhide. 1913&&&&&
NEPOCOSTCEWI, &&&&&Nevada Power Company Stock Certificate with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " What goes on in Vegas, better stay in Vegas"&&&&&
NEVPRINANDST, &&&&&Nevada Printing and Stationery Company 1907-Reno, Nevada&&&&&
NEPRANDMICOD, &&&&&Nevada Prospecting and Mining Company - Goldfield. Nevada - Organized in District of Columbia 1905&&&&&
NEQUMICOWY19, &&&&&Nevada Queen Mining Company - Wyoming 1905&&&&&
NESTMICOSODA, &&&&&Nevada Star Mining Company - South Dakota 1906 &&&&&
NEVTREASMINC, &&&&&Nevada Treasure Mining Co. 1909&&&&&
NEMIMICONE19, &&&&&Nevada-Commonwealth Mining & Milling Company - Nevada 1906&&&&&
NEMIANDSMCOM, &&&&&Nevada-Utah Mines and Smelters Corporation - Maine 1912&&&&&
NEVMINANDSME1, &&&&&Nevada-Utah Mines and Smelters Corporation 1908&&&&&
NWAATWALOCAS, &&&&&Never Wave at a WAC Lobby Card Starring Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, and Marie Wilson - 1952&&&&&
NEWALANDSALI, &&&&&New Albany and Salem Railroad Company - Income Bond 1855&&&&&
NEWARCOANDEX, &&&&&New Ario Copper and Exploration Company - London, England 1901&&&&&
NEWBATHOUSSA, &&&&&New Bath House, Santa Barbara, California&&&&&
NEWBERACOMA1, &&&&&New Bedford Railroad Co. - Massachusetts 1876&&&&&
NEWBEFABUASV, &&&&&New Bellows Falls Building Association - Vermont 1888&&&&&
NEWBROILCOCO, &&&&&New Bradford Oil Company - Colorado 1923&&&&&
NEWBRGASLICO, &&&&&New Britain Gas Light Company ( Now Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation ) - 1930&&&&&
NEWBRCIRACON, &&&&&New Brunswick City Horse Railroad Company - New Jersey 1880's&&&&&
NEWBRTECO, &&&&&New Brunswick Telephone Company ( Now Aliant Inc ) - Canada&&&&&
NEWCACEBAMA1, &&&&&New Cathedral Cemetary - Baltimore, Maryland 1946&&&&&
NEWCENCASCOM, &&&&&New Century Casualty Company - Illinois&&&&&
NEWCRCOVI18, &&&&&New Creek Company - Virginia 1863&&&&&
NEWDOCOCOAR, &&&&&New Dominion Copper Company - Arizona 1922&&&&&
NEWDOCOCO19, &&&&&New Dominion Copper Company - Arizona 1924&&&&&
NEWDOGOMICOA, &&&&&New Dominion Gold Mining Company - Iron Springs District, Silver Mountain, Colorado - 1906&&&&&
NEWDUCOLO19, &&&&&New Dunderland Company issued to Stilson Hutchins, founder of the Washington Post.- London 1914&&&&&
NEWENAS19, &&&&&New England Associates (Preferred) issued to Stilson Hutchins, founder of the Washington Post- Maine 1906&&&&&
NEWENBRCLNEW, &&&&&New England Breeders' Club (Illegal Horse Racing Operation) - New Hampshire 1905&&&&&
NEWENELSECO1, &&&&&New England Electric Securities Company - Gold Bond - Maine 1913&&&&&
NEWENFUELOIL, &&&&&New England Fuel Oil Company of Massachusetts&&&&&
NEWENGASANDE, &&&&&New England Gas and Electric Association&&&&&
NEWENHEATLIG, &&&&&New England Heat, Light & Power Company 1884&&&&&
NEWENHIGESOB, &&&&&New England Historic Genealogical Society signed by Samuel G. Drake - Boston 1858 &&&&&
NEWENLIMCOM, &&&&&New England Lime Company&&&&&
NEWENMACONEW, &&&&&New England Malt Company - New Hampshire 1889&&&&&
NEWENMOPOCOM, &&&&&New England Motive Power Company - Boston, Massachusetts 1884&&&&&
NEWENOILCOVI, &&&&&New England Oil Corporation - 1921&&&&&
NEWENOILCO19, &&&&&New England Oil Corporation- 1921&&&&&
NEWENPICOMA, &&&&&New England Piano Company - Maine 1899&&&&&
NEWENPRUNSTC, &&&&&New England Protective Union Stock Certificate - Massachusetts 1853 &&&&&
NEWENSOCOMA1, &&&&&New England Southern Corporation - Massachusetts 1929 ( Owned New England Southern Mills )&&&&&
NEWENSTCO19, &&&&&New England Steamship Company (Fall River Line) - 1913&&&&&
NEWENSTCOCO, &&&&&New England Steamship Company (Fall River Line) - Connecticut 1913&&&&&
NEWENSUREASN, &&&&&New England Summer Resort Association - New York 1897 &&&&&
NEWENTETESIB, &&&&&New England Telephone & Telegraph Company signed by Theodore Vail (First President of AT&T) - New York 1883&&&&&
NEWENTETECON, &&&&&New England Telephone & Telegraph Company signed by Theodore Vail (First President of AT&T) and Moses Greeley Parker - New York 1883&&&&&
NEWENTELANDT, &&&&&New England Telephone and Telegraph Bond (Pre NYNEX)&&&&&
NEWENTEANDTE2, &&&&&New England Telephone and Telegraph Co. $1000 Gold Bond -(Famous Cool Telephone Operator Vignette) - 1926&&&&&
NEWENTEANDTE, &&&&&New England Telephone and Telegraph Company - 1963&&&&&
NEWENTEANDTE1, &&&&&New England Telephone and Telegraph Company - New York &&&&&
NEWENTUSTCOD, &&&&&New England Tube & Stamping Company - Delaware 1923&&&&&
NEWENVENCOM, &&&&&New England Venezuela Company 1936&&&&&
NONAME68, &&&&&New Grahame White Military Biplane with Gun Photo Postcard&&&&&
NEWHABABEINN, &&&&&New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. - New Hampshire&&&&&
NEWHASABAHOF, &&&&&New Hampshire Savings Bank Check (Heights Office) - Concord&&&&&
NEWHASABACON, &&&&&New Hampshire Savings Bank Check - Concord, New Hampshire &&&&&
NEWHASABACON1, &&&&&New Hampshire Savings Bank Check - Contoocook, New Hampshire &&&&&
NEWHASABAPIN, &&&&&New Hampshire Savings Bank Check - Pittsfield, New Hampshire &&&&&
NEWHASABAVAC, &&&&&New Hampshire Savings Bank Vacation Check - Concord&&&&&
NEWHAARCOCO1, &&&&&New Haven Arena Company (Now FBI Headquarters) - Connecticut 1927 &&&&&
NEWHOANDIVRA, &&&&&New Hope and Ivyland Railroad - 1966&&&&&
NEWINLOCASTM, &&&&&New Interns Lobby Card Starring Michael Callan and Dean Jones - 1964&&&&&
NEW-ITEMS, &&&&&New items&&&&&
NEWJEANDHURI, &&&&&New Jersey and Hudson River Railroad and Ferry Company - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
NEWJEANDNEWY, &&&&&New Jersey and New York Railroad Company - New Jersey 1892&&&&&
NEWJERSEYBANK, &&&&&New Jersey Bank - Clifton, New Jersey&&&&&
NEWJERSEYBONDS, &&&&&New Jersey Bonds&&&&&
NEWJEVOCOFR1, &&&&&New Jersey Civil War Era Miltary Volunteer Commission signed by Governor Joel Parker - 1865&&&&&
NEWJECOCOCON, &&&&&New Jersey Consolidated Copper Company - New York, 1864 &&&&&
NEWJERCONMIN, &&&&&New Jersey Consolidated Mines Company 1928&&&&&
NEWJEECDEAU, &&&&&New Jersey Economic Development Authority&&&&&
NEWJEELCONEW, &&&&&New Jersey Electric Railway Company - New Jersey 1894&&&&&
NEWJEGOMIAND, &&&&&New Jersey Gold Mining and Milling Co.- Spokane, Washington 1902&&&&&
NEWJEJURACON, &&&&&New Jersey Junction Railroad $1,000 Bond signed by famous Banker J.P. Morgan 1886&&&&&
NEWJEJURACO1, &&&&&New Jersey Junction Railroad Company - 1886&&&&&
NEWJEPOLICON1, &&&&&New Jersey Power & Light Company (Now FirstEnergy Corp.) - New Jersey 1944&&&&&
NEWJEPOLICON, &&&&&New Jersey Power & Light Company (Now FirstEnergy Corp.) - New Jersey 1948&&&&&
NEWJESORAROC1, &&&&&New Jersey Southern Rail Road Company signed by Charles J. Osborn - Jersey City 1876&&&&&
NEWJERWORSPI, &&&&&New Jersey Worsted Spinning Company&&&&&
NEWLITUANDMI, &&&&&New Life Tunnel and Mining Company - Colorado 1916&&&&&
NEWLONMARIRW, &&&&&New London Marine Iron Works Company 1917 - Lighthouse Vignette&&&&&
NEWMECOMICON, &&&&&New Mexico-Colorado Coal & Mining Company $1000 Gold Bond - Terrotiroy of New Mexico 1911&&&&&
NEWMONCRISMI, &&&&&New Monte Cristo Mining Co. - Death Valley signed by infamous swindler C. C. Julian - 1929&&&&&
NEWORNOREASR, &&&&&New Orleans & North Eastern Rail Road 1871 signed by CONFEDERATE GENERAL JAMES LONGSTREET&&&&&
NEWOROHTELEL, &&&&&New Orleans & Ohio Telegraph Lessees - Louisville, Kentucky 1858&&&&&
NEWORCABACO, &&&&&New Orleans Canal & Banking Company (Early Uncut Sheets of Private Bank Notes) - 1850&&&&&
NEWORCREDMEN, &&&&&New Orleans Credit Men's Assocation 1932&&&&&
NEWORGULSTEA, &&&&&New Orleans Gulf Steamship Company 1911&&&&&
NEWORLIWRCOL, &&&&&New Orleans Lightering & Wrecking Company (Post Civil War Marine Salvage Company) - Louisiana 1867 &&&&&
NEWORPUBSERI, &&&&&New Orleans Public Service Inc. 1922&&&&&
NEWORTECONEW, &&&&&New Orleans Terminal Company - New Orleans, Louisiana 1917&&&&&
NEWORWHPRGUL, &&&&&New Orleans Wholesale Antebellum Prices from Commercial Intelligencer and Merchants Transcript - Louisiana 1858 &&&&&
NEWPLHIELRAC, &&&&&New Platz & Highland Electric Railroad Co. - New York 1893 &&&&&
NEWPOSOFSANR, &&&&&New Post Office, Santa Rosa, California Postcard&&&&&
NEWPROCCORCO, &&&&&New Process Cork Company&&&&&
NEWROYACLNEW, &&&&&New Rochelle Yacht Club - New York 1936&&&&&
NEWSKYCOINCN, &&&&&New Sky Communications, Inc - New York 1988&&&&&
NEWSTMIANDMI, &&&&&New State Mining and Milling Company - Utah 1896&&&&&
NEWTHEATRE, &&&&&New Theatre (Became Century Theatre - Now Century Apartments building) RARE Box Owners certificate issued to Robert B. Van Cortlandt - New York, New York - 1910&&&&&
NEWTHNEWYO19, &&&&&New Theatre (Became Century Theatre) RARE Bond Certificate to Robert B. Van Cortlandt - New York, New York - 1912&&&&&
NEWTHBCETHRA, &&&&&New Theatre (Became Century Theatre) RARE Trust Certificate to Robert B. Van Cortlandt - New York, New York - 1909&&&&&
NEWTRFIMIAND, &&&&&New True Fissure Mining and Miining - Ontario 1937&&&&&
NEWWORPICLTD, &&&&&New World Pictures, Ltd.&&&&&
NEWYOKEOILMI1, &&&&&New York & Kentucky Oil & Mining Company (Cumberland Valley, Kentucky) - New York 1865&&&&&
NEWYORMEXOIL, &&&&&New York - Mexican Oil Company&&&&&
NEWYOANDBALA, &&&&&New York and Baltimore Land and Improvement Co. ( Scam) - Maryland 1892&&&&&
NEWYOANDCAOI, &&&&&New York and Canada Oil Company - New York 1866&&&&&
NEWYOANDCAVA, &&&&&New York and Cauca Valley Gold Mining Company - New York 1879&&&&&
NEWYORANDHAR, &&&&&New York and Harlem Rail Road Company&&&&&
NEWANDHARRAI, &&&&&New York and Harlem Rail Road Company 1831&&&&&
NEWYOANDHARA, &&&&&New York and Harlem Rail-Road Company with image of Train on Certificate signed by Original Wall Steet Bear, Jacob Little - 1851&&&&&
NEWYOANDHARA1, &&&&&New York and Harlem Railroad Company (Specimen Bond) - 1943&&&&&
NEWYORANDHAR8, &&&&&New York and Harlem Railroad Company 1974 - Annual Report&&&&&
NEWYORANDNEW, &&&&&New York and New Jersey Bridge Company 1892&&&&&
NEWYOANDPAST, &&&&&New York and Pacific Steamship Company - New York 1890s&&&&&
NEWYOANDPETE, &&&&&New York and Pennsylvania Telephone & Telegraph Company ( Early AT&T ) - New York 1889&&&&&
NEWYOANDRIGA, &&&&&New York and Richmond Gas Company (Now KeySpan Corporation) - New York 1941&&&&&
NEWYOANDSTRA, &&&&&New York and Stamford Railway Company - New York 1905&&&&&
NEWYOANDSTRA1, &&&&&New York and Stamford Railway Company - New York 1905&&&&&
NEWYOANDWECO, &&&&&New York and Western Consolidated Oil Company - New York 1906 &&&&&
NEWYOARTALIN, &&&&&New York Art Alliance, Inc. (holography alliance for new artists) - 1974&&&&&
NEWYORAUTCOM, &&&&&New York Auto-Telegraph Company Stock signed by Alonzo B Cornel (Cornell University namesake) - 1885&&&&&
NEWYOAUCONEW, &&&&&New York Auto-Telegraph Company Stock signed by Alonzo B Cornell (Cornell University namesake) - 1885&&&&&
NEWYOBAENINK, &&&&&New York Bagel Enterprises, Inc. - Kansas 1997&&&&&
NEBACHSIBYMA, &&&&&New York Bank check signed by Mayor- 1825&&&&&
NEWYORK, &&&&&New York Bonds&&&&&
NEWYORBOTCOM, &&&&&New York Bottling Company 1927&&&&&
NEWYOBOCOINN, &&&&&New York Bottling Company, Inc. - New York 1915&&&&&
NONAME42, &&&&&New York Building Postcards by Marcus A. Van Der Hope 1940's - 7 card set&&&&&
NEWYORBUSBUI, &&&&&New York Business Buildings Corporation&&&&&
CAFUCHSIBYJO, &&&&&New York Canal Fund Check signed by John Dix - 1836&&&&&
NEWYORCENHUD, &&&&&New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company 1912&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad $1000 GOLD Bond 1898&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND1, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad $5,000 bond signed by Chancey Depew&&&&&
NEWYOCEANDHU2, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company $50,000 Bond - 1973&&&&&
NEWYOCEANDHU1, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company $50,000 Gold Bond - United States 1933&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND2, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company - 100 Year Gold Bond 1897 - Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. Vignette&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND3, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 100 Year Bond (Grand Central Station Vignette) - 1913&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND7, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1895 - Gold Bond&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND4, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1897 signed by Chauncey Depew&&&&&
NEWYORCENAND5, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company 1913 - 100 Year $10,000 Bond&&&&&
NYCENTO1, &&&&&New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company Gold Bond 1898&&&&&
NEWYORCENRAI2, &&&&&New York Central Railroad 1913 - 4% 85 Year Gold Bond&&&&&
NYCENTRALBLUE, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company - Cornelius Vanderbilt Image&&&&&
NEWYOCERACO11, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company $1,000,000 Bond - United States 1921&&&&&
NEWYOCERACO1, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company $1,725,000 Gold Bond (Gold bond disclaimer legend stamp)- High Denomination 1938&&&&&
NEWYOCERACO13, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company $100,000 Bond - United States 1932&&&&&
NEWYORCENRAI4, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company $1000 100 Year Bond - Grand Central Station Vignette - 1913&&&&&
NEWYOCERACO51, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company $5,000 - United States 1932&&&&&
NEWYOCERACOU1, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company $864,000 Bond - United States 1913&&&&&
NEWYOCERACON, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company - Specimen - New York 1913&&&&&
NEWYORCENRAI3, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company 92 Year Bond 1921 - Grand Central Station Vignette - 50 Coupons&&&&&
NEWYOCERACOU, &&&&&New York Central Railroad Company Uncancelled $1000 Gold Bond - New York 1913&&&&&
NEWYOCERECON, &&&&&New York Central Realty Company ( Accumulative Gold Bond ) - New York 1909 &&&&&
NEWYOCESLCAR4, &&&&&New York Central Sleeping Car Company - New York 1884 &&&&&
NEWYOCESLCAR3, &&&&&New York Central Sleeping Car Company issued to Augustus Schell - New York 1882 &&&&&
NEWYOCESLCAR6, &&&&&New York Central Sleeping Car Company signed by Founder, Webster Wagner - 1880&&&&&
NEWYOCIAIIN, &&&&&New York City Airport, Inc. - Flushing Airport , New York- 1929&&&&&
NEWYOCIAIINY, &&&&&New York City Airport, Inc. - New York 1920s&&&&&
NEWYOCIOLDCO, &&&&&New York City Old Colony Club Corporation - New York 1927&&&&&
NEWYOCIOMCON, &&&&&New York City Omnibus Corporation - New York 1937&&&&&
NEWYOCLSUHOL, &&&&&New York Cloak & Suit House- Los Angeles, California&&&&&
NEWYOCOCLASI, &&&&&New York Cocoa Clearing Association, Inc. - New York 1925&&&&&
NEWYOCOCOLIN, &&&&&New York Concert Company Limited ( Built Casino Theatre first NY playhouse designed specifically for Broadway musicals) signed by Rudolph Aronson- New York 1882&&&&&
NEWYORCONRAI, &&&&&New York Connecting Railroad Company 1945 - Hell Gate Bridge Vignette&&&&&
NEWYODOCONEW, &&&&&New York Dock Company - New York 1901 &&&&&
NEWYOELTICON, &&&&&New York Electric Time Company - New York 1885&&&&&
NEWYOEVPOINN, &&&&&New York Evening Post, Inc. - New York 1934&&&&&
NEWYOEVPOINN1, &&&&&New York Evening Post, Inc. signed by John Charles Martin - New York 1926&&&&&
NEWYOFINEWYO, &&&&&New York Fillies (Womans Football Team) - New York 1972 &&&&&
NEWYORGOVAND, &&&&&New York Governor and Mayor John T. Hoffman Signed Check 1868&&&&&
NEWYORJOBDEV1, &&&&&New York Job Development Authority - Municipal Bond&&&&&
NEWYORLAWIN1, &&&&&New York Law Institute 1850&&&&&
NEWYORMAGCIT, &&&&&New York Magic City of Light Multi View Folding Postcard - 1940's&&&&&
NEWYOPIANDWA, &&&&&New York Pier and Warehouse Co. - New York 1869&&&&&
NEWYOPOINNEW, &&&&&New York Post, Inc. - New York 1940&&&&&
NEWYORPOS, &&&&&New York Postcards - Old&&&&&
NEWYOPREXNEW, &&&&&New York Produce Exchange Membership Certificate - New York &&&&&
NEWYOPREXSAD2, &&&&&New York Produce Exchange Safe Deposit and Storage Company - New York 1908&&&&&
NEWYOPREXSAD, &&&&&New York Produce Exchange Safe Deposit and Storage Company - New York 1909&&&&&
NEWYOPREXSAD1, &&&&&New York Produce Exchange Safe Deposit and Storage Company - New York 1937 &&&&&
NEWYORRAILCO1, &&&&&New York Railways Corporation 1920's -1930's - Early Trolley Vignette&&&&&
NEWYORRAILCO, &&&&&New York Railways Corporation 1927&&&&&
NEWYORRAILPA, &&&&&New York Railways Participation Corporation 1926&&&&&
NEWYORREGRAI, &&&&&New York Regional Rail Corporation&&&&&
NEWYOSTCOSO, &&&&&New York State Colonization Society signed by Anson Green Phelps (Founder of Phelps Dodge) RARE - 1839&&&&&
NEWYOSTST18, &&&&&New York State Comptroller's Bond- Albany, New York 1842&&&&&
NEWYOSTEXMEC, &&&&&New York Stock Exchange Membership Certificate - Framed - New York&&&&&
NEWYOSTEXPON, &&&&&New York Stock Exchange Membership Certificate - New York&&&&&
NYOR18MOSTSA, &&&&&New York Stock Exchange Original Stock Price Quotation Sheet issued in 1860 - Professionally Framed&&&&&
NEWYOSTEXPRQ, &&&&&New York Stock Exchange Stock Price Quotation Sheet (Original) - 1860&&&&&
NEWYOSTEXTET, &&&&&New York Stock Exchange Telephone Department Ticket - 1907&&&&&
NEWYOSUWACON1, &&&&&New York Suburban Water Company Gold Bond - Mount Vernon, New York 1895 &&&&&
NEWYOSUMANEW, &&&&&New York Sugar Manufacturing Company (Cuba Sugar) - New York 1880&&&&&
NEWYOSUMANEW1, &&&&&New York Sugar Manufacturing Specimen - New York 1880&&&&&
NEWYOTECLNEW, &&&&&New York Telegraph Club SCARCE - New York 1890&&&&&
NEWYOTECO19, &&&&&New York Telephone Company (Became NYNEX) Gold Bond - 1919&&&&&
NEWYOTECONEW, &&&&&New York Telephone Company (Early operator holding telephone lines vignette ) - New York 1922&&&&&
NEWYORTELCOM1, &&&&&New York Telephone Company - 1958&&&&&
NEWYORTELCOM, &&&&&New York Telephone Company 1954&&&&&
NYTELE, &&&&&New York Telephone Company Bond Certificate&&&&&
NEWYOTICONEW1, &&&&&New York Times Company (Orvil E. Dryfoos as President) - New York, 1957&&&&&
COMFRANTELDE, &&&&&New York to Paris Telegraph Cable Company - 1879&&&&&
NEWYOTOCOMIN, &&&&&New York Tonopah Consolidated Mining - Tonopah Mining Districe, Nevada 1905&&&&&
NEWYOTRCONEW, &&&&&New York Transportation Company (Early electric car) - New Jersey 1906&&&&&
NEWYOTRCONEW1, &&&&&New York Transportation Company (electric car in vignette) - New Jersey 1904&&&&&
NEWYOTRNO18, &&&&&New York Treasury Note signed by Mayor, Walter Bowne - 1829&&&&&
NEWYOUNHOINN, &&&&&New York United Hotels, Inc. (Famous Roosevelt Hotel ) - New York 1925&&&&&
NEWYOVEANDLU, &&&&&New York Veneer and Lumber Company - New York 1884&&&&&
NEWYOZIANDLE1, &&&&&New York Zinc and Lead Company - Illinois&&&&&
NEWYOZIANDLE, &&&&&New York Zinc and Lead Company - Mines in Marion County, Arkansas 1890&&&&&
WIWAASSICABO, &&&&&New York, Canal Department $50,400 Bond issued to with a Power of Attorney hand signed by William Waldorf Astor (Waldorf-Astoria Hotel namesake)- 1890&&&&&
NEWYOCHSTLOR, &&&&&New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company (Transfer to W. K. Vanderbilt, Trustee ) - New York 1883 &&&&&
NEWYOCHANDST1, &&&&&New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad Company $50,000 Gold Bond (Nickel Plate Railroad ) - New York 1928&&&&&
NEWYONEWHAAN, &&&&&New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company - 1927&&&&&
NEWYORPENOHR1, &&&&&New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad Company 1880&&&&&
NEWPENANDOHR, &&&&&New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Rail-Road Company 1881&&&&&
NEWYORRIOBUE, &&&&&New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line (NYBRA) - Early Pan American Airline Company 1931&&&&&
NEWYOROILCOM, &&&&&New York-Mexican Oil Company&&&&&
NEWZESPNO19, &&&&&New Zealand Specimen Note - 1986&&&&&
NEFIINCO18, &&&&&New-Brunswick Fire Insurance Company - 1840&&&&&
NECERACONEWH, &&&&&New-Hampshire Central Railroad Company - New Hampshire 1849&&&&&
NESECONEWYO1, &&&&&New-York Sewing-Machine Co. - New York 1870&&&&&
NECOCA, &&&&&Newalta Corporation (Income Fund ) - Alberta, Canada&&&&&
NEGASCOSPGOB, &&&&&Newark Gas Company Specimen Gold Bond - RARE - New Jersey 1895&&&&&
NEWOHWATWORC, &&&&&Newark Ohio Water Works Company 1885&&&&&
NETUCONEWJE1, &&&&&Newark Turnpike Company - New Jersey 1840&&&&&
NESTRACONEWY, &&&&&Newburgh Street Railway Company - New York 1880's&&&&&
NEWLANANDFAR, &&&&&Newhall Land and Farming Company&&&&&
NELAANDFACOC, &&&&&Newhall Land and Farming Company - California 1970's&&&&&
NESPTUCOVI18, &&&&&Newmarket & Sperryville Turnpike Company (George and Martha Washington vignette) - Virginia 1848&&&&&
NEWMINCORDEL, &&&&&Newmont Mining Corporation&&&&&
NEWMINCOR1, &&&&&Newmont Mining Corporation&&&&&
NEWMINCOR, &&&&&Newmont Mining Corporation&&&&&
NEWPORTCOMPANY, &&&&&Newport Company (Newport Industries)&&&&&
NEWELCOMPREF, &&&&&Newport Electric Company Preferred Stock Certificate 1931&&&&&
NEWMINANDLEA, &&&&&Newport Mining and Leasing Company 1920's - Spokane, Washington&&&&&
NEWPORTHUNT1, &&&&&Newport News and Mississippi Valley Company - Collis P. Huntington 1886&&&&&
NENESAANDLOA, &&&&&Newport News Savings and Loan Association - Virginia 1986&&&&&
NEPEINCO19, &&&&&Newport Petroleums, Inc. - Colorado 1982 &&&&&
NEWARORACOBE, &&&&&Newry, Warrenpoint & Rostrevor Railway Company - Belfast, Ireland 1846 &&&&&
NEOFWOLI19, &&&&&News of the World Limited ( Pre Rupert Murdoch's phone hacking scandal and closure) - England 1936&&&&&
NERECODE19, &&&&&Newsprint Reclaiming Corporation, Delaware 1919&&&&&
NECODE, &&&&&Nexle Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
NECADE, &&&&&Next Card, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
NECOINDE, &&&&&Nextel Communication, Inc. (Pre Spirnt Merger) - Delaware&&&&&
NEXCOMINC, &&&&&Nextel Communications, Inc. (Last Stock Certificate - Now Sprint ) - 2002&&&&&
NEXPARINC, &&&&&Nextel Partners Inc. (Acquired by Sprint)&&&&&
NESEPA, &&&&&Nextopia Search Page&&&&&
NEXTECINC, &&&&&Nexxus Technologies, Inc.&&&&&
NFCPULICOEN, &&&&&NFC Public Limited Company - England 1990&&&&&
NIFAGRFASHOF, &&&&&Niagara Falls Great Falling Sheet of Water - 1850&&&&&
NIHUPOCONEWY2, &&&&&Niagara Hudson Power Corporation - New York&&&&&
NIHUPOCONEWY1, &&&&&Niagara Hudson Power Corporation - New York 1933 &&&&&
NIHUPOCONEWY, &&&&&Niagara Hudson Power Corporation - New York 1940&&&&&
NIAGMINANDSM1, &&&&&Niagara Mining and Smelting Company 1890 - Territory of Utah - Silver Dollar Corporate Seal&&&&&
NIAGMINANDSM, &&&&&Niagara Mining and Smelting Company 1892 - Territory of Utah&&&&&
NIMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Niagara Mining Company - New York 18__&&&&&
NIAGSHARCORO, &&&&&Niagara Share Corporation of Maryland&&&&&
NIAGSHARCORO2, &&&&&Niagara Share Corporation of Maryland&&&&&
NIAGSHARCORO1, &&&&&Niagara Share Corporation of Maryland&&&&&
NISHCOMA19, &&&&&Niagara Shares Corporation - Maryland 1940&&&&&
NIAGSPRAYCOM, &&&&&Niagara Sprayer Company - Rare Vignette of Apple Surrounding Niagara Falls&&&&&
NIAGLOCANDON, &&&&&Niagara, Lockport and Ontario Power Company&&&&&
NICFILCOM, &&&&&Nicholson File Company (Cooper Industries) 1907 - 1908 signed by Nicholson&&&&&
NICKELPLATE, &&&&&Nickel Plate New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company&&&&&
NIBAINWI, &&&&&Nicolet Bankshares, Inc. - Wisconsin&&&&&
NILEMICOLIYO, &&&&&Nidderdale Lead Mining Company Limited - Yorkshire &&&&&
NIELBREWSUPC, &&&&&Nielsen Brewers' Supply Company 1911&&&&&
NIELMEDRESIN, &&&&&Nielsen Media Research, Inc.&&&&&
NITHRAMILOCA1, &&&&&Night They Raided Minsky's Lobby Card starring Jason Robards and Britt Ekland - 1968&&&&&
JAPANESEBOND61, &&&&&Nihon Kangyo Ginko Bank - Japan, 1929&&&&&
JAPANESEBOND111, &&&&&Nihon Orimono Corp. (Japan Textile Co., Inc.) - 1897&&&&&
NILBEMPONCOM, &&&&&Niles - Bement - Pond Company ( Became Colt Industries )&&&&&
NIMFORAXCOM1, &&&&&Nimson Forge & Axle Company 1875&&&&&
NINHUNCOR, &&&&&Nineteen Hundred Corporation&&&&&
NIPELCOMLIM, &&&&&Nippon Electric Company, Limited (NEC) 1969&&&&&
NITETEPUCO19, &&&&&Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Public Corporation - 1961&&&&&
NIMOCOJA20, &&&&&Nissan Motor Company , Limited&&&&&
NLTCORPORATION2, &&&&&NLT Corporation ( Now American General )&&&&&
NLTCORPORATION, &&&&&NLT Corporation (Now American General Corporation )&&&&&
NMCCODE19, &&&&&NMC Corp. - Delaware 1973 ( Music Notes Vignette )&&&&&
NODOPALOCAST, &&&&&No Down Payment Lobby Card Starring Joanne Woodward, Sheree North, and Tony Randall - 1957&&&&&
NOHASRETPOL, &&&&&No Hassle Return Policy&&&&&
NOINLIEN, &&&&&Nobel Industries Limited 1925 - Founded by Alfred Nobel of Nobel Prize fame&&&&&
NOCOSIMICOLE, &&&&&Noble Consolidated Silver Mining Company - Leadville, Colorado - 1880&&&&&
NOEEQTEMIIND, &&&&&Noe - Equl Textile Mills, Inc. - Delaware 1926&&&&&
NOSECOLTSP, &&&&&Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. - ADR Specimen - 1985&&&&&
NOKIINDE19, &&&&&Noodle Kidoodle, Inc. - Delaware 1996 &&&&&
NOONCREEKDRA, &&&&&Noonday Creek Drainage Bond - Georgia 1920&&&&&
NOPCHEMCOM19, &&&&&NOPCO Chemical Company 1950's (Diamond Shamrock)&&&&&
NOPHCOSEWA19, &&&&&Nordlund Photo Company - Seattle, Washington 1914&&&&&
NORDSTROM, &&&&&Nordstrom Department Stores (Blake W. Nordstrom as President) - Specimen Stock Certificate&&&&&
NOGRWERACORF, &&&&&Norfolk & Great Western Railroad Company (Reconstruction from Civil War) - Virginia 1869&&&&&
NORBEARCOR, &&&&&Norma - Hoffmann Bearings Corporation&&&&&
NOROSILE19, &&&&&Norman Rockwell Signed Letter - 1960&&&&&
NORNETCOR, &&&&&Nortel Networks Corporation&&&&&
NOJUMACOCO19, &&&&&North & Judd Manufacturing Company - Connecticut 1960&&&&&
NORJUDMANCOM, &&&&&North & Judd Manufacturing Company 1916 (Early Gulf and Western Company) - New Britain and New Haven, Connecticut&&&&&
NOAMASCODE19, &&&&&North American Associated Companies - Los Angeles, California 1930&&&&&
NORAMERAVI, &&&&&North American Aviation&&&&&
NOAMAVINDE192, &&&&&North American Aviation, Inc. - Delaware 1937&&&&&
NOAMDECOTEOF, &&&&&North American Development Company - Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
NORAMEDCOM1, &&&&&North American Edison Company ( Early Power Grid Utility )&&&&&
NORAMEDCOM, &&&&&North American Edison Company 1925 - Early Certificate&&&&&
NORAMEDCOM19, &&&&&North American Edison Company 1930's&&&&&
NORAMEDCOM191, &&&&&North American Edison Company 1930's&&&&&
LIGHT, &&&&&North American Light and Power - Early Power Grid Company 1944&&&&&
NORAMLIGANDP, &&&&&North American Light and Power Company - 1920's Preferred Stock&&&&&
NORAMLIGANDP1, &&&&&North American Light and Power Company 1916 - signed by Clement Studebaker&&&&&
NORAMLIGANDP4, &&&&&North American Light and Power Company 1929 - 1935&&&&&
NORAMLLOYAIR, &&&&&North American Lloyd Aircraft Corporation 1929&&&&&
NORAMLUMCOM, &&&&&North American Lumber Company&&&&&
NORAMMINSMEL, &&&&&North American Mining & Smelting Corporation Nevada 1928 - Gold Debenture&&&&&
NOAMMICOCO19, &&&&&North American Mining Company - Colorado 1925&&&&&
NOAMMICOCO191, &&&&&North American Mining Company - Colorado 1943&&&&&
NOAMPHCODE19, &&&&&North American Phillips Corporation (Famous Electronics Company) - Delaware 1971&&&&&
NORAMPHONCOM, &&&&&North American Phonograph Company signed by Jessie Lippincott - New Jersey, 1888 ***SOLD***&&&&&
NORAMPULANDP, &&&&&North American Pulp and Paper Companies&&&&&
NOAMRACONCO1, &&&&&North American Radio Corporation ( NARCO - The Super Radio ) - Colorado 1922&&&&&
NOAMRECONEWY, &&&&&North American Refractories Company ( Indian Chief Vignette)- New York 1929&&&&&
NOROCKWELL, &&&&&North American Rockwell Corporation Stock&&&&&
ROCKOVERSEAS, &&&&&North American Rockwell Overseas Corporation Bond&&&&&
NOAMTRANDTRC, &&&&&North American Transportation and Trading Company (Klondike Gold Rush) - Illinois 1900&&&&&
NOAMTRANDTRC1, &&&&&North American Transportation and Trading Company (Klondike Gold Rush) issued to Stilson Hutchins (Washington Post Founder) - Illinois 1901&&&&&
NORAMUTSECCO, &&&&&North American Utility Securities Corporation&&&&&
NOAMWACONEWY, &&&&&North American Watch Corporation ( Now Movado Group, Inc) - New York 1995 &&&&&
NORBELISMINC, &&&&&North Belle Isle Mining Company 1891 - Elko County, Nevada&&&&&
NOBRLOCOLI19, &&&&&North British Locomotive Company Limited - England, 1948&&&&&
NORBUTEXDEVC, &&&&&North Butte Extension Development Company 1915&&&&&
NOBUMICOMI19, &&&&&North Butte Mining Company - Minnesota 1907 &&&&&
NORBUTMINCOM, &&&&&North Butte Mining Company Stock Certificate 1913&&&&&
NOCABO, &&&&&North Carolina Bonds&&&&&
NOCASPTAXBON, &&&&&North Carolina Special Tax Bond - North Carolina 1887 &&&&&
NOCASPTAXBO1, &&&&&North Carolina Special Tax Bonds ( Certificate for repudiated North Carolina Bonds) - 1905&&&&&
NCTELE, &&&&&North Carolina Telephone Stock Certificate 1955 (ALLTEL and Sprint)&&&&&
NCAIRLINES, &&&&&North Central Republic Airlines Stock&&&&&
NORCONUTCOR1, &&&&&North Continent Utilities Corporation&&&&&
NORDEVRAILAN, &&&&&North Devon Railway and Dock Company 1852 - Early English Railroad&&&&&
NODOGOCL19, &&&&&North Downs Golf Club - Woldingham, Surrey - England 1912&&&&&
NOHIFISTBAFL, &&&&&North Hialeah First State Bank - Florida &&&&&
NOHUGRCONEWJ, &&&&&North Hudson Grocery Co. - North Bergen, New Jersey 1917&&&&&
NOJESTRANEWJ, &&&&&North Jersey Street Railway - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
UPFORSAISBER, &&&&&North Korean 5000 Won Money authentic Banknote with portrait of Kim Il Sung - 2006&&&&&
NOOFSCSTPACO, &&&&&North of Scotland Steam Packet Company - Scotland 1856&&&&&
NOPAURCOINDE, &&&&&North Park Uranium Co., Inc. - Delaware 1957&&&&&
NOPALAANDWAC, &&&&&North Pasadena Land and Water Company - 1900&&&&&
NOSHCOCLINNE, &&&&&North Shore Country Club, Inc. - Glen Head, New York 1914&&&&&
NOSHSYCHIL18, &&&&&North Shore Syndicate (Residential development of Lincoln Park ) - Chicago, Illinois 1893&&&&&
NOSIBOASIN18, &&&&&North Side Bowling Association (Early Bowling Stock) - Indianapolis, Indiana 1898&&&&&
NOSIHORARSAN, &&&&&North Side Horse Railroad Co. (RARE) - San Jose, California 1891&&&&&
NORSTARCOM19, &&&&&North Star Company 1905 - New York&&&&&
NORSTARMINCO, &&&&&North Star Mining Company - New Hampshire 1881&&&&&
NOSTSTLIINLI, &&&&&North Star Steamship Line, Inc. - Liberia 1955&&&&&
NOSTCOCOLINE, &&&&&North Stockton Coal Company Limited - Great Britain, New South Wales 1888&&&&&
NORWESUTCOM2, &&&&&North West Utilities Company&&&&&
NORWESUTCOM1, &&&&&North West Utilities Company&&&&&
NORWESUTCOM, &&&&&North West Utilities Company&&&&&
NOWENOCARACO, &&&&&North Western North Carolina Railroad Co. $1000 Gold Bond - 1888&&&&&
NORWHITMINLI, &&&&&North Whitney Mines, Limited&&&&&
NORBANINC, &&&&&Northeast Bancorp, Inc. - Now First Union&&&&&
NOAIRFRINWA1, &&&&&Northern Air Freight, Inc. - Washington 1983&&&&&
NOBALIBEIR, &&&&&Northern Bank Limited - Belfast, Ireland 1929&&&&&
NOBANOCOIL, &&&&&Northern Bank Note Company - Illinois &&&&&
NORCENRAILCO1, &&&&&Northern Central Railway Company&&&&&
NORCENTRUSCO, &&&&&Northern Central Trust Company of Philadelphia 1930&&&&&
NOCOSOIRRIWI, &&&&&Northern Co-operative Society - Iron River, Wisconsin - Moose Vignette&&&&&
NORCONCOM, &&&&&Northern Constructon Company of Elkhart, Indiana 1926 - Gold Bond&&&&&
NOCOUNRACOEN, &&&&&Northern Counties Union Railway Company - England 1846&&&&&
NOELRACOCA19, &&&&&Northern Electric Railway Company - California 1907 ( Chico to Sacramento Line )&&&&&
NORILCOR, &&&&&Northern Illinois Corporation ( Finance Company )&&&&&
NOILGASCOIL, &&&&&Northern Illinois Gas Company (Now Nicor Inc.) - Illinois &&&&&
NOINPUSEIN19, &&&&&Northern Indiana Public Service Company (Now NIPSCO) - Indiana 1950&&&&&
NOINPUSECOIN, &&&&&Northern Indiana Public Service Company (Now NIPSCO) - Indiana 1965&&&&&
NONAGASCODE12, &&&&&Northern Natural Gas Company (Became Enron) - Delaware 1976&&&&&
NONAGASCODE1, &&&&&Northern Natural Gas Company - Delaware 1963&&&&&
NOPARACO182, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company signed by Frederick Billings (Billings, Montana) - 1878&&&&&
NOPARACO181, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company - 1876 signed by Jay Cooke&&&&&
NOPARACO18, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company - 1890's&&&&&
NOPARACOSIBY, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company signed by J.P.Morgan and Fredrick Billings - New York 1881&&&&&
NOPARACONEWY, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company signed by James B. Colgate - 1887&&&&&
NOPARACONEWY1, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company signed by Robber Baron, E. H. Harriman - 1885&&&&&
NOPARACOSTIS, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Company Stock Issued To August Belmont & Co. And Signed On Verso By August Belmont 1883, New York.&&&&&
NOPARASTISTO1, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Stock Issued To And Signed By Jules Bache (founder of Bache & Co.) - New York 1889&&&&&
NOPARASTISTO, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railroad Stock Issued To And Signed On Verso By James C. Fargo - 1882&&&&&
NORPACRAILCO1, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railway Company&&&&&
NOPARACO, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railway Company&&&&&
NOPARAEQTROF, &&&&&Northern Pacific Railway Equipment Trust of 1962 - New York&&&&&
NOPARRSTISTO, &&&&&Northern Pacific RR Stock Issued To And Signed By William Rockefeller 1884, New York&&&&&
NORAMA18, &&&&&Northern Railroad - Boston, Massachusetts - 1854 &&&&&
NORANEWHA, &&&&&Northern Railroad - New Hampshire&&&&&
NORACONEWYO1, &&&&&Northern Railroad Company (Early Railroad Stock Certificate) - New York 1849&&&&&
NORRAILCOM18, &&&&&Northern Railroad Company 1899 ( Early Erie Railroad )&&&&&
NORRAILCOMOF, &&&&&Northern Railroad Company of New Jersey 1920's&&&&&
NOSAANDLOASM, &&&&&Northern Savings and Loan Association signed by George F. Getty ( Jean Paul Getty's father) - Minneapolis, Minnesota 1894&&&&&
NORSTATBANIN, &&&&&Northern States Bancorporation, Inc.&&&&&
NOSTPOCOMI191, &&&&&Northern States Power Company (Now Xcel Energy, Inc.) - Minnesota 1947&&&&&
NOUTCODE19, &&&&&Northern Utilities Company - Illinois 1928&&&&&
NOVIBAVI19, &&&&&Northern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. - Virginia 1972&&&&&
NORWATANDPOW1, &&&&&Northern Water and Power Company - California 1918&&&&&
NORWATANDPOW, &&&&&Northern Water and Power Company 1906 - California&&&&&
NORTHFIELDBANK, &&&&&Northfield Bank 1863&&&&&
NORNATBAN, &&&&&Northfield National Bank 1866&&&&&
NORUCOINNEWY, &&&&&Northland Rubber Co ., Inc. - New York 1916&&&&&
NORSHIPCOMLI, &&&&&Northumberland Shipbuilding Company Limited 1919&&&&&
NOMOSACOMA19, &&&&&Northway Motors Sales Company - Massachusetts 1920&&&&&
NORAIRCOR, &&&&&Northwest Airlines Corporation&&&&&
NORAIRINC, &&&&&Northwest Airlines, Inc. (Merged with Delta Airlines) &&&&&
NOBAOFIN, &&&&&Northwest Bank of Indiana - Whiting, Indiana&&&&&
NORENCOM1, &&&&&Northwest Engineering Company ( Now Terex )&&&&&
NOENCODE19, &&&&&Northwest Engineering Company - Delaware 1970&&&&&
NOPICODE191, &&&&&Northwest Pipeline Corporation - Delaware 1974&&&&&
NOBETECOIO19, &&&&&Northwestern Bell Telephone Company (Now Qwest) - Iowa 1921&&&&&
NORBELTELCOM, &&&&&Northwestern Bell Telephone Company - Iowa 1926&&&&&
NOBETECO, &&&&&Northwestern Bell Telephone Company - Specimen&&&&&
NOOVTEANDTEC, &&&&&Northwestern Overland Telephone and Telegraph Company - Illinois 1884&&&&&
NORPUBSERCOM, &&&&&Northwestern Public Service Company ( Now NorthWestern Corporation )&&&&&
NOTECOIL, &&&&&Northwestern Telephone Company - Illinois 1970&&&&&
NOENDE19, &&&&&Norton Enterprises - Delaware 1987 &&&&&
NORTIRANDRUB, &&&&&Norwalk Tire and Rubber Company 1943&&&&&
NONEWYOTRCOC, &&&&&Norwich & New York Transportation Company - Connecticut 1888&&&&&
NORPHARCOM, &&&&&Norwich Pharmacal Company ( Now Procter & Gamble Company )&&&&&
NOPHCONEWYO1, &&&&&Norwich Pharmacal Company (Invented Pepto-Bismol) - New York 1933&&&&&
NOVSCOTLANAN, &&&&&Nova Scotia Land and Gold Crushing and Amalgamating Company - Canada 1863&&&&&
NOVMEDSYSINC, &&&&&Novametrix Medical Systems Inc.&&&&&
NOINDE, &&&&&Novell, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
NOVELTYSTOCKS, &&&&&Novelty Stocks - Stock Certificates and Bond Certificates - Business Gifts&&&&&
NUSKASPAINDE, &&&&&Nu Skin Asia Pacific, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
NUCOINTECONE, &&&&&Nuckolls County Independent Telephone Company - Certificate #1 - Nelson, Nebraska 1904&&&&&
NUCRESASINC, &&&&&Nuclear Research Associates, Inc.&&&&&
NUCSOL, &&&&&Nuclear Solutions, Inc ( Homeland Security ) - Washington DC&&&&&
NUMICOLICA19, &&&&&Nuddea Mills Company Limited. - Calcutta 1920 &&&&&
NUOILCOMI19, &&&&&Nugget Oil Corporation - Minnesota 1983 &&&&&
NUTEINDE, &&&&&Numerical Technologies, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
NUFOPRCOOH19, &&&&&Nuto Food Products Company - Ohio 1919&&&&&
NUIN, &&&&&Nutone, Incorporated&&&&&
NUVEEN, &&&&&Nuveen Bond Fund&&&&&
NYNCOR, &&&&&NYNEX Corporation ( New York and New England Telephone merger ) - Pre 9/11 World Trade Center in Vignette&&&&&
NYCODE, &&&&&NYNEX Corporation - New York and New England Telephone merger - (World Trade Center Vignette) - Delaware &&&&&
OGOMILITOCA1, &&&&&O'Brien Gold Mines, Limited - Toronto, Canada - 1959&&&&&
OCHINRAOH19, &&&&&O'Kay Chemical, Inc. - Ravenna, Ohio 1931&&&&&
OSRUBCOM, &&&&&O'Sullivan Rubber Company 1910&&&&&
OAKCRLAANDWA, &&&&&Oak Creek Land and Water Company - San Francisco, California 1895&&&&&
OAKININC, &&&&&OAK Industries Inc. - Early Cable TV Converter and Subscription "On TV" Company&&&&&
OAKMFGCO, &&&&&Oak Manufacturing Company ( Early Cable Converter Maker )&&&&&
OAKPRODINC, &&&&&Oakite Products, Inc.&&&&&
OAKCITHALOAK, &&&&&Oakland City Hall - Oakland, California&&&&&
OAKPOS, &&&&&Oakland Postcards&&&&&
OATRCOCA19, &&&&&Oakland Traction Company - California 1912 signed by Dennis Searles ( Borax Mining Company Co Founder )&&&&&
OATHCOMI19, &&&&&Oakman Theatre Company - Detroit, Michigan 1935&&&&&
OANOSTMICOOA, &&&&&Oatman North Star Mines Company - Oatman, Arizona 1916&&&&&
OASOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Oatman Southern Mining and Milling Company - Arizona 1916&&&&&
OBMOPILTDCO1, &&&&&Obelisk Motion Pictures LTD (Made the movie "Attack of the Beast Creatures") - Connecticut 1981&&&&&
OBBOCOIN19, &&&&&Obenchain - Boyer Company - Fire Truck Vignette ( Fire Trucks and Equipment ) - Logansport, Indiana -1921&&&&&
OBRUPLCONEWJ, &&&&&Obispo Rubber Plantation Company - New Jersey 1907&&&&&
OBCOINMA19, &&&&&Observer Company, Inc. - Baltimore, Maryland 1932&&&&&
OCCOCA18, &&&&&Occidental Company for Gold, Silver and Copper Mining - Wyandotte Mining District, Oroville, Butte Co. California - 1863&&&&&
OCPECODE, &&&&&Occidental Petroleum Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
OCPECODE1, &&&&&Occidental Petroleum Corporation - Delaware 1986&&&&&
OCPECODE19, &&&&&Occidental Petroleum Corporation - Delaware 1988&&&&&
OCPECOPUOILC, &&&&&Occidental Petroleum Corporation / The Putnam Oil Company, Inc. 1970 Exploration Program (I) - Massachusetts&&&&&
OCPECOCA19, &&&&&Occidental Petroleum Corporation with Armand Hammer as Chairman - California 1975&&&&&
OCCIBRCOBEMA, &&&&&Ocean City Bridge Company - Berlin, Maryland 1897&&&&&
OCCIEXCONEWJ, &&&&&Ocean City Excursion Company signed by Wesley Lake(co founder of Ocean City) - New Jersey 1887&&&&&
OCCOELNEWJE, &&&&&Ocean County Electric - New Jersey &&&&&
OCCOELCONEWJ4, &&&&&Ocean County Electric Co. - New Jersey 1922&&&&&
OCCOELCONEWJ2, &&&&&Ocean County Electric Company - New Jersey 1920&&&&&
OCCOELCONEWJ, &&&&&Ocean County Electric Company - New Jersey 1921&&&&&
OCCOELCONEWJ3, &&&&&Ocean County Electric Company - New Jersey 1921&&&&&
OCDORAASINMA2, &&&&&Ocean Downs Racing Association, Inc. - Berlin, Maryland 1968 &&&&&
OCDORAASINMA1, &&&&&Ocean Downs Racing Association, Inc. - Maryland 1947&&&&&
OCDORAASINMA, &&&&&Ocean Downs Racing Association, Inc. - Ocean City, Maryland 1953&&&&&
OCFLSACOSODA, &&&&&Ocean Floating Safe Company (Entered market after sinking of Lusitania during WWI) - 1920&&&&&
OCSTNACOPHPE, &&&&&Ocean Steam Navigation Company - Issued during Civil War - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1861 &&&&&
OCSTCOOFSASA, &&&&&Ocean Steamship Company of Savannah (issued to the Central Rail Road and Banking Company of Georgia) - Georgia 1882&&&&&
ODDFELHALASO, &&&&&Odd Fellows Hall Association of Malden, Massachusettes 1928 - Three Link Logo&&&&&
ODCA, &&&&&Odwalla, Inc. ( Health is Wealth) - California &&&&&
OFUNGOPENMAC, &&&&&Office Union Gold Pen Manufacturing Company - Washington, DC Est. 1860's&&&&&
OFINOH, &&&&&OfficeMax, Inc. - Ohio&&&&&
COOFVI, &&&&&Officer Commission 1841 signed by Virginia Governor James McDowell&&&&&
SPOFBAMCCO1, &&&&&Official Ballot McLean County (Teddy Roosevelt) - Illinois, 1904&&&&&
OFBOBPEN, &&&&&Official BOB.COM Pen - Perfect Gift for Bob&&&&&
OFFILIN, &&&&&Official Films International&&&&&
OFFILINC, &&&&&Official Films, Inc (Official Industries)&&&&&
OFGUBOGOGAIN, &&&&&Official Guide Book: Golden Gate International Exposition [World's Fair] on San Francisco Bay California 1939&&&&&
BAHABYHICLAN, &&&&&Official Major League Baseball hand signed by Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton&&&&&
OFMUSCOM, &&&&&Official Music Company&&&&&
OFSOSCOFCLIN, &&&&&Official Souvenir Scorecard of the Cleveland Indians handsigned by Los Angels Angeles Team (California Angels) - June 1961&&&&&
OFTELINC, &&&&&Official Television, Inc&&&&&
OFCOM, &&&&&Offshore Company&&&&&
OFCOM1, &&&&&Offshore Company&&&&&
OGTECONEWYO1, &&&&&Ogdensburg Terminal Company Gold Bond - New York 1911&&&&&
OHCAREOILCOW, &&&&&Ohio & California Refining Oil Company -1903&&&&&
OHINRAILCOM1, &&&&&Ohio & Indiana Railroad Company 1853&&&&&
OHMISMINCO18, &&&&&Ohio & Missouri Mining Co. 1847&&&&&
OHPENRAILCOM, &&&&&Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1855&&&&&
OHTONMINCOM1, &&&&&Ohio - Tonopah Mining Company 1907 - Tonopah, Nevada&&&&&
OHMICOAR19, &&&&&Ohio -Tonopah Mining Company - Buffalo Vignette - Tonopah, Nevada 1907&&&&&
OHANDINRAILC, &&&&&Ohio and Indiana Railroad Company Stock Certificate - 1854&&&&&
OHBETECO19, &&&&&Ohio Bell Telephone Company (Specimen Bond) - 1970&&&&&
OHIOBONDS, &&&&&Ohio Bonds&&&&&
OHCITRCOOH, &&&&&Ohio Citizens Trust Company (Became National City Bank Corporation) - Toledo, Ohio&&&&&
OHCITRCOTOOH, &&&&&Ohio Citizens Trust Company - Toledo, Ohio &&&&&
OHCOCOOFUT19, &&&&&Ohio Copper Company of Utah - Bingham Mining District, Utah - 1941&&&&&
OHEDCOM1, &&&&&Ohio Edison Company&&&&&
OHEDCOOH, &&&&&Ohio Edison Company (FirstEnergy) - Ohio 1944&&&&&
OHEDELINCOOH, &&&&&Ohio Edison Electric Installation Company - Incorporated in Kentucky 1883&&&&&
OHFARIROCOJE, &&&&&Ohio Falls River Road Company - Jeffersonville, Indiana 1882&&&&&
OHPUBSERCOM1, &&&&&Ohio Public Service Company ( Now Ohio Edison )&&&&&
OHRILAANDMAC, &&&&&Ohio River Land and Marble Company - 1854&&&&&
OLDVAFRTUOH1, &&&&&Ohio Valley Free Turnpike - Belmont County, Ohio 1874 &&&&&
OIL1, &&&&&Oil , Gas and Chemicals A-K&&&&&
OIL2, &&&&&Oil , Gas and Chemicals L-R&&&&&
OIL3, &&&&&Oil , Gas and Chemicals S-Z&&&&&
OILCARATSHIP, &&&&&Oil Cars at Shipping Station, Bakersfield California Postcard&&&&&
OILFIDECOAR1, &&&&&Oil Fields Development Company - Arizona 1917&&&&&
OILLEROCOAR1, &&&&&Oil Lease & Royalty Company - Arizona 1936&&&&&
OILVAPECOPE1, &&&&&Oil Valley Petroleum Company - Venango County, Pennsylvania 1875&&&&&
OICHWAANDPOS, &&&&&Oil, Chemical, Water and Power Search by Price Range&&&&&
ENERGY, &&&&&Oil, Chemicals, Utilities&&&&&
OKLAHOMABONDS, &&&&&Oklahoma Bonds&&&&&
OKGASANDEL19, &&&&&Oklahoma Gas and Electric - 1968&&&&&
OKPLANDREBOO, &&&&&Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board - Oklahoma 1954&&&&&
OKTUAUOK, &&&&&Oklahoma Turnpike Authority - Oklahoma &&&&&
OLDBASLCO, &&&&&Old Bangor Slate Company - Pennsylvania 1911&&&&&
OLDCHECKS, &&&&&Old Checks&&&&&
CIGARLABELS, &&&&&Old Cigar Labels&&&&&
OLDCOLANDFAL, &&&&&Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Co. 1863&&&&&
OLDCOBACHBO2, &&&&&Old Colony and Newport Railroad Note - Boston 1866&&&&&
NONAME83, &&&&&Old Colony and Newport Railway Co. 1869&&&&&
OLDCOOFNERAR, &&&&&Old Colony of Newport Rail Road - Boston 1877&&&&&
OLDCORACOMA1, &&&&&Old Colony Railroad Company - Massachusetts 1947 &&&&&
OLDCOLRAILCO2, &&&&&Old Colony Railroad Company 1870's&&&&&
OLDCORACOCH1, &&&&&Old Colony Railroad Company Check- 1882 &&&&&
OLDCOSTCORHI, &&&&&Old Colony Steamboat Co. Fall River Line Letterhead - Newport, Rhode Island 1897&&&&&
OLDCOSTCOLEN, &&&&&Old Colony Steamboat Company - New York 1894&&&&&
OLDCOSTCONEW, &&&&&Old Colony Steamboat Company - New York 1894&&&&&
OLDCOLSTEAMC, &&&&&Old Colony Steamboat Company signed by Frederick L. Ames 1881&&&&&
OLDCOSTCOMA1, &&&&&Old Colony Steamboat Company Stock Certificate - Massachusetts 1891&&&&&
OLDCOZIANDSM, &&&&&Old Colony Zinc and Smelting Company - West Virginia 1900&&&&&
OLDCOSTANDBO, &&&&&Old Company Stock and Bond Certificate Research Service - RM Smythe&&&&&
OLDDOMGARCOM, &&&&&Old Dominion Garment Company&&&&&
16XPDO16, &&&&&Old English Document " To the Xpian People " dated 1691&&&&&
OLDENMALMILC1, &&&&&Old English Malted Milk Company, Inc. 1929&&&&&
OLDEUMICO19, &&&&&Old Eureka Mining Company - 1918&&&&&
OLDFIVIINVI1, &&&&&Old First Virginia Infantry 1861-1865 Ornate Certificate from Confederacy - Virginia&&&&&
OLDFOCOFLNEN, &&&&&Old Folks Father Kemp Liberty Hall Concert Broadside - Newark, New Jersey 1860&&&&&
CLICHERFOROL, &&&&&Old Fruit and Vegetable Labels&&&&&
OLDGUMICOAR1, &&&&&Old Guard Mining Company - Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
OLDHICOMISMC, &&&&&Old Hickory Copper Mining & Smelting Company - New Mexico 1901&&&&&
OLDJOEDICOKE, &&&&&Old Joe Distilling Company - Lawrenceburg, Kentucky -1935&&&&&
OLDKEFICOMI, &&&&&Old Kent Financial Corporation - Michigan 1997&&&&&
OLDKEGOMIAND, &&&&&Old Kentucky Gold Mining and Milling Company - 1905&&&&&
OLDMENUS, &&&&&Old Menus&&&&&
OLDNECOCLIN1, &&&&&Old Newgate Coon Club, Inc. - Norfolk, Connecticut 1949 &&&&&
PHOFCOWO, &&&&&Old Original Mining Photograph&&&&&
OLDPAPERMONEY1, &&&&&Old Paper Money / Obsolete Currency / Scrip&&&&&
OLDPAMOPA, &&&&&Old Paper Money Package&&&&&
RE10GE19, &&&&&Old Paper Money Reichsbantnote 1000 - German 1910 &&&&&
WISHDR18, &&&&&Old Photo Postcard of Winthrop Shore Drive, Massachusetts - 1931&&&&&
OLDPOCOIMCOV, &&&&&Old Point Comfort Improvement Company (Hotel Chamberlin and Hotel Hygeia) - Hampton Roads , Virginia 1901 &&&&&
OLDREPINCOR1, &&&&&Old Republic International Corporation&&&&&
OLDREPINCOR, &&&&&Old Republic International Corporation&&&&&
RESEARCH, &&&&&Old Stock and Bond Research Service&&&&&
COMRESNAM, &&&&&Old Stock Exchange -
OLDTIMBRANLO, &&&&&Old Timers Brand Louisiana Porto Rican Yams - Tom Thumb Train Image&&&&&
OLWORCHEC18, &&&&&Oldham Works Check 1853&&&&&
OLAIRCOR, &&&&&Olson Aircraft Corporation 1965 - Wilmington, North Carolina&&&&&
OLBRCO19, &&&&&Olympia Brewing Company "It's the Water" - Tumwater, Washington 1972&&&&&
OLBREWCOM1, &&&&&Olympia Brewing Company 1933 - Issued when prohibition was repealed - Washington&&&&&
OLBRCORASPCE, &&&&&Olympia Brewing Company Rare Specimen Certificate - Tumwater, Washington 1982&&&&&
OLSTBAIL, &&&&&Olympia State Bank - Chicago Heights, Illinois &&&&&
OLSADESENFOR, &&&&&Olympias S.A. des Entreprises Forestieres - Greece 1935&&&&&
OLBOCLCOLIWA, &&&&&Olympic Bowling Club Company, Limited - England 1955&&&&&
OMANDCOUNBLU, &&&&&Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Company 1905-1907&&&&&
OMHAYEXNE19, &&&&&Omaha Hay Exchange - Nebraska 1916&&&&&
OMAICONE19, &&&&&Omaha-Legion Airport Corporation - Nebraska 1927&&&&&
OMINBLOUNINS, &&&&&Omark Industries - Blount International Stock Certificate&&&&&
OMNISPECTRAINC, &&&&&Omni Spectra, Inc. ( Merged into M/A-Com )&&&&&
OMCOBEHERECA, &&&&&Omnibus Corporation ( Became Hertz Rent a Car )&&&&&
OMFRANDUFILE, &&&&&Omnium Francais Du Film - Early French Film Company - Art Deco - 1928&&&&&
ONUPHOLOCAST1, &&&&&Once Upon a Horse Lobby Card Starring Dan Rowan and Dick Martin - 1958&&&&&
ONUPHOLOCAST, &&&&&Once Upon a Horse Lobby Card Starring Dan Rowan and Dick Martin - 1958&&&&&
ONCOMICOMI19, &&&&&Oneco Copper Mining Company - RARE - Houghton, Michigan 1916&&&&&
ONNABAANDTRC, &&&&&Oneida National Bank and Trust Company of Central New York - New York&&&&&
ONCOLINEWYO1, &&&&&Oneida, Limited (Formerly Oneida Community Limited) - RARE Specimen - New York 1949&&&&&
ONSILSTOCCER, &&&&&Onieda , Inc ( Famous Silverware Company )&&&&&
ONJOCLLIONCA, &&&&&Ontario Jockey Club, Limited (Now Woodbine Entertainment Group) - Ontario, Canada 1956&&&&&
ONCMOSPCOCA1, &&&&&Ontario Motor Speedway Corporation - California 1968&&&&&
ONSTPRCOLICA, &&&&&Ontario Steel Products Company, Limited - Gananoque, Ontario Canada &&&&&
OPINNEWYO19, &&&&&Opera-on-Tour Inc. - New York 1938&&&&&
ORBEMICOASCO, &&&&&Ophir Bell Mining Company - Aspen, Colorado 1890s&&&&&
OPMINCOM19, &&&&&Option Mining Company 1926 - Idaho&&&&&
OQLIGANDPOWC, &&&&&Oquossoc Light and Power Company 1918&&&&&
ORCOR, &&&&&Oracle Corporation&&&&&
ORCODE20, &&&&&Oracle Corporation (Rare Specimen) - Delaware 2002&&&&&
ORCO20, &&&&&Oracle Corporation - 2005&&&&&
ORSYCODE19, &&&&&Oracle Systems Corporation (Name later changed to Oracle Corporation) - Delaware 1989 &&&&&
ORAIINMA19, &&&&&Orange - Athol Airport, Inc. ( Now Orange Municipal Airport ) - Massachusetts 1929&&&&&
ORANDCRLAPOA, &&&&&Orange and Cronomer Lakes Power and Realty Company - New York 1909&&&&&
ORCOLECONEWY, &&&&&Orange County Lead Company - Orange County, New York 1862 &&&&&
ORCR19, &&&&&Orange Crush Company - 1963 Uraguary&&&&&
ORJUCONEWYO1, &&&&&Orange Judd Company (American Agriculturist Publisher) - New York 1908 &&&&&
ORNABACHNEWJ, &&&&&Orange National Bank Check signed by Mina Edison - Thomas Edison's wife - New Jersey 1886&&&&&
ORANGECOINC, &&&&&Orange-co, Inc.&&&&&
ORSCIENCOR, &&&&&Orbital Sciences Corporation &&&&&
ORELRASICO18, &&&&&Orcutt's Electric Railroad Signal Company - Kittery, Maine 1887&&&&&
OROFRATEMECA, &&&&&Order of Railroad Telegraphers Membership Card ("Air traffic controllers" of the railroads) - Stamped V for Victory during WWII - 1944&&&&&
OROFRATE, &&&&&Order of Railroad Telegraphers Membership Card - 1903 to 1910&&&&&
ORFRMAANDFAX, &&&&&Order Online, Phone, Mail or Fax&&&&&
ORTRANCO10BO, &&&&&Oregon & Transcontinential Co $1000 Bond 1882&&&&&
ORANDTRANCOM2, &&&&&Oregon and Trancontinental Company signed by famous financier Henry Villard (American journalist, financier and president of the Northern Pacific Railway) 1882&&&&&
ORANDTRANCOM1, &&&&&Oregon and Transcontinental Company 1885 - E. H. Harriman&&&&&
ORANDTRANCOM, &&&&&Oregon and Transcontinental Company 1888 - signed by Sidney Dillon&&&&&
ORANDTRCOOR1, &&&&&Oregon and Transcontinental Company signed by George Pullman (Pullman Palace Car Company) - 1881&&&&&
OLDORPOS, &&&&&Oregon Postcards - Old&&&&&
ORSECOOR19, &&&&&Oregon Securities Company (Oregon and South Eastern Railroad) - Oregon 1905&&&&&
ORINDE20, &&&&&Organic, Inc. ( advertising agency pioneer) - Delaware 2001&&&&&
ORGOMICOCO18, &&&&&Orient Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1896&&&&&
ORGOPLMICONE, &&&&&Orient Gold Placer Mining Company - North San Juan, Nevada - 1893&&&&&
ORGOLPLACMIN, &&&&&Orient Gold Placer Mining Company 1893 - North San Juan, Nevada County, California&&&&&
ORLACOMI19, &&&&&Orient Land Company - Missouri 1918&&&&&
ORBANEWYO19, &&&&&Oriental Bank - New York 1906&&&&&
ORBANEWYO18, &&&&&Oriental Bank - New York 1878 &&&&&
ORBANEWYO, &&&&&Oriental Bank - New York 1900&&&&&
ORBANCOR1, &&&&&Oriental Bank Corporation - 1853&&&&&
ORGOMICONEWY, &&&&&Oriental Gold Mining Company - New York 1881 - Nevada. Esmeralda. Gold Mountain.&&&&&
ORHOCOEN18, &&&&&Oriental Hotels Company, Limited - England 1863&&&&&
ORINSTCOEN181, &&&&&Oriental Inland Steam Company - England 1858 &&&&&
ORINSTCOEN18, &&&&&Oriental Inland Steam Company - England 1860&&&&&
ORTEAGARGOLG, &&&&&Oriental Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California Postcard&&&&&
AIRDESBYRANH, &&&&&Original Airplane and Gun Mount drawing signed by early designer Randolph Hall - 1923&&&&&
PEETBROSMANC, &&&&&Original Colgate Palmolive Company 1910 - KC, Missouri&&&&&
BOOVCHPO2UNS, &&&&&Original Bombs Over China Lobby Card starring Ronald Reagan - 1961&&&&&
ORBUMISY19, &&&&&Original Bullfrog Mines Syndicate - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona - Goldfield, Neveda 1907&&&&&
PASTSIADESCH, &&&&&Original Early 1900's Porcelain Paris Street Sign, "Avenue Des Champs-Elysees", 10"x23"&&&&&
FOLILOPH, &&&&&Original Fourth Liberty Loan Rally Photograph - 1918&&&&&
ORGELO198BOC, &&&&&Original Germany Loan 1922 8% Bond City Stadt Coblenz Koblenz 5000 Marks Uncancelled&&&&&
PRDI, &&&&&Original Gold Processing Procedure Directions - 1890's&&&&&
ORLEFRLOFIFI, &&&&&Original letter from the Times-Mirror Company, publisher of the Los Angeles Times hand signed by Harrison Gray Otis -1916&&&&&
ORNBAVAGRLOS, &&&&&Original NBA Vancouver Grizzlies Logo Sticker from 1995&&&&&
ORNBAVAGRLOS1, &&&&&Original NBA Vancouver Grizzlies Logo Sticker from 1995&&&&&
NBCPRREAN25T, &&&&&Original NBC Press Release announcing 25,690,000 TV Sets in United States - 1953&&&&&
RA19TRAIRTRP, &&&&&Original Transcontinental Air Transport (Pre-TWA) Uniform Buttons (2) - 1928&&&&&
WICOBRPLDAAU, &&&&&Original Wireless Codegraph Morse Code Brass Plate dated August 13, 1912 - 4 months after Titanic sinking&&&&&
ORFAWOOFJUVE, &&&&&Originial Fabulous World of Jules Verne Lobby Card - 1961&&&&&
ORGOMICOCO181, &&&&&Oriole Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1896 &&&&&
ORMICOAR18, &&&&&Orion Mining Company signed by Hamilton Disston - Arizona 1881&&&&&
ORPICO19, &&&&&Orion Pictures Corporation - 1984&&&&&
ORCOCLFL19, &&&&&Orlando Country Club - Florida 1926&&&&&
OROFLCOMICON, &&&&&Oro Flat Consolidated Mining Co. - California. Motherlode. New York 1889 &&&&&
ORBEMIANDMIC, &&&&&Orphan Bell Mining and Milling Co. -Colorado. Teller. Cripple Creek. - 1893&&&&&
ORCOCOAR19, &&&&&Orphan Copper Company - Arizona 1909&&&&&
ORCIINDE, &&&&&Orpheum Circuit Inc. Specimen - Early Vaudeville Theatre Chain - Delaware 1919&&&&&
ORTHANDRECOS, &&&&&Orpheum Theater and Realty Co.- San Francisco, California 1908&&&&&
ORPHEUMO, &&&&&Orpheum Theatres 1924 - Lion Vignette&&&&&
ORBECOSIBYCH, &&&&&Ortley Beach Company signed by Charles Durborow (Ground Zero from Hurricane Sandy) - Toms River, Dover Township, Ocean County, New Jersey 1928 &&&&&
OSOILREFCOM, &&&&&Osage Oil & Refining Company - South Dakota&&&&&
OSANDSISPCO, &&&&&Oscala and Silver Springs Company - 1892 ***SOLD***&&&&&
OSCRATLABACA, &&&&&Oscar Crate Label - Acadamy Award Image&&&&&
OSCRCOMICOOR, &&&&&Oscar Creek Consolidated Mining Company - Grants Pass, Oregon 1915&&&&&
OSCREEKCONMI, &&&&&Oscar Creek Consolidated Mining Company 1900 - Grant's Pass, Oregon&&&&&
OSMAYCOMINC, &&&&&Oscar Mayer & Company, Inc (Famous Hot Dog Company)&&&&&
OSHKOSHBGOSH, &&&&&Oshkosh B'Gosh - Famous Clothing Maker&&&&&
OSTRCOWI19, &&&&&Oshkosh Truck Corporation - Wisconsin 1989&&&&&
PFANDBRIEF, &&&&&Osterreiche Boden Credit Austalt - Austria 1906&&&&&
OSBODCREDAUS, &&&&&Osterreiche Boden Credit Austalt 1910 - Austria&&&&&
OTFOHFU, &&&&&Ot Forint - Hungarian Fund - 1850's&&&&&
OTAUANDINPE, &&&&&Other Autographs and Interesting People&&&&&
COMMUNICATION1, &&&&&Other Communications A - L&&&&&
COMMUNICATION3, &&&&&Other Communications M - Z&&&&&
MANUFACTURINGB, &&&&&Other Industries A - B&&&&&
MANCD, &&&&&Other Industries C - D&&&&&
MANEI, &&&&&Other Industries E - I&&&&&
MANJM, &&&&&Other Industries J - M&&&&&
MANNR, &&&&&Other Industries N - R&&&&&
MANSZ, &&&&&Other Industries S - Z&&&&&
OTSTATPOS, &&&&&Other State Postcards - Old&&&&&
OTAUTRCOINSP, &&&&&Otis Automatic Train Control, Inc.- Spokane, Washington 1921&&&&&
OTELCOM, &&&&&Otis Elevator Company - 1972&&&&&
OTTAILPOWCOM, &&&&&Otter Tail Power Company&&&&&
OTCOLIEN, &&&&&Ottoman Company Limited - 1865&&&&&
OUTOFSILOCAS, &&&&&Out of Sight Lobby Card Starring Jonathan Daly and Karen Jensen - 1966&&&&&
OUMACODE19, &&&&&Outboard Marine Corporation - Delaware 1971&&&&&
OUTMARCOR191, &&&&&Outboard Marine Corporation 1977 $10,000 Bond - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
OUCORHIS19, &&&&&Outlet Company (Retail Stores and TV Broadcasting) - Rhode Island, 1925&&&&&
OVSEFUINPE, &&&&&Over-The-Counter Securites Fund, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1986&&&&&
OVCOM1, &&&&&Overland Company 1900&&&&&
OVPRANDRECOC, &&&&&Overland Producing and Refining Company ( Shale Oil Company) - Colorado 1924&&&&&
OVTELCOM19, &&&&&Overland Telegraph Company - "What Hath God Wrought" Vignette - 1901&&&&&
OVSECCOINC, &&&&&Overseas Securities Co., Inc. 1929 - 1931&&&&&
OVSEIN, &&&&&Overture Services, Inc. ( Acquired by Yahoo )&&&&&
OVAICO, &&&&&Ovington Airplane Company ( Earle Lewis Ovington was the first Air mail Pilot in U.S. )&&&&&
OWANDITTUCON, &&&&&Owego and Ithaca Turnpike Company - New York 1809&&&&&
OWCORFIBBONC, &&&&&Owens Corning Fiberglas Bond Certificate&&&&&
OWLAKSODSYNI, &&&&&Owens Lake Soda Syndicate, Inc. 1926&&&&&
OWBRCOBRREBO, &&&&&Owensboro Bridge Commission Bridge Revenue Bond - Kentucky 1938 &&&&&
OWOILCOR, &&&&&Owenwood Oil Corporation 1921 - Bi Plane Vignette - Fort Worth, Texas&&&&&
OWAUTINCOMIN, &&&&&Owners Automobile Insurance Company, Inc. 1927 - Louisiana&&&&&
OWCHPRCOID19, &&&&&Owyhee Chemical Products Company - Idaho 1930&&&&&
OXGOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Oxford Gold Mining and Milling Company - Colorado 1896 &&&&&
OXLINMIL, &&&&&Oxford Linen Mills 1909&&&&&
OXOCO, &&&&&Oxoco - California&&&&&
OZENCOM, &&&&&OZ Entertainment Company&&&&&
OZAIRLIINIST, &&&&&Ozark Air Lines, Inc. issued to Dodger Great, Wally Moon - Missouri 1959&&&&&
PBASONEWJE19, &&&&&P. Ballantine & Sons (Famous Beer Company) signed by Carl Badenhausen - Newark, New Jersey - 1949&&&&&
PANDRCOPE19, &&&&&P.M. and R. Company - Pennsylvania 1920 &&&&&
P3AEWCPOSTCARD, &&&&&P3 AEW&C postcard&&&&&
PABRCODE, &&&&&Pabst Brewing Company (Specimen) - King Gambrinus holding a flagon of beer vignette - Milwaukee 1981&&&&&
PABRCO19, &&&&&Pabst Brewing Company - Image of King Gambrinus holding a flagon of beer - 1983&&&&&
PACALAIRLOCL, &&&&&Pacific Alaska Airways Lockheed Lodestar 1950's&&&&&
PAAMFIINDE19, &&&&&Pacific American Fisheries, Inc. - Delaware 1948 &&&&&
PACAMFISINC, &&&&&Pacific American Fisheries, Inc. 1928 - Puget Sound / Alaska&&&&&
PABACO, &&&&&Pacific Baking Company&&&&&
PAINCA19, &&&&&Pacific Bell, Inc. 8.70% Note - California 1991&&&&&
PACOAG19, &&&&&Pacific Coast Aggregates - California 1928&&&&&
PACOFLLAINPI, &&&&&Pacific Coast Film Laboratories, Inc. - 1920&&&&&
PACOMEENCA19, &&&&&Pacific Coast Medical Enterprises - California 1980&&&&&
PACCOASPROPI, &&&&&Pacific Coast Properties - Delaware 1978&&&&&
PACOPRCOCA, &&&&&Pacific Cottonseed Products Corporation - California 1920&&&&&
PADECONEWYO1, &&&&&Pacific Development Corporation - New York 1921 ( Edward Bruce was President )&&&&&
PAELRACOCA191, &&&&&Pacific Electric Railway Co. signed by Henry Edwards Huntington - California 1904 &&&&&
PAFICOCA19, &&&&&Pacific Finance Corporation ( Became Transamerica and Lockheed Aircraft Corporation ) - California 1929&&&&&
PAFICOCA191, &&&&&Pacific Finance Corporation - California 1924&&&&&
PAFICOOFCA, &&&&&Pacific Finance Corporation of California ( Now Transamerica )&&&&&
PAFICOWA, &&&&&Pacific Financial Corporation - Washington&&&&&
PAFREXEQTRPH, &&&&&Pacific Fruit Express Equipment Trust - Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1924&&&&&
PAGAROCO, &&&&&Pacific Gamble Robinson Company ( Now Food Services of America )&&&&&
PACGASANDEL, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric - 1957 Famous California Utility Bankruptcy&&&&&
PAGASANDELNE, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric - New York 1944&&&&&
PAGASANDELCO2, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric Company $5000 Mortgage Bond - California &&&&&
PAGASANDELCO, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric Company - California&&&&&
PAGASANDELCO1, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric Company - California 1958&&&&&
PAGASANDELCO4, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric Company - New York - 1968&&&&&
PAGASANDELCO6, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric Company - San Francisco, California 1926&&&&&
PAGASANDELRE, &&&&&Pacific Gas and Electric Registered First and Refunding Mortgage Bond - California 1953&&&&&
PAGAEXINDE20, &&&&&Pacific Gateway Exchange, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
PAGLCACOCA19, &&&&&Pacific Glass Casket Company - Santa Monica, California 1919&&&&&
PAGLCACOOFCA, &&&&&Pacific Glass Casket Company of California - 1919&&&&&
PAGUCOSANFRC, &&&&&Pacific Guano Company - San Francisco, California 1873&&&&&
PACHIGBRIDOV, &&&&&Pacific Highway Bridge Over the Shasta River, California Postcard&&&&&
PACHIGSACRIV, &&&&&Pacific Highway, Sacramento River Canyon, California Postcard&&&&&
PAHOCOOFCHIL, &&&&&Pacific Hotel Company of Chicago - Illinois 1873&&&&&
PALACOSANFRC, &&&&&Pacific Land Company - San Francisco, California 1863&&&&&
PALAIMCOSIBY, &&&&&Pacific Land Improvement Company signed by George Fullerton - Los Angeles, California 1887&&&&&
PALEENHAISVI, &&&&&Pacific Leisure Enterprises - Hawaiian Islands Vignette&&&&&
PALUCOWA19, &&&&&Pacific Lutheran College - Washington 1953&&&&&
PACNORBELCOM, &&&&&Pacific Northwest Bell Company 1970's ( U.S. West Company ---> Became Qwest )&&&&&
PANOBETECO2S, &&&&&Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company ( Old Dial Telephone) - California 1977&&&&&
PACNORBELTEL, &&&&&Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company - Washington&&&&&
PANOBETECOWI, &&&&&Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company - Wisconsin&&&&&
PACOILCOM19, &&&&&Pacific Oil Company 1904&&&&&
PAOILCOLICA1, &&&&&Pacific Oil Company, Limited - Los Angeles, California 1901 &&&&&
PAOUCOCA19, &&&&&Pacific Outlook Company (Early Los Angeles Newspaper) - California 1907&&&&&
PACPACANDNAV, &&&&&Pacific Packing and Navigation Company (Pacific American Fisheries) - Operated on Puget Sound and in Alaska - 1901&&&&&
PAPAANDNACON1, &&&&&Pacific Packing and Navigation Company - Puget Sound and Alaska 1902&&&&&
PAPAANDNACON, &&&&&Pacific Packing and Navigation Company - Puget Sound and Alaska 1902 &&&&&
PACPHYSSERIN, &&&&&Pacific Physician Services, Inc.&&&&&
PACSMELANDMI, &&&&&Pacific Smelting and Mining Company 1916&&&&&
PASOAICA1, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) - California 1968&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO5, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO8, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO1, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO6, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Boeing 727&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO9, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard DC-4&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO3, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard DC-9&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO4, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard DC-9&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO7, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Lockheed L-1011&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO2, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Lockheed L-1011&&&&&
PACSOUTAIRPO, &&&&&Pacific Southwest Airlines postcard Lockheed L-188&&&&&
PACSTATLIFIN, &&&&&Pacific States Life Insurance Company&&&&&
PACSTRAWPAPA, &&&&&Pacific Straw Paper and Board Company signed Charles F. Schuab&&&&&
PASTCO19, &&&&&Pacific Studios Corporation - San Mateo, California 1920&&&&&
PACTELANDTEL, &&&&&Pacific Telephone and Telegraph $1,000 Bond&&&&&
PACTELANDTEL1, &&&&&Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company 1909 - 30 Year Gold Bond&&&&&
PATEGRNE19, &&&&&Pacific Telesis Group - Nevada 1987&&&&&
PATRCO19, &&&&&Pacific Transport Company - California 1923&&&&&
PAWEAILTBRCO, &&&&&Pacific Western Airlines, Ltd. (Became Canadian Airlines International) - British Columbia, Canada - 1964&&&&&
PAWITECOSTOF, &&&&&Pacific Wireless Telegraph Company - Catalina Island, California 1905&&&&&
PACWRECANDSA1, &&&&&Pacific Wrecking and Salvage Company 1899 - Seattle, Washington&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP41, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Air Reduction Company, Incorporated - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Anaconda Company (Anaconda Copper Mining Company) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP1, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Apollo Lasers Inc (Became Honeywell International)- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP44, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Armour-Dial, Inc ( Now Henkel Corporation )- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP45, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Barry Wright Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP46, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Beatrice Foods Overseas Finance N.V. $1000 Bond - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP2, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Broadway-Hale Stores, Inc. (Became Federated Department Stores)- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP47, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Brooklyn Union Gas Company (Now National Grid USA) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEBUS, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Buckeye Steel Castings Company founded by Great Grandfather of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush - 1930's - Price includes shipping cost in U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP3, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Calumet and Hecla, Inc. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CECAS, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba - Pre Revolution American Sugar Company - Havana, Cuba - Price includes shipping costs to U.S. &&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP68, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Chadbourn, Inc. (textile and apparel company) North Carolina - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP48, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP6, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Commercial Credit Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP49, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Consoldiated Natural Gas Company (acquired by Dominion Resources) $1000 Bond - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP50, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Consumers Power Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP7, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Dillingham Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP8, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Eightwinds Petroleum, Inc. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
EQFUBO1HUWAS, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Equity Funding Bond $1,000 Huge Wall Street Scandal 1970s - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP9, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Erie Railroad Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP51, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - First Charter Financial - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP10, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - First Security Corporation (Acquired by Wells Fargo) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP11, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Ford Motor Company, Limited - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP13, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Fruehauf Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP12, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Fruehauf Finance Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP14, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Fund Of Letters, Inc. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP15, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - General Foods Overseas Development Corporation $1000 Bond- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP40, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - General Motors Corpoation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEGEM, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - General Motors Corporation (Pre Bankruptcy) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP56, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Statue of Liberty Vignette) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP16, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Georgia-Pacific Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP17, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Georgia-Pacific Corporation - Statue of Liberty Vignette - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP18, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Great American Realty Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP19, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Greeley Square Building Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP20, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Halliburton Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP21, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Hammersley Holdings Limited Australia- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP22, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Heli-Coil Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEIRT, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Irving Trust Company (Became Bank of New York Mellon) - 1930's - Price includes shipping cost in U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP24, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - John Blair and Company (vignette of a lighthouse) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP67, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - LFC Financial Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP69, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Livestock Financial Corporation Stock Certificate, New York - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP25, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Louisiana Land Offshore Exploration Company, Inc. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP27, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Michigan Consoldiated Gas Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP26, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP28, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Missouri Pacific Railroad Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP29, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Nevada Power Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CENEW, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - New York Central Railroad Company - Cornelius Vanderbilt Image - Includes Shipping Costs&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP30, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - North American Philips Corporation (Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Royal Philips, commonly known as Philips) )- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP32, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Oak Hill Sportswear, Inc. (Now REXX Environmental Corporation)- Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP34, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Paul Revere Investors Inc. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEPEC, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Penn Central Railway Company - Price includes shipping cost in U.S.&&&&&
PERACO31GOBO, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Pennsylvania Railroad Company 3 1/8% Gold Bond - 1945 - Price includes shipping cost in U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP36, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Providence and Worcester Railroad Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP37, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Pullman Transport Leasing Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP38, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Reliance Electric and Engineering Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP39, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Rocket Jet Engineering Corp. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP66, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Sinclair Oil Corporation - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP65, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Stauffer Chemical Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP33, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - The Oklahoma City Building and Loan Association - 1930's - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP64, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Trans - Lux Corporation - Professional Sport Scoreboards - Oldest AMEX Listing - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP72, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Trans Empire Oils Ltd. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP61, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - U.S. Financial Overseas N.V, - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEUNP, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Union Pacific Corporation - Price includes shipping cost in U.S. &&&&&
PAOF100CEUNS, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - United States Radium Company (Famous Radium Girls Lawsuit and Play) - Price includes shipping cost in U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEUNC, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - University Computing Company - Convertibile $1,000 Bond - Charles Wyly Jr as President 1970's - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP71, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - University National Life Insurance Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP62, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Uris Buildings Corporation (President, Harold D. Uris) - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP60, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Washington Water Power Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP59, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Williams Brothers Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP58, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Yuba Goldfields, Inc - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP57, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates - Zurn Industries, Inc. - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PAOF100CEXXP35, &&&&&Pack of 100 Certificates -Pennsylvania Power Company - Price includes shipping costs to U.S.&&&&&
PANAMWORAIRC1, &&&&&Pack of 100 certificates from Pan American World Airways circa 1970s - Price includes Shipping cost in U.S.&&&&&
RAILROADSAJ, &&&&&Packages, Annual Reports and More&&&&&
PACKO, &&&&&Packard Motor Car Company - Famous Automobile Maker&&&&&
PACKARD, &&&&&Packard Motor Car Company - Professionally Framed&&&&&
PAMOCARCOMI11, &&&&&Packard Motor Car Company Gold Bond - Michigan 1921 &&&&&
PAMOCARCOMI12, &&&&&Packard Motor Car Company issued on October 29, 1929 - Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash&&&&&
PAMOCARCOST1, &&&&&Packard Motor Car Company Stock 1930's&&&&&
PACKARDGRA, &&&&&Packard Motor Car Company Stock 1940's&&&&&
PACMANCOM18, &&&&&Pacolet Manufacturing Company ( Horse Vignette) - Spartan Mills, Pacolet , South Carolina 1889&&&&&
PASPCOVI18, &&&&&Paeonian Springs Company of Loudoun County, Virginia (RARE Specimen ) - Leesburg, Virginia 18__&&&&&
PAHELOCA, &&&&&Pagan Hellcat Lobby Card&&&&&
PAGSHAWIN, &&&&&Page & Shaw Incorporated - Famous Candies and Chocolates&&&&&
PASHINMA19, &&&&&Page & Shaw Incorporated signed by Otis Emerson Dunham and Charles Shaw - Massachusetts 1918&&&&&
PASHIN19, &&&&&Page & Shaw, Incorporated (Famous Candy Company) - Massachusetts 1929&&&&&
PAGESINC, &&&&&Pages, Inc - 1971&&&&&
PAMABECO18, &&&&&Palace Marine Berth Company - Portland, Maine -1885&&&&&
PALMOTTRANIN, &&&&&Palatine Motor Transportation & Industrial Corporation 1921&&&&&
ARCEAR, &&&&&Palestine Bond from the Head Committee of Nile Valley - 1948&&&&&
PALECCOR, &&&&&Palestine Economic Corporation (PEC Israel Economic Corporation )&&&&&
PAAICONEWJE1, &&&&&Palisade Aircraft Corp. - New Jersey 1969&&&&&
PATHCONEWJE1, &&&&&Palisade Theatre Corporation - New Jersey 1920&&&&&
PAINPANEWYO1, &&&&&Palisades Interstate Park - New York 1913&&&&&
PALOFPOTLANI, &&&&&Palisades of the Potomac Land Improvement Company - Issued to the founder of Washington Post, Stilson Hutchins - 1895&&&&&
PAOFPOLAIMCO, &&&&&Palisades of the Potomac Land Improvement Company - Virginia 1890's&&&&&
PALBEACGUARC1, &&&&&Palm Beach Guaranty Company&&&&&
PABETANDE, &&&&&Palm Beach Tan, Inc. (The Tanning Superstore) - Delaware 1995&&&&&
PALMINC, &&&&&Palm, Inc. - No longer traded&&&&&
PAINDE, &&&&&Palm, Inc. - RARE Specimen ( Makers of the Pre and Pixi, Treo and Centro smartphones, PalmPilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII, Zire and Tungsten.)- Delaware&&&&&
PAGLECOINCSP, &&&&&Palmer G. Lewis Co. Inc Specimen Stock Certificate - Washington 1982&&&&&
PAINOFAUCA19, &&&&&Palmer Institute of Authorship ( School for aspiring screenwriters) - California 1925&&&&&
PAUNOILCOCA2, &&&&&Palmer Union Oil Company (Became Coca Cola) - California&&&&&
PAUNOILCOCA, &&&&&Palmer Union Oil Company (Became Coca Cola) - California 1928&&&&&
PALUNOILCOM1, &&&&&Palmer Union Oil Company 1913 - California - Sold&&&&&
PALSHIPANDIR, &&&&&Palmer's Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Limited 1930&&&&&
PASHIRCOLIEN, &&&&&Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Company, Limited - England 1927 &&&&&
PASHANDIRCOL, &&&&&Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Limited - 1930&&&&&
PALSHIPANDIR1, &&&&&Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Limited 1907&&&&&
PAATMICOCA18, &&&&&Palo Alto Mining Company - San Jose, California 1893&&&&&
PAALSAANDLOA, &&&&&Palo Alto Salinas Savings and Loan Association - California &&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSO, &&&&&Pan Am Airlines Postcard of 747 in 1973&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSB1, &&&&&Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 314&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSB, &&&&&Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 707-321&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSB3, &&&&&Pan Am Airways postcard Boeing 727-121&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSD1, &&&&&Pan Am Airways postcard DC7&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSD3, &&&&&Pan Am Airways postcard Douglas DC7C&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSO1, &&&&&Pan Am Airways postcard of DC7 in 1950's&&&&&
PANAMCOR19, &&&&&Pan Am Corporation 1980's&&&&&
PANAMSTOCCER, &&&&&Pan Am Stock during four decades 50's - 80's ( 4 Certificates )&&&&&
PANAMAIRCORS1, &&&&&Pan American Airways 1947 ps/Trippe&&&&&
PANAMAIRBOEI, &&&&&Pan American Airways Boeing 707&&&&&
PANAMAIRCHIN, &&&&&Pan American Airways China Clippper 1930's&&&&&
PANAMAIRCON3, &&&&&Pan American Airways Convair 340 - 1950's&&&&&
PANAMAIRCOR, &&&&&Pan American Airways Corporation 1937 - Early Pan Am Plus Postcard&&&&&
XXX, &&&&&Pan American Airways DC4&&&&&
CCC, &&&&&Pan American Airways Fairchild FC-71 1930's&&&&&
PANAMAIISTOA, &&&&&Pan American Airways issued to and signed by Robert Lehman (Head of Lehman Brothers for decades ) - 1944&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSP, &&&&&Pan American Airways postcard DC3 1940's&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSD, &&&&&Pan American Airways Postcard DC4 - 1946 Image&&&&&
PANAMAIRPOSD2, &&&&&Pan American Airways postcard DC7B 1950's&&&&&
AVPOS, &&&&&Pan American Airways Postcards&&&&&
PANAMDEBCOR, &&&&&Pan American Debenture Corporation 1922- Virginia&&&&&
PANAMEASPETC, &&&&&Pan American Eastern Petroleum Corporation&&&&&
PANAMEXCOM, &&&&&Pan American Exposition Company Stock signed by John Milburn - 1901&&&&&
PAEXCONEWYO1, &&&&&Pan American Expostion Company 1901 - Signed by John Milburn (President McKinley Died in Milburn's home)&&&&&
PANAMEXCOM19, &&&&&Pan American Expostion Company 1901 - Signed John Milburn ( Pres. McKinley Died in Milburn's home)&&&&&
PANAMSULCOMS, &&&&&Pan American Sulphur Company&&&&&
PANAMWORAIRP, &&&&&Pan American World Airways - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
PANAMER1, &&&&&Pan American World Airways circa 1950's - Juan Trippe PLUS Pan American Airways Fairchild FC-71 1930's Postcard&&&&&
PANAMWORAIRC, &&&&&Pan American World Airways circa 1970s - Lot of 10&&&&&
PANAMWOAIINN2, &&&&&Pan American World Airways, Inc. issued to and signed by the Rockettes Investment Group- New York 1963&&&&&
PANAMWOAIINS, &&&&&Pan American World Airways, Inc. Stock Certificate with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride" hand signed by Robert Byrne.&&&&&
PANPADECOCA, &&&&&Pan Pacific Development Corporation - Canada&&&&&
PACASTDA18FE, &&&&&Panama Canal Bond with coupons dated 1884 - Ferdinand de Lesseps &&&&&
PACACE, &&&&&Panama Canal Certificate - Reparations Stamp -1893&&&&&
PANAMACANAL, &&&&&Panama Canal Stock dated 1880 - Ferdinand de Lesseps &&&&&
PANRAILROADC, &&&&&Panama Rail Road Co. ( Imprinted Revenue Stamp) 1872&&&&&
PANMEXBUFINC, &&&&&Pancho's Mexican Buffet, Inc.&&&&&
PAMEBUINDE, &&&&&Pancho's Mexican Buffet, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
PANPROD19, &&&&&Panda Productions 1950's&&&&&
PABAGOPLCOWE, &&&&&Pande Basin Gold Placer Company - Klondike Gold Rush - Alaska 1898&&&&&
PANPRESINC, &&&&&Pandick Press, Inc. - Famous IPO Printer&&&&&
PACICOLEPHPE, &&&&&Pandora Cigar Company Letterhead - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1941&&&&&
PACICOLEWIOR, &&&&&Pandora Cigar Company Letterhead with Original Drawing by Award Winning Artist, Robert Byrne " These cigars are smokin' hot, just like me" hand signed by Robert Byrne.&&&&&
PAURMIINDE, &&&&&Pandora Uranium Mines, Inc. (Vignette of a man with a Geiger counter) - Delaware 1955&&&&&
PANPOPMAD19, &&&&&Panificadora Popular Madrilena 1916&&&&&
PACOOFVEINDE, &&&&&Pantepec Consolidated of Venezuela, Inc. signed by William F. Buckley as President - Delaware 1933&&&&&
PAMICO18, &&&&&Panther Mining Company - CORNUCOPIA, ELKO COUNTY. NEVADA. 1877&&&&&
OTHERDOCUMENTS, &&&&&Paper Money, Checks, Annual Reports, Postcards, Lobby Cards&&&&&
PALIEN19, &&&&&Parabond Limited (two shillings and six pence tax stamp) - England 1928&&&&&
PAPRCONE19, &&&&&Paradox Production Corporation - Nevada 1971&&&&&
PARCOMINC, &&&&&Paraffine Companies Inc. ( Pre Fibreboard Corporation )&&&&&
PACOINSPDE19, &&&&&Paraffine Companies, Inc. SPECIMEN - Delaware &&&&&
PARFAMLASCOR, &&&&&Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation ( Early Paramount Pictures )&&&&&
PARFAMLASCOR1, &&&&&Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation - New York&&&&&
PAMIANDDECON, &&&&&Paramount Mining and Development Corporation - Nevada 1963&&&&&
NONAME37, &&&&&Paramount Pictures Corporation $500 Prop Money&&&&&
NONAME35, &&&&&Paramount Pictures Corporation Prop Money - Indian Vignette&&&&&
PAR, &&&&&Paramount Pictures Corporation Stock w/vignette - 1960s&&&&&
PAPIIN19, &&&&&Paramount Pictures, Inc. - 1935&&&&&
PAEQCONEWYO1, &&&&&Pari-Mutuel Equipment Corporation (Made Horse Racing Betting Equipment) - New York 1962&&&&&
PACOEX19, &&&&&Paris Colonial Exposition - 1931&&&&&
PARCOLPHOTPO, &&&&&Paris Colored Photo postcard of Bi Plane and Zeppelin&&&&&
PAGIWHANDVAC, &&&&&Paris Gigantic Ferris Wheel and Varieties Company, Ltd. - 1898&&&&&
EARPARINFILS, &&&&&Paris International Films Stock Certificate 1927 - Silent Movies&&&&&
SOCPARCYCETA, &&&&&Parisian Cycles and Cars 1929&&&&&
PARLEXCOM, &&&&&Park - Lexington Company 1937 - New York&&&&&
PACACONEWYO1, &&&&&Park Carriage Company (Central Park Transportation) - New York 1899&&&&&
PACIMICOUT18, &&&&&Park City Mining Company - Parleys Park, Uintah Mining District, Summit County, Utah Territory - 1885&&&&&
PAESCONEWYO1, &&&&&Park Estates Corporation - New York 1929&&&&&
PARSTREETALC, &&&&&Park Street, Alameda, California Postcard&&&&&
PARININC, &&&&&Park-Ohio Industries, Inc.&&&&&
PARPENCOM1, &&&&&Parker Pen Company&&&&&
PARPENCOM, &&&&&Parker Pen Company&&&&&
PACOWEVI19, &&&&&Parkersburg Aetna Corporation - West Virginia 1963&&&&&
PASTOFNEWYOI, &&&&&Parking Stations of New York, Inc. - 1929&&&&&
PAINDE19, &&&&&Parkview-Gem, Inc. (Drug Store Chain) - Delaware 1970&&&&&
PARIASNEWYO1, &&&&&Parkway Riding Association - New York 1917&&&&&
PARSILANDCOP, &&&&&Parrot Silver and Copper Company - Butte, Montana 1899&&&&&
PARSILANDCOP1, &&&&&Parrot Silver and Copper Company 1907 - Montana&&&&&
PACAMACOCA19, &&&&&Parrott Carriage Manufacturing Co. - California 1901&&&&&
PATAHOPE, &&&&&Parsons Taylor House - Easton, Pennsylvania &&&&&
PAATPACA19, &&&&&Pasadena Athletic Park - California 1908&&&&&
PALAVILAWACO, &&&&&Pasadena Lake Vineyard Land & Water Company - California 1890&&&&&
PASENCOR, &&&&&Pascall Energy Corporation&&&&&
PASTIMCOM, &&&&&Pasiga Timber Company - Illinois&&&&&
PASWORSPINCO, &&&&&Passaic Worsted Spinning Company 1912 - New Jersey&&&&&
DEOFSTUNSTOF, &&&&&Passport for Jane L. Underwood ( wife of Civil War General, Adin Ballou Underwood) signed by Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State -1876 &&&&&
PAKIINDE19, &&&&&Pasta King, Inc. - Delaware 1979&&&&&
PATCERCOM, &&&&&Patent Cereals Company&&&&&
PATIANDGUCO1, &&&&&Patent, Title and Guarantee Company - Delaware 1899&&&&&
PATENTS, &&&&&Patents from the United States Patent Office&&&&&
PAANDLIFACOR, &&&&&Paterson and Little Falls Consolidated Railway Company - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
PATBRIDCOM19, &&&&&Paterson Bridge Company 1922 - New Jersey&&&&&
PACEELRACONE, &&&&&Paterson Central Electric Railway Company - New Jersey 1892&&&&&
PACIRACONEWJ, &&&&&Paterson City Railway Company - New Jersey 18__&&&&&
PAHORACONEWJ, &&&&&Paterson Horse Railroad Company - Incorporated in 1863 - New Jersey&&&&&
PARACONEWJE1, &&&&&Paterson Horse Railway Company - New Jersey 1888&&&&&
PATBABCOM, &&&&&Pathe Baby Company - 1923 - Famous Rooster Vignette&&&&&
PAEXINNEWYO11, &&&&&Pathe Exchange, Inc. (Specimen Sinking Fund Gold Bond) - New York 1921&&&&&
PAEXINNEWYO1, &&&&&Pathe Exchange, Inc. - New York 1930&&&&&
PATFILCOR, &&&&&Pathe Film Corporation (Famous rooster logo vignette) - New York 1941&&&&&
PATFRERPHONS, &&&&&Pathe Freres Phonograph Stock 1912&&&&&
PATIN, &&&&&Pathe Industries,Inc. - Red Rooster Vignette&&&&&
PALAINOFCA, &&&&&Pathe Laboratories, Inc. (of California)&&&&&
PATEX19, &&&&&Pathe Phone Exploitation - 1910&&&&&
PAFRPHCO19, &&&&&Pathé Freres Phonograph Company - Delaware 1920&&&&&
PATMINANDENC, &&&&&Patino Mines and Enterprises Consolidated&&&&&
PAMOCONE20, &&&&&Patriot Motorcycles Corp - Nevada 2001&&&&&
PATPOS, &&&&&Patriotic Postcards - Printed prior to 1910 - Old&&&&&
PAOFFLSAHEAC, &&&&&Patronesses of Flintride Saced Heart Academy - Pasadena, California &&&&&
PAREININ19, &&&&&Paul Revere Investors Inc. - 1971&&&&&
PAVBUILCOR1, &&&&&Pavonia Building Corporation&&&&&
PAVBUILCOR, &&&&&Pavonia Building Corporation - New York&&&&&
PAYLEDRSTNOI, &&&&&Pay Less Drug Stores Northwest, Inc. ( Became Rite Aid)- 1983&&&&&
PACARCONEWJE, &&&&&Pay-as-you-enter Car Corporation - New Jersey 1909&&&&&
PAOFREFRCOAR, &&&&&Pay-Table Office document for service in the Continental Army - 1783&&&&&
STATOFNEWYOR, &&&&&Payment of Civil War Bounties to Volunteers signed by Lucius Robinson (N.Y. Comptroller and later N.Y. Governor) - Albany, New York 1865&&&&&
PAYPAL, &&&&&Paypal - Peter A. Thiel as CEO&&&&&
PCCOINDE, &&&&&PC Connection, Inc. IPO Certificate (Raccoon Vignette) - Delaware &&&&&
PCINDE19, &&&&&PC-TEL, Inc. IPO Specimen Stock Certificate - Delaware 1999&&&&&
PCINCDE, &&&&&, Inc (Dor Com Bust) - Delaware &&&&&
PECOCO, &&&&&Peabody Coal Company ( Now Peabody Energy ) - Peabody Energy Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection&&&&&
PECOMICOWA, &&&&&Pearl Consolidated Mining Company - Washington &&&&&
PEARSILMINCO, &&&&&Pearl Silver Mining Company 1888&&&&&
PECVALPOWLIG, &&&&&Pecos Valley Power & Light Company&&&&&
PEHYAECO19, &&&&&Peekskill Hydro Aeroplane Company (Issued) - 1912&&&&&
PEEKHYDCOM, &&&&&Peekskill Hydro-Aeroplane Company 191X&&&&&
PELI19, &&&&&Peerless Limousine 1909&&&&&
PEERPRESIN19, &&&&&Peerless Press, Incorporated 1920&&&&&
PEERSHOCOM, &&&&&Peerless Shoe Company 1899 - New York&&&&&
PETYMATYCOIN, &&&&&Peerless Type Machine & Type Co., Inc. - Maryland 1917&&&&&
PEBRSOCOORCO, &&&&&Peet Brothers Soap Company ( Became Colgate - Palmolive Company ) 1919 signed by Albert William Peet&&&&&
PEETBROTPALS, &&&&&Peet Brothers Soap Company ( Original Colgate - Palmolive - Peet Company ) 1925 signed by Albert William Peet&&&&&
PEGRESIBYROH, &&&&&Peg Records Letter signed by Robert Hutto - South Carolina 1985&&&&&
PEINMA19, &&&&&Pegasystems Inc. - Massachusetts 1996&&&&&
PECOLIPONOSC, &&&&&Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Postcard, Nova Scotia&&&&&
PEIRWIRRECCO, &&&&&Peirce Wire Recorder Corporation (Early IBM Company)&&&&&
PELPETCOM, &&&&&Pelican Petroleum Company - Washington&&&&&
PEMACONEWHA, &&&&&Penacook Manufacturing Company Gold Bond - New Hampshire 1897&&&&&
PENHIGUS101E, &&&&&Peninsula Highway, U.S. 101 "El Camino Real" Postcard&&&&&
PEORSTNACOLO, &&&&&Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company - London,England 1955&&&&&
PEANDORSTNAC, &&&&&Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company - England 1987&&&&&
PESTCOMI19, &&&&&Penisular Stove Company - Detroit, Michagan 1900&&&&&
PERECOINCPE1, &&&&&Penn - Del Realty Co. Inc - Pennsylvania 1946 &&&&&
PEOILSYPE19, &&&&&Penn - Kansas Oil Syndicate - Pennsylvania 1922 &&&&&
PENCENCOM, &&&&&Penn Central Company post Bankruptcy&&&&&
PENNCENTRAL, &&&&&Penn Central Railway Company&&&&&
PELUCOWA19, &&&&&Penn Lubricator Company 5% Gold Bond - District of Columbia 1903&&&&&
PESESTCONEWY, &&&&&Penn Seaboard Steel Corporation - New York 1926&&&&&
PEVACOMICOPE, &&&&&Penn Valley Coal Mining Company - Youngwood, Pennsylvania 1924&&&&&
PENCOR, &&&&&Penn-Texas Corporation ( Early Coltec Industries )&&&&&
PENMINCOM, &&&&&Penn-Yan Mining Company&&&&&
PENCOR1, &&&&&Pennroad Corporation ( Became Madison Fund )&&&&&
PENCHEMCORST, &&&&&Pennsalt (ATOFINA ) Chemical Corporation Stock Certificate&&&&&
PERICOANDIRC, &&&&&Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal and Iron Company - 1860&&&&&
PEBO, &&&&&Pennsylvania Bonds&&&&&
PEBRCOPE191, &&&&&Pennsylvania Bridge Company - Pennsylvania 1935&&&&&
PEBRCOPE192, &&&&&Pennsylvania Bridge Company - Pennsylvania 1936&&&&&
BEAUTENCERFR, &&&&&Pennsylvania Canal Company signed by Civil War Brigadier General Isaac Jones Wistar - 1870&&&&&
PECACO18, &&&&&Pennsylvania Canal Company signed by Civil War Brigadier General Isaac Jones Wistar - 1870&&&&&
PECACO181, &&&&&Pennsylvania Canal Company signed by Civil War Brigadier General Isaac Jones Wistar - 1870&&&&&
PECOANDCOPE, &&&&&Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Company - Pennsylvania 1908&&&&&
PENELCOM1, &&&&&Pennsylvania Electric Company&&&&&
PENELCOM, &&&&&Pennsylvania Electric Company&&&&&
PEELCOPE, &&&&&Pennsylvania Electric Company - Pennsylvania 1946&&&&&
PEELVECO18, &&&&&Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Company - 1899&&&&&
PEFEWAHEPUCO, &&&&&Pennsylvania Feed Water Heater & Purifier Company - New Jersey 1889&&&&&
PENGASCOM, &&&&&Pennsylvania Gasoline Company 1917&&&&&
PEGOMICOPE19, &&&&&Pennsylvania Gold Mining Company Convertible Gold Bond - Delaware 1912 &&&&&
PEHOSOPE18, &&&&&Pennsylvania Horticultural Society - Pennsylvania 1867&&&&&
PEIRANDSTPRC, &&&&&Pennsylvania Iron and Steel Products Company - Delaware 1919&&&&&
PEMICOMI18, &&&&&Pennsylvania Mining Company - Keweenaw County, Michigan 1866&&&&&
PEOILCOCA19, &&&&&Pennsylvania Oil Company - Los Angeles, California 1901&&&&&
NONAME31, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad - Annual Report 1948 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate&&&&&
PENRAILCOMAN1, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad - Annual Report 1952 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate&&&&&
NONAME30, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad - Original Annual Report 1962 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate&&&&&
PENRAILANREP, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Annual Report 1956 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate&&&&&
PENRAILCOMAN, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Annual Report 1960 and Horseshoe Curve Stock Certificate&&&&&
PENRAILCOM19, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1931&&&&&
PENNRR, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1940's and '50's&&&&&
PENRAILCOM1, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1954 - Netherland's Tax Stamp&&&&&
PENRAIL19, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company 3 1/8% Mortgage Bond - 1945&&&&&
PENRAILCOMAN2, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company Annual Report 1957&&&&&
PENRAILCOMME, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company Meeting Minutes upon the Announcement of George Wood's Death&&&&&
PENRAILCOMNI, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company Ninety-ninth Annual Report 1945&&&&&
PENRAILCOMST, &&&&&Pennsylvania Railroad Company Stock&&&&&
PENSALMANCOM1, &&&&&Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1888 ( Now ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc )&&&&&
PENSALMANCOM2, &&&&&Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1888 - Quaker Business&&&&&
PENSALMANCOM, &&&&&Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1932&&&&&
PESHCODE19, &&&&&Pennsylvania Shipbuilding Company (Specimen) - Delaware 191_&&&&&
PESLCOBOOFBE, &&&&&Pennsylvania Slate Company signed by Augustus Wolle (Founder of Bethlehem Steel) - Borough of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - 1868&&&&&
PESOCOPE, &&&&&Pennsylvania Soap Company - Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1903&&&&&
PEUNCOPE, &&&&&Pennsylvania Underwriters Company - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1908&&&&&
PENCEROFDEAT, &&&&&Pennsylvania unissued Certificate of Death&&&&&
PENWATPOWCOM, &&&&&Pennsylvania Water & Power Company ( Pennsylvania Power & Light )&&&&&
PENWATPOWCOM1, &&&&&Pennsylvania Water & Power Company ( Pennsylvania Power & Light )&&&&&
PEWOPRCO18, &&&&&Pennsylvania Wood Preserving Company - 1869&&&&&
PENPOUGANDBO, &&&&&Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad Company 1896&&&&&
PESLANDNEWEN, &&&&&Pennsylvania, Slatington and New England Railroad Company First Mortgage Bond - Pennsylvania and New Jersey 1883&&&&&
PENANDKENRAI, &&&&&Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad 1856&&&&&
PEMOINDE19, &&&&&Penske Motorsports, Inc. - Delaware 1998&&&&&
PEPLCEN19, &&&&&Pentos PLC - United Kingdom 1989&&&&&
PEOPLESOFT, &&&&&People Soft, Inc ( Acquired by Oracle )&&&&&
PEBAPE19, &&&&&People's Bank - Farrell, Pennsylvania 1926&&&&&
PECONEWYO18, &&&&&People's College - Village of Havana, in Schuyler County, New York 1853&&&&&
PEOPLIGANDPO, &&&&&People's Light and Power Company 1896 - 1897 (Power to the People)&&&&&
PEOPLESPRESS, &&&&&People's Press - South Dakota - 1929&&&&&
PEREOFCH1YUC, &&&&&People's Republic of China 1 Yuan with vignette of Mao Zedong - China 1999&&&&&
PETEANDTECON, &&&&&People's Telephone and Telegraph Company - New York City 1887&&&&&
PETECONEWYO1, &&&&&People's Telephone Company - New York 1887&&&&&
PETRCOPE19, &&&&&People's Trust Company - Pennsylvania 1930 &&&&&
PEDE20, &&&&&PeoplePC, Inc. (IPO Stock Certificate) - Delaware 2000&&&&&
PEBAOFLEPE18, &&&&&Peoples Bank of Lebanon Pennsylvania - 1888&&&&&
PEBAOFMCPE19, &&&&&Peoples Bank of McKeesport - Pennsylvania 1912&&&&&
PEOPCOLSTORA, &&&&&Peoples Cold Storage and Warehouse Company 1888 - New York&&&&&
PECOPLSONEWY, &&&&&Peoples Collateral Pledge Society - New York 1916&&&&&
PEFIINCONEWH, &&&&&Peoples Fire Insurance Company (vignette of men building a ship in dry dock.) - New Hampshire 1892&&&&&
PEOPGASOILDE, &&&&&Peoples Gas & Oil Development Company&&&&&
PEGASLIANDCO, &&&&&Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company - 1930's Chicago, Illinois&&&&&
PEGASLIANDCO2, &&&&&Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company - Illinois &&&&&
PEOPLIFINCOM, &&&&&Peoples Life Insurance Company (Now Monumental Life Insurance (a Transamerica Company phone number is 800-638-3080 or 1-800-797-2643) - Washington, DC 1963&&&&&
PELIANDPOCOD, &&&&&Peoples Light and Power Corporation - Delaware 1930&&&&&
PENABAPE19, &&&&&Peoples National Bank - Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania 1921 &&&&&
PESABAMA19, &&&&&Peoples Savings Bank - Massachusetts 1986&&&&&
PEORMUTBENAS, &&&&&Peoria Mutual Benevolent Association 1868&&&&&
PEORDECEVRAI1, &&&&&Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway Company 1880's&&&&&
PEPBOPE, &&&&&Pep Boys (Manny, Moe & Jack ) Rare Production File - Pennsylvania&&&&&
PEPBOYS, &&&&&Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack&&&&&
PEPBOMAMOEJA, &&&&&Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack - Pennsylvania &&&&&
PEHOIN, &&&&&Pepco Holdings, Inc.&&&&&
PEHAMI10, &&&&&Peppy Hamburgers (Biff's) - Michigan 1970&&&&&
COKCHEC19AND, &&&&&Pepsi Challenge Combo Pak - Coke Check 1930's PLUS Pepsi Stock Certificate&&&&&
EMMAMA19, &&&&&Pepsi Cola Bottling Company - Madrid, Spain 1965&&&&&
PECODE1, &&&&&Pepsi-Cola Company (2 specimen certificates) - Delaware 1961&&&&&
PECODE, &&&&&Pepsi-Cola Company (Rare Specimen) - Delaware 1940's&&&&&
PEPINCPEPCOL, &&&&&PepsiCo, Inc. (Pepsi Cola) 1970's&&&&&
PEINNOCA19, &&&&&Pepsico, Inc. - North Carolina 1988&&&&&
PEMABULO19, &&&&&Pere Marquette Building (Now Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel) - New Orleans, Louisiana 1925&&&&&
PEREGRINEINC, &&&&&Peregrine, Inc - Dot Com Bust&&&&&
PERPHOTINCST, &&&&&Perfect Photo Inc Stock Certificate&&&&&
PERLEAGBANCO, &&&&&Perfection Legal Blank Company 1908 - Early Legal Forms Company&&&&&
PETIRUCODE19, &&&&&Perfection Tire & Rubber Co. - Delaware 1919&&&&&
PECOPE, &&&&&Performo -Toy Company ( Makers of the original Mickey Mouse Toy) - Middletown, Pennsylvania &&&&&
PEFL19, &&&&&Perfumania, Inc. - Florida 1992&&&&&
PENCOSCU19, &&&&&Perfumes n Cosmeticos, S.A. (Pre Castro) - Havana Cuba 1956&&&&&
PESECOCA, &&&&&Pericom Semiconductor Corporation - California &&&&&
PERELCOR, &&&&&Perkin - Elmer Corporation&&&&&
PECOUT19, &&&&&Permaloy Corporation - Utah 1982 &&&&&
PERRAILCOR, &&&&&Permanent Railway-Tie Corporation&&&&&
PERSYSCOR, &&&&&Perot Systems Corporation - Ross Perot as President&&&&&
PEASAMSO17, &&&&&Perpetual Assurance Amicable Society - Serjeants Inn 1792&&&&&
PESTBAPE19, &&&&&Perry State Bank - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
PEMIANDLECOW, &&&&&Perseverance-Velvet Mining and Leasing Co. - Manhattan District, Nevada- 1907&&&&&
PERCOPSMELCO, &&&&&Peruvian Copper & Smelting Company 1921 - Delaware&&&&&
PET, &&&&&Pet Incorporated circa 1970s&&&&&
PETMILK, &&&&&Pet Incorporated Stock Certificate&&&&&
PETROCESETAN, &&&&&Pet Rock Certificate Set (4 certificates) and Instruction Book - 1976&&&&&
PETROSUCOOBT, &&&&&Pet Rock Obedience Training Certificate - 1976&&&&&
PETROSUCO, &&&&&Pet Rock Supply Company - Original Pet Rock Certificate&&&&&
PETRSION3X5C, &&&&&Pete Tridish's signature on a 3" x 5" card over U.S. Postage Stamp&&&&&
PEBRCOCA, &&&&&Pete's Brewing Company (RARE Specimen ) - California&&&&&
PEBRCOCA19, &&&&&Pete's Brewing Company - California 1986&&&&&
PEPANWOCLCA, &&&&&Peter Pan Woodland Club - Certificate of Charter Membership - Big Bear City, California 1932&&&&&
PEPANWOCLMEC1, &&&&&Peter Pan Woodland Club - Certificate of Founder Life Membership Certificate - Big, Bear, California &&&&&
PEPANWOCLBOC, &&&&&Peter Pan Woodland Club Book - Big Bear, California 1925&&&&&
PEPANWOCLLTC, &&&&&Peter Pan Woodland Club, Ltd. - Big Bear City, California 1932&&&&&
PETRAIL18, &&&&&Peterborough Railroad 1880 - Nashua, Maine&&&&&
PETLAKSILCOB, &&&&&Peterson Lake Silver Cobalt Mining Company 1915&&&&&
PETJOUR18, &&&&&Petit Journal 1896 - Famous French Newspaper&&&&&
TALISTOFOH18, &&&&&Petition not to grant a Tavern License - Unionville, Madison County, Ohio 1845&&&&&
PEINFL20, &&&&&, Inc. - Florida 2002&&&&&
PETJAVRUBESL, &&&&&Petoong Java Rubber Estates, Limited 1910&&&&&
PEGOCLMI19, &&&&&Petoskey Golf Club - Michigan 1917&&&&&
PETCOR, &&&&&Petro-Lewis Corporation ( Now part of Sunoco )&&&&&
PETPRODCOMLT, &&&&&Petro-Well Production Company - California - Issued to Bank of Hollywood 1931&&&&&
PETOILTRUS19, &&&&&Petrole (Oil) Trust - 1924&&&&&
PETRFR19, &&&&&Petrole Trust - France 1924&&&&&
PETCONCOR, &&&&&Petroleum Conversion Corporation 1938&&&&&
PETDERINOFMA, &&&&&Petroleum Derivatives Incorporated of Maine&&&&&
PEDECOCA19, &&&&&Petroleum Development Company signed 3 times by Edward L. Doheny (Famous Los Angeles Oil Pioneer & Teapot Dome Scandal) - California 1900&&&&&
PELACEMI18, &&&&&Petroleum Joint Stock Company - Carroll County, Missouri 1865 &&&&&
PETOILTRUSLT, &&&&&Petroleum Oil Trust Ltd. 1893&&&&&
PECOOK19, &&&&&Petron Corporation - Oklahoma 1961&&&&&
PETMAGPUMCOM, &&&&&Petrov Magic Pump Company&&&&&
PEMUCO19, &&&&&Pettibone Mulliken Company - 1928 - Gold Bond&&&&&
PFCHPFCOSCRE, &&&&&Pfizer - Chaz Pfizer & Co. - Scare Red Color&&&&&
PFINDE, &&&&&Pfizer Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
PFINDE19, &&&&&Pfizer Inc. Specimen - Delaware 1989&&&&&
PHCOMICOOFCO, &&&&&Pharmacist Consolidated Mining Company (Issued to A.D. Jones and signed by Jones on verso) - Cripple Creek Gold Mining District, Colorado 1899&&&&&
PHCOMICOCO18, &&&&&Pharmacist Consolidated Mining Company - Cripple Creek District, Teller County, Colorado - 1899&&&&&
PHELPSDODGE, &&&&&Phelps Dodge Copper Mining Company&&&&&
PHDOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Phelps Dodge Corporation Convertible Debenture - 1937&&&&&
PHSHGOSIMICO, &&&&&Phil Sheridan Gold & Silver Mining Co. - Virginia Mining District, Storey County, Nevada - 1877&&&&&
PHSPPRINCA19, &&&&&Phil Spector Productions, Inc signed by Phil Spector ( RARE) - California 1967&&&&&
PHSHPECOPE18, &&&&&Phil. Sheridan Petroleum Company - Venango County, Pennsylvania 1865&&&&&
PHERLACOPE, &&&&&Philadelphia & Erie Land Company - Pennsylvania 1860's&&&&&
PHERLACOPE1, &&&&&Philadelphia & Erie Land Company - Pennsylvania 186_&&&&&
PHILWESCHEST1, &&&&&Philadelphia & West Chester Turnpike Road Co. - Conostoga Wagon Vignette 1864&&&&&
PHWECHTUROCO, &&&&&Philadelphia & West Chester Turnpike Road Co. - Conostoga Wagon Vignette - 1853&&&&&
PHWECHTUROCO1, &&&&&Philadelphia & West Chester Turnpike Road Co. - Conostoga Wagon Vignette - 1873&&&&&
PHILANDBALCE, &&&&&Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad Company 1850's&&&&&
PHANDBOPECOP, &&&&&Philadelphia and Boston Petroleum Company - Venango County, Philadelphia 1915 &&&&&
PHANDLEVATRC, &&&&&Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley Traction Company - Allentown Pennsylvania 190_&&&&&
PHANDSURACO1, &&&&&Philadelphia and Sunbury Railroad Company - Pennsylvania 1856&&&&&
PHBOPE19, &&&&&Philadelphia Bourse (Philadelphia Stock Exchange) - Pennsylvania 1918&&&&&
PHILBOUR18, &&&&&Philadelphia Bourse 1890's&&&&&
PHCHOFCOPE18, &&&&&Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce - Pennsylvania 1888&&&&&
PHILCITPASRA, &&&&&Philadelphia City Passanger Rail Way Company&&&&&
FRANSOUTPHIL1, &&&&&Philadelphia City Passenger Railroad 1890's - Horse drawn street car vignette&&&&&
PHILCITPASRA2, &&&&&Philadelphia City Passenger Railway Company&&&&&
PHILCITPASRA1, &&&&&Philadelphia City Passenger Railway Company 1874&&&&&
PHCOOFPHPE18, &&&&&Philadelphia College of Pharmacy - Pennsylvania 1869&&&&&
PHILCOMPEN18, &&&&&Philadelphia Company - Pennsylvania&&&&&
PHILCOMFORGU, &&&&&Philadelphia Company for Guaranteeing Mortgages&&&&&
PHILCOMFORGU1, &&&&&Philadelphia Company for Guaranteeing Mortgages&&&&&
PHDANEINDE19, &&&&&Philadelphia Daily News, Incorporated - Delaware 1956&&&&&
PHILDAIRPROD, &&&&&Philadelphia Dairy Products Company, Inc. (Early McKesson Company)&&&&&
DEPUCOPE19, &&&&&Philadelphia Demokrat Publishing Company - Pennsylvania 1908 &&&&&
PHELCO19, &&&&&Philadelphia Electric Company - 1970&&&&&
PHILFAIRCOR, &&&&&Philadelphia Fairfax Corporation&&&&&
PHFIEXCOPE18, &&&&&Philadelphia Fire Extinguisher Co. - Pennsylvania 1871&&&&&
PHGUCO18, &&&&&Philadelphia Guano Company - 1857&&&&&
PHLICO, &&&&&Philadelphia Linotype Company dated 1889&&&&&
PHMAEXPE19, &&&&&Philadelphia Maritime Exchange - Pennsylvania 1935 &&&&&
PHILRAPTRANC, &&&&&Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company 1920's - Double decker bus vignette&&&&&
PHSTPACOPE, &&&&&Philadelphia Steam Paving Company - Pennsylvania 18__&&&&&
PHILTRACCOM1, &&&&&Philadelphia Traction Company 1905 - signed by George Widener as President ( Widener died on Titanic )&&&&&
PHILTRANCOM, &&&&&Philadelphia Transportation Company - 1943&&&&&
PHILTRANCOMS, &&&&&Philadelphia Transportation Company Scrip Certificate 1940&&&&&
PHILBALANDWA1, &&&&&Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company - Gold Bond 1927&&&&&
PHILBALANDWA, &&&&&Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad Company&&&&&
PHNEANDNEWYO, &&&&&Philadelphia, Newton and New York Railroad Company - Pennsylvania 1873&&&&&
PHILWILANDBA, &&&&&Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Company 1860's - Pre Kidder Peabody&&&&&
PHPUCOIL, &&&&&Philatelic Publishing Company Signed by Famous Collector and Publisher, C. H. Mekeel - St. Louis, Missouri 1889&&&&&
PHILCOR, &&&&&Philco Corporation&&&&&
PHILRADCORST, &&&&&Philco Radio Corporation Stock Certificate&&&&&
PHMEBATCO19, &&&&&Philip Mead Bat Company - 1923&&&&&
PHILMORCREDC, &&&&&Philip Morris Credit Corporation&&&&&
PHMOINVI191, &&&&&Philip Morris, Incorporated ( Now Altria Group, Inc.) - Virginia 1959&&&&&
PHILLONDIS, &&&&&Philippine Long Distance Company&&&&&
PHFKECOPE18, &&&&&Phillip F. Kelly & Co. Bankers (Old IRS Tax Stamp Attached) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1865&&&&&
PHMOINVI19, &&&&&Phillip Morris Incorporated (Now Altria Group, Inc) - High Yield 14% Bond - Virginia 1981&&&&&
PHMOINVI192, &&&&&Phillip Morris, Incorporated (Now Altria Group, Inc.) - Virginia 1959&&&&&
PHAVCOCA19, &&&&&Phillips Aviation Co. - California 1940&&&&&
PHILLIPSOIL, &&&&&Phillips Petroleum Oil Company 1970's (Pre Conoco Merger)&&&&&
PHILHEUSCOR, &&&&&Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation&&&&&
PHCOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Phoenix Cork Company - New York 1901 &&&&&
PHCYCOLI18, &&&&&Phoenix Cycle Company Limited (Phoenix Bicycle Company, ) - Pennsylvania 1892&&&&&
PHFIINCO18, &&&&&Phoenix Fire Insurance Company / Protector Fire Insurance - 1836 UK&&&&&
PHGLCO, &&&&&Phoenix Glass Company ( Now Anchor Hocking )&&&&&
PHOENGOLMINC, &&&&&Phoenix Gold Mining Company 1904&&&&&
PHLUCOWA19, &&&&&Phoenix Lumber Company - Washington 1906&&&&&
PHMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Phoenix Mining Company - Maricopa. Phoenix 1893 &&&&&
PHOENMINCOM, &&&&&Phoenix Mining Company - Wallace, Idaho 1908&&&&&
PHOENMUTLIFI, &&&&&Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Note - 1863-1873&&&&&
PHOENRECCOMI, &&&&&Phoenix Reclamation Company, Inc.&&&&&
PHOENSTEELCO, &&&&&Phoenix Steel Corporation ( Became Citisteel Corporation )&&&&&
PHONCOM19, &&&&&Phonautograph Company 1901 - New Jersey&&&&&
PHONMAZMOVMO, &&&&&Phoney Mazuma Movie Money - Ellis Mercantile&&&&&
PHONOKINEMAINC, &&&&&Phono - Kinema Inc ( Pic-a-Tune Jukebox maker ) - 1929&&&&&
CAME19, &&&&&Photo Postcard of Campground in Jonesport, Maine 1926&&&&&
PHOTPOSPARPA, &&&&&Photo Postcard Paris Panorama&&&&&
PHOTPOSWWION, &&&&&Photo Postcard WWII - On patrol near France&&&&&
PHPOLIEN19, &&&&&Photo-Matik Portraits Limited - England 1929&&&&&
PHPACOEN19, &&&&&Photomaton Parent Corporation (Fraud during stock market crash) - England 1930&&&&&
PHYSPHARSERI1, &&&&&Physicians Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.&&&&&
PHYSPHARSERI, &&&&&Physicians' Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.&&&&&
PHELCODIOFCO, &&&&&Physiological Elements Company - District of Columbia 1907&&&&&
PITH1LIEN19, &&&&&Piccadilly Theatre, Limited - England 1928 &&&&&
PICUNCOMINC, &&&&&Picher Undertaking Company, Inc. 1920's&&&&&
PIPACOLOSANC, &&&&&Pico Park Company - Los Angeles, California 1916&&&&&
PICMACSERCOR, &&&&&Picture Machine Service Corporation 1922&&&&&
PITRCODE19, &&&&&Picture Transmission Corporation (Early Television Company) - Delaware 1928&&&&&
PIEDCABCOM18, &&&&&Piedmont Cable Company 1889 - Oakland, Alameda County, California&&&&&
PICOANDIRCOM, &&&&&Piedmont Coal and Iron Company - Maryland 1889 &&&&&
PIHEDEAUINNO, &&&&&Piedmont Health Development Authority, Inc. - North Carolina 1993&&&&&
PIARMOCARCON, &&&&&Pierce - Arrow Motor Car Company - New York 1934&&&&&
PIEROILCOR, &&&&&Pierce Oil Corporation ( Part of Standard Oil Trust Break Up) issued to Samuel Untermyer - 1928&&&&&
PIEROILCOR19, &&&&&Pierce Oil Corporation 1920&&&&&
PIERWRAPMACC, &&&&&Pierce Wrapping Machine Company&&&&&
PITETRCO, &&&&&Piersen Telegraph Transmitter Company - Topeka, Kansas 1917&&&&&
PIELPRINDE19, &&&&&Piezo Electric Products, Inc. - Delaware 1983&&&&&
PIWHCO19, &&&&&Pig'n Whistle Corporation - Hollywood 1927&&&&&
PIWHCO191, &&&&&Pig'n Whistle Corporation - Hollywood 1928&&&&&
PIGPOINLIGHO, &&&&&Pigeon Point Light House, Coast of California Postcard&&&&&
PIPOLIPOCA, &&&&&Pigeon Point Lighthouse Postcard, California&&&&&
PIGWIGMONCOM, &&&&&Piggly Wiggly Montana Company 1925&&&&&
PIGWIGWESSTA, &&&&&Piggly Wiggly Store - 1926&&&&&
PICOMICOSIBY, &&&&&Pilgrim Consolidated Mining Company - Signed by Henry M. Blackmer (Tea Pot Dome Scandal) - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1899&&&&&
PIGOMICO18, &&&&&Pilgrim Gold Mining Company - Sierra County, California 1888&&&&&
PIINCO18, &&&&&Pillow Inhaler Company - 1898&&&&&
PILCOM, &&&&&Pillsbury Company&&&&&
PICODE191, &&&&&Pillsbury Company - Delaware 1961&&&&&
PIFLMI19, &&&&&Pillsbury Flour Mills, Inc. (Now General Mills) - Delaware 1923&&&&&
PIFLMIINDE19, &&&&&Pillsbury Flour Mills, Inc. - Delaware 1923&&&&&
PIFLMIINDE, &&&&&Pillsbury Flour Mills, Incorporated - Delaware &&&&&
PIMIINNEWYO1, &&&&&Pillsbury Mills, Inc. - New York 1952&&&&&
PINESEINDE, &&&&&Pilot Network Services, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
PIRATUCODE191, &&&&&Pilot Radio & Tube Corporation - Delaware 1933&&&&&
PIRACONEWYO1, &&&&&Pilot Radio - Television Corporation - New York 1967&&&&&
PILIFORWO19, &&&&&Pilots License for Woman Pilot, Eleanore M. Kratz signed by Clarence M. Young - 1931&&&&&
PINDEVAR, &&&&&Pinal Development - Arizona&&&&&
PINORPOUNINC, &&&&&Pinch or Pound, Inc.&&&&&
PICRANGOMICO, &&&&&Pine Creek Annex Gold Mining Co. - Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
PINCREEKRAIL, &&&&&Pine Creek Railway Company signed by William K. Vanderbilt - 1885&&&&&
PIDOOILCOWY, &&&&&Pine Dome Oil Company - Wyoming 1914&&&&&
PICAGRINBRCO, &&&&&Pineridge Capital Group Inc. - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
PIMTPLELANDB, &&&&&Pineville, Mt. Pleasant, Elkhorn and Big Stone Gap Railroad Company - Louisville, Kentucky 1892 &&&&&
PINABA19, &&&&&Pingree National Bank signed by James Pingree (Unusual Signature) - Ogden, Utah 1916&&&&&
PIINNE20, &&&&&, Inc. (issued a fraudulent press release ) - Nevada 2001&&&&&
PIOCMINCONIN, &&&&&Pioche Mines Consolidated, Inc. - Pioche Nevada, Lincoln County&&&&&
PIONEERBANCORP, &&&&&Pioneer Bancorp - Fullerton, California - Closed by State Banking Commission&&&&&
PICOMICOWY19, &&&&&Pioneer Consolidated Mines Company - Nye County, Bullfrog Mining District, Nevada 1916&&&&&
PIMESHCOVE18, &&&&&Pioneer Mechanics' Shop Company - Burlington, Vermont 1853&&&&&
PIMIMILECONE, &&&&&Pioneer Mining, Milling & Leasing Co. - Manhattan, Nevada 1907&&&&&
PITNEYBOWESINC1, &&&&&Pitney - Bowes Inc.&&&&&
PIBOPOMECODE, &&&&&Pitney - Bowes Postage Meter Company - Delaware 1932&&&&&
PIBOCRCODE19, &&&&&Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation - Delaware 1988 &&&&&
PIBOCRCODE191, &&&&&Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation - Deleware 1988&&&&&
PITNEYBOWESINC, &&&&&Pitney Bowes Inc.&&&&&
PIINDE1, &&&&&Pitney-Bowes, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
PIELYCOCOAR1, &&&&&Pittsburg Ely Copper Company - White Pine. Ely, Nevada 1910&&&&&
PISIPEGOMICO, &&&&&Pittsburg Silver Peak Gold Mining Company - Esmeralda County, Nevada -1914&&&&&
PITYOUNANDAS, &&&&&Pittsburg, Youngstown, and Ashtabula Railway Company&&&&&
PIWEVIRA, &&&&&Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad&&&&&
PIOILCODE19, &&&&&Pittsburgh - Wyoming Oil Co. - Delaware 1919&&&&&
PITTSERIERR, &&&&&Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad 1950's&&&&&
PITFORCOM, &&&&&Pittsburgh Forgings Company ( Now Ampco Pittsburgh Corp)&&&&&
PITINBUILCOM, &&&&&Pittsburgh Investment Building Co. Gold Bond signed by John S. Hershey 1930&&&&&
PIJECOCOARYA, &&&&&Pittsburgh Jerome Copper Company - Arizona. Yavapai. Verde. 1916&&&&&
PITSCREWANDB, &&&&&Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt Corporation&&&&&
PISEMOCODE19, &&&&&Pittsburgh Self-Stripping Mould Co. - Delaware 1909 &&&&&
PITRTETEINPE, &&&&&Pittsburgh Triangles Tennis Team, Inc. (World Team Tennis ) - Pennsylvania 1973&&&&&
PITALANDMANT1, &&&&&Pittsburgh, Allegheny and Manchester Traction Company 1890's&&&&&
PITCINCHICAN1, &&&&&Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad $1,000 Gold Bond - 1925&&&&&
PITCINCHICAN, &&&&&Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company Gold Bond 1920&&&&&
PITCOM1, &&&&&Pittston Company&&&&&
NONAME75, &&&&&Pittston Company ( Brink's Home Security )&&&&&
PICODE192, &&&&&Pittston Company - Delaware 1930&&&&&
PICOMIANDINC, &&&&&Piute Consolidated Mining and Investment Co. - Kern County, California - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1908&&&&&
PIANSTRSPBOB, &&&&&Pixar Animation Studios (Rare IPO Specimen) with Steve Jobs as Chairman - SOLD&&&&&
PIANSTRIPOSP, &&&&&Pixar Animation Studios (Rare Specimen) with Steve Jobs as Chairman - 2005&&&&&
PIANSTBOBYWA, &&&&&Pixar Stock Certificate ( Produced Toy Story , A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc ) Steve Jobs as Chairman - Acquired by Disney - SOLD&&&&&
PIZGOLANDSIL, &&&&&Pizarro Gold and Silver Mining Company 1881 - Giplin County, Colorado&&&&&
PLTRSTNABANE, &&&&&Plainfield Trust State National Bank - New Jersey &&&&&
PLCOCLINNEWY, &&&&&Plainview Country Club, Inc. - New York 1958&&&&&
PLCHIL19, &&&&&Plaisance Hotel - Chicago, Illinois 1925&&&&&
PLTRANDAUPA, &&&&&Planes, Trains and Automobile Packages&&&&&
PLANTRAINAUT, &&&&&Planes, Trains, Automobiles and a Dot Com - 4 Certificate Package&&&&&
PLHOININDE1, &&&&&Planet Hollywood International, Inc. - Delaware ( Demi Moore, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis )&&&&&
PLHOININDE20, &&&&&Planet Hollywood International, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
PLHOININDE, &&&&&Planet Hollywood International, Inc. 1998 ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) - Delaware &&&&&
PLANHOL, &&&&&Planet Hollywood SPECIMEN with Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone&&&&&
PLANHOLSTOCC, &&&&&Planet Hollywood Stock Certificate s/Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone&&&&&
PLANDIMIVCOA, &&&&&Plantations D' Imperie - Ivory Coast - 1928&&&&&
PLANDELEQ, &&&&&Plantations de l' Equatoriale 1927&&&&&
PLHOBOGE18, &&&&&Planters Hotel Bond - Augusta, Georgia 1875&&&&&
PLASCOR, &&&&&Plasmine Corporation&&&&&
PLPHPACOMI19, &&&&&Platinum Photographic Paper Company - St. Paul, Minnesota 1901&&&&&
PLPHPACOMI18, &&&&&Platinum Photographic Paper Company - Minnesota 1899&&&&&
PLMUCOCA, &&&&&Platt Music Company - Los Angeles, California 1930&&&&&
PLATMUSCOM19, &&&&&Platt Music Company 1928 - California&&&&&
PLAYENINC1, &&&&&Playboy Enterprises, Inc.&&&&&
PLENINDE1, &&&&&Playboy Enterprises, Inc. ( Nude Willy Rey in Vignette ) - Hugh Hefner as President - 1972&&&&&
PLENINCEOFST, &&&&&Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Certificate of Stock Serigraph Signed by Christie Hefner #72/450&&&&&
RONGUPLCO, &&&&&Player Contract with Topps Chewing Gum Company handsigned by Ron Guidry - 1980 &&&&&
PLAYINCORNEV, &&&&&Playgirl Industries Corporation - Nevada&&&&&
PLAZARTGALIN, &&&&&Plaza Art Galleries, Inc.&&&&&
PLTRCOPE, &&&&&Plaza Trust Company - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1929&&&&&
PLVASHCOINMA, &&&&&Pleasant Valley Shoe Company, Inc. - Maryland&&&&&
PLEASURAMAPLC, &&&&&Pleasurama 1983&&&&&
PLBAYLACONEW, &&&&&Pleasure Bay Launch Company - New Jersey 1897&&&&&
PLBACA, &&&&&Plumas Bancorp - California &&&&&
PLOFPAFLLOCA, &&&&&Plunderers of Painted Flats in Naturama Lobby Card Starring Corinne Calvet and John Carroll - 1959&&&&&
PLYGEMININC, &&&&&Ply Gem Industries, Inc.&&&&&
PLYMCITGROWA, &&&&&Plymouth Citrus Growers Association - Plymouth, Florida&&&&&
PLYMLEADMINC, &&&&&Plymouth Lead Mines Company 1927&&&&&
PLNABAMA18, &&&&&Plymouth National Bank - Massachusetts 1865&&&&&
PLNABAPLMA18, &&&&&Plymouth National Bank - Plymouth, Massachusetts 1871&&&&&
PLYMROCMINCO, &&&&&Plymouth Rock Mining Company 1880&&&&&
PLKAANDPARAC, &&&&&Plymouth, Kankakee and Pacific Railroad Company signed by J. Edgar Thomson - Indiana 1871&&&&&
PLNABAMA, &&&&&Plymouth-Home National Bank (Became Bank of New England ) - Massachusetts&&&&&
PNGUNCAANDPO, &&&&&Pneumatic Gun Carriage and Power Company 1897 - West Virginia&&&&&
PNEUMRUBHEEL, &&&&&Pneumatic Rubber Heel Company 1919&&&&&
PNTRENCO18, &&&&&Pneumatic Tramway Engine Company - New York 1878&&&&&
PNTRCONEWJE1, &&&&&Pneumatic Transit Company - New Jersey 1898&&&&&
PNEUMCOR, &&&&&Pneumo Corporation&&&&&
POCFUELCOMIN, &&&&&Pocahontas Fuel Company Incorporated&&&&&
POBOLIPOMACO, &&&&&Point Bonita Lighthouse Postcard - Marin County, California&&&&&
POCLIMCOAL18, &&&&&Point Clear Improvement Company - Point Clear, Alabama 1880's&&&&&
POININCWAS, &&&&&, Inc - Washington&&&&&
POMIANDMICOC, &&&&&Pointer Mining and Milling Company - Cripple Creek District, Teller County, Colorado 1906&&&&&
POGOMICLI19, &&&&&Polaris Gold Mines (Canada) Limited - 1935&&&&&
POLCOR1, &&&&&Polaroid Corporation&&&&&
POLCOR4, &&&&&Polaroid Corporation&&&&&
POCOEKNCEEDH, &&&&&Polaroid Corporation (RARE Early certificate) - Edwin H. Land as President (Invented instant film cameras and polarized sunglasses) - 1945&&&&&
POLCOR2, &&&&&Polaroid Corporation - Edwin H. Land as President&&&&&
POAMCARANDCO, &&&&&Polish American Car and Construction Company - Chicago, Illinois 1921 &&&&&
POAMENPUASIN, &&&&&Polish American Encyclopedia Publishing Association, Inc. - New York &&&&&
POAMNACODE19, &&&&&Polish American Navigation Corporation - Delaware 1920&&&&&
PONAHOOFCIOF, &&&&&Polish National Home of the City of New York - 1925&&&&&
PONACOINDE19, &&&&&Polish Navigation Company - Delaware 1920&&&&&
POANDMIAU, &&&&&Political and Military Autographs&&&&&
POCOTECONE19, &&&&&Polk County Telephone Company (Certificate #1) - Nebraska 1904&&&&&
POLCONININC, &&&&&Pollution Control Industries, Inc.&&&&&
POLRALLAURCO, &&&&&Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation&&&&&
POLCOR5, &&&&&Polyastics Corporation&&&&&
POLSYSIN, &&&&&Polymers Systems Incorporated&&&&&
4GEBOGE19, &&&&&Pommersche Landschaft Reichsmark - Mortgage Bond - Stettin, Germany WWII Era (1940 - 1944)&&&&&
PODELETRASIN, &&&&&Ponce de Leon Trotting Association, Inc. - Florida 1959&&&&&
POINSADECUNM, &&&&&Ponderosa Industrial, S.A de C.V. - United Mexican States&&&&&
PONININC, &&&&&Ponderosa Industries, Inc.&&&&&
POSPWAWO, &&&&&Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works (Made 1st Pontiac Car - Early GM Company) - Pontiac, Michigan 1907&&&&&
POMAOFRAOBO14, &&&&&Poor's Manual of Industrials (original book ) - 1916&&&&&
POMAOFRAOBO1, &&&&&Poor's Manual of Railroads (original book ) - 1918&&&&&
POMAOFRAOBO12, &&&&&Poor's Manual of Railroads (original book ) - 1913&&&&&
POMAOFRAOBO15, &&&&&Poor's Manual of Railroads (original book ) - 1915&&&&&
POMAOFRAOBO16, &&&&&Poor's Manual of Railroads (original book ) - 1920&&&&&
POPWINESINC, &&&&&Pop Wines, Inc.&&&&&
POBLLUCOMI18, &&&&&Poplar Bluff Lumber Company - Missouri 1895 &&&&&
POCOAIRANDEL, &&&&&Popp Compressed Air and Electric Power Company signed by Elisa Dyer III - New York 1888&&&&&
POPHCONEWYO1, &&&&&Popular Photograph Company - New York 1896&&&&&
POPULARINC, &&&&&Popular, Inc. - San Juan, Puerto Rico&&&&&
PORCROWMIN, &&&&&Porcupine - Crown Mines 1934&&&&&
POGOMICODE19, &&&&&Porcupine Gold Mines Company - Delaware 1911&&&&&
POPUCO19, &&&&&Porcupine Publishing Corporation signed by James Lauren Ford, humorist and author (Statue of Liberty vignette) - New York 1917&&&&&
PORUNGOLMINI, &&&&&Porcupine United Gold Mines, Inc.&&&&&
POCOCOCOAR19, &&&&&Porphyry Consolidated Copper Company - Globe, Arizona 1919&&&&&
POANGOANDCOC, &&&&&Port Angeles Golf and Country Club - Washington 1924 &&&&&
PORROYSTANCO, &&&&&Port Royal & St. Andrew's Copper Mining Company of Jamaica 1853&&&&&
POROCOGE18, &&&&&Port Royal Company - Georgia 1893&&&&&
POWAYACLINNE, &&&&&Port Washington Yacht Club, Inc. - New York 1941&&&&&
POCOAR19, &&&&&Portafone Corporation - Arizona 1972&&&&&
POALMICONEWY, &&&&&Portage Albion Mining Company Assessment Notice - New York 1855&&&&&
POFLCL, &&&&&Portage Flying Club - Akron, Ohio 1946&&&&&
POLAMICOMI18, &&&&&Portage Lake Mining Company - Michigan 1855&&&&&
PORTECINC, &&&&&Portec, Inc.&&&&&
POBACLINOR19, &&&&&Portland Baseball Club, Inc. ( Portland Beavers) - Oregon 1955&&&&&
POGEELFOWBYH, &&&&&Portland General Electric (formerly owned by the Houston-based Enron Corporation) - Oregon 1967&&&&&
POGEELOR, &&&&&Portland General Electric - Oregon &&&&&
POGEELCOPOOR, &&&&&Portland General Electric Company (Trojan Nuclear Plant in Vignette) - Portland, Oregon &&&&&
POGEELCO1SHO, &&&&&Portland General Electric Company handsigned by President - Oregon 1946&&&&&
NONAME71, &&&&&Portland National Bank 1889&&&&&
POPACOOFDE18, &&&&&Portland Paving Company signed by George W. Bush 1891&&&&&
POREPUCOINOR, &&&&&Portland Reporter Publishing Company, Inc. (Created from Oregonian / Samuel Newhouse Newspaper strike) - Oregon 1960&&&&&
POREPUCOINCO, &&&&&Portland Reporter Publishing Company, Inc. (Created from Oregonian / Samuel Newhouse Newspaper strike) - Oregon 1962&&&&&
POSOANDSAPOO, &&&&&Portland Soldiers and Sailors - Portland, Maine 1883&&&&&
POYACL18, &&&&&Portland Yacht Club - Maine 1885&&&&&
PORFESPOS, &&&&&Portola Festival Postcard - Celebrate recovery from 1906 San Francisco earthquake&&&&&
POROFHELRUBB, &&&&&Portrait of Helena Rubinstein by Salvador Dali signed by Helena Rubinstein circa 1943&&&&&
PODRYDOANDST, &&&&&Portsmouth Dry Dock and Steamboat Basin Company - Ohio 1852&&&&&
PORELIEN19, &&&&&Positive Retorts, Limited - England 1929&&&&&
POCROILCOCA1, &&&&&Poso Crude Oil Corporation issued to and signed by George F. Getty (Jean Paul's Dad) - California 1928 &&&&&
POSOFSQUARCO, &&&&&Post Office Square Company 1937 - Massachusettes&&&&&
POSINPRESINC, &&&&&Postal Instant Press, Inc. ( PIP Printing )&&&&&
POSASY2NOSEO, &&&&&Postal Savings System $200 Note - Series of 1917&&&&&
POSASYCEOFDE, &&&&&Postal Savings System Certificate of Deposit - 1911 ****Sold****&&&&&
POTEANDCA19, &&&&&Postal Telegraph and Cable Corporation $100 Gold Bond - Maryland 1928&&&&&
POTEANDCACOM, &&&&&Postal Telegraph and Cable Corporation - Maryland 1938&&&&&
POTECONEWYO1, &&&&&Postal Telegraph Company - New York, 1883&&&&&
POSFROMCATCH, &&&&&Postcard from a Catholic Church, Stockton, California&&&&&
POSFROMPUMFI, &&&&&Postcard from a pumpkin field in California&&&&&
POSFROMROSCO, &&&&&Postcard from a Rose Cottage near Santa Barbara, California&&&&&
POSFROMAUTRO, &&&&&Postcard from Automobile Road, PT. Definance Park Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMBEACD, &&&&&Postcard from Beach Drive, Santa Cruz, California&&&&&
POSFROMBURSA, &&&&&Postcard from Burke's Sanatorium near Santa Rosa, California&&&&&
POSFROMCASGA, &&&&&Postcard from Casper's Gator Jungle, St. Augustine, Florida&&&&&
POSFROMCHRIS, &&&&&Postcard from Christ Episcopal Church, Alameda, California&&&&&
POSFROMCOWPA, &&&&&Postcard from Cowan Park, Seattle, Washington 1920's&&&&&
POSFROMELHOM, &&&&&Postcard from Elk's Home, Alameda, California&&&&&
POSFROMEVHIG, &&&&&Postcard from Everett High School, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMGRAYH, &&&&&Postcard from Gray's Harbor, Washington of Harpoon Gun used in shooting Whales&&&&&
POSFROMHELGA, &&&&&Postcard from Hell Gate, Rogue River, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMHEWAV, &&&&&Postcard from Hewitt Avenue Everett, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMHOPRA, &&&&&Postcard from Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, California&&&&&
POSFROMHOTDE, &&&&&Postcard from Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California&&&&&
POSFROMKERCA, &&&&&Postcard from Kern Caynon, California&&&&&
POSFROMKINPA, &&&&&Postcard from Kinnear Park Seattle, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMKINPA1, &&&&&Postcard from Kinnear Park Seattle, Washington (Gazebo) 1915&&&&&
POSFROMLATFA, &&&&&Postcard from Latourelle Falls, Columbia River&&&&&
POSFROMMCKIN, &&&&&Postcard from McKinley Park Tacoma, Washington 1920's&&&&&
POSFROMMTHOO, &&&&&Postcard from Mt. Hood, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMMTJEF, &&&&&Postcard from Mt. Jefferson, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMMTMCL, &&&&&Postcard from Mt. McLaughlin (Mt. Pitt), Southern Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMMTTAC, &&&&&Postcard from Mt. Tacoma Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMPACCO, &&&&&Postcard from Pacific Coast Head Office Building, San Francisco, California; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York&&&&&
POSFROMPIERC, &&&&&Postcard from Pierce County Court House Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMSANLU, &&&&&Postcard from San Luis Rey Mission, California&&&&&
POSFROMSHASD, &&&&&Postcard from Shasta Dam, California&&&&&
POSFROMSOLMO, &&&&&Postcard from Soldier's Monument Olympia, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMSTJOE, &&&&&Postcard from St. Joesph's Hospital Bellingham, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMSTMAR, &&&&&Postcard from St. Mary's Catholic Church, Eugene, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMSTMAR1, &&&&&Postcard from St. Mary's Church, Santa Maria, California&&&&&
POSFROMSTPAT, &&&&&Postcard from St. Patrick's Church Tacoma, Washington 1910&&&&&
NONAME43, &&&&&Postcard from Tacoma, Washington, The Gateway to Rainier National Park 1910&&&&&
POSFROMANWRI, &&&&&Postcard from the Annie Wright Seminary Tacoma, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMBEAUT, &&&&&Postcard from the beautiful Snake River, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMCASSH, &&&&&Postcard from the Cascades, Shasta Springs, California&&&&&
POSFROMCHAPM, &&&&&Postcard from the Chapel Monastery of the Precious Blood, Montavilla, Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMCHIMR, &&&&&Postcard from the Chimney Rock Section, Western North Carolina - Bat Cave&&&&&
POSFROMCOURH, &&&&&Postcard from the Court House Martinez, California&&&&&
POSFROMCOURH1, &&&&&Postcard from the Court House, Martinez, California&&&&&
POSFROMCRESR, &&&&&Postcard from the Cressy Residence, Modesto, California&&&&&
POSFROMCUSHO, &&&&&Postcard from the Custom House, Fort Townsend, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMDANPA, &&&&&Postcard from the Dancing Pavilion, Sequoia Gardens, Near Santa Cruz, California&&&&&
POSFROMDONMO, &&&&&Postcard from the Donahue Monument, San Francisco, California 1910&&&&&
POSFROMEASSC, &&&&&Postcard from the East School, Ashland, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMFEDBU, &&&&&Postcard from the Federal Building Tacoma, Washington 1920's&&&&&
POSFROMFIRME, &&&&&Postcard from the First Methodist Church, Alameda, California&&&&&
POSFROMFIRPR1, &&&&&Postcard from the First Presbyterian Church, Alameda, California 1910&&&&&
POSFROMFORBU, &&&&&Postcard from the Forestry Building, University of Washington, Seattle 1910&&&&&
POSFROMGALCL, &&&&&Postcard from the Galen Clark School, Merced, California&&&&&
POSFROMGREAT, &&&&&Postcard from the Great Northern Passenger Depot Bellingham, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMGREAT1, &&&&&Postcard from the Great Northern Railway Depot Everett, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMHOMOF, &&&&&Postcard from the Home of Truth, Alameda, California&&&&&
POSFROMKENDA, &&&&&Postcard from the Kentucky Dam, Western Kentucky&&&&&
POSFROMKRAFM, &&&&&Postcard from the Kraft Memorial Library, Red Bluff, California&&&&&
POSFROMLIFBR, &&&&&Postcard from the Lift Bridge in Tacoma, Washington 1920's&&&&&
POSFROMLOTGR, &&&&&Postcard from the Lottie Grunsky Grammar School, Stockton, California&&&&&
POSFROMLOWFA, &&&&&Postcard from the Lower Falls, Shasta Springs, California&&&&&
POSFROMMASSC, &&&&&Postcard from the Mastick School, Alameda, California&&&&&
POSFROMMETEP, &&&&&Postcard from the Methodist Episcopal Church, Pacific Groove, California&&&&&
POSFROMMUNSW, &&&&&Postcard from the Municipal Swimming Pool, Pacific Grove, California&&&&&
POSFROMOFCLU, &&&&&Postcard from the Officers' Club, Presido of Monterey, California&&&&&
POSFROMORYAC, &&&&&Postcard from the Oregon Yacht Club, "The Oaks", Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMPEREX, &&&&&Postcard from the Permanent Exhibit Building, Ashland, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMCOURH2, &&&&&Postcard from the Portland Hotel, Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMPOSOF, &&&&&Postcard from the Post Office Building, Berkeley, California&&&&&
POSFROMPRIMS, &&&&&Postcard from the Primary School, Watsonville, California&&&&&
POSFROMPUBLI, &&&&&Postcard from the Public Library, Monterey, California&&&&&
POSFROMRESDI, &&&&&Postcard from the Residence District Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMPOEDS, &&&&&Postcard from the Roeder School Bellingham, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMSACHE, &&&&&Postcard from the Sacred Heart Academy, Salem, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMSANDI, &&&&&Postcard from the San Diego de Alcala, California&&&&&
POSFROMSANBA, &&&&&Postcard from the Santa Barbara Mission, California&&&&&
POSFROMSANRO, &&&&&Postcard from the Santa Rosa Bank, Santa Rosa, California&&&&&
POSFROMSEATL, &&&&&Postcard from the Seattle Labor Temple Seattle, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMSOUTP, &&&&&Postcard from the Southern Pacific Depot, Santa Barbara, California. Coast Line S.P.R.R.&&&&&
POSFROMSPREK, &&&&&Postcard from the Sprekels Sugar Beet Refinery, Near Salinas, California&&&&&
POSFROMSTATN, &&&&&Postcard from the State Normal School Bellingham, Washington (Western Washington College )&&&&&
POSFROMSTATN1, &&&&&Postcard from the State Normal School, Ashland, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMTHURC, &&&&&Postcard from the Thurston County Court House and City Hall Olympia, Washington&&&&&
POSWITVIEWOF1, &&&&&Postcard from the View of Harbor - Everett, Washington 1910&&&&&
POSFROMWATCA, &&&&&Postcard from the Water Carnival, Healdsburg, California, Northwestern Pacific R.R.&&&&&
POSFROMWILRI, &&&&&Postcard from the Williamette River and Steel Bridge, Albany, Oregon&&&&&
POSFROMUNHIG, &&&&&Postcard from Union High School, Red Bluff, California&&&&&
POSFROMUNOFC, &&&&&Postcard from University of California, Berkeley&&&&&
POSFROMURCOL, &&&&&Postcard from Ursline College, Santa Rosa, California&&&&&
POSFROMWAHHI, &&&&&Postcard from Wahington High School Olympia, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMWOODP, &&&&&Postcard from Woodland Park Seattle, Washington&&&&&
POSFROMWRIGP, &&&&&Postcard from Wright's Park Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSOFBEAUTHO, &&&&&Postcard of a beautiful home in Claremont, Berekeley, California&&&&&
POSOFBUNOFRO, &&&&&Postcard of a Bunch of Roses, Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSOFCALHOPF, &&&&&Postcard of a California Hop Field, Road of a Thousand Wonders, Southern Pacific 1910&&&&&
POSOFFATANDS, &&&&&Postcard of a father and son standing in a corn field in the Great Northwest 1910&&&&&
POSOFGIANGRA, &&&&&Postcard of a Giant Grape Vine, San Gabriel Mission, California&&&&&
POSOFSUNONPA, &&&&&Postcard of a sunset on the Pacific Ocean&&&&&
POSOFOILTRUC, &&&&&Postcard of an Oil Truck Struck by Lightning&&&&&
POSOFAPBLOS, &&&&&Postcard of Apple Blossoms&&&&&
POSOFEARGERA, &&&&&Postcard of Early German Airplane Print - 1909&&&&&
POSOFHYDGROW, &&&&&Postcard of Hydrangeas growing profusely in Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSOFLOADWHE, &&&&&Postcard of Loading Wheat with an Automatic Conveyor, Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSOFLONHORO, &&&&&Postcard of Long Horns of the Ole Southwest&&&&&
POSOFOILCARA, &&&&&Postcard of oil cars at Shipping Station, Bakersfield, California&&&&&
POSOFPLACMIN, &&&&&Postcard of Placer Mining Scars at Dutch Flat, California&&&&&
POSOFSHIPONH, &&&&&Postcard of shipping on the Humboldt Bay, Eureka, California&&&&&
POSOFBLACOIL, &&&&&Postcard of the "Black Gold" oil gusher in Odessa Oil Field&&&&&
POSOFHIGSCHO, &&&&&Postcard of the High School, Ashland, Oregon&&&&&
POSOFNEWPOSO, &&&&&Postcard of the New Post Office, Santa Rosa, California&&&&&
POSOFPARHILI, &&&&&Postcard of the Park Hill Inn Lawn, Hendersonville, N.C.&&&&&
POSOFUNSTOCY, &&&&&Postcard of the Union Stock Yards, Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSOFVIEWOFW, &&&&&Postcard of the view of Water Front in Everett, Washington 1915&&&&&
POSOFWINCELI, &&&&&Postcard of the Wine Cellars, Italian-Swiss Colony, Asti, California&&&&&
POSOFYWANDYM, &&&&&Postcard of the Y.W.C.A. and the Y.M.C.A. buildings, Portland, Oregon&&&&&
POSSIGBYBILC, &&&&&Postcard Signed by Billy Carter brother of Jimmy Carter&&&&&
POSWITBIR, &&&&&Postcard with a Bird's-Eye View of the Residence Section Capitol Hill Seattle, Washington&&&&&
POSWITGENVIE, &&&&&Postcard with a General view of Bellingham, Washington 1915&&&&&
POSWITHELFRO, &&&&&Postcard with a Hello from Casper, Wyoming&&&&&
POSWITNIGSCE, &&&&&Postcard with a Night Scene of the Electric Star on Mill Mountain, Roanoke, Va&&&&&
POSWITNIGVIE, &&&&&Postcard with a night view of the Belleville Memorial Fountain and Public Square, Belleville, Illinois&&&&&
POSWITVIEWOF, &&&&&Postcard with a view of North Yakima Avenue Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
POSWITGREETF3, &&&&&Postcard with Greetings from Alpine, Texas&&&&&
POSWITGREETF2, &&&&&Postcard with Greetings from Lamesa, Texas "Land of the Modern Pioneer"&&&&&
POSWITHARSCE, &&&&&Postcard with harvesting scene, San Joaquin County near Stockton, California&&&&&
POSYMSEATWAS, &&&&&Postcard Y.M.C.A. Seattle, Washington&&&&&
POANDTRSEBYP, &&&&&Postcards and Tradecards Search by Price Range&&&&&
POANDTR, &&&&&Postcards, Tradecards and Movie Lobby Cards&&&&&
1812LETTER, &&&&&Potomac and Shenandoah Navigation Lottery letter signed by Col. Charles Simms - 1812&&&&&
POTELPOWCOM1, &&&&&Potomac Electric Power Company - 1978 ( Now Pepco )&&&&&
POTLIVSTOCCO, &&&&&Potomac Live Stock Company 188X - Colorado Springs&&&&&
POOILCOAR19, &&&&&Potomac Oil Company - Territory of Arizona 1902 &&&&&
POSTBOCOVI18, &&&&&Potomac Steam Boat Company - Virginia 1878 &&&&&
POSTCOVI18, &&&&&Potomac Stone Company - Virginia 1890's&&&&&
POSHNALOTIPC, &&&&&Potomack & Shenandoah Navigation Lottery Ticket organized by George Washington's Potomac Company - 1810&&&&&
POMIANDSMCOC, &&&&&Potosi Mining and Smelting Company - Cerro Gordo, Inyo County, California - 1876&&&&&
POELCONEWYO1, &&&&&Potosina Electric Company - New York 1903 &&&&&
POWICOSANFRC1, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Corporation (signed by Geo. A. Pope ) - San Francisco, California 1918&&&&&
POWICOAR, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Corporation - Arizona 1911&&&&&
POWICOAR19, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Corporation - Arizona 1911 signed by George A. Pope&&&&&
POWICOSANFRC, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Corporation - San Francisco, California 1918&&&&&
POWICOTEOFAR, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Corporation - Territory of Arizona 1911&&&&&
POWICO19, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Corporation signed twice by George Pope - 1911&&&&&
POWITEANDTEC, &&&&&Poulsen Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company - Arizona 1909&&&&&
POWICOAR191, &&&&&Poulsen Wirelesss Corporation - Arizona 1919&&&&&
C, &&&&&Power / Electric A-J&&&&&
KN, &&&&&Power / Electric K - Z&&&&&
POWSPECCOM, &&&&&Power Specialty Company 1919 ( Original Foster Wheeler Company )&&&&&
POTICODE19, &&&&&Powertown Tire Corporation - Delaware 1920&&&&&
POINDE, &&&&&Powertrader, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
POWBRANAPSAU1, &&&&&Powhatan Brand Apple Sauce Label&&&&&
POCOSTEN, &&&&&Poyaisian Land Grant Scam signed by Gregor Mac Gregor - Nicaragua 1827&&&&&
PRELPNCO18, &&&&&Prall Electro Pneumatic Company - New York 1876&&&&&
PRRASIANDTEC, &&&&&Prall Railway Signal and Telegraph Co. - 1876 New York&&&&&
PRATLAMINC, &&&&&Pratt & Lambert - Inc. ( Paint Company )&&&&&
PRATLAMINC1, &&&&&Pratt & Lambert Inc.&&&&&
PRLAINNEWYO, &&&&&Pratt & Lambert Inc. - New York &&&&&
PRATWHITCOM1, &&&&&Pratt & Whitney Company 1890's signed by Francis Pratt SCARCE&&&&&
PRWHCO18, &&&&&Pratt & Whitney Company issued Stock Certificate signed by Francis Ashbury Pratt - Connecticut 1896&&&&&
PRATWHITCOMS, &&&&&Pratt & Whitney Company Signed by Amos Whitney SCARCE&&&&&
PRMECOLICA19, &&&&&Precious Metals Corporation, Limited - Canada 1928&&&&&
PRECOPINC, &&&&&Precision Optics, Inc.&&&&&
PREDROYRO45U, &&&&&Premier Edition Roy Rogers .45 - United States&&&&&
PREXINFL20, &&&&&Premier Exhibitions, Inc. - ( Titanic Exhibition ) Florida - 2006&&&&&
PREMMINCOM, &&&&&Premier Mines Company - California&&&&&
PREMOLDFASFR, &&&&&Premier Old Fashioned French Style Green Beans Label&&&&&
PRTACOIL19, &&&&&Premier Taxi Company - Illinois 1925&&&&&
PRHAIN19, &&&&&Prentice - Hall Book Company - Founder Richard Prentice Ettinger as President - 1934&&&&&
PRINDE192, &&&&&Prentice - Hall Book Company - Signed by founder Richard Prentice Ettinger as President - 1934&&&&&
PRENHALINC, &&&&&Prentice - Hall Book Company 1930's - Founder Richard Prentice Ettinger as President&&&&&
GARMONFUN, &&&&&President Garfield Monument Fund - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
PRESHOTCOR, &&&&&President Hotel Corporation 1927&&&&&
WILINADPOS, &&&&&President Wilson's Inaugural Address - Photo Postcard 1917&&&&&
PRELBACOOFON, &&&&&Presidential Election Ballot - County of Oneida 1924&&&&&
PRISAICOM19, &&&&&Presque Isle Airport Company -Maine 1930&&&&&
PRCLCOWAD18, &&&&&Press Claims Company of Washington D.C. - Virginia 1894&&&&&
PRPUCOSIBYJO, &&&&&Press Publishing Company signed by Joseph Pulitzer Jr Pulitzer Prize Namesake - St. Louis, Missouri 1915&&&&&
PRINDE191, &&&&&Pressurelube, Inc. - Delaware 1945&&&&&
PRPECOOFNEWY, &&&&&Preston Peak Company of New York - Preston Peak Mine located in Del Norte County, California - 1916&&&&&
PRCOIN19, &&&&&Price - Meyers Corporation (PMC Homes) - Indiana 1975&&&&&
PRLEMA, &&&&&Price Legacy Corporation - Maryland &&&&&
SEARCHBYPRICE15-30, &&&&&Price Range $15 - $30&&&&&
SEARCHBYPRICE0-15, &&&&&Price Range - up to $15&&&&&
PRICELINECOM, &&&&& - Now Booking Holdings - 2001&&&&&
PRIDWESSILMI, &&&&&Pride of the West Silver Mining Company 1860's Mokelumne District, Amador County - California&&&&&
PRIMACOMPANY, &&&&&Prima Company - Illinois&&&&&
PRIMSCHOOLWA, &&&&&Primary School, Watsonville, California Postcard&&&&&
PRCACOBRCO, &&&&&Prime Capital Corporation - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
PRIMMINCIGCO1, &&&&&Prime Minister Cigar Company&&&&&
PRIMMINCIGCO, &&&&&Prime Minister Cigar Company-Label&&&&&
PRMOININDE19, &&&&&Prime Motor Inns, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
PRALMICOCRCR, &&&&&Prince Albert Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado - 1896&&&&&
PRINJOHMINCO, &&&&&Prince John Mining Company 1923&&&&&
PROFWAHOCOSO, &&&&&Prince of Wales Hotel Company, Southport, Limited - England 1962&&&&&
PRINOFWALHOT, &&&&&Prince of Wales Hotel Company, Southport. Ltd.&&&&&
PROFWAHOLINO, &&&&&Prince of Wales Hotels Limited - 1979&&&&&
PRPABUSOLI19, &&&&&Prince's Park Building Society - Liverpool 1956&&&&&
PRANCOCLVI19, &&&&&Princess Anne Country Club - Virginia Beach, Virginia 1916&&&&&
PRINCRAFREAL, &&&&&Printing Crafts Realty Corporation&&&&&
FIMOSIXPERCE, &&&&&Printing Establishment of the United Brethren in Christ - Gold Bond - Ohio 1922 &&&&&
PRINCA19, &&&&&Prion, Incorporated - California 1977&&&&&
PRIVACYPOLICY1, &&&&&Privacy Policy&&&&&
PRIVBRANINC, &&&&&Private Brands, Inc.&&&&&
GEOWES, &&&&&Private Telephone Line Agreement signed by George Westinghouse - 1897&&&&&
PROAG, &&&&&Pro Ag - Professional Agricultural Management&&&&&
PROFAGMANINC, &&&&&PRO AG - Professional Agricultural Management, Inc.&&&&&
PRINCA, &&&&&Pro-Dex, Inc. - California&&&&&
PROCSYSINC, &&&&&Process Systems, Inc. - New Jersey&&&&&
PRGACORASTCE1, &&&&&Procter & Gamble Company ( Early Moon and Stars Logo) - Rare Stock Certificate 1920&&&&&
PRGACO19, &&&&&Procter & Gamble Company - 1987 $100,000 16 3/4% Interest Note&&&&&
PRGACO1BO, &&&&&Procter & Gamble Company - Moon and Stars Vignette&&&&&
PRGACOWIMOAN, &&&&&Procter & Gamble Company with Moon and Stars Vignette- Ohio 1980&&&&&
PRGACOOH19, &&&&&Procter & Gamble Company with Moon and Stars Vignette- Ohio 1988&&&&&
PRTEANDTECO, &&&&&Proctorsville Telephone and Telegraph Company - Vermont 1901&&&&&
PRODCOMCOR, &&&&&Prodigy Communications Corporation Stock Certificate - Scripophily&&&&&
PRNASTCOSAGE, &&&&&Producers Naval Stores Company - Savannah, Georgia&&&&&
PRODUCTPRICING, &&&&&Product Pricing Policies&&&&&
PRRABLDI, &&&&&Professional Razor Blade Display - 100 unused razor blades in original packaging - Newark, New Jersey&&&&&
PRSPINPE19, &&&&&Professional Sports, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1969&&&&&
PROFWILEMSCH, &&&&&Professor William Emanuel's School of Chiropody&&&&&
PROJECT7INC, &&&&&Project 7, Inc.&&&&&
PRURMILIONCA, &&&&&Pronto Uranium Mines, Limited Warrant Certificate - Ontario, Canada - 1954&&&&&
PROOFOFPUBSI, &&&&&Proof of Publication signed by U.S. President Warren G. Harding - 1900&&&&&
PROFUNSC18, &&&&&Proprietors of Union School - 1843 New Haven, Connecticut - Issued to Roger Sherman&&&&&
PRBAMICO18TE, &&&&&Prospect Basin Mining Company 1891 - Telluride, Colorado&&&&&
PRBAMICO18TE1, &&&&&Prospect Basin Mining Company 1891 - Telluride, Colorado&&&&&
PRPANABANEWJ, &&&&&Prospect Park National Bank - New Jersey &&&&&
PROSFORCLEVI, &&&&&Prospectus for Cleveland Indians 1998&&&&&
PROSGOLMINMI, &&&&&Prosper Gold Mining & Milling Company - Territory of New Mexico 1902&&&&&
PRPOTEINDE, &&&&&Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
PRSTSTCORHIS, &&&&&Providence & Stonington Steamship Company (Providence Line)- Rhode Island 1878&&&&&
PROVANDWORRA1, &&&&&Providence and Worcester Railroad - Massachusettes and Rhode Island - 1849&&&&&
PROVANDWORRA, &&&&&Providence and Worcester Railroad 1900 - 1909&&&&&
NONAME15, &&&&&Providence and Worcester Railroad 1911&&&&&
PROVCANLANCO1, &&&&&Providence Canyon Land Company - Utah&&&&&
PROVCANLANCO, &&&&&Providence Canyon Land Company 1906 - Utah&&&&&
PRTECLRHIS18, &&&&&Providence Tennis Club - Rhode Island 1882 &&&&&
PRTECO19, &&&&&Providence Terminal Company - Rhode Island 1906&&&&&
PROVWATWORCO, &&&&&Providence Water Works Company 1907 - Utah&&&&&
PRNOBASTLIRH, &&&&&Providence, Norffolk, & Baltimore Steamship Line - Rhode Island 1878&&&&&
PRDEQUQUCA19, &&&&&Province de Québec - Québec, Canada 1963&&&&&
PROFNECA19, &&&&&Province of Newfoundland - Canada 1972&&&&&
PROFPEUNGOLO, &&&&&Province of Petchili uncancelled Gold Loan Bond ( PASS-CO Authenticated) - 1913&&&&&
20GOOFPROFPE, &&&&&Province of Petchili uncancelled Gold Loan Bond ( PASS-CO Authenticated) LOT OF 5 BONDS - 1913&&&&&
PRGUNCLONBER, &&&&&Provo Gun Club on the Bear River (duck hunter vignette) - 1925&&&&&
PRUDCOR, &&&&&Prudence Corporation 1928 - California&&&&&
PRBANEWYO19, &&&&&Prudential Bank (Became JPMorgan Chase Bank) - New York 1929&&&&&
PRELKBAOILCO, &&&&&Prudential Elk Basin Oil Company - Montana 1917&&&&&
PSAAIRPACSOU, &&&&&PSA Airlines (Pacific Southwest Airlines)&&&&&
PSAPOSPICL1, &&&&&PSA postcard picturing an L10113&&&&&
PSINDE19, &&&&&PSA, Inc.(Pacific Southwest Airlines ) - Delaware&&&&&
PROGANDSYSIN, &&&&&PSI - Programming and Systems, Inc. - Trade School FRAUD&&&&&
PHGOMICONEWY, &&&&&Psychic Goldfield Mining Company - Territory of Arizona - Syracuse, New York 1908 &&&&&
PUBAANDTRCOP, &&&&&Public Bank and Trust Company - Pennsylvania 1921&&&&&
PUBLIFINCOM, &&&&&Public Life Insurance Company 1920's&&&&&
PUBLIFINCOM1, &&&&&Public Life Insurance Company 1920's&&&&&
PULOFORMIREO, &&&&&Public Loan for the Military Requirements of the Republic of China with completed coupons - 1912&&&&&
PUBSERCOMOFO, &&&&&Public Service Company of Oklahoma&&&&&
PUBUTCOM, &&&&&Public Utilities Company 1918 - Georgia&&&&&
PUBUTASINC, &&&&&Public Utility Associates, Inc.&&&&&
PUBUTHOLCORO, &&&&&Public Utility Holding Corporation of America 1930&&&&&
PUUTHOCOOFAM, &&&&&Public Utility Holding Corporation of America dated October 23, 1929 (Bad Timer's Certificate) - Issued Day before First Day of Market Crash (Black Thursday)&&&&&
PUBUTHOLCORO1, &&&&&Public Utility Holding Corporation of America dated October 24, 1929 - First Day of Market Crash (Black Thursday)&&&&&
PUBUTHOLCORO2, &&&&&Public Utility Holding Corporation of America issued in year of Stock Market Crash - 1929&&&&&
PUPACO19, &&&&&Publishers Paper Company - 1910&&&&&
PUTEANDTECO1, &&&&&Puebla Telegraph and Telephone Company - New York 1883&&&&&
PUEBININC, &&&&&Pueblo International, Inc. - Puerto Rico&&&&&
PURIAQANDSEA1, &&&&&Puerto Rico Aqueduct $5000 Bond - Puerto Rico 1963&&&&&
PURIAQANDSEA, &&&&&Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority Specimen Revenue Bond&&&&&
PURIBO, &&&&&Puerto Rico Bonds&&&&&
PURIINDECOGE, &&&&&Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company General Purpose Revenue Bond - Puerto Rico 1960's&&&&&
PURIWAREAU5S, &&&&&Puerto Rico Water Resource Authority $5,000 Specimen Bond - 1974&&&&&
PURIWAREAU19, &&&&&Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority - 1956 &&&&&
PURIWAREAUPU, &&&&&Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority - Puerto Rico 1961&&&&&
PURIWAREAUPU1, &&&&&Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority - Puerto Rico 1964&&&&&
PURIWAREAUEL, &&&&&Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority Electric Revenue Bond - Puerto Rico 1960's&&&&&
PURIWAREAUEL1, &&&&&Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority Electric Revenue Bond - Puerto Rico 1966&&&&&
PUGSOUNCOPCO, &&&&&Puget Sound Copper Company 1921&&&&&
PUSOPOLICOWA, &&&&&Puget Sound Power & Light Company - Washington 1982&&&&&
PUGSOUNPOWLI1, &&&&&Puget Sound Power & Light Company 1950 - Seattle, Washington&&&&&
PUSOPOLICOMA, &&&&&Puget Sound Power & Light Company Specimen - Washington&&&&&
PUSTCOMA19, &&&&&Pugh Stores Company - Southern Illinois 1917&&&&&
PULPUBCOM, &&&&&Pulitzer Publishing Company&&&&&
PULLMANCOMPANY, &&&&&Pullman Company Stock Certificate 1929 - Famous sleeper train car manufacturer&&&&&
PUCOFRSCNEWY, &&&&&Pullman Company Fractional Scrip. (Signed by Robert Todd Lincoln , Abraham Lincoln's Son) - New York 1906&&&&&
PUCOIL19, &&&&&Pullman Company signed by Robert Todd Lincoln (Abe Lincoln's Son) - Illinois 1912&&&&&
PUCO19, &&&&&Pullman Company Stock Certificate - Famous sleeper train car manufacturer 1924&&&&&
PUSOCARCOKE, &&&&&Pullman Southern Car Company (hand signed by George Pullman ) - Kentucky 1876&&&&&
PUSOCARCOSIT, &&&&&Pullman Southern Car Company signed twice by George Pullman (Pullman Palace Car Company) - 1876&&&&&
PULPALCARCOM2, &&&&&Pullman's Palace Car Company signed by George Pullman as President - 1870&&&&&
PUBRCOPE, &&&&&Punxsutawney Brewing Company (Home of Punxsutawney Phil) - Pennsylvania 1904&&&&&
PUGOMICOAR19, &&&&&Pure Gold Mines Company - Arizona 1904&&&&&
PURCOR1, &&&&&Purex Corporation&&&&&
PURCOR, &&&&&Purex Corporation&&&&&
PUCOLTCA, &&&&&Purex Corporation, Ltd. - California &&&&&
PURBAKCOR1, &&&&&Purity Bakeries Corporation&&&&&
PURBAKCOR, &&&&&Purity Bakeries Corporation (American Bakeries)&&&&&
PUFIINCOCO18, &&&&&Putnam Fire Insurance Company (was destroyed by the great Chicago fire)- Connecticut 1867&&&&&
PUMACOMA19, &&&&&Putnam Management Company - Massachusetts 1968&&&&&
PYCAASOFHAPE, &&&&&Pythian Castle Association of Harrisburg,Pa - Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
QUCRDIPRINOK, &&&&&Quail Creek Distillers Products, Inc. - Oklahoma&&&&&
QUAKCITININC, &&&&&Quaker City Industries, Inc.&&&&&
QUOACOSP, &&&&&Quaker Oats Company (Quaker Man Vignette) - 1944&&&&&
QUOACONEWJE2, &&&&&Quaker Oats Company - New Jersey 1985&&&&&
QUOILCOCO19, &&&&&Quaker Oil Company - Colorado 1925 &&&&&
QUACPARACO19, &&&&&Quanah Acme & Pacific Railway Company - 1912&&&&&
QUACANDPARAC, &&&&&Quanah Acme and Pacific Railway Company - Texas 1912 &&&&&
QUSPFEINMI19, &&&&&Quarterback Sports Federation, Inc. - Minnesota 1968 &&&&&
QUHIGOMICOCO, &&&&&Quartz Hill Gold Mining Company - Gilpin County, Nevada District, Colorado Territory 1867&&&&&
QUBACLLI, &&&&&Quebec Baseball Club Limited (Quebec Bulldogs ) - Ontario, Canada 1923&&&&&
QUPRHOLEFRQU, &&&&&Quebec Provincial Hockey League Franchise - Quebec, Canada 1921&&&&&
DAMC17, &&&&&Quebec Savings Bond - $5,000 Specimen - Quebec, Canada 1988&&&&&
QUSTRIMILICA, &&&&&Quebec Sturgeon River Mines Limited - Canada 1964&&&&&
QUANRACOMA18, &&&&&Queen Anne's Railroad Company - Maryland 1897 &&&&&
QUANRACOMA19, &&&&&Queen Anne's Railroad Company - Maryland 1902&&&&&
QUESAMCOPE19, &&&&&Queen Esther Amusement Company - Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
QUEPIN, &&&&&, Incorporated&&&&&
QUPABUAI19, &&&&&Quesbrachales Paraguayos - Buenos Aires 1906&&&&&
QUESDIAGINC, &&&&&Quest Diagnostics Inc.&&&&&
QUESCOR, &&&&&Questar Corporation&&&&&
QUREGRINNEWY, &&&&&Quick & Reilly Group, Inc. - New York&&&&&
QUMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Quicksilver Mining Company - New Almaden, Santa Clara County 1888&&&&&
QUINDE, &&&&&Quiksilver, Inc.(one of the world's largest manufacturers of surfwear) - Delaware &&&&&
QUINOILCOR19, &&&&&Quinby Oil Corporation 1927&&&&&
QUJUMICODASA, &&&&&Quincy Junior Mining Company - Dateline Salt Lake City - Mineral Hill Mining District, Blaine County, Idaho - 1907&&&&&
QUMACOSTANDW, &&&&&Quincy Market Cold Storage and Warehouse 1915 - Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
QUMICOAR19, &&&&&Quincy Mining Company - Arizona 1904&&&&&
QUTU18, &&&&&Quincy Turn-Verein - Quincy, Illinois 1885&&&&&
QUINCOR, &&&&&Quinta Corporation&&&&&
QVCNEINDE19, &&&&&QVC Network, Inc. - Delaware 1989&&&&&
SCLUCOINCPE, &&&&&R. A. Rowan & Co. - Famous L.A. Real Estate Developer - Los Angeles, California 1905&&&&&
RAROCOFALREE, &&&&&R. A. Rowan & Co. - Famous L.A. Real Estate Developer - Los Angeles, California 1905&&&&&
RCORHIS19, &&&&&R.I.H.T. Corporation - Rhode Island 1970&&&&&
RLAINSEWA19, &&&&&R.M.B. Laboratories, Inc.signed by Sidney M. Ehrman - Seattle, Washington 1926&&&&&
RRDONNELLEY, &&&&&R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company ( Indian Chief Vignette) - Chicago, Illinois&&&&&
RAELPLCLICOE, &&&&&Racal Electronics Plc Limited Company ( Became Thales Group) - England&&&&&
RATEPULICOEN, &&&&&Racal Telecom Public Limited Company (Now Vodafone Group ) - England 1988&&&&&
RARORITECO18, &&&&&Racine & Rock River Telegraph Company - Wisconsin 1852&&&&&
RACOVI19, &&&&&Radford College - Radford, Virginia 1962&&&&&
RAMACOINMA, &&&&&Radiation Materials Company, Inc. - Massachusetts&&&&&
RACABCOOR19, &&&&&Radio Cab Company - Oregon 1971&&&&&
RACOOFAMDE1, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - Delaware&&&&&
RACOOFAMDE19, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - Delaware 1935&&&&&
RADCOROFAM1, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - RCA - Nipper the Dog in Vignette - 1967&&&&&
RACOOFAMDE196, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - RCA - Nipper the Dog in Vignette - Delaware 1964&&&&&
RACOOFAMDE2, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - RCA - Nipper the Dog in Vignette (Robert W. Sarnoff as President) - Delaware &&&&&
RACOOFAM, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - RCA - Nipper the Dog in Vignette (Robert W. Sarnoff as President) - Delaware &&&&&
RACOOFAMDE197, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America - RCA - Nipper the Dog in Vignette - 1967&&&&&
RACOOFAM19, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America 1924 ( Early RCA )&&&&&
RACOOFAM19DA, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America 1933 - SPECIMEN -- David Sarnoff as President&&&&&
RACOOFAMDE3, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America 1935 - RARE SPECIMEN - David Sarnoff as President&&&&&
RACOOFAMDE193, &&&&&Radio Corporation of America with David Sarnoff as President- Delaware 1933&&&&&
RAELCLCODE19, &&&&&Radio Electric Clock Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
RADENCOR, &&&&&Radio Engineering Corporation 1922&&&&&
RAPRCONEWJE1, &&&&&Radio Products Corporation - New Jersey 1930&&&&&
RAORCOMA19, &&&&&Radio-Keith Orpheum Corporation - Maryland 1932&&&&&
RAPRINMI19, &&&&&Radioactive Products, Inc. (Hoping to capitalize on the work of the Manhattan Project) - Michigan 1949&&&&&
UNSTRACOFRAG1, &&&&&Radium Luminous Material Corporation signed by founder George Willis (Radium Girls Dial Painters) - 1919&&&&&
RADCOR, &&&&&Radiurgic Corporation&&&&&
RAEELSYSCO18, &&&&&Rae Electric System Co. 1887 - San Francisco&&&&&
RAROGRCRNEWY, &&&&&Rail Road Grade Crossings - New York 1940&&&&&
RAROGRCRNEWY1, &&&&&Rail Road Grade Crossings - New York 1953&&&&&
RACOLIINASOH, &&&&&Railroad Conductors Life Insurance Association - Ohio 1880&&&&&
RAILPOS1, &&&&&Railroad Postcard - Buy individually&&&&&
RAILPOS, &&&&&Railroad Postcards&&&&&
RAILROADS11, &&&&&Railroads - Company names from A - E&&&&&
RAILROADSPZ, &&&&&Railroads - Company names from P - Z&&&&&
RACONAFRFJ, &&&&&Railroads - Company names from F - J&&&&&
RAILROADS12, &&&&&Railroads - Company names from F- J&&&&&
RAILROADSKO, &&&&&Railroads - Company names from K - O&&&&&
RAILHIGDEVCO, &&&&&Railway - Highway Devices Corporation 1930&&&&&
RAMAASPONEWH, &&&&&Railway Mail Association - Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1913&&&&&
RAANDLICOOFA, &&&&&Railways and Light Company of America - New Jersey 1901&&&&&
RAAIINDE19, &&&&&Rainbow Airliners, Inc. - Delaware 1946&&&&&
RALODECO19, &&&&&Rainbow Lode Development Company - 1912&&&&&
RAINOILGASCO, &&&&&Rainbow Oil & Gas Company of Texas 1919&&&&&
RAPUPACO, &&&&&Rainier Pulp & Paper Company 1939 ( Now Simpson Paper Company )&&&&&
RAINSUNLOCAS, &&&&&Raisin in the Sun Lobby Card Starring Sidney Poitier - 1961&&&&&
RACOLESIBYJA, &&&&&Raljon Corporation (controlled the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings ) letter signed by Jack Kent Cooke - 1977&&&&&
RADUARINAR19, &&&&&Ralph Dudley's Arkansas Interests - Arkansas 1923 &&&&&
RALPURCOM1, &&&&&Ralston Purina Company&&&&&
RAPUCOSTLOMI, &&&&&Ralston Purina Company - St. Louis, Missouri 1988&&&&&
RALPURCOM, &&&&&Ralston Purina Company - Who let the dogs out?&&&&&
RAMADAINNSINC1, &&&&&Ramada Inns, Inc. with founder Marion W. Isbell as President&&&&&
RABANEWJE19, &&&&&Ramapo Bank - Wayne, New Jersey 1967&&&&&
RABANEWJE191, &&&&&Ramapo Bank - Wayne, New Jersey 1969&&&&&
RAGACO19, &&&&&Rambler Garage Company signed by Charles Thomas Jeffery - 1907 - Sold&&&&&
RAMBUS, &&&&&Rambus, Inc&&&&&
RAMICONE19, &&&&&Ramsey Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1906&&&&&
RAWAWOCOEN18, &&&&&Ramsgate Water Works Company - Isle of Thanet, England 1836&&&&&
RAINSPSTCEOH, &&&&&Ranco Incorporated Specimen Stock Certificate - Ohio&&&&&
RANINSYSINC, &&&&&Rand Information Systems, Inc.&&&&&
RANINSYSINC1, &&&&&Rand Information Systems, Inc.&&&&&
RAMCCODE19, &&&&&Rand McNally & Company - Delaware&&&&&
RAMCANDCOIL1, &&&&&Rand McNally and Company - Illinois 1916&&&&&
RAPUCOPHPE, &&&&&Rand Publishing Company - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1886&&&&&
RAORLILO19, &&&&&Rank Organisation Limited - London 1973 &&&&&
RATUANDSOLIL, &&&&&Raphael Tuck and Sons, Limited (Famous Postcard Company) - London, U.K. 1931&&&&&
RAPDEPPARCOR, &&&&&Rapid Deployment Parachute Corporation&&&&&
RAMOVECOEAGE, &&&&&Rapid Motor Vehicle Company - Early General Motors (GMC Trucks) - Detroit, Michigan 1905&&&&&
EAHAAURE18, &&&&&RARE - Early Handwritten Auditors Report - Roxbury, Massachusetts - 1802&&&&&
RAANDSCSTBO, &&&&&Rare and Scarce Stocks / Bonds&&&&&
AUTFAMPEOPAN, &&&&&Rare and Unique, Specimens&&&&&
RARFOUNSHARF, &&&&&RARE Founders shares from the Canal Interoceanique de Panama (Panama Canal) - 1880&&&&&
PACLSIBYHEWP1, &&&&&RARE Parmachenee Club signed by Henry W. Poor (Standard & Poor's Fame) and H. P Wells (Inventor of the Parmachene Belle Fishing Fly) - 1896&&&&&
SPSTSTEN, &&&&&RARE Space Station Hologram Prototype Stamp Die - 1989&&&&&
WECAMAYIMCON, &&&&&RARE West Cape May Improvement Company with vignette of the Light of Asia (Jumbo the Elephant) - New Jersey 1884 &&&&&
RAUNANDSCSEB, &&&&&Rare, Unique and Scandal Search by Price Range&&&&&
RATRCONEWJE, &&&&&Raritan Traction Company - New Jersey 1900&&&&&
RADELACIDEME, &&&&&Rastro De La Ciudad De Mexico (Slaughterhouse of Mexico City) - Mexico 1907&&&&&
RACRWACOWY18, &&&&&Rattlesnake Creek Water Company - Wyoming 1890&&&&&
RALAINDE19, &&&&&Rauch & Lang, Inc. (Early Electric Car Maker) - Chicopee, Massachusetts - 1920 &&&&&
RACOMICO19, &&&&&Rawhide Coalition Mines Company - Rawhide, Regent Mining District, Esmeralda County, Nevada 1910&&&&&
RAWMINCOM, &&&&&Rawhide Mining Company - Rawhide, Nevada - 1911&&&&&
RAMUMICOTEOF, &&&&&Rawhide Mutual Mines Company - Nevada. Mineral. Rawhide - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1908&&&&&
RAWSPORGOOD, &&&&&Rawlings Sporting Goods&&&&&
RAYHERMININC, &&&&&Ray Hercules Mines, Inc. 1922&&&&&
RAYFABSTOCCE, &&&&&Rayette - Faberge Stock Certificate 100 shares&&&&&
RAYIN1, &&&&&Rayonier Incorporated - Famous Forest Products Company&&&&&
RAYIN, &&&&&Rayonier Incorporated - Timber / Logging Company&&&&&
RACOCHLEMA, &&&&&Raytheon Company Specimen Check - Lexington, Ma &&&&&
RAYMANCOM, &&&&&Raytheon Manufacturing Company 1950's&&&&&
RAYMANCOM1, &&&&&Raytheon Manufacturing Company 1960's&&&&&
RAZINCINDOTC, &&&&&Razorfish, Inc. - Internet Dot Com Roller Coaster&&&&&
RCNEHBEVCOMC, &&&&&RC Nehi Beverage Company Checks (RC Cola)&&&&&
RCACONEWYO19, &&&&&RCA Corporation (Radio Corporation of America) - New York 1982&&&&&
RCAINDEVCOR, &&&&&RCA International Development Corporation&&&&&
READFAIRCOMS, &&&&&Reading Fair Company Stock with unusual vignette of 3 Cows 1916&&&&&
RELIPE18, &&&&&Reading Library - Pennsylvania 1884&&&&&
READRAILCOM, &&&&&Reading Railroad Company 1960's - Monopoly Game Railroad&&&&&
REREESEXPE19, &&&&&Reading Real Estate Exchange signed by Herbert R. Green - Pennsylvania 1906 &&&&&
RETRINDE19, &&&&&Reading Tribune, Inc. - Delaware 1923&&&&&
RETRCOPE19, &&&&&Reading Trust Company - Pennsylvania 1967&&&&&
READLIVEN19, &&&&&Reads Limited - Liverpool, England 1934&&&&&
PREFRAMSEL, &&&&&Ready - to - Go Framed Selections&&&&&
MOVMONGRABBA, &&&&&Real Movie Money - Grab Bag Bonanza - 15 Pieces&&&&&
REALNETWORKS, &&&&&Real Networks -RealJukebox and RealPlayer software company&&&&&
REPRINCOCA19, &&&&&Real Property Investment Corporation issued to Randolph Spreckels - California 1930 &&&&&
REELCONEWYO, &&&&&Realtone Electronics Corp. - New York ( Early Transistor Radio company )&&&&&
REANDSERECOM, &&&&&Realty and Security Refinance Corporation - Missouri 1933&&&&&
REALANDSECRE, &&&&&Realty and Security Refinance Corporation 1933 - Gold Debenture Bond&&&&&
REALSYN, &&&&&Realty Syndicate 1897 - San Francisco, California&&&&&
REBGOLMINOFC, &&&&&Rebecca Gold Mining of Colorado 1895&&&&&
RETOMANEWYO1, &&&&&Rebuilding Tompkins Market -Public Stock of the City of New York - 1858 &&&&&
RAPOCECO17, &&&&&Receipt of Lawful Money from Ralph Pomeroy - Connecticut 1791&&&&&
NEWITADTOSC, &&&&&Recently added items to our Website /Specials&&&&&
RECENTLY-VIEWED-POPUP, &&&&&recently-viewed-popup&&&&&
MAIN, &&&&&recently-viewed-popup&&&&&
REMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Reciprocity Mining Company (signed by Lucius E. Chittenden, who was the Register of U. S. Treasury during Lincoln administration) - East Canada / New York 1865&&&&&
REPRCODE19, &&&&&Reclaiming Products Company - Delaware 1921&&&&&
RECBONCIGLAB, &&&&&Record Bond Cigar Label&&&&&
RECCOR, &&&&&Recordgraph Corporation 1940&&&&&
REDECODAOH19, &&&&&Recording Devices Company (Name change from Dayton Adding Machine and Time Lock Company) - Dayton, Ohio 1918 &&&&&
REDECOOH19, &&&&&Recording Devices Company ( Early Time Clock Maker) - Ohio 1918&&&&&
REDARMIIN19, &&&&&Red Arrow Mines, Inc. - Idaho Springs, Colorado 1933&&&&&
REDBELBREWCO, &&&&&Red Bell Brewing Company&&&&&
REDCAPSERCOM, &&&&&Red Cap Service Company - Ohio 1933&&&&&
REDELMICONEW, &&&&&Red Elephant Mining Company - Ouray, Red Elephant, Colorado 1880&&&&&
REDENDE, &&&&&Red Envelope, Inc - Delaware &&&&&
REDFEOILCOCO, &&&&&Red Feather Oil Company - Colorado 1930&&&&&
REDHATINC, &&&&&Red Hat, Inc - Microsoft Windows Operating System Competitor&&&&&
REDROBOCOOFC, &&&&&Red Rock Bottling Company of Cleveland - 1947&&&&&
REDSTOILCO, &&&&&Red Star Oil Company 1944&&&&&
REDTIPSCIGARS, &&&&&Red Tips Cigar Label&&&&&
REDWAGONBRAND, &&&&&Red Wagon Brand - Boy riding wagon&&&&&
REMICOCONOLA, &&&&&Redemption Mines Co. - Mohave. Chloride. Organized in Colorado - 1906&&&&&
REDE, &&&&&RedEnvelope, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
RELI19, &&&&&Rediffusion Limited - 1961 U.K Radio Broadcasting Company&&&&&
REDEXMINCOM, &&&&&Redman Extension Mining Company - Arizona 1908&&&&&
REDININC, &&&&&Redman Industries, Inc.&&&&&
REMIMIANDSMC, &&&&&Redman Mining, Milling and Smelting Company (Indian Vignette) - Arizona 1907&&&&&
REDSTOCCOR, &&&&&Redman Stockholders Corporation 1913 Arizona Mines, McCabe, Arizona (Yapavai County)&&&&&
RELACOCA18, &&&&&Redondo Land Company (Redondo Beach ) - California 1891&&&&&
REINLTMA19, &&&&&Reebok International Ltd. (3 specimen certificates) - Massachusetts&&&&&
REINLTMA20, &&&&&Reebok International Ltd. - Massachusetts&&&&&
REPEMICOUT19, &&&&&Reed's Peak Mining Company - Park City, Utah 1916&&&&&
REEPGENERCOM, &&&&&Reeperbahn Genuß-Schein - Erotic Comic Certificate from Germany&&&&&
BOOKS, &&&&&Reference Books&&&&&
REMACOCA19, &&&&&Refrigeration Machine Company - California 1923&&&&&
REGCRUISINC, &&&&&Regency Cruises Inc. 1986&&&&&
RELIINCOCA19, &&&&&Regency Life Insurance Company - California 1968&&&&&
REELLOCONEWJ, &&&&&Regenerative Electric Locomotion Company (Early Automobile Battery Company) - New Jersey 1901&&&&&
REBRCOLIPROF, &&&&&Regina Brewing Company - Saskatchewan, Canada - 1915&&&&&
NEWSHHO1919, &&&&&Register from New Shaw House - Sheffield, Pennsylvania 1915&&&&&
STJAMESHOTEL, &&&&&Register from St. James Hotel, Springfield, Ohio - 1879&&&&&
HOVI19, &&&&&Register from the Hotel Virginia - Quincy, Illinois 1928&&&&&
NEWMAHOWA, &&&&&Register from the New Madison Hotel - Spokane, Washington 1921 &&&&&
SUHO18, &&&&&Register from the Summit House, Athol, Massachusetts - 1874&&&&&
REGISTERCOMINC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
RECOINNEWYO1, &&&&&Reheis Company, Inc. - New York 1961&&&&&
REUBEIREGE19, &&&&&Reichsbank Anteilschein (German Reich Bank ) - Berlin, Germany 1925 &&&&&
VOUBFUREGE19, &&&&&Reichswerke Aktiengesellschaft für Erzbergbau und Eisenhütten "Hermann Göring" - Nazi munitions and tank factory - Germany 1939&&&&&
REMACOMA18, &&&&&Reliable Manufacturing Company (Train Brake Inventor) - Maine 1895&&&&&
REMACOMA19, &&&&&Reliance Management Corporation Gold Bond - Maryland 1929&&&&&
RETOCORVINEW, &&&&&Relief Tow-Boat Company (Steamboat vignette) - New Cumberland, West Virginia - 1888&&&&&
RELUENTO, &&&&&REMEMBER THE LUSITANIA (Large Broadside / Original Poster over 102 years old) - ENLIST TODAY- WWI 1915&&&&&
RETYCONEWYO1, &&&&&Remington - Noiseless Typewriter Corporation - New York 1926&&&&&
REARCO19GOBO, &&&&&Remington Arms Company (Famous Gun company) 1922 - Gold Bond&&&&&
NOPUSTOFNEWY, &&&&&Remington Arms Company British agent's appointment signed by Eliphalet Remington and New York Governor, Lucius Robinson - 1877 &&&&&
REARCOINDE, &&&&&Remington Arms Company, Inc. RARE $1000 Gold Bond - Delaware 1922&&&&&
REMPHONCOR, &&&&&Remington Phonograph Corporation 1920&&&&&
RERAINFSHEXC, &&&&&Remington Rand Inc. (Fractional Share Exchange Certificate) - UNIVAC Computer Maker&&&&&
REMRANINC1, &&&&&Remington Rand Inc. (UNIVAC Computer Maker, Early Burroughs Computer Co. and Unisys Corp.)&&&&&
RERAINCDE19, &&&&&Remington Rand, Inc - Delaware 1947&&&&&
RESTTYMO18, &&&&&Remington Standard Typewriter - Montana 1887&&&&&
REMTYPCOM, &&&&&Remington Typewriter Company&&&&&
RENGOLMINAND, &&&&&Renfrew Gold Mining and Crushing Co. 1865 - Massachusettes&&&&&
AMPECOPE18, &&&&&Reno Department of the American Petroleum Company signed by Charles Vernon Culver ( pyramid scheme scam)- Pennsylvania 1881&&&&&
REDIMICONE19, &&&&&Reno Divide Mining Company - Mud Lake, Esmeralda. Divide - Nevada 1920&&&&&
REEVGANE18, &&&&&Reno Evening Gazette Newspaper - Reno, Nevada 1878&&&&&
RENFLOURMILC, &&&&&Reno Flour Mill Company 1903 - Nevada&&&&&
RESTBRCONE19, &&&&&Reno Stock Brokerage Company - Nevada 1906&&&&&
RECOWARCOBON, &&&&&Rensselaer County Civil War Coupon Bond - New York 1879&&&&&
RENWRECOFAMI, &&&&&Rent - A - Wreck of America, Inc. ( Car Rental Company )&&&&&
REOMOCARCOMI, &&&&&Reo Motor Car Company (RARE Specimen Proof Certificate ) - Michigan 1925&&&&&
REOMOCARCOMI1, &&&&&Reo Motor Car Company - Michigan 1930&&&&&
REOMOCARCO19, &&&&&Reo Motor Car Company - Rare Specimen - Michigan 1916 &&&&&
REOMOTCARCOM, &&&&&Reo Motor Car Company 1916 founded by R. E. Olds (Over 100 years old) - Michigan&&&&&
REOMOTORSINC, &&&&&Reo Motors, Inc.&&&&&
REOMOTORSINC1, &&&&&Reo Motors, Inc. RARE Specimen - 1939&&&&&
RECASIMICONE, &&&&&Reorganized Carrie Silver-Lead Mines Corporation - Esmeralda County, Nevada 1932 &&&&&
RESIKIDIMICO, &&&&&Reorganized Silver King Divide Mining Company - Fairview, Nevada - 1922&&&&&
REPOFEAREGSH, &&&&&Replica of Early Egyptian Shrine at Rosicrucian Park - San Jose, California&&&&&
REPUINNEWYO1, &&&&&Reporter Publications, Inc. (Gentry Magazine ) - New York 1946 &&&&&
REITBUPOFR50, &&&&&Repubblica Italiana Buono Postale Fruttifero 250.000 Lire - Italian Postal Money Order &&&&&
REITBVPOFR15, &&&&&Repubblica Italiana Buono Postale Fruttifero 500.000 Lire - Italian Postal Money Order 1926&&&&&
REPAIRINC, &&&&&Republic Airlines, Inc. Specimen Stock Certificate - Wisconsin 1981&&&&&
REAVCODE19, &&&&&Republic Aviation Corporation (Acquired by Fairchild) - Delaware 1962&&&&&
REBAINMI, &&&&&Republic Bancorp, Inc. (Now Citizens Republic Bancorp ) - Michigan&&&&&
CIOADEJUBOME, &&&&&Republic Mexicana Ciudad De Oaxaca De Juarez uncancelled $500 Bond - Mexico 1910&&&&&
REPMILANDMIN, &&&&&Republic Mill and Mining Company 1870's - Eureka Mining District,, California&&&&&
REOFAU19, &&&&&Republic of Austria - 1989 - $1,000 Note&&&&&
REOFBOUNBO19, &&&&&Republic of Bolivia Uncancelled Bond - 1968&&&&&
REOFCHCH18, &&&&&Republic of Chili - ( RARE Specimen Error Chili vs Chile) - 1896&&&&&
NATGOVLOTLOA, &&&&&Republic of China (Taiwan) Nationalist Government Lottery Loan 1926&&&&&
NATGOVLOTLOA1, &&&&&Republic of China 1927 - Dr. Sun Yat-sen Vignette - Historic (Early Taiwan)&&&&&
REOFFI113DE1, &&&&&Republic of Finland&&&&&
REOFIRBO18, &&&&&Republic Of Ireland Fenian Bond - 1866&&&&&
REOFIRIR19, &&&&&Republic of Ireland with Eamon de Valera as President - Ireland 1920 &&&&&
REOFIRIR191, &&&&&Republic of Ireland with Eamon de Valera as President - Ireland 1920 ***SOLD***&&&&&
REPOFPOL, &&&&&Republic of Poland - U.S. Dollar Gold Bond - 1920&&&&&
REPOILGASCOR, &&&&&Republic Oil & Gas Corporation&&&&&
REPPETCOM1, &&&&&Republic Petroleum Company&&&&&
REPPETCOM, &&&&&Republic Petroleum Company - Early Phillips Petroleum Company&&&&&
REPSTEELCOR, &&&&&Republic Steel Corporation&&&&&
REMEROFME18, &&&&&Republica Mexicana (Republic of Mexico) - 1899 - SOLD&&&&&
REMEBODELESD, &&&&&Republica Mexicana Estado Libre Y Soberano De Tamaulipas Bonos Del Estado De Tamaulipas -Mexico - 1907&&&&&
RENACOTENDON, &&&&&Republican Headquarters National Committee Ten Dollar Note - Washington, D.C. 1890 &&&&&
REPIN18, &&&&&Republican Institution stock certificate signed by Revolutionary War General Henry Dearborn as President 1821 - Boston&&&&&
REVAANDWYRAC, &&&&&Republican Valley and Wyoming Railroad Company - Nebraska 1921&&&&&
REVARACONE19, &&&&&Republican Valley Railroad Company - Nebraska 1921&&&&&
RELAINPE19, &&&&&Research Laboratories, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1956&&&&&
RESSTREETPET, &&&&&Residence Street Petaluma, California Postcard&&&&&
RESNAPCAL, &&&&&Residences, Napa, California&&&&&
RECAFAFORELA, &&&&&Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Authority of Bryan County - Georgia 1991&&&&&
REDECOOFSANF, &&&&&Residential Development Company of San Francisco - California 1939&&&&&
RECAINLTBE, &&&&&Resource Capital International Ltd. - Bermuda&&&&&
REPLINCA, &&&&&Ressources Plexmar Inc., Canada&&&&&
RESWALASINC, &&&&&Restaurant & Waldorf Associates, Inc.&&&&&
RESASININC, &&&&&Restaurant Associates Industries, Inc.&&&&&
RESASININC1, &&&&&Restaurant Associates Industries, Inc.&&&&&
REDEPRAS19, &&&&&Retail Dealers Protective Association (Early Credit Bureau Company) - New York 1922&&&&&
RETAIL-AND-CLOTHING2, &&&&&Retail Stores and Products
S - Z&&&&&
RETAIL-AND-CLOTHING1, &&&&&Retail Stores and Products A - S&&&&&
REMEANDFOSEB, &&&&&Retail, Medical and Foods Search by Price Range&&&&&
REVCOPANDBRA, &&&&&Revere Copper and Brass ( Revere Ware) - Maryland&&&&&
REOILCOFOWOT, &&&&&Revere Oil Company - Fort Worth, Texas 1921&&&&&
REVLONINC, &&&&&Revlon, Inc.&&&&&
REINDE19, &&&&&Revlon, Inc. Specimen Stock Certificate ( Charles Revlon as Chairman of the Board - Delaware 1972&&&&&
REXSTOVBURCO, &&&&&Rex Stove & Burner Company 1896&&&&&
REXTYCOWI19, &&&&&Rex Typewriter Corporation - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 1921&&&&&
REDRANDCHCO, &&&&&Rexall Drug and Chemical Company ( Rexall Drug Stores) &&&&&
REDRANDCHCOD, &&&&&Rexall Drug and Chemical Company - Delaware&&&&&
REXDRUGANDCH, &&&&&Rexall Drug and Chemical Company Stock - Angelic Vignette&&&&&
RECO19, &&&&&Rexor Company (Issued to and signed by Murder Victim, Elisabeth Mannering Congdon ) - 1924&&&&&
GOGE19, &&&&&Rheinische Hypothekenbank Gold Bond (Now Eurohypo AG)- Mannheim, Germany 1929&&&&&
STOFRHISANDP1, &&&&&Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Seaman's Protection papers signed (Early Passport) - 1809&&&&&
RHISBO, &&&&&Rhode Island Bonds&&&&&
AGMAANDMEAR1, &&&&&Rhode Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry signed by Governor - 1851&&&&&
RIALTO, &&&&&Rialto Theatre Corporation (New York Rialto Theatre in Times Square was located at 42nd Street and Broadway) signed by Crawford Livingston and Felix Kahn - 1916&&&&&
RIRU19, &&&&&Riazan-Oeralsk - Russian 1903&&&&&
RICDRYGOODCO, &&&&&Rice - Stix Dry Goods Company 1920's&&&&&
RIOILCO19, &&&&&Rice Oil Company Signed by Con Artist George Graham Rice - Delaware, 1918&&&&&
RICOILCOMSIG, &&&&&Rice Oil Company Signed by Con Artist George Graham Rice - Delaware, 1918&&&&&
RICEOILCOMPANY, &&&&&Rice Oil Company signed by Con Artist George Graham Rice 1917&&&&&
RIMOEN, &&&&&Rich Montgomery Engraving&&&&&
RICSILCOM, &&&&&Rich Silk Company 1930&&&&&
RICTHOMPRODI, &&&&&Richard Thomas Productions, Inc - 1926&&&&&
RICONEWJE18, &&&&&Richards & Company Limited - New Jersey 1892 &&&&&
RIVIINDE, &&&&&Richardson - Vicks, Inc. ( Vicks VapoRub cold remedy) - Delaware&&&&&
RIOILCOOFCAD, &&&&&Richfield Oil Company of California - Delaware&&&&&
RIOILCOOFCA1, &&&&&Richfield Oil Company of California 1928 - Convertible Gold Bond ( ARCO now BP )&&&&&
RIOILCOSP, &&&&&Richfield Oil Corporation Specimen &&&&&
RIOILWASP19, &&&&&Richfield Oil Warrant Specimen - 1937&&&&&
RICWASCOMANR, &&&&&Richmond - Washington Company Annual Report 1952&&&&&
RIANDALRACOF, &&&&&Richmond and Alleghany Railroad Company First Mortgage $1000 Gold Bond printed by American Banknote Company ( Natural Bridge in vignette) - Virginia 1880&&&&&
RIANDALRACOV, &&&&&Richmond and Alleghany Railroad Company 2nd Mortgage $1000 Gold Bond printed by American Banknote Company ( Natural Bridge in vignette) - Virginia 1881&&&&&
RIBAPACO, &&&&&Richmond Battlefield Parks Corporation - Richmond, Virginia - 1927&&&&&
RIBEHOCOVI18, &&&&&Richmond Beach Hotel Company - Staten Island, New York 1881&&&&&
RIBOALINRIVI, &&&&&Richmond Bowling Alleys, Incorporated- Richmond, Virginia 1929&&&&&
RIHOTECOININ, &&&&&Richmond Home Telephone Company, Inc. - Indiana 1947&&&&&
RIIRWOCOVI19, &&&&&Richmond Iron Works Corporation (made The Virginian automobile ) - Virginia 1910&&&&&
RINABA18, &&&&&Richmond National Bank - 1869&&&&&
RIPNALTRCO18, &&&&&Richmond Pneumatic Aluminum Truss Company - New York 1896&&&&&
RIVICOINVI19, &&&&&Richmond Virginian Newspaper Co., Inc. - Virginia 1911&&&&&
NONAME81, &&&&&Richmond Water Company 1886&&&&&
RICWATREALCO, &&&&&Richmond Waterfront Realty Corporation 1935&&&&&
RICCOM, &&&&&Richmond-Washington Company&&&&&
RICCOM19, &&&&&Richmond-Washington Company 1925&&&&&
RIRHCO, &&&&&Rick Rhoden Contract (Los Angeles Dodgers)&&&&&
RITEOILCOINC, &&&&&Rickard Texas Oil Company, Inc (Named after Famous Boxing Promoter and New York Rangers' Founder, George Lewis "Tex" Rickard) - 1920&&&&&
RICMOTCOM191, &&&&&Rickenbacker Motor Car Company (Eddie Rickenbacker) - 1926&&&&&
RIHOCO191, &&&&&Ricker Hotel Company ( Mount Kineo House ) issued to Hiram Riker, founder of Poland Spring - Maine 1926&&&&&
RIDRANDCHCO, &&&&&Rickman Drill and Channeller Company - Colorado 190_&&&&&
RIMICOCO18, &&&&&Rico Mining Company - Colorado 1880&&&&&
RIDCASPRODCO, &&&&&Ridge Cast Products Company 1925 - Ohio&&&&&
RIDMUSPUBCOM, &&&&&Ridgefield Music Publishing Company&&&&&
RIFALACOPE18, &&&&&Ridgway Farm & Land Company - Elk County, Pennsylvania 1856&&&&&
RILACA19, &&&&&Rieber Laboratories - California 1917&&&&&
RIGNATBANWAS, &&&&&Riggs National Bank - Washington D.C. - 1900 - 1920 - Famous Bank Vignette&&&&&
RINABACHWAD1, &&&&&Riggs National Bank Check signed by Treasurer of the United States, James N. Huston - Washington, D.C. 1917&&&&&
RIGNATBAN, &&&&&Riggs National Bank Stock Certificate - Washington DC&&&&&
RINOWTEDE, &&&&&Right Now Technologies - Delaware &&&&&
RIKERHEGEMANCO, &&&&&Riker & Hegeman Co. ( Early Drug Store Company ) - New York&&&&&
RICODE19, &&&&&Riley-Schubert-Grossman Company - Chicago, Illinois Department Store 1914&&&&&
RINBROSBARBA2, &&&&&Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus SCARCE Specimen (Final show was on May 21, 2017) - 1969&&&&&
RIBRBABACOSH, &&&&&Ringling Brothers - Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows (Closed down in 2017) - 1971&&&&&
RIOGRANVALGA1, &&&&&Rio Grande Valley Gas Company&&&&&
RIOGRANVALGA, &&&&&Rio Grande Valley Gas Company of Texas (Southern Union Company )&&&&&
RILACONEWJE1, &&&&&Riovista Land Corporation (Certificate #1) - New Jersey 1922&&&&&
RIOVISTALAND, &&&&&Riovista Land Corporation signed by famous Sugar Baron Manuel Rionda - 1934&&&&&
RIPMUINCA19, &&&&&RIP Music, Inc. - California 1971 signed by Danny Thomas and Larry Gordon&&&&&
RICOINNEWYO1, &&&&&Ripley Company, Inc. - New York 1966&&&&&
RITAIDCOR, &&&&&Rite Aid Corporation&&&&&
RIHOGEMOINBO, &&&&&Rittenhouse Hotel (Famous Philadelphia Hotel) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1930&&&&&
RIOILCOCA19, &&&&&Rival Oil Company - Los Angeles, California 1906 &&&&&
RIVBRANRICMI, &&&&&River Brand Rice Mills, Inc. 1950's (Riviana Foods )&&&&&
RIPACONEWYO1, &&&&&Riverdale Park Company - Maryland 1890&&&&&
RITRCONEWJE1, &&&&&Riverside Traction Company - New Jersey 1909&&&&&
RIVFOODINC, &&&&&Riviana Foods, Inc.&&&&&
RJRNABHOLGRO1, &&&&&RJR Nabisco - Louis V. Gerstner as Chairman&&&&&
RJRNAHOCODE1, &&&&&RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp. - Delaware 1996 ( Uncancelled )&&&&&
RKOPICCOR1, &&&&&RKO Pictures Corporation&&&&&
RMINETINC, &&&&&RMI.NET, Inc. ( Internet Commerce & Communications )&&&&&
RMSTITANICINC, &&&&&RMS Titanic, Inc. - Picture of Sunken Titanic Ship that sank on 15 April 1912 on Certificate&&&&&
RORIOYFICOLI, &&&&&Roach River Oyster Fishery Company Limited - 1913&&&&&
ROADBREAKCOM, &&&&&Road Breaking Company 1897 - England&&&&&
ROHULOCASTJI, &&&&&Road Hustlers Lobby Card Starring Jim Davis, Scott Brady, and Andy Devine - 1968&&&&&
ROEXINDE, &&&&&Roadway Express, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
ROANDALAGFAM, &&&&&Roanoke and Albemarle Agricultural Fair - Murfreesboro, North Carolina - 1886&&&&&
ROANDALAGFAN, &&&&&Roanoke and Albemarle Agriculturale Fair - North Carolina&&&&&
ROAUCOINVI19, &&&&&Roanoke Auditorium Company, Incorporated - Virginia 1919&&&&&
ROMAWO, &&&&&Roanoke Machine Works (Locomotive manufacturer) - Virginia 1882&&&&&
ROANMACWOR, &&&&&Roanoke Machine Works 1888&&&&&
ROANMINCOM, &&&&&Roanoke Mining Company&&&&&
ROROMICOVI18, &&&&&Roanoke Rolling Mill Company - Virginia 1887&&&&&
ROMYINOH, &&&&&Robbins & Myers, Inc. - Ohio &&&&&
ROMYINOH1, &&&&&Robbins & Myers, Inc. - Ohio 1930&&&&&
RODFIMAOFVAA, &&&&&Robert D. Fisher Manual of Valuable and Worthless Securities, Volume 15 - Last Fisher Manual&&&&&
ROLESTSICH18, &&&&&Robert Lewis Stevenson signed check - 1887&&&&&
ROMOCA, &&&&&Robert Mondavi Wine (RARE IPO Specimen Certificate) No Longer Public - California 1993&&&&&
ROPETOCOSCUN, &&&&&Roberts Petroleum Torpedo Company - (Roberts' "Exploding Torpedo" was the birth of modern-day shale fracking) - Civil War Era - 186_&&&&&
ROPETOCO181, &&&&&Roberts Petroleum Torpedo Company - Civil War Era - 1865&&&&&
ROBPETTORCOM, &&&&&Roberts Petroleum Torpedo Company signed 4 times by Co-Founder, Walter B. Roberts - Scarce Uncancelled - (Roberts' "Exploding Torpedo" was the birth of modern-day shale fracking) - 1868&&&&&
ROBINCOR, &&&&&Robeson Industries Corporation&&&&&
ROMIFIMOGOBO, &&&&&Robinson Mills First Mortgage Gold Bond - Maine 1907&&&&&
ROCPROPGENFI, &&&&&Rochdale Property & General Finance Company 1865&&&&&
ROGASANDELCO1, &&&&&Rochester Gas and Electric Corproation - New York&&&&&
ROCWATCOM, &&&&&Rochester Water Company - Tax Free Gold Bond 1888&&&&&
ROISCONEWJE1, &&&&&Rock Island Company - New Jersey 1902&&&&&
PETROSUCO1, &&&&&Rock Slide Insurance from Famous Pet Rock Company&&&&&
ROCEPRINSIBY, &&&&&Rockefeller Center Properties, Inc. -David Rockefeller as Chairman - Delaware 1985&&&&&
ROAISACOTE19, &&&&&Rocket Aircraft Sales Corporation - Fort Worth, Texas 1946&&&&&
ROCKETJET, &&&&&Rocket Jet Engineering Company&&&&&
ROCJETENCOR1, &&&&&Rocket Jet Engineering Corporation - Rocket vignette&&&&&
ROCB1BLANPOS, &&&&&Rockwell B-1B Lancer postcard&&&&&
ROCMANCOM1, &&&&&Rockwell Manufacturing Company - Willard F. Rockwell, Jr as President&&&&&
ROCMANCOM, &&&&&Rockwell Manufacturing Company 1947&&&&&
ROCSPRINANDA, &&&&&Rockwell Spring and Axel Company ( Now Rockwell International )&&&&&
RONACODE, &&&&&Rockwood National Corporation - Delaware&&&&&
ROMOBETECOUT2, &&&&&Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Company - Utah Territory 1883&&&&&
ROMOBETECOUT1, &&&&&Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Company - Utah Territory 1904 &&&&&
ROMOPACONEWY, &&&&&Rocky Mountain Paper Company - New York 1901&&&&&
ROCIN, &&&&&Rocor International&&&&&
RODHUGOMICOD, &&&&&Roderick Dhu Gold Mining Company - Gilpin County. Quartz Hill. Colorado 1903&&&&&
ROGANDCOMFAM, &&&&&Rogers and Company - Famous Silverware Company 1920's&&&&&
ROMOMICOAR19, &&&&&Rogers Round Mountain Mining Company - Arizona 1906&&&&&
ROHININC, &&&&&Rohn Industries, Inc.&&&&&
ROGLGOCLSC, &&&&&Rolling Glen Golf Club - St. Andrews, Scotland &&&&&
ROSTSTARPUIN, &&&&&Rolling Stone Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc. (Rolling Stone Magazine) - Delaware 1977&&&&&
ROLININC, &&&&&Rollins International, Inc (Rollins Truck Leasing)&&&&&
ROROOFAMINDE, &&&&&Rolls Royce of America, Inc. Unique $1000 Gold Bond Specimen Proof - Delaware 1922&&&&&
ROLROYSTOCCE, &&&&&Rolls Royce Stock Certificate&&&&&
ROLLSROYCELTD, &&&&&Rolls-Royce, Limited - ADR Shares 1971&&&&&
ROCACHWEININ, &&&&&Roman Catholic Church Welfare Institutions in Germany Loan (In U.S. Dollars) - 1926&&&&&
ROMMEALCOR, &&&&&Roman Meal Corporation&&&&&
ROMBEEBANK, &&&&&Romanian Bee Bank - Stock Certificate 1922&&&&&
ROMGLASTRANF, &&&&&Romanian Glass Transilvanian Factory 1941&&&&&
ROMWAR1, &&&&&Romanian Government WWII Loan Bond 1941&&&&&
SOCANROMIM, &&&&&Romanian Hotel 1906 - Wonderful Graphics&&&&&
ROMSTAROILCO, &&&&&Romanian Star Oil Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
ROMSTEEL, &&&&&Romanian Steel Industry of Resista&&&&&
ROMANIATELE, &&&&&Romanian Telephone Stock with coupons 1938&&&&&
NICWWIROMARW, &&&&&Romanian WWII Colorful Axis Army War Bond 1940&&&&&
ROCISTRACONE, &&&&&Rome City Street Railway Company - New York&&&&&
ROMCITSTREET, &&&&&Rome City Street Railway Company 1880s - New York - Horse Trolley Vignette&&&&&
ROELLICOGE, &&&&&Rome Electric Light Company - Georgia&&&&&
ROWAANDOGNEW, &&&&&Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburgh Railroad Company - New York 1887&&&&&
ROMWATANDOGR, &&&&&Rome, Watertown, and Ogdensburgh Convertible Railroad Bond - 1874 New York&&&&&
ROMOLAINC, &&&&&Romola, Inc. of Nevada - 1930&&&&&
RONFAPLCO, &&&&&Ron Fairly Topps Player Contract 1977&&&&&
RONARTMETWOR, &&&&&Ronson Art Metal Works, Inc. (Ronson Lighter Company)&&&&&
RONCOR, &&&&&Ronson Corporation (Famous Lighter Company)&&&&&
ROCONEWJE, &&&&&Ronson Corporation (Made cigarette lighters) - New Jersey&&&&&
ROPAGRINDE19, &&&&&Rooney, Pace Group Inc. - Delaware 1985&&&&&
ROOSHOSUNOFC, &&&&&Roosevelt Hospital - University of California, Berkeley&&&&&
ROOSMEMAS1, &&&&&Roosevelt Memorial Association&&&&&
RORAINNEWYO1, &&&&&Roosevelt Raceway, Inc. - New York 1940&&&&&
ROPSHIPANDRE, &&&&&Ropner Shipbuilding and Repairing Company 1923&&&&&
RORERAMCHEMINC, &&&&&Rorer-Amchem, Inc.&&&&&
ROLAANDWACOL, &&&&&Rosamond Land and Water Company - Los Angeles, California 1886&&&&&
ROSIMICONEWY, &&&&&Rosario Silver Mining Company - Arizona. Santa Cruz. Tyndall 1870&&&&&
ROSSTOCCOM18, &&&&&Roscoe Stock Company 189X - Territory of Utah&&&&&
RONIGOMICOCO, &&&&&Rose Nicol Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1918&&&&&
ROINMIDA18, &&&&&Rosebud Indian Mission - Dakota 1888&&&&&
ROCEASNEWJE1, &&&&&Rosedale Cemetery Association - Linden, New Jersey 1906&&&&&
ROSWATCOM, &&&&&Rosedale Water Company 1931 - California&&&&&
ROCOCOCOANEW, &&&&&Rosier Consolidated Copper Company (ABN) Mines at Cape Rosier, Brooksville, Maine - New York 1882&&&&&
ROSGEARANDTO, &&&&&Ross Gear and Tool Company ( Now TRW )&&&&&
ROCORACOVI19, &&&&&Rosslyn Connecting Railroad Company - Virginia 1944&&&&&
ROSCOMALCORS, &&&&&Rossville Commercial Alcohol Corporation (Rossville Union Distillers)&&&&&
ROTSTEAMANDC, &&&&&Rotary Steamboat and Carriage Company 1866 - Kentucky&&&&&
ROELSACODE19, &&&&&Roth Elevator Safety Co. - Delaware 1911&&&&&
ROINDE, &&&&&Roto-Rooter, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
ROTPUBCOMINC, &&&&&Rotogravure Publishing Company, Inc.&&&&&
ROIN19, &&&&&Rotor - Planes, Inc. (It's a Bird, it's a Plane, It's a Scam) - Glen Burnie, Maryland 1939&&&&&
RODEMOCA19, &&&&&Roulette de Monte Carlo - 1924 - We are looking to buy this item&&&&&
ROPUDEGOST19, &&&&&Roumanian Public Debt - Gold Stock - 1913&&&&&
RODICOWEVI19, &&&&&Roxbury Distilling Company - Baltimore, Maryland - 1907&&&&&
ROXAMCOM, &&&&&Roxie Amusement Company 1939&&&&&
ROTHCOSIBYRO, &&&&&Roxy Theatres Corporation hand signed by Samuel L. Rothafel, aka "Roxy" - 1926&&&&&
ROXTHEATCOPS, &&&&&Roxy Theatres Corporation Stock 1930's&&&&&
ROYCSECOLOSA, &&&&&Roy C. Seeley Company - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
ROAECLLO19, &&&&&Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom - Aviator's Certificate - London 1919&&&&&
ROAMININDE19, &&&&&Royal American Industries, Inc. - Delaware 1967&&&&&
ROYARBENCER1, &&&&&Royal Arcanum Benefit Certificate 1892&&&&&
ROYARBRANCRA, &&&&&Royal Arms Brand Crate Labels&&&&&
ROAVCA, &&&&&Royal Aviation, Canada&&&&&
ROBAOFSC19, &&&&&Royal Bank of Scotland - Edinburgh, Scotland 1934&&&&&
ROBAOFSCMA, &&&&&Royal Bank of Scotland - Edinburgh, Scotland 1951&&&&&
ROBAOFSCGRPL1, &&&&&Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc&&&&&
ROBAOFSCGRPL, &&&&&Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc - Great Britain &&&&&
MIPI, &&&&&Royal Canadian Air Force WWII Photograph with 32 Signatures&&&&&
ROCAOILSYDE1, &&&&&Royal Canadian Oil Syndicate - Delaware 1929&&&&&
ROYCROWCOLCH, &&&&&Royal Crown Cola Check (RC Cola)&&&&&
ROCRCOCODE, &&&&&Royal Crown Cola Co. - Delaware &&&&&
ROYDUTPETCOM1, &&&&&Royal Dutch Petroleum Company ( Shell Oil )&&&&&
ROYDUTPETCOM, &&&&&Royal Dutch Petroleum Company Stock&&&&&
ROGOENINON, &&&&&Royal Gold Enterprises Inc. - Ontario, Canada&&&&&
ROINOFAMINCA1, &&&&&Royal Inns of America, Inc. - Calfornia 1970&&&&&
PHILIPSNV, &&&&&Royal Philips Electronics ( PolyGram, Magnavox, GTE Sylvania, Westinghouse ) - Netherlands&&&&&
ROPHELPOMAGT, &&&&&Royal Philips Electronics - Philips N.V. Philips Gloeilampenfabriken Specimen Stock Certificate- Netherlands 1972&&&&&
ROYPIECDYEWO, &&&&&Royal Piece Dye Works, Inc.&&&&&
ROYTYPCOM, &&&&&Royal Typewriter Company&&&&&
RSLCOMLTD, &&&&&RSL Communications, Ltd.&&&&&
RUCOSOCA19, &&&&&Ru-Lyn-Kath Corporation (Broadcaster Harry C. Weaver Company) - South Carolina 1962&&&&&
RUBPOINLAKTA, &&&&&Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe Postcard&&&&&
RUBCITFRUITL, &&&&&Ruby Citrus Fruit Label&&&&&
RUCOCOAR191, &&&&&Ruby Copper Company - Arizona 1912&&&&&
RUHOINWEVI19, &&&&&Ruffner Hotel Incorporated -Charleston, West Virginia 1921&&&&&
RUGPROVPERBE, &&&&&Rugby Provident Permanent Benefit Building Society 1864&&&&&
RUHOCOGE19, &&&&&Ruhr Housing Corporation - Germany 1928&&&&&
RUFARECOMA, &&&&&Rumford Falls Realty Company - Maine 1902&&&&&
RUFASUCOMA, &&&&&Rumford Falls Sulphite Company Gold Bond - Maine 1894&&&&&
RUSTCOLIEN19, &&&&&Rumney Steamship Company, Limited - England 1919&&&&&
RURSERCOM, &&&&&Rural Service Company Patronage Stock 1930's&&&&&
RUSCHANTEWOL, &&&&&Russian (Smieloff) Chain, Anchor & Testing Works Limited - 1911&&&&&
RU4BO19, &&&&&Russian 4% Bond - 1913&&&&&
RUARCERU19, &&&&&Russian Army Certificate - Russia&&&&&
RUSBONAK, &&&&&Russian Bond 1913 - Pre Revolution&&&&&
RUBONOLATH18, &&&&&Russian Bond- Transcaucasion Railway Company - 1882&&&&&
RUCOCE19, &&&&&Russian Commemorative Certificate - Image of Lenin- 1985&&&&&
RUSHILSKYLMT, &&&&&Russian Hill Skyline, Mt. Tamalpais in Background - San Francisco, California&&&&&
RUSORACORU19, &&&&&Russian South-Eastern Railway Company - Russia 1914&&&&&
RUSTCERU19, &&&&&Russian Stock Certificate ( Old Train Vignette) WWII Era - Russia 1940&&&&&
RUTOCORU19, &&&&&Russian Tobacco Company (Pre Revolution Tobacco Trust)- Russia 1915&&&&&
RUBO19RU, &&&&&Russian War Loan (Internal loan for for 100 Rubles at 5%) 1915 &&&&&
RUAUKNMACOPE, &&&&&Ruth Automatic Knitting Machine Co. - Pennsylvania 1903 &&&&&
RUGOMICO18, &&&&&Ruth-Esther Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek Gold Mining District, Colorado - 1895&&&&&
THES, &&&&&Rutland Marble Company 1864 - Civil War Period with IRS Tax Stamp&&&&&
RUTTRUSCOM18, &&&&&Rutland Trust Company 18XX&&&&&
RUTBOAROFTRA, &&&&&Rutland, Vermont Board of Trade - 1889&&&&&
RUTIN, &&&&&Rutley's, Incorporated - Maryland&&&&&
RYHOINPE, &&&&&Ryan Homes, Inc. - Pennsylvania&&&&&
RYDSYSINC, &&&&&Ryder Systems, Inc. (Truck Rental)&&&&&
SEBEMUCICLOF, &&&&&S. E. Benito Mussolini Citizens Club of Boston - Massachusetts 1941&&&&&
SHURAMCOR, &&&&&S. Hurok Amusement Corporation signed by Sol Hurok - 1925&&&&&
STWSASONEWYO, &&&&&S. T. W. Sanford & Sons (Made Dr. Sanford's Liver Invigorator) - New York 1880s&&&&&
SULANDSONIN, &&&&&S. Ulmer and Sons, Incorporated - Ohio&&&&&
SWSTRAUSINCO, &&&&&S. W. Straus Investing Corporation 1930&&&&&
SWWOSONCONEW, &&&&&S. W. Woolsey & Son Company - New York 1900&&&&&
SKRCOMI, &&&&&S.S. Kresge Company (Became K Mart) - Michigan&&&&&
SMOLILOEN19, &&&&&S.T.D. Motors, Limited - London, England 1933&&&&&
SINCHSHASPR, &&&&&S.T.R.A.C., Inc. - Signed twice by Charlie Sheen (Winning) - California 1986&&&&&
SSASONEWYO18, &&&&&S.T.W. Sanford & Sons, (Made Dr. Sanford's Liver Invigorator) signed by Dr. Samuel T. W. Sanford - New York 1882 &&&&&
SASACOPLNEWY, &&&&&Saatchi & Saatchi Company PLC - American Depositary Share&&&&&
SASACOPLCEN, &&&&&Saatchi & Saatchi Company PLC - England &&&&&
SABCOR, &&&&&Sabre - Pinon Corporation 1957 ( Oscar look alike Vignette )&&&&&
SABODR19, &&&&&Sachsischen Bodencreditanstalt Mortgage Bank - Dresden, Germany WWII Era&&&&&
SAPLPUCO18, &&&&&Sackett Plow & Pulverizer Company signed by Orange Judd - New York 1883&&&&&
SAANDBIGASLI, &&&&&Saco and Biddeford Gas Light Company - Maine, 1863&&&&&
SACFAMGOLMIN, &&&&&Sacra Familia Gold Mining Company - SPECIMEN &&&&&
SACVALCOLGOL, &&&&&Sacramento Valley Colony Gold Bond&&&&&
SACOSEWA19, &&&&&Safeco Corporation - Seattle, Washington 1987 &&&&&
SACHCOLIEN19, &&&&&Safety Chemical Company, Limited - England 1911&&&&&
SAFDEVCOR, &&&&&Safety Devices Corporation - Delaware 1931&&&&&
SAFSTORINMAR, &&&&&Safeway Stores, Incorporated - Maryland 1986&&&&&
SAGBROADCOM, &&&&&Saginaw Broadcasting Company&&&&&
SAPUANDPOCOC, &&&&&Saguenay Pulp and Power Company - Canada 1923&&&&&
SARAROCONEWY, &&&&&Saicremoc Rail Road Co. - New York 1886 &&&&&
SATRCODIOFCO, &&&&&Sailing Trolley Company - District of Columbia 1905 &&&&&
SAHEWHFICO18, &&&&&Saint Helena Whale Fishery Company - (Island of Saint Helena) 1837&&&&&
SAPADURACOMI1, &&&&&Saint Paul & Duluth Railroad Company - Minnesota 1884&&&&&
SAPADURACOMI2, &&&&&Saint Paul & Duluth Railroad Company - Trustee Certificate from Jay Cooke & Co. - Minnesota 1878&&&&&
RUSSPEC, &&&&&Saint Petersburg Joint Stock Commercial Bank Specimen&&&&&
SACONEWYO, &&&&&Saks & Company ( 6% Cumulative Preferred Stock) - New York 1922&&&&&
SAANDPHMACO1, &&&&&Salem and Philadelphia Manufacturing Company - New Jersey 1828&&&&&
SAANDPHMACOT, &&&&&Salem and Philadelphia Manufacturing Company - Trenton, New Jersey 1828&&&&&
SAELLIPOCOSA, &&&&&Salem Electric Light & Power Company - Salem, New York 1898&&&&&
SAPHMA18, &&&&&Salem Philadelphia Manufacturing - New Jersey 1829&&&&&
SAPHLTDE, &&&&&Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. - Delaware&&&&&
SAINCSBRDE19, &&&&&Salomon Brothers Fund, Inc. - Maryland 1994 &&&&&
SALMEDGROUP, &&&&&Salon Media Group&&&&&
SALCREEKPROD, &&&&&Salt Creek Producers Association, Incorporated&&&&&
SALAANDUTRAC, &&&&&Salt Lake and Utah Railroad Company - 1914&&&&&
SALAAUSPCOUT, &&&&&Salt Lake Automobile Speedway Company - Utah 1912&&&&&
SALACIBABACL, &&&&&Salt Lake City Base Ball Club (Salt Lake Bees ) -1927&&&&&
SALACIBACO19, &&&&&Salt Lake City Baseball Corporation (Hollywood Stars and Salt Lake City Bees of the PCL) - 1958&&&&&
SALACOCOUT18, &&&&&Salt Lake Coal Company - Utah 1896&&&&&
SALATR, &&&&&Salt Lake Tribune School Champion Speller Certificate - 1931&&&&&
SACOMICODE19, &&&&&Salyer Consolidated Mines Company signed by CM Salyer (Namesake of Salyer, California) - Delaware 1956&&&&&
SAMSNGOINCNO, &&&&&Sam Snead Golf, Inc - Charlotte, North Carolina 1960&&&&&
SAMSNSILE19, &&&&&Sam Snead Handwritten and Signed Letter - 1949&&&&&
SAMSNMOLOINC, &&&&&Sam Snead Motor Lodges, Inc - Charlotte, North Carolina 1960&&&&&
SAREINCA192, &&&&&Sambo's Restaurants, Inc. - California 1983&&&&&
SAMICO18, &&&&&Samson Mining Company - New Jersey 1873&&&&&
SAADBOLABOBE, &&&&&Samuel Adams Boston Lager The Boston Beer Company, Inc. - Specimen&&&&&
SAFRDUEN, &&&&&Samuel Francis DuPont Engraving&&&&&
SAGOSTCECA19, &&&&&Samuel Goldwyn, Inc of California (Motion Picture Studio) - California 1928&&&&&
SAMSTORSPEC, &&&&&Samuel Stores&&&&&
SANANTUVETE1, &&&&&San Antonio Turn Verein - Texas 1926&&&&&
SANBECROILCO, &&&&&San Benito Crude Oil Company - California 1910&&&&&
SANBEWACOCA1, &&&&&San Bernardino Water Company - California 1884&&&&&
SANCAMILINEW, &&&&&San Cayetano Mines, Limited - New York - Mines in Guanajuato, Mexico 1910&&&&&
SANCLEMSAVAN, &&&&&San Clemente Savings and Loan Association 1978&&&&&
SANDIEGLANAN, &&&&&San Diego Land and Town Company 1898 (Sweetwater Dam Builder)&&&&&
SANFROAHEAII2, &&&&&San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines, Inc. - California &&&&&
SANFROAHEAII, &&&&&San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines, Inc. - California 1965&&&&&
SANFRANANDSA, &&&&&San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railway Company - California 1895&&&&&
SANFRANLANAS1, &&&&&San Francisco Land Association 1859 RARE&&&&&
SANFRANOAKBA, &&&&&San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California&&&&&
SANFROILCOWY, &&&&&San Francisco Oil Company - 1902&&&&&
SANFRANPOS, &&&&&San Francisco Postcards&&&&&
SANFRRELOASL, &&&&&San Francisco Remedial Loan Association, Ltd. - California 1953&&&&&
SANFRSEINCA1, &&&&&San Francisco Seals, Inc. Baseball Team (Pre S.F. Giants) - California 1954&&&&&
SANFRSTINCA11, &&&&&San Francisco Stadium, Inc. - California 1935&&&&&
SANIGOILCONE, &&&&&San Ignacio Oil Company- Nevada 1933&&&&&
SANJOLIANDPO1, &&&&&San Joaquin Light and Power - California - 1910&&&&&
SANJOSPACCOM, &&&&&San Jose Pacific Company, Ltd.&&&&&
SANJOSPOS, &&&&&San Jose Postcards&&&&&
SANJOSWATWOR1, &&&&&San Jose Water Works&&&&&
SANJOSWATWOR, &&&&&San Jose Water Works ( Now San Jose Water Company)&&&&&
SANJUANPACRA, &&&&&San Juan Pacific Railway Company 1908 - San Juan Bautista, California&&&&&
SANJUSMRECOC, &&&&&San Juan Smelting & Refining Company - Durango, Colorado 1903&&&&&
SANLORSUGCOM1, &&&&&San Lorenzo Sugar Company 1900 - 1909&&&&&
SANLUMIANDRE, &&&&&San Luis Mining and Reduction Company - East St. Louis, Illinois 1891&&&&&
SANPAMICOME1, &&&&&San Pablo Mining Co. of Mexico - Arizona 1906&&&&&
SANSICOCOAR1, &&&&&San Simon Copper Company - Marquette, Michigan - Arizona 1907&&&&&
SAASINDE19, &&&&&Sanders Associates, Inc. - Delaware 1978&&&&&
SAHOLASVESAC, &&&&&Sands Hotel - Las Vegas Sands Corporation&&&&&
SARENE, &&&&&Sands Regent - Nevada&&&&&
SARENE20, &&&&&Sands Regent - Nevada 2000&&&&&
SAMICOCA19, &&&&&Sandstone Mining Company - California 1900&&&&&
SASORACOOH19, &&&&&Sandusky Southwestern Railway Company - Ohio 1906&&&&&
SAMACODE19, &&&&&Sanitary Manufacturing Corporation - Delaware 1917&&&&&
SANENCOR, &&&&&Sanitation Engineering Corporation 1935&&&&&
SANANAMINCOM, &&&&&Santa Ana Mining Company (Early and Colorful) - Territory of Arizona 1898 - Founders Share - Black Diamond District&&&&&
SAANREENINDE, &&&&&Santa Anita Realty Enterprises, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
VIOFSABAANDV, &&&&&Santa Barbara State Street Photograph Card - California 1875&&&&&
SANCLARCOUNC, &&&&&Santa Clara County Court House - San Jose, California&&&&&
SACLCOFREXCA, &&&&&Santa Clara County Fruit Exchange (Was located in Silicon Valley ) - San Jose, California - 1893&&&&&
SANCLARVALMI, &&&&&Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company - 1870's&&&&&
SANCRUZCOUNN, &&&&&Santa Cruz (California) County National Bank&&&&&
SACRMIANDSMC, &&&&&Santa Cruz Mines and Smelter Company - Arizona 1907&&&&&
SAFEENREINDE, &&&&&Santa Fe Energy Resources, Inc. - Delaware 1990&&&&&
SAFETECOINME, &&&&&Santa Fe Telephone Company, Inc. - Melrose, Florida 1952&&&&&
SANFETRIALTR1, &&&&&Santa Fe Trail Transportation Company 1938&&&&&
SANFETRANCOM, &&&&&Santa Fe Transportation Company&&&&&
SANFERATRATA, &&&&&Santa Fe, Raton, and Des Moines Railroad Company - Territory of New Mexico 1906&&&&&
SAMOBASPCECA, &&&&&Santa Monica Bank Stock Certificate - California 1975&&&&&
SANPAULWALAS, &&&&&Santa Paula Walnut Association - Santa Paula, California 1922&&&&&
SANROSBANSAN, &&&&&Santa Rosa Bank, Santa Rosa, Claifornia Postcard&&&&&
SAROMICODACA, &&&&&Santa Rosalia Mining Company - Arizona - Dateline Calumet, Michigan 1911&&&&&
SANDOMSILMIN, &&&&&Santo Domingo Silver Mining Company - Mexico 1889&&&&&
SAROLEANDPIN, &&&&&Sarah Roosevelt Letters and Picture - New York 1934&&&&&
SARALRAILCOM, &&&&&Saratoga & Almaden Railroad Company 1885 - California&&&&&
SAANDWARACON, &&&&&Saratoga and Washington Rail-Road Company signed by fraudster, Robert Schuyler - New York 1853&&&&&
SASYCOTE19, &&&&&Satellite Systems Corporation ( Early Satellite Vignette) - Texas 1971 &&&&&
SATGATUNOFCA, &&&&&Sather Gate - University of California, Berkeley&&&&&
SAININNE19, &&&&&Satnet International, Inc. - Nevada 1983&&&&&
SAMICONE19, &&&&&Saturn Mining Company - Nevada 1907&&&&&
SACOMIGRMA, &&&&&Saunders Cotton Mills - Grafton, Saundersville, Massachusettes 1872&&&&&
SAARCODE19, &&&&&Savage Arms Corporation ( Famous Fire Arms Company) - Delaware 1951&&&&&
SAMOBRCOVI, &&&&&Savage Mountain Brick Company - Virginia 1890's&&&&&
SAANDATRAGE1, &&&&&Savannah and Atlanta Railway (Scarce) - Georgia 1917&&&&&
SAANDSTRACOG, &&&&&Savannah and Statesboro Railway Company (Signed by Stilson Hutchins, founder and publisher of the Washington Post) - Georgia 1897&&&&&
SAVCOR, &&&&&Savin Corporation&&&&&
SAANDLOCOROV, &&&&&Saving and Loan Company - Roanoke, Virginia 1914&&&&&
SABAOFGRGE18, &&&&&Savings Bank of Griffin - Griffin is the Birthplace of Doc Holliday (Great Picture on Certificate) , Georgia 1895&&&&&
SACONEWYO19, &&&&&Savoy Plaza Corporation - New York 1925 - Famous New York Hotel&&&&&
SACOCO20, &&&&&Savvis Communications Corporation - 2001&&&&&
SBINCVI, &&&&&Sbarro, Inc - Production Vignette of Carmela and Gennaro Sbarro&&&&&
SCAMINCOR, &&&&&Scam Instrument Corporation ( Scam was used in nuclear reactor facilities )&&&&&
SCANDNOAU, &&&&&Scandals and Notorious Autographs&&&&&
SCSYCO19, &&&&&Scanfax Systems Corp.- Delaware 1966&&&&&
SCHOPLCEN, &&&&&Scantronic Holdings PLC - England - 1990&&&&&
SCLOCA, &&&&&Scatterbrain Lobby Card starring Judy Canova, Alan Mowbray, Ruth Donnelly, Eddie Foy, Jr - 1940&&&&&
SCPARECOCA19, &&&&&Scenic Park Realty Co. - Berkeley, California 1906&&&&&
SCLUCOINCPE1, &&&&&Schanley Lumber Co. Inc - Pennsylvania 1946&&&&&
SCLUCOINCPE2, &&&&&Schanley Lumber Co., Inc - Pennsylvania &&&&&
SCGEBOSEB, &&&&&Schatzschein Bond - Austrian Art Deco 1920&&&&&
SCHELVIN, &&&&&Scheid Vineyards in Monterey County, California&&&&&
SCININDE, &&&&&Schenley Industries, Inc. (Famous Whiskey Distiller) - Delaware &&&&&
SCHERCORSTOC, &&&&&Schering - Plough Pharmaceutical Company&&&&&
SCCONEWJE19, &&&&&Schering Corporation - New Jersey ( Now Schering-Plough )&&&&&
SCHICELINC, &&&&&Schick Electric Inc. ( Famous Electric Razor ) - 1969&&&&&
SCKEBOMCOPE1, &&&&&Schimpf and Keim Boiler and Manufacturing Company - Pennsylvania 1889&&&&&
FAMSCHINCHAI, &&&&&SCHINE Chain Theatres Stock 1928 - Famous Surpreme Court Anti Trust Decision&&&&&
SCLISNNEAN, &&&&&Schlumberger Limited (Sclumberger N.V.) - Netherlands Antilles&&&&&
SCHLUMLIM, &&&&&Schlumberger limited - Netherlands Antilles - 1979&&&&&
SCDIOFTOOFWI, &&&&&School District of the Township of Wilkes-Barre - Pennsylvania 1920&&&&&
SCIRCORIM25R, &&&&&Schoolcraft Iron Company (RARE) Imprinted 25ct Revenue Stamp - Munising, Michigan 1868 &&&&&
SCOFMITOHER1, &&&&&Schools of Michigan - To Her 13,000 Fallen Braves during Civil War - Michigan &&&&&
SCHONTIANDOW, &&&&&Schooner "On Time" Tug Boat Services - Boston, Massachusetts 1888&&&&&
SCDERSTBE500, &&&&&Schuldverfchreibung der Stadt Berlin 500 Mark (WWI) - Germany 1919&&&&&
SCDERSTBEGE1, &&&&&Schuldverschreibung der Stadt Berlin (WWI Era) - Germany 1914&&&&&
SCGASFIANDAR, &&&&&Schultz Gas Fixture and Art Metal Co. - Maryland 1897&&&&&
SCHUYTRANCOM, &&&&&Schuykill Transportation Company 1930 - Old Bus Vignette&&&&&
SCMUCOCONEWY, &&&&&Schuylkill Mutual Coal Company - Pennsylvania 1865 &&&&&
SCHUYNAVCOM, &&&&&Schuylkill Navigation Company 1830's&&&&&
SCCODE20, &&&&&Scient Corporation - Delaware 2001&&&&&
SCINCDE20, &&&&&Scient, Inc - Delaware 2001&&&&&
SCAMCODENEWJ, &&&&&Scientific American Compiling Department - New Jersey 1912&&&&&
SCAMNEWYO18, &&&&&Scientific American featuring Edison's Megaphone - New York 1878&&&&&
SCIOTVALANDN, &&&&&Scioto Valley and New England Railroad Company - 1889&&&&&
SCDE, &&&&& - Delaware&&&&&
SCOTTISHINNS, &&&&&Scottish Inns&&&&&
SCMIINCOLIED, &&&&&Scottish Mission Industries Company Limited - Edinburgh, Scotland 1928&&&&&
SCPUASNEWJE1, &&&&&ScoutMasters Publishing Association - New Jersey 1916&&&&&
SCRANAXWOR, &&&&&Scranton Axle Works 1893 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
SCLACUCOPE, &&&&&Scranton Lace Curtain Company - Pennsylvania 1905&&&&&
SCLUPACORPE1, &&&&&Scranton Luna Park Company (RARE) - Pennsylvania 1906&&&&&
SCREAMINC, &&&&&Screamingmedia Inc.&&&&&
SCREENGEMSINC, &&&&&Screen Gems, Inc. ( First Hollywood Studio TV Company )&&&&&
PANAM, &&&&&Scripophily - Pan American World Airways Stock Certificate&&&&&
SCCOID, &&&&&Scripophily Collecting Ideas and Themes&&&&&
SCEDPR, &&&&&Scripophily Education Program&&&&&
SCINNE, &&&&&Scripophily in the News &&&&&
BOOKMARK, &&&&&Scripophily Laminated Bookmarks - New York Central Railroad&&&&&
SEFORITBYST, &&&&&Scripophily Search Engine - Search by Company, Location, Name, etc.&&&&&
SCINGE, &&&&&Scripto, Inc. - ( Scripto Inc., was one the largest makers of writing instruments ) Georgia&&&&&
SCJOANDCOIL1, &&&&&Scully, Jones and Company (Signed by Scully and Jones) - Illinois 1912&&&&&
SEABAIRLINRA, &&&&&Seaboard Air Line Railway Company ( Dillion Read & Co )&&&&&
SEABCOM, &&&&&Seaboard Company&&&&&
SECOCOCOVI18, &&&&&Seaboard Cotton Compress Company - Norfolk, Virginia 1889 &&&&&
SENABANEWYO1, &&&&&Seaboard National Bank (signed by Gaetano Capone, Jr) - New York 1898 &&&&&
SENABAOFLOSA1, &&&&&Seaboard National Bank of Los Angeles - California 1936&&&&&
SEACCANCOM, &&&&&Seacoast Canning Company 1914 - Maine&&&&&
SECONOWBAOFA, &&&&&Seafirst Corporation ( Now Bank of America ) - Seattle, Washington - 1977&&&&&
SEAFCOR, &&&&&Seafirst Corporation (Seafirst Bank) 1976 - Seattle Harbor Vignette&&&&&
SEALFLEETINC, &&&&&Seal Fleet, Inc. (Leap Technology Inc) 1990's&&&&&
SEALHEARONSE, &&&&&Seal Heard on "Seal Rocks" near Cliff House - San Francisco, California&&&&&
SEALROCSANFR, &&&&&Seal Rocks, San Francisco, California Postcard&&&&&
UNSTDEOFCO19, &&&&&Seaman's Certificate from United States Department of Commerce - 1940&&&&&
SESTBACODEMI, &&&&&Seamless Steel Bathtub Company - Detroit, Michigan 1907&&&&&
SEARCHBYNAME, &&&&&Search by Name&&&&&
SEARCHBYPRICE, &&&&&Search By Price&&&&&
SEBYPRRA, &&&&&Search by Price Range&&&&&
SEARCHBYSTATE, &&&&&Search by State&&&&&
SEGOEXCOAR19, &&&&&Searchlight Gold Extraction Co. - Colorado Springs, Colorado and Arizona 1907&&&&&
SEHEMICOTEOF, &&&&&Searchlight Helena Mining Company - Nevada. Clark. Searchlight. Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1908&&&&&
SEMAGOMILIAR, &&&&&Searchlight Mammoth Gold Mines Limited - Territory of Arizona 1908&&&&&
SEARANDNICCO, &&&&&Sears and Nichols Corporation 1927 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
SEARROEBANDC4, &&&&&Sears Roebuck and Company 1931&&&&&
SEROANDCONEW2, &&&&&Sears, Roebuck and Co. - New York 1975&&&&&
SEROANDCONEW3, &&&&&Sears, Roebuck and Co.- New York - $100,000 SPECIMEN BOND&&&&&
SEROANDCONEW, &&&&&Sears, Roebuck and Co.- New York - SPECIMEN BOND&&&&&
SEROANDCOIL, &&&&&Sears, Roebuck and Company - Illinois 1897&&&&&
SEARROEBANDC, &&&&&Sears, Roebuck, and Company Profit Sharing Certificate ps/R.W. Sears&&&&&
SESPBLMACOMA, &&&&&Searsport Spool & Block Manufacturing Company - Maine 1888&&&&&
SELIINCDE19, &&&&&Seatrain Lines, Inc - Delaware 1950&&&&&
SEATLININC, &&&&&Seatrain Lines, Inc.&&&&&
SELIINDE19, &&&&&Seatrain Lines, Inc. ( Issued to E. Roland Harriman) - Delaware 1948 &&&&&
SEATLININC1, &&&&&Seatrain Lines, Inc. - Early Certificates 1948&&&&&
SEATLININC2, &&&&&Seatrain Lines, Inc. 1932&&&&&
SESHLIWA19, &&&&&Seattle -Tacoma Short Line - (Mount Rainier Vignette "One Hour Scenic Route" ) Washington 1910&&&&&
SEATANDRAINV, &&&&&Seattle and Rainier Valley Railway Company Bond 1916 - SCARCE&&&&&
SELASHANDEAR, &&&&&Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Company - 1889 signed by Daniel H. Gilman &&&&&
SEATLIGCOM, &&&&&Seattle Lighting Company - 1920 ( Early Puget Sound Energy Company )&&&&&
SEMIANDDECOS, &&&&&Seattle Mining and Development Co. (Cascade Mountains) - Seattle, Washington 1891&&&&&
SEATRAINBASC, &&&&&Seattle Rainier Baseball Club, Inc signed by Emil Sick - Washington 1939&&&&&
SEATRENANDSO, &&&&&Seattle Renton and Southern Railway Company 1911 - Washington&&&&&
SECTHIRSTREE, &&&&&Second & Third Street Passenger (Horse Drawn) Railway Company 1859&&&&&
SETHSTPARACO, &&&&&Second & Third Street Passenger Railway Company of Philadelphia - Pennsylvania 1904&&&&&
SEAVRACONEWY, &&&&&Second Avenue Railroad Company $1000 Gold Bond signed by the first chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York - New York 1898 &&&&&
SENABANEWYO, &&&&&Second National Bank, Cooperstown, New York 189_&&&&&
OLD18DO, &&&&&Second Social Library (Signed by Judge Benjamin Chadbourne, Edward P. Hayman and Jno. Cushing ) - Berwick , Massachusetts (now Maine) - 1804&&&&&
SECHOLCOM, &&&&&Seconn Holding Company - Connecticut&&&&&
PBSECCREDCAR, &&&&&Secure Credit Card Processing&&&&&
SECINCOMOFST, &&&&&Securities Investment Company of St. Louis ( Early NationsBank Company ) - SIC Vignette&&&&&
SESACODE19, &&&&&Securities Sales Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
SECSHARMANCO, &&&&&Securities Shares Management Corporation&&&&&
SENABAOFLOSA, &&&&&Security - First National Bank of Los Angeles - (Early Security Pacific National Bank now Bank of America)&&&&&
SEBAOFCA, &&&&&Security Bank of California &&&&&
SECBREWCOMOF, &&&&&Security Brewing Company of New Orleans - Louisiana 1900&&&&&
SEGELIINCOOK, &&&&&Security General Life Insurance Company - Oklahoma 1982 &&&&&
SECMANANDCON, &&&&&Security Manufacturing and Contracting Company - Burlington, Wisconsin&&&&&
SEGININC, &&&&&Seggos Industries Inc.&&&&&
SELBASBALATA, &&&&&Selma Base Ball & Athletic Association, Inc 1927&&&&&
SECODE19, &&&&&Selznick Corporation (Signed by movie pioneer Lewis J. Selznick) - Delaware 1921&&&&&
SEMKRAFCOR, &&&&&Seminole Kraft Corporation ( Now Stone Container )&&&&&
SELAINCO19, &&&&&Seminole Land & Investment Company - St. Cloud, Florida 1909&&&&&
SEMLANINCOM, &&&&&Seminole Land & Investment Company 1909 - St. Cloud , Florida&&&&&
SEMICONEWJE1, &&&&&Seminole Mining Company - New Jersey 1902&&&&&
SEMMILCOM, &&&&&Semler Milling Company of Hamilton, Ohio - 1897&&&&&
SEGOMICOCRCR, &&&&&Senator Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek Gold Mining District, Colorado 1896&&&&&
SEMICOMI19, &&&&&Seneca Mining Company - Mohawk, Michigan 1906&&&&&
SERECO19, &&&&&Sentanel Remedies Company - 1917&&&&&
SERECODE19, &&&&&Sentanel Remedies Company - Delaware 1916&&&&&
SENREMCOM, &&&&&Sentanel Remedies Company 1916&&&&&
SEGOMICOCO18, &&&&&Sentinel Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, El Paso County. Colorado 1896 ***SOLD***&&&&&
SEGOMICOCO181, &&&&&Sentinel Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek, El Paso County. Colorado 1898 &&&&&
SENRADCOR, &&&&&Sentinel Radio Corporation (Early Radio Manufacturer) &&&&&
SECOCLCA19, &&&&&Sequoyah Country Club - California 1917&&&&&
SERATARHOUSO, &&&&&Sergeant at Arms House of Representatives, U.S. Blank Check&&&&&
SEMICOVA19, &&&&&Service Mill Company - Bristol, Virginia 1922&&&&&
SERMOTTRUCCO1, &&&&&Service Motor Truck Company 1922 - Wabash, Indiana&&&&&
SEEXASPE19, &&&&&Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition Association - Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
SETOF25WACCA, &&&&&Set of 25 WWII Original WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS (WAC) - WWII Original Postcards&&&&&
SEBREXCA, &&&&&Setter Brand - Exter, California &&&&&
JAMODONEWYO1, &&&&&Settlement Payment to Sherriff - New York 1800 &&&&&
SEVMETMINCOM, &&&&&Seven Metals Mining Company - Colorado 1919&&&&&
SEBOCOMI, &&&&&Seven Up Bottling Company - Missouri &&&&&
SEBOCO, &&&&&Seven Up Bottling Company - Mock Up Specimen Proof 1961&&&&&
SEUPBOCOSTLO, &&&&&Seven Up Bottling Company - St. Louis, Missouri&&&&&
SEVSTSCHOOLM, &&&&&Seventeenth St. School, Modesto, California Postcard&&&&&
SEHOCOCU19, &&&&&Sevilla-Biltmore Hotel Corporation - Havana, Cuba 1922&&&&&
SEXANDSIGILO, &&&&&Sex and the Single Girl Lobby Card Starring Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood - 1964&&&&&
SEXDRUGANDRO, &&&&&Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll Package (Playboy, Viagra and Beatles)&&&&&
SHCOSOCA1, &&&&&Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Company - South Carolina &&&&&
SHAMROCK, &&&&&Shamrock Sunkist Citrus Label&&&&&
SHFIMAINCOLT, &&&&&Shanghai Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.&&&&&
SHANWATCOM, &&&&&Shanghai Waterworks Company 1930's ***SOLD***&&&&&
SHOILCODE1, &&&&&Shanley Oil Company - Delaware &&&&&
SHARINSOUTIN, &&&&&Shares in the South, Inc.&&&&&
SHSADINOCA19, &&&&&Sharon Sanitary District - North Carolina 1952&&&&&
SHARSTEELCOR, &&&&&Sharon Steel Corporation - Pennsylvania&&&&&
SHDOMACHNEWY, &&&&&Sharp & Dohme Manufacturing Chemists (Became Merck Sharp & Dohme) - New York 1898&&&&&
SHIMNEWYO19, &&&&&Sharper Image Corporation - New York 1987&&&&&
SHASCITCALPO, &&&&&Shasta City, California Postcard&&&&&
SHKECOCOAR19, &&&&&Shasta Kennet Copper Co. - Kennett, Shasta County, Callifornia 1907&&&&&
SHASLAKCALPO, &&&&&Shasta Lake, California Postcard&&&&&
SHMAYBLCOCOC, &&&&&Shasta May Blossom Copper Co. Consolidated - Mt. Shasta, California - Incorporated in Arizona - 1905&&&&&
SHAWPOTCOM, &&&&&Shawnee Pottery Company&&&&&
SHCOCOAR, &&&&&Shea Copper Company - Yavapai. Jerome. Arizona 1920&&&&&
SHEASWINBREW, &&&&&Shea's Winnipeg Brewery Limited&&&&&
SHHASTINDE, &&&&&Shearson Hayden Stone Inc. (Became Shearson/American Express) - Delaware&&&&&
SHHASTINDE1, &&&&&Shearson Hayden Stone Inc. (Sandy Weill as Chairman) - Delaware&&&&&
SHHASTINSWEA1, &&&&&Shearson Hayden Stone Inc. - Became Shearson/American Express (Sandy Weill as Chairman) - Delaware 1975&&&&&
SHLEBRHOIN, &&&&&Shearson Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. (Rare Specimen Proof)&&&&&
SHLECMOIN19, &&&&&Shearson Lehman CMO Inc. (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations) - 1987&&&&&
SHLEHUINAMEX, &&&&&Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc. an American Express Company - RARE 10% Note 1989&&&&&
SHLEEXINDE191, &&&&&Shearson Lehman/American Express Inc. - 12 1/2 % Senior Note - Delaware 1984&&&&&
SHLORHINRASP, &&&&&Shearson Loeb Rhoades, Inc. (Sanford I. Weill as Chairman) RARE Specimen -- Delaware 1980&&&&&
SHGOSICOHUCO, &&&&&Sheba Gold & Silver Company - Humboldt County, Nevada 1906&&&&&
SHEFIMCO18, &&&&&Sheffield Improvement Co. 1891&&&&&
SHELBYCOUNTY, &&&&&Shelby County Municipal Revenue Bond - Tennessee&&&&&
SHTOANDRECOC, &&&&&Sheldon Townsite and Realty Company - California 1916&&&&&
SHELL, &&&&&Shell Oil Company&&&&&
SHOILCODE, &&&&&Shell Oil Company 14 1/4% High Interest Rate on Bond from Carter Years - Specimen&&&&&
SHUNOILCODE, &&&&&Shell Union Oil Corporation - Delaware 1941&&&&&
SHBAANDTRCOS, &&&&&Shelton Bank and Trust Company - Shelton, Connecticut 1911&&&&&
SHCONEWJE19, &&&&&Sheraton Corporation (Sheraton Hotels) - New Jersey 1984&&&&&
SHCOOFAMNEWJ, &&&&&Sheraton Corporation of America - 1947&&&&&
SHCOOFAMNEWJ4, &&&&&Sheraton Corporation of America - New Jersey&&&&&
SHCOOFAMNEWJ3, &&&&&Sheraton Corporation of America - New Jersey 1956&&&&&
SHCOOFAMNEWJ1, &&&&&Sheraton Corporation of America with Ernest Henderson as President - New Jersey&&&&&
SHHOCOFIMOSI, &&&&&Sheraton Hotel Corporation First Mortgage Sinking Fund Bond - Delaware 1958&&&&&
SHCOOFAM19, &&&&&Sheraton Hotel Corporation of America (Convertible Debenture) - 1955&&&&&
SHROSYAR19, &&&&&Sheridan-Adams Royalty Syndicate - Arizona 1913&&&&&
SHERLEADCOM, &&&&&Sherman Lead Company signed by Jerome Day as President&&&&&
SHERCOPCOM19, &&&&&Sherwood Copper Company 1919 - Arizona&&&&&
SHIITGOURMUS, &&&&&Shiitake Gourmet Mushrooms Limitable&&&&&
SCMANEWYO18, &&&&&Ship Master's declaration for Schooner signed by Revolutionary War General, Jedediah Huntington - New London 1801&&&&&
SHIPSALCORLI, &&&&&Ship Salvage Corporation Limited 1920&&&&&
SHIPIN, &&&&&Shipping Services and Costs&&&&&
SHIPANDCRUIS, &&&&&Ships, Cruise Lines, Navigation, Turnpikes, Bridges and Canals&&&&&
SHINTE20, &&&&&Shoney's, Inc. - Tennessee 2002&&&&&
SHLIRACOPROF, &&&&&Shore Line Railway Company (Gold Bond) - Province of New Brunswick, Canada 1890&&&&&
SHTECO191, &&&&&Shortwave & Television Corporation (Boston's 2nd TV Station W1WX) - 1932&&&&&
SHTECODE19, &&&&&Shortwave & Television Corporation - Delaware 1931&&&&&
SHOSPOWANDIR, &&&&&Shoshoni Power and Irrigation Company 1912&&&&&
SHOUPVOTMACC, &&&&&Shoup Voting Machine Corporation&&&&&
SHENCOCO20, &&&&&Showstar Entertainment Corporation (Showstar - Colorado 2001&&&&&
SHCOCL19, &&&&&Shreveport Country Club - Louisiana 1952&&&&&
SHADVAINSIBY, &&&&&Shubert Advanced Vaudeville, Inc. ( RARE) signed by Jacob Shubert and Lee Shubert - 1922&&&&&
SHTHCO19, &&&&&Shubert Theatre Corporation - 1930&&&&&
SHUBTHEATCOR1, &&&&&Shubert Theatre Corporation - Lee Shubert as President&&&&&
SHTHCONEWYO1, &&&&&Shubert Theatre Corporation - New York 1924&&&&&
SHTHCONEWYO11, &&&&&Shubert Theatre Corporation signed by Jacob J. Shubert - New York 1927&&&&&
SIPASTBOASOF, &&&&&Sibbald Patent Steam Boiler Association of the United States - Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia 1857&&&&&
SIDFLOWSTANS, &&&&&Sidework Flower Stands - San Francisco, California&&&&&
SIEBPRODMANC, &&&&&Sieber Products Manufacturing Company 1923 - Missouri&&&&&
SIEBFINCOR, &&&&&Siebert Financial Corp. (Short Squeeze Company) - Muriel Siebert as President - First woman to own a seat on NYSE&&&&&
NONAME19, &&&&&Siemens Electric Business Inc- 1901-1913&&&&&
SIERBLANSILM1, &&&&&Sierra Blanca Silver Mining Company Letter 1866&&&&&
SIFLMICONEWM, &&&&&Sierra Florida Mining Company - Territory of New Mexico 1903&&&&&
SIERMADANDAN, &&&&&Sierra Madre and Antelope Valley Toll Road Company 1896 - Early Los Angeles&&&&&
SIERMADDEVCO, &&&&&Sierra Madre Development Company 1908&&&&&
SIMALALUCOCO, &&&&&Sierra Madre Land & Lumber Company - Connecticut 1907 &&&&&
SINEMIDECOAR, &&&&&Sierra Nevada Mines Development Company - Manhattan and Wonder Mining Districts, Nevada - Organized in Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
SIERRAILCOM, &&&&&Sierra Railroad Company - California 1936&&&&&
SIDICOCO18, &&&&&Signal Ditch Company - Denver, Colorado 1889&&&&&
SIOILCOPRAUB, &&&&&Signal Oil Company Program autographed by Jesse Owens ( Most successful athlete at Hitler's 1936 Summer Olympics ) - 1940's&&&&&
SISYNO4CA19, &&&&&Signal Syndicate No. 4 - ( Signal Hill, California ) 1928&&&&&
SISYNO519, &&&&&Signal Syndicate No. 5 - Long Beach ( Signal Hill ) , California 1929&&&&&
SIREINMA19, &&&&&Signature Resorts, Inc. - Maryland 1998&&&&&
LEFRWIWI18, &&&&&Signed Letter from William Winter - 1887 ( American journalist, poet and critic )&&&&&
LETWRITBYBFY, &&&&&Signed Letter Written by B. F. Yoakum -1922&&&&&
LEFRSCSI, &&&&&Signed Note from Edith Sitwell&&&&&
SIAEEN, &&&&&Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation signed by Igor Sikorsky - New York, 1923 RARE - Sold&&&&&
SILION, &&&&&Silcorp Limited - Ontario, Canada ( Now Mac's Convenience Stores )&&&&&
SILGRAPINCSG, &&&&&Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI)&&&&&
SIGRINCA19, &&&&&Silicon Graphics, Inc. - Convertible Debenture - California 1989&&&&&
SISTTEINCA20, &&&&&Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. - California 2001&&&&&
SITRCO, &&&&&Silicon Transistor Corporation&&&&&
SILCOR, &&&&&Siltec Corporation - California ( Salem Electric )&&&&&
SIINPE, &&&&&Siltronics, Inc. - Oakmont, Pennsylvania &&&&&
SILCHIEFMINC, &&&&&Silver Chief Mining Company 1880's&&&&&
SICHMICOHICO, &&&&&Silver Chord Mining Company - Hinsdale County, Colorado 1879&&&&&
SICRMIMIMIST, &&&&&Silver Creek Mining Company - Michigan Mining Stock Certificate - Houghton County, Michigan 1864&&&&&
SIMOMICOUT19, &&&&&Silver Moon Mining Company - Utah 1916&&&&&
SIMOMICOWY18, &&&&&Silver Mountain Mining Company - Wyoming 1878&&&&&
SINUMICONEWY, &&&&&Silver Nugget Mining Company - Globe District, Maricopa County, Arizona Territory - New York 1881 &&&&&
SIPICOMICONE, &&&&&Silver Pick Consolidated Mines Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1911&&&&&
SIINNE20, &&&&&, Inc. (Bankrupt Dot Com) - Nevada 2001&&&&&
SIMCA, &&&&&Simca Automobile Company 1959&&&&&
SIMBEDCOMSTO, &&&&&Simmons Bed Matress Company&&&&&
SIMROLMACCO1, &&&&&Simonds Rolling Machine Co. 1895 - Fitchburg, Massachusetts&&&&&
SIWIANDCACOM, &&&&&Simplex Wire and Cable Company Convertible Debenture - Massachusetts 1966&&&&&
SIMMALOWHEAT, &&&&&Sims Malt - O - Wheat Company 1919 - Minnesota&&&&&
SINJINTECINC, &&&&&Sin Jin Technology, Inc.&&&&&
SILAANDWACOC, &&&&&Sinaloa Land and Water Company - California 1924&&&&&
SINCLAIROIL, &&&&&Sinclair Oil Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
SINOILCOR, &&&&&Sinclair Oil Corporation&&&&&
SIBECOAHOOCC, &&&&&Sinepuxent Beach Company (Atlantic Hotel Builder) - Ocean City, Maryland 1892&&&&&
SINNVNETAN20, &&&&&Singer Sewing Machine Company&&&&&
SICONEWJE19, &&&&&Singer Sewing Machine Company - New Jersey 1968&&&&&
OFOFSINMANCO1, &&&&&Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Company Letter - 1868&&&&&
SIBILOCASTKE, &&&&&Sink the Bismarck! Lobby Card Starring Kenneth More and Dana Wynter - 1960&&&&&
SIAAKUBEIREG, &&&&&Sinner A.G. - Germany 1926&&&&&
SINTELINC, &&&&&SinoAmerican Telecom Inc.&&&&&
SICILACOCIIO, &&&&&Sioux City Land Company - Sioux City, Iowa 1890&&&&&
SICOMICOUT19, &&&&&Sioux Consolidated Mining Co. - Provo, Utah - 1909 &&&&&
SIOUXFALPLOW, &&&&&Sioux Falls Plowshoe Company 1933&&&&&
SIRRODHUGOMI1, &&&&&Sir Roderick Dhu Gold Mining Company signed by George W. Cable & McGinnis Bros. of old Wall Street Bank - New York 1879&&&&&
SIRSATRAD, &&&&&Sirius Satelite Radio Stock Certificate ( Pre Merger with XM) - Car Radio via Satellite - Scripophily&&&&&
SISARADE20, &&&&&Sirius Satellite Radio (Pre XM Merger) - Delaware 2007&&&&&
SIXMRAINDE, &&&&&Sirius XM Radio Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
SISCHAPBANOF1, &&&&&Sisson & Chapman Banking Office Check 1853 - Lyons, New York&&&&&
SISANDCHAPBA, &&&&&Sisson and Chapman Banking Office 1851&&&&&
SIWGOLMINAND, &&&&&Siwash Gold Mining and Leasing Company 1902&&&&&
SIXFLAGSINC, &&&&&Six Flags, Inc. - Famous Theme Park Company (raised white flag and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy )&&&&&
SIXTOTIPUCOM, &&&&&Six Towns' Times Publishing Co. - Maine 1921&&&&&
SIXREGNEWHAM, &&&&&Sixteenth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers' Association 1906&&&&&
SIWARLODRWAR, &&&&&Sixth War Loan Drive War Finance Committee for Ohio - 1944&&&&&
SKOWANDATRAI, &&&&&Skowhegan and Athens Railroad Company 1880's - Maine&&&&&
SKYFRENCORTE, &&&&&SKY French Cordless Telephone Construction Company 1931&&&&&
19SKTEHOWIPH, &&&&&Skyjacking Terrorism Hostage Wire Photos used in the San Francisco Examiner newspaper - 1980s &&&&&
SKGOMILIBRCO, &&&&&Skylark Gold Mines, Limited - British Columbia, Canada - 1901 &&&&&
SKCOCOOR, &&&&&Skylink Communications Corporation - Oregon&&&&&
SKCOINDE, &&&&&Skylynx Communications, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
SLBEELSTRACO, &&&&&Slate Belt Electric Street Railway Company - Nazareth, Pennsylvania 1912&&&&&
18DO18, &&&&&Slave Lease Agreement RARE - 1851&&&&&
SLFACOKA19, &&&&&Sledd Farm Corporation - Lyons, Kansas 1930&&&&&
SLCOCOTE19, &&&&&Slent Computer Corporation - Texas 1969&&&&&
SLIDMINCOM18, &&&&&Slide Mining Company 1893 Ouray, Colorado - Signed by Maryland Governor&&&&&
SLSININDE20, &&&&&SLS International, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
SMMEPO19, &&&&&Smackover Membership Pool - Tarrant, Texas 1923&&&&&
SMITWESFIRCO, &&&&&Smith & Wesson Firearms Company ( Special 150 Year Anniversary Stock Certificate )&&&&&
SMITQUARCOM, &&&&&Smith -Thacher Quarry Company - 1906 signed A. Q. Thacher and Gus F. Smith&&&&&
SMANDWEIN19, &&&&&Smith and Wesson, Inc. (manufacturer of firearms ) $500 Gold Bond - Massachusetts 1923&&&&&
SMBAINDE, &&&&&Smith Barney Inc. (Now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) - Delaware&&&&&
SMBAHAUPCOIN, &&&&&Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Co., Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
SMBRINNEWYO1, &&&&&Smith Brothers, Incorporated (Cough Drops) - Poughkeepsie, New York 1926&&&&&
SMBAEQFU19, &&&&&Smith, Barney Equity Fund 1969&&&&&
SNAPBEVCOR, &&&&&Snapple Beverage Corp.&&&&&
SALATR1, &&&&&Snider Packing Corporation - New York 1932&&&&&
SNVARACOWA19, &&&&&Snohomish Valley Railway Company Stock Certificate - Washington 1907&&&&&
SNOWSHIPINC, &&&&&Snow Shipyards Inc. ( WWII Minesweeper Ship Builder) - Maine 1943&&&&&
SNOWDEL, &&&&&
SNOILCOCA19, &&&&&Snowolene Oil Company - Los Angeles, California 1923&&&&&
SOAPINE, &&&&&Soapine - Kendall Manufacturing Trade Card 1900&&&&&
SOCAGFINDAL, &&&&&Societe Agricole & Finance D' Algerie (Algeria) 1928&&&&&
SOCAGDUSON19, &&&&&Societe Agricole du Song-Ray 1927 Saigon, Viet Nam&&&&&
SOCANLESFRUI, &&&&&Societe Anonyme Les Fruits Coloniaux (Colonial Fruits ) 1930&&&&&
SOCANOTDESMI, &&&&&Societe Anonyme Ottomane des Mines de Balia - Karaidin Turkey 1923&&&&&
SOATDAUGR19, &&&&&Societe Athenienne D' Automobiles - Athens, Greece - 1918&&&&&
SOCCOOPDECON, &&&&&Societe Cooperative De Consommation Des Fonctionnaires Du Government (Vignette of Great Sphinx of Giza) - Eqypt 1910&&&&&
SODECDECL18, &&&&&Societe d Eclairage de Clausenbourg et Extensions (Ordinaire) - Brussels, Belgium 1896&&&&&
SODEPAINDEWI, &&&&&Societe de Participations Industreielles de Winterslag - 1944 Bruxelles&&&&&
SODETRDELAVI, &&&&&Societe de Transport De la Ville de Laval - Quebec, Canada 1995&&&&&
SODESAUSIFR, &&&&&Societe Des Automobiles Simca ( Chrysler logo) - France 1967&&&&&
SOCDESMINDEM, &&&&&Societe des Mines de Malabau 1916&&&&&
SOCDESRIZPAR, &&&&&Societe Des Rizeries Parisiennes 1915&&&&&
FINESOFR19, &&&&&Societe Franacise Financial News - 1910 &&&&&
SOCFRANDESTE, &&&&&Societe Francaise Des Telegraphes and Telephones Sans Fil 1901&&&&&
SOCFRANDESTE1, &&&&&Societe Francaise Des Telegraphes andTelephones Sans Fil 1903&&&&&
SOCFRANRUSDE, &&&&&Societe Franco - Russe DE Produits chimiques & d'explosifs (Franco - Russian Society oF Chemicals & Explosives) 1910&&&&&
SOGEDESCIEC1, &&&&&Societe Generale Des Cinematographes Eclipse - Paris 1907&&&&&
SOLESAFREUNS, &&&&&Societe Les Affreteurs Reunis (United Shippers ) Professionally Framed - 1921&&&&&
SOCLESAFREUN, &&&&&Societe Les Affreteurs Reunis - United Shippers 1919 -1921&&&&&
SOCLYONDECRE, &&&&&Societe Lyonnaise de Credit 1898&&&&&
SOCMETDELOUR, &&&&&Societe Metallurgique de L'Oural-Volga 1896&&&&&
SOCMINETCHIM, &&&&&Societe Miniere et Chimique Alaguir - St. Petersburg, Russia - 1896&&&&&
SOCNATDESCHE, &&&&&Societe Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Francais ( SNCF ) - French Railroad&&&&&
SOCNAVDELOUE, &&&&&Societe Navale De L'Ouest (Navy Society of the West) 1921 - 1923&&&&&
SOCCOR, &&&&&Society Corporation - Ohio ( now KeyCorp )&&&&&
SOCDELIQFIND, &&&&&Society of Fine Liqueurs of Hygienic Wines 1922 - French&&&&&
SOFODUDODECH, &&&&&Société Foncière du Domaine de Cheikh Fadl - Egypt 1938&&&&&
SOFRDUVACLPA, &&&&&Société Française du Vacuum Cleaner - Paris, France 1903&&&&&
SOINDESSCETD, &&&&&Société Industrielle des Schistes et Dérivés - France 1936&&&&&
SOCVACOILCOM, &&&&&Socony - Vacuum Oil Company of Canada Limited&&&&&
SOCBOWOILCOM, &&&&&Socony Bow Oil Company&&&&&
SOOILCOINNEW, &&&&&Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated (Standard Oil Company) - New York 1939&&&&&
SOLSHELINC, &&&&&Solar Shelter, Inc.&&&&&
SOLMINBYPCOR, &&&&&Soledad Mining - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
SOGOMICOCRCR, &&&&&Solitaire Gold Mining Company - Teller. Cripple Creek District, Colorado - 1900&&&&&
SOLOCASTRIMO1, &&&&&Sombrero Lobby Card Starring Ricardo Montalban, Vittorio Gassman, and Yvonne de Carlo - 1953&&&&&
SOLOCASTRIMO, &&&&&Sombrero Lobby Card Starring Ricardo Montalban, Vittorio Gassman, and Yvonne de Carlo - 1953&&&&&
SOLOCASTRIMO2, &&&&&Sombrero Lobby Card Starring Ricardo Montalban, Vittorio Gassman, and Yvonne de Carlo - 1953&&&&&
SOSMANDMICON, &&&&&Somerset Smelting and Mining Company - New Jersey 1847&&&&&
SOCOMIMICOSO, &&&&&Sondra Consolidated Mill & Mining Company - Altar District, State of Sonora, Mexico 1883&&&&&
SOINHOCONEWY, &&&&&Sonesta International Hotels Corporation - New York &&&&&
SOVICA19, &&&&&Sonoma Vineyards - California 1984&&&&&
SOCOMIMICONE, &&&&&Sonora Consolidated Mill & Mining Company - New York 1883&&&&&
SOMIANDDECOC, &&&&&Sonora Mining and Development Company - Waterbury, Connecticut 1902 &&&&&
SONMINANDMIL, &&&&&Sonora Mining and Milling Company - Wallace, Idaho 1921&&&&&
SOPRCOOFAMDA, &&&&&Sonora Products Corporation of America issued on October 29, 1929 Stock Market Crash - Black Tuesday &&&&&
SONCOR, &&&&&Sonotone Corporation&&&&&
SOSTFAINOK19, &&&&&Sooner State Farms, Inc. - Lexington, Oklahoma 1982 &&&&&
SOSTOILCOIND, &&&&&Sooner State Oil Co., Inc. - Delaware 1969&&&&&
SOTPARBERGRO, &&&&&Sotheby Parke Bernet Group - Famous Auction House ( Now Sotheby's )&&&&&
SOHOINMI, &&&&&Sotheby's Holdings, Inc. (auctioneer of fine art, antiques and decorative art) - 1988&&&&&
SOUNONECOR, &&&&&Sound One Corporation / Liberty Livewire Corporation&&&&&
SOUNTECGROUP, &&&&&Soundview Technology Group, Inc.&&&&&
GELETRI, &&&&&South America Land and Cattle Company signed by Famous Boxing Promoter and New York Rangers' Founder, George Lewis "Tex" Rickard - Sold&&&&&
FOAMEXBO18, &&&&&South American Exploring Company - Boston 1853&&&&&
SOUTBOSRAILC, &&&&&South Boston Railroad Company - Massachusettes 1860's&&&&&
SOCABO, &&&&&South Carolina Bonds&&&&&
SOUTCARELGAS1, &&&&&South Carolina Electric & Gas Company&&&&&
SOCARAROCO50, &&&&&South Carolina Rail Road Company - South Carolina 1866&&&&&
SOCARAROCO5B, &&&&&South Carolina Rail Road Company £500 Reconstruction Bond - Charleston, South Carolina 1868&&&&&
SOCARAROCO6B, &&&&&South Carolina Rail Road Company £600 Bond - South Carolina 1866&&&&&
SOCARACO3SOC, &&&&&South Carolina Railroad Company £300 Bond - South Carolina &&&&&
SOCARACO5SOC2, &&&&&South Carolina Railroad Company £500 Bond - South Carolina 1868&&&&&
SOCOCOMICO19, &&&&&South Columbus Consolidated Mining Company - Little Cottonwood Mining District, Utah 1909&&&&&
SOCOCOMICOUT, &&&&&South Columbus Consolidated Mining Company - Utah 1908&&&&&
SODEMICOLISO, &&&&&South Dewey Mining Company, Limited (Lion Vignette) - South Dakota 1903&&&&&
SOFLPICO18, &&&&&South Florida Pineapple Company - 1898&&&&&
SBOMGE, &&&&&South German Bodencreditbank, Munich, Germany - WWII Era&&&&&
SOUTGILCANCO1, &&&&&South Gila Canal Company 1892 - Yuma, Arizona - Gold Bond&&&&&
SOGRCOCONE19, &&&&&South Greenwater Copper Company - Nevada 1907&&&&&
SOJERECONEWJ, &&&&&South Jersey Realty Company (Stone Harbor Developer) - New Jersey 1909&&&&&
SOLAMICOMI19, &&&&&South Lake Mining Company-Michigan-1920&&&&&
SOPAMICONEWY, &&&&&South Pacific Mining Company, New York 1882 - Death Valley &&&&&
SOPORISUCONE, &&&&&South Porto Rico Sugar Company - New Jersey&&&&&
SOUTPORRICSU, &&&&&South Puerto Rico Sugar Company - Old Farm Scene Vignette&&&&&
SOUTSALLANCO1, &&&&&South Salem Land Company 1890 - Salem, Virginia&&&&&
SOUTSALLANCO, &&&&&South Salem Land Company 1890 - Salem, Virginia&&&&&
SOUTHSEA, &&&&&South Sea Company Bubble Note boldly signed by the Earl of Halifax - 1720&&&&&
SOSIELRACOCH, &&&&&South Side Elevated Railroad Company (Chicago "L" ) - Chicago, Illinois &&&&&
SOUTWESRAILR, &&&&&South Western Rail Road Company 1860's - Civil War Era Revenue Stamp&&&&&
SOUTWESRAILR1, &&&&&South Western Rail Road Company 1883&&&&&
SOAITEPAGE, &&&&&Southern Airways, Inc. Term Pass - Georgia&&&&&
SOARMICOAR19, &&&&&Southern Arizona Mining Company - Santa Cruz. Patagonia Arizona 1913&&&&&
SOUTARTEXCOM, &&&&&Southern Art Exhibition Company 18XX&&&&&
SOBELL, &&&&&Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph ( Early Bell South ) - 40 year 3 Percent Debenture $1,000 Bond certificate - 1939&&&&&
SOUTBELTELAN2, &&&&&Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company&&&&&
SOBETEANDTEC, &&&&&Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company - 1947&&&&&
SOBETEANDTEC1, &&&&&Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company - New York 1911 &&&&&
SOUTBELTELAN, &&&&&Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company 1887&&&&&
SOCAEDCOVIOF, &&&&&Southern California Edison Company ( vignette of Edison building) - California 1966&&&&&
SOCAEDCOLI19, &&&&&Southern California Edison Company (Semi Nude Vignette) - Los Angeles, California 1940&&&&&
SOCAEDCOLTCA, &&&&&Southern California Edison Company Ltd. - California 1939&&&&&
SOCAIRST, &&&&&Southern California Iron & Steel&&&&&
SOCARACOCA, &&&&&Southern California Railway Company signed by George C. Magoun - California 1889&&&&&
SOUTCALWATCO, &&&&&Southern California Water Company&&&&&
SOCAWACO19, &&&&&Southern California Water Company - 1948&&&&&
SOCANCOOFBAC, &&&&&Southern Can Company of Baltimore City 1926&&&&&
SOCIUTCODE19, &&&&&Southern Cities Utilities Company Gold Bond - Delaware 1926&&&&&
SOCOCOFL19, &&&&&Southern Colonization Company - Jacksonville, Florida 1910&&&&&
SOEXCOMOAL18, &&&&&Southern Exposition Company - Montgomery, Alabama 1890&&&&&
SOEXCO18, &&&&&Southern Express Company - 1893&&&&&
SOINEXCOIN, &&&&&Southern Indiana Express Company - Indiana&&&&&
SOIRANDSTCON, &&&&&Southern Iron and Steel Company - New York 1909&&&&&
SOUTIRANDSTE, &&&&&Southern Iron and Steel Company 1909 - Gold Bond ( Standard Steel Company )&&&&&
SOITDEFU19, &&&&&Southern Italy Development Fund (Cassa pe' Opere Straordinarie di Pubblico Interesse Nell'Itaia Meridionale) - 1959&&&&&
SOUTKANSTAGL, &&&&&Southern Kansas Stage Line Company&&&&&
SOLAANDAUCON, &&&&&Southern Land and Auction Company signed by President of North Carolina State University - Raleigh, North Carolina 1912 &&&&&
SOMACOFL, &&&&&Southern Mausoleum Corporation - Florida &&&&&
SOMACOFL19, &&&&&Southern Mausoleum Corporation - Tampa, Florida 1931&&&&&
SOMICOVI19, &&&&&Southern Minerals Corporation - Virginia 1915&&&&&
SOUTMINCOM19, &&&&&Southern Mining Company 1907 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
SOMOMAASLTHO, &&&&&Southern Motor Manufacturing Association, Ltd. ( Ranger Automobile ) - Houston, Texas 1920&&&&&
SONEWENTECOC, &&&&&Southern New England Telephone Company (Part of ATT Break up) - Connecticut 1967&&&&&
SONEWENTECOC1, &&&&&Southern New England Telephone Company (Part of ATT Break up)- Connecticut 1983&&&&&
SOOILCOMA19, &&&&&Southern Oil Companies - Massachusetts 1916&&&&&
SOPAGOGADE19, &&&&&Southern Pacific Golden Gate Company (San Francisco Ferry - Pre Bridges) - San Francisco, California 1934&&&&&
SOPAGOGACODE1, &&&&&Southern Pacific Golden Gate Company - San Francisco , California 1942&&&&&
SOUTHERNRR, &&&&&Southern Railway Company - Vignette Slogan "The Southern Serves the South"&&&&&
SORAEQTR19, &&&&&Southern Railway Equiptment Trust $1000 Bond - 1972&&&&&
SOUTSANPAULR, &&&&&Southern San Paulo Railway Company Limited 1928&&&&&
SOUTPRESCOM1, &&&&&Southern Standard Press Company 1881 - St, Louis, Missouri&&&&&
SOSUCOOFNEWY, &&&&&Southern Surety Company of New York (American Banknote Company ) - 1930&&&&&
SOUTTELCOM18, &&&&&Southern Telegraph Company 1882&&&&&
SOUTUNCOM, &&&&&Southern Union Company&&&&&
SOCOGE19, &&&&&Southlands Company - Georgia 1933&&&&&
SOHOCOCLINNE, &&&&&Southward Ho Country Club, Inc. - Bay Shore, New York 1925&&&&&
SOUTDAIRPROD, &&&&&Southwest Dairy Products Company ( Became Foremost Dairies )&&&&&
SOUTOILCOM19, &&&&&Southwest Oil Company 1920 - Wyoming&&&&&
SOBECODE19, &&&&&Southwestern Bell Corporation - Delaware 1993 &&&&&
SOBETECO4, &&&&&Southwestern Bell Telephone Company&&&&&
SOBETECO3, &&&&&Southwestern Bell Telephone Company&&&&&
SOBETECO19AN, &&&&&Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - 1981&&&&&
SOBETECOMI19, &&&&&Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - Missouri 1938&&&&&
SOUTELPOWCOM, &&&&&Southwestern Electric Power Company ( SWEPCO )&&&&&
SOCOIN19, &&&&&Soyolk Company, Inc. - 1930&&&&&
SPACEHABINC, &&&&&Spacehab, Inc - Spacestation Supplier&&&&&
SPCOCOCIOFKA, &&&&&Spaldling's Commercial College, City of Kansas, Missouri - 1890 &&&&&
UNSTOFAMTHPE, &&&&&Spanish American War Bond - United States of America. Three Percent Loan of 1898 - Sold - We want to Buy&&&&&
SPANBEL18, &&&&&Spanish Belle Mining Company 1876 - San Francisco&&&&&
SPGOANDSIMIC, &&&&&Spanish Gold and Silver Mining Company - Big Creek Mining District, Reese River, Lander County, Nevada 1865&&&&&
SPANMAIDCIG, &&&&&Spanish Maid Cigars LABEL - Cigar Box Label&&&&&
OLDDO17, &&&&&Spanish Slave Emancipation Document - 1796 &&&&&
SPCOBOCOSPMI, &&&&&Sparta Coach & Body Company - Sparta, Michigan - 1935&&&&&
SPAMMISYAR19, &&&&&Spear's American Mining Syndicate - Arizona 1903&&&&&
SPGOMICOAR19, &&&&&Spearmint Gold Mining Company - Incorporated in Arizona - Offices in Denver, Colorado 1913&&&&&
SPECORLET18, &&&&&Special Orders Letter 1865 - New Orleans&&&&&
SPECSTUDINCS, &&&&&Special Studies, Inc ( Spectex Industries, Inc)&&&&&
SPTAXSCDISCB, &&&&&Special Tax School District School Bond County of Dade - Florida 1956 &&&&&
SPBAMICOAR18, &&&&&Specie Basis Mining Company - Gold, Silver and Copper Mines in Arizona 1866&&&&&
SPPAGOSIMICO, &&&&&Specie Paying Gold & Silver Mining Company - Pinal County, Arizona - 1880's&&&&&
SPMOSYOFCHCO, &&&&&Specification Motoroil System of Chaffee County, Inc. - Colorado 1931&&&&&
ACCOWHCHCUNE, &&&&&Specimen checks from John H. Holden, Ackerly-Renwick Company Wholesale Cheese and E. L. Jones- Cuba, New York 1910's&&&&&
SPECCER, &&&&&Specimen Stocks, Bonds and Documents&&&&&
TAXSEALS, &&&&&Specimen Tax Seals from South America&&&&&
SPININNEWYO1, &&&&&Spectex Industries, Inc. - New York&&&&&
SPLTNEWJE19, &&&&&Spectrum, Ltd. (Arthur Treacher Service System ) - New Jersey 1967&&&&&
SPPAASIL19, &&&&&Speedway Park Association - Illinois 1915&&&&&
SPELELTIMCOM1, &&&&&Spellier Electric Time Company - Early Electric Clock Company - 1889&&&&&
SPELENGROUPI, &&&&&Spelling Entertainment Group Inc. ( produced popular shows such as Charmed, Beverly Hills, 90210, 7th Heaven, Dynasty and Melrose Place)&&&&&
SPENGRINFL, &&&&&Spelling Entertainment Group Inc. ( produced popular shows such as Charmed, Beverly Hills, 90210, 7th Heaven, Dynasty and Melrose Place)&&&&&
SPHECOPE19, &&&&&Spencer Heater Company - Scranton Pennsylvania 1910&&&&&
SPERCOR2, &&&&&Sperry Corporation - ( Became Unisys ) - Biplane and Battleship vignette 1955&&&&&
SPERRANCORUN, &&&&&Sperry Rand Corporation - UNIVAC Computer maker became Unisys&&&&&
SPICANDSPAN, &&&&&Spic and Span, Inc - Milwaukee, Wisconsin&&&&&
SPLICRUNLUMC, &&&&&Spice Run Lumber Company 1913 - Charleston, West Virginia&&&&&
SPICRUNLUMCO, &&&&&Spice Run Lumber Company 1916 - West Virginia&&&&&
SPINOFDE19, &&&&&Spiegel, Inc. of Delaware (Became Eddie Bauer) - 1976&&&&&
SPIESPETCOML, &&&&&Spies Petroleum Company Limited&&&&&
SPPECOLIEN19, &&&&&Spies Petroleum Company, Limited (Famous Russian Oil Company) - England 1926&&&&&
SPINREMCOM19, &&&&&Spina=ge Remedy Company 1906&&&&&
SPWETUCONEWJ, &&&&&Spiral Weld Tube Company - New Jersey 1890 &&&&&
SPPUAGCO18, &&&&&Spirit Purifying & Aging Company - Connecticut 1886&&&&&
NONAME28, &&&&&Splitdorf - Bethlehem Electrical Company (Made Splitdorf radio-phonographs and was acquired by Thomas Edison in 1928)&&&&&
SPLITELCOMSI, &&&&&Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Company signed by Splitdorf&&&&&
SPOKANDEASTR, &&&&&Spokane and Eastern Trust Company&&&&&
SPGLINNEWYO, &&&&&Sport Glove, Inc.- New York &&&&&
SPSNEMANEWYO, &&&&&Sportalk (Sport News Magazine) signed by Buster Crabbe (Starred as Flash Gordon) - New York 1947&&&&&
SPORTS, &&&&&Sports&&&&&
SPANDENSEBYP, &&&&&Sports and Entertainment Search by Price Range&&&&&
SPAUDE, &&&&&Sports Authority - Delaware &&&&&
SPORTS1, &&&&&Sports Autographs&&&&&
SPORSCIENINC, &&&&&Sports Sciences, Inc.&&&&&
SPLOREMENOHO, &&&&&Sportsmen's Lodge Restaurant Menu - North Hollywood, California - 1940's&&&&&
SPRECSUGCOR, &&&&&Spreckels Sugar Corporation issued to Rudolf Spreckels - 1929&&&&&
SPLAPACOIL19, &&&&&Spring Lake Packet Co. - Pekin, Illinois 1900&&&&&
SPSTMACOCA19, &&&&&Spring Street Market Company - Los Angeles, California 1929&&&&&
SPMOVEPIRARO, &&&&&Springfield, Mount Vernon & Pittsburg Rail Road Company - Ohio 1853 &&&&&
SPRINCORPCSG, &&&&&Sprint Corporation PCS Group&&&&&
SPMOIRMICOMI, &&&&&Spurr Mountain Iron Mining Co. - Michigan 1875&&&&&
SQFAINNEWYO, &&&&&Squadron A Farm Incorporated - New York&&&&&
SQDEMIANDMIC, &&&&&Square Deal Mining and Milling Company - Colorado 1906&&&&&
SQUAWBRAND, &&&&&Squaw Brand Choice Sifted Peas - Indian Woman Image&&&&&
STAUGRURTELC1, &&&&&St. Augusta Rural Telephone Company - Candlestick Telephone Vignette - Minnesota 1921&&&&&
STCARUGOMICO, &&&&&St. Catherine - Rudisil Gold Mines Company - North Carolina 1906&&&&&
STCHCARCO1, &&&&&St. Charles Car Company - Missouri, 1888&&&&&
STCLCOCLIL19, &&&&&St. Clair Country Club - Illinois 1923 &&&&&
JOURPRESCOM1, &&&&&St. Cloud Journal - Press Company 1892 - Minnesota&&&&&
STGEMICOLO18, &&&&&St. Gennys Mining Company - London, England 1835&&&&&
STGERELIPOCA, &&&&&St. George Reef Lighthouse Postcard - California&&&&&
STHELCOPCO, &&&&&St. Helens Copper Co. - Vignette of Mt. St. Helens pre Blow Up&&&&&
STJAIMCONEWY, &&&&&St. James Importing Company (Waw-Waw Sauce) - New York 1910&&&&&
STJALAASMA18, &&&&&St. James Land Associates - Boston, Massachusetts 1876&&&&&
STJOECONMINC1, &&&&&St. Joe Consolidated Mines Corp.&&&&&
STJOTIPRANDP, &&&&&St. John Times Printing and Publishing Company (Limited) - Newfoundland, Canada 1923&&&&&
STLAPOCOOFMA, &&&&&St. Lawrence Power Company of Massena, New York - 1898&&&&&
STLAPOCOOFMA1, &&&&&St. Lawrence Power Company of Massena, New York - 1900&&&&&
STLAWPOWCOMO, &&&&&St. Lawrence Power Company of Massena, New York 1899&&&&&
STLOUISSANFR, &&&&&St. Louis - San Francisco Railway Co Bond 1950's&&&&&
STLOSANFRRAC, &&&&&St. Louis - San Francisco Railway Company - Missouri &&&&&
STSANFRRACO, &&&&&St. Louis - San Francisco Railway Company 1957 - Specimen&&&&&
STLOBRAS, &&&&&St. Louis Brewing Association - Missouri 1889&&&&&
STLOUISBRIDC1, &&&&&St. Louis Bridge Company 1891 - Eads Bridge Vignette&&&&&
AMLEBABACOOF, &&&&&St. Louis Browns Baseball Pass- Missouri 1939&&&&&
STLOCOCO19, &&&&&St. Louis Corset Company - 1900&&&&&
STLOEXANDMUH, &&&&&St. Louis Exposition and Music Hall Association - 1884&&&&&
STLOMIANDTUC, &&&&&St. Louis Mining and Tunnel Company - Gilpin County - Colorado Territory 1872&&&&&
STLOMUBOINCO, &&&&&St. Louis Mutual Bond Investment Company - Missouri 1893&&&&&
STLOUISPUBSE, &&&&&St. Louis Public Service Company&&&&&
STLOUISPUBSE1, &&&&&St. Louis Public Service Company ( Early Bus Transportation ) 1928 - Missouri&&&&&
STLOSORACONE, &&&&&St. Louis Southwestern Railroad Company ( Cotton Belt Route )&&&&&
STLOSORACONE1, &&&&&St. Louis Southwestern Railroad Company (Cotton Belt Route ) &&&&&
STLOUISSOUTR1, &&&&&St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company 1891 signed by Edwin Gould ( Jay Gould's Son )&&&&&
STLOALANDSPR, &&&&&St. Louis, Alton, and Springfield Railroad Company (Liberty with Shield ) - Missouri 1887&&&&&
STLOUISKANCI1, &&&&&St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Railroad Company 1873&&&&&
STLOUISKANCI, &&&&&St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Railway Company 1870's&&&&&
RAPANO24IN18, &&&&&St. Louis, Vandalia and Terre Haute Railroad Payroll No. 24 - Hanson's Quarry 1869 &&&&&
STMARCHURSAN, &&&&&St. Mary's Church, Santa Maria, California Postcard&&&&&
STNICCMIANDM, &&&&&St. Nicholas Consolidated Mill and Mining Company - Ouray, Colorado 1880&&&&&
STPAHOINMI19, &&&&&St. Paul Hockey Inc. (St. Paul Rangers, a New York Rangers affiliate) - Minnesota 1960&&&&&
STROKATEIN18, &&&&&St. Ronan, Kansas Territorial Land Deed, April 22, 1857&&&&&
FRHABRFHACIO, &&&&&Staatsanleihe von 1922 der Freie Hansestadt Bremen Schuldverschreibung(Free Hanseatic City of Bremen) - Germany 1922&&&&&
STADDELAVILD, &&&&&Stade-Velodrome Cyclist and Weightlifter Vignettes - 1927&&&&&
STADDEPARIS, &&&&&Stadium De Paris Olympic Sports Stadium 1934&&&&&
GRCOPACECO18, &&&&&Stafford Card Works -Meriden, Connenticut 1888&&&&&
STAFMEADCOAL, &&&&&Stafford Meadow Coal Iron City Improvement Company 1858&&&&&
STCRATSPCOLI, &&&&&Staffordshire Cricket & Athletic Sports Company Limited - England 1885&&&&&
STFIINCOEN18, &&&&&Staffordshire Fire Insurance Company - England 1871&&&&&
STALCONINC, &&&&&Staley Continental, Inc.&&&&&
STSTRACOCO19, &&&&&Stamford Street Railroad Company - Connecticut 1907&&&&&
STAMUB50WURD, &&&&&Stammaktie uber 50 Wurste der Munchner&&&&&
STCOMA, &&&&&Stampafix Company (Early Postage Stamp Machine ) - Boston, Massachussetts 1912&&&&&
STEXLTC, &&&&&Stampeder Exploration Ltd. (Acquired by Gulf Canada) - Canada &&&&&
STANLEEMEDIN, &&&&&Stan Lee Media, Inc ( Creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men, Captain America, Groot, and more) - 2002&&&&&
STPO, &&&&&Standard & Poors/InterCapital Securities, Inc. Specimen Proof Stock Certificate (Now Morgan Stanley Income Securities, Inc.)&&&&&
STAIRSECOMA1, &&&&&Standard Air Service Corporation - Glen Burnie, Maryland 1945&&&&&
STAIRSECOMA, &&&&&Standard Air Service Corporation - Maryland &&&&&
STANBUTCOM, &&&&&Standard Butterine Company - West Virginia 1901&&&&&
STCACOTEOFWY, &&&&&Standard Cattle Company - Territory of Wyoming 1888&&&&&
STANCONMINCO, &&&&&Standard Consolidated Mines Company 1907&&&&&
STCOCO19, &&&&&Standard Cordage Company (manufacturer of rope and twine) - 1906&&&&&
STDRANDSACOI, &&&&&Standard Drug and Sales Company, Inc. - Delaware 1929&&&&&
STELACCOOFNE, &&&&&Standard Electric Accumulator Company of New Jersey - 1908&&&&&
STGASANDELCO, &&&&&Standard Gas and Electric Company - Delaware 1927 &&&&&
STGOCOAR19, &&&&&Standard Gold Company - Los Angeles, California 1901&&&&&
STHACONEWJE1, &&&&&Standard Harrow Company - New Jersey 1901&&&&&
STMICONEWJE1, &&&&&Standard Milling Company - New Jersey 1901&&&&&
STMIANDMICOS, &&&&&Standard Mines and Milling Company - South Dakota 1902 &&&&&
STMOINCA19, &&&&&Standard Motels, Inc. (Founder of the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas) - California 1971&&&&&
STMOINCA191, &&&&&Standard Motels, Inc. (Owned the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas) - California 1956&&&&&
STANOILCOMBA, &&&&&Standard Oil Company ( Bahamas ) Limited&&&&&
STOILCOIN192, &&&&&Standard Oil Company (9.2% Bond) - Indiana 1976&&&&&
STOILCOBLIBA, &&&&&Standard Oil Company (Bahamas) Limited - Bahamas 1945&&&&&
STANOILCOM18, &&&&&Standard Oil Company (low serial #41) signed by John D Rockefeller (in full as John D Rockefeller vs. J.D. Rockefeller) , Henry M Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick (twice) - Ohio, 1875 SOLD&&&&&
STOILCOINCH, &&&&&Standard Oil Company of Indiana Specimen Check &&&&&
STANOILCOMOF1, &&&&&Standard Oil Company of New York, Inc.&&&&&
STOILTRLSENU, &&&&&Standard Oil Trust (low serial number #163) signed by John. D. Rockefeller, William Rockefeller, Henry M. Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick - 1882 - SOLD&&&&&
STOILTRLSENU32, &&&&&Standard Oil Trust (low serial number #224) issued to W. C. Andrews- Signatures of John. D. Rockefeller, Henry M. Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick 1882&&&&&
STOILTR4SIBY2, &&&&&Standard Oil Trust #416 - Signed by John. D. Rockefeller, Henry Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick in 1882 - SOLD&&&&&
STOILTR4181, &&&&&Standard Oil Trust Stock Certificate #411 signed by John. D. Rockefeller, Henry Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick - 1882 SOLD&&&&&
STANRIBMACCO, &&&&&Standard Ribbon Machine Company 1914 - Arizona&&&&&
STANSILMINCO, &&&&&Standard Silver - Lead Mining Company - Washington State&&&&&
STANSILLEADM, &&&&&Standard Silver Lead Mining Company&&&&&
STSIMICOWA19, &&&&&Standard Silver-Lead Mining Company - Washington 1952&&&&&
STSTWHANDTIA, &&&&&Standard Steel Wheel and Tire Armor Company - Oakland, California 1912&&&&&
STTEPRCOOH19, &&&&&Standard Textile Products Company - Ohio 1932&&&&&
STANWATMETCO, &&&&&Standard Water Meter Company 1881 - New York&&&&&
STPAANDTRINN, &&&&&Standard-Bred Pacers and Trotters Incorporated - New York &&&&&
STANCOR, &&&&&Standard-Pacific Corp. - California&&&&&
STANCONMINAN, &&&&&Stanley Consolidated Mining and Milling Company - Washington&&&&&
STHEDEAUINNO, &&&&&Stanley Health Development Authority (Stanley Total Living Center) - North Carolina 1991&&&&&
STINOFSURASP, &&&&&Staples, Inc. - The Office Superstore - RARE Specimen (No longer issues stock certificates) - 2000&&&&&
STBOCO18, &&&&&Star Bond Company (Installment Bond) - 1890 &&&&&
STBRCOINNEWY, &&&&&Star Broadcasting Co., Inc. (Signed by Maurice Forman )- New York 1945 &&&&&
STARFILCOM19, &&&&&Star Film Company 1917 ( RARE Early Studio Photo Vignette )&&&&&
STLAHOCO19, &&&&&Star Lake Hotel Company - New York 1921&&&&&
STARCOR, &&&&&Starbucks Corporation&&&&&
STARHOTLASVE, &&&&&Stardust Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada 1954&&&&&
STARHOTOFLAS, &&&&&Stardust Hotel of Las Vegas, Nevada -Trustees Participation Certificate 1958&&&&&
STBRGRINDE, &&&&&Starr Broadcasting Group, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
STELSTCONEWJ, &&&&&Starr Electric Storage Company - New Jersey 1882&&&&&
STPICOSACOIN, &&&&&Starr Piano Corporation (Gennett Records ) signed by Harry Gennett - Richmond, Indiana 1925 &&&&&
STINCODE19, &&&&&Starrett Investing Corporation $1000 Gold Bond - Delaware 1930&&&&&
STARCOMGROUP, &&&&&Starstream Communications Group, Inc.&&&&&
STBAANDTRCOC, &&&&&State Bank and Trust Company - Carson City, Nevada 1903&&&&&
STBAATTRONED, &&&&&State Bank at Trenton One Dollar Obsolete Currency - New Jersey 1824&&&&&
STBAOFVARIVI, &&&&&State Bank of Va ., Check - Richmond, Virginia 1875 &&&&&
STBOOFEDBOFL, &&&&&State Board of Education Bond - Florida 1960s-70s&&&&&
MUNICIPALBONDS, &&&&&State Bonds / Municipal Bonds&&&&&
STATCAPSACCA, &&&&&State Capitol - Sacramento, California&&&&&
STATCAPGROUP, &&&&&State Capitol Group and Business District - Sacramento, California&&&&&
STCROILCOAR1, &&&&&State Crude Oil Company - Los Angeles, California - 1900&&&&&
STEDASAUREBO, &&&&&State Education Assistance Authority Revenue Bond - North Carolina 1968&&&&&
STATFAIRASOF, &&&&&State Fair Association of Arkansas 1925&&&&&
STFALOCASTPA, &&&&&State Fair Lobby Card Starring Pat Boone, Ann Margret and Bobby Darin - 1962&&&&&
STATGUARCOR1, &&&&&State Guaranty Corporation&&&&&
STATGUARCOR, &&&&&State Guaranty Corporation&&&&&
STLIGOMICONE, &&&&&State Line Gold Mining Company No. 1 - Esmeralda County, Nevada 1881&&&&&
STLIGOMICONO2, &&&&&State Line Gold Mining Company No. 2 - Gold Mountain District, Esmeralda County, Nevada - 1881&&&&&
STLIGOMICONO, &&&&&State Line Gold Mining Company No.3 - Gold Mountain District, Esmeralda County, Nevada 1881&&&&&
STLIGOMICONO1, &&&&&State Line Gold Mining Company No.4 - Esmeralda County, Nevada - New York 1881&&&&&
STLITECOSODA, &&&&&State Line Telephone Company - South Dakota 1905&&&&&
STOFCAEMREBO, &&&&&State of California Unemployment Relief Bond Act of 1933 ( Issued during Depression) - California 1934&&&&&
STATOFHAWGEN, &&&&&State of Hawaii - General Obligation Refunding Bond of 1985 / Airport System 1984&&&&&
REESGOBOIL19, &&&&&State of Illinois Real Estate Gold Bond - Illinois 1915&&&&&
STOFISBOIS19, &&&&&State of Israel $5000 Bond (Levi Eshkol as Prime Minister ) - Israel 1968 &&&&&
STOFISBO19, &&&&&State of Israel Bond (Menachem Begin as Prime Minister) - 1982&&&&&
STOFISINSABO, &&&&&State of Israel International Savings Bond ( Shimon Peres as prime Minister) - 1983&&&&&
STOFLOBOSIBY, &&&&&State of Louisiana Bond signed by Governor Huey Long - October 1929&&&&&
STOFLO18, &&&&&State of Louisiana Defaulted Reconstruction Bond signed by Impeached Governor Henry Clay Warmoth (Criswell 71A) - 1871&&&&&
FRSTOFLOBO, &&&&&State of Louisiana Reconstruction Bond signed by Impeached Governor Henry Clay Warmoth (Criswell 71A) Framed - 1871&&&&&
STOFMIAGOFCO, &&&&&State of Mississippi Agreement of Coupons ( State Default Bond ) - 1833&&&&&
STOFMI18, &&&&&State of Missouri Note Signed by Governor Silas Woodson - Jefferson, Missouri 1874&&&&&
STATOFMISROA, &&&&&State of Missouri Road Bond signed by Governor - 1930's&&&&&
STOFNEWMENEW, &&&&&State of New Mexico $5000 Severance Tax Bond - Bruce King as Governor - New Mexico 1980&&&&&
STOFNEWYOCAI, &&&&&State of New York - Erie, Oswego and Champlain Canal Improvement - 1917&&&&&
STOFNEWYOBON, &&&&&State of New York Bond (Civil War Bounties) - New York 1866&&&&&
STATOFNEWYOR1, &&&&&State of New York Comptroller's Office - 1861&&&&&
STOFNEWYOCOO1, &&&&&State of New York Comptroller's Office - New York 1867 &&&&&
STOFNEWYOCOO2, &&&&&State of New York Comptroller's Office issued to Rufus H. King - New York 1853&&&&&
STOFNOCA18, &&&&&State of North Carolina Defaulted Reconstruction Bond signed by Impeached Governor, William Woods Holden - 1869&&&&&
WIMCJRSTOFOH, &&&&&State of Ohio appointment signed by future U.S. President William McKinley, Jr. - Ohio 1893&&&&&
STOFOKFUBOSI, &&&&&State of Oklahoma Funding Bond signed by Governor Marland - 1935&&&&&
TREASSTATAPC, &&&&&State of Pennsylvania Appropriation Check - 1858&&&&&
STOFSACA19, &&&&&State of Santa Catharina - United States of Brazil - 1922&&&&&
STOFWEVICORO, &&&&&State of West Virginia Coupon Road Bond - West Virginia 1948&&&&&
STATSTREETBA, &&&&&State Street Bank and Trust Company - Boston, Massachusettes&&&&&
STATSECCOR, &&&&&States Securities Corporation 1916 - 1918&&&&&
STOFLIFOLITR, &&&&&Statue of Liberty Foundation Liberty Trust Specimen Proof's ABNC - 1986&&&&&
STANPACOLTQU, &&&&&Ste. Anne Paper Company, Ltd., - Quebec, Canada &&&&&
STEAMHELCOM, &&&&&Steam Boat Helen Company - 1834&&&&&
STEAMRACONRI, &&&&&Steamboat Races on the River - Sacramento, California&&&&&
STSIMICOHUCO, &&&&&Steamboat Silver Mining Company - Humboldt County, Nevada Territory 1864&&&&&
STEROMETROUM, &&&&&Steaua Romana Etoile Roumaine - Romanian Oil Company 1926&&&&&
STEELCOROFAM, &&&&&Steelcraft Corporation of America - National Safe Company&&&&&
STEINAQGOLGA, &&&&&Steinhart Aquarium, Golden Gate Park Postcard&&&&&
STRACO191, &&&&&Steinite Radio Company - 1929&&&&&
STEINELMOTCA1, &&&&&Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corporation 1921 - Early Electric Car Company&&&&&
STINDE, &&&&&StemCells, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
STERBROSSTOR, &&&&&Sterghi Bros. Stores, Inc.&&&&&
STERALPRODIN, &&&&&Sterling Aluminum Products Inc. ( Now Federal-Mogul Products )&&&&&
STCOELCOPE, &&&&&Sterling Consolidated Electric Company - Pennsylvania 1907&&&&&
STERDEBCOR1, &&&&&Sterling Debenture Corporation (indictment found by the Federal Grand Jury for using the mails to defraud ) - 1907&&&&&
STERDEBCOR, &&&&&Sterling Debenture Corporation 1906 Convertible Certificate for Telepost Company&&&&&
STGUMCONEWYO, &&&&&Sterling Gum Company - New York 1916&&&&&
STERPRECCOR, &&&&&Sterling Precision Corporation&&&&&
STLACONEWYO, &&&&&Steuben Land Company - Buffalo, New York 1896&&&&&
STANDINRAROC, &&&&&Steubenville and Indiana Rail Road Company - Ohio 1853&&&&&
STEVHOMICECR, &&&&&Steve's Homemade Ice Cream, Inc.&&&&&
STCOOFBACIMA, &&&&&Stevenson Company of Baltimore City signed by John Appleton Wilson - Maryland 1898 &&&&&
STEVSELGENMO, &&&&&Stevenson's Self Generating Motor, Inc. 1916&&&&&
STWACOVI, &&&&&Stewart - Warner Corporation ( made speedometers used in the Ford Model T) - Virginia&&&&&
STEWWARCOR, &&&&&Stewart - Warner Corporation - 1920's Vignette&&&&&
STWASPCO19, &&&&&Stewart - Warner Speedometer Corporation - 1915&&&&&
STCOMICOOFBL, &&&&&Stewart Copper Mining Company of Blue Hill - Maine 1882 &&&&&
STEWCURPACIN, &&&&&Stewart Curtis Packers, Inc.&&&&&
STEWMEDCOM, &&&&&Stewart Medicine Company - Camden, New Jersey 1884&&&&&
STEWMINCOM, &&&&&Stewart Mining Company 1916 - Idaho&&&&&
STEWCOR, &&&&&Stewart Warner Corporation&&&&&
STANDPOSPCOM, &&&&&Stickney and Poor Spice Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
STHOCODE191, &&&&&Stirling Homex Corporation - Delaware 1972&&&&&
STHOCODE19, &&&&&Stirling Homex Corporation - Delaware 1973&&&&&
STANDBOEXSAN, &&&&&Stock and Bond Exchange Daily Quote Sheet from San Francisco - 1910&&&&&
TWITTERUPDATES, &&&&&Stock Certificates (Scripophily ) - Twitter / Facebook Updates&&&&&
ARTONSTANDBO, &&&&&Stock Ledger Art - Art on Stocks and Bonds&&&&&
STWEINDEOC29, &&&&&Stock Market Crash Certificate issued on October 29, 1929 Black Tuesday - Stone & Webster, Incorporated&&&&&
STBACLINCA19, &&&&&Stockton Baseball Club, Inc. - California 1946&&&&&
STCAININ, &&&&&Stokely -Van Camp, Inc. - Indiana &&&&&
STCAINNEWJE1, &&&&&Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. (Now ConAgra) - New Jersey 1977&&&&&
STWEIN19, &&&&&Stone & Webster Stock handsigned by CBS Radio Pioneer William S. Paley - Delaware 1929&&&&&
STMOSCRAINCG, &&&&&Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad, Inc - Georgia 1966&&&&&
STONMANMINCO, &&&&&Stony Man Mining Company - Shenandoah National Park - Skyland, Virginia 1858&&&&&
STORBROADCOM, &&&&&Storer Broadcasting Company&&&&&
STORMINCOMOF, &&&&&Stormont Mining Company of Utah - Cherubs and gold coins in vignette - Harrisburg District. Washington Co., Utah 1887&&&&&
STMCPECOVEPE, &&&&&Story & McClintock Petroleum Company - Venango County, Pennsylvania - New York 1864&&&&&
STCOWI19, &&&&&Stoughton Company - Wisconsin 1927&&&&&
STKIBACO18, &&&&&Stourbridge & Kidderminster Banking Company - England 1834&&&&&
STINMA, &&&&&Stowe-Woodward, Inc. - Massachusetts&&&&&
STPCODE19, &&&&&STP Corporation - Delaware 1972&&&&&
STPRACTEAMCH, &&&&&STP NASCAR Racing Team Check - Richard and Kyle Petty on check 1981&&&&&
STCOTECOSTVE, &&&&&Strafford Co-Operative Telephone Company - Strafford, Vermont 1908&&&&&
STPACOMA191, &&&&&Strathmore Paper Company - Massachusetts 1943&&&&&
STPACOMA19, &&&&&Strathmore Paper Company - Massachusetts 1943&&&&&
STPACO19, &&&&&Strathmore Paper Company signed by Horace Moses (Junior Achievement Founder) - Massachusetts 1937&&&&&
ARJSTRAUSPAR1, &&&&&Straus - (Arthur J. Straus) Participations, Inc.&&&&&
STBRCOIN19, &&&&&Straus Brothers Company $1000 Gold Bond - Indiana 1929&&&&&
STSADECOIL19, &&&&&Straus Safe Deposit Co. - Illinois 1934&&&&&
STCOINNEWYO1, &&&&&Strauss - Eckardt Co.( Max Eckardt & Sons - Famous Christmas Ornament Maker) - New York 1941&&&&&
STCLPE19, &&&&&Strawbridge & Clothier - Pennsylvania 1922&&&&&
STIMBO19BECA, &&&&&Street Improvement Bond 1921 - Berkeley, California&&&&&
STKRCOMI19, &&&&&Stromberg, Kraus & Co. Shipping Trunks and Traveling Bags - Missouri 1900&&&&&
STRONGCOINC1, &&&&&Strong & Co., Inc.&&&&&
STROUDBANPEN, &&&&&Stroudsburg Bank Pennsylvania 1868&&&&&
STRUTFURCOM, &&&&&Struthers Furnace Company 1922&&&&&
STRUTOILGASC, &&&&&Struthers Oil & Gas Corp.&&&&&
STMACOCA19, &&&&&Stuart Machine Company - California 1917&&&&&
STUDCOR, &&&&&Studebaker Corporation &&&&&
STCOMI191, &&&&&Studebaker Corporation - Michigan 1965&&&&&
STCOMI19, &&&&&Studebaker Corporation - Michigan 1967 &&&&&
STUCORPB, &&&&&Studebaker Packard Automobile Company (Financial Problems ended production in 1966)&&&&&
STUWORTH, &&&&&Studebaker Worthington , Inc. (Old Studebaker Car Company) &&&&&
SUBTAGUNCO19, &&&&&Sub Target Gun Company - Maine 1904&&&&&
SUBOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Submarine Boat Corporation - New York 1928&&&&&
SUMOCOOFNEWY, &&&&&Submarine Monitor Company of New York (Submarine boat designed for use in placing torpedoes under the bottoms of war vessels) - 1885&&&&&
SUBSIGCOM, &&&&&Submarine Signal Company - Pre Raytheon - Steamer Ship Vignette&&&&&
SUBTELISTOJE, &&&&&Subscription Television 1965 - Issued to and signed by Jerry Lewis&&&&&
SUTEINDE191, &&&&&Subscription Television issued to the Los Angeles Dodgers - Delaware 1967&&&&&
SUTEISTOLOSA, &&&&&Subscription Television Stock Certificate issued to the Los Angeles Dodgers - Delaware 1970 &&&&&
SUTEIN19, &&&&&Subscription Television, Inc. issued to Frank A. Sinatra - 1969&&&&&
SUBAINFL19, &&&&&Suburban Bankshares, Inc. - Florida 1985&&&&&
SUCLHOCOCO19, &&&&&Suburban Club House Corporation - Stamford, Connecticut 1913&&&&&
SUATASVI19, &&&&&Suffolk Athletic Association - Virginia 1919&&&&&
SUANDFAWACO1, &&&&&Suisun and Fairfield Water Company - Solano County, California - 1868&&&&&
SUISCITHOTCO, &&&&&Suisun City Hotel Company 1889 - Solano County, California &&&&&
SUHALACOMA18, &&&&&Sullivan Harbor Land Company - Maine 1891 Bar Harbor Vignette&&&&&
SULCARFORMAN, &&&&&Sulpho - Carbon Foreign Manufacturing Company 1914 - Arizona - Germ killing product&&&&&
SUCOCO18, &&&&&Summit Coal Company - Pennsylvania 1838&&&&&
SUMGROWCOR, &&&&&Summit Growth Corporation - 1960's&&&&&
SUNDISLP19, &&&&&Sun Distributors L.P. 1991&&&&&
FAPO18, &&&&&Sun Fire Office Annual Farming Stock Policy - England 1835&&&&&
SUNMIC, &&&&&Sun Microsystems&&&&&
SUNMIDE19, &&&&&Sun Microsystems (Created the Java programming language - acquired by Oracle) - Delaware 1989&&&&&
SUNOILCONEWJ, &&&&&Sun Oil Company (Now Sunoco ) - New Jersey 1971 &&&&&
SUNOILCOMPANY, &&&&&Sun Oil Company ( Now Sunoco )&&&&&
SUNPUBCOMLIM, &&&&&Sun Publishing Company Limited - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
SUNRECOCA19, &&&&&Sun Realty Co.- California 1930&&&&&
SUNSULOSANCA, &&&&&Sun Suedes - Los Angeles, California 1947&&&&&
SUNCOR1, &&&&&Sunbeam Corporation 1970's - Pre Bankruptcy&&&&&
SUMOPICODE19, &&&&&Sunbeam Motion Picture Corporation - Delaware 1917&&&&&
SUCOROCOMO19, &&&&&Sunburst Consolidated Royalties Company - Montana 1923&&&&&
SUNEGOMICOSO, &&&&&Sunday Nevada Gold Mining Company - South Dakota 1906&&&&&
SUNLAUNCOM, &&&&&Sunlite Laundry Company of St. Louis - 1917&&&&&
SUNSIDWATCOM, &&&&&Sunny Side Water Company 1915 - Los Angeles&&&&&
SUNRAY, &&&&&Sunray Mid Continent Oil Company ( Became Sun Oil Company)- 1955&&&&&
SUNOILCOR, &&&&&Sunray Oil Corporation - ( Became Sun Oil Company ) 1934&&&&&
SUNCRUDOILCO, &&&&&Sunset Crude Oil Company 1900 - Sunset City, California&&&&&
SUNMINDEVCOM, &&&&&Sunset Mining & Development Company Nye, Bullfrog - 1913 - Nevada&&&&&
SUOILCOCA19, &&&&&Sunset Oil Company - California 1936&&&&&
SUNPACOILCOM, &&&&&Sunset Pacific Oil Company 1930&&&&&
SUPAOILCODE1, &&&&&Sunset Pacific Oil Company signed by J.V. Baldwin - Delaware 1929&&&&&
SUNJRSTORINC, &&&&&Sunshine - Jr. Stores, Inc. - Florida&&&&&
SUMICO1, &&&&&Sunshine Mining and Refining Company&&&&&
SUPVALSTORIN, &&&&&Super Valu Stores, Inc. 1978&&&&&
SUMECOANCA, &&&&&Super-Refined Metal Company-Los Angeles, California&&&&&
SUBOMICOWY191, &&&&&Superior - Bonanza Mining Company - Wyoming 1908&&&&&
SUBOMICOWY19, &&&&&Superior Bonanza Mining Company - Wyoming 1908&&&&&
SUPCALFARLAN, &&&&&Superior California Farm Lands Company - 1916&&&&&
SUCAFALACODE, &&&&&Superior California Farm Lands Company - Delaware 1924&&&&&
SUCOCONEWYO11, &&&&&Superior Colliery Company (Coal Mines in Ohio) - New York 1923&&&&&
SUCOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Superior Colliery Company Gold Bond - New York 1912&&&&&
SUSYINNEWYO11, &&&&&Superior Syndicate, Inc. - New York 1928&&&&&
SUSYINNEWYO1, &&&&&Superior Syndicate, Inc. - New York 1935&&&&&
SUINCA19, &&&&&Superscope, Inc. - California 1954&&&&&
SULLCPE19, &&&&&Supplyforce.Com, LLC - Pennsylvania 1999&&&&&
SUCOJU, &&&&&Supreme Court Justices photograph signed by Warren E. Burger&&&&&
SULETURORE18, &&&&&Susquehanna & Lehigh Turnpike Road Stock Payment Receipt signed by Levi Hollingsworth - 1804 &&&&&
RISUBR18, &&&&&Susquehanna Bridge Company signed by Jonas Preston - 1813&&&&&
SUPUUTCODE192, &&&&&Susquehanna Public Utilities Company - Delaware 1931&&&&&
SUPUUTCODE191, &&&&&Susquehanna Public Utilities Company - Delaware 1930&&&&&
SUPUUTCODE19, &&&&&Susquehanna Public Utilities Company - Delaware 1932&&&&&
SUPUUTCO19, &&&&&Susquehanna Public Utilities Company 1931&&&&&
SUSTLUANDLAM, &&&&&Susquehanna Steam Lumber and Lath Mills and Lumber Drying Company - Havre de Grace, Maryland 1877&&&&&
SUFANDLEHTUR, &&&&&Susquehannah and Lehigh Turnpike Road 1819&&&&&
SUPACONEWYO1, &&&&&Sutherland Paper Company - New York 1936&&&&&
SUBACOCA, &&&&&Sutter Basin Company (Named after John Sutter of Sutter's Mill Fame) - California&&&&&
SUBACOCA19, &&&&&Sutter Basin Company (Named after John Sutter of Sutter's Mill Fame) - California 1916&&&&&
SUBACOSIXPER, &&&&&Sutter Basin Corporation Six Per Cent Income Bond (Named after John Sutter of Sutter's Mill Fame) - Delaware 1928 &&&&&
SUBULACOCA19, &&&&&Sutter Buttes Land Company - California 1935 ***SOLD***&&&&&
NONAME73, &&&&&Sutter's Fort St. Francis Church in Background - Sacramento, California&&&&&
SUMICOBOMA18, &&&&&Sutton Mining Company - Township of Sutton, county of Brome, district of Bedford in the Province of Canada - 1864&&&&&
SWANKINC, &&&&&Swank, Inc.&&&&&
SWCOSWPE, &&&&&Swarthmore College - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania - 1894&&&&&
SWMIANDMICON, &&&&&Swastika Mining and Milling Company - Nevada 1909&&&&&
SWEETEX, &&&&&Sweetex Vegetable Label - Cowgirl&&&&&
SWCYCO18, &&&&&Sweeting Cycle Company - New Jersey 1891&&&&&
SWINDE19, &&&&&Swensen's, Inc. - Delaware 1984 ( Ice Cream Store )&&&&&
SWMFCOCO19, &&&&&Swift-Waters Mfg. Co. - Berlin, Connecticut 1910&&&&&
SWININDE19, &&&&&Swingers International, Inc. - Delaware 1971&&&&&
SWAIRAIPASW1, &&&&&Swiss Air Airline Pass signed by Armin Baltensweiler as President - Switzerland 1975&&&&&
SWANDDRLOCA1, &&&&&Sword and the Dragon Lobby Card - 1960&&&&&
SYPLMICONEWY, &&&&&Sykes Placer Mining Company - New York 1880 &&&&&
SYGRRAFLILO1, &&&&&Symphony Gramophone & Radio (Foreign) Limited. - London 1929&&&&&
SYGRRACOLIEN, &&&&&Symphony Gramophone & Radio Company Limited - England 1928&&&&&
SYGRRACOLI19, &&&&&Symphony Gramophone & Radio Company Limited - England 1929&&&&&
SYEARAGOBONE, &&&&&Syracuse & Eastern Railroad (Gold Bond) - New York 1923&&&&&
SYCHNEWYO, &&&&&Syracuse Chiefs Baseball Club - New York 1967&&&&&
SYRREALCOM1, &&&&&Syracuse Realty Company 1912 - 1921&&&&&
SYRHOLCOR, &&&&&Syria Holding Corporation - Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm&&&&&
SYSCALIFORNIA, &&&&&SYS - California &&&&&
TGOMICOCO18, &&&&&T-Bone Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek , Colorado 1899&&&&&
TOLUMCOM, &&&&&T. & O. Lumber Company signed by H. D. Applegate of Applegate, Texas 1906&&&&&
TEACOLION19, &&&&&T. Eaton Company Limited - Ontario 1999 ( Now Sears Canada )&&&&&
TMININC, &&&&&T. M. Industries, Inc.&&&&&
TCCINC1985, &&&&&T.C.C., Inc. - New York 1985&&&&&
TAINNBOCO19, &&&&&Tabard Inn Book Company - 1913&&&&&
TAANDCHTRAND, &&&&&Tabasco and Chiapas Trading and Transportation Company ( Steamship Company) - New Jersey 1906&&&&&
TAKIINDE, &&&&&Taco King, Inc. - Delaware 1969&&&&&
TACANDCHELMI1, &&&&&Tacoma and Chelan Mining & Milling Company 1903 - Tacoma, Washington&&&&&
TABRCODE19, &&&&&Taft Broadcasting Company - Delaware 1959&&&&&
TAGHEINSALU1, &&&&&Tag Heuer International SA - Luxembourg 1997&&&&&
TAKPARICEAND, &&&&&Takoma Park Ice and Ice Cream Company Bond, Washington D.C. 1928&&&&&
TACONEWYO191, &&&&&Talk Company (Talk - A Magazine of Society Gossip, Art and Literature) - New York 1903&&&&&
TACONEWYO19, &&&&&Talk Company - New York 1903&&&&&
RATALIIN19, &&&&&Talkies Theatre Company - Jaipur , India 1946 &&&&&
TABOCODE19, &&&&&Talking Book Corporation - Delaware 1919&&&&&
TALCLOCMANCO, &&&&&Talking Clock Manufacturing Co. - Missouri&&&&&
TAININDE, &&&&&Talley Industries, Inc. (Now Talley Defense Systems) - Delaware 1971&&&&&
TALINPEN, &&&&&Talon, Inc. - Pennsylvania&&&&&
TAMOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Tam O'Shanter Mining and Milling Company - Pitkin County, Colorado. Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
TAELININDE19, &&&&&Tamar Electronics Industries, Inc. - Delaware 1968 &&&&&
TAMANDCHESMI, &&&&&Tamarack and Chesapeak Mining Company&&&&&
TAMSHIPENCOM, &&&&&Tampa Shipbuilding & Engineering Company 1919&&&&&
TACOINDE19, &&&&&Tandem Computers Incorporated - Delaware 1987&&&&&
TABRINDE19, &&&&&Tandy Brands, Inc. - Delaware 1983&&&&&
TANOLRUBPLAN, &&&&&Tanjong Olak Rubber Plantation, Limited 1925 - Territory of Hawaii&&&&&
TAINDE20, &&&&&TargitInteractive, Inc. - Delaware 2002&&&&&
TAPELOCASTLE, &&&&&Tarzan's Peril Lobby Card Starring Lex Barker and Virginia Huston - 1951&&&&&
TASGOLLTD, &&&&&Tashota Goldfields, Ltd.&&&&&
TAFRININDE, &&&&&Tastee Freez Industries, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
TAOFCHLICH18, &&&&&Tattersall's (of Chicago) Limited (auctioneer of race horses ) - Chicago 1891&&&&&
TAUNBRANRAIL, &&&&&Taunton Branch Rail Road Corporation - Massachusetts 1836&&&&&
TAGOMICOAR19, &&&&&Taviche Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1905 &&&&&
TAXCOOFAMMA1, &&&&&Tax Corporation of America - Maryland 1978&&&&&
TAYWHARIRAND, &&&&&Taylor - Wharton Iron and Steel Company&&&&&
TAENINNE19, &&&&&Taylor Engines, Inc. - Reno, Nevada 1960&&&&&
TAPLMIANDMIC, &&&&&Taylor Plumas Mill and Mining Company - Plumas County, California 1886&&&&&
TAWICOINNEWY, &&&&&Taylor Wine Company, Inc. - New York &&&&&
TAWICOINNEWY1, &&&&&Taylor Wine Company, Inc. - New York &&&&&
TAIRANDSTCON, &&&&&Taylor-Wharton Iron and Steel Company - New Jersey&&&&&
TECCOR, &&&&&Technicon Corporation - Lab Equipment - Acquired by Revlon&&&&&
TECBUILCOROF, &&&&&Technology Building Corporation of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Alumni 1927 ( MIT ) - Massachusettes&&&&&
TECCONMINCOM, &&&&&Tecopa Consolidated Mining Company - Tecopa, Inyo. Death Valley , California - 1925&&&&&
TEELEECOMTEL, &&&&&Tee - Lee - Comm (Telecom) - Spoof Certificate from Germany - Thomas Edison Picture&&&&&
JAPANESEBOND21, &&&&&Teikoku Beverage Company - Japan 1920&&&&&
TEJRANCOM, &&&&&Tejon Ranch Company - California&&&&&
TEPRINIL19, &&&&&Tele-Tape Productions, Inc. - Illinois 1968&&&&&
TEIN19, &&&&&Telecast, Inc. - 1987&&&&&
TELECASTINC, &&&&&Telecast, Inc. - Michigan 1987&&&&&
TECO191, &&&&&Telegraphone Corporation - 1906&&&&&
TEGRINDE19, &&&&&Telemundo Group, Inc. - Delaware 1988&&&&&
TEBOANDSHCO, &&&&&Telephone Bond and Share Company&&&&&
TEBOANDSHCOD, &&&&&Telephone Bond and Share Company (Became Continental Telephone) - Delaware&&&&&
TELEMINCOM, &&&&&Telephone Employee Insurance Company - 1960's&&&&&
TERELI19, &&&&&Telephone Rentals Limited - 1968 UK&&&&&
TELRENLIM, &&&&&Telephone Rentals Limited 1947&&&&&
NONAME86, &&&&&Telephone, Telegraph, Broadband&&&&&
TELCOM, &&&&&Telepost Company 1908 -1912 - Early 20th Century Hi-Tech messaging service&&&&&
TELCOM19, &&&&&Telepost Company 1911&&&&&
TELCOM1, &&&&&Telepost Company 1920 - Signed by H. Lee Sellers&&&&&
TECONEWYO2, &&&&&Teleprompter Corporation (Russell Karp as President) - New York &&&&&
TECONEWYO, &&&&&TelePrompTer Corporation - New York &&&&&
TECOCODE19, &&&&&Teletext Communications Corp. - Delaware 1976 - Issued to William R. Hewlett (cofounder of Hewlett Packard)&&&&&
TELININCSTOC, &&&&&Television Industries, Inc Stock Certificate&&&&&
TEMACOOFAMIN, &&&&&Television Manufacturing Company of America, Inc. signed by A. Pollak - 1932&&&&&
TELCOR1, &&&&&Telex Corporation (Pre Fax Machine) - 1971&&&&&
TECIAGMACO, &&&&&Tell City Agricultural Machine Company - 1866&&&&&
TEMICOAR19, &&&&&Teller Mining Company - Pinal. Sawtooth. Territory of Arizona - 1902&&&&&
TEMICOOFBAMA, &&&&&Temascaltepec Mining Company of Baltimore - Maryland 1827&&&&&
TEMMOTCOM, &&&&&Templar Motors Company - Cleveland, Ohio 1920&&&&&
TEMMOTCOR, &&&&&Templar Motors Corporation - 1920&&&&&
TEMOFCHILATP, &&&&&Temple of Childhood at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition&&&&&
TENLALACOOFN, &&&&&Ten Lakes Land Company - Territory of New Mexico 1912&&&&&
ONEHUTRDOBAR, &&&&&Ten Trillion Dollars Banknote (Really) from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Uncirculated) - Zimbabwe 2008&&&&&
TECOMICOLACO, &&&&&Tenderfoot Consolidated Mining Company - Lake County, Colorado 1880&&&&&
TECO19, &&&&&Tenneco Corporation ( Became Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company )&&&&&
TENNESSEEBONDS, &&&&&Tennessee Bonds&&&&&
TENCOALIRAND3, &&&&&Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1898 signed by George W. Ely, New York Stock Exchange Secretary&&&&&
TENCOALIRAND2, &&&&&Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1899 signed by J. Malcolm Forbes&&&&&
TENCOALIRAND1, &&&&&Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1901 - One of the 12 Companies in the Original Dow Industrial Average&&&&&
TENCOALIRAND4, &&&&&Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company 1901 issued to Julius S. Bache &Co. &&&&&
TENHOUSDEVAG, &&&&&Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA)&&&&&
TENVALAUT, &&&&&Tennessee Valley Authority&&&&&
TELAINCDE, &&&&&Tennis Lady, Inc - Delaware &&&&&
TEWRLETORITO, &&&&&Teresa Wright letter to Riggio Tobacco Corp. - New York 1943&&&&&
TEOFMOTEWAMO, &&&&&Territorial Warrant - Lewis and Clarke County, Helena, Montana Territory - 1886 &&&&&
TESCOR, &&&&&Test Corporation&&&&&
YST-TEST-FILTER, &&&&&Test Filter Page&&&&&
TEXFLOURMILC, &&&&&Tex-O-Kan Flour Mills Company ( Burris Mills )&&&&&
TECAINDE, &&&&&Texaco Capital, Inc. (Pre Chevron Corporation Merger) - Delaware 1989&&&&&
TEXACO, &&&&&Texaco Oil Company ( Now ChevronTexaco )&&&&&
TEOPELTDE19, &&&&&Texaco Operations (Europe) Ltd. - Delaware 1968 &&&&&
TEINSPSTCEPR, &&&&&Texaco, Inc. Specimen Stock Certificate ( Pre Chevron Merger ) - 1967&&&&&
TEXOILCOR, &&&&&Texam Oil Corporation&&&&&
TEXLOUISPOWC, &&&&&Texas - Louisiana Power Company 1931&&&&&
TEXASBONDS, &&&&&Texas Bonds&&&&&
TECOCH, &&&&&Texas Company (Texaco) Specimen Check&&&&&
TECOOILCOCA1, &&&&&Texas Consolidated Oil Company - California 1940&&&&&
TECODE, &&&&&Texas Corporation ( Changed name to Texaco ) - Delaware&&&&&
TECODE19, &&&&&Texas Corporation ( Changed name to Texaco ) - Delaware 1940 &&&&&
TEFUDE, &&&&&Texas Fund Inc (Now John Hancock Large Cap Equity Fund) - Delaware &&&&&
TEXININ, &&&&&Texas Instruments Incorporated&&&&&
TEININ, &&&&&Texas Instruments Incorporated ( Pat Haggerty as Chairman ) 1972&&&&&
TEININDE1, &&&&&Texas Instruments Incorporated ( Pat Haggerty as President) - 1966&&&&&
TEININDE, &&&&&Texas Instruments Incorporated - Delaware &&&&&
TEMOCARAS19, &&&&&Texas Motor Car Association - 1918&&&&&
TEOILPRCO19, &&&&&Texas Oil Products Company - 1922&&&&&
TEOLOILCOCA1, &&&&&Texas Olympic Oil Company - Breckenridge, Texas - California, 1921&&&&&
TEUNOILCOCA1, &&&&&Texas Union Oil Co. - California, 1920&&&&&
TEWOFAEXASFO, &&&&&Texas World's Fair Exhibit Association - Fort Worth, Texas 1891&&&&&
TESAVARAANDN, &&&&&Texas, Sabine Valley Railway and Northwestern Railway Company - 1888&&&&&
TEINDE191, &&&&&Textron Inc. - Delaware 1983&&&&&
TFFONEINDE20, &&&&&TFN, The Football Network, Inc. - Delaware 2002&&&&&
THCOCOINCA, &&&&&Thanksgiving Coffee Company, Inc. - California&&&&&
THANGREETPOS, &&&&&Thanksgiving Greetings Postcard&&&&&
TRIYOWRLOCAS, &&&&&That's Right You're Wrong Lobby Card Starring Kay Kyser and Adolphe Menjou&&&&&
BLMAXLOCASTG1, &&&&&The Blue Max Lobby Card Starring George Peppard, James Mason, and Ursula Andress - 1966&&&&&
BOINNEWYO19, &&&&&The Bostonians, Incorporated (Traveling Opera Group) signed by Henry Clay Barnabee - New York 1903&&&&&
BUKESTLOCAST1, &&&&&The Buster Keaton Story Lobby Card Starring Donald O'Conner and Ann Blyth - 1957&&&&&
BUKESTLOCAST, &&&&&The Buster Keaton Story Lobby Card Starring Donald O'Conner and Ann Blyth - 1957&&&&&
CAMUNOFCALBE, &&&&&The Campanile - University of California, Berkeley&&&&&
CALOCASTRORE, &&&&&The Candidate Lobby Card Starring Robert Redford - 1972&&&&&
CITHALCIVCEN, &&&&&The City Hall, Civic Center, San Francisco&&&&&
CISTCA, &&&&&The City Store - San Jose, California 1902&&&&&
COCLUT19, &&&&&The Country Club - Salt Lake City, Utah 1920&&&&&
ENBELOCASTRO1, &&&&&The Enemy Below Lobby Card Starring Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens - 1957&&&&&
FAWOOFJUVELO, &&&&&The Fabulous World of Jules Verne Lobby Card - 1961&&&&&
GAPINCDELAWARE, &&&&&The Gap, Inc. (Retail Clothing Store) - Delaware&&&&&
GLWEBLOCASTE, &&&&&The Glass Web in 3-D Lobby Card starring Edward G. Robinson and John Forsythe - 1953&&&&&
HATHFALOCAST, &&&&&The Harder They Fall Lobby Card Starring Humphrey Bogart - 1956&&&&&
NONAME54, &&&&&The Hawker Fury&&&&&
HIPACOCO18, &&&&&The Highland Park Company - Became know as The Highlands - Colorado, 1895&&&&&
JAC5AUTPIC, &&&&&The Jackson 5 Rare Group Signed Photo&&&&&
JODICRCONEWJ, &&&&&The Joseph Dixon Crucible Company (Lillie Rockefeller Folson - Jones) - New Jersey 1942 &&&&&
LEBRMA19, &&&&&The Lehman Corporation - Maryland 1989&&&&&
LEDRKIDLOCAS, &&&&&The Lemon Drop Kid Lobby Card Starring Bob Hope - 1951&&&&&
LIGILOCASTAN, &&&&&The Little Giants Lobby Card Starring Angel Macias - 1961&&&&&
MAKILOCASTJU, &&&&&The Marrying Kind Lobby Card Starring Judy Holliday, Aldo Ray, and Madge Kennedy - 1952&&&&&
MILOCASTCLGA, &&&&&The Misfits Lobby Card Starring Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Montgomery Clift - 1961&&&&&
NATGAMPOS, &&&&&The National Game Postcard - 1910 - Cherub playing baseball&&&&&
NITHRAMILOCA, &&&&&The Night They Raided Minsky's Lobby Card Starring Jason Robards and Britt Ekland - 1968&&&&&
PEOPFIRNATBA, &&&&&The Peoples - First National Bank of Hoosick Falls&&&&&
PRTEL, &&&&&The Porto Rico Telephone Company in 1960's&&&&&
STLOCASTJOWO, &&&&&The Stripper Lobby Card Starring Joanne Woodward and Richard Beymer - 1963&&&&&
UNCOR, &&&&&The Union Corporation&&&&&
WHDELOCASTJA, &&&&&The Wheeler Dealer Lobby Card Starring James Garner and Lee Remick - 1963&&&&&
WOWOOFBRGRLO, &&&&&The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Lobby Card Starring Barbara Eden and Karl Boehm - 1963&&&&&
THEGLOBECOM, &&&&& - world came to an end on August 15, 2001&&&&&
THEKREALCOMO, &&&&&Thekemer Realty Company ( Old Bicycles in Vignette ) 1906 - New York&&&&&
THDWAANDWILT, &&&&&Theodore D. Wagner and William L. Trenholm $1000 Bond - Charleston, South Carolina 1868&&&&&
THABTECOFL201, &&&&&Thermal Ablation Technologies Corporation ( - Florida 2001&&&&&
THPRINNEWYO1, &&&&&Thermal Profiles, Inc. - New York 1986&&&&&
THRACODE19, &&&&&Thermiodyne Radio Corporation (Thermiodyne made the first single-dial-tuned radio. ) - Plattsburgh, New York - 1925&&&&&
THRACO191, &&&&&Thermiodyne Radio Corporation - 1926&&&&&
THERCATCREEK, &&&&&Thermopolis Cat Creek Corporation 1921&&&&&
THESINC, &&&&&, Inc.&&&&&
THAUSHCOLOOH, &&&&&Thew Automatic Shovel Co. ( Used in building Panama Canal) - Lorain, Ohio 1916&&&&&
THIOKCHEMCOR, &&&&&Thiokol Chemical Corp Stock -Famous Rocket Company - Challanger Failure&&&&&
THLILO1GOBOO, &&&&&Third Liberty Loan $100 Bearer Gold Bond of 1928 (All coupons attached) EF - Washington, D.C. 1918&&&&&
THLILO1WAD192, &&&&&Third Liberty Loan $50 - Washington, D.C. 1918 - Sold&&&&&
THLILOBO19, &&&&&Third Liberty Loan 4 1/4% Gold Bond of 1928 - Bearer Bond - Washington, D.C., May 9, 1918, $50&&&&&
THMATUCOMSIB, &&&&&Third Massachusetts Turnpike Corporation (MA) signed by Caleb Strong - 1795&&&&&
THMOCHSUSCPH, &&&&&Third Moravian Church Sunday School - Harrowgate, Philadelphia&&&&&
THIRNATBAN1, &&&&&Third National Bank of Jersey City 1870's&&&&&
THNABAOFNEWY, &&&&&Third National Bank of New York - 1883&&&&&
THSHFEINNEWY, &&&&&Third Shooting Festival in New York - New York&&&&&
THCUASNEWYO1, &&&&&Thistle Curling Association (Vignette of Curling Rock) - New York City - 1890&&&&&
EDMI13191, &&&&&Thomas A. Edison Industries hand signed Minutes of Operating Committee Meeting on October 26, 1936&&&&&
THAEDINNEWJE2, &&&&&Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated signed by Charles Edison - New Jersey 1946&&&&&
THAEDJRANDWI, &&&&&Thomas A. Edison, Jr. and William Holzer Steel and Iron Process Company- New York City 1902&&&&&
THDELARUEIND, &&&&&Thomas de la Rue Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
SEMVALOR, &&&&&Thomas De La Rue Specimen Certificate&&&&&
DEDOCEPE, &&&&&Thomas Dewey - Earl Warren Presidential Dollar Contribution Certificate - Pennsylvania 1948&&&&&
EDSTBASUCONE1, &&&&&Thomas Edison Storage Battery Supply Company - New Jersey 1940&&&&&
THGRSOIN, &&&&&Thomas Greg & Sons, Inc. $50 Specimen &&&&&
THJLIIN, &&&&&Thomas J. Lipton, Inc. (Now Unilever) vignette of Thomas J. Lipton - 1961&&&&&
HIVI19, &&&&&Thomas Jefferson Historic Vignette used for DLJ Certificates - 1996&&&&&
THOMLAUGCOM11, &&&&&Thomas Laughlin Company 1901&&&&&
THOMLAUGCOM1, &&&&&Thomas Laughlin Company 1907 - Ship Fitting Manufacturer - Maine&&&&&
THOMPANCOM, &&&&&Thomasson Panhandle Company - Colorado 1943&&&&&
THCOANDMICOM, &&&&&Thomaston Coal and Mineral Company - Massachusetts 1818&&&&&
THNABAMA18, &&&&&Thomaston National Bank - Maine 1886&&&&&
THCOSCDIGE19, &&&&&Thomaston-Upson County School District - Georgia 1992&&&&&
THOMFURININC, &&&&&Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc.&&&&&
THOMPROD, &&&&&Thompson Products, Inc (The "T" in TRW)&&&&&
THOMRIMWHEEL, &&&&&Thompson Rimloc Wheel Company - 1927&&&&&
THOMSPAINC, &&&&&Thompson's Spa, Inc. - Massachusettes&&&&&
THORCOR1, &&&&&Thor Corporation&&&&&
THORCOR, &&&&&Thor Corporation (Allied Paper) 1956&&&&&
THORELIN19, &&&&&Thorn Electrical Industries - Famous Music Company&&&&&
THOUSTRAILWA, &&&&&Thousand Trails - Seattle, Washington&&&&&
THSTMOEHOSIC, &&&&&Three Stooges Moe Howard Signed Check - 1971&&&&&
THRETWINCIGL, &&&&&Three Twins Cigar Label&&&&&
THRIFCOR, &&&&&Thrifty Corporation - California&&&&&
THUNCAVCOR1, &&&&&Thunder Cave Corporation signed John Sears and Jeremiah Stokes - Famous book about 2 colored boys - 1935&&&&&
THMOANDBIGCR, &&&&&Thunder Mountain and Big Creek Consolidated Mining - Territory of Arizona 1905&&&&&
THMOANDBIGCR1, &&&&&Thunder Mountain and Big Creek Consolidated Mining and Transportation Company - Arizona 1905&&&&&
THUNMOUNGOLC, &&&&&Thunder Mountain Gold Coin Company 1903 - Arizona Territory&&&&&
TIISMICOLICA, &&&&&Tiblemont Island Mining Company Limited - Canada 1953&&&&&
TIDWATPOWCOM, &&&&&Tide Water Power Company - North Carolina&&&&&
TIMACOLI19, &&&&&Tigar's Manure Company Limited (Tiger Vignette) - Grove Hill, Beverley, England - 1910&&&&&
TIININ19, &&&&&Tiger International, Inc. - 1980 ( Now Federal Express )&&&&&
TIMIN, &&&&&Time Incorporated ( Pre Warner Communications and AOL mergers )&&&&&
TIREINCO19, &&&&&Time Recording Instruments Company - New Jersey 1937&&&&&
TISAANDLOASC, &&&&&Time Savings and Loan Associates - California 1984&&&&&
TIMWARINCSPE, &&&&&Time Warner Inc.&&&&&
TIWAINDE, &&&&&Time Warner Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
TIWAINDE19, &&&&&Time Warner Inc. with Steve Ross as Chairman - Delaware 1991&&&&&
TIMWARTELINC, &&&&&Time Warner Telecom, Inc.&&&&&
TIMIN1, &&&&&Time, Incorporated - New York ( Pre Warner Communications and AOL mergers )&&&&&
TIMESMIRROR, &&&&&Times Mirror Company 1971 ( Now owned by Tribune Group and Cox Communications )&&&&&
TIMICOCA19, &&&&&Times Mirror Company with Norman Chandler as Chairman - Los Angeles, California 1967&&&&&
TIMSQUARSTRE, &&&&&Times Square-46th Street Building 1556 Broadway Corporation 1928 - Gold Bond&&&&&
TICOMI19, &&&&&Times-Herald Company - Michigan 1911&&&&&
TILIHABE, &&&&&Timex Limited - Hamilton, Bermuda &&&&&
TIAXCOOH19, &&&&&Timken-Detroit Axle Co. - Ohio 1921&&&&&
TIREANDINCOM, &&&&&Tinker-Smith Realty and Investment Company - Missouri 1908&&&&&
TIININNEWYOC, &&&&&Tip -Top Instruments, Inc.- New York City 1935&&&&&
TIININNEWYO, &&&&&Tip-Top Instruments, Inc.- New York&&&&&
INMERMARCOM2, &&&&&Titanic Ship Owners 1930's&&&&&
TIORCO19EAAI, &&&&&Titanium Ores Corporation 1954 - Early Titanium Jet Bomber in Vignette&&&&&
TIANDTRCORIV, &&&&&Title and Trust Company - Richmond, VA 1899&&&&&
TITGUARANDTR, &&&&&Title Guarantee and Trust Company 1930 - Nevada&&&&&
TIVOINC, &&&&&TiVo Inc.&&&&&
TIBRCOCO19, &&&&&Tivoli Brewing Company - Colorado 1959&&&&&
TOBACCO, &&&&&Tobacco and Related&&&&&
TOBHOUSCORCI, &&&&&Tobacco House Coronas Cigar Label&&&&&
TOBPRODSTOCC, &&&&&Tobacco Products Corporation 1930's&&&&&
TODHOUSCOM, &&&&&Tod House Company 1920 - Youngstown, Ohio&&&&&
TO, &&&&&
TOINFL20, &&&&&, Inc. - Florida 2000&&&&&
TOKCORIN19, &&&&&Tokheim Corporation Indiana 1978&&&&&
TOANDOHCEEXR, &&&&&Toledo and Ohio Central Extension Railroad Company - Ohio 1888&&&&&
TOANDWARACOI, &&&&&Toledo and Wabash Railway Company - Ohio and Indiana 1862&&&&&
TONAINCOOH19, &&&&&Toledo National Insurance Company - Ohio 1967&&&&&
TORATECOOH19, &&&&&Toledo Railway & Terminal Company - Ohio 1902&&&&&
TOPEANDWERAC, &&&&&Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway Company - New York 1887&&&&&
TOLWABSTLOUI, &&&&&Toledo, Wabash & St. Louis Railroad 1907&&&&&
TOANDCHLOCAS, &&&&&Tomboy and the Champ Lobby Card Starring Candy Moore and Ben Johnson - 1961&&&&&
TONKATOYSINC, &&&&&Tonka Toys, Inc. (Now Hasbro)&&&&&
TOTRCOLTNE19, &&&&&Tonnage Transportation Company, Ltd. - Nevada 1930&&&&&
TOMOBUGOMICO, &&&&&Tonopah & Mount Butler Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1903&&&&&
TOBEDECONEWJ, &&&&&Tonopah Belmont Development Company - New Jersey 1930&&&&&
TODIMICONE19, &&&&&Tonopah Divide Mining Company - Nevada 1919&&&&&
TONMINCOMOFN, &&&&&Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada - 1945&&&&&
TOPRDECOAR19, &&&&&Tonopah Prospectors Developing Company - Nevada. Nye. Tonopah - Arizona 1905&&&&&
TOPFIBLT, &&&&&Top Finance (Bermuda) Ltd. 1989&&&&&
TOCOBAINOFTO, &&&&&Topeka Community Baseball, Inc. ( Topeka Hawks ) Topeka, Kansas, 1956&&&&&
TOPLANANDDEV, &&&&&Topeka Land and Development Company 1887&&&&&
TOWACONEWJE1, &&&&&Topeka Water Company - Kansas 1896&&&&&
TOPWATCOM18, &&&&&Topeka Water Company 1896 - Angel and Maidens Swimming vignette&&&&&
TOPCORFAMJOH, &&&&&Topper Corporation - Famous Johnny Lightning and Dawn Doll Toy Maker&&&&&
TOPPSTROWSERS, &&&&&Topps & Trowsers&&&&&
TOCHGUMNEWYO, &&&&&Topps Chewing Gum (Bazooka Gum Vignette) - New York 1978&&&&&
TOMOSTCOLTTO, &&&&&Toronto & Montreal Steamboat Company, Ltd. - Toronto, Canada - 1898&&&&&
HASTOILCORAB, &&&&&Torrey Canon Oil Company - RARE- (Original Union Oil Company - Now Chevron) signed by Thomas R. Bard (Father of Port Hueneme), Union Oil Co. co-founder- California 1895&&&&&
TOANDWISTRAC, &&&&&Torrington and Winchester Street Railway Company - Connecticut 1899&&&&&
TOWRMIANDMIC, &&&&&Total Wreck Mining and Milling Co. Stock Certificate - Arizona Territory 1882&&&&&
TOWBRIDELFOR, &&&&&Tower Bridge Elevated for Steamer - Sacramento, California&&&&&
TOMACOMA19, &&&&&Towle Manufacturing Co (Towle Silversmiths) - Massachusetts 1948&&&&&
TOMACO, &&&&&Towle Manufacturing Company (Towle Silversmiths) - Massachusettes&&&&&
TOMACOMA18, &&&&&Towle Manufacturing Company (Towle Silversmiths) - Massachusettes 1960's&&&&&
TOCOMOHOINOF, &&&&&Town & Country Mobile Homes, Inc, Texas&&&&&
TOOFANTOHABO, &&&&&Town of Angier Town Hall Bond - North Carolina 1956&&&&&
TOOFAYSASEBO, &&&&&Town of Ayden Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1957&&&&&
TOOFBESEBONO, &&&&&Town of Belmont Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1935&&&&&
TOOFDASASEBO, &&&&&Town of Dallas Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1956 &&&&&
TOOFDEWABONO, &&&&&Town of Denton Water Bond - North Carolina 1946&&&&&
TOOFLIWABONO, &&&&&Town of Lincolnton Water Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
TOOFMOHOWABO, &&&&&Town of Mount Holly Water Bond - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
TOOFNEWABONO, &&&&&Town of Newport Water Bond - North Carolina 1957&&&&&
TOOFPANOCA19, &&&&&Town of Parkton - North Carolina 1956&&&&&
TOOFPASASEBO, &&&&&Town of Parkton Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
TOOFPIHIWABO, &&&&&Town of Pink Hill Water Bond - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
TOOFRINEWYO1, &&&&&Town of Richland $100 Bond - New York 1870 &&&&&
TOOFRINOCA19, &&&&&Town of Richlands - North Carolina 1951 &&&&&
TOOFRONOCA19, &&&&&Town of Robersonville - North Carolina 1958&&&&&
TOOFROSTIMBO, &&&&&Town of Robersonville Street Improvement Bond - North Carolina 1963&&&&&
TOOFSANOCA19, &&&&&Town of Saratoga - North Carolina 1956&&&&&
TOOFSENOCA19, &&&&&Town of Selma - North Carolina 1959&&&&&
TOOFSEGEREBO, &&&&&Town of Selma General Refunding Bond - North Carolina 1947&&&&&
TOOFSEWABONO, &&&&&Town of Selma Water Bond - North Carolina 1954&&&&&
TOOFSPSASEBO, &&&&&Town of Spindale Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1949&&&&&
TOOFSTPASTIM, &&&&&Town of St. Pauls Street Improvement Bond - North Carolina 1949&&&&&
TOOFSTWAANDS, &&&&&Town of St.Pauls Water and Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1949&&&&&
TOOFVAWAANDS, &&&&&Town of Valdese Water and Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1947 &&&&&
TOOFWAWASEAN, &&&&&Town of Wallace Water Sewer and Street Bond - North Carolina 1947 &&&&&
TOOFWAWABONO, &&&&&Town of Waxhaw Water Bond - North Carolina 1961&&&&&
TOOFWHMUVEAN, &&&&&Town of Whiteville Municipal Vehicle and Fire Fighting Apparatus and Equip. Bond - North Carolina 1961&&&&&
TOOFWHSASEBO, &&&&&Town of Whiteville Sanitary Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1961&&&&&
TOOFWHSTSEBO, &&&&&Town of Whiteville Storm Sewer Bond - North Carolina 1961&&&&&
TOOFWINOCA19, &&&&&Town of Wilson - North Carolina 1948 &&&&&
TOOFZEWAANDS, &&&&&Town of Zebulon Water and Sewer Refunding Bond - North Carolina 1939&&&&&
TOSHCONEWYO1, &&&&&Townsend-Downey Shipbuilding Company - New York 1903&&&&&
TOOFTEIS19, &&&&&Township of Tel-Aviv Bond - First Jewish Municipal Bond - Israel 1922 - Sold&&&&&
TOYTOWNINC, &&&&&Toy Town, Inc.&&&&&
TOMOCRCOCA, &&&&&Toyota Motor Credit Corporation - California &&&&&
TRADTELCOR, &&&&&Trad Television Corporation - Early TV&&&&&
OLDTRADECARDS, &&&&&Trade Cards - Old&&&&&
TRNE, &&&&& - Netherlands&&&&&
TRAMCONMIN, &&&&&Tramp Consolidated Mining South Dakota 1909&&&&&
TRAMELDECON, &&&&&Tramways & Electricite de Constantinople 1916&&&&&
TRAMDEBUENAY, &&&&&Tramways de Buenos Ayres 1907&&&&&
CHICSTLOUISA1, &&&&&Tramways de Koursk 1895&&&&&
TRDETABR18, &&&&&Tramways De Taschkent - Usbekistan, Russia 1897&&&&&
TRANEX, &&&&&Trans - Antarctica Expedition with printed signature of famous Mt. Everest Climber Sir Edmund Hillary - 1958&&&&&
TRANLUXCOR, &&&&&Trans - Lux Corporation - Professional Sport Scoreboards - Oldest AMEX Listing&&&&&
TRPEOILANDGA, &&&&&Trans - Pecos Oil and Gas Company - Arizona 1910&&&&&
TRWOAIINTDE, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc. (TWA) - Delaware&&&&&
TRWOAIINTDE1, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc. (TWA) - Delaware 1979&&&&&
TRWOAIINDE19, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc. - Delaware 1984&&&&&
TRWOAIINDE20, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
TRANWORAIRIN, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc. - Stock Certificate&&&&&
TRANWORAIRIN2, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc. 1961 - Pre American Airlines Takeover&&&&&
TRWOAIINDE192, &&&&&Trans World Airlines, Inc.- Delaware 1965&&&&&
TRANAIRIN, &&&&&Trans-East Air Incorporated 1971&&&&&
TRTAINSIBYEA, &&&&&Trans-National Talent, Inc. signed by Earl Carroll (Earl Carroll's Vanities) and H.D. Hover (Founder Ciro's nightclub) - Hollywood, California 1939&&&&&
TRCOAPEGIASP, &&&&&Transamerica Corporation (Amadeo Peter Giannini as President - Bank of America founder) - 1929&&&&&
TRAIOFTOINOH, &&&&&Transcontinental Airport of Toledo, Inc. - Ohio 1928&&&&&
TRGASPILICOO, &&&&&Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation, Delaware&&&&&
TRINCOPE19, &&&&&Transit Investment Corporation - Pennsylvania 1946 &&&&&
TRANINCOR, &&&&&Transit Investment Corporation 1938-1943&&&&&
TRCOINPE19, &&&&&Transogram Company, Inc. (Famous Toy Company - Tiddledy Winks) - Pennsylvania 1969&&&&&
TRCOIN1, &&&&&Transogram Company, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1969&&&&&
TRSE, &&&&&Transportation Section Search by Price Range&&&&&
TRANPETINC, &&&&&Transtates Petroleum Inc.&&&&&
TRCODE19, &&&&&Transworld Corporation ( TWA ) - Delaware 1979&&&&&
TRZOODE, &&&&&Travel Zoo, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
TRAVELERSINC, &&&&&Travelers Inc. ( Famous Insurance Company )&&&&&
TRISCLOFSANF, &&&&&Treasure Island Club of The San Francisco Bank (Golden Gate International Exposition ) - California 1938&&&&&
WAHAENBACHOH, &&&&&Treasurer of Marion County Ohio check signed by U.S. President Warren G. Harding - Ohio 1898&&&&&
TROFSTOFPEPE, &&&&&Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania 1866&&&&&
OLWOJR17SITR, &&&&&Treasury Department Comptroller's Office document signed by Oliver Wollcott Jr. - 1794 &&&&&
TREASDEPINRE, &&&&&Treasury Department Internal Revenue Opium Order Form 1948&&&&&
TRMOMIANDMIC, &&&&&Treasury Mountain Mining and Milling Company - Wyoming 1927&&&&&
TREASMOUNMIN, &&&&&Treasury Mountain Mining Company - Silver City, Territory of New Mexico - 1885&&&&&
TREECLUMCOM, &&&&&Treece Lumber Company - Illinois&&&&&
TRMAPUCODE19, &&&&&Trend Magazine Publishing Company - Delaware 1911&&&&&
TRWINEWJE19, &&&&&Trentini's Winery - New Jersey 1944&&&&&
TRINNEWJE181, &&&&&Trenton Institute - New Jersey 1865&&&&&
TRINNEWJE18, &&&&&Trenton Institute - New Jersey 1866&&&&&
TRROAINEWJE, &&&&&Trenton Robbinsville Airport - New Jersey 1970&&&&&
TRICEXAS, &&&&&Tri-County Exhibitors' Association 1932 - North Dakota&&&&&
TRFAANDRAAS1, &&&&&Tri-State Fair and Racing Association - 1923 Delaware&&&&&
TRISGASANDEL, &&&&&Tri-State Gas and Electric Corporation - 1931 - 1932&&&&&
TRTEANDTECO1, &&&&&Tri-State Telephone and Telegraph Company Tri-State Telephone and Telegraph Company (Candlestick telephone Vignette) - 1929&&&&&
TRIANFILCOR, &&&&&Triangle Film Corporation 1921 - Early Silent Film Company&&&&&
TRIANMINANDD, &&&&&Triangle Mining and Development Company&&&&&
TRIANMULLIMI, &&&&&Triangle MultiMedia Limited, Inc.&&&&&
TRGOMIMICOAR, &&&&&Tribune Gold Mining & Milling Co. - Tombstone District, Arizona Territory 1908&&&&&
TRIBOILCORST, &&&&&Tribune Oil Corporation Stock Certificate&&&&&
TRNACA19, &&&&&Trimble Navigation with Charles Trimble as President - California 1996&&&&&
TRASBLCONEWJ, &&&&&Trinidad Asphaltum Block Company - New Jersey 1893 &&&&&
TRINDREDANDH, &&&&&Trinity Dredging and Hydraulic Gold Mining Company - Trinity Center Mining District, Northern California 1899&&&&&
TRCRELINON, &&&&&Triple Crown Electronics Inc. - Ontario, Canada&&&&&
TRIPCOROFAM, &&&&&Triplex Corporation of America&&&&&
TRITNETSYS, &&&&&Triton Network Systems&&&&&
TRWENUGE19, &&&&&Triumph Werke - Nurnberg, Germany 1942 - Famous Motorcycle Maker&&&&&
TROJMANCOM1, &&&&&Trojan Manufacturing Company 1950's&&&&&
TROJMANCOM, &&&&&Trojan Manufacturing Company 1950's&&&&&
TRMICO, &&&&&Trojan Mining Company - Gold Hill Mining District. Storey County, Nevada - 1879&&&&&
TRMICONEWYO1, &&&&&Trophy Mining Company - New York 1886&&&&&
TRZOLOCASTRO, &&&&&Tropic Zone Lobby Card Starring Ronald Regan and Rhonda Flemming Estelita - 1952&&&&&
TRDECOCUISOF, &&&&&Tropical Development Company - Cuba Isle Of Pines - New York 1904&&&&&
TROPPRODCOM, &&&&&Tropical Products Company 1920&&&&&
TRPRCODE19, &&&&&Tropical Products Company, Delaware 1921&&&&&
TRWILIBEHICA, &&&&&Tropics Restaurant Wine List - Beverly Hills, California&&&&&
TRDIPRANDBOC, &&&&&Trow Directory Printing and Bookbinding Company - New Jersey 1917&&&&&
TROYGASCOMPANY, &&&&&Troy Gas Company 1915&&&&&
TROYKOFCBUIL, &&&&&Troy K. of C. Building Corporation&&&&&
TRWAWOCOOH19, &&&&&Troy Wagon Works Company - Ohio 1911&&&&&
TRENREIN201, &&&&&Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Donald Trump) - 2009&&&&&
TRUMHOTANDCA, &&&&&Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts Stock Certificate (Pre Bankruptcy) - Donald Trump as Chairman - 1998 - Sold&&&&&
TRTAJMAFUIN1, &&&&&Trump Taj Mahal Funding, Inc. - $470,000 14% First Mortgage Bond (Pre Bankruptcy) - Printed Signatures of Donald Trump and Robert Trump - 1989 &&&&&
TRCOBOFR18, &&&&&Trust Colonial Bond - Brussels 1899&&&&&
TRUSFORPLC, &&&&&Trusthouse Forte plc&&&&&
TRNEAGINNEWY, &&&&&Tryon News Agency, Inc. New York 1948&&&&&
TTMTEDE, &&&&&TTM Technologies - Delaware &&&&&
CROFDOCR19, &&&&&Tuberculosis Crusade of the Double-Barred Cross - 1925&&&&&
TUBRAYCOR, &&&&&Tubize Rayon Corporation&&&&&
TUBRAYCOR1, &&&&&Tubize Rayon Corporation&&&&&
TUCGASELCOM, &&&&&Tucson Gas & Electric Company ( Now Southwest Gas Corporation )&&&&&
TUCOCOAR19, &&&&&Tucson-Arizona Copper Co. - Arizona, 1916&&&&&
TUDCOR, &&&&&Tudor Corporation Gold Bond 1930 - George Washington (Dollar Bill) Vignette&&&&&
TUFCOR, &&&&&Tuf-Tread Corporation&&&&&
TUNG-SOL, &&&&&Tung-Sol Electric Tube Company Stock Certificate&&&&&
TUMICOCA19, &&&&&Tungsten Mines Company - San Francisco, California 1921&&&&&
TUMIINUT19, &&&&&Tungsten Mines, Inc. - Utah 1937&&&&&
TUMOMICOCO19, &&&&&Tungsten Mountain Mines Company - Colorado. Boulder. Grand Island 1911&&&&&
TUNMINCOM19, &&&&&Tunky Mining Company 1915&&&&&
TUPCOR, &&&&&Tupperware Corporation&&&&&
TUMOANDCACOM, &&&&&Turbine Motor and Carriage Co. - Maine 1899&&&&&
TURKEYAVIATION, &&&&&Turkey Aviation Association&&&&&
TUIRDICA, &&&&&Turlock Irrigation District - California 1911&&&&&
TUIRDI5BO, &&&&&Turlock Irrigation District - Gold Bond - Stanislaus and Merced Counties, California 1893&&&&&
TURNEWPLC, &&&&&Turner & Newall PLC&&&&&
TUBRSYINGE, &&&&&Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (Ted Turner as President) - Georgia &&&&&
TUDAYWOAXHAC, &&&&&Turner, Day & Woolworth Ax Handle Company - Louisville, Kentucky 1905&&&&&
TURTRANCOM, &&&&&Turney Transportation Company 1919 - Gold Bond&&&&&
TUAUOFKEKE19, &&&&&Turnpike Authority of Kentucky &&&&&
TUAUOFKE19, &&&&&Turnpike Authority of Kentucky - Kentucky 1972&&&&&
TUTRCO18, &&&&&Tuscarora Trading Company (Became Elko-Tuscarora Mercantile Company) - Elko, Nevada 1889&&&&&
TUXSTAROILCO, &&&&&Tuxpam Star Oil Corporation&&&&&
20CENFOXFILC, &&&&&Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1978&&&&&
TWSTRANEWYO1, &&&&&Twenty-Third Street Railway - New York 1912 &&&&&
TWINSTATNATG, &&&&&Twin States Natural Gas Company 1930 - Gold Debenture&&&&&
TWINSTATNATG1, &&&&&Twin States Natural Gas Company 1933 - Convertible Gold Debenture&&&&&
TWANDSHLOCAS, &&&&&Twinkle and Shine Lobby Card Starring Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, and Ernie Kovacs - 1961&&&&&
TWISTREATCOR, &&&&&Twistee Treat Corporation - Ice Cream Cone Store Vignette&&&&&
TWONISIXNIWI, &&&&&Two Nine Six Nine Wilshire Corporation Ltd. - Los Angeles 1931&&&&&
WHCALISOCA18, &&&&&Two Wheel Carriage License - Marlboro, South Carolina 1817&&&&&
TWOWHCAPUMA1, &&&&&Two Wheel Carriage Tax Certificate - Milton, Massachusetts 1814&&&&&
TYLAINMA, &&&&&Tyco Laboratories, Inc. (Founder Arthur J. Rosenberg as President) - Massachusetts&&&&&
TYLBUILBONNE, &&&&&Tyler Building Gold Bond - New York City 1925&&&&&
TYPCREDCOR, &&&&&Typo Workers Credit Corporation 1920's - vignette of Johannes Guttenberg&&&&&
USWESINCSPEC, &&&&&U S West, Inc. - ( Acquired by Qwest )&&&&&
UNSTATOFAM25, &&&&&U. S. $25 WWII Defense Savings Bond issued in December 1941 three weeks after Pearl Harbor Attack&&&&&
USCHCOCODE19, &&&&&U. S. Chicle & Confection Company ( Chewing Gum) - Delaware 1916&&&&&
USAIRLINESINC, &&&&&U.S. Airlines, Inc.&&&&&
UAIINFL19, &&&&&U.S. Airlines, Inc. - Florida 1955&&&&&
USAIRGROUPIN, &&&&&U.S. Airways Group, Inc - Futuristic Airplane in Vignette&&&&&
UBAINTE19, &&&&&U.S. Bancshares, Inc. - Texas 1968 &&&&&
INREVBREWCER, &&&&&U.S. Brewer Tax Certificate 1875 - 1884&&&&&
USCITCOR, &&&&&U.S. Cities Corporation&&&&&
USCOPPRODCOR, &&&&&U.S. Copper Products Corporation&&&&&
USCOPPRODCOR1, &&&&&U.S. Copper Products Corporation&&&&&
UCOPRCO19, &&&&&U.S. Copper Products Corporation - 1919&&&&&
USFINANCIAL, &&&&&U.S. Financial - Major Fraud of the 1970's&&&&&
UGAMACOVI19, &&&&&U.S. Gasoline Manufacturing Corporation - Virginia 1922&&&&&
UGOMIANDMICO, &&&&&U.S. Gold Mining and Milling Co. - Nevada 1902 &&&&&
USMINTINC, &&&&&U.S. Mint, Inc (manufacturer of gaming tokens for Las Vegas )&&&&&
USNATRESINC, &&&&&U.S. Natural Resources, Inc.&&&&&
URECODE19, &&&&&U.S. Reduction Co. (Aluminum )- Delaware 1971&&&&&
USSECCOR, &&&&&U.S. Securities Corporation - Sphinx and Pyramid Vignette - Nevada&&&&&
USYSOINCA19, &&&&&U.S. Systems & Software, Inc. - California 1970&&&&&
UTRCONEWYO19, &&&&&U.S. Transistor Corporation ( Early Transistor Company) - New York, 1960&&&&&
UTRDEPRBLPRA, &&&&&U.S. Treasury Department Prescription for Whiskey during Roaring 20's Prohibition - 1926&&&&&
UTRLIINOFDED, &&&&&U.S. Truck Lines, Inc. of Delaware - Delaware 1971&&&&&
USVERCOR, &&&&&U.S. Vermouth Corporation&&&&&
UOILCOPIPA19, &&&&&U.S.A. Oil Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. - 1918&&&&&
USACEBOSEOF1, &&&&&U.S.War Savings Certificate Booklet Series of 1919&&&&&
UACOCAINDE19, &&&&&UA - Columbia Cablevision, Inc.( Became Rogers Communications ) - Delaware 1979 &&&&&
UALCODE20, &&&&&UAL Corporation (United Airlines - Pre Bankruptcy ) - Delaware 2003&&&&&
UALINCDELAWARE, &&&&&UAL, Inc. ( United Air Lines ) Specimen - Delaware 1970&&&&&
UALINCDELAWARE1, &&&&&UAL, Inc. ( United Air Lines ) Specimen - Delaware 1971&&&&&
UBIDONAUC, &&&&&uBid Online Auction&&&&&
UMBGROUPPLC, &&&&&UBM Group, p.l.c.&&&&&
UCCINHOINDE1, &&&&&UCC Investors Holding, Inc. - 14% Interest Note - Delaware 1989&&&&&
UDCUNDEVLP, &&&&&UDC - Universal Development L.P.&&&&&
ULMORCOM, &&&&&Ulmer Mortgage Company - Ohio&&&&&
ULJETININC, &&&&&Ultra - Jet Industries, Inc.&&&&&
ULSGRFAPH, &&&&&Ulysses S. Grant Family Photo - 1860&&&&&
ULSGRPI, &&&&&Ulysses S. Grant Photograph - Civil War Era&&&&&
UMBELLAB, &&&&&Umatilla Belle Label&&&&&
UNAMERICANBOND, &&&&&UN American BOND 1962&&&&&
UNININDE19, &&&&&Unarco Industries, Inc. (Shopping cart maker) - Delaware 1970&&&&&
SCCIOFDALOOF, &&&&&Uncancelled City of Darmstadt Loan of 1922 10000 Mark Schuldverschreibung (scarce variety)- Germany&&&&&
UNSAMOILCOM, &&&&&Uncle Sam Oil Company - 1918&&&&&
UNSAMOILCOAR, &&&&&Uncle Sam Oil Company Gold Bond - Arizona 1919&&&&&
UNSAMOILCOKA, &&&&&Uncle Sam Oil Company signed by swindler Henry Harrison Tucker Jr - Cherryvale, Atchison and Kansas City, Kansas and Tulsa Oklahoma - Territory of Arizona, 1910&&&&&
UNSAMTOM, &&&&&Uncle Sam Tomatoes Crate Labels&&&&&
UNYUTRLOCAST, &&&&&Under the Yum-Yum Tree Lobby Card Starring Jack Lemmon - 1963&&&&&
UNTYCO, &&&&&Underwood Typewriter Company signed by Founder John T. Underwood, as President - 1920&&&&&
UNCOR1, &&&&&UniCapital Corporation ( Schlumberger Company )&&&&&
UNCACOOFDE19, &&&&&Unilever Capital Corporation of Delaware, 1989&&&&&
UNACFULOASKA, &&&&&Union Accumulating Fund & Loan Association - Hays City, Kansas 1891&&&&&
UNAIINDE19, &&&&&Union Airways, Inc. (Union Air Lines) - Oregon / Delaware 1929&&&&&
UNBANOFFINLT, &&&&&Union Bank of Finland Ltd (Unitas Ltd Group )&&&&&
UNBAOFSOCASO, &&&&&Union Bank of South Carolina (vignette of a Palmetto tree) - South Carolina 1860's&&&&&
UNBAOFSOCA182, &&&&&Union Bank of South Carolina - 1860's&&&&&
UNBAOFSOCA181, &&&&&Union Bank of South Carolina - 1871&&&&&
UNBACOOFBACI, &&&&&Union Banking Company of Baltimore City (Management Convicted of Fraud) - Maryland 1874&&&&&
UNCONOILCOM, &&&&&Union Consolidated Oil Company - 1901&&&&&
UNCOCOOFCOCO, &&&&&Union Contract Company of Colorado - Colorado Springs, Colorado - 1883&&&&&
UNCOSTRACONE, &&&&&Union County Street Railway Company - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
UNCOUTAUNEWJ, &&&&&Union County Utilities Authority - Solid Waste Project , New Jersey&&&&&
UNDAIRAS18, &&&&&Union Dairymen's Association - 1883 - RARE Watermark 1776 - 1876 Centennial&&&&&
UNDEPCOM, &&&&&Union Depot Company&&&&&
UNDEPCOMANRE, &&&&&Union Depot Company Annual Report 1954 - Columbus, Ohio&&&&&
UNELCOMI19, &&&&&Union Electric Company (Now Ameren) - Missouri 1970&&&&&
UNELCOM1, &&&&&Union Electric Company - Missouri&&&&&
UNELCOM, &&&&&Union Electric Company - Missouri&&&&&
UNELCOBO19, &&&&&Union Electric Company Bond - Missouri 1966&&&&&
UNFIDCOR, &&&&&Union Fidelity Corporation&&&&&
UNFICOBAST, &&&&&Union Fire Co's Band Letterhead - Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1890's&&&&&
UNFUELCOM, &&&&&Union Fuel Company 1919 - Illinois -- Gold Bond&&&&&
UNGASCOR, &&&&&Union Gas Corporation 1926 - Gold Bond&&&&&
UNGASLIGCOMO, &&&&&Union Gas Light Company of the City of New York 1872&&&&&
UNGASUTINC, &&&&&Union Gas Utilities, Inc. 1927&&&&&
UNGOMICODEMI, &&&&&Union Gold Mining Company - Detroit, Michigan 1901&&&&&
UNHIGSCHOOLR, &&&&&Union High School, Red Bluff, California Postcard&&&&&
UNHICOMIWEVI, &&&&&Union Hill Consolidated Mines - Nevada County, California 1900&&&&&
UNHOTETECOCA, &&&&&Union Home Telephone & Telegraph Corporation - Los Angeles, California 1906&&&&&
UNIRWO18, &&&&&Union Iron Works - Waterbury, Connecticut 1899&&&&&
UNLEASANDMIN, &&&&&Union Leasing and Mining Company 1896 - Leadville, Colorado&&&&&
UNLINEX18, &&&&&Union Line Express 1856 - Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.&&&&&
UNMAINCOLIEN, &&&&&Union Marine Insurance Company Limited - England 1902 &&&&&
UNNATBAN18, &&&&&Union National Bank 1872 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
UNOILCOOFCAC2, &&&&&Union Oil Company of California - California 1952&&&&&
UNOILCOOFCA, &&&&&Union Oil Company of California 1937&&&&&
UNPACCOROR, &&&&&Union Pacific Corporation Stock and Picture Postcard&&&&&
UNPAHOCO19, &&&&&Union Patents Holding Corporation - Michigan 1932&&&&&
UNPOCODE19, &&&&&Union Power Corporation Convertible Gold Bond - Delaware 1928&&&&&
UNRASAGACONE, &&&&&Union Railroad Safety Gate Company - New York 1880's&&&&&
UNSADEBACA19, &&&&&Union Safe Deposit Bank - California 1979&&&&&
UNSACOGOBOCA, &&&&&Union Salt Company Gold Bond - Los Angeles, California 1914&&&&&
UNSIMTRAINCO, &&&&&Union Simplex Train Control Company Inc.&&&&&
UNSOWOPE19, &&&&&Union Soap Works - Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania 1904&&&&&
UNSQUARSANFR, &&&&&Union Square - San Francisco, California&&&&&
UNSTYACOOFSI, &&&&&Union Stock Yards Company of Sioux Falls - Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1896&&&&&
UNTANCARCOM, &&&&&Union Tank Car Company ( Now TransUnion )&&&&&
UNTANCARCOM1, &&&&&Union Tank Car Company ( Now TransUnion )&&&&&
UNTRCONEWJE1, &&&&&Union Traction Company - Rutherford, Bergen County - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
UNTRACCOMOFP, &&&&&Union Traction Company of Philadelphia 1928&&&&&
UNTRCO, &&&&&Union Transfer Company 1900&&&&&
UNTRUSCOM, &&&&&Union Trust Company 1970 - Now First Union Corporation&&&&&
UNVOMACOININ, &&&&&Union Voting Machine Company - Indianapolis, Indiana 1899&&&&&
UNWIROCODE191, &&&&&Union Wire Rope Corporation - Delaware 1928&&&&&
UNWOCOFUCOMA, &&&&&Union Woven Cord Furniture Company - Balitmore City, Maryland 1889&&&&&
UNMOANDEQTRC, &&&&&Unionamerica Mortgage and Equity Trust - California 1974&&&&&
UNIN19, &&&&&Unionamerica, Inc. - 1976 ( Now Genstar ) &&&&&
UNCHACCO, &&&&&Uniroyal Chemical Acquisition Corporation 1990&&&&&
UNPLCEN19, &&&&&Unitech plc - England 1989&&&&&
UNITEDAIRLINES1, &&&&&United Air Lines&&&&&
UNAIRLIDE, &&&&&United Air Lines - Specimen - Delaware &&&&&
UNAIRLIEDSED, &&&&&United Air Lines Educational Service Department hand signed by the Company’s President, William A. "Pat" Patterson- 1947&&&&&
UNAIRLISPTRA, &&&&&United Air Lines Special Travel Authority Pass - 1967&&&&&
UNAIEDSEDE19, &&&&&United Airlines Educational Service Department United Air Lines Educational Service Department hand signed by the Company's President, William A. "Pat" Patterson- 1947&&&&&
UNAIRFLIGAT5, &&&&&United Airlines Flight Attendants 50th Anniversary 1980&&&&&
UNAMMINCOMAR, &&&&&United American Mining Company - Arizona 1929&&&&&
UNAMSOFOCO19, &&&&&United American Soda Fountain Company - 1931&&&&&
UNARENCODE, &&&&&United Artists Entertainment Company (Acquired by Tele-Communications Inc) Stock Certificate - Delaware 1989&&&&&
UNARSTCOCA, &&&&&United Artists Studio Corporation - California 1920's&&&&&
UNARSTCOCA19, &&&&&United Artists Studio Corporation signed by Robert Fairbanks and George W. Cohen (Issued to and signed by M.C. Levee ) - California 1927&&&&&
UNARTHCIINMA, &&&&&United Artists Theatere Circuit, Inc. (Handsigned by President, Harry D. Buckley, and Secretary, Bertram S. Nayfack )- Maryland 1930&&&&&
UNARTHEATCIR, &&&&&United Artists Theatre Circuit, Inc founded by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks&&&&&
UNARTHCIINMA1, &&&&&United Artists Theatre Circuit, Inc. signed by Jacob J. Shubert - Maryland 1957&&&&&
UNAUSTINDE19, &&&&&United Auto Stores Incorporated - Delaware 1921&&&&&
UNBOARCARCOR2, &&&&&United Board & Carton Corporation&&&&&
UNBOARCARCOR, &&&&&United Board & Carton Corporation (Wheelabrator - Fyre )&&&&&
UNBOARCARCOR1, &&&&&United Board & Carton Corporation (Wheelabrator - Fyre) 1963&&&&&
UNBUPUINDE19, &&&&&United Business Publishers, Inc. (Vignette of bare breasted maidens ) - Delaware 1933&&&&&
UNBUSPUBINC, &&&&&United Business Publishers, Inc. Gold Bond - 1928&&&&&
UNCOCOWA, &&&&&United Control Corporation - Washington &&&&&
UNDUREASPEIL, &&&&&United Duroc Record Association - Peoria, Illinois 1941&&&&&
UNEAAECO19, &&&&&United Eastern Aeroplane Corporation - 1917&&&&&
UNELLIANDPOC, &&&&&United Electic Light and Power Company ( Now Baltimore Gas & Electric ) - Baltimore, Maryland 1899&&&&&
UNELSEMA19, &&&&&United Electric Securities (Owned by General Electric) -1926&&&&&
UNFINCOROFCA, &&&&&United Financial Corporation of California&&&&&
UNGOLMIN, &&&&&United Gold Mines - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1902&&&&&
UNGRCOCODVAA, &&&&&United Greenwater Copper Company (Death Valley) - ABN - 1907&&&&&
UNGRCOCODVA1, &&&&&United Greenwater Copper Company (Death Valley) signed by Malcolm L. MacDonald - 1906&&&&&
UNGRHOCOCOOH, &&&&&United Grocers Home Company - Columbus, Ohio 1923&&&&&
UNGRHOCOCOOH1, &&&&&United Grocers Home Company- Columbus, Ohio&&&&&
UNILCOCO, &&&&&United Illuminating Company - Connecticut &&&&&
UNINCOGE19, &&&&&United Industrial Corporation - Germany 1925 &&&&&
UNITEDINNSINC, &&&&&United Inns Inc. (Bristol Hotels & Resorts)&&&&&
UNIRWOINCDE1, &&&&&United Iron Works, Inc - Delaware 1919&&&&&
UNITEDKINGDOM, &&&&&United Kingdom&&&&&
UNKIPRASLO19, &&&&&United Kingdom Press Association - London 1900&&&&&
UNKIREBORASP, &&&&&United Kingdom Registered Bond RARE Specimen (Printed signature of the Secretary to Her Majesty's Treasury, Douglas Wass) - 1978&&&&&
UNLILITE19, &&&&&United Liberty Life Insurance Company - Dallas, Texas 1967&&&&&
UNLIGANDRAIL, &&&&&United Light and Railways Company ( Interurban Electric Lines )&&&&&
UNMERANDMANI1, &&&&&United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc&&&&&
UNMERANDMANI, &&&&&United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc.&&&&&
UNMINWOROFAM, &&&&&United Mine Workers of America - Check 1920's - p/ signed John L. Lewis / Kennedy&&&&&
UNMINWOROFAM1, &&&&&United Mine Workers of America 1925 " Eight Hours in Logo"- John L. Lewis as UMWA President&&&&&
UNMIWOOFAM, &&&&&United Mine Workers of America 1931 - Hand signed by Famous Union Leader John L. Lewis&&&&&
UNMIANDEXCOA, &&&&&United Mining and Exploration Company - Tonopah, Nevada - Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1904 &&&&&
UNMIANDHOCOA, &&&&&United Mining and Holding Company - Arizona 1908&&&&&
UNMICOMA19, &&&&&United Mining Company - California, Arizona and Colorado - 1905&&&&&
UNNATFINCOR, &&&&&United National Financial Corporation&&&&&
UNNADECO1BON, &&&&&United Nations Development Corporation $100,000 Bond - New York 1984&&&&&
UNNADECONEWY, &&&&&United Nations Development Corporation ($1,000,000 Face Value) - New York 1968&&&&&
UNNATDISFABE, &&&&&United Nations Dis-Organization Fabian Enslavement Bond 1962&&&&&
UNNEWJERRAIL4, &&&&&United New Jersey Rail Road and Canal Company &&&&&
UNNEWJERRAIL1, &&&&&United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company 1951 - Power Lines Vignette&&&&&
UNNEWJERRAIL, &&&&&United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company Annual Report 1958&&&&&
UNNEWJERRAIL3, &&&&&United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company Annual Report 1958&&&&&
UNNEWJERRRAN, &&&&&United New Jersey RR and Canal Co Stock 1924&&&&&
UNNEPULICOEN, &&&&&United Newspapers public limited company - England 1987&&&&&
UNPABOSHCODE, &&&&&United Pacific Bond & Share Corporation - Seattle, Washington 1930&&&&&
UNPIPRCODE19, &&&&&United Picture Productions Corporation - Delaware 1919&&&&&
UNPRININDE19, &&&&&United Press International, Inc. - Delaware 1989 &&&&&
UNITEDPRINT, &&&&&United Printers and Publishers 1930's - 1940's - Rust Craft Greeting Cards / Ziff Corporation&&&&&
UNPUBSERCOR, &&&&&United Public Service Corporation&&&&&
UNRAOFHAANDR1, &&&&&United Railways of the Havana and Regla Warehouses, Limited - 1903&&&&&
UNRAOFHAANDR, &&&&&United Railways of the Havana and Regla Warehouses, Limited - Cuba, 1909&&&&&
UNRAOFHAANDR2, &&&&&United Railways of the Havana and Regla Warehouses, Limited - Havana, Cuba 1927&&&&&
UNREPCOR, &&&&&United Reproducers Corporation 1929&&&&&
UNRECONEWJE1, &&&&&United Reproduces Corporation - New Jersey 1929&&&&&
UNRIPLTECO19, &&&&&United River Plate Telephone Company - 1938 Operated in Buenos Aires - Certificate #1 for 7,790,855 Shares&&&&&
UNSALCOM, &&&&&United Sales Company 1906&&&&&
UNSALIINCOIL, &&&&&United Savings Life Insurance Company - Illinois 1969 &&&&&
UNSEORCE, &&&&&United Service Organizations (USO) Certificate - 1947&&&&&
UNSMELRAILAN, &&&&&United Smelters, Railway and Copper Company 1909 - Wyoming&&&&&
UNSTILADCONE, &&&&&United Stated Illuminated Advertising Company - New Jersey 1899&&&&&
UNSTATSAVBON, &&&&&United States $100 War Savings Bond - Large Size - 1942, 1943, 1944&&&&&
UNST1WARSABO, &&&&&United States $100 War Savings Bond Series - 1946&&&&&
UNST1WARSABO1, &&&&&United States $100 War Savings Bond Series E (Uncancelled) - 1944,1945,1946&&&&&
UNSTFIDOSABO3, &&&&&United States $200 Dollar Savings Bond (Rarest denomination) - Washington, D.C. 1952&&&&&
UNST25DESABO, &&&&&United States $25 Defense Savings Bond (Issued prior to Pearl Harbor Attack) - Large Size - WWII September 1941&&&&&
UNSTOFAM50WW, &&&&&United States $25 Dollar Defense Savings Bond (Large Size) - World War II - 1942 &&&&&
UNSTAT25SAVB, &&&&&United States $25 Savings Bond - WWII War Bond 1944 1945&&&&&
UNST25WARSAB, &&&&&United States $25 Uncancelled Series E Savings Bond -1946 to 1949&&&&&
UNSTAT25WARS, &&&&&United States $25 War Savings Bond - Large Size - WWll 1942,1943,1944&&&&&
UNST50SABOLS, &&&&&United States $50 Savings Bond (Large Size) - World War II - Washington, D.C. 1942, 1943, 1944&&&&&
UNST75SABOIB, &&&&&United States $75 Savings Bond ( IBM Punch Card Stock) - 1981&&&&&
UNSTATINSECC, &&&&&United States & International Securities Corporation 1930&&&&&
UNSTAEFOCONE, &&&&&United States Aerating Fountain Company (Early carbonated soda fountain) - New York 1899&&&&&
ORARUNSTAMAI, &&&&&United States Amateur Air Pilots Association and the Sportsman Pilot Association of America archive dated from 1930 to 1934&&&&&
UNSTAUCLCEOF, &&&&&United States Auto Club Certificate of Performance &&&&&
UNSTAUCODE19, &&&&&United States Automotive Corporation (Lexington Motor Company ) - Delaware 1921&&&&&
UNSTATBANCOM, &&&&&United States Baking Company, Inc.&&&&&
UNSTBAOFOFDI, &&&&&United States Bank Office of Discount and Deposit at New York (First Bank of the United States ) signed by Samuel Watkinson - Middletown, Connecticut 1802&&&&&
UNSTBACOME19, &&&&&United States Banking Company - Mexico 1904&&&&&
UNSTBACOSPNE, &&&&&United States Banknote Corporation - Holagram SPECIMEN - New York 1994&&&&&
UNSTBALEU20, &&&&&United States Basketball League (USBL)&&&&&
UNSTBUMULOAC, &&&&&United States Building, Mutual Loan & Accumulating Fund Association - New York 1892&&&&&
UNSTCARCONEW, &&&&&United States Car Company - New Jersey 1894&&&&&
UNSTCARCONEW1, &&&&&United States Car Company signed by Jules S. Bache ( Bache & Co.) - New Jersey 1894&&&&&
UNSTATCARCOM, &&&&&United States Carburetor Company signed by Henry R. Gering - Omaha, Nebraska 1918&&&&&
UNSTCACOOR19, &&&&&United States Cashier Company - $1,000,000 Swindle - Oregon 1912&&&&&
UNSTCOGICODE, &&&&&United States Cotton Ginning Company - Delaware 1913&&&&&
UNSTATDEP, &&&&&United States Depositary - Edwin M. Stanton Vignette 1905&&&&&
UNSTDYPOCONE, &&&&&United States Dynamite Projectile Company (Image of cannon firing at a ship) - New York 1888&&&&&
UNSTATELPOWC, &&&&&United States Electric Power Corporation 1929&&&&&
UNSTATELPOWC1, &&&&&United States Electric Power Corporation 1935&&&&&
UNSTFLFICOUN, &&&&&United States Flax Fibre Company - United States 1897&&&&&
UNSTFRANDEMN, &&&&&United States Freehold and Emigration - New York 1871&&&&&
UNSTFRLAANDE, &&&&&United States Freehold Land and Emigration - New York 1871&&&&&
UNSTGOCO19, &&&&&United States Gold Corporation - Boulder, Colorado 1916&&&&&
UNSTGOMIDECO, &&&&&United States Gold Mining and Development Company - 1896&&&&&
FOLILO, &&&&&United States Goverment Liberty Loan War Bond of 1917 - Bearer Bond ***SOLD***&&&&&
UNSTATGYPCOM, &&&&&United States Gypsum Company Delaware 1979&&&&&
UNSTHOCO18, &&&&&United States Hotel Company (first hotel in Atlantic City ) - Atlantic City, New Jersey - 1883&&&&&
LAHORECA18, &&&&&United States Hotel Signed Register and Ads - Los Angeles, California 1887&&&&&
SEOFARHOOFRE, &&&&&United States House of Representatives Sergeant of Arms Signed Check - 1955&&&&&
UNSTATINTELC, &&&&&United States Independent Telephone Company 1906 - New Jersey&&&&&
UNSTATLEATCO1, &&&&&United States Leather Company - Original Dow Average Component - 1943&&&&&
UNSTATLINCOM1, &&&&&United States Lines Company 1943 - issued to Vincent Astor&&&&&
USLINES, &&&&&United States Lines Stock - 1940's - 1950's&&&&&
UNSTATLININC, &&&&&United States Lines, Inc. - Early Ship Vignette&&&&&
UNSTMACODE19, &&&&&United States Maritime Corporation- Delaware 1918&&&&&
UNSTMEPRCOMA, &&&&&United States Metal Products Company - Massachusetts 1912&&&&&
UNSTMEPRCOMA1, &&&&&United States Metal Products Company - Massachusetts 1913&&&&&
UNSTATMINCOM, &&&&&United States Mining Company 1890's&&&&&
UNSTATMINCOM1, &&&&&United States Mining Company 1899&&&&&
UNSTATMORCOM, &&&&&United States Mortgage Company 1873&&&&&
UNSTATMOVPIC, &&&&&United States Moving Pictures Corporation 1921&&&&&
UNSTNATRSTSA, &&&&&United States Naval Traning Station- San Diego, California 1940&&&&&
NATRCOCESAND, &&&&&United States Navy Training Course Certificate - San Diego, California 1940&&&&&
UNSTATOFAM50, &&&&&United States of America $50 WWII War Savings Bond Series E - 1945, 1948&&&&&
UNSTOFMEME19, &&&&&United States of Mexico $500 Gold Bond - Mexico 1904 - We want to buy this bond&&&&&
UNSTATOFMEX, &&&&&United States of Mexico (George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Vignettes) - 1865 - We want to buy Republic of Mexico Bonds - Sold Out &&&&&
BODELTEDELGO1, &&&&&United States of Mexico - Bono Del Tesoro Del Gobierno Federal De Los Estados Unidos Mexicano - Gold Bond - Mexico 1913 - We want to buy this bond&&&&&
UNSTPACHKFAT, &&&&&United States Patent for the Telegraphone issued to Charles K. Fankhauser - Rhode Island 1917&&&&&
UNSTPACHLOSI, &&&&&United States Patent Charlie Louthan Signaling Device - Kansas 1917&&&&&
UNSTPECONEWY, &&&&&United States Petroleum Company - Venango County, Pennsylvania - Incorporated in New York 1866&&&&&
UNSTATPHARCO, &&&&&United States Pharmacal Co.&&&&&
UNSTATPLAYCA, &&&&&United States Playing Card Company - Cincinnati, Ohio - 1917&&&&&
UNSTPLCACOOH, &&&&&United States Playing Card Company - Ohio 1942&&&&&
UNSTPOSEEL29, &&&&&United States Postal Service - Forty Elvis 29 Cent Stamps signed by Colonel Parker and stamped Las Vegas Hilton - United States 1993&&&&&
UNSTRACOFRAG, &&&&&United States Radium Company (Famous Radium Girls Lawsuit and Play)&&&&&
UNSTRACO, &&&&&United States Radium Company (Famous Radium Girls Lawsuit) - 1926&&&&&
URACOFR, &&&&&United States Radium Company (Famous Radium Girls Lawsuit) Framed - 1926 &&&&&
UNSTRACODE19, &&&&&United States Radium Corporation - Delaware 1940&&&&&
UNSTRECONEWJ, &&&&&United States Realty Sheraton Corporation - New Jersey 1946&&&&&
UNSTRECOAS18, &&&&&United States Reporting & Collecting Association - 1878&&&&&
5SEEESABO, &&&&&United States Savings Bond $5,000 Series EE featuring Paul Revere - RARE $5000 Uncancelled&&&&&
UNSTATSEALPO, &&&&&United States Sealed Postal Card Company - New York 18XX&&&&&
UNSTSHCOOLDB, &&&&&United States Shipbuilding Company - USS Oregon Battleship Vignette (Company became Bethlehem Steel Corporation ) - New Jersey 1902&&&&&
UNSTATSHIPCO, &&&&&United States Shipbuilding Company 1902&&&&&
UNSTSHCOSESY, &&&&&United States Shipbuilding Company Securities Syndicate - New York 1902&&&&&
UNSTATSILFOX, &&&&&United States Silver Fox Farms 1923&&&&&
UNSTATSTEELC1, &&&&&United States Steel Corporation - Terrific Vignette&&&&&
UNSTSTCO19IS1, &&&&&United States Steel Corporation $100,000 Bond issued to Andrew Carnegie - 1901&&&&&
UNSTATSTEELC4, &&&&&United States Steel Corporation 1909 - 1929&&&&&
UNSTATSTEELC, &&&&&United States Steel Corporation Preferred Stock 1948&&&&&
UNSTTAXLIREO, &&&&&United States Tax License - Rectifier of Distilled Spirits 1875&&&&&
UNSTMIMIDRAN, &&&&&United States Tunnel, Mining, Milling, Drainage and Transportation Company - New York 1897&&&&&
UNSTATWHIPCO, &&&&&United States Whip Company 1906&&&&&
UNSTATWORCOM1, &&&&&United States Worsted Company 1920&&&&&
UNSTATWORCOM, &&&&&United States Worsted Company 1920&&&&&
UNSTCODE19, &&&&&United Stockyards Corporation (Steer Vignette) - Delaware 1936&&&&&
UNTECODE, &&&&&United Technologies Corporation 11 3/4% Note - Delaware &&&&&
UNTELINC, &&&&&United Telecommunications, Inc. (Early U. S. Sprint Corporation)&&&&&
UNTECODE19, &&&&&United Telephone Company - Delaware 1912&&&&&
UNTELCOR, &&&&&United Telephone Corporation - Early Telephone Vignette&&&&&
UNTELCOM19, &&&&&United Telpherage Company 1902 - New Jersey&&&&&
UNTEBACOTE19, &&&&&United Tennessee Bancshares Corporation (Now SUNTRUST BANKS, INC. ) - Tennessee 1971&&&&&
UNTEXCOM19, &&&&&United Textile Company 1917&&&&&
UNTHCOIL19, &&&&&United Theatres Corporation - Illinois 1929&&&&&
UNTOGOMIAR19, &&&&&United Tonopah & Goldfield Mines - Nevada. Nye. Tonopah -1906&&&&&
UNTRCOPE18, &&&&&United Traction Company (Specimen) - Pennsylvania 1890's&&&&&
UNTRACCOM19, &&&&&United Traction Company 1900&&&&&
UNUTIN1, &&&&&United Utilities, Incorporated ( Now Sprint )&&&&&
UNUTIN, &&&&&United Utilities, Incorporated (Early United Telecom and Sprint Company)&&&&&
UNVIBAINVI, &&&&&United Virginia Bankshares Incorporated (Became Crestar, Now Suntrust) - Virginia - 1972&&&&&
UNWALINCDEL, &&&&&United Wallpaper, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
UNWATIMCOM, &&&&&United Water Improvement Company 1909&&&&&
UNWATRESINC, &&&&&United Water Resources Inc.&&&&&
UNWIRTELCOM1, &&&&&United Wireless Telegraph Company 1908 - Early Wireless Radio Company Fraud&&&&&
UNZINSMELCOR, &&&&&United Zinc Smelting Corporation&&&&&
UNCOCA19, &&&&&Unitek Corporation - California 1970&&&&&
UNLALAANDIMA, &&&&&Unity Lake Land and Improvement Association - Maine 1892&&&&&
UNAECOAR, &&&&&Universal Aero -Transportation Company - Arizona 1915&&&&&
UNAISCVO1NU1, &&&&&Universal Airline Schedules - Volume 1 - Number 1 (Issued during WW2) - April 1943&&&&&
UNAMCOR, &&&&&Universal American Corporation&&&&&
UNCORACOINDE, &&&&&Universal Coin Radio Company, Inc. - Delaware 1930&&&&&
UNFUCOIN19, &&&&&Universal Furniture Company - Indiana 1959&&&&&
UNLACCO, &&&&&Universal Lace Company 1923 - Maine&&&&&
UNLETOCOSPVI, &&&&&Universal Leaf Tobacco Company Specimen (Now Universal Corporation) - Virginia&&&&&
UNLETOFFFRIC, &&&&&Universal Let Off Friction Company 1908 - Rhode Island&&&&&
UNLIINCONEWY, &&&&&Universal Life Insurance Co. - New York 1868 &&&&&
UNLIGANDPOWC, &&&&&Universal Light and Power Company - Made out to E.H. Rollins and Sons&&&&&
UNLOCOMA19, &&&&&Universal Lock-Tip Co (Famous Shoelace Fraud) - Massachusetts 1929&&&&&
UNLOCCOM, &&&&&Universal Lock-Tip Co (Famous Shoelace Fraud) - Massachusetts 1929&&&&&
UNMACOMI19, &&&&&Universal Machine Company - Michigan 1915&&&&&
NONAME36, &&&&&Universal Pictures Company&&&&&
NONAME38, &&&&&Universal Pictures Company $100 Bill&&&&&
UNPICCOMINCL, &&&&&Universal Pictures Company, Inc. Letter signed by J. Cheever Cowdin - Universal Pictures Chairman 1936&&&&&
UNSEASINDE, &&&&&Universal Seismic Associates Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
UNTEINDE19, &&&&&Universal Telephone, Inc. - Delaware 1971 &&&&&
UNTRADAS, &&&&&Universal Trade Association 1896 - Detroit, Michigan&&&&&
UNCLOFCHIL19, &&&&&University Club of Chicago - Illinois 1942&&&&&
UNCOMCOM50BO, &&&&&University Computing Company - Convertibile $1,000 Bond - Charles Wyly Jr as President 1977&&&&&
UNCOCOSPSTCE, &&&&&University Computing Company Specimen Stock Certificate - Charles Wyly Jr as President 1972&&&&&
UNOFMOBUBOMO, &&&&&University of Montana Building Bond - Montana 1950&&&&&
UNMOBRLOCAST, &&&&&Unsinkable Molly Brown Lobby Card Starring Harve Presnell and Debbie Reynolds - 1964&&&&&
UOPUNOILPROD, &&&&&UOP (Universal Oil Products) Inc Stock Certificates&&&&&
UPINCO, &&&&&Upgrade International Corporation&&&&&
UPCODE, &&&&&Upjohn Company ( Now Pfizer ) - 1971&&&&&
UPBOHYMICO18, &&&&&Upper Boise Hydraulic Mining Company (Issued to Stilson Hutchins - Washington Post Founder) signed by Ezra Cornell Blair - 1898&&&&&
UPCOOSRAIL, &&&&&Upper Coos Railroad 1890's&&&&&
UPPOTSTEAMCO, &&&&&Upper Potomac Steamboat Company - City of Washington DC - 1875&&&&&
UPRACICOSODA, &&&&&Upper Rapid City Company - South Dakota 189_&&&&&
URINUT19, &&&&&Uranus, Incorporated (Uranium Mines) - Utah&&&&&
URMOTPICININ, &&&&&Urban Motion Picture Industries, Inc. 1922&&&&&
URCOLGROUNSA, &&&&&Ursline College Grounds, Santa Rosa, California Postcard&&&&&
USDEOFCOCOFS, &&&&&US Department of Commerce (Certificate of Service for Seaman) - 1940 WWII&&&&&
USWEBCOR, &&&&&US Web Corporation with Joseph P. Firmage as Chairman&&&&&
USWEINCO19, &&&&&US West, Inc. (Part of ATT Breakup) - Colorado&&&&&
UTSALLAKCANC, &&&&&Utah & Salt Lake Canal Company - 1895&&&&&
UTSALACACOUT, &&&&&Utah & Salt Lake Canal Company signed by Elias A. Smith - Utah 1891&&&&&
UTDECOMA19, &&&&&Utah Development Company - Maine 1905 signed by A. J. Orem ( Orem, Utah namesake )&&&&&
UTSACOUT18, &&&&&Utah Saltpetre Company - Utah 1899&&&&&
UTSHLACOUT19, &&&&&Utah Shale Land Corporation - Utah 1968&&&&&
UTEURINC19, &&&&&Ute Uranium, Inc 1954 signed by Mayor of Cripple Creek&&&&&
UTANDBLACRIV, &&&&&Utica and Black River Railroad Company 1890&&&&&
UTANDMORAROC, &&&&&Utica and Mohawk Rail Road Company - New York&&&&&
UTANDWARAROC, &&&&&Utica and Waterville Rail Road Company signed by John Butterfield as President 1866&&&&&
UTCARCOM18UT, &&&&&Utica Carriage Company 1890's&&&&&
UTCIRAROCO, &&&&&Utica City Rail Road Company&&&&&
UTSTEAMANDMO, &&&&&Utica Steam and Mohawk Valley Cotton Mills 1904&&&&&
UTSTENCONEWY, &&&&&Utica Steam Engine Co. - New York 1871&&&&&
UTINCOR, &&&&&Utilities & Industries Corp. - New York&&&&&
UTCOCO19, &&&&&Utilities Coal Corporation ( $1000 Gold Bond) - 1923&&&&&
UTELCOCODE19, &&&&&Utilities Elkhorn Coal Company $1000 Gold Bond - Kentucky 1928&&&&&
UTPOWLIGCOR, &&&&&Utilities Power & Light Corporation 1937&&&&&
UVININCPREVK, &&&&&UV Industries, Inc. (previously known as U.S. Smelting, Refining, & Mining Co)&&&&&
VFIARTCOWADI, &&&&&V.G. Fischer Art Company - Washington, District of Columbia 1910&&&&&
VALINUXSYSTEMS, &&&&&VA Linux Systems&&&&&
VACOILCOMINC, &&&&&Vacuum Oil Company, Inc. New York&&&&&
VASACODE19, &&&&&Vadsco Sales Corporation - Delaware 1929&&&&&
VAMICOUT19, &&&&&Valeo Mining Company Wasatch County, Park City, Utah 1911&&&&&
VAMICOUT18, &&&&&Valeo Mining Company signed by Senator Thomas Kearns - Wasatch County, Park City, Utah 1899&&&&&
VACLOFMOCA19, &&&&&Valley Club of Montecito - Golf Club located in Santa Barbara, California - 1946 &&&&&
VAFOHOCOPE19, &&&&&Valley Forge Hotel Company - Pennsylvania 1926 &&&&&
VAIMCOINNEWM, &&&&&Valley Improvement Co., Inc. - New Mexico 1930&&&&&
VANAFICOAR, &&&&&Valley National Financial Corporation (The Valley National Bank of Arizona) - Arizona &&&&&
VALOILCOM, &&&&&Valley Oil Company - California&&&&&
VALRAILCOM18, &&&&&Valley Railway Company (Became Baltimore & Ohio Railroad ) - Cleveland, Ohio 1880&&&&&
VARACOSIBYWA, &&&&&Valley Railway Company signed by Founder of Western Union Telegraph 1889 - Cleveland, Ohio&&&&&
VALSPRINCREA, &&&&&Valley Springs Creamery Company 1896&&&&&
VATECOVAOR19, &&&&&Valley Telephone Company - Vale, Oregon 1908&&&&&
VACODE19, &&&&&Valspar Corporation - Delaware 1968 &&&&&
VAHEINDE19, &&&&&Value Health, Inc. - Delaware 1996&&&&&
VALIN, &&&&&ValuJet ( Flight 592 crash forced company into merger and name change)&&&&&
VAFIFLCE, &&&&&ValuJet First Flight Certificate&&&&&
VAINNE, &&&&&ValuJet, Inc. - Nevada&&&&&
VANCAMPACCOM, &&&&&Van Camp Packing Company 1930&&&&&
VANDEWAGOSIM, &&&&&Van De Water Gold & Silver Mining Company of Nevada - Humboldt County, Indian District, Nevada -1880&&&&&
VANEMDGUGOMI, &&&&&Van Emden (Dutch Guiana) Gold Mines - 1940&&&&&
VANRESKCLNEW, &&&&&Van Rensselaer Skating Club - Albany, New York 1863&&&&&
VANBCDEVCOML, &&&&&Vancouver B.C. Development Company Limited 1913&&&&&
VAINNHOINCA1, &&&&&Vandenberg Inn & Hotel, Inc. - California 1960&&&&&
VACOMICO18, &&&&&Vanderbilt Consolidated Mining Company - Colorado 1882&&&&&
VAHOCONEWYO1, &&&&&Vanderbilt Hotel Corporation - New York 1929&&&&&
VANNEWSIGBYV, &&&&&Vanderbilt Newspapers, Inc. signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr - 1924&&&&&
VADASYCA19, &&&&&Vanguard Data Systems - California 1969&&&&&
VAFAMIPE, &&&&&Vanity Fair Mills - Pennsylvania &&&&&
VAPCOR, &&&&&Vapor Corporation ( Not a Dot Com )&&&&&
VAFUCOVI18, &&&&&Vapor Fuel Company - Alexandria, Virginia 1883 &&&&&
VARANLIFINCO, &&&&&Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company&&&&&
VARCOR, &&&&&Varity Corporation ( Massey Ferguson )&&&&&
VACOCA, &&&&&Varity Corporation - Canada&&&&&
VEECININC, &&&&&Veeco Instruments Inc.&&&&&
VEEDROOTIN, &&&&&Veeder - Root Incorporated - Hartford, Connecticut&&&&&
VEGMINANDMIL, &&&&&Vega Mining and Milling Company - South Dakota 1902&&&&&
LASVEGVEGWOR, &&&&&Vegas World Corporation ( Now Stratosphere Hotel ) - 1987&&&&&
VEOFBALOCAST, &&&&&Veils of Bagdad Lobby Card starring Victor Mature and Mari Blanchard - 1953&&&&&
VEOFBALOCAST1, &&&&&Veils of Bagdad Lobby Card Starring Victor Mature and Mari Blanchard - 1953&&&&&
VENDOCOMPANY, &&&&&Vendo Company - Early Vending Machine Company&&&&&
VECOMI19, &&&&&Vendo Company - Missouri 1959 ( Made Coin Operated Coke Machines )&&&&&
VENINCOR, &&&&&Vendors Investment Corporation&&&&&
VEBACLINCCA, &&&&&Ventura Baseball Club, Inc - California&&&&&
VECOBACLINCA, &&&&&Ventura County Baseball Club, Inc. (Ventura County Braves) - California 1950&&&&&
VECAINNE19, &&&&&Venture Capitalists, Inc. - Nevada 1983&&&&&
VEHOINDE20, &&&&&Verado Holdings, Inc. (Violators of the Securities Act of 1933) - Delaware 2001&&&&&
VECHCOMICOAR, &&&&&Verde Chief Copper Mining Company - Arizona 1901&&&&&
VEGRCOCOAR191, &&&&&Verde Grande Copper Company (Gold Bond) - Arizona 1912&&&&&
VEINDE19, &&&&&VeriFone, Inc. - Delaware 1996&&&&&
VERISIGN, &&&&&VeriSign ( Network Solutions Dot Com Domain Name Registry )&&&&&
VEENSEINMOCA, &&&&&Veritas Energy Services Inc.- Montreal, Canada&&&&&
VEROILGASCOM, &&&&&Verland Oil & Gas Company 1921 issued to Frank H. Gunther of Gunther Beer Company&&&&&
VEROILGASCOM1, &&&&&Verland Oil & Gas Company 1921 issued to Frank H. Gunther of Gunther Beer Company&&&&&
VEAICO19, &&&&&Vermont Airways Corporation - 1929 Newport, Vermont&&&&&
VERMONTBONDS, &&&&&Vermont Bonds&&&&&
VEMUBOBA, &&&&&Vermont Municipal Bond Bank - Vermont&&&&&
VEROAUON3X5C, &&&&&Vermont Royster (Wall Street Journal Editor) autograph on a 3" x 5" card on U. S. Postage 3 Cent stamp&&&&&
VERTEDBEARCO, &&&&&Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc.&&&&&
VEBEPACOSAFL, &&&&&Vero Beach Packing Company - Sanford, Florida&&&&&
VERTICALNETINC, &&&&&VerticalNet, Inc.&&&&&
VERCAMSUGCOM1, &&&&&Vertientes - Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba issued to John Jacob Astor's son, Vincent Astor - 1947&&&&&
VERCAMSUGCOM, &&&&&Vertientes - Camaguey Sugar Company of Cuba Stock Certificate ( Nationalized by Castro in 1959) &&&&&
VEAICODE19, &&&&&Verville Aircraft Company signed by Alfred V. Verville - Delaware 1930&&&&&
VESPCODE19, &&&&&Vervoort Specialties Corporation - Delaware 1935 &&&&&
VESTEXINC, &&&&&Vestex, Inc. - New York&&&&&
VECOOFARNEWY, &&&&&Veteran Corps of Artillery - New York&&&&&
VETFIRCER18, &&&&&Veteran Fireman's Certificate - 1894 Lyons City, Iowa&&&&&
VIACOMINC, &&&&&Viacom Inc.&&&&&
VIININ, &&&&&Viacom International Inc. (Pre Sumner Redstone ) - Ohio 1977&&&&&
VICODE1, &&&&&Viant Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
VIBCOCA, &&&&&VIB Corp. - California ( Valley Independent Bank )&&&&&
VICTAENINDE1, &&&&&Vic Tanny Enterprises, Inc. (Pioneer in the creation of the modern health club) - Delaware 1961&&&&&
VICODE19, &&&&&Vico Corporation - Delaware 1969&&&&&
VILAANDMICOC, &&&&&Victor Land and Mineral Company - California 1914&&&&&
VIMOINDE19, &&&&&Victor Motors Inc. - Delaware 1923&&&&&
VICPAGMOTCOR, &&&&&Victor Page Motors Corporation 1922 - Touring Car Underprint&&&&&
VISTMOCOCA19, &&&&&Victor Steam Motor Company - California 1913&&&&&
VICBONCORSTO, &&&&&Victoria Bondholders Corporation Stock Certificate 1943 - 1944&&&&&
VIBOCLCOEN18, &&&&&Victoria Bowling Club Company - England 1876 &&&&&
VICOLIIN19, &&&&&Victoria Coach Line, Inc. - Massachusetts 1927&&&&&
VICODECOOFAR1, &&&&&Victoria Copper Developing Co. of Arizona - New York 1882&&&&&
VICODECOOFAR, &&&&&Victoria Copper Developing Co. of Arizona - Pinal. Pioneer. Arizona - 1882&&&&&
VICGRAMLIM, &&&&&Victoria Gramophones Limited&&&&&
VICMILCOR, &&&&&Victoria Mills Corporation 1895 - Newberryport, Massachusettes&&&&&
VIOILCOWEVI1, &&&&&Victoria Oil Company - West Virginia 1920&&&&&
VICSTATIN1, &&&&&Victoria Station Incorporated - Famous Train Station Restaurant&&&&&
VIBOCLLO19, &&&&&Victory Bond Club ( Horatio Bottomley Scam) - London 1919&&&&&
VICCIGLABKNI, &&&&&Victory Cigar Label - Knight Image&&&&&
VICFORAM19, &&&&&Victory for America 1964 - Barry Goldwater Stock Certificate&&&&&
VICPARLANAND, &&&&&Victory Park Land and Improvement Company 1925 - New York&&&&&
VISADE19, &&&&&Vidal Sassoon, Inc. - Delaware 1982&&&&&
VIDININC, &&&&&Videolocity International, Inc.&&&&&
VIDROY, &&&&&Vidler Royalites - Texas 1923&&&&&
VIEILCURDECE, &&&&&VIEILLE CURE DE CENON - French Wine 1952&&&&&
VIMACOSODSSC, &&&&&Vietnam Match Company - SOCIÉTÉ DÉS SCIERIES ET FABRIQUES D'ALLUMETTES DÉ THANH-HOA - Hanoi, French Indo China 1913&&&&&
VIEWFROMNEVS, &&&&&View From the Nevada Shore, Lake Tahoe Postcard&&&&&
VIGBAYTREASC, &&&&&Vigo Bay Treasure Company - 1886&&&&&
VIKRESININC, &&&&&Viking Resources International, Inc.&&&&&
VILDININC, &&&&&Village Diner, Inc. 1935&&&&&
VIOFSHIL19, &&&&&Village of Sherman, Illinois - 1994&&&&&
VIDEBRFR19, &&&&&Ville De Braux Emprunt Municipal - France 1948&&&&&
VIDELAQUCA19, &&&&&Ville De Laval - Quebec, Canada 1995&&&&&
SACA19, &&&&&Ville de Saint-Hubert - Quebec, Canada 1995&&&&&
VITEDE, &&&&&Vina Technologies - Delaware&&&&&
VPRJRORCHFRC, &&&&&Vincent Leonard Price (Horror Movie Actor) signed check - 1973&&&&&
VIPAHOCOFL19, &&&&&Vinoy Park Hotel Company - St. Petersburg , Florida 1937&&&&&
VICODE, &&&&&Virbac Corporation - Delaware &&&&&
VIAGMESOVI18, &&&&&Virginia Agricultural & Mechanical Society - Virginia 1888&&&&&
VIANDTERACOL, &&&&&Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Company Loan - New York 1853&&&&&
VIRGINIABONDS, &&&&&Virginia Bonds&&&&&
VIRCOALANDIR1, &&&&&Virginia Coal and Iron Company&&&&&
VIRCOALANDIR, &&&&&Virginia Coal and Iron Company Stock Certificate 1920's -Roman Goddess Virtus Vignette&&&&&
VICOBAINC, &&&&&Virginia Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc - (Became Signet Banking Corporation then First Union)&&&&&
VIRELANDPOWC, &&&&&Virginia Electric and Power Company ( Early Dominion Resources Company )&&&&&
VIFIANDMAINC, &&&&&Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company ( 2 Cent Imprinted Revenue Stamp) - 1880&&&&&
VIFIANDMAINC2, &&&&&Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company - Richmond, Virginia&&&&&
VIFIANDMAINC3, &&&&&Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company - Virginia 1896&&&&&
VIGAINWIVI19, &&&&&Virginia Gazette, Incorporated - Williamsburg, Virginia - 1935&&&&&
NONAME7, &&&&&Virginia Hotel Corporation Gold Bond - Nevada 1931&&&&&
VIINLALOANDT, &&&&&Virginia International Land Loan and Trust Company - Virginia 1871&&&&&
VIMIANDLECOC, &&&&&Virginia Mining and Leasing Company - Colorado 1899&&&&&
VIPLGLCOVI19, &&&&&Virginia Plate Glass Corporation - Virginia 1921 &&&&&
VIPOINBLVI19, &&&&&Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) - Blacksburg, Virginia 1963&&&&&
VIPUSCAUVI19, &&&&&Virginia Public School Authority - Virginia 1974&&&&&
VISTCODOREBO, &&&&&Virginia State College Dormitory Revenue Bond - Petersburg, Virginia 1960&&&&&
VITETECOVI, &&&&&Virginia Telephone & Telegraph Company - Virginia&&&&&
VIRGOFILMSINC, &&&&&Virgo Films Inc&&&&&
VISDELMAROIL, &&&&&Vista Del Mar Oil Company 1921 - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
VISCINNEWYO1, &&&&&Visual Sciences, Inc. - New York 1982&&&&&
VICODE191, &&&&&Vitaphone Company - Delaware 1916&&&&&
VITCOM, &&&&&Vitaphone Company 1916&&&&&
VIOILRECODE1, &&&&&Vitek Oil & Refining Corporation - Delaware 1927 &&&&&
VITEINDE20, &&&&&Vitria Technology, Inc. - Delaware 2002&&&&&
VIVUN, &&&&&Vivendi Universal&&&&&
VIZGOLMIN19, &&&&&Viznaga Gold Mining Company - Arizona 1903&&&&&
VMSOFTWARE, &&&&&VM Software&&&&&
VOINMALI18, &&&&&Voelker Incandescent Mantle Limited - England 1899&&&&&
VOLICO18, &&&&&Voelker Light Company issued to and signed by Stilson Hutchins (Washington Post Founder) - 1897&&&&&
VOINCOISTOAN, &&&&&Vogue Instrument Company issued to and signed by Bernard L Madoff - RARE 1967&&&&&
VOINCONEWYO1, &&&&&Vogue Instrument Corp. - New York 1968&&&&&
VORU19, &&&&&Volga - Bougoulma - St. Petersburg, Russia 1910&&&&&
VOAG19, &&&&&Volkswagen AG - 1991&&&&&
VOINTE19, &&&&&Vols, Inc. (Double A Minor League Baseball Team) - Nashville, Tennessee 1959&&&&&
VOLINSERINC, &&&&&Volt Information Sciences, Inc. (VIS) 1970's&&&&&
VOYIN, &&&&& ( Now CoreComm )&&&&&
VUMICO18, &&&&&Vulcan Mining Company of New Jersey - Ontonagon County, Michigan - 1848&&&&&
VUOILCOWY19, &&&&&Vulcan Oil Company (Great gift for a Star Trek Trekkie)- Wyoming 190_&&&&&
VUMICO, &&&&&Vulture Mining Company (uncancelled) - Images of vultures - Goldfield, Esmeralda Co., Wonder, Nevada 1907&&&&&
KSULIVWVOBUG, &&&&&VW Beetle - Kool Super Lights VW Volkswagen Original Bug Beetle 9" Vinyl sticker - 1970's&&&&&
WMSHCOAR19, &&&&&W. M. Sheridan & Company - Arizona 1915&&&&&
WROSCONEWYO11, &&&&&W. R. Ostrander & Co. - New York 1920&&&&&
WROSCONEWYO1, &&&&&W. R. Ostrander & Co. - New York 1926&&&&&
WTGRCODE, &&&&&W. T. Grant Company - Delaware &&&&&
WACPOSAN1, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "And i thought I knew something about business"&&&&&
WACPOSAN, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "And I use to enjoy doing this with the radio"&&&&&
WACPOSDON, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "Don't worry...I'm keeping well under cover!"&&&&&
WACPOSDON1, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "Don't worry...Uncle Sam is keeping us in line"&&&&&
WACPOSIK, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "I knew XXX well I'd like this job!"&&&&&
WACPOSIUS, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "I used to worry about styles...This will suit me now on."&&&&&
WACPOSIM, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "I'm getting a big bang out of this army life"&&&&&
WACPOSIM1, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "I'm in fine condition for the shape i'm in"&&&&&
WACPOSJEEP, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "JEEPERS...This is where our women driving comes in handy"&&&&&
WACPOSJUS, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "Just Looking!"&&&&&
WACPOSLOOK, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "Look who's guarding who"&&&&&
WACPOSTHER, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "There is nothing like a uniform to attract attention"&&&&&
WACPOSYOUL, &&&&&W.A.C. Postcard "You'll Never Know Me Now"&&&&&
WAAPVEENINCA, &&&&&W.A.V.E. - Water Apparatus & Vehicular Engineering, Inc. - Surfboard Maker - Karl Pope, President (formerly of Morey-Pope Surfboards)- California, 1974&&&&&
WFIPRCODE19, &&&&&W.C. Fields Producing Corporation (W.C. Fields founded this vaudeville theater production company) - Delaware, 1920&&&&&
WDSMITORCOM, &&&&&W.D. Smith Ordnance Company 1917&&&&&
WMOPUCONEWYO, &&&&&W.F. Morris Publishing Company (Baldwinsville Gazette Newspaper) - Baldwinsville, New York 1895&&&&&
WINCONEWYO18, &&&&&W.H. Ingham and Company (Speculative Syndicate ) - New York 1888&&&&&
WMCSUREMOCO, &&&&&W.J. McCahan Sugar Refining & Molasses Company - Delaware 1935&&&&&
WTGRANTCOMPANY, &&&&&W.T. Grant Company - Famous Department Store&&&&&
WTGRANT, &&&&&W.T. Grant Company 1922&&&&&
WGRCODESTCUP, &&&&&W.T. Grant Company Department Store Cumulative Participation Preferred Shares handsigned by Founder, William Thomas Grant - Massachusetts 1922&&&&&
WTGRANT1O, &&&&&W.T. Grant Company Department Store Preferred Stock Certificate signed by Founder, William Thomas Grant - Massachusetts&&&&&
WGRCODESTCUP1, &&&&&W.T. Grant Company Stock Certificates - Massachusetts 1931&&&&&
WWKIMCOMWARC, &&&&&W.W. Kimball Piano Company 1908 - 1910&&&&&
WACOMICOCRCR, &&&&&Wabash Consolidated Mining Co. - Cripple Creek, Colorado 1902&&&&&
WACPOSAN2, &&&&&WAC Postcard "And I Was the One That Couldn't Even Change a Tire!"&&&&&
WACPOSHUR, &&&&&WAC Postcard "Hurry up and write...I'm all ears"&&&&&
WACPOSIM2, &&&&&WAC Postcard "I'm having a hot time"&&&&&
WACPOSJUS2, &&&&&WAC Postcard "Just Give Me a Hairpin and I Can Fix Anything"&&&&&
WACPOSJUS1, &&&&&WAC Postcard "Just showing (Hitler) there's a big kick in this outfit"&&&&&
WACPOSMYH, &&&&&WAC Postcard "My how the times have changed"&&&&&
WACPOSMYX, &&&&&WAC Postcard "My XXX dogs are sure barkin' "&&&&&
WACPOSNEV, &&&&&WAC Postcard "Never a Dull Moment Here"&&&&&
WACPOSOUR, &&&&&WAC Postcard "Our country did it before and we are going to help do it again" (Anti Hitler) WWII&&&&&
WACPOSTHIS, &&&&&WAC Postcard "this is the only 'cutting up' I've done"&&&&&
WACPOSWER, &&&&&WAC Postcard "We're giving 'em (Hitler) a big WAC"&&&&&
WACPOSWER1, &&&&&WAC Postcard "We're sure giving the boys a ride!"&&&&&
WACONOCA1, &&&&&Wachovia Corporation (Wells Fargo) - Rare Specimen - North Carolina &&&&&
WACCOR1, &&&&&Wacker Corporation (Skyscraper in Vignette)&&&&&
WAELMACOSTLO, &&&&&Wagner Electric Manufacturing Company signed by Founder Wagner - St. Louis, Missouri 1894&&&&&
WAPACARCO, &&&&&Wagner Palace Car Company (Major competitor to the Pullman’s Palace Car) signed by William Seward Webb - 1898&&&&&
WAGPALCARCOM2, &&&&&Wagner Palace Car Company 1893&&&&&
WAGPALCARCOM, &&&&&Wagner Palace Car Company Check 1898&&&&&
WAPACARCONEW2, &&&&&Wagner Palace Car Company issued to William K. Vanderbilt - New York 1890&&&&&
PALACE, &&&&&WAGNER PALACE CAR STOCK Signed by WEBB - 1890s&&&&&
WACACA, &&&&&Wal-Mart Canada Specimen Gift Certificate - Canada &&&&&
WALSYSIN, &&&&&Waldorf Systems Incorporated - Famous Waldorf Lunch Apple logo&&&&&
WAONWISILOCA, &&&&&Walk on the Wild Side Lobby Card Starring Laurence Harvey, Capucine, and Jane Fonda - 1962&&&&&
WARAMICOAR19, &&&&&Walker Range Mining Company - Arizona 1907 &&&&&
WATECONEWYO1, &&&&&Walker Telecommunications Corporation (Early Cellular Phone Manufacturer) - New York 1986 &&&&&
WAMAOFCASEAN, &&&&&Walker's Manual of California Securities and Directory of Directors (Various Years 1920 - 1925)&&&&&
WAFIGRBRCO, &&&&&Wall Financial Group - British Columbia, Canada&&&&&
WALLSTREETDELI, &&&&&Wall Street Deli&&&&&
WASTFAINNEWY, &&&&&Wall Street Facts, Inc. - New York 1923&&&&&
WALMURCOR, &&&&&Wallace - Murray Corporation&&&&&
WAGOANDSIMIC, &&&&&Wallace Gold and Silver Mining Co. - Indian District, Humboldt Co., Nevada Territory 1863&&&&&
WAININDE, &&&&&Wallace Investments, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
WALMUSENCOMI, &&&&&Wallichs Music & Entertainment Company, Inc. - Famous Hollywood Landmark Wallich's Music City&&&&&
WAVARACONEWY, &&&&&Wallkill Valley Railway Company - New York 1868&&&&&
WALSLIPENCOM, &&&&&Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Company - 1920 England&&&&&
WADICO, &&&&&Walt Disney Company (Rare Liquid Yield Option Note - Zero Coupon ) - Delaware 1990&&&&&
WADICODE19, &&&&&Walt Disney Company (Rare Liquid Yield Option Note - Zero Coupon ) - Delaware 1990&&&&&
WADICO19, &&&&&Walt Disney Company - 1990&&&&&
WADIPRCA19, &&&&&Walt Disney Productions - California &&&&&
WADIPR19, &&&&&Walt Disney Productions - California 1968&&&&&
WADIPRCA192, &&&&&Walt Disney Productions - California 1974&&&&&
WADIPR192, &&&&&Walt Disney Productions - Printers Test Certificate - 1986&&&&&
WADIPRCODERO, &&&&&Walt Disney Productions Convertible Debenture (Roy O. Disney as President) - California, 1968&&&&&
WADIPRCA2, &&&&&Walt Disney Productions RARE 5% Convertible Debenture 1969 - California &&&&&
WALAMINC, &&&&&Walter Amusements, Inc.&&&&&
WALKIDCOMIN, &&&&&Walter Kidde & Company - Fire and Safety Products Company 1978&&&&&
WAKICOINDE19, &&&&&Walter Kidde & Company, Inc. - Delaware 1974 &&&&&
WALAPRIN, &&&&&Walter Lantz Productions hand signed check by Walter Lantz (famous cartoonist who created Woody Woodpecker ) - 1984&&&&&
IRTRCOCNEWYO, &&&&&Walter Winchell Signed Check - New York 1939&&&&&
WALWINSIGCHE, &&&&&Walter Winchell Signed Check issued to International News Photos - 1933&&&&&
WALPRECINCOM, &&&&&Waltham Precision Instrument Company, Inc.&&&&&
WAWACOMA19, &&&&&Waltham Watch Company - Massachusetts 1920's&&&&&
WABRCOEN18, &&&&&Wandsworth Bridge Company - England 1866&&&&&
WANLABINC, &&&&&Wang Laboratories, Inc,&&&&&
WALAINNEWYO, &&&&&Wang Laboratories, Inc. Computer Company (Warrant) - New York&&&&&
WARANDPELOCA, &&&&&War and Peace Lobby Card Starring Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda - 1956&&&&&
MILITARY-COLLECTIBLES, &&&&&War Bonds and Other&&&&&
WAREAGCONMIN, &&&&&War Eagle Consolidated Mining Company 1900 - 1905&&&&&
WAREACOCONE1, &&&&&War Eagle Copper Company signed by John S. Hills and Judge J. P. O'Brien (Greenwater) - Nevada 1907&&&&&
WARMEMANDOPH, &&&&&War Memorial and Opera House, Civic Center, - San Francisco, California&&&&&
WARSTCO19, &&&&&War Stock Combination ( Horatio Bottomley Scam) - 1918&&&&&
WAELCARCOLT1, &&&&&Ward Electrical Car Company, Ltd. - 1891&&&&&
WAOFPHPE18, &&&&&Warden's Office Port of Philadelphia - Pennsylvania 1856&&&&&
WAPAHOIN5GOB, &&&&&Wardman Park Hotel, Inc. $500 Gold Bond - Washington DC - District of Columbia 1922&&&&&
WARRIVRAILCO, &&&&&Ware River Railroad Company - Massachusetts&&&&&
WAFECOOFCECO, &&&&&Waring Fertilizer Company of Cecil County - Maryland 1882&&&&&
WAGRINDE20, &&&&&Warnaco Group, Inc. - Delaware 2001&&&&&
WARPHARCOM, &&&&&Warner - Lambert Pharmaceutical Company (Now Pfizer)&&&&&
WALAPHCOSPST, &&&&&Warner - Lambert Pharmaceutical Company Specimen Stock Certificate - Delaware&&&&&
WABRPIINNEWY, &&&&&Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. - New York 1929&&&&&
WABRCOCO, &&&&&Warner Brothers Company (Warnaco Group) Convertible Preferred - Connecticut&&&&&
JUMPOSFROMWA, &&&&&Warner Brothers Studio, Burbank, California - Postcard 1940's&&&&&
WACOINDE19, &&&&&Warner Communications Inc. ( Steven J. Ross as Chairman of the Board ) - 1979&&&&&
WARCOMINCSPE, &&&&&Warner Communications Inc. Specimen ( Steven J. Ross as Chairman of the Board )&&&&&
WACOSYINDE19, &&&&&Warner Computer Systems, Inc. - Delaware 1989&&&&&
WALACODE, &&&&&Warner Lambert Company - Delaware&&&&&
WACODE, &&&&&Warner-Lambert Company - Delaware&&&&&
WACEVMACO19, &&&&&Warren C. Evans Machine Company - Maine 1904&&&&&
WAINCOFORSLS, &&&&&Warren Insurance Company for Sloop Sally - Warren, Rhode Island 1818&&&&&
WAMOMACOMA18, &&&&&Washburn & Moen Manufacturing Company ( Famous Barb Wire Maker ) - Worcester, Mass. 1884&&&&&
WADPROBAINPR, &&&&&Washington (DC) Pro Baseball, Inc. - Prospectus 1976&&&&&
WAANDBALACOB, &&&&&Washington and Baltimore Land Company - Baltimore City, Maryland 1901&&&&&
WAANDMAVIHO1, &&&&&Washington and Martha's Vineyard Hotel Company - 1894&&&&&
WAASOFNEWJEN, &&&&&Washington Association of New Jersey - Morristown, New Jersey&&&&&
WASAUDCOR, &&&&&Washington Auditorium Corporation 1925&&&&&
WASBARGOLMIN, &&&&&Washington Bar Gold Mining Co.&&&&&
WABOANDLUCOS, &&&&&Washington Boom and Lumber Company signed by Henry Hewitt Jr. (Founded Everett) - Tacoma, Washington 1893 &&&&&
WASCOUNCLUBI, &&&&&Washington Country Club, Inc - 1909&&&&&
WASRAILANDEL, &&&&&Washington DC Railway and Electric Company 1905 - Early Trolly Vignette&&&&&
WASFIRCOMSTO, &&&&&Washington Fire Company Stock Association 1860's&&&&&
WAGASLICOUNS, &&&&&Washington Gas Light Company - United States 1956&&&&&
WAGASLICOUNS1, &&&&&Washington Gas Light Company Specimen - Washnington DC - Virginia&&&&&
WASHISBRAVPO, &&&&&Washington his Bravery Post Card&&&&&
WASHISPATPOS, &&&&&Washington His Patriotism Postcard&&&&&
WASHISTRUTPO, &&&&&Washington His Truthfulness Postcard&&&&&
WAHOREBOWADC, &&&&&Washington Hospital Revenue Bond - Washington DC - Marion Barry as Mayor 1988&&&&&
WASICEMANCOM, &&&&&Washington Ice Manufacturing Company 1922&&&&&
WAJOCODC19, &&&&&Washington Journal Company - Washington DC 1911&&&&&
WALORE18, &&&&&Washington Lodge of Freemasons, Roxbury, Massachusetts (Group of 6 signed receipts) - 1802 &&&&&
WASMARCOM, &&&&&Washington Market Company - Washington DC 1927&&&&&
WASHMKT, &&&&&Washington Market Company 1920's - DC&&&&&
WAMIMA18, &&&&&Washington Mills - Lawrence, Massashcusetts 1882&&&&&
WAMICO18, &&&&&Washington Mining Company - Grass Valley Mining District, Nevada Co., Cal 1873&&&&&
WAMUWA, &&&&&Washington Mutual (Largest bank failure in American financial history) - Washington &&&&&
WANABAOFBOMA, &&&&&Washington National Bank of Boston - Massachusetts 1890&&&&&
WANAMOSOWAD, &&&&&Washington National Monument Society - Washington, D.C. 1849&&&&&
WANAMOSO, &&&&&Washington National Monument Society 1849&&&&&
WAPOCOKGRASC, &&&&&Washington Post Company RARE IPO Specimen Stock Certificate (Meryl Streep stars as Post publisher Katharine Graham in the movie "The Post") - Delaware 1971&&&&&
WAPOCODE, &&&&&Washington Post Company RARE Specimen Stock Certificate (Meryl Streep stars as Post publisher Katharine Graham in the movie "The Post") - Delaware 1977 &&&&&
WASPOSCOM, &&&&&Washington Post Company with Kay Graham as Chairman (Meryl Streep stars as Post publisher Katharine Graham in the movie "The Post") - Delaware - 1971&&&&&
WAPUPOSUSYBO2, &&&&&Washington Public Power Supply System $5000 Uncancelled Bond ( WPPSS aka Whoops ) Defaulted on $2.25 billion of municipal bonds - Nuclear power plants - Washington State 1980&&&&&
WAPUPOSUSYBO, &&&&&Washington Public Power Supply System Bond ( WPPSS aka Whoops ) - 1963 - Washington State&&&&&
WAPUPOSUSYBO1, &&&&&Washington Public Power Supply System Bond ( WPPSS aka Whoops ) Defaulted on $2.25 billion of municipal bonds - Nuclear power plants - RARE Specimen Bond - Washington State 1963&&&&&
WAPUMIANDCRC, &&&&&Washington Purified Milk and Cream Company - West Virginia 1890's&&&&&
WASSTATPOS, &&&&&Washington State Postcards - Old&&&&&
WASSTATUTCHE, &&&&&Washington State Power Utility District No. 1 Revenue $1000 Bond (Dam Vignette) - Chelan County 1958&&&&&
WATRANDELCO1, &&&&&Washington Traction and Electric Company ( Certificate of Deposit of Shares of Stock) - 1901&&&&&
WATRASINPE19, &&&&&Washington Trotting Association, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1962&&&&&
WATUCO18, &&&&&Washington Turnpike Company - 1819&&&&&
WAUTCOVI19, &&&&&Washington Utilities Company - Virginia 1912&&&&&
WAVECOWA, &&&&&Washington Veneer Company - Olympia, Washington &&&&&
WASWATPOWCOM1, &&&&&Washington Water Power Company&&&&&
WAWAPOWA19, &&&&&Washington Water Power Company - Specimen Gold Bond - Spokane, Washington 1919&&&&&
WASWATPOWCOM, &&&&&Washington Water Power Company 1926 ( Early Avista Corporation ) - Gold Bond&&&&&
WASCATCOM, &&&&&Washita Cattle Company 1883&&&&&
WAMAINDE, &&&&&Waste Management, Inc. - Delaware &&&&&
WATTREATCOR, &&&&&Water Treatment Corporation ( Sequa Corporation)&&&&&
WAWOBOOFCIOF, &&&&&Water Works Board of the City of Mobile - Alabama 1950&&&&&
WAAUSITECOWA, &&&&&Waterbury Automatic Signal Telegraph Co. - Waterbury, Connecticut 1881&&&&&
WAFOCOCO19, &&&&&Waterbury Foundry Company - Connecticut 1913 &&&&&
WADUANDLIRAC, &&&&&Waterford, Dungarvan and Lismore Railway Company - Ireland 1878&&&&&
WAINSEINDE19, &&&&&Waterhouse Investor Services, Inc. (RARE IPO Specimen Stock Certificate) - Acquired by Toronto-Dominion Bank became TD Waterhouse - Delaware 1987&&&&&
WABR18, &&&&&Waterloo Bridge Annunity - 1820&&&&&
WATCEDFALNOR, &&&&&Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad 1949&&&&&
WATACONOSC19, &&&&&Waterman Tanning Company (Limited) - Town of Bridgewater , Nova Scotia 1904&&&&&
WATPAPCOM, &&&&&Watervliet Paper Company 1915&&&&&
WATPAPCOMSTO2, &&&&&Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1915 - Michigan&&&&&
WATPAPCOMSTO1, &&&&&Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1920's - Blue - Michigan&&&&&
WATPAPCOMSTO, &&&&&Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1940's&&&&&
WAVETV, &&&&&WAVE-TV - Pioneer Award Certificate for Kentucky and Indiana&&&&&
WACOBOMA19, &&&&&Waverley Company - Boston, Massachusetts 1912&&&&&
WAVLANCOM18, &&&&&Waverly Land Company 1896&&&&&
WAHOCOCA19, &&&&&Wawona Hotel Company of Yosemite National Park (Rare) - California 1904&&&&&
WAXGASCOM, &&&&&Waxahachie Gas Company&&&&&
WAAUCOMI19, &&&&&Wayne Automobile Company - Detroit, Michigan 1907 &&&&&
WAYCOALCOM, &&&&&Wayne Coal Company - Underground Train Vignette 1923&&&&&
WACOAGSOPE18, &&&&&Wayne County Agricultural Society (Now Wayne County Fair ) - Honesdale, Pennsylvania 1862&&&&&
WARAIN19, &&&&&Wayne Radionics, Inc. - 1973&&&&&
WAYSCREWPROD, &&&&&Wayne Screw Products Company (Perfect Gift for Wayne)&&&&&
WAYTITANDTRU, &&&&&Wayne Title and Trust Company - General "Mad Anthony" Wayne Vignette 1890's&&&&&
WAWHADAGMA19, &&&&&Wayne Whipple Advertising Agency - Massachusetts 1904&&&&&
WAGOMICOCO19, &&&&&Wazee Gold Mining Company - Cripple Creek Mining District, Colorado - 1901 &&&&&
WCGRPLCEN19, &&&&&WCRS Group plc - England 1987 &&&&&
WEBRCOSOCA191, &&&&&Weaver Broadcasting Corporation ( WOKE Radio Station now is WQSC ) - South Carolina&&&&&
WEBRCOSOCA19, &&&&&Weaver Broadcasting Corporation ( WOKE Radio Station now is WQSC ) signed by Harry Weaver- South Carolina 1977&&&&&
WEBCAVEINNE2, &&&&&Web Capital Ventures, Inc.&&&&&
WEBCORINC, &&&&&WEBCOR, Inc.&&&&&
WELIFLYCOWI1, &&&&&Weber Lifelike Fly Company - Stevens Point, Wisconsin 1952&&&&&
WEBHIREINC, &&&&&Webhire, Inc.&&&&&
WESEOP, &&&&&Website Search Options&&&&&
WEINDE19, &&&&&Webstakes.Com, Inc. - Delaware 1999&&&&&
WEBVANCOM, &&&&& - Bankrupt Dot Com brought home the bacon&&&&&
WEEHGUARCOM1, &&&&&Weehawken Guaranty Company 1930 - Indian Vignette&&&&&
WEEHGUARCOM11, &&&&&Weehawken Guaranty Company 1935 - Indian Chief Vignette&&&&&
WEENGRINDE19, &&&&&Weintraub Entertainment Group, Inc.(Jerry Weintraub as President) - Delaware 1988&&&&&
WEISMARKETSINC, &&&&&Weis Markets, Inc.&&&&&
WELSCIENCOM, &&&&&Welch Scientific Company - Early Scientific Equipment Maker&&&&&
WEINNCOMA19, &&&&&Wellesley Inn Corporation - Massachusetts 1909 &&&&&
WEGOMICOAR19, &&&&&Wellington Goldfield Mining Company - Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. - Organized in Territory of Arizona 1906&&&&&
WELSTONCOM, &&&&&Wellmann Stone Company 1903 - Cincinniti, Ohio&&&&&
WEFAANDCO20, &&&&&Wells Fargo and Company&&&&&
WEFAINCOCA19, &&&&&Wells Fargo Investment Company - California 1981&&&&&
WELFARMORIN, &&&&&Wells Fargo Mortgage Investors&&&&&
WENPHILCOM, &&&&&Wendell Phillips Company 1923 - Massachusettes&&&&&
WEININOH19, &&&&&Wendy's International, Inc. (Dave Thomas as Chairman) - Ohio 1981&&&&&
WEININOH191, &&&&&Wendy's International, Inc. (Dave Thomas as Chairman) - Ohio 1983&&&&&
WEININOH192, &&&&&Wendy's International, Inc. High Yield Bond - Ohio 1985&&&&&
WENBRANCRATL, &&&&&Wenoka Brand Crate Label - Indian and Arrowhead Vignette&&&&&
WEPNCLCOOFDI, &&&&&Wenzel Pneumatic Clock Company of the District of Columbia - 1882&&&&&
WECAOILGASLI, &&&&&West Canadian Oil & Gas Limited - Canada 1958&&&&&
WECHTRCONEWY, &&&&&West Chester Traction Company - New York 1902&&&&&
WECOROCOLTNE, &&&&&West Coast Royalty Company, Ltd.- Nevada 1932&&&&&
WEDUKNMI, &&&&&West Duluth Knitting Mill (Caribou Vignette) - Minnesota 1916&&&&&
WESENDCONMIN, &&&&&West End Consolidated Mining Company - Stock Certificate - Tonopah, Nevada 1927&&&&&
WEENDELCO18, &&&&&West End Electric Company - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1898&&&&&
WEENCOVI18, &&&&&West Enderly Company - Buena Vista, Virginia 1891 &&&&&
WEINAMCOOFPO, &&&&&West Indies Amusement Company of Porto Rico Inc. - New York 1913&&&&&
WISUGAR, &&&&&West Indies Sugar Corporation Stock Certificate - Assets Seized by Castro in 1959&&&&&
WESJERANDSEA5, &&&&&West Jersey and Seahshore Railroad Company&&&&&
WESJERANDSEA2, &&&&&West Jersey and Seahshore Railroad Company 1926&&&&&
NONAME32, &&&&&West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Annual Report SCARCE Color Map 1915&&&&&
WESJERANDSEA4, &&&&&West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company Annual Report 1918&&&&&
WESJERANDSEA1, &&&&&West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company Annual Reports with Colored Map - Year 1905 1906 1909&&&&&
WEOFZALOCAST, &&&&&West of Zanzibar Lobby Card Starring Anthony Steel and Sheila Sim - 1954&&&&&
WEPHPARACOPE, &&&&&West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1925&&&&&
PASRAILCOM18, &&&&&West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company 1858&&&&&
PASRAILCOM181, &&&&&West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company 1858-1861&&&&&
WEPOMICOSOCA, &&&&&West Point Mill Company - South Carolina 1880&&&&&
WERILACOATGE, &&&&&West Ridge Land Company - Atlanta, Georgia &&&&&
WERILACOATGE1, &&&&&West Ridge Land Company signed by H.M. Abbett (Abbett Inn) - Atlanta, Georgia 1899&&&&&
WESSALCASTRA, &&&&&West Salem Cash Trading Company&&&&&
WESSHORRRCO4, &&&&&West Shore Railroad Company (475 Year Bond ) - New York 1885&&&&&
WESSHORRAILC, &&&&&West Shore Railroad Company - $1000 400 Year Junk Bond - Due in the year 2361&&&&&
WESHRACONEWY1, &&&&&West Shore Railroad Company - New York 1915&&&&&
WESSHORRAILC1, &&&&&West Shore Railroad Company 1893 - Bond Payable in 2361&&&&&
WESSHORRRCO41, &&&&&West Shore RR Co 475 Year Early Junk Bond 1885 signed by Chauncey DePew&&&&&
WESTEXUTCOM, &&&&&West Texas Utilities Company ( Now AEP - American Electric Power )&&&&&
WEVACOCOCA19, &&&&&West Vancouver Commercial Company - Canada 1930&&&&&
WEVIBO, &&&&&West Virginia Bonds&&&&&
WESVIRMETPRO, &&&&&West Virginia Metal Products Corporation&&&&&
WESPFANBER, &&&&&Westafrikanische Pfanzungs-Ges. Berlin&&&&&
WEGUASINNEWY, &&&&&Westchester Gunning Association, Inc. - New York 1923&&&&&
WECOLAANDDER, &&&&&Westcolang Lake and Delaware River Park ( Dog with Duck in mouth vignette) - 1887&&&&&
WELAANDDERIP, &&&&&Westcolang Lake and Delaware River Park (Hunting Dog with Duck in Mouth) ***Issued*** - Pennsylvania 1887&&&&&
WEAIRLIINC1, &&&&&Western Air Lines, Inc ("It's the oooooonly way to fly!" ) &&&&&
WEAIRLIIN19, &&&&&Western Air Lines, Inc ("It's the oooooonly way to fly!" )- 1956&&&&&
WEAIRLIINC, &&&&&Western Air Lines, Inc - William A. Coulter as President&&&&&
WEAIRLIINNOC, &&&&&Western Air Lines, Inc. (Western Air Lines, Inc ("It's the oooooonly way to fly!" ) - North Carolina 1984&&&&&
WEAIRLIINNEW2, &&&&&Western Air Lines, Inc. - California 1977&&&&&
WEAIRLIINNEW, &&&&&Western Air Lines, Inc. - New York 1983&&&&&
WEAUSUCODE1, &&&&&Western Auto Supply Company - Delaware&&&&&
WEAUPHCOIL18, &&&&&Western Automatic Photo-Type Company - Illinois 1891 - Early Coin Operated Photo Machine&&&&&
WEBADE, &&&&&Western Bancorporation (Became First Interstate Bank ) - Delaware&&&&&
WEBOPICOIL19, &&&&&Western Boiler Pipe Company - Illinois 1919 &&&&&
WESCONCOM, &&&&&Western Condensing Company - Golden Gate Bridge Vignette&&&&&
WESDROPFORCO, &&&&&Western Drop Forge Company - Indiana 1920&&&&&
WEELCO, &&&&&Western Electric Company Specimen Employee Benefit Certificate&&&&&
WEELCO19, &&&&&Western Electric Company Employee Benefit Certificate - 1933&&&&&
WEELCOIN, &&&&&Western Electric Company, Inc.&&&&&
WEELCOINNEWY, &&&&&Western Electric Company, Incorporated - New York 1920 &&&&&
WEELCOINNEWY2, &&&&&Western Electric Company, Incorporated - New York 1970&&&&&
WEEMCOCA19, &&&&&Western Empire Corporation - California 1935&&&&&
WESTERNEUROPE, &&&&&Western Europe - European Union&&&&&
WEFREXCONEWY, &&&&&Western Fruit Express Company - New York 1929&&&&&
WESRACINCGRE, &&&&&Western Greyhound Racing Inc. - Dog Racing 1950's - Who let the Dogs Out?&&&&&
WESHOTCOM19, &&&&&Western Hotels Company 1964 - Washington DC&&&&&
WEIMCO18, &&&&&Western Improvement Company - New York 1884&&&&&
WESLOCCOM18, &&&&&Western Lock Company 1881&&&&&
WESMARRAILCO1, &&&&&Western Maryland Railroad Company $10,000 Gold Bond Certificate issued to John D. Rockefeller -1917&&&&&
WESMARRAILCO, &&&&&Western Maryland Railway Company Stock&&&&&
WESMINDEVCOM, &&&&&Western Mining Development Company 1902&&&&&
WENABAFOWOTE, &&&&&Western National Bank - Fort Worth, Texas 1906&&&&&
WENEWYOBAPI, &&&&&Western New York Barbers Picnic Photograph - 1907&&&&&
WEOILRELOSAN, &&&&&Western Oil & Refining - Los Angeles&&&&&
WESOILFIELIN, &&&&&Western Oil Fields, Inc. - Colorado&&&&&
WEPARACO19, &&&&&Western Pacific Railroad Company - 1939&&&&&
WESPACRAILCO, &&&&&Western Pacific Railroad Company - California&&&&&
WEPARACODE19, &&&&&Western Pacific Railroad Corporation - Delaware 1925&&&&&
WEPRCOCO19, &&&&&Western Preferred Corporation ( Insurance Company)- Colorado 1983&&&&&
WEPUCOINWI, &&&&&Western Publishing Company, Inc. - Racine, Wisconsin&&&&&
WEPUGRINDE19, &&&&&Western Publishing Group, Inc. (became Golden Books Family Entertainment) - Delaware 1998&&&&&
WESRAILROADC, &&&&&Western Rail Road Corporation signed by Mayor of Boston, Josiah Quincy, Jr. - Boston 1841&&&&&
WERACO18, &&&&&Western Railroad Corporation - Massachusetts 1850&&&&&
WESSTATDEVCO, &&&&&Western States Development Company 1926&&&&&
WESSTEERMOMN, &&&&&Western Steer - Mom 'N' Pop's, Inc. - North Carolina&&&&&
WESTCOMA19, &&&&&Western Stoneware Company- Monmuth, Illinois 1908&&&&&
WETEANDELCOC, &&&&&Western Telegraph and Electric Company - Ouray, Colorado 1892&&&&&
WETECODE19, &&&&&Western Television Corporation (Early TV Stock Certificate) - Delaware 1932&&&&&
WETECODE191, &&&&&Western Television Corporation - Delaware 1933&&&&&
WETRCONEWYO1, &&&&&Western Transportation Company and New York Central Ralroad Line of Screw Steamers - New York 1879&&&&&
WESUNCOMUTIN, &&&&&Western Union Computer Utilites, Inc.&&&&&
WEUNCODE19, &&&&&Western Union Corporation - Delaware 1970&&&&&
WEUNININDE19, &&&&&Western Union International, Inc. - Delaware 1968&&&&&
WESUNMINCOM1, &&&&&Western Union Mining Company&&&&&
WESTUNION, &&&&&Western Union Telegraph Company &&&&&
WESUNTELCOM1, &&&&&Western Union Telegraph Company (Western Union no longer sending telegrams)&&&&&
WEUNTECONEWY, &&&&&Western Union Telegraph Company - New York 1900&&&&&
WEUNTECO, &&&&&Western Union Telegraph Company - New York, New York 1913&&&&&
WEUNTECOIDCA, &&&&&Western Union Telegraph Company Identification Card for Collect Telegrams - 1912&&&&&
WEUNTECO18, &&&&&Western Union Telegraph Company Telegram - 1890's&&&&&
WEVIANDKERAR, &&&&&Western Virginia and Kentucky Rail Road and Coal Company (Pre State of West Virginia) - Western Virgina 1857 &&&&&
WEVIOILANDMI, &&&&&Western Virginia Oil and Mining Company - New York 1865&&&&&
WESWAXCOM, &&&&&Western Wax Company&&&&&
WESWIR, &&&&&Western Wireless - Acquired by Alltel&&&&&
WEAIRBRCOPE12, &&&&&Westinghouse Air Brake Company (Specimen Stock Certificate) - Pennsylvania&&&&&
WEAIRBRCOPE1, &&&&&Westinghouse Air Brake Company - Pennsylvania&&&&&
WEAIRBRCO, &&&&&Westinghouse Air Brake Company - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1872&&&&&
WEAIRBRCHSIT, &&&&&Westinghouse Air Brake Company Check autographed twice by George Westinghouse (Revenue Stamps on Back) - 1872&&&&&
WEELNEWYO19, &&&&&Westinghouse Electric $1000 Bond - New York 1951&&&&&
WEELMACONEWY, &&&&&Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company Gold Bond - New York 1920&&&&&
WEELANDMACO1, &&&&&Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company - Pennsylvania, 1905&&&&&
WEELCOPE19, &&&&&Westinghouse Electric Corporation Specimen - Pennsylvania 1971&&&&&
WESAIR19, &&&&&Westland Aircraft - 1960 UK&&&&&
NONAME56, &&&&&Westland Lysander - Army Co-operation Monoplane&&&&&
WEKECL19, &&&&&Westminster Kennel Club (Dog Vignette) Certificate is 101 Years Old - 1917&&&&&
WEPUANDPACOM, &&&&&Westminster Pulp and Paper Company - Bellows Falls, Vermont - 1901&&&&&
WECORACOPE19, &&&&&Westmoreland County Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1905&&&&&
WEFISEINCO19, &&&&&Westwind Financial Services, Inc. - Colorado 1981&&&&&
WESONEINC19, &&&&&Westwood One, Inc Radio Network 1990's&&&&&
WEONINDE, &&&&&Westwood One, Inc. - Delaware ( Managed by Infinity Broadcasting )&&&&&
WERASTIN19, &&&&&Wextark Radio Stores, Inc. - 1931&&&&&
WHPLINCA19, &&&&&Wharf Players, Inc. signed by Bruce Ariss - Cannery Row Monterey, California 1951&&&&&
WHISSC, &&&&&What is Scripophily?&&&&&
WHISSC1, &&&&&What is Scripophily?&&&&&
WHEELCOACINI, &&&&&Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc.&&&&&
WHRUHATCONEW1, &&&&&Wheeler & Russell Hat Company Gold Bond - Newark, New Jersey 1897&&&&&
WHANDLAERRAC1, &&&&&Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company - Ohio 1949&&&&&
WHBOMEGILOCA, &&&&&When the Boys Meet the Girls Lobby Card Starring Connie Francis and Harve Presnell - 1965&&&&&
WHCOININSPST, &&&&&White Consolidated Industries Inc. Specimen Stock Certificate&&&&&
WHCRMICODE, &&&&&White Cross Milk Company - Philadelphia&&&&&
WHELDECOLION, &&&&&White Electronic Development Corporation Limited - Ontario, Canada - 1968&&&&&
WHHOMI, &&&&&White Horse Mining - Arizona 1908&&&&&
WHHOMICOAR19, &&&&&White Horse Mining Company - Yavapai. Squaw Creek. Arizona 1908&&&&&
WHHONEGOMIMI, &&&&&White Horse Nevada Gold Mining & Milling Co. - Wadsworth, Nevada 1911&&&&&
WHITHOUSBRAN, &&&&&White House Brand Crate Label - Image of White House&&&&&
WHKNCOCOLI19, &&&&&White Knob Copper Company, Limited - 1903&&&&&
WHLITRCONEWJ, &&&&&White Line Traction Company - New Jersey &&&&&
WHOAKHISPAND, &&&&&White Oak Hill Spring and Hotel Company - Maine 1902&&&&&
WHRIMICOAR19, &&&&&White River Mining Co.(of Missouri) - Arizona 1905&&&&&
WHSEMACOSPDE, &&&&&White Sewing Machine Corporation Gold Bond - Delaware 1926&&&&&
WHSTLILIOWTI, &&&&&White Star Line, Limited ( Owned the Titanic) - 1927&&&&&
WHWARACOIN18, &&&&&White Water Railroad Company - Indiana 1878&&&&&
WHMOLOSALANE, &&&&&Whiteface Mountain Lodge - Saranac Lake, New York 1904&&&&&
WHAIEN19, &&&&&Whitehead Aircraft, Ltd. signed by John Whitehead - England 1917&&&&&
WHCODE19, &&&&&Whitman Corporation (Now PepsiAmericas, Inc) - Delaware 1994&&&&&
WHITPULLUMCO, &&&&&Whitmer-Parsons Pulp and Lumber Company 1923&&&&&
WHSECO, &&&&&Whitney Sewing Machine Company - Paterson, New Jersey 1871&&&&&
WHITPOINANDG, &&&&&Whitney's Point and Glen Aubrey Telephone Company 1904 - New York&&&&&
WHOLGRAINWHE, &&&&&Whole Grain Wheat Company 1917 - Arizona&&&&&
WHANDHEFOBEG, &&&&&Wholesome and Hearty Foods, Inc. (Gardenburger) Purchased Kellogg Company&&&&&
WICCOR, &&&&&Wichover Corporation 1935 - New York&&&&&
WICOINDE, &&&&&Wickes Companies, Inc. (Famous Furniture Company) - 12% High Yield Bond - Delaware &&&&&
WICOMI, &&&&&Wickes Corporation - Michigan - Harvey Randall Wickes as President&&&&&
WIBRANDTICOE, &&&&&Wickford Brick and Title Company - England 1901&&&&&
WIMIANDSMCOM, &&&&&Wickham Mining and Smelting Company -Incorporated in Massachusetts - Properties in Township of Wickham, County of Drummond, in the District of Arthabaska in the Province of Canada - 1863 &&&&&
WICHOLCOM, &&&&&Wicklund Holding Company&&&&&
WIOILGASCOMA1, &&&&&Wicomico Oil & Gas Company - Salisbury, Maryland 1916&&&&&
WIOILGASCODE, &&&&&Wicomico Oil and Gas Company - Maryland / Delaware 1917&&&&&
WICAFICODE19, &&&&&Widescope Camera & Film Corp. (Early Cinerama and IMAX Technology) - Delaware 1923&&&&&
WIEBSTORINC, &&&&&Wieboltot Stores, Inc.&&&&&
WIGPUBHAL18, &&&&&Wigan Public Hall 1853&&&&&
WIGOMIANDTRA, &&&&&Wild Goose Mining and Trading Company signed by Charles D. Lane a founder of Nome, Alaska. - Nome, Alaska 1902 SOLD&&&&&
WIRIFAANDSTC, &&&&&Wild Rice Farm and Stock Company - Dakota Territory 18__&&&&&
WIROMICOSHPE, &&&&&Wilkes Rolling Mill Company - Sharon, Pennsylvania 1901&&&&&
WIANDLUSTRAC, &&&&&Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne Street Railway Company - Pennsylvania 1900's&&&&&
WIAWAMUCOSPT, &&&&&Will A. Watkin Music Company - Dallas, Texas 1880's&&&&&
WIMOEN, &&&&&Will Montrie Engraving&&&&&
WIROSIANDFRP, &&&&&Will Rogers SIGNED and Framed Picture&&&&&
WILSMELCOM19, &&&&&Will Smelting Company 1906 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
WILGIBINC, &&&&&Willcox & Gibbs, Inc.&&&&&
WILBUCNOTPUB, &&&&&William A. Buckingham (Connecticut Governor) Appointment 1861&&&&&
WIFMOINNEWYO, &&&&&William F. Moulds, Inc. - New York 1922&&&&&
SEOFWARSI19, &&&&&William Howard Taft Signature as Secretary of War Signature - 1906 &&&&&
WIPERAASPE19, &&&&&William Penn Racing Association - Pennsylvania 1975 &&&&&
WIRSTCOCA, &&&&&William R. Staats Co. Investment Securities - California &&&&&
WIRWACOINDE11, &&&&&William R. Warner & Co., Inc. ( Became Warner-Lambert) - Delaware 1944&&&&&
WIRWACOINDE1, &&&&&William R. Warner & Co., Inc. ( Became Warner-Lambert) - Delaware 1945&&&&&
WIRWACOINDE12, &&&&&William R. Warner & Co., Inc. (Became Warner-Lambert, Now Pfizer Drug company) signed by Gustavus Pfeiffer - Delaware 1940&&&&&
WILSIMBREW, &&&&&William Simon Brewery 1968 - Buffalo, New York&&&&&
WILSIMBREW1, &&&&&William Simon Brewery 1972 - Buffalo, New York signed by William Simon&&&&&
WILMCWILININ, &&&&&Williams - McWilliams Industries, Inc.&&&&&
WILBROTEARWI, &&&&&Williams Brothers ( Early Williams Companies )&&&&&
WILCOMGROUPI1, &&&&&Williams Communications Group, Inc. (acquired by Level 3 Communications ) - 2002&&&&&
WILCOMINC, &&&&&Williams Companies, Inc.&&&&&
WIGRSTENASPE, &&&&&Williams Grove Steam Engine Association - Pennsylvania &&&&&
WILMANCOM, &&&&&Williams Manufacturing Company 1860's - Basket Vignette&&&&&
WILCOMHOTCOR, &&&&&Williamson Community Hotel Corporation (Mountaineer Hotel) 1925 - West Virginia&&&&&
WISPGUNCLANI, &&&&&Willow Spring Gun Club ( Spaniel Dog Vignette) - Anna, Illinois - 1910&&&&&
WICOCA19, &&&&&Willowbrook Company - California 1904&&&&&
WILWARAS, &&&&&Willows Warehouse Association 1880's - California Reaper&&&&&
WIOVCONEWYO1, &&&&&Willys - Overland Company - New York 1928&&&&&
WILCOR, &&&&&Willys Corporation 1920's ( Famous Jeep Company )&&&&&
WICHTRCONEWJ, &&&&&Wilmington & Chester Traction Company - New Jersey 1898&&&&&
WILNORRAILRO, &&&&&Wilmington & Northern Rail Road Company&&&&&
WILANDNORRAI, &&&&&Wilmington and Northern Rail Road Company signed by Medal of Honor Winner H. A. Dupont 1890's&&&&&
WIANDPHTUCOD, &&&&&Wilmington and Philadelphia Turnpike Company - Delaware 1814 &&&&&
WICOSODE, &&&&&Wilmington Cooperative Society - Delaware 1947&&&&&
WITEOILGASCO, &&&&&Wilmington Texas Oil & Gas Company - Delaware 1926&&&&&
WITEOILGASCO1, &&&&&Wilmington Texas Oil & Gas Company - Delaware 1926&&&&&
WIBOLACOCA19, &&&&&Wilshire Boulevard Land Company signed by James V. Baldwin - Los Angeles, California 1906&&&&&
WILOILCOMOFT, &&&&&Wilshire Oil Company of Texas&&&&&
WILJONCOM, &&&&&Wilson - Jones Company - Famous Binder Maker&&&&&
WILLAUNMACCO, &&&&&Wilson Laundry Machinery Company, Limited 1888 - Pennsylvania&&&&&
WISECODE191, &&&&&Wilson Securities Co.- Delaware 1923&&&&&
WILSPORGOODC, &&&&&Wilson Sporting Goods Co.&&&&&
WILCO, &&&&&Wilson-Sinclair Company&&&&&
WICHSICO19, &&&&&Wilt Chamberlain Signed Coaster - 1991&&&&&
WICHREDE, &&&&&Wilt Chamberlain's Restaurants hand signed by Wilt Chamberlain - Delaware&&&&&
WIREARCODE191, &&&&&Winchester Repeating Arms Company - Delaware 1929&&&&&
WINREPARCOM, &&&&&Winchester Repeating Arms Company issued to Winchester Bennett - 1929&&&&&
WICONEWJE181, &&&&&Windsor Company - New Jersey 1890's&&&&&
WIHOCOOFMOQU, &&&&&Windsor Hotel Company of Montreal - Quebec, Canada 1900&&&&&
WINDSORSQUARE, &&&&&Windsor Square Investment Company - ( Early Los Angeles Real Estate Developer) - California 1911&&&&&
WINSOCOFAM, &&&&&Wine Society of America&&&&&
WIAECODE19, &&&&&Wing Aeronautical Corporation - Delaware 1933&&&&&
WINOVSANANIN, &&&&&Wings Over San Antonio, Inc. 1936 Motion Picture&&&&&
WISTINFL, &&&&&Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. - Florida&&&&&
WIANDOKMICO1, &&&&&Winnebago and OK Mining Company - Central City, Colorado 1880&&&&&
WIANDOKMICO11, &&&&&Winnebago and OK Mining Company - Central City, Colorado 1880&&&&&
WINCOMINC, &&&&&Winstar Communications, Inc. - Filed for Bankruptcy on April 18, 2001&&&&&
WINSOUTRAIL, &&&&&Winston - Salem Southbound Railway $1000 Gold Bond - North Carolina&&&&&
WITWINNOCA19, &&&&&Winston - Salem Twins, Inc. - North Carolina&&&&&
WITWINNOCA193, &&&&&Winston-Salem Twins, Inc. (Now Winston-Salem Dash) - North Carolina 1972&&&&&
WITWINNOCA191, &&&&&Winston-Salem Twins, Inc. (Now Winston-Salem Dash) Minor League Baseball - North Carolina 1971 &&&&&
WIHACOMA19, &&&&&Winter Harbor Company - Winter Harbor, Maine 1913&&&&&
WINPARHOTCOM, &&&&&Winter Park Hotel Company issued to Judge Lewis Lawrence - RARE - Florida 1885&&&&&
WIFACONEWYO1, &&&&&Wire Fabric Company - New York 1890 &&&&&
WICOOFAM19, &&&&&Wire Recording Corporation of America - 1948&&&&&
WIRED, &&&&&Wired Ventures , Inc (Wired Magazine) 1996 RARE&&&&&
WIRPIC19LIM, &&&&&Wireless Pictures (1928) Limited "The Fultograph" - First Wireless Fax Machine&&&&&
WIRHOT19, &&&&&Wirral Hotels - 1922 UK&&&&&
WISTELCOM, &&&&&Wisconsin (Bell) Telephone Company - Ameritech&&&&&
WINTEL, &&&&&Wisconsin Bell Telephone Company Bond&&&&&
WICERACOMI, &&&&&Wisconsin Central Railroad Comapany - Minnesota&&&&&
WISCONSIN, &&&&&Wisconsin Edison Electric Company Stock 1914&&&&&
WISPOWANDLIG, &&&&&Wisconsin Power and Light Company ( Now Alliant Energy )&&&&&
WISPOWANDLIG1, &&&&&Wisconsin Power and Light Company ( Now Alliant Energy )&&&&&
WISPUBSERCOR, &&&&&Wisconsin Public Service Corporation&&&&&
WITECO19, &&&&&Wisconsin Telephone Company - 1971&&&&&
WITECO, &&&&&Wisconsin Telephone Company 1974&&&&&
WIPHINDE, &&&&&Witchcraft Photoplays, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
WITIGCO, &&&&&Witherbee Igniter Co. 1917 became Wico Electric Company ( Early Johnson Controls Company )&&&&&
WIZTE19, &&&&&Wiz Technology, Inc. (Nice looking Certificate) - 1995&&&&&
WICHENANDPRM, &&&&&Wizard Check Endorser and Printing Machine Co. - Baltimore, Maryland 1921&&&&&
WLRACO1GOBOR, &&&&&Wladikawkas Railway Company - $1000 Gold Bond - St. Petersburg, Russia 1900&&&&&
VICHCO, &&&&&Wolfman Jack signed Contract promoting Clearasil Acne Ointment 1975&&&&&
19MIWOCOMICO, &&&&&Wolverine Copper Mining Company - Keweenaw Peninsula, Houghton County, Michigan &&&&&
WOMARCORWACP, &&&&&WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS (WAC) - WWII Original Postcards&&&&&
WOMOFUKE19, &&&&&Women's Monumental Fund - Kentucky 1901&&&&&
WOMNET, &&&&& Networks ( iVillage acquired in June 2001 )&&&&&
WOCHMICONE19, &&&&&Wonder Chief Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1907&&&&&
WOODRAILWARD, &&&&&Wooding Railway Warning Device 1913 - Territory of Arizona&&&&&
WOCECOMA19, &&&&&Woodlawn Cemetery Company - Maryland 1903&&&&&
WOODTHEATCOM, &&&&&Woodley Theater Company 1915 - Los Angeles, California&&&&&
WOSLANDPACOC, &&&&&Woodruff Sleeping and Parlor Coach Company - Pennsylvania 1888&&&&&
WOODSLEEPAND, &&&&&Woodruff Sleeping and Parlor Coach Company 1888&&&&&
WOSLANDPACOC1, &&&&&Woodruff Sleeping and Parlor Coach Company handsigned by Jonah Woodruff and Augustus Trump - 1873&&&&&
WOODS, &&&&&Woods Brothers Corporation (Dam Vignette) - Hoover Dam Bidder - 1930's&&&&&
WOMOCOAR191, &&&&&Woods Mobilette Company - Arizona 1913 &&&&&
WOMOCOAR19, &&&&&Woods Mobilette Company - Arizona 1917&&&&&
WOTECOVE, &&&&&Woodstock Telephone Company (Image of an Lady Liberty ) - 1920&&&&&
WOTECOVE19, &&&&&Woodstock Telephone Company - Vermont 1920&&&&&
WOCOPE, &&&&&Woodstream Corporation - Pennsylvania &&&&&
WOOLRYEANDCO, &&&&&Woolstenhulmes Rye and Company Limited - England 1876&&&&&
WOBUTR19, &&&&&Worcester Building Trust - 1936 - Massachusettes &&&&&
WONOAGSOMA18, &&&&&Worcester North Agricultural Society - Massachusetts 1853&&&&&
WONOAGSO18, &&&&&Worcester North Agricultural Society - Massachusetts 1855&&&&&
WORACONEWYOC, &&&&&Worcester Railroad Company - Maryland 1876&&&&&
WOININDE19, &&&&&Wordstar International Incorporated - Delaware 1989&&&&&
WORCOOPCOM, &&&&&Workingmen's Co-Operative Company 1903&&&&&
WOACINDE, &&&&&World Access, Inc. - Delaware&&&&&
WORFILCOR19F, &&&&&World Film Corporation 1919 - Famous Silent Film Company&&&&&
WOGASENCOMA1, &&&&&World Gas Engine Co. - Maine 1917 &&&&&
WOJADE19, &&&&&World Jai-alai Inc. - Delaware 1973&&&&&
WORPAPMONCOL7, &&&&&WORLD PAPER MONEY COLLECTION - 25 Different - Includes a Saddam Hussein Bill&&&&&
WOPAMOCO400A, &&&&&WORLD PAPER MONEY COLLECTION - 400 All Different !!!&&&&&
WPTENINCDE20, &&&&&World Poker Tour Enterprises (WPTE) - Delaware&&&&&
WOSESCCOINNE, &&&&&World Series Scoreboard Co., Inc. - New York 1916&&&&&
WORTRANAUTIN, &&&&&World Transport Authority, Inc.&&&&&
STOFNEWYOWAR1, &&&&&World War II Bonus Bond - New York 1949&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF7, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Tank 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF1, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card ( Jeep pulling an artillery gun flying in the air)&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Aircraft Factory&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF6, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Armored Troop Carrier - 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF10, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Jeep Factory 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF2, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Jeep in Air 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOP, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Men in Tank - 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF8, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Tank 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF9, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Card - Troop Carrier 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF4, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Cards - B-24 Liberator Bomber Factory in Willow Run - 1942&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF12, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Cards - The Seep 1941&&&&&
WOWARIIDEBOF11, &&&&&World War II Defense Bond Ford Motor Company Post Cards - The Seep 1941&&&&&
WORWIDHELLIM, &&&&&World Wide Helicopters Limited&&&&&
WORWRESENINC, &&&&&World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. ( WF )&&&&&
WOFACOLOSANC, &&&&&World's Fair Company signed by L.A. Mayor, Henry Thomas Hazard - Los Angeles, California - 1891&&&&&
WORLDCOMINC, &&&&&WorldCom, Inc. &&&&&
WOINGE19, &&&&&Worldcom, Inc. (Bernard Ebbers as President and Scott D. Sullivan as Secretary) - Georiga 2002&&&&&
WOINGE, &&&&&WorldCom, Inc. (Bernie Ebbers as President and Scott D. Sullilvan as Secretary) - Georgia&&&&&
WORLDCOMINC1, &&&&&Worldcom, Inc. - Depository Receipt - 1996&&&&&
WORINCMCIGRO, &&&&&WorldCom, Inc.- MCI Group - MCI Tracking Stock Worldcom, Inc. (Bernard Ebbers as President and Scott D. Sullivan as Secretary) - Georgia 2002&&&&&
WOINSP, &&&&&WorldCom, Inc.- MCI Group - MCI Tracking Stock Worldcom, Inc. (Bernard Ebbers as President and Scott D. Sullivan as Secretary) - Specimen&&&&&
WORE19, &&&&&Worldecho Records - 1930&&&&&
WORWEBNETCOR, &&&&&Worldwide Web Networx Corporation&&&&&
WORCOOPEXSTO, &&&&&Worthington Cooperative Exchange Stock Certificate&&&&&
WOCOBEDSPCOI, &&&&&Woven Cord Bed Spring Company - Chicago, Illinois 1895 &&&&&
WRIGREFCOM1, &&&&&Wright Refrigerator Company&&&&&
WRIGREFCOM, &&&&&Wright Refrigerator Company - Chicago&&&&&
WRIGPHARCOMS, &&&&&Wrigley Pharmaceutical Company Stock Certificate 1929 signed by W.W. Wrigley&&&&&
WRTOPACOLICA, &&&&&Wrigley Tooth Paste Company, Limited (Hand signed by W.W. Wrigley ) - Canada 1929&&&&&
WTCAIRFREIGHT, &&&&&WTC Air Freight Company&&&&&
WURCOM, &&&&&Wurlitzer Company - Famous Jukebox Maker&&&&&
WURSCHOLCER, &&&&&Wurlitzer Scholarship Certificate 1924&&&&&
WWIIFOPHPOCA, &&&&&WW II Ford Photo Post Cards&&&&&
WWLNAVAIRSCO, &&&&&WW l Naval Air Scout Litho Postcard&&&&&
NONAME70, &&&&&WW l Photo Postcard - General Joffre inspecting a German Albatriss Plane Just Downed&&&&&
FOLILOBO1GOB, &&&&&WWI Fourth Liberty Loan - $50 Bearer Gold Bond of 1933 - 1938 - Oct. 24, 1918&&&&&
REDCRDECEFRA, &&&&&WWI Red Cross Debt Certificate from Austria Art Deco / Art Nouveau style - 1916&&&&&
WWASWIPHIMOF, &&&&&WWII Ashtray with photo image of U.S.S. Hornet CVA -12&&&&&
HIWWGENAWARB, &&&&&WWII German War Bond - 500 Reichmarks - 1940&&&&&
WWUSSABOAPPL, &&&&&WWII US Savings Bond Appreciation Plaque (Aluminum) - 1945&&&&&
WWLZEPDOWINF, &&&&&WWl Zepplin Down in Flames 1916&&&&&
WWLZEPPHOTPO1, &&&&&WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard "Strafed"&&&&&
WWLZEPPHOTPO, &&&&&WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard "The Raider"&&&&&
NONAME50, &&&&&WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard - Night with Searchlights "Zepp"&&&&&
NONAME58, &&&&&WWl Zepplin Photo Postcard - Zeppelin Raid on N.E. Coast&&&&&
WWHAWHUR, &&&&&WWll Hawker Hurricane&&&&&
WYCOMALA19EA, &&&&&Wyman-Gordon Company - Massachusetts 1972&&&&&
WYNRESLIM, &&&&&Wynn Resorts, Limited - Low Serial Number IPO Certificate (Steve Wynn as Chairman and CEO) New Las Vegas Hotel - 2002&&&&&
WYOMOILCO, &&&&&Wyoming - Sunrise Oil Co. 1917&&&&&
WYGASCOMA19, &&&&&Wyoming Gas Company - Maine 1926&&&&&
WYSHAS, &&&&&Wyoming Sheep Association - 1890's&&&&&
WYOMVILLANCO, &&&&&Wyoming Villa Land Company 1888&&&&&
LIN75ANFLIGF, &&&&&X Prize - Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Flight Certificate - flown and handsigned by Erik Lindbergh, Grandson of Charles Lindbergh - 2002&&&&&
XMSATRADHOLI, &&&&&XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc&&&&&
XMSARAHOINDE, &&&&&XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (Pre Mel and Howard) - Delaware 2000&&&&&
XOCOM, &&&&&XO Communications (Dan Akerson as President now General Motors CEO) - XO went Bankrupt&&&&&
XOINDE19, &&&&&Xonics, Inc. - Delaware 1981&&&&&
XRINMI20, &&&&&, Inc. - A Dot Com Bomb - Minnesota 2001 &&&&&
XRGININNEWJE, &&&&&XRG International, Inc. - New Jersey&&&&&
YOCPACOCA18, &&&&&Y.M.C.A. Ocean Park Company - Santa Monica, California 1894&&&&&
YASPSTCEJYAA, &&&&&Yahoo Specimen Stock Certificate (Jerry Yang as President/CEO)&&&&&
YADE19, &&&&&Yahoo Specimen Stock Certificate (Jerry Yang as President/CEO)&&&&&
YAHOOINC, &&&&&Yahoo! Inc.&&&&&
YAINCOWA18, &&&&&Yakima Investment Company - Washington 1893&&&&&
YAEXSYINC, &&&&&Yale Express System, Inc. - Famous Bankruptcy Case - 1971&&&&&
YANDOODPOS, &&&&&Yankee Doodle Postcard&&&&&
YAGIGOMICOOF1, &&&&&Yankee Girl Gold Mining Company of Bullfrog - Goldfield, Nevada 1906 &&&&&
YACOCALOCOAR1, &&&&&Yavapai County Cattle & Loan Company- Arizona 1921&&&&&
DASCOFPHINPE, &&&&&Yawn School of Photography, Inc. - Pennsylvania 1947&&&&&
YEMOMICO19, &&&&&Yellow Mountain Mines Company ( Elk Vignette) - Ophir, San Miguel County, Colorado 1909&&&&&
YETACONEWYO1, &&&&&Yellow Taxi Corporation, New York - 1927&&&&&
YELTAXCOMOFB, &&&&&Yellow Taxicab Company of Baltimore City 1915 - Delaware&&&&&
YELTIGCONMIN, &&&&&Yellow Tiger Consolidated Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1923&&&&&
YETIMICOGONE, &&&&&Yellow Tiger Mining Company - Goldfield, Nevada 1906&&&&&
YEOILCO, &&&&&Yellowstone Oil Company, South Dakota - 1933 &&&&&
YEPAASMI181, &&&&&Yellowstone Park Association - Minnesota 1891 &&&&&
YELPARTRANCO, &&&&&Yellowstone Park Transportation Company - 1920's&&&&&
ENWISTFRWART, &&&&&Yemen War envelope with stamps - 1963&&&&&
YESCLCOCA, &&&&&Yes Clothing Company - California ( Maker of Yes Jeans )&&&&&
YEDE19, &&&&&, Inc. (IPO Stock Certificate) - Delaware 1999&&&&&
YOCOATCLJA19, &&&&&Yokohama Country & Athletic Club - Japan 1913&&&&&
YOWAANDPOCOC, &&&&&Yolo Water and Power Company - California 1912&&&&&
YOANDGETUPE1, &&&&&York and Gettysburg Turnpike - Pennsylvania 1821 &&&&&
YOANDGETUROC1, &&&&&York and Gettysburg Turnpike Road Company (Issued 8 months after famous Civil War Battle) - 1864&&&&&
YOPENANDPECO, &&&&&York Pen and Pencil Company - New York 1910&&&&&
YORRAILCOM19, &&&&&York Railways Company 1934&&&&&
YORUTCOM, &&&&&York Utilities Company 1923 - Portland, Maine - Old Trolley Line Gold Bond&&&&&
YOHOCO18, &&&&&Yorkshire House Company of Chicago - Illinois 1890's&&&&&
STOFCADEOFST, &&&&&Yosemite Gold and Silver Mining Company - California 1881&&&&&
YOGOANDSIMIC, &&&&&Yosemite Gold and Silver Mining Company Articles of Incorporation - California 1881&&&&&
YONAPACOCA, &&&&&Yosemite National Park Company - California 1916&&&&&
YOSHLIRACOCA2, &&&&&Yosemite Short Line Railway Company - California 1905&&&&&
YOSHLIRACOCA, &&&&&Yosemite Short Line Railway Company - California 1905&&&&&
YOUNDEVCOR, &&&&&Young Development Corporation 1961 - Early Television Camera Vignette&&&&&
YOMEBUASINCO, &&&&&Young Men's Business Association, Inc. of Richmond,Va - Virginia 1909&&&&&
YOMECHASOFUN, &&&&&Young Men's Christian Association of the United States - War Work Council - WWI&&&&&
YOEVANDSALOC, &&&&&Young, the Evil and the Savage Lobby Card Starring Michael Rennie, Mark Damon, and Eleanor Brown - 1968&&&&&
YOOILCODE19, &&&&&Young-Pierce Oil Company - Delaware 1920 &&&&&
YUCYMIANDMIC, &&&&&Yucca Cyanide Mining and Milling Company- Los Angeles, California 1903&&&&&
YUBAGODRCOLT, &&&&&Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Company, Ltd. (Over 100 years old) - Yukon Territory - Alaska&&&&&
YUCOCOAR19, &&&&&Yuma Copper Company - Arizona 1909&&&&&
ZEEZTIRANDRU, &&&&&Zee-Zee Tire and Rubber Company 1913&&&&&
ZEEBAERCONCO, &&&&&Zeebrugge Aeronautical Construction Company 1926 - Zeebrugge, Belgien&&&&&
ZECITECOOFDU, &&&&&Zenith City Telephone Company of Duluth, Minnesota / Superior, Wisconsin - 1899&&&&&
ZENELCOR, &&&&&Zenith Electronics Corporation&&&&&
ZEFUCODUMI, &&&&&Zenith Furnace Company - Duluth, Minnesota 1902&&&&&
ZENLABINC, &&&&&Zenith Laboratories, Inc.&&&&&
ZEPCOVLAKTAH, &&&&&Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe Postcard&&&&&
ZEMICOCO18, &&&&&Zephyr Mining Company - Monarch Mining District, Chaffee County, Taylor Gulch , Colorado 1881&&&&&
COLCOMTRANES, &&&&&Zeppelin - Spanish Air Transportation Company (Image of Zeppelin Airship) - 1928&&&&&
ZEROSONESINC, &&&&&Zeros & Ones, Inc.&&&&&
ZICOWA19, &&&&&Zippy Corporation - Washington 1948&&&&&
ZOOCONCOMSPR, &&&&&Zoo Construction Company - Springfield, Illinois 1906&&&&&
ZUCOFL, &&&&&Zupintra Corporation - Florida &&&&&
ZWEIGTOTRETF, &&&&&Zweig - Martin Zweig Fund - Statue of Liberty and WTC Vignette + Martin Zweig as President&&&&&
ZZBECON19, &&&&&ZZZZ Best Co. ( Huge carpet cleaning scam ) - Nevada 1987&&&&&
-MPRUMDEINTA, &&&&&ÎMPRUMUTUL DE INZESTRARE A TARII 4.5% 1934 Romanian State loan Bi Plane in Vignette&&&&&